Ciderspace News Page : February 2010 Yeovil Town Fixture Poster
31 January 2010 : February 2010 Yeovil Town Fixture Poster
With the last home match of January having taken place on Saturday, there is a new Yeovil Town Fixtures Poster available for February 2010. Produced by supporters to help publicise matches at Huish Park, the Word document below can be printed out and displayed in your local workplace, school, pub, shop etc or basically anywhere - provided of course you have permission to do so!

Save the document to your hard drive and print it off as many times as you like. Alternatively, if you are visiting Huish Park, then Supporters Liaison Officer Sara Bradley can usually help supply a few copies. For any queries or advice, or if you just want to say where the posters are being displayed, then contact Pat Custard at

Link: February 2010 Yeovil Town Fixture Poster.

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