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23 August 2014 : Officials For Yeovil Town vs Scunthorpe United
Officials for the League One match between Yeovil Town and Scunthorpe United have been published by the Football League. The match takes place at Huish Park this afternoon, with a 3.00p.m. kick-off. The man in charge of the match will be referee Keith Hill (Hertfordshire). We've had Mr Hill six times as a Football League club, although they're spread out heavily with some large gaps in between us seeing each other.

We had him twice during the 2013-14 season, meaning that he is fairly fresh in the memory. He took charge of the August 2013 match against Derby County that saw the Glovers lose 0-3 at Huish Park. This was a game that was won and lost in the midst of a dazzling 25 minute spell from the Rams, and you can't blame a referee when a team string together 25 passes to slot the ball in the back of the net. That said, in the second half we felt that he denied us a penalty claim when Andy Williams was taken out in the box. The Western Gazette centred on this, calling him "infuriatingly inconsistent. The Glovers did well not to entirely lose their temper with a referee who failed to spot a clear penalty amongst a string of other poor decisions." That said, all he did there was to deny us the chance of a consolation goal.

Later that same season, he was present for the rather ugly 5-1 defeat against Huddersfield Town in December 2013. This was probably our worst performance of our year in the Championship, partly due to a very patched up defence. We also lost a couple of players to injury early on and in the midst of that mess we can't recall anything that Mr Hill did that was out of turn. To be honest we were too busy dealing with our own shortcomings when we wrote the match report!

Before that, we saw him for the March 2011 game against Southampton at St Mary's Stadium - a game in which we again lost 3-0, and where the scoreline undoubtedly reflected the balance of the play. No obvious complaints about the refereeing to be had on that occasion. The same can't be said for the October 2008 home match against Southend United - a game in which Mr Hill took centre stage. Raising his yellow card six times and his red card twice, the Hertfordshire official finally lost the plot, in a game he'd never had a grip on, in the last minute when he dished out a straight red card to Danny Schofield for an excellent sliding challenge. In the aftermath, Gary Roberts described to Mr Hill precisely what he thought of his decision-making and was also dismissed. The Glovers, who at that point had been putting the Shrimpers under sustained pressure with a late comeback goal, were down to nine men - two men dismissed because of an excellent tackle that the referee hopelessly misjudged the view of.

After the match manager Russell Slade labelled Hill as 'arrogant' for refusing to review the sending off on the video, and the Football Association called him up to explain himself. At the same time, the FA's own Appeals Panel were agreeing with Russell that Mr Hill had got the decision wrong, overturning the red card, meaning that by the time the Yeovil boss reached FA Headquarters he was merely warned as to his future conduct.

Aside from that mess, Mr Hill took charge of two home League Two matches - one against Macclesfield Town and another against Lincoln City. The Macclesfield defeat saw him go largely unmentioned in the match report. We were slightly more irritated by him in the March 2003 fixture against Lincoln, but that was because the home support did not like his unwillingness to clamp down on some gamesmanship and physical play from an Imps side playing the long-ball game.

Mr Hill will be assisted by Mark Derrien (Dorset) and Brett Huxtable (Devon). The Fourth Official will be Richard Martin (Weston-super-Mare).

Link: December 2013 : Huddersfield Town 5 Yeovil Town 1.

Link: August 2013 : Yeovil Town 0 Derby County 3.

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Link: October 2008 : Yeovil Town 1 Southend United 2.

Link: October 2004 : Yeovil Town 1 Macclesfield Town 2.

Link: November 2003 : Yeovil Town 3 Lincoln City 1.

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