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31 October 2005 : Reserves date changed
The reserve team fixture scheduled for this coming Wednesday 2nd November at Huish Park vs Cardiff City Reserves in the Combination League Cup has been postponed, until Wednesday 7th December. No reason has been given for the change, but it's likely that the proximity of the Youth Team's FA Youth Cup 1st round tie at Oxford United tomorrow evening (Tues 1st November) is behind the alteration.

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31 October 2005 : Minutes of the Customer Charter Meeting held at Huish Park Tuesday 25th October 2005
Those Present:

John Fry, Chairman YTFC
Adrian Hopper, Press Office and Chairman of the Customer Charter Group
Sara Bradley, YTFC
James Hillier, Huish Park Stadium Manager
Dave Linney, Commercial Manager YTFC
Karin Lang, Avon and Somerset Police Football Liaison Officer
Tony Strettin, G&WSC
Alistair King, G&WSC
Don Carter, VPís
Mark Kelly, YTISA
Colin Turner, YTISA
Roger Brimble, YTISA
Stewart Bratherton, YTISA


DSA Reps


John Fry opened the meeting by welcoming all present and introducing Karin Lang who had recently taken over the position of Football Liaison Officer from James Hoggett, he emphasised the importance of this position, informing the meeting that thanks to Karinís hard work the authorities had agreed that there was no need for a Police presence within the ground during the Nottingham Forest fixture, which ultimately saved the club money.

The meeting reviewed the minutes of the previous meeting; the following outstanding matters were discussed:

Adrian informed the meeting that the proposed dates to hold the Customer Charter Meeting for the forthcoming year had been sent in a letter to all supporters groups; Mark asked who they had been sent to as YTISA had not received the letter. As none of those present had received the letter Sara was asked to e-mail them to Stewart so that he can publish them on the internet and disseminate to the other supporters groups representatives.

Action: Sara to e-mail dates to Stewart for dissemination.

John informed the meeting that the club had received approval for the proposed new licence which would take effect from the 26th November; he also informed the meeting that the club had a new licensee Clive Robinson. The new 6 days a week licence would also mean that families would be allowed entry to use the facilities. The new tent that had now been purchased by the club would also have tables and chairs and 3 TVís all of which would be able to show Sky TV, under the terms of the new licence. The new licence also permitted drinks to be taken outside the Tent providing that they were consumed within the perimeter fence of the compound.

John encouraged all supporters groups to use the facilities and arrange function that would also raise funds for the new supporters bar.

John continued by saying that there were still problems with drinking in the executive boxes and other areas of the top floor, and asked James to invite Ms King to the next meeting. He also stated that there hoped to be some relaxing of the rules governing the use of the facilities by away supporters; however each set of away supporters would be looked at on a team by team basis, with the decision being made after consultation between the Stadium Safety Officer and the Police Liaison Officer.

Action: James to invite Ms Nicola King to next meeting.

Adrian informed the meeting that the club were now looking towards next year and the introduction of a membership scheme, and asked whether it was felt it was still needed. All agreed that it was, though Stewart asked what being a Member would entitle the individuals too. It was felt that most supporters wanted a membership scheme to give them the chance to obtain a ticket for the big matches, these were mainly those non season ticket holders who watch Yeovil as much as they can, but maybe not enough to merit the purchase of a season ticket or even couldnít afford to purchase one. Unless the club could offer something extra those present felt that season ticket holders would be reluctant to join the scheme as there would be no benefits. Adrian was asked to put forward a list of benefits that would be offered with a membership scheme.

Action: Adrian to issue a list of proposed benefits that would be offered to those supporters that took up the offer of a membership scheme.

John informed the meeting that the club were still looking for a suitable location to have the Alec Stock Bust situated which would obviously enable all supporters to have the opportunity to view, due to the refurbishment of the main entrance and club shop, he felt that maybe it would have to wait until the new supporters bar is built before it can go on display. He went on to say that it was currently being held in the boardroom with an exhibition of other YTFC Memorabilia linked with Alec Stock that the club had recently purchased. John did reassure the meeting that when the Bust is put on public display it would have an unveiling ceremony with members of the Stock family being in attendance, something that all present felt was essential. He also asked that if it was agreeable with the supporters groups that they each reimburse the club £247 to cover the cost of the bust, as previously discussed.

Action: The 3 supporters groups to donate £247 to the football club at the earliest opportunity to cover the outstanding balance on the purchase of the Bust.

Adrian informed the meeting as that since Gary Johnson had left the club they had not discussed the proposal that any new away kit be in the design of the old Petters United colours (Believed to be Black and Orange). Dave informed the meeting that as the Red and Black away strip would be changed at the end of the season he felt that this was a good idea. However he did emphasise that an early decision would need to be made to enable the club to place the order in time for pre-season.

Dave asked that if supporters wished to design a shirt using the proposed colours, they could send them to him at the club so that a decision can be made by the club and manager.

Action: All supporters wishing to design a proposed away strip using the colours black and orange are to forward their ideas to Dave Linney at the earliest opportunity.

James informed the meeting that the club had turned down the volume of the tannoy system, which came as somewhat of a surprise to those present. Stewart informed the meeting that he had numerous e-mails from supporters who occupy all three of the home stands, complaining about how loud the music is on matchdays.
Both James and Dave said that they would ensure that the tannoy system would be turned down to a suitable level.

Mark also asked why the club had stopped playing the YTFC song, the meeting all agreed that it was a song that united the supporters and lifted up the noise level of support prior to the arrival of the team. Dave said he would investigate the reason why it was no longer played and if necessary ensure that it was played during the pre match entertainment.

Action: James and Dave to ensure that the noise level is turned down to a suitable level and that the Yeovil Song is reintroduced to the pre match entertainment.

Adrian confirmed that the new SMS man of the match system had been introduced; however it had not been a success with only 3 votes being cast last week, though there were differing views on the subject, most agreed that during the game they were more occupied watching what was going on, on the pitch, rather than sending a SMS text message.

Don asked why the club didnít go back to having the sponsors nominate the man of the match, Dave said that this was a good suggestion, however he did reiterate that this was the opinion of the 15 members of the sponsorís party, and it has been known for some to have little knowledge football.

Colin suggested that rather than having a man of the match, why not have a player of the month, that could be voted for through the official website, Stewart stated that if this was to be introduced it may encourage more supporters to visit the club site, which can only be good for the football club. Colin also suggested that maybe the introduction of a suitable prize that could be engraved and awarded monthly to the winner. This idea was met with enthusiasm by those present.

John intervened to say that any introduction of an award should be cleared with the manager as the previous manager was opposed to the giving of any individual awards.

Action: Dave to speak to Steve Thompson on his views regarding player awards.

All other actions are complete


John informed the meeting that James was putting together the proposals for next yearís budget, which after the issuing of the appropriate licence would include the new supporterís bar, something which had been taken of their agenda until the appropriate licences had been obtained. Obviously there were still restrictions currently on the covenant of the site, but the club were in negotiations with the holder of this regarding these restrictions. He went onto say that the costing was down to 3 tenders, and that the club had possibly 2 breweries who were interested in sponsoring the bar and stand.

James was asked to submit to the board the bid that was put together last November, for consideration for next yearís budget, which runs from 1 Jul to 30 Jun.

Action: James to submit bid for new supporters bar to the board for consideration.

John informed the meeting that it was hoped that providing that there were no objections from the Police, the club intended to allow supporters access to the tent at half time, either to get refreshments or food, this is providing that the club can segregate and control the crowds.

John confirmed that the club had held a meeting with the council and that it was 99% certain that we would be remaining on the current site. He felt that the 26 acre site was large enough to improve the stadium if necessary to the required capacity, though the club must prove that they can manage the traffic dispersal using the current road infrastructure, which at the moment was working well on most matchdays.

John confirmed that he had received numerous correspondence about the progress on the disabled lift to the top floor, he informed the meeting that if the club did not utilise the funds that had been made available from the football foundation for the lift, then the club would lose the 60% funding which could also mean that they would not be able to apply for the grant again. John asked James to put the subject on his priority list to present to the board.

Action: James to put proposal to the board as a matter of urgency.

John confirmed that the licensee was in the process of putting proposals to James about changes to the top floor, which included alterations between the Boardroom Bar and VP Lounge.

John stated that the revenue taken over the bar in the tent on the Saturday of the Nottingham Forest fixture was the best ever taken, those present confirmed that it was one of the busiest days that they could remember, though it was emphasised that this was helped by the introduction of the fast bottle service at the end of the bar which all felt must be continued. Mark also asked that it be advertised that the tent now has Sky TV, which will hopefully encourage more supporters to use the facility.

Colin asked whether the club will be looking at the success of the Tent to gauge the popularity of the facility, John said that they would. Colin went on to say that he felt that very few people would use the facility during the week. John asked that the promotion and the organising of events by all would hopefully ensure that the facilities were utilised.

Roger asked that if it was possible could we have some sort of bar area access control, therefore encouraging supporters to leave the bar area once they had purchased their drinks, allowing others to be served. As this routine was used in the upstairs bar prior to the supporters moving, there seemed no reason and James was asked to locate the cordoning posts that the club had previously used, to enable the process to be put into place for the next game.

Action: James to locate cordoning equipment.

John informed the meeting that the club had acquired another snack bar, which was used during the Forest Game; he also informed the meeting that the club were hoping to get another 2, giving a total of 4. The Glovers On A Roll van was becoming very popular during the week, and was generating between £200-300 per day, and about £1,100 on matchdays which the club were pleased with.


Sara informed the meeting that after the success of last years fireworks display another is to be held on the evening of the 4th November. Dave stated with this not clashing with either the RNAS Yeovilton Display (Wed 2 Nov) or the Showground (Sat 5 Nov), and therefore it was hoped that it would be a even bigger success. Adrian asked that if possible could the supporters groups find volunteers to help run the gates on the evening.

Sara also informed the meeting that a Quiz night had been organised, for Thu 17th Nov, with teams of 4-6 at a cost of £5 per person, which would include a ploughmanís supper. Dave expressed his concern about the date, and believed that this would clash with the opening of the Christmas Lights in Yeovil Town Centre; Sara said that the club had already sold a number of tickets so believed that it would be a success.


Colin asked if the cost of policing was the only reason for the switch of the Bournemouth Game from Boxing Day, and would this mean the demise of the Boxing Day Fixture. John explained that prior to the fixtures being issued; clubs are asked which teams they would not like to face on a bank holiday, of which the club had stated Bournemouth or Bristol City. Obviously the club were surprised when the fixtures were published and that the club were at home to Bournemouth. After consultation with the Police, who decided that this would be a Category A game, which would mean full Policing, the club decided that it would save the club a large sum of money to have the date switched.

Those present had reservation as this was the date when most individuals finish for the Christmas period and have their Christmas Drinks, therefore this could result in many supporters both home and away being under the influence of alcohol. Karin acknowledged these concerns and said that she was more worried about the visiting supporters which would have the opportunity to drink for most of the day before travelling to the ground.

Those present expressed the concerns of some supporters about smoking on the Westland Terrace, Stewart stated that he had received numerous e-mails from supporters about the inconsideration some smokers have for other supporters on the terrace. John stated as there was currently a smoking bill being discussed in parliament, he felt it was only a matter of time before the football authorities banned smoking within grounds. After listening to the views James was asked to submit a request to the Board that Smoking be banned on the Westland Terrace.

Action: James to submit proposal to the Board.

Alistair asked whether it was possible to advertise Yeovil Town Fixtures better, those present were unsure why the green flyers that used to be produced by the club with forthcoming fixtures were no longer being produced. Adrian was asked to start producing them again and it was asked that supporters collect them from the club and place them in suitable areas across the county.

Those present also asked why we were not advertising the next home fixture on the large noticeboard in the corner of Huish Park at the junction between Western Avenue and Lufton Way.

Action: Adrian was asked to produce a forthcoming fixtures flyer for display across the county and ensure that all future fixtures are advertised on the Noticeboard in the corner of Huish Park.

Stewart informed the meeting that he had asked fellow supporters to contact him if they wanted any issues or topics addressed at the Customer Charter Meeting, and therefore the following discussion points were not necessary his but those of other supporters.

He started by asking that if it would be possible to publish the roles of the Media and Commercial Department, as most supporters were unsure who was responsible for certain areas, and many believed that the roles crossed. He also asked whether the club had anyone dedicated to Marketing the Club outside the area, he went onto say that he along with many other supporters were upset by the comments by Gary Johnson at the start of the season that the crowds were down and not what he expected. Most supporters felt that this was due to poor Marketing across the county to promote the club. It was suggested that maybe we should promote ourselves as the ďclub of SomersetĒ, to try and entice those floating supporters in the North and East of Somerset, who may well be disillusioned by the other clubs within the West Country.

Adrian responded by saying that other than the Yeovil Papers, the WDP and the WMN he was having trouble getting Yeovil Advertisement published, as their view was that it was the responsibility of the local papers to promote the club.

John went on to say, that this was part of a proposal that was currently being looked at, where it was hoped the image of the club can be taken across the area, offering packages to groups both young and old that would enable them to look behind the scenes, and therefore see all the hard work that goes in to ensuring the football club is run correctly. As well as an interface with the community to promote football and therefore have closer ties with those that is was hoped would be future supporters of the club.

Stewart read out an e-mail from a fellow supporter, about his concerns regarding the lack of supporters who may attend the Barnsley fixture (17th December), which was due to be played on what is normally a bad day for attendances, and also the fixture against MK Dons which was due to take place on Tue 14th Feb. All agreed that these could be fixtures that would not attract large crowds, and that we should be thinking of promoting these two fixtures as early as possible, with maybe some form of offer or incentive. Adrian stated that he believed that the Barnsley fixture was the one identified to issue a free childís tickets, to those purchasing a family bonfire ticket.

Stewart asked the chairman to clarify who any complaints about breach of the Customer Charter had to be sent to; Adrian stated that it was his responsibility to answer any questions, queries or complaints regarding the customer charter.

Stewart asked what the official capacity of Huish Park was. James stated that it had been reviewed in the close season, and it had been reduced by a small amount, this was due to the removal of some seats, and some areas being designated as restricted view. James was asked to confirm what the current capacity of Huish Park was.

Action: James to confirm the capacity of Huish Park, and publish on the Official site.

It had been pointed out by many supporters that the stadium is looking very untidy and dirty on the exterior. Stewart believed that many of them would be willing to offer their time to assist in the maintenance or cleaning of the outside of the ground if asked. James acknowledged this concern and stated that the club had purchased paint and it was hoped that the exterior would be painted in the near future. Stewart suggested that if the club need assistance that it be advertised; as he believed there were many supporters who would be willing to assist.

Stewart emphasised the feeling amongst the supporters that the new club shop looked excellent and was a real asset to the club, and also that the reprint of Hendford to Huish was excellent, he went onto say that the club often comes in for criticism, and therefore when something has been a success they should receive the plaudits they thoroughly deserve.

Once again there was concern among supporters about the back exit onto the Screwfix Site, during the recent bad weather large puddles had formed, and supporters on Saturday were trying to dodge the puddles, by stepping in front of cars trying to leave the car park. Many supporters felt it was only a matter of time before someone was injured, and Stewart asked that the road be looked at. James accepted the concerns of the supporters and reiterated that he was aware of the large pot holes on the road and pathway which were obviously liable to flood during bad weather.

Some fans had asked whether the club would be making any shares available. John answered by saying not at this current time.

Those present along with many other supporters brought up the subject of half times scores. Most supporters were not interested in the Premiership or Championship scores and therefore it was requested that the League 1 results are announced first. Dave accepted this and stated he would ensure that League 1 half times scores are announced first.

Action: Dave to inform Half Time announcer of priority of leagues.

Stewart had been asked to pass on a pat on the back on the way the club and mainly the Chairman had handled the Gary Johnson departure and the appointment of Steve Thompson. Roger also stated that he had been asked by a Bristol Rovers supporter to congratulate the Chairman on the handling and process, especially the way he seeked the opinion of the supporters on a successor to Gary, something he believed his club would never do.

Stewart asked whether the club would be releasing all the previous games to Forest and Swansea on DVD, as he believed there was a demand, and also he felt the club was losing revenue by not producing them. Adrian said that the production of DVDís was very time consuming, especially the design of the cover and the DVD and therefore maybe not beneficial. Those present disagreed, with Stewart suggesting that we should have a standard cover, with only the date and opposition being entered, to save time. Adrian said he would look at these proposals.

John finished by explaining that the club had been asked by Chief Scout Frank Leworthy if it would be possible to purchase Scout 7, which is a computer software programme that lists data on every footballer within the world, which would enable the scouting staff to look and gather information about suitable players, he went onto say that this was used by all Premiership clubs as well as 13 Championships clubs. John said Frank was an excellent scout who was an asset to the club, but was only one individual; with the purchase of this package it would hopefully ease some of the workload on him. John said that the cost of the software was £4000 per year, and requested that this be purchased from donations from the supporters groups. John asked that the supporters give consideration to this request and report back to the next meeting.

Action: Supporters Groups Rep to report back at the next meeting with regard to the request.

As usual, grateful thanks to Stew Bratherton of the YTISA for making the minutes of the meeting available to Ciderspace.

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31 October 2005 : Swansea Tickets Now On General Sale
A reminder that tickets for the forthcoming trip to Swansea City's 'Liberty Stadium' went on General Sale this morning. Prices are as follows: Adults £13.00; Seniors and Students £10.00; Under 16s £7.00. This is an all-ticket game taking place on Friday 18th November, with a 7.45pm kick-off.

Meanwhile Season Ticket Holders wishing to purchase tickets for Saturday's trip to Macclesfield Town in the FA Cup are reminded that they only have until tomorrow, 5.00pm to claim their priority reservation. From Wednesday 9.00am (with late night opening until 7.00pm leading up Wednesday night's Reserve match) tickets for this match will be put on general sale.

Away supporters heading to Macclesfield are given the Silkman Terrace. This is an uncovered terrace, with a nominal capacity of 1,350, although the club claim that 1,500 tickets have been made available for this area of the ground. Adults can get in for £13.00, whilst Over 65s and Under 16s will be charged £8.00.

Alternatively, the McAlpine Stand allows for 403 seats in a covered area to be available for away supporters and prices here are £17.00 for adults, with Over 65s and Under 16s admitted for £12.00.

Any unsold tickets for Saturday's game (and we are not expecting this to be a sell-out!) will be available on the turnstiles at Moss Rose on Saturday.

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31 October 2005 : Youths Crash Out To Late Rovers Goal
Yeovil Town's Under 18s side saw their meaningful interest in the Football League Youth Alliance Cup curtailed on Saturday as a late Bristol Rovers goal left them with three consecutive defeats in the group stage of the competition. With only Brentford (this Saturday) plus a theoretical rearrangement of the postponed fixture against Leyton Orient to come, this has meant mathematical elimination from the competition.

Despite being without Jamie Underwood and Dale Williams - ironically suspended because of red cards in their previous match against Rovers, and Gavin McCallum on international duty with the Canadian Under 20s side, the Glovers side looked to be heading for their first point in the cup group table until the 87th minute when Rovers bagged the winner through a close range Matt Groves strike.

