Ciderspace News Page : Gary's Meeting Poses 'Questions' For The Yeovil Town Board
28 April 2014 : Gary's Meeting Poses 'Questions' For The Yeovil Town Board
Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson has said that his Board meeting today has seen him pose a lot of questions to the club over the direction that they plan to take the Glovers in. Johnson had revealed after Friday night's match against Brighton and Hove Albion that he had planned to hold talks with the board in the wake of his side's relegation to League One after one season in the Championship.

Gary said that the conversation explored similar themes to those he has talked about in recent interviews, again repeating that the club needed to be 'bigger' in the way that it perceived itself, if it wanted to move forward. In an interview with BBC Points West this evening he admitted that one of the 'bigger' things he wanted the Board to consider was a bigger playing budget. He wants the club to roughly maintain the the 2013-14 Championship budget when the club start the 2014-15 season in League One.

Acknowledging that the Board had been very supportive to him over his two spells at Huish Park, Gary said the board meeting had been one of laying out the questions he felt the club needed to answer in order to move forward:

"The result was a lot of questions of course, that I needed to ask. The Board of Directors have been very supportive to us over the last few years, since I've been back, and also when I was there in the first place. But a manager is always going to ask for a bigger budget, to be more competitive, and we need to probably maintain a similar budget to the one that we had in the Championship - which was obviously very low for the Championship - to sustain a challenge in League One."

As with Gary's Friday morning interview from the team hotel in Brighton, he refused to give a definitive statement on whether he would start next season as Yeovil Town manager. Instead he said that much still depended upon what sort of responses he got to his questions tabled today:

"Well we don't know, because we've got to wait for the answers to the questions. What I'm sure is that I hope that the club still wants to move forward, and that it still wants to get bigger and better - and then I'll be happy to be that manager that takes it further forward."

Johnson said that he was realistic about what the club could afford to spend, and hoped that the outcome would be a budget that would be competitive in League One football. He admitted that it would be hard for them to entirely shake off the 'Little Old Yeovil' tag, even if he did want the club to become bigger:

"I don't think so - we'll never be 'Big Old Yeovil'. We need to be bigger and we need to look down that route of making the club bigger and better, in a better and entertaining arena, both on and off the field. So we're trying very hard to do that. But League One is where we were last year, and we competed well in it, and hopefully the club can compete well again."

Yeovil's playing budget when they were last in League One was reported as being in the region of 1 million - almost certainly one of the smallest in the division at the time. Increased television and central payment income allowed the club to increase the playing budget during the 2013-14 season to a figure reported as around 2 million - easily the smallest budget in the Championship, but if maintained in League One would potentially give the club something that put them into the 'lower mid-table' range of what other third tier clubs tend to spend in that area per season.

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