Ciderspace News Page : Johnson: Support Us For Our Football Future!
20 March 2003 : Johnson: Support Us For Our Football Future!
Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson has issued a rallying call for the Glovers last seven Nationwide Conference matches of the 2002/03 season, as his team aim to grab the 12 points they need to guarantee them the prize of the Conference title and automatic promotion.

Following a week that saw the Glovers lose their dream of the double as they lost to Unibond League side Burscough Johnson told the Yeovil Express that he had received several letters of support from fans.

"I've had about 12 letters of support this week with comments that put a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes," Johnson told the Express. "They spoke of their support of what we had done and what we are trying to achieve. Those letters restored my faith in human nature."

Those letters arrived after Johnson astonishingly had to put up with barracking of himself and his players during their FA Trophy match, despite holding a 12 point lead at the top of the Conference, and being until then the current FA Trophy holders.

"Supporters have got to support us through thick and thin," added Johnson. "Not just for one game but for our football future. Ninety per cent of them do that, but I was very disappointed at some of the things I heard from the ten per cent. The players we've got are committed to this football club and not one of them would give less than 100 per cent, so I was angry when I heard some supporters claiming they weren't trying."

Express Sports Editor Steve Sowden did not mince his words in his editorial this week and he gave a stark warning to the boo-boys describing the events as the "sorts of things which can make managers walk out on clubs" whilst telling them to "wake up and smell the coffee."

Sowden rounded on those who preferred to barrack the players describing them as 'hypocrites' as he added: "I for one am pretty certain that those critics from Saturday will be dancing with delight if Yeovil do actually go on and clinch the Nationwide Conference title during the next few weeks. And that would make them, in my opinion, plain hypocrites."

Ciderspace believes that now is the time for all Yeovil Town supporters to stand up and be counted. When athletes and horse-jockeys cross the finish line of races, they do so by the adrenalin surge they get as the crowd push them on that extra inch that can be the gap between success and failure. Yeovil Town's supporters can make that extra difference, but only if they get behind the whole of the team, and not just their selected favourites. If a player is playing badly, encourage him and lift his spirits. If a striker misses a goal-chance, applaud him for getting into that position. There will be plenty of time for any post-mortems necessary in May. Back the team as a whole, create a wall of sound, keep the pressure off the players, and let's see what tomorrow may bring.

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