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4 December 2013 : Ince: What A Load Of Crap!
Blackpool manager Paul Ince complained that he had suffered a 'crap' day yesterday, as his team succumbed to a 1-0 defeat in the Championship against Yeovil Town. The 21st minute John Lundstram goal was overshadowed by headlines that centred instead on the visitors losing their heads in second half injury time as Kirk Broadfoot, Ricardo Fuller and Gary MacKenzie all received their marching orders leaving Blackpool with just eight men on the pitch by the end.

The Tangerines made the decision to travel down to Huish Park on the day of the match, suffering the length of the M6 and most of the M5, and having dealt with a long day that had ended badly for him, he uttered an unintentionally humorous verdict on his time down in Somerset:

"It has been, all in all, a crap night. It is a crap journey down. The Football League gave us a crap game on a Tuesday night at Yeovil which was crap. It was crazy. It could have been so much easier for us. We started the game well, and I felt we took control of the game. We looked like we were going to score at any moment. Then there was a mistake that gave them a free kick, which was four yards offside. I've seen it three or four times and it was miles offside, then the geezer comes back into play, and he's the one that scores the goal. Once again it was incompetent officiating from both the linesman and referee. The linesman has got to help the referee out. They don't get to see it three or four times. If it's close then you can understand, but when it's that far offside and he's not put his flag up, then you can't have it. And you wonder why I lose my head?"

Ince admitted that his side began to become edgy and nervous in the second half, as they tried and failed to get back into the game. He felt that Blackpool should have been the ones going in ahead at half time, but that in the remaining 45 minutes they started to unravel in the way that they were playing the game:

"After that we created enough chances. We had enough chances in the first half, but we weren't clinical enough. If we'd got that one or two, then I think we would have won the game comfortably. I said to them at half time, just keep doing what you're doing. Keep playing the way you're playing, keep passing the ball, and don't get anxious. They're the ones who are going to get anxious because of where they are - but what happens? We start getting anxious and panicking, we start giving poor balls. That's not us. Then we start losing our heads, and we get sucked into a situation that we should never have been in."

Inevitably Ince was questioned in detail as to what he thought of the three red cards, all of which happened across separate incidents. At the time that he spoke to BBC local radio, he chose to blame his players for their ill-discipline and blasted them for letting the club down, leaving him with a headache for Blackpool's match on Saturday:

"It's madness. It's not so much the fact that we lost the game, because we didn't deserve to lose the game. Obviously our fans have got to make that journey back without any points. We fully deserved points, but the ill-discipline we showed where we didn't need to, was the worst thing for me. I've told them that they've let everyone down - they've let the fans down, they've let the club down. They're my two main centre-halves - my stalwarts - are now out for Derby. They've done something stupid, but they're experienced players - they shouldn't be doing that. They've cost us for the next couple of games. We've got the Christmas period coming up, and we've got no centre-halves."

Of the three red cards, Ince had mixed feelings in speaking to the BBC, admitting that Kirk Broadfoot's red card was an obvious one. However, he accused Luke Ayling of playacting when Ricardo Fuller headbutted him, and questioned whether Gary MacKenzie deserved a second yellow card for his clumsy barge into Ishmael Miller:

"I felt Broady (Kirk Broadfoot) had to go as that was reckless - and you know you're on a yellow card. We're chasing the game, and so we're pushing men forward. So if they go and win the game 2-0 that's fair enough. But the last thing that you want to do is to get your centre-half sent off. So he's just got to stand up. But he's gone to ground, and I think the referee has got that one spot on, to be fair. The one with Gary MacKenzie, it's a foul, it's obstruction, but no more than that. So I didn't think that was a sending off. With the Ricardo Fuller one, I thought their lad (Luke Ayling) went down as if he'd been shot, which is poor, and he should know better. He (Fuller) put his head to him, but you just want a bit of honesty. He saw a chance to get one of my players sent off, and he took it. You can't blame him, but you'd like to see a bit less gamesmanship than that. He didn't do that, and I'm disappointed with that. But we should know better, and as I've said, we let ourselves down, and they'll be dealt with."

Having largely blamed his players for the situation whilst talking to the BBC, Ince rapidly changed his tune by the time he moved in front of the Sky Sports cameras. Turning his attention to referee Christopher Sarginson, the Blackpool boss accused the referee of having lost control of the game, rather than his own players:

"There was ten minutes of madness where I think the referee has just lost control of the game. I tried to keep my head, because I've just come back from a ban, but when you see referees officiating like that, it's just not right. We're trying to keep winning games, keep the momentum going, but then you get people like that, and it's hard to take."

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