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19 October 2009 : Brighton Man of the Match Result
Last weekend's match saw Yeovil Town recover from a two goal deficit by snatching a 2-2 draw with Brighton and Hove Albion. The Man of the Match voting saw a two horse race emerge, with both players picking up an almost even share of the vote.

Right-back Craig Alcock got significant credit for his performance as a makeshift centre-back, but it was right-winger Scott Murray who netted both of Yeovil's goals on the day, who edged the vote, grabbing almost half of the available top votes.

The full results, with outright MOTM votes shown in brackets, are as follows:

1 Scott Murray 482 (33)
2 Craig Alcock 376 (27)
3 Terrell Forbes 110 (4)
4 Jean-Paul Kamudimba Kalala 94 (3)
5 Sam Williams 72 (2)
6 Andy Welsh 58 (1)
7 Nathan Jones 26 (0)
8 George O'Callaghan 22 (0)
9 Alex McCarthy 2 (0)
9 Gavin Tomlin 2 (0)
9 Andy Lindegaard 2 (0)


Performance: 6.91
Entertainment: 7.49


Don't forget that if you were at Saturday's 3-1 win over Carlisle United then choose your top three players, plus performance and entertainment ratings along with any additional comments you wish to make, via the link below.

Link: Man of the Match Voting Form : Yeovil Town vs Carlisle United.

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