Ciderspace News Page : Season Ticket Sales See Small Drop From Championship Season
9 August 2014 : Season Ticket Sales See Small Drop From Championship Season
Yeovil Town go into the 2014-15 season having held relatively steady on their season tickets from their single year in the Championship. In the lead-up to this afternoon's League One opener against Doncaster Rovers that will commence proceedings, the club have sold just over 2,500 season tickets for the year.

Last season saw the club sell 2,700 season tickets in the lead-up to their first season at second tier level, which was a significant leap from the 1,900 sold the season before. The record number sold stands as the 3,600 that were sold during the 2005-06 season - which was the first year at League One level.

During that period, the club had a number of 3,000-plus sales recorded, but sales dropped during the latter half of that decade, with the 2012-13 figure of 1,900 representing the club's lowest point. Unsurprisingly the League One play-off final win and the season in the Championship drew in a number of extra punters, and relegation back to third tier football doesn't seem to have affected too many peoples decision-making.

Season Ticket Sales In Recent Years:
2011-12 Season : 2,000 season tickets
2012-13 Season : 1,900 season tickets
2013-14 Season : 2,700 season tickets
2014-15 Season : 2,500 season tickets

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