Ciderspace News Page : Officials For Charlton Athletic vs Yeovil Town
19 March 2012 : Officials For Charlton Athletic vs Yeovil Town
Officials for the League One match between Charlton Athletic and Yeovil Town have been published by the Football League. The match takes place on Tuesday 20th March 2012 with a 7.45p.m. kick-off at The Valley. The man in charge of the fixture will be referee Carl Berry (Surrey).

We've only had Mr Berry once before as a match referee, as this is his first full season at Football League level, although he is recorded as having taken charge of a couple of games during the 2010-11 season. The one and only occasion was the October 2011 home game against Carlisle United. The 0-3 home defeat saw the Glovers shoot themselves in the foot somewhat, with Flavien Belson picking up a red card before the break for two yellow cards.

The suggestion was that Mr Berry had already issued Belson with a 'final warning' before he gave the midfielder his marching orders. Terry Skiverton was manager at the time, and he felt that Mr Berry had lost control of the game by producing his cards early on, and claimed that he should have made sure that Belson understood what he was saying:

"I think the decision for the first booking created the whole tempo of the game. After that it seemed to spiral a little bit out of control for certain people. The lad's French (Flavien Belson) - what's he saying to him? The lad has come in, it's his debut and he's hyped up. The first one wasn't a booking. Then right after that, Steve MacLean goes up for a header, and their lad comes up and crashes right through the back of him. Should that have been a yellow then, based on the balance of probability and what happened with the one before? That doesn't happen. Then with the cards he gave out in the second half, it was outrageous."

Skiverton was also aggrieved with a decision to rule out a Steve MacLean goal whilst the scoreline was still 0-0, although in fairness that one was flagged for by a linesman. Skivo said of that incident: "It was not handball, by the way - not handball. I looked at it again on the video, and it was not handball."

The Western Gazette took a slightly different slant on his performance saying "His decisions were accurate but his communication was poor" adding that "Flavien Belson's dismissal was reckless" - in the end, a second half collapse made Carlisle's victory emphatic, with those first half incidents having swung the game in their direction.

To our knowledge, this is the first time he's taken charge of a match involving Charlton Athletic. So far he's raised 67 yellows and four red cards across his 21 games this season.

Mr Berry will be assisted by Nigel Lugg (Surrey) and Wade Norcott (Essex). The Fourth Official will be Ian Cooper (Kent).

Link: October 2011 : Yeovil Town 0 Carlisle United 3.

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