Ciderspace News Page : New Five Year Broadcasting Deal For Football League
12 September 2017 : New Five Year Broadcasting Deal For Football League
The Football League have reached a new UK broadcasting agreement with Sky Sports that will run from the 2019-20 season. The current deal was due to run out at the end of next season, with the League having put the deal out to tender to all parties. However, Sky will be keeping the rights with a five year deal.

The League have stated that the new deal is worth 600 million across the five year period, with that representing a 36 percent increase per season when compared to current arrangements. This will cover the main Football League season, the Play-Offs, the League Cup and the EFL Trophy until May 2024. The detail behind the new arrangements will include a maximum of 150 live Football League matches including:

16 Championship games on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings;
A minimum of 20 League One and League Two matches;
The 15 Play-Off matches including all three Finals;
15 matches from the League Cup including the Final;
The Semi-Final and Final of the EFL Trophy.

The League will also be allowing clubs the opportunity to provide live streaming of matches online to residents in UK and Ireland provided it takes place outside Saturday afternoons and where the game is not live on Sky Sports. This will typically be done via the current club subscription services, which are badged as iFollow on most websites - but users will have to pay a significant premium for a season pass. This has been made available to overseas supporters for this season, and involves a single camera at Yeovil's level. They will also be adding in live EFL Trophy streaming, which currently isn't available. Sky Sports will also have the option of doing the same for live Championship fixtures, via interactive and digital services - they have indicated that they plan to do so for all midweek fixtures at second tier level.

Football League Chief Executive Shaun Harvey has said that the new deal brings 'long term financial certainty' to the League's 72 member clubs:

"In agreeing a deal over five seasons, it delivers a guaranteed increase in the level of income distributed to EFL Clubs from 2019/20 and long-term financial certainty was an absolute priority throughout this process. It is a partnership that as well as having mutual tangible benefits, allows the EFL to maximise reach and exposure for its competitions, alongside providing further opportunities for Clubs to generate additional incremental revenues through iFollow. The new opportunity for EFL Clubs to live-stream their matches through a direct to consumer service in the UK is a revolutionary and exciting step forward for football broadcasting rights in the UK and we will monitor its progress closely to determine how this model can be considered for future EFL rights cycles."

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