Ciderspace News Page : Johnson: Some Players Didn't Do Themselves Any Favours
1 March 2012 : Johnson: Some Players Didn't Do Themselves Any Favours
Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson admitted that he was disappointed with the effort put in by a number of unnamed individuals during Tuesday night's Somerset Premier Cup quarter-final exit. The Glovers side that lost 1-0 against Clevedon Town included a number of players from the club's Centre of Excellence side, with eleven out of the sixteen players coming from outside the club's professional ranks.

Of those eleven, seven of them got onto the pitch, with many being possible candidates for professional contracts for next season and beyond. Speaking to BBC Somerset, Johnson said that although a couple impressed him, a number didn't do themselves any favours, particularly given how many of the club's coaching staff and officials were watching the game:

"I thought two or three of the kids tried hard, but three or four of them didn't. We'll have a little chat with them and we'll see why. The thing is, those young kids have got all the staff there; me and Terry (Skiverton), Darren (Way), Jonesy (Nathan Jones). The Chief Executive (Martyn Starnes) was there and a director. So they've all come to watch the game, and you'll get every chance to impress if you're good enough, or if you want to impress if you've got it in you. But a few haven't done themselves any favours, and one or two have."

Yesterday afternoon, those players from the Under-18s side who didn't take to the pitch at Clevedon, along with those who weren't in that squad, all travelled up to Berkshire to play Reading in a friendly match. The Youth Team lost 2-1, with Mitch Brundle scoring direct from a free kick. Gary Johnson was one of the spectators at that match, meaning that with one exception, the Glovers boss has now seen all of the Under-18s squad play in the past 48 hours. Of the one player he hasn't seen perform, Lloyd Matthews is back in training following his knee injury, but was not risked for either game.

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01/03/2012 : Johnson: Some Players Didn't Do Themselves Any Favours

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