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14 March 2010 : Man Of The Match Voting : Gavin Williams
Those of you who are eagle-eyed, may have noticed that the name of Gavin Williams wasn't available on the Man of the Match Voting Form until this afternoon. A number of you have already spotted this and have put footnotes against your vote to ask Gavin to be inserted into your vote. If you've done that, we'll try and sort out the insertion at our end.

However, if you've already voted, and had also overlooked Gavin, and want to re-vote, then just vote a second time (using the same name and email address) and we'll count your second vote rather than your first.

Apologies for any confusion - Gavin Williams is now available on the voting form.

Please place all votes for this match by Tuesday 7.45p.m. as we'll then open up voting for the Carlisle United match.

Link: Man of the Match Voting for Yeovil Town vs Hartlepool United.

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