Before their trip to West London on Saturday, where they will face Brentford, the Glovers do have a match tomorrow night at Oxford United's Kassam Stadium in the First Round of the FA Youth Cup (kick-off 7.30pm). The Glovers beat United in the league on the opening day of the season, with a 2-1 scoreline at Bunford Lane. Gavin McCallum and Matt Concliffe were the scorers on the day.

Bristol Rovers: Mike Green, Ben Willshire, Tom Parrinello, Tom Godsall, Matt Thorne, Cai Jin Yuan (James Williams 87), Darren Mullings, James Palmer (Jason Burt 72), Sean Rigg, Matt Groves, Lewis Powell (Sean Minall 65). Sub not used: Alex Kite.

Yeovil Town: 1. Danny Barker, 2. Darren Watts, 3. Jake Smeeton, 4. Matthew Pitcher, 5. Craig Alcock, 6. Richard Cullingford, 7. Jamie Barber, 8. Shane Adcock-Case, 9. Tom Clarke, 10. Phil Ormerod, 11. Ben Wood. Subs: 14. Matt Concliffe (56 mins for Wood), 15. Jordan Butler (71 mins for Barber), 16. Dan Thompson (71 mins for Adcock-Case).

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31 October 2005 : Reserve Game Brought Forward
Next week's Pontins Holiday Football Combination fixture against AFC Bournemouth has been brought forward 24 hours to Tuesday 8th November, with a 7.00pm kick-off at Huish Park.

Tomorrow night, the Youth Team travel to Oxford United for their FA Youth Cup first round match. Kick-off is 7.30pm at the Kassam Stadium.

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30 October 2005 : Action Photos From Hartlepool vs Yeovil Town
The gallery for the September's 1-0 away win against Hartlepool in the league is now on-line. Access all 88 photos by heading here or by accessing the main Photo Gallery Index page.

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30 October 2005 : Interview With Chris Weale
Chris Weale spoke to the awaiting media after the defeat to Colchester United yesterday in a game where the Glovers twice took the lead by still came home without any points. Weale was quick to admit that he was at fault for the third goal although television replays show that the defence may have been more at fault than he was.

The keeper said: "From my point of view, it (the third goal) was my mistake. It was technically bad goalkeeping from me and that is all I can say really. Every keeper will make mistakes throughout his career and that was a bad one today."

Read the full interview with Chris Weale (transcript by George Murray) head here or alternatively head to the main Ciderspace Interviews Section.

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30 October 2005 : Thommo's Verdict On The Colchester Game
Glovers boss Steve Thompson was a frustrated man after he watched his side lose to a last minute goal against Colchester United as Yeovil lost 3-2 at Layer Road yesterday. Steve answered the following questions after the game:

Qu: Steve obviously a horrible way to lose a game. What did you make of your team's performance this afternoon?

ST: It thought in the first half we were quite poor but that in the second half we were quite good.

Qu: That's your summation of the game but in the first half, up until you took the lead, I thought you were playing some good stuff.

ST: In the first 15 minutes we had a couple of chances including the one that was cleared off the line. Then of course we had the goal scored by Pablo. But I thought that in the last 25 minutes of the first half they were getting into our box and Cureton was getting shots in and other people were getting crosses and half shots in, and it all just looked a little bit too dangerous. Of course they scored the goal just before half time and I was a little bit relieved to be going in at half time still at 1-1 because I felt that Colchester overall had the better of the first half.

Qu: And in the second half another good start. A lovely worked goal between Matt Harrold and Phil Jevons.

ST: Yes it was a great ball from Jevo and Matty finished it well. Then he had the chance five minutes later to make it 3-1 but their keeper made a great save. We had a few chances in the second half. Gally hit the bar and Jevo had two good shots saved and I thought we played a lot better in the second half, so to concede a goal in the 93rd minute is obviously devastating for the lads. But we've got to pick ourselves up from that. It was a very end to end game, that's for sure, particularly in that second half. It's nice to be involved in attacking football but we don't want to be letting in three goals. Having said that, we have kept three clean sheets on the trot. Just today it all looked a lot more open and we have come the wrong way out of a thriller with a 93rd minute goal.

Qu: Are you frustrated purely in the manner that you've lost or were there problems with the performance in the match as well?

ST: You've definitely got to analyse the video, but I am more frustrated with the last minute goal. A 2-2 here is not a bad result. So I am more frustrated with a last minute goal but we have got to still analyse the performance on the video and myself and Kevin Hodges will do that. The players will do that as well on Monday and we've got to see why that happened because we want to concede less chances than that. We have got to see how we can be better defensively. I felt that going forward we created quite a lot today, we have got to look and see why we conceded so many chances.

Qu: Going forward you did look good, but as you've said, defensively they did profit, particularly down the wings where it seemed there were a lot more crosses coming into the box past the two full backs, Amankwaah and Jones, than we might expect from a Yeovil team.

ST: Yes, they did. In the second half they got to the byline a few times in the last 20 minutes, but in the first half I felt the crosses were coming in from the halfway line. They looked for Iwelumo and then looked to get it in early. It's very difficult to stop crosses when they are coming in from the halfway line. But we have got to find a way of dealing with a team when they do that. I think that in the second half the game became so open that both teams were getting to the byline. It was a very open game.

Qu: Taking Arron off and putting on Locky was a case of trying to cut out those crosses?

ST: Yes, I felt that the balls were going into the box. That was their plan - to get the ball in and around the box. I felt we needed another big one in there to cope with that threat.

Qu: Colin Miles had to come off early during the first half. Was that an injury? It looked to us as though he had picked up something before the game.

ST: Yes, his calf tightened up a little bit before the game and obviously that started affecting him during the game so we had to take him off. We had no choice in that matter.

Qu: You're having a bit of bad luck with the centre-backs having to come off early in games at the moment.

ST: Yes, but that is football. Football is last minute goals, football is players getting injured. It's part of the game and you have to cope with it. If there's anything you can do about it then you try and do something about it, but sometimes there is nothing you can do about it. We'll analyse the video and find out why they had so many chances, but remember that we had a lot of chances as well. There was some good play and some bad play in there and we've got to try and keep the good play whilst at the same trying to cut out the bad play.

Qu: When Pablo scored his goal was he coming over to celebrate with you?

ST: I don't know what he was doing! He took his shirt off and got booked. It's good for him to score. I've been criticising him for not scoring enough goals and that's probably still the case but he has got one today. But we are disappointed because it is a point that we have lost. But it's also two points that Colchester have gained and you are always looking at the other teams to see where they are in relation to you.

Qu: You've said in the past that you might be looking to bring someone in on loan. Is that still on your mind?

ST: Yes, myself and Kevin are probably going to be going to three games on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday this week. We are just looking in general. We have to have an idea of when is the right time to move for the players we want.

Qu: Is there any kind of area that you are looking at?

ST: Well I've already said in the papers that with Darren out, the central midfield is thin. There are only two players that are natural central midfielders and so that is one area that we are always going to be looking at for a possible player to come in. But anywhere else on the pitch you are always looking to see how you can improve.

Qu: Would that be a case of waiting until January or maybe looking at the emergency loans system?

ST: Circumstances dictate that. You never know what circumstances are going to arise. You've seen that we've picked up a few injuries and if we pick up any more it will need to be done soon.

Qu: Is Colin Miles looking fairly long term?

ST: I wouldn't have thought so. I haven't really spoken to Glenn Schmidt too much about him, but I wouldn't have thought he would be too long.

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30 October 2005 : Yeovil Fail To Learn Iwelumo Lesson
Students Go Free - when did students go to anything they have to pay for? - Day at Layer Road. Colchester United average 3,062 this season, and either the great unwashed getting out of bed before 3.00 p.m. for once, or a healthy away following of around 400, pushed the gate up to 3,409.

Yeovil Town went into the game with the confidence of 10 points from 12 in October, whilst the U's hadn't won at home since September 10th. No surprise that Glovers manager Steve Thompson fielded an unaltered starting eleven from the Nottingham Forest match. In fact the only change was on the bench, where David Poole, injured in the midweek Reserves fixture, made way for Adam Lockwood.

Yeovil made the brighter start, but the balance of play began to swing in the second quarter of an hour, and it was slightly against the run of the game at that point when Pablo Bastianini headed home a ball from Lee Johnson on 32 minutes for his third goal in the hoops. Hoops that didn't stay on long as Pablo raced across the pitch swirling the shirt above his head in celebration. Removing one's shirt is no longer a mandatory yellow, but that didn't deter the fussy pedantic Mr Messias from flourishing a card, presumably for 'over celebration'. Colin Miles had departed just before, from a niggle picked up in the warm-up, to be replaced by Scott Guyett.

It looked as if the visitors would get to half-time with their advantage, but two minutes before the break giant forward Chris Iwelumo, who proved difficult for the Yeovil defence to handle all afternoon, headed home an equaliser.

The second half followed the same pattern as the first. The Glovers began the better and once again took the lead, this time from a cool finish by Matt Harrold as he broke the back line. He decided not to remove his shirt. A few minutes later Harrold found himself clear again and perhaps should have made it 1-3 and probably game over. However the through ball took a bobble off a defender and came to him in slightly unexpected fashion. U's goalkeeper Aidan Davison made his luck and the ball was kept out off his knee.

Colchester made two changes, one enforced, just after the hour mark. Within five minutes it had paid dividends, the U's equalising for a second time. On loan Jamie Cureton, who to judge from the knicker-wetting tones of the tannoy man every time he mentioned his name Colchester are investing huge hopes in, tapping in from close range when a ball broke free in the six yard box.

Yeovil responded by bringing on Adam Lockwood for Arron Davies on 69 minutes and Kevin Gall for Bastianini on 74 minutes. No 'shutting up shop for a point' moves these, with the visitors keeping two strikers up front, and Phil Jevons still getting forward when he could. It nearly paid off when Gall hit the bar, with many of the Yeovil supporters closest to the incident convinced the ball had deflected off a U's hand inside the box - and it wasn't one attached to the goalkeeper. Little chance a mediocre set of officials were going to see that let alone give it.

So a point apiece? Sadly, no. Two into the three minutes added on Yeovil were dispossessed of the ball in midfield by a clear shove in the back. However the 'THIS WAS A CLEAR SHOVE IN THE BACK' neon flashing sign hovering above the two players was not clear enough for Mr Messias, and thirty seconds later the ball was in the net after a poor sequence of defending involving three different hooped players, all of whom might have done better. That man Iwelumo again, Colchester's best player on the day by a country mile.

Final score : Colchester United 3 Yeovil Town 2.

A full match report will appear here.

Elsewhere in League One it was also a day of goals. After a slight stutter Southend United were back in form, Freddy Eastwood putting three past strugglers Bristol City at Ashton Gate, and returned to the top of the table. Lee Trundle took time off from promoting his Clothes for the Larger Gentleman range to also score a hat-trick in a 5-1 demolition of Chesterfield. Swansea City moved into second place. Huddersfield Town could only manage a 1-1 at home to lowly Swindon Town, and slipped to third. Swindon haven't won since 27th August (against Yeovil Town) and remain five points adrift at the foot of the table. There were six goals at Glanford Park, with the home team getting four of them and defeating Oldham Athletic. Gillingham managed a win against Blackpool, the home side climbing out of the relegation zone, the visitors falling into it. Franchise F.C. got a point against Rotherham United but still slipped one to 23rd.

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28 October 2005 : Colchester United v Yeovil Town match preview
The Glovers head for deepest Essex tomorrow for our first game as a League One club at Layer Road to face hosts Colchester United. The last time the teams met was for an LDV Vans Trophy match at Huish Park in the 2003-04 season when the U's went through 4-2 on penalties after a 2-2 draw in normal time; and of course the previous meeting before that was the 5-1 FA Cup win for the Glovers in November 2001, also at Huish Park, the match where Warren Patmore scored a brace and of the current squad, both Terry Skiverton and Darren Way also found the back of the net.

Colchester are currently 16th in League One on 18 points, 4 behind the 10th placed Glovers. They have one of the poorest home records in the division so far this term, with 8 points taken from their 7 home games - 2 wins, 2 draws and 3 defeats. Defensively the U's appear to be solid enough, their main problem seems to be a lack of firepower up front, scoring only 14 goals in a total of 16 league and cup matches. Swindon striker Jamie Cureton has been brought in on loan to try to improve on that record and it's likely he'll partner targetman Chris Iwelumo up front on Saturday.

"I know Jamie and he is a very good player and real nice geezer," Glovers captain Terry Skiverton told the Western Daily Press today. "I remember playing against him when he was a kid at Norwich and he has some very good attributes. He's been a very good League player over the years and will pose a stern test for our back four on Saturday. Maybe he will feel he has something to prove and sometimes players do need a change of scenery to get going."

Yeovil have been looking this week at the threat the Cureton/Iwelumo partnership may pose on Saturday according to Skivo: "It will be a bit of variation for us to deal with and in training we have been practising how to combat that," he said. "We have done our preparation this week and are looking forward to pitting our wits against them. Colchester are a very good League One team who have been in this division for quite a few years and they have a good manager in Phil Parkinson, so we are going to have to be on our toes. But you shouldn't focus too much on the opposition because we will be looking to make it tricky for them with our own attackers."

"The lads are buoyant at the moment because we've been on a fantastic run in the league, after a difficult start to life at this level," he added. "But we have to keep our feet on the ground because it only takes a couple of defeats and then you get sucked right back down there."

Colchester have Marino Keith, Stephen Hunt (both ankle) and Dean Howell (stomach) all unavailable tomorrow but welcome back Karl Duguid from injury. The Glovers will be without defenders Efe Sodje and Liam Fontaine as well as midfield maestro Darren Way. David Poole is also doubtful after picking up a foot injury in the reserves 4-3 defeat against Plymouth on Wednesday. However it's hoped that Paul Terry will be available after recovering from the rib injury that forced him off during last Saturday's 3-0 win over Nottimgham Forest.

A reminder that students over 16 with a valid Student ID card get free entry to Layer Road tomorrow as well as a free matchday magazine (that's a programme to you and me) - see the 24th October news story below for more details. For all you travellers heading towards Essex tomorrow the Ciderspace guide to all things Colchester is online here.

Selected betting odds: Colchester win - 13/10; draw - 9/4; Yeovil win - 9/5. Our recommendation: The combination of the U's poor home form plus our good recent form home and away makes the 9/5 odds on a Glovers win too good to miss in our - very humble - opinion, so that's where our fiver's going this week. Record so far this season: +£25.88p.

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26 October 2005 : Argyle Edge Out Glovers In Seven Goal Thriller
The entertainment value at Yeovil Town's Pontins Holiday Football Combination matches was once again recognised at Huish Park as 525 spectators witnessed seven goals for a Reserve Team match against Plymouth Argyle.

One trialist Chris Frick didn't make the line-up due to him awaiting international clearance, although another central midfielder Shaun Wilkinson did - a combative central midfielder who has recently been on the books of Havant and Waterlooville and Weymouth, although his recommendation is more likely to have come from either Nathan Jones or Lee Johnson, as Wilkinson started his professional career with Brighton and Hove Albion, after being on the books of Southampton and Portsmouth as a schoolboy.

Argyle's Luke Summerfield gave the visitors the lead, although three goals just past the half-hour mark twisted the game both ways. Firstly Kevin Gall equalised after he was fed by Luciano Alvarez, then two minutes later David Poole scored a wonderful solo goal after a weaving run. Two more minutes, and Matt Derbyshire put Argyle on level terms.

In the second half Christopher Smith and Matt Derbyshire put Argyle back in command, with the latter coming through a highly controversial penalty, but the Glovers set up an exciting finish through Richard Cullingford when he netted from the edge of the box.

Main concern for the Glovers following the game was the enforced substitution of David Poole following a dreadful tackle by Argyle captain Keith Lasley. Lasley somehow escaped with a yellow card, whilst Poole was sent off to hospital, although the fact that he left the field of his own accord should bring hope that the visit is merely a precaution.

Yeovil: (4-4-2) 1. Stephen Collis
2. Craig Alcock, 4. Adam Lockwood, 5. Jake Smeeton, 3. Michael Rose
7. David Poole, 6. Stephen Reed, 8. Shaun Wilkinson, 11. Richard Cullingford
12. Kevin Gall, 14. Luciano Alvarez.

Subs: 15. Ben Wood (72 mins for Gall), 16. Tom Clarke (44 mins for Poole), 17. Phil Ormerod (77 mins for Smeeton), 19. Andy Holmes

Goals: Luke Summerfield (0-1, 6 mins), Kevin Gall (1-1, 32 mins), David Poole (2-1, 34 mins), Matt Derbyshire (2-2, 36 mins), Christopher Smith (2-3, 60 mins), Matt Derbyshire (2-4, 64 mins), Richard Cullingford (3-4, 83 mins)

Yeovil Bookings: Luciano Alvarez (28 mins, foul), Shaun Wilkinson (85 mins, foul).

Argyle Bookings: Keith Lasley (44 mins, foul), A.N.Other (88 mins, timewasting).

Attendance: 525

The Ciderspace match report can be found here.

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26 October 2005 : Macclesfield Tickets Now In
Following up on our news item on October 25th, the tickets for the F.A. Cup Round One tie against Macclesfield Town on November 5th have now arrived at Huish Park and are on sale.

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26 October 2005 : Reserves home to Plymouth tonight
Yeovil Town Reserves entertain their Plymouth Argyle counterparts in a Combination League fixture at Huish Park this evening, kick off 7pm.

According to the club's official website the squad for tonight will include Glovers boss Steve Thompson in his capacity as occasional midfielder, as well as the usual mix of first team/youth team squad members:

Yeovil Town Reserves, from:
Collis, Alcock, Lockwood, Smeeton, Rose, Poole, Reed, Cullingford, Gall, Alvarez, Wood, Clarke, Thompson

Plymouth Argyle Reserves (as per their official site), from:
McCormick, Gnohere, Mendes, Laird, Gudjonsson, Lasley, Summerfield, Martin, Derbyshire, Zebroski, Reski, McKeever, Bond, Reid and possibly A. N. Other.

The Glovers second-string may also contain a trialist, at least according to the Western Daily Press, one Chris Frick, a 17 year-old Bermudan who can play either in the midfield or as a full back. Presumably he is being looked at as one for the future rather than the present, but Steve Thompson is still searching for a central midfielder to bring in on loan despite the news that Paul Terry is now expected to be fit in time for Saturday's game at Colchester.

"We are running a bit short in the centre of midfield area and I am looking and talking, but I can honestly say that nothing at the moment is right in the pipeline," Thompson told the Western Morning News. "It is no good bringing someone in just for the sake of it, it has to be - in my opinion - someone who can help in this situation and maybe even look at with a view to long term."

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26 October 2005 : Youth Suspensions
Youth team captain Dale Williams and Jamie Underwood will be supended after picking up red cards in a bad tempered 1-1 draw away to Bristol Rovers on October 15th in the Youth Alliance League, South West Section.

Both suspensions begin this Saturday with Williams getting a one match ban and Underwood three. The Youths are again away to Bristol Rovers, this time in a Youth Alliance Cup group match.

The Bristol Rovers Official Site chose to claim that Underwood was sent off for racist comments. However there would appear to be no follow up from the F.A. to verify that allegation, the ban simply being the normal two matches for foul and/or abusive language plus an additional match for his second red card this season.

