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11 February 2013 : Officials For Yeovil Town vs Preston
Officials for the League One home match between Yeovil Town and Preston North End have been published by the Football League. The match takes place on Tuesday 12th February 2013, at Huish Park, with a 7.45p.m. kick-off. The man in charge of the game will be referee Roger East (Wiltshire).

Mr East was a regular at Huish Park as a Fourth Official and an Assistant but in the summer of 2007 was promoted to the National referees list for the Football League. Since then we've had him eight times in competitive fixtures, although he has also taken charge of various pre-season friendlies and Reserve Team matches.

His earliest match as a referee for a Yeovil Town league game was the February 2008 match against Southend United that saw the Essex side kick-started by a poor decision outside the box, winning them an early controversial free kick. We didn't play well on the day, losing the match 1-0, but certainly things like that did not help.

Somehow he also managed to wind up Glovers fans during a pre-season friendly against Bristol City, in July 2008. A dodgy penalty and the lack of an offside award for another goal, along with two bookings being dished out in a friendly and he didn't impress too many that night.

Mr East then took charge of the 1-0 win over Swindon Town in March 2009. We may have won the game, but we found a lot of his early decision-making antagonised both crowd and players in a tense local derby where a cool head could have been done with instead. His decision to book Chris Weale for timewasting, then 11 minutes later to book David Noble for taking a free kick too quickly was to say the least odd.

His more recent matches involving the Glovers have probably been his best, with two of those coming during the 2009-10 season. Our 2-0 win over Brentford in September 2009 warrants no significant criticism of his officiating. Boxing Day's 4-0 win over Wycombe Wanderers was not quite so error free - his positioning left a lot to be desired - twice getting in the way of attempted Yeovil clearances, putting Wycombe through on goal with one, but maybe he felt the opposition needed a friendly hand that day?

Mr East was in charge of the September 2010 3-1 win over Tranmere Rovers. Here we've got to give him credit for doing what far too few officials do - going back and booking a Tranmere player after he had played an advantage, rather than forgetting the severity of the incident, or unnecessarily stopping play. However, with our green-tinted spectacles on, we had some grumbles about him chalking off an Adam Virgo goal for apparent climbing on a Rovers defender. Good job we won the game, or there might have been a bit more post-match talk about it.

He looked after two Glovers games during the 2011-12 season. In the 2-0 defeat against Exeter City in the Carling Cup he chalked off another Glovers goal - a Kieran Agard strike was denied for a push on the keeper by another Glovers player. Whether that was fair or not, Terry Skiverton didn't make any issue about the incident in his post-match interview, so we'll give the match referee the benefit of the doubt. No bookings against either side on the night, which is always nice to see.

Then we had the March 2012 game against Brentford, where he had a bit more of a messy game, where we weren't happy about the free kick that led to the Bees opening goal. He later denied both sides a penalty shout, although we'd need to have seen the video replay for both incidents to see the merits of his decision-making there. Most recently he took charge of the 2012-13 season home match against Sheffield United. We lost the game 1-0, but can't find any references to his performance - just one yellow card raised in a relatively low key game.

Whatever our own opinions on him as a referee, clearly the relevant referees assessors like what he is doing, as during the 2012-13 season, he's been given four Premier League matches. He took charge of his first game at that level in September 2012, taking charge of Swansea City vs Sunderland and has followed that up with three more top flight fixtures, whilst still being selected for Football League appointments during that time.

Mr East will be assisted by Adam Hopkins (Devon) and Adrian Tranter (Dorset). The Fourth Official will be Brett Huxtable (Devon).

Link: Feb 2008 : Yeovil Town 0 Southend United 3.

Link: July 2008 : Yeovil Town 0 Bristol City 3.

Link: March 2009 : Yeovil Town 1 Swindon Town 0.

Link: Sept 2009 : Yeovil Town 2 Brentford 0.

Link: Dec 2009 : Yeovil Town 4 Wycombe Wanderers 0.

Link: Sept 2010 : Yeovil Town 3 Tranmere Rovers 1.

Link: August 2011 : Exeter City 2 Yeovil Town 0.

Link: March 2012 : Yeovil Town 2 Brentford 1.

Link: September 2012 : Yeovil Town 0 Sheffield United 1.

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