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28 February 2010 : Meanwhile On Planet Robinson ...
Football is of course a game of opinions. In any given football match there will be two individuals stood in the dugouts or sat in the stands who will have different views on a match. Although maybe not as different as that of Milton Keynes Dons assistant manager Karl Robinson.

Following yesterday's 1-0 home win for Yeovil Town over the Dons, Robinson proceeded to see his side's second half performance as being on a completely different level to the majority of those watching at Huish Park, going as far as to claim that his side were "completely and utterly robbed". His views on the second half match statistics also take some believing, particularly when lined up against the Press Association statistics.

Speaking to BBC Three Counties Radio, Robinson gave his off the wall views, claiming in particular that the visitors had 14 or 15 shots on goal during the second period:

"We were completely and utterly robbed. Through lack of communication from a corner and a chance where we missed a header. They didn't have a shot in the second half. We had something in the region of 14 or 15 shots in 45 minutes, 6 or 7 corners and 8 or 9 throw-ins in the final third. Probably the possession count will be something in the region of 65 percent. Sometimes it's not just your day. What we won't accept is that lack of communication from a corner, and an absolutely fantastic strike from the edge of the box has won the game."

The official Press Association match statistics for yesterday's match can be found on sites such as BBC Sport and Sporting Life. Although it's accurate to say that the Dons dominated the second period, the PA stats record them has having four off-target shots during the second period, one on target, and seven shots overall, with two on target - not quite the 14 or 15 that Robinson believes they had. Conversely the Glovers had seven shots during the match, with the majority in the first period, but still matching the Dons' seven strikes.

In terms of corners, Milton Keynes had three second half corners, and not the six or seven Robinson claims. And their overall possession was 52 percent and not the 65 percent he claims his side managed.

The Three Counties Radio interviewer appeared to be skeptical about Robinson's claims of large numbers of shots on goal, suggesting of Yeovil Town keeper Alex McCarthy that "it was mainly crosses that he had to deal with. Did you feel that you tested him enough?" - Robinson's reaction is to backtrack somewhat in terms of how many shots he admits hit the target, and also tries to play down Shaun MacDonald's winning goal:

"You say we don't test keepers, but we had enough blocked shots. We had enough shots, but it's just that we didn't hit the target. We need to make sure that we hit consistency levels that are higher. We need to make sure that when chances come our way that we take them. They had a chance, if you can call it a chance from 35 yards, and they put it in the top corner. The boy Tomlin had a chance from a header, which is poor defending and we won't accept that. But throughout the whole game we didn't look like we were going to lose. We're happy because we thought we played OK, but we're disappointed for the fans because we just want to win football matches, and it's getting that way where all this good possession is not falling for us."

Ultimately the only statistic that will matter to Yeovil Town supporters is the goal that Shaun MacDonald scored in the 23rd minute. However, in a match where both sides had seven shots on goal each, perhaps it is a matter of conscience for Karl Robinson to suggest his own side had double that number of chances. If his own travelling supporters accept that viewpoint then fair enough, but to most of those watching the game at Huish Park, they don't really stack up.

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