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25 October 2005 : DVDs On Sale
The club have put their first DVDs of the 2005-06 season on sale. The 1-0 win over Swansea City plus last Saturday's 3-0 win over Nottingham Forest are available from the club shop priced 12.50 pounds.

The refurbished club shop itself is being earmarked for extended opening hours. At present it is open from 9.00am - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday, and during the hours leading up to kick-off on match days, but there are now plans to extend opening to all Saturday's from 10.00am until 1.00pm on Saturdays when the first team are away from home. Obviously when the first team are playing at home, the shop still stay open until kick-off time.

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25 October 2005 : FA Youth Cup Round One Tie Details
After reaching Round Four last season Yeovil Town start their latest campaign in the F.A. Youth Cup away to Oxford United (full draw below under October 20th).

The tie has now been set for Tuesday November 1st, 2005. The game, kicking off at 7.30 p.m., will take place in the Kassam Stadium, with only the South-West Lower Stand open.

Admission prices are: Adults - £5.00 ; Under 16s and Over 65s - £2.50.

The match must be decided on the night, with extra time and penalties if needed.

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25 October 2005 : Reedy Returns To Huish Park
Yeovil Town left-back Stephen Reed has returned to Huish Park following two loan spells at Woking and Aldershot Town. The Youth Team graduate has been away since mid-August in the Home Counties area, clocking up 11 Conference appearances and one LDV appearance in the process. He managed to stay from being cup-tied in the FA Cup by the skin of his teeth, being an unused substitute against Bromley for the Shots over the weekend.

Following his spell with the Cardinals, where he played six times for the Kingfield club, Reedy immediately travelled the short distance to the Recreation Ground, where five league appearances and one LDV appearance against AFC Bournemouth were experienced. During his time with both clubs, Reedy picked up three bookings, and like fellow loanee Scott Guyett was starting to find his opportunities becoming more limited as Aldershot's injury-ravaged defence finally began to work their way back into the side. As the month ended, Reedy was tending to find himself stuck on the bench, making a return to Huish Park inevitable.

Only Luke Oliver (Woking) and Andy Lindegaard (Crawley) remain out on loan of the current Glovers squad. Lindy has been blocked from turning out in the FA Cup for Crawley which meant that he was back to view his parent team's performance against Nottingham Forest over the weekend. As it happens he would not have been fit for Crawley's match against Braintree due to a groin injury, but he hopes to be back in Sussex and fit for their trip to Cambridge United.

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25 October 2005 : Colchester Student Day Update
Colchester United have confirmed that Saturday's 'Student Day' will be applicable to both Colchester United and Yeovil Town fans. They have also indicated that Glovers fans who are in possession of a valid NUS Card can also apply for a refund on purchase if they have already paid for their ticket.

Margie Morris from Colchester's ticket office has replied informing one such affected supporter: "No problem, and just for your info we have never said it was for home fans only, Yeovil have advertised the fact that it is a 'Student day' for both home and away fans. Please come to the ticket office for collection rather than the booth, so that we can refund your ticket. Also remember to bring your student card for ID."

Many thanks to Margie and to Craggy Island Jack on the forum for clarifying the situation.

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25 October 2005 : Terry hoping to be fit for Saturday
Glovers midfielder Paul Terry received a boost today when the results of an x-ray showed that he has only suffered some muscle bruising around his ribcage rather than the fracture feared after he was forced off during the second half of the 3-0 win against Nottingham Forest on Saturday.

"It's not too bad and it's been easing up today," Terry told the Western Daily Press last night. "The X-ray was a precaution. I think it's probably just a problem with the muscle and I hope I'm OK for Saturday. I always seem to get injured at the wrong time and it's come just as I've got back in the team. It's been nice to be involved again because I wasn't playing at the end of Gary Johnson's reign. There was no fall-out, it was just that he wanted to select different players and I understood that. But when Steve Thompson took over he gave me another chance, playing on the right of midfield. I moved into the middle when Darren [Way] got injured but to be honest I wish he was still fit. I'd rather Darren was playing and I was still out wide and I wish him a speedy recovery."

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25 October 2005 : Macclesfield FA Cup Ticketing
The match against Macclesfield Town is NOT all-ticket, however advance sales are being made available to supporters.

Tickets for the FA Cup First Round match on November 5th at Moss Rose will be put on sale to Season Ticket Holders only initially.

NOTE: The actual tickets have yet to arrive at the club but are expected to arrive possibly tomorrow, but definitely by the end of the week. Hence do not expect to purchase any today.

Away supporters are given the Silkman Terrace. This is an uncovered terrace, with a nominal capacity of 1,350, although the club claim that 1,500 tickets have been made available for this area of the ground. Adults can get in for £13.00, whilst Over 65s and Under 16s will be charged £8.00.

Alternatively, the McAlpine Stand allows for 403 seats in a covered area to be available for away supporters and prices here are £17.00 for adults, with Over 65s and Under 16s admitted for £12.00.

Sales are available to season ticket holders only until Tuesday 1st November at 5.00 p.m. Tickets will then go on general sale the next morning (Wednesday), the ticket office remaining open until 7.00 p.m.

The press release implies that this is the only day tickets will be available for general sale, although hopefully Thursday and Friday are also an option. We confidently predict we will not sell our allocation, certainly not for the terrace, and Macclesfield have said pay-on-the-day will be available for all fans.

Meanwhile a reminder that tickets for the forthcoming trip to Swansea City's 'New Stadium' are still available to Season Ticket Holders only. Prices are as follows: Adults £13.00; Seniors and Students £10.00; Under 16s £7.00. Tickets go on general sale from Monday 31st October, at 9.00am. This is an all-ticket game taking place on Friday 18th November, with a 7.45pm kick-off.

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25 October 2005 : YTISA Travel To Macclesfield
The Yeovil Town Independent Supporters Association hope to run transport to the FA Cup First Round match at Macclesfield Town on Saturday 5th November. The cost of travel will be £16 Members and £18 Non Members with the transport departing Huish Park at 7.00am. To book seats contact Roger or Janet on 07960-687075.

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24 October 2005 : G&WSC AGM
The Annual General Meeting of the Green & White Supporters Club will be held on Wednesday November 16th 2005 in the marquee at Huish Park. Doors open at 7.00 p.m., meeting starts 7.30 p.m.

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24 October 2005 : Ladies Out Of FA Cup
After romping 0-5 and 0-7 road wins against Worcester City and Reading in the Qualifying Rounds, Yeovil Town Ladies Team went out in the First Round Proper of the F.A. Women's Cup in a tight 1-0 affair away at Swindon Town on Sunday.

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24 October 2005 : Students Go Free At Layer Road
Rather late in the day one suspects for away fans, who are likely to have made their ticketing arrangements already, Colchester United are publicising a U's4U Theme Day.

From the Colchester United Official Site :

Students across Essex are in for a treat when Colchester United take on Yeovil Town on October 29th.

All students aged sixteen and above will be able to get in for FREE on that day - and that's just part of a fantastic deal for those in further education.

Students will also be able to get a FREE matchday magazine and the club is also laying on FREE travel from Essex University and the Colchester Institute to ferry the young people of the town to the game, with coaches being kindly provided by First Group, Cedric's Coaches and Ryder Travel/Beestons Coaches.

Details are as follows :-

On this day, tickets for all students in further education (aged 16+) will be FREE on production of a valid form of student ID.

To gain entry, students will have to show ID at the turnstiles - with this offer applicable for ALL standing areas, including Terrace Two and Terrace Six.

* Terrace Two will also be open for general paying customers on this day.

* Terrace Six (Family Enclosure Standing), any student getting in for free must pay for the child they have with them. You will not be able to get in on their own.

There will be NO advance sales on this offer, entry is on the day only.

Upon entry via the turnstile, students will be provided with a FREE matchday magazine - simply show your student ID to get your complimentary copy of U's Review!

Football League regulations are that ticketing policies can not discriminate against away supporters, though too many clubs do in more, or indeed less, subtle and devious ways. Thus those Yeovil Town supporters who are students should be eligible.

The Ciderspace guide to Layer Road and all things Colchester can be found here.

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24 October 2005 : Alejandro Leaves HP
Uruguayan defender Alejandro Gabriel MeloŮo has had his four month contract terminated by mutual consent and will return home to South America for what the Official Site states are personal reasons.

Alejandro Gabriel MeloŮo
MeloŮo in his debut against Millwall
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

Blink and you'd have missed him. MeloŮo made his debut on September 20th in the League Cup Second Round match against Millwall at left-back in what turned out to be Gary Johnson's last game in charge. He retained his place for the following League One fixture against Port Vale, but was harshly dismissed for supposed serious foul play by referee Trevor Parkes, which occasioned a three match ban. When his suspension was up he failed to force his way back into the sixteen, with just one Reserve game to his name.

Ciderspace wishes him all the best in the future.

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24 October 2005 : Jevo Makes Team Of The Week
Yeovil Town striker Phil Jevons has made it into the Coca Cola League One Team of the Week for the second time this season, according to the Football League's Official Website. Jevo was also named in Team of the Week features in both the new League Paper and the News Of The World whilst Kevin Amankwaah was a second Yeovil player mentioned in the NOTW's team. The Football League's Official team is as follows:

Darryl Flahavan (Southend)
Joshua Gowling (Bournemouth), Julian Bennett (Walsall), Mark Bower (Bradford), Chris Armstrong (Blackpool)
Keith Southern (Blackpool), Stephen Quinn (Milton Keynes Dons), Marcus Bean (Swansea), Antony Kay (Barnsley)
Phil Jevons (Yeovil Town), Lee Trundle (Swansea)

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24 October 2005 : Forest A Shambles Says Megson
Nottingham Forest did not put anyone up immediately after Saturday's match to speak to the assembled press at the ground. At 5.30 p.m. the Forest press officer was still fending off annoyed hacks dissatisfied with "no comment".

Meanwhile manager Gary Megson was busy shepherding two Forest fans, who had been having a go at him, into the away dressing room to face down those he considered the real culprits. When Megson did eventually provide some copy he had presumably been thumbing through a thesaurus to string as many derogatory words as he could into his post-match summary:

If I had known we were going to be that bad before the game I would have told the supporters not to pay to watch. You can point the finger at the chairman and you can point the finger at the manager but after this I have given all the players a few home truths. This performance was regretful. It goes beyond disappointment. This display was totally and utterly unacceptable. I struggle to understand it, especially when I know what these players earn. I also know how well they are looked after, but they are just taking liberties. There is too much arrogance and not enough work and not enough quality - quite frankly this was a shambles. At the moment we are an accident waiting to happen.

It was very poor we got absolutely nothing out of it and it was a shocking performance. I saw at least four people pulling out of tackles. We didn't compete. We spoke before the game about our away form and what we needed to do but we did nothing of the things we were talking about during the game.

It would be very difficult to find any player out there who got it right. We will be in tomorrow and all week and we'll be working hard to try and put things right before we play Bradford at The City Ground next Saturday.

So, for a second Saturday in a row, teams lose their day off after playing the pub side. Thought it was we who should be in the Sunday League according to some rival fans?

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23 October 2005 : Interview With Scott Guyett
Scott Guyett talked to Ciderspace and the Western Daily Press after his first appearance of the season for Yeovil Town in the 3-0 demolition of Nottingham Forest. Guyett was quick to point out that his loan spell at Aldershot did him load of good and without it he may not have had the chance to play yesterday and begin to prove that he has got what it takes to play at this level.

The Aussie said: "Looking back, it was a massive because if I hadnít had those thirteen games in two months then maybe I wouldnít have been fit enough to play today. It was great, even though the results didnít go our way when I was at Aldershot, for me personally it was to get as many games under my belt and get my fitness up. It worked out well."

Read the full interview with Scott Guyett (transcript by George Murray) head here or alternatively head to the main Ciderspace Interviews Section.

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23 October 2005 : Interview With Matt Harrold
Matt Harrold spoke to the press after the comfortable 3-0 win against Nottingham Forest at Huish Park yesterday afternoon. Harrold was quick to praise the loud atmosphere at Huish Park throughout this season and believes that Yeovil have now found their feet in League One.

The striker said: "The fans are always unbelievable here. I have been at a few clubs but these really are great. We have become really accustomed to the league now and think we can push on and on. We must work hard and stay tight as a team."

Read the full interview with Matt Harrold (transcript by George Murray) head here or alternatively head to the main Ciderspace Interviews Section.

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23 October 2005 : Thommo's Verdict on the Forest Game
Glovers boss Steve Thompson was unsurprisingly extremely pleased with his team's all-round performance as they swept to a more than comfortable 3-0 win over Nottingham Forest on Saturday. Steve answered the following questions after the game:

Qu: Steve, a great result for your side and the scoreline certainly doesn't flatter you does it?

ST: No, we played really well today and we created a lot of chances. I was very pleased with the players performances and the way they went about their task. To win 3-0 against a team of Forest's stature is a great day for Yeovil Town.

Qu: You started well with a great goal from Phil Jevons when there was just six minutes on the clock, and it was a really good strike from him.

ST: Yes, he's got a fantastic strike as we all know. The staff are always encouraging him to take those shots because he doesn't half hit a ball well. He hasn't got the biggest backlift and I don't think the goalie saw it coming what with the backlift and the pace of the shot because it's gone right above him and it went so quick that it was in. We've got a few people who can hit great shots and Jevo is one of them.

Qu: The second goal was a great piece of team-play wasn't it, with four or five players involved and then there was the final ball from Amankwaah and a cool finish from Jevons.

ST: Yes that was a definite contender for goal of the season. Someone [Matt Harrold] played a great ball through to Pablo who did some great hold-up play. Pablo then fed Amankwaah on one of his surging runs which he is getting famous for now and what a finish by Jevo! It was a great cross by Amankwaah and a great finish. The manner of the goals, and the victory and who you are playing against makes it a great day for the club and for me and for everyone connected with the club.

Qu: Terry Skiverton had to come off early on. I'd guess that was an injury and then Scott Guyett had to come on. Were you a little bit worried at that point? You needn't have been because Guyett had an absolutely superb game didn't he?

ST: He did! I knew at 10.30 this morning that Terry was not feeling too well and that shook me out of any lethargy I had this morning when he told me that. But I was very hopeful he could play and as the day went on he said he felt a little better, but obviously with what he had - a sickness in his stomach where he's been in a bad way - he came out and gave it a go and we all appreciated that. But yes, Scott came in and didn't he do a great job? He was fantastic, winning headers in our box and nearly scoring in the other box. He did a great job.

Qu: It just goes to show that you do need that strength and depth within your squad so you can bring players in and they can step up to the mark like that.

ST: I think the thing with Scott Guyett is not just that he is a good player and an experienced player. It is that he is a great character and all the lads absolutely love him here. He is a really great character and I am really pleased for Scott because he has had two months on loan at Aldershot and he has come back match fit and he showed that today. So I am very pleased for him.

Qu: The partnership with Bastianini and Harrold - I said a couple of games ago that they just seemed to be forming a good partnership. They played very well together again today and also as individuals.

ST: Yes, they are a handful in their different ways. They are both quite big forwards. Pablo is very good at holding the ball up. Matty is big in the air and wins flicks but he is also quite good at holding the ball up as well. Those two really kept the Forest back four occupied today and they did a great job. Obviously they both tired towards the end, but I had run out of substitutes by then so I couldn't substitute one of them. So it was Matty who drew the short straw and had to stay out there for the whole 90 minutes. But he has enjoyed playing 90 minutes today because he doesn't get too many of them. That will stand him in good stead.

Qu: The confidence was there before but it will get an extra boost from today looking back upon the game and seeing the way that they controlled it against a side like Nottingham Forest for so long and they barely had a sniff at your goal did they? It was a superb all-round team performance.

ST: It was, and I think we played the game on the front foot during the whole game. That was good and the performances all round were very impressive. But we won't get carried away. It was a great win against a very good club and a good team but we will not get carried away. We know that there are tough games ahead and a lot of work to be done to achieve what we want to achieve. It is important that the staff keep the players feet on the ground and I am sure they will.

Qu: A nice attendance today of 9,000-plus and I saw you applauding the crowd when that was announced. You'd like to see that figure a little more often though, I guess?

ST: Yes, you would like to see it as often as possible and it was fantastic to have over 9,000 people here today. I am sure that some of those extra ones who came today will have enjoyed the performance and the tempo of the game and the amount of shots and crosses that rained in, and hopefully they will come back for more.

Qu: It's quite easy being a manager right now for you?

ST: I wouldn't say that! We've had a few disruptions this week and even today. Full credit to everyone connected to the playing side of things who came round and all did a fantastic job today.

Qu: How is Paul Terry?

ST: I don't know yet. I think it is a hip injury but I haven't had a chance to ask him in all the stuff going on after the game. I forgot to ask how he was, but I'm sure I'll find out in a minute.

Qu: Another injury that you could have done without.

ST: Yes we are picking up a lot of injuries. But they are not injuries that you pick up through the wrong sort of training like you hear at some other clubs. They are injuries through people's commitment and aggression. Paul Terry get his with a hell of a bang today. Darren Way got his through a hell of a bang, as well as Efe Sodje and there's not an awful lot you can do about those injuries. If your players are committed they can pick up those injuries.

Qu: Would you like to bring somebody in as cover?

ST: Well certainly if Paul Terry is out now. Hopefully it will not be as bad as the others. But I think I am going to have to have a look at that for sure as there are not an awful lot of central midfielders here at the club.

Qu: Was that the best usage of the wings you've seen this season? One of the reasons why I felt we broke Forest down was that we used the entire width of the pitch.

ST: Yes, we did use the width of the pitch and from various people. Alot of the width today came from the full-backs in Nathan Jones and Kevin Amankwaah. It just shows you that you can get width through players intelligence and knowing when to go at the right time and when to provide that width. It doesn't always have to be the wide midfield player that provides that width. If you get a fluid performance it can be a central midfielder or it can be a full-back or a front player. It is something that we did very well today.

Qu: What did you think of Colin Miles?

ST: I thought he was fantastic and it was a dominant performance. I was very pleased with him and he has obviously been a big part with the success that we have achieved over the past four years. He showed today that this level is absolutely no problem for him.

Qu: Michael Rose got back on the field again.

ST: Yes it was good for Michael to get back on the pitch and that will do his confidence a lot of good. He has been out of the limelight with Yeovil Town for a little while and it is good for him to get back onto the pitch.

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23 October 2005 : Notice of Customer Charter Meeting
The football club will be holding the latest in their Customer Charter Meetings this Tuesday evening. The meeting is a forum for various supporters group representatives to bring to the attention of the club any new or ongoing issues relating to the smooth-running of the club, and is the best way to get any problems raised to the personal attention of the club's Chief Executive John Fry, who will be present along with other club officials.

YTISA committee member Stew Bratherton will be one of the supporters present at the meeting, and he invites supporters to raise any burning issues to him by emailing before Monday 8.00pm. If you get any issues between then and the meeting itself, then email Ciderspace and we'll try and get them to Stew by text message or by phone message. You do not have to be a YTISA member to lodge issues with Stew - he will accept submissions from any supporters.

