Ciderspace News Page : Glovers See Agent Payments Drop Again
20 August 2009 : Glovers See Agent Payments Drop Again
Yeovil Town's payments to Football Agents have dropped again in the latest figures released by the Football League. The Glovers paid out just 1,000 to agents during the period of January - June 2009; to be expected given the club's significant drop in the playing budget for the 2008-09 season as a whole. The six month figure is 9,000 less than the equivalent January - June 2008 amount.

During the 2007-08 season, the Glovers paid out 43,945 to agents whilst in 2006-07 that total was 50,665. During the 2008-09 season the Glovers paid out just 11,500 on agent fees, thus meaning that payments have dropped by 32,445 against last season.

Unsurprisingly these figures are dwarfed by most of Yeovil Town's League One rivals. Top spenders during 2008-09 were Leeds United (376,500), Leicester City (121,700), Brighton and Hove Albion (99,200), Southend United (78,820), Milton Keynes Dons (77,500), Huddersfield Town (47,500) and Colchester United (46,850).

Several clubs through either policy or lack of funds did not pay out any agent fees during the 2008-09 season. They are Crewe Alexandra, Hartlepool United, Hereford United, Northampton Town, Scunthorpe United and Tranmere Rovers.

Overall agent fees were down in League One. A total of 1,078,955 was paid out by League One sides during 2008-09 compared with 1,531,337 during the preceding season. Across the whole Football League it has dropped to 8.8m from 11.1m during the 2007-08 season.

In terms of player registrations, the Glovers recorded 29 transactions during the January - June 2009 period. Of these, seven were new registrations, five were updated contracts, five were cancelled contracts and 12 were loan deals.

Incidentally, whilst Leeds were the biggest spenders in League One in terms of agent fees, the biggest spenders in League Two were Luton Town and Rotherham United. The connection between the three clubs? All three have recently gone into administration due to over-spending. Yet even post-administration, all three continue to spend at a level that exceeds their rivals.

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20/08/2009 : Glovers See Agent Payments Drop Again

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