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9 March 2003 : Misconceptions And Clarifications
It has been brought to our attention at Ciderspace that a number of misconceptions are doing the rounds in a variety of very different quarters. In hope of clarifying matters can we emphasise that:

1) Although we provide space for the Yeovil Town Independent Supporters Association to advertise themselves and promote their merchandise on this site neither YTISA nor any of its committee members as individuals has any input to the Ciderspace site other than through pages specified as being connected to that Association.

Ciderspace is an independent website under the editorial control of its three administrators, none of whom are committee members of any supporters organisation.

2) The forum that Ciderspace provides for the use of fans of Yeovil Town and rival clubs as a separate addition to this main site is an open forum. This means anyone of the millions with Internet access can post anything they want, and are liable for their own postings. We trust that the vast majority of posters use this facility responsibly (and they do), but as moderators of that forum we at Ciderspace occasionally feel that certain items should be removed for a variety of reasons. If a justified complaint about an item is received, or we ourselves feel it is unacceptable, then it is deleted as soon as practically possible. However we are not on-line 24 hours a day - despite appearances!

We have received suggestions that the forum should be changed to registration only. However people can still register with fake details and anonymous e-mail accounts on that type of forum if they are minded, and thus registration is not a complete answer to undesirable or unwise postings - a forum relies on people acting sensibly and responsibly. We at Ciderspace have been discussing for some time whether the disadvantages of a registration only forum continue to outweigh the benefits. Sadly, as is perhaps inevitable when a greater and greater volume of postings is being attracted, the amount of dross has been increasing; but for the moment our opinion is that it will continue as an open forum. This will be reviewed again over the close season.

3) The couple of potentially serious issues raised about a single figure number of postings (out of the tens of thousands made) on the forum over the past months have all reached us second and third hand. By the time they reach us the misconceptions about who might have written what is generally out of all proportion to the original posting(s). Again just as posters should act responsibly, so any who feel they have a justified complaint should be responsible enough to contact the administrators at Ciderspace directly.

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