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22 October 2005 : Forest Felled By Little Johnno And His Merry Men
Yeovil Town bounced back from their disappointing midweek defeat to Leyton Orient in the LDV Trophy with an impressive 3-0 hammering today of Nottingham Forest. Phil Jevons netted a brace before Arron Davies weighed in with his first league goal of the season to secure the three points for Steve Thompsonís men at Huish Park this afternoon.

This result shows just how far Yeovil have come in such a short space of time. Ten years ago Nottingham Forest finished third in the Premiership while the Town were relegated to the ICIS League after finishing rock bottom in the Conference. How times have changed.

The Glovers took only six minutes to find the back of net. Nathan Jones provided the assist when he cunningly took a quick freekick and Phil Jevons blasted his effort over Russell Hoult in the Forest goal into the roof of the net to give his side an early lead. Phil Jevons then doubled the lead midway through the first-half. Pablo Bastianini superbly found Kevin Amankwaah surging down the wing, who unselfishly squared the ball across goal for Jevons to make no mistake from close range. Things went from bad to worse for Forest when five minutes prior to the interval Gareth Taylor was sent off for violent conduct after an off-the-ball incident with Colin Miles. Substitute Scott Guyett was unfortunate to have been denied the third goal of the afternoon when his header rebounded off the post.

Yeovil continued to dominate after the break with Arron Davies, Lee Johnson and Michael Rose all forcing keeper Russell Hoult into action before Arron Davies scored a cracker eight minutes before the final whistle following a great pass by Kevin Gall.

Final Score: Yeovil Town 3 Nottingham Forest 0.

The win takes Yeovil back up to 9th in the League Table, leap-frogging today's visitors in the process. Southend United returned to the top of the table despite only managing a 1-1 home draw against Barnsley. That was due to the morning's leaders Huddersfield Town losing out in a seven goal thriller at Chesterfield that saw four goals in the last 10 minutes. Yeovil now lie eight points off the pair on 22 points, and just one point off the playoff places.

Once again, today's result was not without consequences. Already without Efetobore Sodje (knee), Darren Way (fractured eye socket), Adam Lockwood (neck spasm) and Liam Fontaine (ankle ligaments), the Glovers also lost club captain Terry Skiverton after just 17 minutes of today's game due to illness, with Scott Guyett making his first appearance of the season as a result.

The substitution also meant that Lee Johnson took over the captain's armband for the first time since his arrival at Huish Park 4.5 years ago. Later on in the match, Paul Terry had to retire with a hip injury, and this allowed Michael Rose to make his first appearance of the season.

Finally, worthy of note was the attendance of 9,072 which was the third largest crowd to watch a Yeovil Town match at Huish Park. Only last season's league match against Bristol Rovers and the preceding season's ground record for the visit of Liverpool have produced higher attendances. The full list can be found here.

[Match summary by George Murray.]

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22 October 2005 : FA Cup 1st round draw
Yeovil Town have been drawn away to League Two side Macclesfield Town in the 1st round proper of the FA Cup. The full draw is as follows:

Nottingham Forest v Weymouth
Southport v Woking
Bristol City v Notts County
Canvey Island or Burnham v Aldershot
Rochdale v Brentford
Eastbourne Borough v Oxford Utd
Merthyr Tydfil v Walsall
Hartlepool Utd v Dagenham & Redbridge
Bradford City v Tranmere Rovers
Barnet v Southend Utd
Peterborough Utd v Burton Albion
Cheltenham Town v Carlisle United
Histon v Hednesford Town
York v Grays Athletic
Swindon Town v Boston United
Blyth Spartans or Chasetown v Oldham Athletic
Bournemouth v Tamworth
Chester C v Folkestone Invicta
Kettering Town v Stevenage Boro
Nuneaton or Tiverton v Ramsgate
Huddersfield Town v Welling Utd
Cambridge City v Hereford Utd or Alfreton
Port Vale v Wrexham
Halifax Town v Rushden & Diamonds
Barnsley v Darlington
Torquay Utd v Harrogate Town
Doncaster Rovers v Blackpool
Shrewsbury Town v Braintree Town
Bury v Scunthorpe Utd
Morecambe v Northwich Victoria
Hucknall or Burscough v Gillingham
Stockport County v Swansea City
Macclesfield Town v YEOVIL TOWN
Chippenham v Accrington S or Worcester C
Wycombe Wanderers v Northampton Town
Grimsby Town v Bristol Rovers
Rotherham v Mansfield Town
Colchester Utd v Leamington
Lincoln City v MK Dons
Leyton Orient v Chesterfield

Matches to be played the weekend of 4th/5th/6th November.

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21 October 2005 : Action Photos From Yeovil Town vs Swansea City
The gallery for the recent 1-0 home win against Swansea City in the league is now on-line. Access all 79 photos by heading here or by accessing the main Photo Gallery Index page.

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21 October 2005 : Youth Game Off
Tomorrow's Youth Team match against Leyton Orient, as mentioned earlier, has been called off due to a waterlogged pitch. At present we are not aware of any issues affecting the main pitch, which has tended to have a highly efficient drainage system since it was relaid. Current weather forecast is for the showers to ease tomorrow, so we are not expecting any issues with the main match against Nottingham Forest.

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21 October 2005 : Yeovil Town v Nottingham Forest match preview
If there was one match that at the start of the season every Yeovil Town supporter picked out and said 'that is the one I've got to be at' then tomorrow's home fixture v Nottingham Forest was it. The former champions of Europe and the club of the legendary Brian Clough playing at Huish Park for the first time, and not in an one-off cup fixture, but in a league match - proof positive, for anyone doubting it, that we have arrived in the football league. The all-ticket match is virtually sold out we understand with only single seats left in the Bartlett and Yeovil College Stands but some limited spaces still available on the Westland Terrace - the ticket office closes at 5pm today, no tickets will be available tomorrow.

Forest lost 3-2 at Woking on Tuesday to go out of the LDV Vans Trophy, but don't be fooled by that result - they fielded a virtual youth team at Kingfield and all of their recognised first team will return tomorrow with striker Scott Dobie (hip) and defender Danny Cullip (hamstring) their only injury doubts. Both the Glovers and Forest have very similar records - after a poor start to the season both clubs now appear to be adapting to life in League One with Yeovil losing only 1 league match in the last 8 played and Forest losing 1 in the last 7. Ironically it was Southend who were responsible for both team's solitary loss in that run.

Of course the Glovers also crashed out of the LDV Vans Trophy in midweek, losing 2-0 to Leyton Orient in a game when a full-strength Yeovil side were lucky to get nil, so manager Steve Thompson will be expecting his side to bounce back tomorrow. He has injuries to several key players however and this week the curse of the centre-halves struck again with both Adam Lockwood and Efe Sodje picking up knocks to join Liam Fontaine on the sidelines. Locky is unavailable after suffering a neck spasm in training on Monday and Sodje is out for at least 3 weeks after straining knee ligaments on Tuesday evening. There's better news about Fontaine however, the Fulham defender could be back in time for the FA Cup 1st round match scheduled for the weekend of November 5th. The other missing player tomorrow is of course midfielder Darren Way, who had an operation on his fractured eye socket and broken cheekbone yesterday - Darren is expected to be out for at least 4 weeks, get well soon Weasel!

Selected odds for tomorrow's game: Yeovil win - 7/5; draw - 11/5; Forest win - 8/5. Our recommendation: Any odds of evens or better for a home match automatically means our fiver will be going on a home win - you pays your money and you makes your choice! Record so far this season: We lost our fiver on the LDV result but we're still in profit so far this season: +£18.88p.

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21 October 2005 : Youth Team Pitch Inspection
There will be a pitch inspection for tomorrow's Youth Team match against Leyton Orient. The match is due to take place on the Top Pitch at Huish Park but due to heavy rain, the pitch will have an inspection made at 4.00pm today. Those planning to watch tomorrow morning's game are therefore advised to check here before travelling.

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20 October 2005 : FA Youth Cup 1st round draw
Yeovil Town Youth have been drawn away to Oxford United in the 1st Round of the FA Youth Cup.

The full draw is as follows:

Blackpool v Rotherham United
Bury v Grimsby Town
Daisy Hill or Farsley Celtic v Doncaster Rovers
Stockport County v Scunthorpe United
Huddersfield Town v Workington or Burscough
Morecambe or Lancaster City v Darlington
Chesterfield v Tranmere Rovers
Rochdale v Southport or North Ferriby United
Wrexham v Skelmersdale United or Vauxhall Motors
Carlisle United v Macclesfield Town
Bradford City v Dunston FB or York City
Hartlepool United v Chester City
Oldham Athletic v Barnsley
Mansfield Town v Notts County
Chasetown or Coleshill Town v Arnold Town or Alvechurch or Rugby Town
Histon or Cogenhoe United v Boston United
Rushden & Diamonds v Lincoln City
Kettering Town or Coventry Sphinx v Nottingham Forest
Burton Albion or AFC Telford United v Port Vale
Hednesford Town or Leek Town v Northampton Spencer or Cambridge City
Bedworth United or Stratford Town v Northampton Town
Walsall v Shrewsbury Town
Wycombe Wanderers v Hillingdon Borough or Gravesend & Northfleet
Brentford v Burnham or Worthing
Barking & East Ham United or Bury Town v Sutton United or Mile Oak
Wealdstone or Ely City v Folkestone Invicta or Basingstoke Town
Southend United v Northwood or Barton Rovers
Ramsgate or Aldershot Town v Buntingford Town or Rothwell Corinthians
Billericay Town or Waltham Forest v Leyton Orient
Milton Keynes Dons v Farnborough Town or Sandhurst Town or AFC Wimbledon
Stevenage Borough or Haringey Borough v Woking or Corinthian Casuals
Gillingham v Barnet
Thamesmead Town or Chipstead v Chesham United or Staines Town
Beaconsfield SYCOB or Chelmsford City v Colchester United
Oxford United v YEOVIL TOWN
AFC Bournemouth v Taunton Town or Tiverton Town
Newport County or Worcester City v Swindon Town
Poole Town or Gloucester City v Hereford United or Bath City
Swansea City v Cheltenham Town
Bristol Rovers v Bristol City

Ties to be played on or before Saturday 12th November

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19 October 2005 : Efe Out For Three Weeks
Central defender Efetobore Sodje has joined midfielder Darren Way on the sidelines for the next few weeks. Three days after a fractured eye socket at Gillingham ruled Way out for four weeks, Sodje's medial ligaments strain at Leyton Orient has meant that he will sit out the next three week's worth of matches.

Speaking to the official site, manager Steve Thompson said "Medial knee ligament injuries are common in football but to lose Sodje so soon after the Darren Way injury is another big blow. We will carry on though, for as I said yesterday, these things happen in football and you have to make the best of things."

Thankfully the Glovers have strength in depth that they can call upon. Alejandro Gabriel MeloŮo has been waiting patiently since his return from suspension, Adam Lockwood has been unlucky not to feature a great deal this season, whilst Scott Guyett has just returned from a loan spell with Aldershot Town. A further alternative is to bring Colin Miles inside into the centre, and place one of Nathan Jones or Michael Rose into the left-back slot.

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19 October 2005 : Leyton Orient Match Report
The match report for Tuesday night's 2-0 defeat in the LDV Vans Trophy at Leyton Orient is now available and can be found here.

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19 October 2005 : O dear O dear
Yeovil Town fell at the first hurdle of the LDV Vans Trophy last night, beaten 2-0 at League Two Leyton Orient in a disappointing display. To add, er, injury to insult, defender Efe Sodje sustained medial ligament damage 10 minutes from the end of the game and will now miss Saturday's league match against Nottingham Forest.

Orient made 7 changes from the team that drew 1-1 with Lincoln on Saturday, manager Martin Ling giving opportunities to some reservists and fringe payers in the O's squad. In contrast Glovers boss Steve Thompson made one enforced switch, Arron Davies coming in for the injured Darren Way - this was very much a full-strength Yeovil side. Unfortunately the O's seemed more up for it on the night than the Glovers and the 2-0 win was fully deserved with Yeovil beginning the match poorly and becoming more disjointed as the evening wore on. Goals in each half from non-contract debutant Christian Hanson and the more familiar Gary Alexander emphasised the Londoners superiority and it could even have been worse, Chris Weale saving an Alexander penalty in the second half. The loss of Sodje at the end and after all substitutes had already been made capped a disappointing night for the club, one that all concerned will be keen to bounce back from against Nottingham Forest on Saturday. As it happens Forest themselves will also be keen to get their season going again - they lost 3-2 at Conference side Woking last night.

Final score: Leyton Orient 2 - 0 Yeovil Town. A match report will be online later.

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18 October 2005 : Thommo's Verdict on the Leyton Orient Game
Glovers boss Steve Thompson believed that some of his players did not perform in the right manner after they were dumped out of the LDV Vans Trophy by League Two side Leyton Orient tonight at Brisbane Road. Speaking immediately after the game, Thommo answered the following questions:

Qu: Steve, a night to forget?

ST: Yes, a disappointing result and a disappointing performance.

Qu: Why?

ST: Well we will obviously have to look at the video, but I have told the boys that I didn't think that some of them performed in the right manner. You have got to be mentally and physically strong but I thought that some people were not tonight.

Qu: Do you think a lot of it is about mind games in these competitions?

ST: We have approached the game seriously and I think we have approached it in the right way. But it hasn't turned out like that on the pitch. We have treated the game seriously as it was an LDV game in which we wanted to progress into the next round. There are no excuses. It was a poor performance and a poor result.

Qu: What's the latest on Efe?

ST: It is a medial knee ligament strain and we won't know how bad it is until it calms down. It needs to be assessed but he certainly won't be fit for Saturday.

Qu: What are the positives that you can take from the game?

ST: I thought Pablo looked sharper across 90 minutes. He created what was positive and was the best about our play although he did miss a few chances. I thought he looked reasonably sharp tonight and held the ball up quite well for us. That said, he needs to start scoring goals for us and the sooner the better.

Qu: Was it just about the killer touch in front of goal tonight?

ST: At times. We missed some good chances again. But Orient had some good chances as well, so I can't really say that we deserved to win the game.

Qu: Orient are on the back of some good form so you expected a tough one.

ST: Yes, we expected a tough one and we put out a team for a tough one. Unfortunately some of the players didn't perform tonight and I have got to look at the reasons why.

Qu: And the treatment room is starting to fill up.

ST: Yes, although I suppose that's a fact with most clubs. We've done well on the injury front so far but these last few games in Swansea, Gillingham and tonight have taken their toll. So it is important that we have people who can come in and do a good job.

Qu: And with Forest looming on Saturday of course.

ST: Yes, a very tough game. They are in good form. Obviously it is an important game for both teams as both are roughly in the same position in the table and it therefore would be massive for us to get a good result against Forest.

Qu: So what's tomorrow? Is it a day off for the guys?

ST: For the ones who played tonight, yes, but not for the others. It's important that we maintain our fitness and it is important that those who are not playing do not lose their fitness, so they will be doing a session tomorrow.

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18 October 2005 : Leyton Orient v Yeovil Town match preview
The Glovers make the journey to London's East End today to play Leyton Orient in the 1st round of the LDV Vans Trophy. The teams have of course met four times in recent history in League Two with the honours being shared so far, both teams winning 2 games each, though it may (or may not) be significant that Yeovil won both games last season.

At the time of writing we have virtually no information regarding the team the hosts are intending to put out other than noting that hardman John Mackie is free to play again after serving his latest suspension. Like last term the O's have had a decent start to the season and are currently 4th in League 2, only 2 points behind leaders Grimsby. They are 5th in the current form table having taken 15 points from the last 8 games.

No pushovers then and if Yeovil are to progress in the competition they will have to be at their best. Glovers boss Steve Thompson told the Western Daily Press today that, in contrast to the policy of former manager Gary Johnson who tended to play fringe players in the LDV, he intends to field as strong a team as possible: "I want to go through and I feel it's a competition we have a realistic chance of winning," Thommo said. "Sometimes it is good to keep what you have got going. We have got a couple of clean sheets in the last couple of games and if you change too much and then go back it can disrupt you."

Definitely missing will be defender Liam Fontaine and midfielder Darren Way but other than that the entire squad is fit and available for selection, though Paul Terry will almost certainly move into the vacant central midfield left by the absence of Way. "Darren has got to have an operation - he will have it on Wednesday and he's out for four weeks." Thommo confirmed, adding: "It's a good chance for Paul to come in and do the job in central midfield - that's probably his favourite position. He made his name at Dagenham as a midfielder who looked to get into the box."

Selected betting odds: Leyton Orient win: 11/8; draw: 12/5; Yeovil Win: 6/4. My recommendation: It won't be easy but my fiver's going on a Yeovil win tonight. The defence is looking more and more solid these days and surely our strikers will find more room tonight than they do in the average L1 game. Record so far this season: Another winning bet on Saturday (we forecast the draw) pushes us up to the dizzy heights of +£23.88. If anyone is foolish enough to be following this betting advice (it's bound to all end in tears eventually) feel free to show your appreciation by buying a round in the Bell on Saturday!

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18 October 2005 : Jevons Makes Team Of The Week
Yeovil Town striker Phil Jevons has made it into the Football League's League One team of the week for the first time this season. Jevo is the latest in a long line of Yeovil players to be included in the team. Gillingham keeper Paul Crichton, who thwarted Jevons on several occasions, also makes it in the team.

Paul Crichton (Gillingham)
Osei Sankofa (Bristol City), Paul Reid (Barnsley), Izzy Iriekpen (Swansea), Stephen Roberts (Doncaster)
Jonathan Worthington (Huddersfield), Stephen Quinn (Milton Keynes Dons), Stephen Turnbull (Hartlepool), Ricky Ravenhill (Doncaster)
Phil Jevons (Yeovil Town), Billy Sharp (Scunthorpe).

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17 October 2005 : It's Swindon Away In First Round Proper
That's for the Yeovil Town Ladies. Having defeated Worcester City 0-5 in the First Qualifying Round, and Reading 0-7 in the Second Qualifying Round, Yeovil have been drawn away yet again, this time to Swindon Town in the First Round Proper of the F.A. Women's Cup. Ties will be played on Sunday October 23rd, 2005.

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17 October 2005 : Yet Another Fixture Alteration
Only a minor one this time, but still an unnecessary situation in our opinion. Why is the Football Association agreeing to England friendlies kicking off at 4.45 p.m. on a Saturday anyway?! The consequence : the League One match between Yeovil Town and Huddersfield Town on November 12th has now been brought forward an hour and will kick off at 2.00 p.m.

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17 October 2005 : Dazza Is Out For Four
The news no one wanted has been confirmed : Darren Way has a fractured eye socket which will keep him out for a month. Dazza will go in for an operation on either Wednesday or Thursday this week. We all wish him well, and a speedy recovery.

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17 October 2005 : Lindy Extends, Scott Returns
Glovers boss Steve Thompson revealed after Saturday's game that he had made decisions on two of his loan players whose deals ran to an end this weekend. As mentioned in Saturday's news item, Andy Lindegaard will remain at Crawley Town for another month, whilst Scott Guyett is returning to Huish Park from Aldershot Town.

Steve explained: "I've spoken to Lindy and we've agreed for that to carry on for another month (at Crawley). Of course we've got automatic call-back on him after the first month. Scott is coming back here after today. I talked to (Aldershot manager) Terry Brown about ten days ago about the situation and I think he has got players coming back to full fitness. I will have to speak to Scott Guyett on Monday but he is a great person who has been at Yeovil for a year and a half now. He's been training for the last two months at Aldershot, but having Scott around will be fine and we will speak on Monday."

