Ciderspace News Page : Parish Council Maintain Food Store Opposition
21 March 2012 : Parish Council Maintain Food Store Opposition
Yeovil Town were once again featured in the local media on Monday evening as BBC Points West ran a feature on the club's plans to build a new Food Store on land to the north of the Huish Park stadium. The two minute piece was the latest in the aims to relaunch their plans, following a recent 'thumbs down' from Brympton Parish Council and Yeovil Town Council. The BBC ran a feature containing brief clips of manager Gary Johnson's DVD video, as well as showing footage of the first team training on the land that is planned to be built on.

As part of the feature, the Parish Council have maintained their opposition to the plans, with Chairman Elizabeth Glaisher, who also serves on SSDC's Standards Committee, telling the programme that the club's proposals are not following 'planning rules', presumably referring to last week's report from SSDC's Planning Policy area. She explains:

"We support the club and we want to see it thrive, and we want to see it upgraded. How they go about it is up to them, but they should follow the planning rules. We can't consider this, because there's nothing to consider except building a huge shop."

Glovers Chairman John Fry is interviewed on the training pitches, and states that the costs of maintaining the land at present is 50,000 per season, describing both the club's car parks and training pitches as not fit for purpose:

"Quite clearly we're not asking the earth. The car parks are not fit for use. This training pitch, although it looks nice and green, this lot costs us about 50,000 a year to keep. It's not fit for training on."

Away from the BBC's own feature, Rod Hallett, Chairman of the Yeovil Town Vice Presidents organisation, has written to SSDC, expressing their 'dismay' at "the apparent indifference of the council to all the efforts being made" with respect to the club's application to SSDC.

Mr Hallett disputes the traffic assessment given by Yeovil Town Mayor Phil Chandler earlier this month that suggested that an additional 568 vehicles would be moving over the 'Asda Roundabout' per hour, asking where the figure has come from. Mr Hallett states cites Morrisons and Asda as supermarkets outside the town centre, stating "they were given planning consent so why should the football club be punished for their plans" adding that the Glovers' move to the current Huish Park location allowed Tesco to take up the old Huish site.

The Vice Presidents point out that visiting away supporters bring business into the town and finishes calling for a public meeting to be arranged to discuss the plans: "for some years we have been involved with John Fry and the football club, concerning the lack of facilities at the ground. It seems that the major problem in improving facilities for supporters concerns the covenants on the ground surrounding Huish Park. Surely it is time that these issues were resolved and if necessary a public debate is needed to discuss the problem and make public all parties interests."

In reply, Andy Cato, who is the SSDC Team Leader in charge of Area South Planning points out that many of Mr Hallett's concerns relate to the Yeovil Town Council report on the plans, following their February 27th meeting, rather than any views expressed by SSDC.

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