Ciderspace News Page : Madden : I Was Never Going To Celebrate
23 August 2014 : Madden : I Was Never Going To Celebrate
Former Yeovil Town striker Paddy Madden has reaffirmed his views that he was never likely to celebrate if he scored at Huish Park against his old club. The Scunthorpe United player netted today in the 1-1 draw at Huish Park, and had said in the build-up to the match that he did not want to go too over the top if he netted against a team that he scored 23 goals for in a sensational 2012-13 season.

The 82nd minute of today's match saw the inevitable happen - Madden cancelled out Kieffer Moore's opening goal, and whilst his team-mates showed their emotion, the Irishman chose to keep his under wraps. Speaking to BBC Radio Humberside after the match, the reception he got during his time in Somerset and upon his return was on his mind:

"I was never going to celebrate. Obviously since I came down here from Carlisle (in 2012), a lot of fans have shown me a lot of respect, and even today they gave me a nice reception. Even if they hadn't given me a good reception today I still wasn't going to celebrate - that's just the way I am - if somebody appreciates me, then I'll respect them."

Madden described the game as a bit of a scrappy one, admitting that Scunthorpe had played more long ball football than he would have wanted them to. However, he maintained that he still had a feeling that he was going to get a chance at some point during the game:

"I usually get a good feeling that I might score at some point. I'd been quite quiet up until then, so it was important to me to take that chance. I did really well against the defender, I dropped him off my shoulder a couple of times and it was a good finish for me. (Gary) McSheffrey has played it through to me, and I've taken three touches - left-right-left, and thankfully it's gone in. It was quite a scrappy game and there were a lot of high balls, and we didn't play a lot on the ground - yet our strength is on the ground."

With the Iron having been bottom of the table, and without a single League One point before today, Madden hoped that the newly promoted North Lincolnshire side would be able to use the draw as a means to get themselves going forward as they climbed off the bottom of the League One table:

"We obviously came down here to get our first three points, but in the end a draw is a fair result. Hopefully that result will give us the confidence to kick us on and start climbing the table. Yeovil is a touch place to come, as they're an ex-Championship team, and so we'll take the point. Every team hits a bad spell at some point so hopefully we've hit ours early."

Paddy Madden also gave his thoughts on returning to Yeovil before the match - that can be read via the link below.

Link: Paddy Madden Speaks To The BBC About His Return To Huish Park.

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