Steve admitted that Scott would have a tough task in forcing his way back into the starting eleven, with even Adam Lockwood and Alejandro Melono not playing an active part in Saturday's game. Thommo added: "The form of Skivo, Sodje, Amankwaah, Liam Fontaine and Colin Miles today has been very good and so it is very hard. I do know how they feel. I have been in that situation as a player where you are out of the team and you can't get in. That's not ideal but that is what it is all about - having a squad and there are so many games left to play this season that I am sure people will get their opportunity."

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17 October 2005 : Thommo's Verdict on the Gillingham Game
Yeovil manager Steve Thompson declared his frustration that the Glovers had not come home with all three points when talking about Saturday's 0-0 draw against Gillingham on Saturday. Speaking immediately after the game, Steve answered the following questions:

Qu: You're obviously disappointed not to get all three points here today.

ST: Yes, I thought we created nearly all the chances and we just needed a little bit of extra quality with the finish and had we scored a goal I've no doubt that we would have won the game.

Qu: So is it a case of being pleased with the performance but not necessarily the result?

ST: Yes, I was pleased with the way that we pretty much dominated the game. I was a little bit disappointed that we didn't get all three points though.

Qu: You had quite a few chances in the game but it seemed to be one of those afternoons when it wouldn't go in.

ST: Yes we just needed that ball to go in the net. A bit of quality or maybe a bit of luck with a finish. It was as simple as that.

Qu: Are you disappointed that the game got a bit disjointed. It seemed to work against you because you were playing the better football.

ST: Yes, there were lots of substitutions, quite a few injuries and a sending off. Yes, that didn't help because we wanted to create a high tempo to the game.

Qu: You can't be happy with just the two minutes of injury time either.

ST: No. That was an unbelievably strange decision, what with the sending off, five substitutions and Darren Way was down injured for three or four minutes. But what can you do?

Qu: You must be happy with the clean sheet though?

ST: I am, yes. It's our second consecutive clean sheet and that will be great for the confidence of the defence and the goalkeeper.

Qu: Phil Jevons had that chance right at the end - if he had put it either side then it would have gone in.

ST: Yes, I thought it was very good defending because the defender got himself into a very good position. If the ball had got past him it was a goal. Although you can call it a miss, it was also good defending.

Qu: What was your view on the sending off?

ST: Was it a red card or two yellows? The problem is that you get a yellow card for looking at someone the wrong way now. It's not surprising that there are so many sendings off. I actually followed the ball so I am not sure how bad the foul was, but you can get a yellow for anything and every player is walking a tightrope in today's game. Two slightly mistimed tackles and you are off and I don't think that was the way that everyone wants to clean up the game. Bad professional fouls, or dangerous tackles are what you want to remove and that didn't look a dangerous tackle, but you can get a yellow card for anything. I'm not saying that was a little thing because I haven't really seen it - I followed the ball - but I see it all the time on the TV and in other games where a player slightly mistimes two tackles and he is off.

Qu: It looked to me as though he'd gone slightly over the top and as he'd only just been booked, in that situation he was always going to be sent off.

ST: Yes, that is the way it is done nowadays. Maybe he didn't make more than two fouls in the whole game. If so, then two be sent off for two fouls would seem harsh. But that's the referee's decision. I would have been disappointed if it had been one of my players who had got sent off.

Qu: The sending off didn't particularly help you.

ST: No all the interruptions did not help. You feel frustrated on the side because you can't stop an interruption apart from not putting subs on yourself! But I felt we needed to make substitutions to try something new and try and unlock the door. All that did stop our flow in the second half.

Qu: You took Bastianini off in the second half. Was that a knock he had picked up?

ST: No, I just felt that Gillingham were starting to tire and that Gally's pace would maybe get into spaces that Pablo's wouldn't. Simple as that.

Qu: In the end it was a good away point - was it a result you might have been happy with when the game started?

ST: Yes, I think that any away point, you look at as a point won. But obviously after the event, you feel that you should have won the game because of the chances you created. But all those people who have been involved in football for a long time will know that happens and I've seen games where you can lose it at the end like that. I was very pleased with the concentration levels of the defence and of the whole team defensively. Sometimes when you have so much forward play and chances, you can lose concentration at the back and we didn't do that.

Qu: And another reminder for the squad of how far Yeovil have come. You've come to a club like Gillingham with all the off-the-field facilities that they have got and their reputation and outplayed them on their own turf.

ST: Yes, (Gillingham manager) Neale Cooper has had problems all week and in fact all season with injuries and he has had to get a team out there. They haven't had a game for two weeks because of the international call-ups and so with all those injuries Neale may well be pleased with a point.

Qu: You are in good form at the moment.

ST: Yes, in the league I think it's one defeat in eight.

Qu: Leyton Orient on Tuesday. Have you got any injuries?

ST: Darren Way must be very doubtful. He's taken a smash to the face and obviously that is going to have to be x-rayed. It could be his nose or his cheekbone so obviously I am worried about that one and am hoping for the best. It just shows the character of the man. I know many a player who would have come off after a blow like that. I heard the thud over on the halfway line and it took place down in the penalty box. It just shows what tremendous character he has got.

Qu: Will you be making alot of changes for Tuesday?

ST: I don't know. I wanted to get through today's game and assess who was fit and assess how hard today's game was and work things out from there. I've got a lot of things to do on the coach on the way home and tomorrow before we start working on Tuesday's game.

Qu: You're not going to be necessarily using it as a chance to rest players?

ST: No, not necessarily.

Qu: Do you feel you've got the resources to mount a challenge towards the top of the division?

ST: We have got a very hard working young group of players who are working their socks off for me at the moment and I am very appreciative of that. We need time to find a little bit more quality and we all know that. I am pleased with the way things are going. It's early days yet but the response from the players has been fantastic. We are all giving everything for the club - both the players and the staff. We are trying to keep getting results. When Gary left it was a major blow to the club - someone who had been at the club for over four years and had achieved so many good results. But I am pleased with the way that the staff, the players, the board and the fans have responded to the situation.

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16 October 2005 : Dazza Injury News Not Good
The Official Site is reporting that the injury news on Darren Way is not promising. Way took a boot in the face at Priestfield in the 0-0 draw with Gillingham. He was down for some considerable time in the second half and a stretcher was brought on, though not needed in the end and Dazza completed the match. Way caught the boot when Gill's Moses Ashikodi attempted an overhead kick. It looked a pure accident, though referee Mick Fletcher saw fit to issue a yellow card. Ashikodi was sent off minutes later for a second yellow card after a far more deliberate foul and possible stamp on Terry Skiverton, an incident that looked to many like a straight red card offence.

Darren attended Yeovil Hospital this morning, and the initial diagnosis is a possible fractured eye socket. He returns for further X-rays on Monday, but if confirmed is expected to be out for up to 4 weeks.

Get well soon, Dazza.

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16 October 2005 : Thommo A Bit Happier Than Cooper
Neither manager had a great deal positive to say about the first meeting in the Football League of Gillingham and Yeovil Town. Some 0-0 draws can be good matches. This wasn't one of them.

Neale Cooper made his annoyance at a very poor Gillingham performance clear when he instructed his players to present themselves for extra training on Sunday morning :

I was pleased with a point after that performance. That is not good enough! I am sorry about the performance. I apologise to the fans, as it is not good enough. It is all right doing it in training all week, but you have to have the bottle to come out and play at your home ground, especially when things have not been going well. You need to be a strong character. At the end of the day, we are very fortunate to have got a point.

Too many players underperformed today and that has really hurt me. I keep saying what a good bunch they are to work with, but performances like that are not good enough. If they don't change, then they will not play. I promise you. I was hurt and they felt the wrath of me today. I'm not trying to cover up, as I do not do that, but I did not enjoy that, and I don't think the fans did either. We need a reaction on Tuesday from whoever plays. I will bring in one or two of the younger lads that will, at least, give me something more than what I saw today. The time may be right so I will give them a chance and away we go.

All the players are in tomorrow as I am not accepting that. We train tomorrow at 9.00 a.m., even though it is a Sunday, a family day. I have looked after them and now they need to look after Ronnie
[Jepson, Assistant Manager] and myself. If they are not performing on a Saturday, well, let's come in on a Sunday and train hard. It's not a problem for me. I hope they go home to their families and be honest as to why they have to train tomorrow. When you are good on a Saturday, well you can have Sunday off. They don't deserve a day off after that.

On the red card for Moses Ashikodi Cooper said :

He was a stupid boy. Ok, everyone is saying he should not have been booked for the first one, but he has, and that is when you need a little bit of sense about you. You cannot lunge in. The second one is a booking. Whether their lad has made a meal of it or not, it looked bad to the referee. The lad has gone down, after Moses lunged in, and the referee has sent him off.

On more specific points to the match Cooper had the following opinion :

What areas were really good? I'm not going to pick out individuals I was disappointed with, however, I will say that the only two players who did well today were Paul Crichton and Leon Johnson, who I thought was excellent. In the midfield, they battered us. Their two little guys worked their socks off.

Andy Hessenthaler was taken off as their player who was playing left-back, is actually a centre back, and we were getting no width to the game. We brought in Jackman today to give us width, but in the first half, he didn't give us any as he kept coming into the middle of the park, and I told him that at half time. At times, we were too narrow. I put Matty Jarvis out there as I thought he would get at the fullback more.

We need to do better up front. Neil Harris does well at holding the ball up for us. I thought Matty did well for us up there and then I brought Moses Ashikodi on, as in the last game against Southend he looked sharp. I never enjoyed that game one bit and I can only apologise again to the fans. I will make changes, and if I have to, I will put the youngsters, who have a bit of grit and determination, in.

Meanwhile Glovers manager Steve Thompson was a little more positive - after all an away point looks better than a home one - but less than thrilled with the game itself :

We had all the best chances, but just needed a bit of luck with our finishing. We just needed a bit of quality with the final ball to get the goal that would have won the match. Phil Jevons had the great chance at the end to win it, but the lad made a great block so credit to him. The game was very disjointed and scrappy and we couldn't play at a high tempo, but at least we got another clean sheet. That's two on the trot now and that will be great for the confidence for the lads at the back.

As usual a full transcript of Thommo's post-match comments will be on the Ciderspace news page later today.

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15 October 2005 : A little green about the Gills
Yeovil Town played out a goalless draw with hosts Gillingham at the Priestfield Stadium this afternoon. The Gills survived the last 10 minutes a man short after Moses Ashikodi was dismissed for a 2nd bookable offence for fouls on Darren Way and Terry Skiverton, but the Glovers weren't able to make their numerical advantage count.

Most Yeovil fans would have been pleased with a point at Gillingham if offered it beforehand, but those at the game will have felt that all 3 were there for the taking today had the Glovers been a little sharper in front of goal. Most Yeovil opportunities seemed to come from set-pieces with little being created from open play and at the end of the match a point apiece was probably a fair result, with the Glovers defence looked pretty much rock solid throughout the 90 minutes.

Final score: Gillingham 0-0 Yeovil Town. A full match report will be online tomorrow.

Darren Way, who was caught in the face by a stray boot during the match, is reported to be going to hospital this evening for an x-ray on his cheek. Darren completed the match after extensive treatment on the pitch after the incident and the x-ray is being regarded as precautionary.

In other news utility man Andy Lindegaard has extended his stay at Conference side Crawley for another month after his original loan period expired today; and defender Scott Guyett is expected to return to Huish Park from Conference side Aldershot after his loan period at the Recreation Ground also expired today. The Shots injury crisis is apparently easing, making the Australian defender surplus to requirements.

Today's result means that the Glovers drop to 11th in the table, on 19 points from 14 games played. Huddersfield take over at the top on 30 points after beating Walsall 3-1 at home with Southend dropping to 2nd on 29 following their 2-0 defeat at Doncaster. The Manchester United of League One (© A Tate) also drop a place to 3rd on 27 after a 0-0 home draw with Oldham, whose supporters doubtless enjoyed the seats and roof over their heads at the New Stadium. At the other end of the table a creditable 0-0 draw at Brentford didn't help bottom club Swindon overmuch, on 8 points the Robins are still 5 behind 23rd placed Tranmere who lost 1-0 at Bristol City this afternoon. City move up to 18th, with 16 points to their name and a game in hand on the Glovers. Yeovil's opponents next Saturday Nottingham Forest moved up to 8th in the table on 20 points after a 2-0 home win over Hartlepool.

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14 October 2005 : First Round Proper FAC Draw
A small issue in the great scheme of things, but yet again The Football Association demonstrates (in our opinion) that it cares not one jot for those fans of the game that do the unusual: actually go to matches. Why should you get any consideration when it comes to the F.A. Cup draw? The all important audience has been sat on their backsides in front of Grandstand or Gillette Soccer Saturday. The draw for the First Round Proper will take place on Saturday, 22nd October 2005 at 5.10 p.m., and will be carried live on BBC1 and Sky Sports News. So that's convenient as you exit a stadium.

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14 October 2005 : Gillingham v Yeovil Town match preview
The Glovers travel to play Gillingham in deepest Kent tomorrow for 'only the second competitive fixture between the sides', as the Gills official site incorrectly states - a load of rubbish copied by other sites who should know better if they didn't just lazily cut and paste. The only game recognised is the FA Cup fixture in 1949-50, which Yeovil won 3-1. Of course anyone who knows their club history is aware there been rather more than just the one competitive fixture between the sides. The clubs were members of the Southern League together in 1938-39 and between 1946-47 and 1949-50, before Gillingham's eventual re-election to the football league for the following season. Including that FA Cup game the teams have played each other 13 times competitively with the Glovers winning 7 of those games and the Gills on top for the other 6 fixtures. So much for history....

Back to the present day and this was one of those fixtures that most Yeovil fans would have looked at at the start of the season and thought 'we won't get much out of this one'. Gillingham were a little unlucky to be relegated from the Championship last season and were one of the pre-season favourites to be challenging at the top of League One, however they've not found things as easy in the lower league as most people, and possibly they themselves, were expecting. They are currently languishing in 23rd spot with only 3 wins from 12 matches played though that must be put into perspective - they're only 5 points behind the 8th-placed Glovers and have a game in hand. The division is tight!

Injury problems abound for manager Neale Cooper: Keeper Jason Brown is the latest to join a long injury list, the Welsh international breaking a thumb whilst away with his country, he'll be out for 6 weeks. Hugely experienced player/coach Paul Crichton makes his Gills debut to deputise - his 500th football league game altogether. Also definitely missing are striker Darren Byfield (knee), midfielder Alan Pouton (knee ligaments), defender Brent Sancho (hamstring), defender Ian Cox (knee), striker Paul Shields (ankle) and keeper Tony Bullock (foot). On the positive side for the Gills club captain Chris Hope returns after recovering from a thigh injury and midfielder Dan Spiller is in line to make his first appearance since picking up an ankle injury.

As for Yeovil Town, manager Steve Thompson has virtually a full squad to choose from. Paul Terry has evidently recovered from the ankle injury sustained in last week's 1-0 win over the Manchester United of League One (© A. Tate) and Alex Melono has now completed his 3 match suspension and has proved his fitness by playing (and scoring) in the reserves match in midweek. The only definite absentee is defender Liam Fontaine, who's expected to be out for at least another 3 weeks.

Selected betting odds: Gillingham win - 6/5; draw - 9/4; Yeovil win - 15/8. Our recommendation: It's really only a matter of time before Gillingham start to pick up a little but hopefully that won't be this weekend. We're tempted to go down the optimistic route of another Yeovil win but that might be pushing it slightly and anyway, odds of less than 2/1 on an away win at at a club that's spent the last 5 years in the Championship while most of our players have spent much of the last 5 years in the Conference just aren't worth looking at. A point away from home at Gillingham would be a good point, and that's what our fiver's going on this week - though naturally we hope for the win. Record so far this season: +£12.63p

For those of you travelling to the Priestfield Stadium tomorrow, the Ciderspace guide to all things Gillingham is here.

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13 October 2005 : Bristol Rovers Reserve Match Moved
The placement of the Somerset Premier Cup match against Weston Super Mare (see story earlier today) has meant that the Reserves trip to Bristol Rovers, originally scheduled for the preceding evening, has now been moved.

The match will now be played on Monday 16th January 2006, with a 2.00pm kick-off. Venues for Bristol Rovers Reserve matches vary, usually between Mangotsfield United's Cosham Street ground, and the Memorial Stadium itself, so look out for further details in the lead-up to the fixture.

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13 October 2005 : Trouble At T' Local Mills
Rivals Bristol City faced embarrassment today as news broke that three players were arrested, and bailed pending further enquiries, on Wednesday night. Dave Partridge, Scott Brown and Bradley Orr were involved in an incident at a Bristol nightclub.

In an official statement the club said it had sufficient information to know that there had been a serious breach of its disciplinary code. The players concerned have each been fined the maximum two weeks' wages and will be given a final written warning as to their future conduct. None of them will be considered for selection in Saturday's forthcoming Coca-Cola League One match against Tranmere Rovers. Meanwhile...........

Down on the South coast there's an Emergency Public Meeting tonight at AFC Bournemouth. The Cherries are deep in debt and there is a plan to sell their stadium to a London based property company for £3.5 million and then lease it back at £300,000 a year. Understandably fans aren't happy, and in Bournemouth's case the fans are actually important and have a say, the Supporters' Trust controlling 51% of the club through golden shares. Club chairman Peter Phillips insists this is the only option, claiming AFC Bournemouth will have to go into receivership by Christmas if the deal is not accepted. Phillips has threatened to resign if the plan is blocked, and also suggested the rest of the board would feel their position was untenable and go with him. Meanwhile...........

Swindon Town have to find a reported £600,000 for the taxman by October 18th. Despite confident claims by the board that it is all in hand we have our doubts Swindon really have £600,000 hanging about. Today what are certainly two of their higher earners, Jamie Cureton and Tony Thorpe, both brought in as recently as this summer, were made available for loan in an attempt to cut the wage bill. Swindon, on a straight eight game losing streak, no manager and plummeting crowds, could well be set to return to the recent past: of unpaid wages, and the electricity and phones cut off at the County Ground.

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13 October 2005 : Swansea Return Match All-Ticket
The club have announced that the return match for next month's game against Swansea City will be an ALL TICKET game for Yeovil Town supporters. The match is due to be played on Friday 18th November, with a 7.45pm kick-off at Swansea's 'New Stadium'.

In case you're scratching your head and wondering why this decision has been taken when the awkward kick-off time will almost certainly result in all bar a few hundred Yeovil fans being unable to get to the game, the Football Ground Guide is reporting that Swansea have this as a general policy for all away fans this season, and therefore all ticket applications will have to be made via the Huish Park Ticket Office.

The stadium is a 20,500 capacity all-seater ground, with away fans allocated the North Stand, where up to 3,500 away tickets can be potentially sold. The stadium was developed for the Jacks by Interserve for a cost of around £27m with the Jacks leasing/renting the ground back. They share the stadium with Swansea Ospreys Rugby Union Club.

