Ciderspace News Page : Gary's Verdict on the Macclesfield Game
6 February 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Macclesfield Game
Glovers manager Gary Johnson was distinctly non-plussed about his side's lack of mental toughness and physical toughness when he considered yesterday's 3-1 defeat at Macclesfield Town. Gary answered the following questions from the press:

Qu: The first half was fairly even and there weren't too many chances at either end.

GJ: No, but I wasn't happy from the first 10 minutes. I felt that a goal was coming from them and that they bullied us and battered us and when our football didn't come out, it looked like it would take a lot for us to pull it round. I look at the personnel. We're away from home, it's going to be a cup final for both teams and a few of my players weren't quite up for it and I'm going to have to look at that.
Debut boy Kevin Amankwaah breaks clear of former Doncaster midfielder Kevin McIntyre
Debut boy Kevin Amankwaah breaks clear of former Doncaster midfielder Kevin McIntyre
Photo 2005 Ciderspace

Qu: A first appearance for Kevin Amankwaah. Are you pleased with the way he fitted in?

GJ: I'm not going to pick out any players and say whether I was pleased or whether I was not pleased. I wasn't pleased with the whole team. They all take responsibility and if are going to stay in the promotion fight, which I am sure we will, we have to play a lot better than that away from home. I guarantee that won't be the same on Saturday. That's the sad part about it. We know that we can be Jekyll and Hyde in the space of seven days.

Qu: You made that substitution at half time with Andrejs Stolcers coming off and Adrian Caceres coming on but you really didn't have a chance for anything to work.

GJ: Well if I had eleven subs I would have changed them all. We weren't in the game today. The game was Macclesfield's and they took it.

Qu: It's a big month coming up, so a disappointing start to it.

GJ: Yes, though we've got to get over it. We'll look at Sunday's papers, we'll be disappointed with the result but we'll see that we are still up there. This is where the managers earn their money. They have to make something happen and turn it around quickly and that's what I've got to do.

Qu: I know everyone is going to look at this and think it's a case of FA Cup hangover. Do you think that was the case?

GJ: Well they might do but it doesn't stop you from competing. I just felt we were weak today. We were weak-willed, weak physically and we needed to be a lot stronger mentally and physically and we weren't.

Qu: You don't think there was one area where it started going wrong?

GJ: The area was that pitch out there - that was where it started going wrong! But these boys can recover and they will recover. It just doesn't stop me from being upset now. This doesn't happen to us too much and I'm giving credit to Macclesfield. They played a good game and a strong game and they took their chances.

Qu: And that's a double now for them.

GJ: Yes, good on them. We've just got to make sure that they don't catch us up in the next few weeks.

Qu: Do you think the Charlton game took much out of them physically and emotionally?

GJ: Well it might have done but there are no excuses. I could understand that view if we had faded in the last half hour but we didn't. We got stronger so for me it was a lack of everything.

Qu: But also last year you suffered a dip in form after Liverpool.

GJ: Yes we did, but we didn't have as many points as we have got at this stage. We'll see. Maybe that is the case, maybe not. But there are no excuses for that and whatever it is we have to put it right quickly.

Qu: You're level on points now with both Scunthorpe and Swansea.

GJ: Yes, there are three teams there now but we are still a few points away from the fourth placed team. I don't mind Scunthorpe and Swansea winning. It's Southend, Macclesfield, Northampton and those type of teams that we've got to keep away from. If we play like that and in that way, then we are going to have to win all our home games.

Qu: How much do you think you missed Bartosz today?

GJ: He's suspended isn't he? You've got to have a squad that is clever enough and strong enough to win games when you're without a certain part of your play.

Qu: Do you know why Davies didn't have a shirt number?

GJ: Yes, because the shirt wasn't put in for some reason. We didn't turn up with a number 25. It wasn't our secret weapon! Maybe it would have been better if no-one had turned up with any numbers, and then no-one would have realised which players didn't do anything today!

Qu: I suppose in some ways it's a good game to get back to next Saturday?

GJ: Yes, it's a big game for more reasons than just the league. It's a big game because it's a local derby and you know the lads are going to be up for it. You know the lads are going to be performing well because it's a home game. We don't let people down on home games. Unfortunately we let people down today.

Qu: Any knocks today or injuries?

GJ: I think there were a few knocks at the end of the game that I gave them! Nobody would dare come to me with a knock or an injury at the moment!

Qu: What was Skivo's problem?

GJ: I think he might have broken his nose, but we don't know yet. He didn't want to come off and he wanted to stay out there but it's not as straight as it was when he arrived!

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