Ciderspace News Page : Way Throws His Hat In The Ring For Permanent Management Job
3 December 2015 : Way Throws His Hat In The Ring For Permanent Management Job
Yeovil Town interim manager Darren Way has made it clear that he wants to become the club's next permanent first team manager, in the wake of Paul Sturrock's departure. The Plymouth-born coach has been a fixture at the club across three spells as a player, and moved into the club's backroom team in 2010 when he retired from his playing career. Now at the age of 36 years old, he's been given his first sight of front line management, having been given the reins after Sturrock was shown the door on Tuesday.

Way's first task will be to try to win against Stevenage in the FA Cup Second Round at Huish Park on Saturday. But he told BBC Somerset that he had his sights firmly set upon taking the management role on beyond the 'interim' period, and that he wanted to create a winning environment around the club to help him do that:

"I'm manager of the football club, as it stands. So I want to be manager of Yeovil Town. I want to be able to achieve something that I've dreamed of doing since I was young. As I've said to you, I'm not scared of the challenge that lies ahead. I wouldn't do it if I didn't feel that I was ready. Obviously with people calling you gaffer now, you know that there's a responsibility on your head. And I'm enjoying every minute of it. It's important that I have to get respect from the players, but I will do that by giving them guidance and keeping it simple. But I have to try to create a winning environment - that's first and foremost - and I have to win football matches. But I can deal with that responsibility."

The club are currently on their fourth management team in a turbulent 2015, with Sturrock having only lasted seven and a half months and 30 games in charge at Huish Park, before he was sacked. Way admitted that the year had been a difficult experience, because he was so embedded into the town, pointing out that he often spoke to supporters when he picked his children up from school, and so would hear from them their views on the team's performances. He felt that there needed to be a change in mentality from the players to help them win football matches:

"It's been difficult, because obviously when you've been in the town for a long while, then you know it's part of the livelihoods of the supporters. They've spent a lot of time turning up on a Saturday. I want to try to bring the fans closer to the players and I know I'm only going to do that by winning football matches. That's got to come from the players. All I can promise them is that at the moment, as it stands, everyone is in my picture, and it's up to them to prove to me that they want to play - firstly for the badge and secondly for the football club."

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