Ciderspace News Page : Defensive Cover Remains The Priority For Skiverton
8 March 2010 : Defensive Cover Remains The Priority For Skiverton
Further to Terry Skiverton's Saturday post-match interview where he talked about his on-going need to provide central defensive cover, the Yeovil boss has also expanded upon his thinking in that area. Skiverton has confirmed that he will be definitely getting in a centre-back before the emergency loan transfer window closes, regardless of what standard of player is out there, purely because he feels he has no cover for Terrell Forbes or Steven Caulker, if either of them should get injured or suspended during the final six weeks of the season. Speaking after the match in the BBC's interview he explained:

"I'm still looking for a centre-half as back-up as I've got T (Terrell Forbes) and Steven Caulker playing with nobody that can really step in and play if there are any problems. So we'll have to wait and see, but I think we've got a week and a half to get a couple of players in and we're still looking to do so."

In this morning's Western Daily Press, Skiverton has said that although he has talked about getting a striker in to cover for target man Sam Williams, he sees the centre-back position as the outright priority of the two:

"We are still looking to strengthen a little bit before the loan window closes. I do not think we have been struggling that much for goals, but we definitely want a centre-half."

Whilst a move for a striker might be an optional need for the Glovers, Skiverton added that in the case of a defender it was a case of 'when', not 'if':

"I'll definitely get one in before the window shuts. It's just a case of seeing what will be. It's looking at whether it will be a young lad, or whether it will be someone who is a bit more experienced on a non-contract basis. Whatever comes up, and whatever comes up first, we'll grab them. I'm out and about this week looking at a couple of people and we'll have to wait and see how certain results and certain players have done."

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08/03/2010 : Defensive Cover Remains The Priority For Skiverton

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