Ciderspace News Page : Parish And Town Councils Deliver Recommendations On Food Store
28 February 2012 : Parish And Town Councils Deliver Recommendations On Food Store
South Somerset District Council (SSDC) have received a response from Brympton Parish Council and Yeovil Town Council with respect to Yeovil Town Football Club's formally submitted plans for a Food Store at Huish Park. SSDC have, as part of the planning process, consulted a number of interested parties, ranging from the Yeovil Chamber of Trade through to the Ministry of Defence who previously owned the Hounstone land.

Brympton Parish Council met on February 22nd 2012, and the Clerk has written to SSDC outlining their views on the development. As the Parish Council in which Huish Park resides, they have recommended that the planning application be turned down. They have outlined the following reasons:

"Whilst the Parish Council is keen to support Yeovil Town Football Club in its endeavours, it is unable to recommend approval of this application. The recommendation must be REFUSAL for the following reasons:

Lack of plans for the upgrade of the football facilities.
Lack of information on how the holding company will transfer the funds raised to the Football Club.

Lack of funding for the proposed Copse Road roundabout.
There are serious concerns about traffic management.

This area was never designated as a retail area.
Lack of details on establishing a replacement open space/sport facility within Brympton boundaries.

Yeovil Town Council met last night and their view was also to provide a recommendation for refusal of the application on the following grounds:


1. Will have an adverse effect upon the well-being of Yeovil Town Centre.
2. There are suitable and available sites that can accommodate this proposal in the town centre.
3. Approval could have a harmful effect upon the existing bus shuttle service linking Abbey Manor Park to the town centre shops.
4. The site occupies an unsustainable location and the supermarket development will be accessed by car.
5. Serious traffic problems are likely to result if approved here

It should be noted that Brympton Parish Council's and Yeovil Town Council's viewpoints are merely a recommendation and that other parties may hold differing views that are then fed into SSDC for their Councillors to consider. A final decision would be made at a later date. The list of of parties specifically invited to provide comments on the development include:

Yeovil Town Council, SSDC Planning Policy, SSDC Economic Development, SSDC Leisure and Recreation, SSDC Landscape Architect, SSDC Regeneration, SSDC Solicitor, SSDC Environmental Protection Unit, Yeovil Chamber of Trade, Ministry Of Defence, Police Architectural Liaison Officer, Fire Brigade, Environment Agency, Wessex Water, Brympton Parish Council. In addition, occupiers of 96 nearby business and residential properties have been notified and invited to comment on the application.

In addition to the above views of the two Councils, SSDC have received a response from the Ministry Of Defence and SSDC Technical Engineering indicating that they have no objections/comments regarding the development, whilst Somerset's County Highway have asked for further time to respond.

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