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16 March 2003 : Johnson's Banana Skin
Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson expressed his disappointment at Saturday's post-match Press Conference, straight after seeing his side crash out in a 0-2 home defeat against Unibond League side Burscough.

"We are really disappointed," he admitted. "It's no use saying we didn’t want to win this competition because we did and the players did and they are sitting in the changing rooms disappointed. But I did say that at 5pm we would forget whether we have won, lost or drawn this competition and concentrate on the league. So I had from 4:55pm to 5pm to tell them how disappointed I was about this game. We have to pick their heads up quickly because we have seven major games now instead of ten. We have to get results in and in the wider picture we have to win and are determined to win this league. What more can you say? It is one of those banana skin games where you have all the pressure, but because they sit in their penalty area and we weren’t quite clever enough to break them down on the day, or get lucky enough you get done by a couple of quick breaks in ninety minutes. But that’s the way it goes sometimes."

"I am disappointed for the supporters because I know how much they enjoyed it," added Johnson. "But we enjoyed it as well so we are disappointed just the same. We have to see whether our club is strong now because that’s gone now and we have to rally around for the major competition. You look up sometimes and you just see a sea of shirts in front of you and anyone who has played in that situation knows you have to get a goal early however because they got the goal early it gave them more power to the elbow to get even more players behind the ball. But to be fair to them they came with a tactic and it worked for them on the day. How many times did they get in to our half? We weren’t dynamic enough, we didn’t run at people and we weren’t playing quick, clever one-two’s. Sometimes you have to give credit to their people in the box because they blocked, stopped and got in the way of everything. We aren’t the first team to slip on a banana skin and we certainly won’t be the last."

Attention now turns to Yeovil Town's seven remaining Nationwide Conference league fixtures, and Johnson added: "We have to learn as a club. I have to make decisions down on the line and make the decisions for the right reasons. Behind the goal and most of the ground is very supportive. I wouldn’t say all sections are supportive, some are very quick to get on your back and they are generally behind me so I hear them. They are the ones who love you when you're winning and hate you when you're losing. The ones who are there for you when you need them are the ones you die for. We’ve got 80 percent of those people at this club, and its them we are doing this for."

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