Tickets go on sale to Season Ticket Holders ONLY from the Huish Park Ticket Office from Monday 17th October until Friday 29th October. The ticket office is open Monday - Friday, 9.00am - 5.00pm for purchases, however there are two late openings available on Wednesday 19th October up until 7.00pm and on Saturday 22nd October from 4.45pm until 5.30pm after the Nottingham Forest match.

Tickets go on general sale from Monday 31st October, at 9.00am.

Whilst on the subject of the Forest match, a reminder that this game is ALL TICKET and recent news suggests that tickets for the two stands are getting very scarce indeed. Book now to avoid disappointment.

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13 October 2005 : Reserves slip to Robins defeat
Yeovil Town Reserves lost 2-4 to their Bristol City counterparts in a Combination League Cup group match yesterday afternoon. The scoreline somewhat flattered the visitors but after an entertaining first half which ended 2-2 neither manager would have been entirely happy with a slightly turgid second 45 minutes.

Elliot Benyon put City ahead against the run of play on 14 minutes with Alex Melono heading an equaliser from a David Poole corner 2 minutes later. Kevin Gall got the reward his first half display deserved on 25 minutes, putting the Glovers 2-1 up after a great ball from Michael Rose left him one-on-one with City keeper Adriano Basso. The Brazilian keeper foiled Gall on the 40th minute with a superb stop, and with less than a minute left in the half it was City's turn to draw level, Ryan Harley beating rather too many defender's for comfort before shooting past Steve Collis in the Yeovil goal. 2-2 at half time.

The second half was an anti-climax in comparison with the play becoming scrappy in the damp and windy conditions. Elliot Benyon made it 3-2 to City in the 72nd minute, following up his own shot which Steve Collis could only parry; and the same player completed his hat-trick in injury-time to give the scoreline a somewhat flattering look.

"I was very happy with the first half," Glovers boss Steve Thompson told the club's official site. "I thought that we should have come in at half time a couple more goals ahead, unfortunately a couple of defensive errors gave Bristol City two goals. In the second half we made some changes with Gall and Alvarez coming off, they had done a great job for us. We had a couple of chances, but the second half was less impressive than the first. It was a good work out and some of the players needed the match time. It was good to have Kevin Gall coming through. It was a competitive game that could have gone either way."

Match report: Yeovil Town Reserves 2 - 4 Bristol City Reserves.

The Glovers featured a trialist in the match, Bermudan national Damien Ming, but will not be following up their interest in the player. In other news Thommo will be holding talks with defender Scott Guyett and utility man Andy Lindegaard today according to the Western Daily Press, as their loan periods at Conference clubs Aldershot and Crawley respectively expire after Saturday.

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13 October 2005 : Date for Somerset Premier Cup tie finalised
The club has announced that the forthcoming Somerset Premier Cup tie v Weston-Super-Mare will take place at Huish Park on Tuesday 15th November, 7.45pm kick off.

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12 October 2005 : Reserves v Bristol City this afternoon
Yeovil Town Reserves play their Bristol City counterparts in a Combination League Cup match this afternoon at Huish Park, kick off 2pm. As usual, the Main Stand only will be open for spectators.

The following side has been chosen:

Collis, Cullingford, Lockwood, Melono, Jones, Poole, Williams, Rose, Ming (Trialist), Gall, Alvarez.

Subs: McCallum, Alcock, Wood, Clarke

On the injury front it's hoped that Paul Terry will be fit for Saturday's game at Gillingham, but the news on Liam Fontaine is less good. "We put Liam Fontaine in a cast to protect his ankle - that will need to come off before we can assess the damage," Glovers boss Steve Thompson told the official site, adding: "I would have thought it would be a minimum of four weeks before he is back in action. Paul Terry's ankle is better than Liam's and we hope he will be fit for Saturday's game at Gillingham. Alejandro Melono is now back from suspension and available for selection."

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11 October 2005 : Skivo In Team Of The Week
Yeovil Town captain Terry Skiverton has been selected for the Coca-Cola League One Team of the Week for October 10th 2005. This will come as no surprise to those who saw Skivo's performance against Swansea City on Saturday. Leading the team by example, Skiverton marked the division's leading scorer into insignificance and also found time to put his head in where it hurts to score the winning goal.

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11 October 2005 : Thommo to start contract talks with players ASAP
New Glovers boss Steve Thompson intends to begin contract talks with those players in the first team squad who are out of contract next summer as soon as possible. Thommo - who the Western Daily Press says has been given a one year rolling deal as Glovers manager - is acutely aware that a large proportion of his current squad is not only out of contract next summer but will also be over 24 years old then as well, and so entitled under the Bosman ruling to leave Yeovil for other clubs without a transfer fee being paid.

"What we do depends on the player, the stage of his career and the situation we are in," Thommo told the WDP yesterday. "It will be a testing time when we get close to the transfer window and the key is to do as much preparation as we can before that. We won't let the window creep up on us, we need to start thinking about it now."

"It's an important aspect of what me and Kevin [Hodges] need to do and we'll be on the ball straight away. But I hope the players realise that they are at a club which is progressing and they've been enjoying their football as we've progressed. They've also got better contracts as the club has moved on to reflect the success we've had."

One Johnson who Thommo will definitely want to sign another contract before his current one runs out next summer is midfielder Lee, but the club lost his uncle, Pete Johnson yesterday when it was confirmed that the former joint chief scout has left Huish Park. He's expected to join brother Gary at Bristol City.

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11 October 2005 : Hodges relishing Glovers challenge
Yeovil Town's new assistant manager Kevin Hodges has been speaking about the opportunity working at Huish Park will be for him and admits that it will be difficult for both him and manager Steve Thompson to follow in former boss Gary Johnson footsteps but says that he is excited by the challenge.

"With the team here and the success the club has, I'm not fazed by that," the 45-year-old said at the press conference yesterday. "It's an opportunity for the club to continue to make progress and I would like to be a part of that and support Steve as much as I can and do what he wants me to do."

"Yeovil's a progressive club," he added. "They've had a lot of success over the past few years. It is a well run club. Steve, thankfully, has given me the opportunity to get back into professional football but also the other attraction is that it's like coming home. I was born and bred on just the other side of Crewkerne and I have family members who are season ticket holders, so all-round it was an attractive proposition and one I am looking forward to."

"I've got good memories of going to watch Yeovil play when I was young," Hodges said. "I was brought up with the names of Alec Stock and Ron Saunders, managers who took the club on good cup runs. And I also remember queuing up with my dad for hours to get tickets for an FA Cup tie with Arsenal in the early 1970s. My dad played football locally and had a broken foot so I think it was quite a painful experience for him!"

Kevin gave up the security of a job as development officer with the Somerset FA as well as being manager in his own right with Clevedon Town to join up with the Glovers but the former Plymouth and Torquay boss had no doubt that he always wanted to return to the professional game given the opportunity.

"I have to say that I have had a very good working relationship with the Somerset Football Association over the last four years and they've been very supportive and helpful to me, and also the same over the last 12 months applies to Clevedon Town Football Club." Hodges said. "They gave me the opportunity to get back into management and work with players again and to manage a team, which I thoroughly enjoyed. It wasn't just a case of upping roots and leaving everything. There was a little bit of thought about it but at the same time I think that both the Somerset FA and Clevedon Town recognised that I still had the desire to get back into professional football. But I've got to say a big thank you to both of them because without their understandings and allowing all of this to come through quite easily it wouldn't have been so simple to progress, which I thank them for."

"I was quite a loyal servant and I spent 16 years at Plymouth Argyle Football Club and I hold the appearance record there. I then moved on to Torquay where I didn't play quite as many games there. But there I got my coaching experience and later got into a Head Coach and Manager's role and then moved back to Plymouth. It was really interesting times and I really enjoyed it and it's just nice to be back in the professional game again. I'm delighted and really pleased that Steve thought of me because I have been out of the pro game for a few years now, but always had the desire to get back in. When Steve gave me this opportunity I made up my mind quite quickly."

Hodges and Thommo first met when Kevin was managing Plymouth Argyle, and Thommo was still a player. "Steve had just left Wycombe, who were full-time, and joined Woking, who were part-time," Hodges explained. "He wanted to maintain his fitness and was living in the area so asked if he could train with us. I was pleased to help out and it was great to have Steve around because he's such a great professional. And I must say that both me and the lads were very impressed with his performances. He was very honest and very hard working, quite similar to me I suppose, so we're compatible in that respect."

"We've talked regularly since those days on various things," Glovers boss Steve Thompson added yesterday. "Kevin has phoned about players, we've talked about some of the coaching aspects, so we have kept in contact. As soon as I knew I was going to take the [manager's] job, I got it down to two names that I thought of and Kevin was one of those. He came into my mind because of his coaching and managerial experience at Plymouth and Torquay and the fact he was with one club for 15 years and made 600 appearances shows the loyalty and ability of the man. He has had a long career in professional football as a player, coach and manager and although he's been out of that for three or four years, he is well aware of what it requires."

Glovers chairman John Fry was delighted with the appointment of both Thommo and Hodges and is looking forward to the duo moving the club onwards and consolidating on the success of the last few years. It's also clear that in Kevin Hodges he sees someone capable of putting into place a solid structure at the club for bringing on youth players, should the board decide to invest more money in that particular direction. "Kevin has a good record in management with Torquay and Plymouth and more recently with Clevedon," Fry said. "I think we are very privileged to have these two because they have a lot of experience between them and being associated with the West Country is something I have been wanting to bring into this club for some time.

"I'd like to wish Steve and Kevin every success with Yeovil Town and a long future with us,"
Fry added. "That's another reason I have brought them in, to bring stability at the club and we can see that this is going to be a successful combination, but it will be an extremely hard act to follow Gary Johnson. The last four or five years, we have had tremendous results, which Steve has been a part of. Now, as the number one, it will be an extremely hard job to follow. I feel sure having seen the results of the last few weeks, we still have a long way to go with this club and a lot more to achieve. With the players we have got, that looks very promising."

"I wouldn't like to over-emphasise the development of youth, certainly the development of players, at this stage because it is not an overnight success, it's a long-term plan and it is for the board to judge whether we go down that route on a full-time basis. we are making moves to look at the policy of youth and youth development and we hope Kevin will help us develop that part of the business."

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10 October 2005 : Dale Williams picked for Welsh u-19 squad
Glovers forward Dale Williams has again been picked for the Wales u-19 squad, this time for their European Championship qualifying tournament, to be held in Limoges, France, from Thursday October 20th until Saturday October 29th. Other teams in the group with Wales are: Austria, San Marino and hosts France.

Welsh u-19 squad in full:

Owain Fon Williams - Crewe Alexandra
Kyle Letheran - Swansea City
Chris Flynn - Crewe Alexandra
Adam Davies - Cambridge United
Lewin Nyatanga - Derby County
Rhys Wiggins - Crystal Palace
Darcy Blake - Cardiff City
Gareth Bale - Southampton
Lloyd James - Southampton
Rob Davies - West Bromwich Albion
Joe Ledley - Cardiff City
Shaun MacDonald - Swansea City
Gregg Coombes - Cardiff City
Mark Bradley - Walsall
Dean Grubb - Bristol City
Curtis McDonald Cardiff City
David Cotteril - Bristol City
Dale Williams - Yeovil Town

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10 October 2005 : Hodges Joins Yeovil As Assistant
Former Plymouth Argyle and Torquay United player and manager Kevin Hodges has been officially unveiled as assistant to Steve Thompson at a press conference this afternoon. The pair will take charge of the Glovers with immediate effect after Kevin resigned his post as Clevedon Town manager on Saturday.

Further details will be published as and when they become available. For a career biography of Kevin Hodges, see our story on October 6th.

All of us at Ciderspace would like to welcome Kevin to the club and hope he has a long and successful relationship with the Glovers. Congratulations to him, and to Steve Thompson and the board of directors for making what looks to be, on first impressions, a very astute appointment.

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9 October 2005 : Interview With Lee Johnson
Lee Johnson spoke to Ciderspace and BBC Radio Bristol after the 1-0 win against league leaders Swansea City yesterday about life without his Dad as manager. The influential midfielder admitted that, in a way, it was pleasing to finally get away from being managed by his Dad, after being coached by Gary at Watford before moving with him to Huish Park.

Johnson Junior did however express that he has been frustrated, to say the least, by a number of comments that have been said about him for the past few years, "I have still got to prove that I am worthy of my place," said the 24-year-old, "but no one can say it is because your Dad is the manager. I got used to that obviously but I was strong enough to come through it over the years."

Read the full interview with Lee Johnson (transcript by George Murray) head here or alternatively head to the main Ciderspace Interviews Section.

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9 October 2005 : Interview With Terry Skiverton
Terry Skiverton spoke exclusively to Ciderspace after grabbing the only goal in the 1-0 victory against league-leaders Swansea at Huish Park yesterday. The skipper firmly believed that the board made the right move in appointing Thommo rather than bringing in new blood. The 30-year-old said: "I think the board have shown great loyalty to Steve because at the end of the day they could have gone for a big name. That would have destroyed the hard work that Gary Johnson and Steve Thompson have done."

Read the full interview with Terry Skiverton (transcript by George Murray) head here or alternatively head to the main Ciderspace Interviews Section.

[Note this and other material is copyrighted. Permission must be obtained before redistribution of this interview.]

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9 October 2005 : Thommo's Thoughts On The Managerial Appointment
New Yeovil Town manager Steve Thompson gave his thoughts on becoming the new Glovers boss following the 1-0 win over Swansea City yesterday. Steve answered the following questions after yesterday's match:

Qu: We appreciate that the announcement will not be until Monday, so we are not talking about your coaching staff, but how good will it be to have the people in there that you want to work with over the next few years now?

ST: Great because I have been doing two jobs really. But in all fairness I have had tremendous help. The physio Glen Schimdt is not only a physio. He used to be a personal fitness trainer so we can work off each other and we've both got a good background in fitness. The help from Youth Team coach Stuart Housley has been great, along with Maurice O'Donnell and other people that are not so immediately obvious. I've had a lot of help but it will be good to have a number two in to bounce ideas off. That is how myself and Gary worked and I enjoyed that working relationship and I think Gary appreciated that as well. I think I need that sort of working relationship as well.

Qu: Gary was here today. Has he been in to tell you well done?

ST: I haven't had time to see him. No doubt he will. Gary and myself have been in contact every day since he left. Not only is he a fantastic manager but he is also a very good friend and he was fantastic for me.

Qu: Have you always had a career ambition to be a manager?

ST: I had always thought of myself as being a player and then a coach really. But having worked with some fantastic managers you start thinking could I do that and I started thinking yes a couple of years ago. I felt the time was right here and now. It is a club that I know well with players that I know well and so it is the right place to put that into practice. Yeovil Town has obviously got a great tradition and history and it is a far greater tradition and history than some clubs that have been in the Football League for many years. So it is an honour for me to manage such a famous club.

Qu: Obviously there was some competition for the job?

ST: I would imagine so, but I don't know. I feel very proud to have been chosen and like I've said with the traditions of the club it is an honour to be the manager of the club.

Qu: Are there any aspects of this job that you are not looking forward to?

ST: Following Gary is obviously a mammoth task and I realise that. I think anyone who took the job would realise that. The success that Gary had with three trophies, two promotions and a cup win in four years. That's going to be hard to live up to. I realise that but the players have shown to me that they are ready for that challenge and I am certainly ready for that challenge. All the backroom staff are ready for that challenge. It is a big challenge but we are going to take it head-on.

Qu: What's your realistic target for this season? Are you looking for playoffs or promotion?

ST: Just keeping the direction going. The direction was going forward even before Gary left. We had a poor start and we had two points from six games. Then Gary and myself got the direction going in the right way and I think we have carried on that. Obviously I am my own man and I manage in my own way and I am not going to be a clone of anyone. My personality is too ingrained to clone anyone. I will make subtle changes. Obviously you have got all of the problems that arise through management such as the transfer deadline and the transfer window and we will have to meet that full on. Hopefully I have an experienced number two coming in and we can both see to that.

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9 October 2005 : Thommo's Verdict on the Swansea Game
New Yeovil Town manager Steve Thompson gave his views on his side's 1-0 win over Swansea City yesterday as he took charge in a game for the first time since his appointment to the job. Steve answered the following questions after yesterday's match:

Qu: Steve congratulations on the job first of all but also on the win today. It couldn't have gone much better for you

ST: No, it's great to beat Swansea 1-0. They are obviously top of the league and flying at the moment and are top goalscorers in the league. So to keep a clean sheet against Swansea is hard and I'm proud of the players that performed for me today.

Qu: You've been in the job for two weeks but today was officially job number one for you. Was it any different for you today?

ST: No, I felt the pressure today and I felt the pressure in the previous three games. It's been a real rollercoaster three games. But I couldn't have asked more from the players. The crowd were magnificent today and to get a win capped it all off.

Qu: Was there relief to get a nice win as a start?

Qu: Yes there is always relief when you win. You always go out aiming to win - that goes without saying. But you never know how a game is going to pan out and I am just really pleased with the win and the way that the players have played, along with the response from the crowd.

Qu: A few people might have said that with the league leaders coming down that might not have been the sort of opening game that you would want, but you could flip that round and say it was exactly the right sort of game.

ST: I think it was a good game to have at this point in time because firstly we are in good form anyway and we'd picked up 13 points out of 18 and that's now 16 out of 21 points. I've told the boys that the direction that we want to be going is up the table and they strongly believe they can do that. We are all working together very hard to try and get us up the table and like I've said I couldn't have asked any more of them in the two weeks that I have taken over. I know we had the blip at Southend but even there we played very well in the first half and just played poorly in the second half. They've been magnificent and their efforts are well appreciated.

Qu: Chances were at a premium today. It just shows the value of set pieces.

ST: Yes, when Gary was here we always worked hard on our set pieces and that has continued. We have changed a couple of little things and we got the goal from it. In the first half we had a few more chances as well. In the second half obviously there were very few chances for either team. It was a scrappy second half but we did enough in that first half to get a 1-0 and sometimes you have just got to be strong and keep what you have got. I thought the lads did that brilliantly.

Qu: The injuries didn't help. Paul Terry actually came out for the second half. Was that a late decision to change it?

ST: He played well in the first half but he said I'm not sure (about the injury). I said to him to give it a go because sometimes you go out and you think that it's not too bad. But as soon as he got out there he knew it was no good. So that was obviously a bit of a blow, although Nathan Jones came on and did well. Liam unfortunately was a victim of a bad tackle and he will be out for a few weeks because he has got a nasty ankle ligament strain. That's a blow and that's dampened things a little bit but we have to look on the positive side of things. We've got a large squad here and it gives other people a chance to come in and do well.

Qu: Paul Terry should be OK?

ST: I think that one has got to be assessed. Liam's was obvious from the swelling and the state of his ankle showed how bad that one is. Paul Terry's is less obvious.

Qu: Lee Trundle comes here with a big reputation and he deserves it having scored what is now 10 goals in 11 matches. Were there specific instructions to keep the ball away from him because he barely got a sniff today.

ST: We've worked in training about what we were going to do with Trundle. You have to take him into consideration, but we didn't put a specific man on him. He wasn't man-marked as such although Terry Skiverton picked him up most of the time and did a magnficent job and whenever Terry wasn't there someone else picked him up and did a magnificent job. That is all credit to the players.

