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1 February 2005 : Interview With Kevin Gall
Glovers striker turned winger Kevin Gall is more than happy to be working up and down the flanks for Yeovil Town, despite it not being the position he was originally recruited into Huish Park to play. Since the departure of his close friend Gavin Williams to West Ham United, Gally has taken on the mantle of running hard at the opposition defences, and this was highlighted during his performance in the 3-2 defeat at Charlton Athletic that has led to him being nominated for the FA Cup Player of the Round (see below for how to vote). Gally explained by playing out of position isn't such a bad thing after all:

KG: It's really good to play out there because I can still get the ball and I can still run at people. I can still go and do what I was doing when I was up front. I've got to use my pace and I think it's good for the team. I've got a few goals from there. OK I would like to score a few more goals. But we've just got to be happy with what we've done today now and take it into next week because we've got a big game against Macclesfield on now.

Qu: I was watching all the schoolkids in midweek all asking you - Kev, why are you so fast - what does it mean to you to know that at times you were out-pacing Premiership defenders?

KG: Yes, Thommo said to me at half time that I'd taken a Premiership defence and midfield apart with one run there. I've just got to keep doing it. It is great and I've got to keep using my pace and try and improve my quality on the ball. I don't know what I was doing in the second half when I was trying to chip (Dean) Kiely but he dealt well with that. Next week we've just got to get on with it. The gaffer is happy, and we are happy with the performance but not so much with the result. But we've got to get on with it on Monday.

Qu: Are you as quick as ever? Do you still do sprinting work?

KG: No, I did a few years ago when I was at Bristol Rovers. There was an old guy there that did the fitness coaching and he used to do the sprint work. We do sprint work here every now and then just to keep it up. But I hope I don't ever lose it! All the kids were asking about it the other day but I don't think about it too much; I just try and use it as a good plus for the team.

Qu: You played Liverpool and Bolton last year. How did today's match compare to those games in terms of performance?

KG: I think we performed a lot better today than we did in the two matches last year. Maybe the first half against Liverpool was equal to the whole performance today, apart from the start of the second half today. That was just clever play from Charlton. They've got Premiership players and International players and they showed their class. But we can pick ourselves up now and get on.

Qu: Will it be a bit easier to do that because you've got that clear carrot of being top of the league?

KG: Yes, exactly. It was good today because the pressure wasn't on us for once. We were saying why not? Why can't we go and get a result? We've come here to a Premiership club at The Valley and we've scored two goals against Charlton. It's sort of disappointing to lose three goals but then again you can't complain if you come to the Valley and concede three goals. We are just happy that we scored two goals and we have just got to take that in as an experience.

Qu: And you'll be watching that run for the first goal on TV tonight!

KG: Yes definitely, I will have that taped! Colin and Rosey saw it on the big screen at half time and they were telling me that it looks good. I'm just happy to have contributed to the team. It's not a problem if I don't score if I'm setting up goals and in the end that is great for me and great for the team.

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