Ciderspace News Page : Elland Road Striker Hit By FA Charge
4 November 2009 : Elland Road Striker Hit By FA Charge
Leeds United striker Tresor Kandol has been charged by the Football Association with violent conduct, following an end of match melee that occurred on the final whistle of Saturday's match against Yeovil Town at Elland Road.

Match referee Andy Haines did not take any action following the incident, but the BBC cameras picked up Kandol appearing to swing an arm at Yeovil's Sam Williams, as part of their Football League Show coverage.

Kandol has already admitted the charge, which suggests that he will receive a three match ban, that will have immediate effect. His case will be heard tomorrow by the FA's regulatory committee, but the outcome seems inevitable.

There is no suggestion of Williams or any other Yeovil player receiving a call-up from the FA.

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