Qu: How pleasing is it to shut out a side for the first time this season? Everyone else had conceded against them.

ST: Very pleasing. It will do the defence's confidence a world of good - both the goalkeeper and the defence. But we defend as a team. I have said that alot in previous weeks and so the midfield have got to be given a lot of credit as well as the two strikers. We defended as a team and although you see Skiverton right there with Trundle, there are other things going on defensively that are very important. If he slips it off to someone else they are in, so it is very important that we defend as a team and I thought we did that magnificently today.

Qu: Last week you won 4-3, this week it was 1-0. Which one do you prefer?

ST: Tough question!

Qu: I know Chris Weale would prefer the 1-0!

ST: I quite like both actually and I wouldn't want to choose between the two of them. We have not gone out to play defensively today. We've gone with two up front and have had Phil Jevons, who is a forward playing in midfield. So we have not gone out to get a 1-0 but that's the way the game has panned out.

Qu: You started off with playing Paul Terry wide right instead of say Kevin Gall who was back from injury. Was that out of respect to Swansea?

ST: I just felt that with us having three very forward thinking players on, with Jevo playing in midfield, and with Swansea's record of scoring goals, it might be better to have three real midfielders in there, so that was the thinking behind that one.

Qu: I thought Darren Way was excellent.

ST: Yes, I thought he had a great game, but I thought everyone had a great game. We've beaten Swansea and they are beating teams and scoring goals. To beat them you have got to score a goal but you obviously have to have your own players playing well.

Qu: You got 90 useful minutes out of Pablo today.

ST: Yes that was a case of having to! I am pleased that he has played 90 minutes and that will do him some good. But we need to do more fitness training with him. We know that and Pablo knows that.

Qu: Matt Harrold had run out of steam a bit.

ST: Matt Harrold came over and said he'd run out of steam so I had a big decision to make there! Matt has not played a lot of 90 minutes this season. I know he has in the Reserves in the Comination but that's different. But the running he did for 72 minutes was phenomenal.

Qu: So to get the two of them together for 72 minutes was a big success?

ST: I think so. They kept the Swansea back four occupied and if two are keeping four occupied that can only be good.

Qu: Were you a bit surprised today at how poor Swansea were in terms of operating in front of goal? Your team seemed to be a bit more hungry.

ST: I don't think it would be right for me to call Swansea poor. I think that we had a job to do and we did that. My players were magnificent. That to me was all that mattered. If someone thinks Swansea were poor then my players should be taking the credit for reducing Swansea to a minimum of half-chances.

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9 October 2005 : Kenny Jackett's Verdict On The Swansea Game
Swansea City boss Kenny Jackett saw his side fail to score for the first time this season, as the Glovers shut out his side by a 1-0 scoreline yesterday. Jackett could have forced the game to be postponed due to international call-ups to three of his players but chose not to. Jackett answered the following questions after the game:

Qu: Any regrets about not having the game delayed or called off?

KJ: Yes, you always do when you lose. There's no doubt about that. That's obviously your immediate reaction. But we've gone ahead with it and I thought that both back fours were very strong and dominant. In terms of the game there wasn't a lot of chances or a lot of shots from either side. But Yeovil have won it with a set-piece, and through a header from a corner from their centre-half.

Qu: It could have been cleared, looking at the TV replay by either the goalkeeper or the defender on the line.

KJ: Yes, it seemed to go through somebody's legs. I haven't watched it a second time, but the first time I saw it, I felt it was heading for someone but the ball went through his legs. But like I've said, it was a very tight game and not particularly free-flowing. Set pieces often decide games and they did in this game.

Qu: You've had a good run though?

KJ: Yes, we've had a very good season so far. I didn't feel that we got the flow going to our football. I was waiting for it to happen all the way through the game. It didn't happen. I was waiting for us to get some tempo to the game. We didn't particularly cope well with the wind in the second half, particularly in terms of trying to get the ball into the right areas or in terms of getting the ball out to the full-backs and working the ball down the lines. We fell in between the two today.

Qu: Despite all the goals you've scored, I think you had about one on target and one just over the bar today.

KJ: Yes, we had three efforts on target, but it probably took 60 minutes for the first time. Martinez and Goodfellow were the first two and we had one more after that.

Qu: Do you think part of the tightness is down to how well the two teams know each other?

KJ: Yes, perhaps that's the case. I did feel that both back fours looked very strong and shots on target from either side were at a premium. I think we had something like 10 shots and three on target and Yeovil had seven shots and three on target. That was how the stats worked out. It wasn't a free-flowing game but set pieces do decide tight games.

Qu: Do you think you were missing your players on international duty?

KJ: Yes, possibly. Ricketts, Jones, Akinfenwa and McLeod were probably four that would make a difference, along with perhaps Paul Connor.

Qu: Do you regret not postponing now?

KJ: It's a tough one to call straight after the game. I've decided to go with the game. Right the way through the game I felt that there was something there waiting for us and I was waiting for the game to build up some tempo but the game fell away from us.

Qu: You had four bookings in the second half but it didn't seem to be that sort of a game.

No it didn't seem to be that way, and it all went against us.

Qu: Martinez looked a bit unhappy at the end.

KJ: It's sour grapes complaining about referees. You can make your own decisions on the referee's performance today because I will only get myself into trouble. I have to look at my team and take responsibility for my team.

Qu: Do you think that Swansea played like a team that were top of the league?

KJ: Like I've said it was a scrappy game. There wasn't much in it and sometimes sides do play like that. That's the sort of games where you have to pick up points and we've been quite good at doing that lately. Games are tight and the wind and elements do play a part and it's through those times that you have to be able to pick up points and we didn't today.

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8 October 2005 : Swans dead in the water as Thommo gets off to a flying start
Steve Thompson got off to the best possible start to his tenure as manager of Yeovil Town after a hard-fought 1-0 win against top-of-the-table Swansea City at Huish Park this afternoon. Terry Skiverton headed his third goal of this campaign six minutes before the break to help move his side up to eighth in League One.

Neither side really threatened or tested the keepers early on. A Phil Jevons header was perhaps the first clear-cut chance of the game after twenty-six minutes, but his effort caused a standard save, before blood was drawn minutes prior to half-time. With former Yeovil boss Gary Johnson watching in the stand, Lee Johnson provided the assist from a corner, finding the unmarked Skiverton inside the box who flung his body to meet the ball and to give Yeovil the lead.

Swans keeper Willy Gueret could only parry a Johnson freekick shortly after the break with Yeovil looking for their second of the afternoon. But there was bad news for Yeovil when ankle injuries to Paul Terry and Liam Fontaine forced the duo to leave the pitch. The flamboyant Lee Trundle was rarely allowed much time to produce and his best chance came from a freekick which he blasted over the bar. Yeovil held on comfortably for the win to give Steve Thompson nine points from a possible twelve since the former manager's exit.

(Match summary by George Murray)

Final score: Yeovil Town 1 - 0 Swansea City

As mentioned above both Paul Terry and Liam Fontaine were substituted during the match with ankle injuries. Terry's is being described as "a knock" this evening and it's hoped that he'll have recovered in time for next Saturday's game at Gillingham. Liam Fontaine's injury is more serious however and initial reports after the game were talking about the defender being out for up to 4 weeks, though this has yet to be officially confirmed.

As a point of interest two previous Yeovil managers turned up to provide moral support to Steve Thompson today in his first match as the outright long-term Glovers boss. Colin Addison - who has also managed today's opponents Swansea - and Gary Johnson both watched today's match, both of whom Thommo worked as an assistant to at Huish Park.

The result today and the tight nature of the league table means that the Glovers move up to the uncharted territory of 8th place in L1 tonight on 18 points from 13 games played, only 2 points away from the play-off zone and a whole 5 points away from a relegation berth. Dizzy heights indeed! The picture will almost certainly change tomorrow (Sunday) and on Monday however, with four more League 1 matches to be played.

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8 October 2005 : Hodges Is No. 2
The story this site took the plunge and went with on October 6th (below) has now been confirmed. Clevedon Town officially announced at the end of the match today against Sutton Coldfield Town that their manager Kevin Hodges had tendered his resignation and would be joining Yeovil Town.

The press conference scheduled for 2.30 p.m. on Monday October 10th at Huish Park will presumably rubber stamp the appointments of Steve Thompson as Manager and Kevin as Assistant Manager. Whether further details emerge such as the exact demarcation of responsibilites between the two and contract lengths remains to be seen.

Welcome aboard, Kevin.

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7 October 2005 : Reaction To Thommo's Appointment
Initial reaction to this afternoon's formal appointment of Steve Thompson as Yeovil Town's new First Team Manager has come from three of the parties affected by the decision.

Speaking to BBC Radio Bristol shortly after the news broke, Thommo said: "It's a difficult task to follow Gary, but that would be the same for anyone coming in. I'm willing to take on that challenge. Obviously I'm going to have a No.2 coming in with me. He will introduce some new ideas and incorporate my ideas that I've picked up over the years, along with everything that we do here. I feel we will make a success of it and do well this season and into next season as well. I've had a chance for two weeks to do the job and see how I feel about it - we would have been silly to rush into a decision."

Chairman John Fry added his views on the appointment to the same source: "We're very pleased with what he's done, his knowledge of the players, and quite clearly he has the support of the fans. Of course he's got things to learn but he will do so with our support behind him. We had a board meeting straight after Gary Johnson left for Bristol City and quite clearly Steve was in the frame from that moment. We've taken a little time to see if he wanted the job, from the point of view of taking responsibility. I don't think the general public realise what a big responsibility it is, in front of five or six thousand crowds. You have to live up to the occasion after a defeat. It's easier being a coach than a football manager, but Steve has come out of (the caretaker period) with flying colours."

Predecessor Gary Johnson admitted in his opening press conference that he would have an interest in taking Thommo to his new club Bristol City. But he admitted that his interest in Thommo ended as soon as Steve indicated he wanted the Yeovil job, explaining: "Yes there is a part of me that would have liked him to have come across (to Ashton Gate). But Number Twos often know the right time and the right opportunity to maybe become a Number One. It was a great opportunity for Thommo to become a manager in League One. Thommo was very much a part of our success right from the early days and he deserves that chance 100 percent. The players would have wanted him to have that job and the board obviously wanted him to have that job. The supporters wanted him to have the job as well, so he starts off in a very positive position at that club."

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7 October 2005 : Thommo confirmed as manager!
Steve Thompson has been confirmed as the new football manager of Yeovil Town Football Club. In a brief statement on the official site the club have confirmed his appointment as manager, adding that full details plus the unveiling of an as yet unnamed assistant - who Ciderspace understands is almost certain to be former Plymouth and Torquay manager Kevin Hodges - will take place at a full press conference at Huish Park on Monday at 2.30pm.

Congratulations to Thommo from all at Ciderspace, we're delighted that he's been appointed and the very best of luck to him in his future endeavours. He could have taken the easy option and stayed in the shadow of Gary Johnson by following him to Bristol City as his assistant, but he's had the courage to strike out on his own and to stand up to be counted as manager of Yeovil Town. He deserves this chance to succeed. STEVIE THOMPSON'S GREEN AND WHITE ARMY!

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7 October 2005 : Announcement Expected At 4.00pm
The BBC's local Somerset website is reporting that they are expecting a "press conference" to announce Steve Thompson as Yeovil's new manager at 4.00pm today. Although the club have not formally admitted that Thommo is going to be the man in charge, the BBC website, plus BBC Radio Bristol and the Western Daily Press have all - like Ciderspace - stuck their money on Thommo being the name to be announced.

Note that although the BBC claim the announcement will be via a "press conference", the word at the book launch last night was that this would actually be a simple press statement, with the actual press conference pencilled in for the Monday. This strongly implies that not all of the pieces of the jigsaw will be announced today, with possibly the identity of Thommo's assistant or any thoughts the board of directors may have on a Director of Football being appointed, kept under wraps until early next week.

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7 October 2005 : Yeovil Town v Swansea City match preview
Yeovil Town entertain old League Two rivals (when we say 'old' we actually mean we've been rivals for two seasons, but that's as old as it gets for us football league new kids on the block) Swansea City at Huish Park tomorrow, and this preview for one will avoid such lazy racial stereotyping as can be found on the previews of some less sophisticated websites, hello Phil! The match kicks off at the early time of 12.30pm to avoid clashing with the international matches scheduled for later on in the afternoon and don't get us started on that particular piece of lunacy, whoever decides that an international match should kick off on a Saturday afternoon in the middle of the football season evidently cares nothing for the welfare of clubs or supporters in the lower leagues and deserves nothing except our contempt. Despite the kick off time and unlike last season Swansea have sold out their allocation of 1,530 tickets (amazing what being top of the league does for your travelling support) and with sales going well for home supporters too the biggest crowd of the season is expected at Huish Park tomorrow. A final reminder to Yeovil fans - the match is ALL-TICKET, with none available on the day, and the ticket office closes at 5pm this afternoon.

The Glovers have a good record against the Jacks since we entered the football league, winning 3 and losing just the once. As mentioned above City have enjoyed an excellent start to life in League One after scraping into the automatic promotion places last season behind the Glovers (we are the current L2 champions in case anyone's forgotten) and are at the time of writing top of the table. The Jacks have been scoring for fun this season with Lee Trundle as usual the dangerman with 10 goals to his tally, but strike partner Adebayo Akinfenwa (4 goals) and winger Kevin McLeod (7 goals) will miss tomorrow's game, Akinfenwa because of suspension and McLeod because of a calf strain. Adrian Forbes and Andy Robinson are expected to deputise.

"Yeovil gave us two of our hardest games last season, beating us twice," Swansea boss Kenny Jackett told the South Wales Echo, adding: "They had a poor start to this season, but they've won four of their last six games and people are saying they're back to playing the way they did last year. So it's not going to be easy. Yeovil seem to play with four forwards - their two wide players are strikers - and their success has been based on spreading the goals around. You score four and we'll score more - that seems to be Yeovil's way."

As for the hosts, definitely missing will be Alex Melono who completes his 3 game suspension tomorrow, and winger Arron Davies, away on u-21 duty for Wales; but aside from those two manager Steve Thompson has a fully fit squad to choose from with Kevin Gall available again after coming back to training this week after recovering from the hamstring strain that has kept him out for a couple of weeks. David Poole also proved his fitness in the 10-0 hammering of Shepton Mallet on Tuesday night, but will Thommo want to make any changes from the team that beat Scunthorpe 4-3 at Glanford Park last weekend? Only he will know the answer to that.

"It's going to be a massive game for us against Swansea," he said today. "But it might be coming at just the right time of the season for us because we seem to be settling into this league. It will be interesting to see how far we have come because Swansea are flying at the moment with 13 points from six games. Lee Trundle is also the league's top scorer so we will have to keep him quiet. But we are all looking forward to the challenge."

Selected match odds: Yeovil win - 13/8, draw - 11/5, Swansea win - 11/8. Our recommendation - Can't be anything other than a fiver on a win for the Glovers. The odds for a Yeovil win - 13/8 - are pretty generous given (a) our home form in the football league, (b) our overall record against Swansea, (c) our 100% home record against Swansea, and (d) our overall current form. Besides, our self-imposed rule of always betting on the Glovers if the odds at a home match are evens or better comes into force, you absolutely know it makes sense. Record so far this season: After our triumphant 3/1 touch last week we're back in the black. +£4.50p! We'll try not to spend it all at once.

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7 October 2005 : Announcement Expected Today
BBC Radio Bristol are this morning reporting that they expect an announcement to be made concerning the vacant Yeovil Town First Team Manager position via a press statement due to be issued today. Those who were at last night's 'From Hendford To Huish' book launch got the same message, and also report a possible second announcement on Monday.

The announcement, or the combination of both, is expected to confirm Steve Thompson as the new Yeovil Town manager, with former Plymouth manager Kevin Hodges (see our story below) as his assistant.

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6 October 2005 : Hodges Heading To Yeovil?
Former Plymouth Argyle and Torquay United player and manager Kevin Hodges is understood to being lined up as an assistant to caretaker manager Steve Thompson at Huish Park. The club have yet to announce who is in the shortlist for such a position, should Thommo get the nod for the job, however Hodges has become the main name on the rumourmill as the most likely candidate to provide the assistant role in a new management team.

Hodges has been First Team manager at the Hand Stadium since October 2004, where he currently has Clevedon Town top of the Southern League Division One West, having lost just one match this season. He also holds the title of Somerset FA Football Development Officer, which he held prior to his arrival at the Hand Stadium and has continued thereafter.

Kevin's association with the Hand Stadium predates 2004, as in his FA role, he presented the club with an FA Community Club Award, for the club's commitment to the development of youth football. As such they became the first non-league club in the South-West to receive such an accolade and the first club at any level in Somerset. The set-up at the Hand Stadium is geared towards improving local community relations with the club, and to provide coaching for girls and boys of all ages. As such Kevin's pedigree and experience in promoting Youth Development would be seen as a major asset to the Glovers.

Kevin was born in Bridport, Dorset in June 1960 and made his Football League debut for Plymouth Argyle, after serving his apprenticeship at Home Park, in 1978, going on to make a record 530 league appearances for the Pilgrims before leaving in 1992 to join near neighbours, Torquay United. He was then appointed manager of the Gulls in 1996 and stayed in the post for two years before taking the managerial reigns at Plymouth Argyle. He left that post in 2000 and eventually became a scout for Wolves and the Somerset FA's Football Development Manager.

It seems likely that Thommo's association with Kevin dates back to living in Saltash and playing for Torquay United during the period that Hodges was playing for both Devon clubs. Kevin is believed to currently live in Crewkerne, meaning that relocation would almost certainly not be necessary.

The club have yet to schedule any announcement concerning Thommo's future position at the club, however it would appear that only a major surprise would prevent the long serving assistant from assuming the first team manager position.

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6 October 2005 : Away End Sold Out
Swansea City have sold their full allocation of tickets for Saturday's League One match against Yeovil Town at Huish Park. There's been no official details on how many tickets that is, however it is likely that this is the usual Copse Road End allocation of 1,500 terrace tickets. The South Wales Evening Post suggested earlier in the week that Swansea had obtained 500 additional tickets, however the view of two independent Swansea sites is that this never happened.

Tickets for Yeovil Town supporters are still available, however, this match is an ALL TICKET affair, and the last chance to buy a ticket will be Friday 5.00pm. There will be NO tickets available on the day of the game. If you have not bought your ticket yet, then get in touch with the Huish Park Ticket Office now.

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6 October 2005 : No decision yet on new boss, but Thommo's still talking
It's been two weeks now since former manager Gary Johnson's sudden defection to League 1 rivals Bristol City and the appointment of a replacement has yet to be made by the Yeovil Town board. It's always seemed that caretaker manager Steve Thompson was favourite to get the manager's job on a permanent basis with the assistance of a coach or assistant manager from outside the club; but with chairman John Fry telling the Western Gazette today that the way forward may entail bringing in a more senior director of football to assist Thommo, the goalposts appear to have shifted somewhat though the chairman admitted that he is yet to discuss such an option with the rest of the board.

