Ciderspace News Page : A Minute's Applause For Alec Stock
14 March 2014 : A Minute's Applause For Alec Stock
With tomorrow's Championship match between Queens Park Rangers and Yeovil Town being dubbed as Alec Stock Day, further detail on the arrangements on the day are being issued. Prior to the match, both sets of supporters will be invited to join in with a minute's applause in tribute to the man who became a legend at both football clubs across different eras.

Alec gained QPR a double promotion and their first spell in top flight football during the ten years he spent at Loftus Road, whilst for Yeovil Town he created their nationwide reputation as FA Cup giantkillers during his management spell in the late 1940s. That has led QPR to designate the first meeting between the two clubs at Loftus Road to be used as a tribute day.

Five QPR legends will be appearing at the match, with twins Roger Morgan and Ian Morgan planning to appear in the club's Superstore on the day, whilst Tony Hazell, Frank Sibley and Mark Lazarus will be in answering questions in QPR's bars. The game will also be attended by members of Alec's family. There is also a special 100 page programme being produced as a historical record of the day.

For those who may not be wholly up to speed on Alec's career, our tribute to him written at the time of his death in 2001, can be read via the link below.

Link: Alec Stock Tribute : 30th March 1917 - 16th April 2001.

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