Ciderspace News Page : Club Director Pays Tribute To Taff Glover
21 December 2010 : Club Director Pays Tribute To Taff Glover
In addition to the huge number of comments we've received following the sudden and unexpected death of Ciderspace founder Taff Glover (aka Jon Morgan) we've also received a touching message from Yeovil Town director Stephen Allinson.

Whilst we've no doubt that some of Taff's writing over the years may have made a few people in authority at the club squirm in their seats somewhat, Stephen admits that he found Taff's articles to be an excellent read. He writes:

"It was with great sadness that I read and was told of Taff’s passing. I am sure I speak for all my fellow Directors when I say that YTFC has lost a true friend and supporter. Some of the pieces he penned may not always have been easy reading for us as Directors of the Club we all love but that is the beauty of democracy and freedom of speech.

Everything I read from him, or in discussions, was however always very well articulated and said from a position of one who loved YTFC and that is to his great credit and I always respected him for that. When I read his pieces I always felt that he was a chap who I would really like to spend time discussing football and sport and life over a pint (or two). I knew that although we may disagree on some things we would do so out of mutual respect – and that is the mark of the man.

Independent views on football and life are very important and I am sure, as he looks down on us in the future, he will be penning more views on such matters. The Club he loved will be around a lot longer than all of us - we are merely its current custodians – and I am very grateful that fans like Taff have added to these recent years in such a committed way. My thoughts are, at such a difficult time, with his family. God bless you Taff and thanks for the memories

For those who haven't noticed, the funeral arrangements on December 29th have been updated to include further detail. The gathering after the funeral will be held in the Lounge at Westlands Sports and Social Club in Yeovil. All are welcome to attend and share their happy memories.

Link: Jon Morgan (Taff Glover) Funeral Arrangements.

Link: Taff's Gloversblog : The Godfather Of Ciderspace : 21st November 1960 - 16th December 2010.

Link: Taff's Gloversblog : Thank You Taff Glover.

Link: Taff's Gloversblog : Taff Glover RIP.

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