Ciderspace News Page : 2017-18 Home Tickets On Sale With Ticket Bundle Offers
17 July 2017 : 2017-18 Home Tickets On Sale With Ticket Bundle Offers
The Huish Park Ticket Office now has all of Yeovil Town's 2017-18 first team League Two home games on sale. As usual, fans can purchase in person, via phone, or on an online portal, tickets for matches all the way up to May 2018. The same pricing structure is in place as previous seasons.

There is one significant change, with the club offering up six and twelve game ticket bundles via the online portal, for fans who have not purchased a Season Ticket, but may be confident that they will attend a set number of games. For example a University Student may know they can attend games in August, Christmas and Easter but may not be able to attend other fixtures. They can purchase their own ticket bundle at a cheaper price than if they bought them one-by-one.

Supporters purchasing the Ticket Bundles will be given either six or twelve voucher codes. You do not need to select all of the matches you plan to attend all in one go, meaning that although you'll pay for the bundle up front, you can choose which games you'll attend later in the season, or select them in phases.

Ticket Bundles are sold as either Adult, Senior or Young Person rates. This means you can't mix'n'match categories - i.e. all six/twelve of your tickets must be for the same type of supporter. In addition, you can only use one voucher code per match - i.e. you can't use two codes for the same game. Voucher codes will remain valid for League Two fixtures for the 2017-18 season - it will be a supporter's responsibility to ensure that they use up all voucher codes purchased by the end of the 2017-18 season, or they will expire.

Ticket Bundle prices are as shown below - note that the club have decided to offer a flat rate for seated bundles, rather than differentiate between Wing block seats and more Central block seats. This means you're saving slightly more if you decide to opt for Central block seats. As usual, all tickets and seating positions are subject to availability:

Adults: 228 (12 games, 19.00 per ticket) or 120 (6 games, 20.00 per ticket)
Seniors: 204 (12 games, 17.00 per ticket) or 108 (6 games, 18.00 per ticket)
Young Person: 132 (12 games, 11.00 per ticket) or 72 (6 games, 12.00 per ticket)

Adults: 180 (12 games, 15.00 per ticket) or 96 (6 games, 16.00 per ticket)
Seniors: 156 (12 games, 13.00 per ticket) or 84 (6 games, 14.00 per ticket)
Young Person: 132 (12 games, 11.00 per ticket) or 72 (6 games, 12.00 per ticket)

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