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22 February 2010 : Gillingham Man of the Match Result
Nine days ago, Yeovil Town played out a 0-0 draw with Gillingham that probably was not the greatest spectacle of the season. With defences on top throughout the game the top three players in the Man of the Match voting were all defenders, with the fourth defender Stefan Stam probably missing out due to a head injury that saw him substituted at half time.

Terrell Forbes, who had to switch from right-back to centre-back due to Stam's injury, featured strongly, whilst left-back Nathan Smith appears to be coming back into a bit of form at last and finished runner-up. But it was Tottenham Hotspur loanee Steven Caulker who grabbed the Man of the Match vote by a fairly comfortable margin.

The full result, with outright MOTM votes in brackets, was as follows:

1 Steven Caulker 234 (16)
2 Nathan Smith 166 (11)
3 Terrell Forbes 96 (6)
4 Shaun MacDonald 72 (4)
5 Alex McCarthy 42 (2)
6 Andy Welsh 36 (1)
7 Craig Alcock 32 (1)
8 Stefan Stam 26 (0)
9 Ryan Mason 24 (1)
10 Owain Tudur Jones 16 (1)
11 Sam Williams 12 (0)
12 Dean Bowditch 2 (0)


Performance: 4.28
Entertainment: 3.95


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