Ciderspace News Page : A303 Closure Set To End Early
12 March 2010 : A303 Closure Set To End Early
There's good news likely for Yeovil Town supporters planning to head to tomorrow's home match against Hartlepool United. The Highways Agency report that they hope to re-open the A303 section between Willoughby Hedge and Mere that has been closed for the past month. It is due to re-open sometime tonight, nine days earlier than planned.

The Highways Agency report that good weather during the past month has meant that contingency built into the plans was not needed and that therefore they expect to finish their work today.

Spokesman David Stock told BBC Somerset this morning that the only things outstanding were a series of safety inspections and a tidy-up operation before the barriers could be removed. Mr Stock added that if all went well today, then the road could well open by early evening:

"We're looking at opening it early evening. So what people will see are the signs being taken down and the closure being removed. We have had people working out there overnight and we've got people undertaking safety inspections. They are now doing the final tidying up. Literally as soon as they've finished all that, then they will open up the road. If we can do it sooner than early evening, then we are pushing to do that."

Naturally we'd suggest a degree of caution for drivers setting out to Yeovil first thing tomorrow morning, in case there are any last minute hitches, but given that a press release has been put out, it can probably be assumed that the Highways Agency are very confident about this.

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