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24 August 2014 : Gillingham vs Yeovil Town : Man of the Match Result
Yeovil Town's third match of the 2014-15 season was a 2-0 defeat at the hands of Gillingham - the same side that had knocked them out of the League Cup five days previously. A Joe Martin free kick, and a Danny Kedwell follow-up on his saved penalty gave the home side all three points in what was a rather inert performance at Priestfield.

Man of the Match voting saw Nathan Ralph get the thumbs up from supporters in his left-wing role, as he made his first start for the club in 16 months. Meanwhile Kevin Dawson, who was on the right-wing picked up plenty of votes. The poll winner though - and for the third game running - was midfielder Simon Gillett, with little doubt that he has been the pick of the summer signings so far in the eyes of most fans.

Full results are as follows, with outright MOTM votes shown in brackets:

1. Simon Gillett 82 (8)
2. Kevin Dawson 30 (2)
3. Nathan Ralph 28 (0)
4. Jakub Sokolík 24 (1)
5. Joe Edwards 20 (0)
6. AJ Leitch-Smith 16 (1)
7. Kieffer Moore 12 (0)
8. Ben Nugent 10 (1)
9. Brendan Moloney 10 (1)
10. Chris Weale 8 (0)
11. Sam Foley 6 (0)
12. James Hayter 2 (0)

Performance : 3.71
Entertainment : 3.86

A reminder that you can still vote for your Man of the Match for yesterday's 1-1 draw against Scunthorpe United. Choose your top three players from the match, plus entertainment and performance ratings along with any other comments you want to make on the game, using the form below.

Link: Man of the Match Voting for Yeovil Town vs Scunthorpe United.

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