Ciderspace News Page : Skivo Given Assistant Boss Offer?
9 January 2012 : Skivo Given Assistant Boss Offer?
With Yeovil Town due to announce their new first team manager later today, the big question mark amongst fans has been where that leaves current manager Terry Skiverton, with no indication from the club that he has relinquished his position. This morning's BBC Somerset breakfast programme pretty much declared Gary Johnson as the club's new first team manager, although we'll have to wait until 2.00p.m. for that to be confimed absolutely.

As part of this morning's BBC breakfast show, sports editor Geoff Twentyman stated that he believes that Skiverton has been offered a role as an assistant manager to Gary Johnson, which would fit in with the fact that we have a 'new manager' being appointed this afternoon, yet with the current manager apparently still in situ. What isn't certain, is whether Skiverton has accepted that offer from the club.

They had contacted Skiverton for a comment on the situation, but he declined to speak prior to the 2.00p.m. announcement. That tends to lean towards the former centre-back being part of the new management set-up; if he wasn't involved then we suspect he would be far less likely to be interested in club protocol.

There is no word on the future of Nathan Jones, Darren Way or Gareth Stewart, although the fact that there is no news may mean that they are still with the club for the time being.

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