"There are a lot of complications and costs involved in football these days," Fry told the Gazette, adding: "With transfer windows and international players, an awful lot of time is needed outside the day-to-day operations at Huish Park. A football manager has probably got enough to do with focusing on the team's performance each week but a director of football is not something we have discussed as yet. Steve [Thompson] is a terrifc servant and a terrific coach and manager. However these things do not just happen. You think you are over the line with a candidate and then you are back to where you started, but no-one needs to read into the situation because there has obviously been an awful lot of talking.

"Steve is the players and fans choice but he has to be certain that he wants that number one spot wherever it might be. It is about accepting responsibility. He also has to assess and understand the risks involved in taking a job like this on."

Steve Thompson commented: "We are still talking and trying to sort out the way to go. Until I am actually offered the job I cannot say I have taken it, so really at the moment it's as it was."

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6 October 2005 : 'From Hendford to Huish Park' launched tonight
The revised edition of the official club history From Hendford to Huish Park, written by author Kerry Miller, is being launched tonight (Thursday) at Huish Park in front of invited guests only and the media.

Current and former players Warren Patmore, Tony Pennock, David Piper, Nick Crittenden, Darren Way and Terry Skiverton will be present at the press launch to sign copies of the book and take part in a question and answer session with the media.

The book will be available to buy from the new club shop at Huish Park at 9am tomorrow (Friday) morning, cost £29.99. The relatively high cost reflects the fact that the book is printed on 150 gsm silk art paper in full colour (where appropriate) and is now in the form of a hard back (it also says here).

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6 October 2005 : Club shop re-opens today
The new improved Yeovil Town Club Shop re-opens today after being closed for over a week undergoing an extensive refit and expansion.

The new shop is three times larger than the old one and contains an expanded range of products, it says here. The shop was scheduled to be officially opened at 10am this morning by local MP David Laws and visitors to the club today can expect a 10% discount on items purchased as well as free gifts depending on how much you spend.

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5 October 2005 : Scoreboard Operator Suffering From RSI
Pity the poor scoreboard operator at Huish Park last night. He was perhaps the busiest person in operation at the ground - apart perhaps from Shepton Mallet Town keeper Matt Drury, who suffered back strain in picking the ball out of the net ten times as the Glovers second string steamed through the first round of the Somerset Premier Cup thanks to a 10-0 scoreline - a record scoreline for a fixture at Huish Park.

It was always likely to be a mismatch against a side struggling near the foot of Tool Station (Western) League Division One, although perhaps it shouldn't be forgotten that in 1998, the Yeovil Town Reserve team side were playing in that very division - a measure of how far the club has come since then.

A strong line-up that included two players that had played up at Scunthorpe on the Saturday - Pablo Bastianini and Paul Terry - showed no mercy towards the visitors. David Poole grabbed a hat-trick whilst Luciano Alvarez got a brace, whilst Adam Lockwood, Colin Miles and Dale Williams grabbed one each.

It was left to two of the Under 18 side to polish off proceedings, with both being introduced as second half substitutes. Craig Alcock let fly with a 35 yard screamer, and double figures was reached right on full time thanks to winger Ben Wood.

Final Score: Yeovil Town Reserves 10 Shepton Mallet Town 0.

Yeovil's next opponents, as they continue their defence of the trophy they won in May, will be Weston Super-Mare at Huish Park, on a date yet to be arranged.

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4 October 2005 : Colchester Ticketing
Tickets for the Colchester United fixture at Layer Road on Saturday October 29th 2005 will NOT be available for purchase through the Huish Park ticket office. For matches that involve a pay-on-the-day surcharge it is normal practice for tickets to be made available to visiting fans through their own club. However as we understand it Colchester has refused to follow this standard procedure. To avoid the £2.00 per ticket surcharge Yeovil supporters will have to buy direct in advance from the Colchester United ticket office : phone 0871 226 2161. Tickets go on sale from Friday October 7th.

As we understand it from what information is available on the Colchester United Official Site standing and seated tickets are normally available to visiting supporters. Prices should be -
Seated : Adults £17.00; Concessions £10.00.
Standing : Adults £14.00; Concessions £8.00

Add £2.00 to all the above prices for pay-on-the-day.

Further details, and the full Ciderspace profile on Colchester United, can be found here.

This is the current situation as far as we have been able to ascertain, having contacted Colchester United. If fans find that something different is happening when they phone for their tickets please inform this site so we can let others know, and if necessary challenge Colchester over any issues that arise. It's to be hoped there will be none.

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4 October 2005 : Whizz...BANG!
The club will be holding a Firework Spectacular at Huish Park on Friday November 4th.

More details will be available nearer the time, but a funfair, bar and hot food outlets are already pencilled in and the club will be looking to make the whole evening bigger and better after the success of last year's spectacular.

Firework Spectacular
The fireworks at Huish Park may or may not look like this.

Tickets are available now from the Huish Park ticket office. Admission prices are :
adults £5.00; children £2.00; family ticket (2 adults and 2 children) £13.00. All family tickets will receive a "Kids Go Free" voucher for a selected future game at Huish Park (subject to conditions).

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4 October 2005 : Glovers On ITV Highlights
Yeovil Town's match against Swansea City will feature as the main match on ITV's The Championship programme this weekend. Due to the Premiership and Championship fixtures being suspended for this weekend's set of international fixtures, the League One matches will take centre stage on the football highlights programme, with the Glovers match against the division's leaders as their main feature.

Five ITV cameras will be there to cover the match, and the programme, which lasts for 30 minutes, starts at 11.30am on Sunday 9th October.

A reminder that Saturday's game kicks off early, at 12.30pm; and that the match is ALL-TICKET with no tickets available for sale on the day.

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4 October 2005 : Reserves v Shepton Mallet match preview
Yeovil Town Reserves begin their defence of the Somerset Premier Cup tonight, when they entertain Shepton Mallet at Huish Park, kick off 7.45pm. Tickets are available on the night for the Main Stand only, £4 adults, £2 concessions.

The Glovers second string of course won the trophy last season, beating the best team in the city of Bath, Odd Down, 5-0 in the final.

Caretaker manager Steve Thompson, who is widely expected to be appointed as first team manager within the next day or two, will field a strong side as he looks to keep fitness levels up. The likes of Colin Miles, Adam Lockwood, Paul Terry, Steve Collis, Luciano Alvarez, David Poole and Michael Rose could all feature and even Pablo Bastianini may get a run-out in order to help improve his fitness. Kevin Gall is back in training according to the Western Daily Press after recovering from a strained hamstring but will not be risked tonight, says the paper, in order to save him for the clash with league leaders Swansea on Saturday.

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4 October 2005 : Youth Team Match Switch
Yeovil Town's Under 18s side have had their two fixtures with AFC Bournemouth switched round. The Glovers First Team's early kickoff against Swansea City could have meant two fixtures taking place within the Huish Park complex, and so Saturday's match has been switched to Bournemouth Sports Club, Chapel Gate with a 10.00am kick off.

The 'away' fixture has therefore also been swapped round and will be played at Huish Park on January 7th.

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2 October 2005 : Thommo's Latest Thoughts On The Managerial Vacancy
Caretaker boss Steve Thompson gave his thoughts on the latest situation surrounding the managerial vacancy at Yeovil Town since the departure of Gary Johnson to Bristol City. Speaking immediately after the 4-3 win over Scunthorpe United yesterday, Steve who is the hot favourite for the job and could well be appointed within the next day or two, answered the following questions:

Qu: What's happening with you with respect to the manager's position at Yeovil Town?

ST: Nothing has changed in the two or three days since I spoke to you at Southend. I am enjoying doing the job. The board have put no time limits on it and I am not putting any time limits on it. I am experiencing here what managment is all about - the ups, the downs, the emotions. I am enjoying that experience and I am trying my hardest to learn from that experience. No decisions have been made. I am just very pleased with the support that I have had from the players, and I am very pleased with the support that I have had from the staff and the fans and the board as well. I talk regularly with the Chairman (John Fry) and I am just pleased with the way that it is going at the moment. There is no time limit set for decisions.

Qu: The fans have got behind you today and we've had a couple of text messages into the radio station (BBC Bristol) voicing their support for you. That must be a good morale boost for you.

ST: Yes, it is. It is always nice to have praise. But I know how difficult this job is. I have said it so many times - following Gary Johnson is one of the most difficult jobs in football. But I am experiencing all that at the moment and it is experience that is so rewarding for the rest of my life wherever I am, where it is here or in the future. I am giving everything for the job and trying to leave no stone unturned in my preparation and obviously trying to make the right decisions as the game goes on as well. It was enjoyable today but it was really enjoyable because we won. As a player, winning was everything and losing was nothing. As a manager that experience is there but magnified because you are so responsible for all eleven players, for the fans and for everything. As a player you worried about your own performance first and it really is a different experience. Winning is everything, and so today I am happy.

Qu: Are you looking to bring in a No.2 at all?

ST: I think that would be essential. You need someone to feed off. You need another set of eyes and another mind. The staff I have got here today are very helpful and they have done a great job. They are helping me as well. But if I do take the job then it will be essential that I get a No.2.

Qu: Will that be someone from outside the club?

ST: Yes, I feel it would be.

Qu: Obviously you are lucky in that you played at league level and have plenty of people that you have come across. Are you considering possibilities yet?

ST: Yes, I have considered possibilities but I wouldn't like to name names because two of the three possibilities are with clubs at the moment. It would be unfair to name names. It's something that has been on my mind and the Chairman's mind.

Qu: But that is only something that would happen if you were permanently in charge?

ST: Yes, I think that could probably only happen if that was the case. These people are in jobs and so would not come on a temporary basis. Maybe doing both jobs at the moment is giving me an even steeper learning curve. In some ways that may be good but it is not something that I would want to do on a long term basis.

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2 October 2005 : Thommo's Verdict on the Scunthorpe Game
Caretaker boss Steve Thompson gave his reaction to a "nerve-wracking" 4-3 win over Scunthorpe United yesterday. Speaking immediately after the thrilling match at Glanford Park, Thommo answered the following questions:

Qu: Steve what an absolutely fantastic game of football that was. How was it for you on the sidelines?

ST: It was an emotional game and obviously very nerve-wracking, particularly in the last 10 or 15 minutes, when Scunthorpe got their third goal. But I am very pleased with the result. There was some fantastic play going forward but obviously a lot of room for improvement on the defending. That's not just the defenders, that's about defending as a team.

Qu: You made that tactical switch in the opening half with Matt Harrold coming on. He seemed to turn the game for you didn't he?

ST: Yes, I felt we had to do something. We were in a situation where we were 2-0 down and looking like it could be three at that moment. I decided that we needed to get support up with Pablo who was fighting a bit of a lone battle and not managing to do that too well. That was the decision that I made and it's paid off today.

Qu: He got two of the goals in the second half. I presume he is claiming both of them as there was a discussion over whether one of them might have been an own goal?

ST: No, I think it was going in. I think the rules say that if the ball was going in then it stands as your goal and I am pretty sure that ball was going in when he hit it. So I am very pleased for him. Since he has come to the club he has worked so hard in training. He is willing to learn all the time and he has been a vital part in what we have done so far this season, albeit mainly from the bench. He's played a vital part and he is a vital player for this squad and this team.

Qu: And there were signs of a good partnership developing between him and Pablo before Pablo had to come off after his customary hour

ST: Yes, Pablo lasted a little bit longer - it was 70 to 75 minutes today. I thought Matt and Pablo combined very well and gave the Scunthorpe defence plenty of problems.

Qu: You're obviously pleased with the four goals you scored here, but the three you conceded were all close range finishes. Are you a little bit worried about the defending back there?

ST: Yes, again I have got to analyse that on the video. We have conceded seven goals in the last two games and we have to try and put that right, because you can't expect to score four every game. So yes it is something we have got to look at and improve.

Qu: You moved Phil Jevons out to the left and he got a lot more involved in the game then didn't he?

ST: I think Phil Jevons played well on the left, but I think that Phil Jevons has played well in the last four or five games. I am very pleased with his form.

Qu: It's interesting to note the amount of tackles that he wins. He seems to have the brains to read the game.

ST: Definitely. He can make a tackle. He is a decent tackler of the ball. He also sometimes finds a little more space in midfield. Sometimes up front space is at a minimum and when he gets that space we know how dangerous he is with his shooting as he showed for that second goal. If he finds a yard of space, he'll put that in the top corner and Phil Jevons is very important to us at Yeovil Town and playing very well at the moment. He is obviously a big reason why we won the game.

Qu: Pablo did well - he seemed to come short often and take up that space so well.

ST: As I've said before, Pablo is new to the English game. He has come over for only two months from Argentina. They play a very different game over there and he is learning all the time. His performance today was good. We are still looking to get more out of Pablo and anything we can do - whether it's fitness or training - will only benefit Yeovil Town because he has got a lot of ability.

Qu: Midfield-wise is one of your fears that they do tend to over-commit a little bit too much and that when it breaks down you get caught?

ST: That is something that we have to take stock of and it is something that we were accused of last season. But one of the reasons why we scored 92 goals is because we have got midfielders that like to get forward. As a coach it's all about me finding the best balance with all of that. Obviously conceding seven goals (in the last two games) is a concern, but I am so pleased that we have scored four goals today. We have got players who can score goals. I will have to look at the defensive situation and frailties. But as I've said, and I'll say it again, it's not about the defence - it's how we defend as a team.

Qu: What was going through your mind in the final minutes today? The goal that was disallowed, the shot that hit the crossbar. It was a mad last five minutes or so.

ST: When the goal went in, I was the last person to see the offside, so that was complete frustration. When the ball hit the bar, it was complete relief, and when the final whistle went, it was complete relief as well. Those were my feelings - frustration until I realised that the goal had been disallowed. I was the last one as I threw my programme and notes down on the floor. Thankfully the boys on the bench didn't leave me dangling - they told me it was offside straight away. In the end it was complete relief, though we do have to defend better - that's for sure.

Qu: You've got a free week now. That gives you a whole week to work on a number of things such as Pablo's fitness.

ST: Yes, we have got a free week and that gives me a chance to work on a number of things. With fitness, maybe with Pablo it might be that we will do a bit of work on that. But I think in the first part of the week we can get a lot of work done, whether that is tactical in the defensive aspect or whether that might be physical.

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1 October 2005 : Matt Double Shatters Iron
Anyone suggesting that the 4-3 scoreline the last time Yeovil Town and Scunthorpe United met would be repeated would doubtless have been greeted with sniggers. Anyone with the courage of that conviction could have got 50/1. We doubt the bookies took many bets on that.

Although four were conceded in the second half on Tuesday caretaker manager Steve Thompson began the match with the same eleven that had started at Roots Hall. The only changes were on the bench, with Adam Lockwood coming in for Colin Miles and David Poole replacing Luciano Alvarez.

The poor finish to the Southend United game seemed set to continue as the home side raced into a 2-0 lead within twenty minutes. Andy Keogh opened the scoring after thirteen minutes. Although everyone in the stadium wearing green and white was convinced Keogh wasn't just offside but was yards offside the one third of a very poor officiating team that mattered on this occasion decided otherwise. Seven minutes later that lead was doubled through the other half of Scunny's striking partnership, Billy Sharp. Things were looking decidedly bad for the visitors, and the home fans were gleefully indulging in this season's naffest and most irritating chant : easy, easy!

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Staring at a situation that could easily have become ugly Thompson did not blink. Nathan Jones was sacrificed for Matt Harrold, and he was put up top to replace Pablo Bastianini, who had looked completely out of sorts leading the line. The Argentinian dropped back to play off Harrold, and immediately looked a different player. It was a match changing moment.

Within a minute of the change the Glovers were back in the game as Darren Way burst into the box to net his second goal of the season. And on 37 minutes Phil Jevons had Yeovil on level terms as he crashed an unstoppable shot into the top corner. All to play for. Which manager would make best use of his fifteen minutes in the dressing room?

It was Town who continued the control established towards the end of the first period, and a brace of goals seven minutes apart laid on by Bastianini and finished by Harrold seemed to have the game sewn up, 2-4. No more chants of 'easy, easy' from Scunny fans now. The away supporters tried a few, but (pleasingly) then showed a preference for the more traditional, and far better : 2-0, and you ****ed it up!

However a tiring Pablo was withdrawn, to be replaced by Paul Terry, on 73 minutes and Yeovil lost a bit of momentum. Scunthorpe pushed forward and brought the score back to 3-4 on 77 minutes with a second from Billy Sharp, setting up a very tense final quarter of an hour. Virtually on the stroke of full-time the home side did get the ball into the net for a fourth time, but the same assistant referee who had allowed their first stuck his flag up this time, whether rightly or from guilt it was hard to tell. The four minutes of time added on seemed more like four hours as Yeovil clung on desperately. With only seconds to go Scunny crashed a rocket of a shot against the bar was all over. Referee Clive Oliver blew his much over-used whistle for the last time, and Yeovil Town had secured a three points that had seemed very unlikely at 3.20 p.m.

Final score : Scunthorpe United 3 Yeovil Town 4

A full Ciderspace match report will appear here.

Yeovil's spirited fight back sends us up to 15th. The highest ever placing in our history moves forward a few more notches. Elsewhere in League One the top two, Swansea City and Southend United, both won again and open up a two point gap over Huddersfield Town who could only draw 2-2 at home to AFC Bournemouth. Brentford are in fourth spot after a 2-1 victory over Rotherham United. Below that the table is incredibly tight, with only six points separating 5th from 23rd. Some club up the A37 had their necks stretched 0-1 by the Monkey Hangers. Swindon Town, beaten 3-1 in the bottom of the table clash away at Franchise F.C., are the only team beginning to slip behind the pack so far.

Yeovil Town's next game is at Huish Park against current table toppers Swansea City this coming Saturday, with a 12.30 p.m. kick-off.

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1 October 2005 : Kevin Amankwaah is internet player of the month for September
Kevin Amankwaah is the internet player of the month for September - the 2nd month in succession that Kev has won the accolade. In an improved month for the Glovers after August's difficulties, Kev won the outright MOTM vote twice - in the Port Vale and Southend matches - and featured heavily in the voting in all the other games. Club captain Terry Skiverton was his nearest challenger, winning the outright vote in 3 matches - against Hartlepool, Bradford City and Millwall - but not featuring quite as much in the votes as Kev in the other games during the month. Chris Weale won the vote in the win against Walsall and if Kevin Gall hadn't missed the final 2 matches of the month with an injury then he too could well have challenged Amankwaah at the top because of his strong overall scores.

Kevin Amankwaah's teammates congratulate the rightback on hearing the news that he has been voted internet player of the month for September.
Kevin Amankwaah's teammates congratulate the rightback on hearing the news that he has been voted internet player of the month for September.
Photo © 2005 Martin Baker / Ciderspace

Full results are as follows:

Kevin Amankwaah - 406 points
Terry Skiverton - 314
Kevin Gall - 313
Lee Johnson - 224
Phil Jevons - 206
Liam Fontaine - 168
Chris Weale - 139
Colin Miles - 105
Efetobore Sodje - 92
Pablo Bastianini - 84
Darren Way - 78
Nathan Jones - 76
Arron Davies - 71
Matt Harrold - 41

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1 October 2005 : Action Photos From Yeovil Town vs Millwall
The gallery for the recent 1-2 home defeat against Millwall in the Carling Cup is now on-line. Access all 52 photos by heading here or by accessing the main Photo Gallery Index page.

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