Ciderspace News Page : Blue Sky Comes Crashing Down On Port Vale
8 December 2011 : Blue Sky Comes Crashing Down On Port Vale
Artificial pitch construction company Blue Sky International have pulled out of their investment in League Two side Port Vale. The Philadephia-based company have gone public in today's Stoke Sentinel newspaper saying that as far as they are concerned, the 'deal is dead' and suggesting that they never had an intention to invest in the Valiants football club.

A huge row has broken out at Vale Park between supporters groups and the Port Vale board over Blue Sky's involvement in the club, as well as the circumstances that led Perry Deakin and Peter Miller to be voted onto their Board of Directors. The three parties are alleged to have received shares in Port Vale, but without paying for them at the time that Deakin and Miller were voted onto the board, and it is claimed that 30,000 shares registered in the name of Margit Julicher - the wife of Blue Sky's CEO Hank Julicher, were used as part of a block vote to enable Deakin and Miller to join their board.

In this morning's press, Hank Julicher is quoted as saying that he would have to be 'crazy or on drugs' to agree to the sort of deal that Vale had been trumpeting back in October. He makes it clear to the paper that he is not investing in the club and feels the Valiants supporters have been misled over the deal:

"I can tell you categorically that Blue Sky will not be investing in Port Vale Football Club. The deal is dead and has been, in my eyes, for a long time. I simply don't know where these figures of 5 million and 8 million came from. It was never our intention to invest that kind of money into Port Vale. I'd have to be crazy or on drugs to agree to such a thing. By my estimation, the maximum outlay for Blue Sky would have been in the region of 850,000 US Dollars. The partnership won't be happening. I'm angry. Really angry. Blue Sky hasn't put any money into Port Vale and won't be doing so. End of story."

Miller, who is now Port Vale's Chairman, has claimed that Julicher is not telling the truth, and believes he has the documentation that will support that an agreement had been reached with Blue Sky International:

"The comments made by Hank Julicher are incorrect and a blatant misrepresentation of the facts and documented evidence will substantiate this position."

According to an interview with Mr Julicher conducted around the time that Yeovil Town announced their plans to go into partnership with Blue Sky International, Mr Miller acted as an introducer to Blue Sky International, that resulted in Julicher taking an interest in English League football.

There is no mention in the article as to whether this announcement affects Yeovil Town's involvement with Blue Sky International, but it would appear that Port Vale's interest in BSI is rapidly unravelling.

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