Ciderspace News Page : Ticketing Offers For Six Yeovil Town Matches
26 January 2012 : Ticketing Offers For Six Yeovil Town Matches
Yeovil Town supporters planning to attend a number of the remaining 2011-12 season matches, have got a chance to purchase specially discounted tickets as part of a newspaper promotion. This is a repeat of the 'Footie With A Friend' offer that has been in place during the previous two seasons across the Football League.

The bad news is that you've got to purchase copies of The Sun newspaper; we'll leave that one to peoples consciences as to whether you want to do that. The offer allows you to purchase pairs of tickets at set prices, provided you can collect four differently numbered tokens from the tabloid paper, fill in a form, and then hand over them in return for the tickets.

There are two home matches included in this offer:

Yeovil Town vs Scunthorpe United (Saturday 11th February 2012)
Yeovil Town vs Hartlepool United (Saturday 24th March 2012)

There are four away matches included in this offer:

Wycombe Wanderers vs Yeovil Town (Tuesday 14th February 2012)
Carlisle United vs Yeovil Town (Saturday 25th February 2012)
Milton Keynes Dons vs Yeovil Town (Tuesday 6th March 2012)
Oldham Athletc vs Yeovil Town (Saturday 10th March 2012)

The tokens will be printed in The Sun starting on Saturday 28th January and continuing until Monday 6th February, and you need to collect four different tokens. You will then be able to buy two adult tickets for 19.50, or in the case of the Milton Keynes Dons trip, just 9.50.

A word of advice regarding this offer; Yeovil Town have committed to handling the tokens for the two games at Huish Park. However, last season, Glovers fans trying to take advantage of the offer for an away match were bounced from ticket office to ticket office, with a lack of clarity over which club the application should be put through, and whether they needed the tokens and forms to be supplied prior to the day of the match.

The general experience was that it was more hassle than it was worth, although that may have been because the hosting club either weren't geared up to deal with it, or were only carrying the offer begrudgingly. The Sun's website states that tickets aware available to both home and away fans in all six cases, so plan ahead, and if you get anyone stalling, then point them to their website. Hopefully, the two matches at Huish Park should be straight-forward.

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