Ciderspace News Page : Second Parish Council Recommends Food Store Refusal
29 March 2012 : Second Parish Council Recommends Food Store Refusal
Yeovil Town's plans for a Food Store to be built on six acres of land to the north of the Huish Park stadium have been given a thumbs down by a second local Parish Council. The neighbouring Yeovil Without Parish Council, which covers the northern edge of Yeovil, including Yeovil Marsh, Longcroft, Johnson Park and Bucklers Mead and contains three wards of Brimsmore, Combe and Lyde. The Brimsmore area is significantly close to Huish Park, given that it covers the Thorne Lane area that is used by many supporters to access the ground, and so they have been consulted as one of the neighbouring parishes.

The Parish Council met on March 27th to consider the application, and as with Yeovil Town Council and Brympton Parish Council, who provided their views in late February, they are providing a Recommendation for Refusal. They list the following reasons:

"* They object on the grounds that there is no clearly defined need for such a development given that there are available sites within the Town centre.
* Lack of constructive detail throughout the application, for example the enabling mechanism for upgrading the football facilities. Also the lack of detail of the provision for the public open space.
* Traffic There is already significant deterioration in traffic flow, which increases at home match days. This application if granted would add to already congested traffic route through the parish.

This week's Western Gazette has covered the claim made last week by the club's planning representatives MWA Planning that there would be four million pounds worth of development provided to the stadium and its surrounds if the Food Store is approved, although MWA's letter did contain a large caveat against that figure that isn't challenged.

Fry has said that the plans have been provided to allow the club to meet future 'regulatory' standards, and still remains hopeful that South Somerset District Council's final decision will go in their favour:

"Refurbishment and enhancements to the stadium are long overdue and essential for the club to progress within the football league and meet future regulatory standards. However, that requires considerable investment. Im positive officers and members of the district council will seize the opportunity to support Yeovil Towns plans to bring significant benefits to the area by way of employment, retail choice and improved leisure facilities, which will stimulate the local economy for years to come."

SSDC have set a target date for a decision on the application for May 1st 2012, although requests from MWA and from the council this week suggested that deadline was likely to slip, due to additional information being requested and/or provided after the application was submitted.

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