Ciderspace News Page : Slow Web Site Page Responses
22 August 2011 : Slow Web Site Page Responses
Apologies to anyone who is getting problems with this website at present, in terms of speed of access. Overnight on Friday 12th August, our ISP experienced problems with the server that our site sits on, and you may recall we lost the site entirely for the majority of the next day.

Since then, the server has limped along somewhat, sometimes working well, sometimes working poorly, and sometimes needing some rectification. Over the weekend, our ISP have taken the decision to commence the build of a new server, that they plan to migrate us to, towards the end of this week. Unfortunately despite our attempts to persuade our ISP that they also need to support us properly on the existing server, they are unwilling to look into the performance issue.

They have told us it will take approximately "two days" for the new server to be ready and for our site to be migrated. As it would take us two days to select a new ISP and install the site in a replacement server ourselves we're stuck with that. However, we've made it clear to our ISP that they are in the 'last chance saloon' and that if the server change doesn't work then we will be taking our business elsewhere. If anyone knows of any ISPs with good experience in hosting on Windows servers, using ASP and Microsoft Access databases, we'd love to hear from you, as a Plan B is needed.

In the meantime, apologies if pages are taking their time to load or occasionally give timeout errors. In the main they are loading - eventually - although clearly not at an acceptable speed.

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