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30 September 2005 : Oliver's Kingfield Stay Extended
Yeovil Town caretaker manager Steve Thompson has agreed to Luke Oliver staying with Woking for a further month. The central defender will now be with the Cards until November 5th.

Oliver left Woking for Huish Park in the summer, but after three substitute appearances for the Glovers, returned to Surrey at the end of August. Since then in his six starts for Woking they have been beaten only once.

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30 September 2005 : Scunthorpe United v Yeovil Town match preview
Yeovil Town visit the familiar surroundings of Glanford Park tomorrow to take on Scunthorpe United in a League One fixture. The Iron were of course one of the club's promoted with the Glovers from League Two last season, Swansea and Southend being the others; and like Swansea and Southend initially adapted to life in the higher league quicker than Yeovil, though they've had something of a blip lately losing their last 3 league games in succession. The Iron are currently in 5th position in the league table on 17 points, 5 points ahead of the Glovers in 21st.

The Scunthorpe side is a fairly familiar one to Glovers fans though inevitably some changes from last season have been made. Of last season's strikeforce Paul Hayes left for Barnsley in the summer after being courted by former Glovers boss Gary Johnson, and target-man Steve Torpey has been out since August with a torn hamstring and is not expected to return until December. In their place manager Brian Laws has brought in Billy Sharp and Andy Keogh, both players with 9 goals between them so far this season. Veteran winger Peter Beagrie could return tomorrow after missing the last 3 games and highly-rated centre-half Andy Butler should start after a succesful return from injury last week. Midfielder Ritchie Ryan is suspended and fellow midfielder Ian Barraclough is doubtful with toe and ankle problems.

For the Glovers, caretaker-manager Steve Thompson is hoping that Efe Sodje's achilles problem, picked up in the defeat at Southend on Tuesday, will have cleared up in time for the match tomorrow. Kevin Gall is still doubtful with a strained hamstring and Alex Melono serves the 2nd of his 3-game suspension after being shown a straight red card against Port Vale. Colin Miles is available after recovering from the ilness that forced his substitution at Roots Hall on Tuesday and David Poole is also available after recovering from the flu.

Selected odds for tomorrows match: Scunthorpe win: 4/5; draw: 9/4; Yeovil win: 3/1. Our recommendation: Our fiver's going on the Yeovil win. We played well for two-thirds of the match against Southend and Scunny are on a bad run at the moment, you know it makes sense. Record so far this season: -£9.50.

For those travelling tomorrow the Ciderspace guide to all things Scunthorpe is online here.

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30 September 2005 : Action Photos From Bradford City vs Yeovil Town
The gallery for the recent 1-1 draw at Valley Parade against Bradford City is now on-line. Access all 81 photos by heading here or by accessing the main Photo Gallery Index page.

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29 September 2005 : Club Leans Towards Thommo
It looks tonight as if Steve Thompson may have the door of the manager's office at Huish Park ajar, even if he hasn't quite had the chair fitted for size yet.

Chairman John Fry has met with representatives of the various supporters' organizations to take soundings as to the views of the grass roots. Fry told the meeting that there had been between 50 and 60 applications for the post of manager to date, including some well known names, but that he was unimpressed by the vast majority. He felt that many of these applicants would wish to bring in their own people, disrupt the current playing staff, and then might shortly afterwards leave with the club badly damaged. He didn't want to go down that route.

In his assessment of Thompson's credentials for the job the chairman stated that Steve had a personal ambition to do well, and an all important ambition to see Yeovil Town do well. He said he saw a vast difference in Steve from the man that he put in charge after Dave Webb's sudden departure. He felt Steve had increased confidence and ability, the necessary coaching qualifications for the position, and all importantly much managerial knowledge learned from Gary Johnson over the past four years. When asked if Thompson had the necessary contacts to bring in players, the chairman said that he believed that he did, and further that Yeovil Town as a club had many contacts.

It was confirmed that the players had expressed their full support for Steve Thompson to be the manager, as had the rest of the staff. Fry then went on to say that if it had been solely up to him he would have appointed Steve Thompson to the job already. Meanwhile the Board had asked him to advise them on the feeling around Yeovil for Steve Thompson, leave the situation as it is with him as caretaker for the next couple of hard games, check on one or two of the better looking curricula vitae received, and then if Steve was still up for the job, consider him very seriously. Steve Thompson had already put forward a couple of names that he felt could be a suitable No. 2 should he be offered the job full-time.

John Fry would like to hear as many views as possible, so if you have an opinion - and who doesn't! - let our chairman know what you think.

The thanks of Ciderspace go to Brendon Owen for providing the details from which this item has been compiled. The full version of Brendon's text, which also covers some other issues, can be read on the Ciderspace Forum here.

Our view is that without knowing what other candidates have put their names forward, something which rightly should remain confidential, it is not possible to judge whether Steve is the best person available for the job. The Board, who do have that information, will have to decide that. However to save the price of a stamp - yep, we're that miserly - here's our opinion, John :

if, on all the available evidence, you and the Board are convinced Thommo is the best option then we are more than pleased to be able to back him 100%.

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29 September 2005 : Chairman Looks To Consolidation
As all connected to Yeovil Town FC come to terms with the sudden departure last Friday of the man who at last led the club out of its 108 years in Non-League and into the (much-)Promised Land of the Football League, chairman John Fry has been speaking to The Western Gazette of the future A(fter)G(ary).

Fry's tone is one of consolidation, and ensuring we do not lose that which we have gained after waiting for so long.

We had people at the start of this season believing we would get up there and get promotion but it is harder than that. There is a lot of hard work to do behind the scenes. We could get a manager now that could give it a tweak and we could be flying. We could get up to the Championship before Bristol City but as I have said before I would rather stay in League One for 100 years than run the risk of heading back into Non-League.

Our club is only a little club and has produced miracles. We have a fantastic support base but we are now at a stage of the club's development where the next step needs very careful thinking about. Gary has been quoted as saying he was disappointed with the crowds at Huish Park in recent weeks, and yes we all were, but the fact of life is we need time to market that to get to the next level.

It was only a few years ago we were averaging 1,600 and now we are at 6,500, which was our average last year. We could get to 7,000 or 8,000, but we are still very much Yeovil on the other side of the hill. To get the bigger market across the rest of the county is going to take a fair bit of time and the worst thing to do is to build on sand and have it collapse and we go nowhere.

The major shareholder
[Jon Goddard-Watts] has done a fantastic job to take us this far but sometimes you just have to revise your business and development plans and put in place what you are going to do and then move off.

We are not despondent, we are very optimistic at the club. We are sad Gary's departure has happened, but it had to happen at some point. We were ready for it because Gary would not have been the sort of person to walk out if a club was not well prepared.

It would have been nicer to think in pre-season when Derby County were interested, if Gary was going to leave, that would have been a better time and would have given us a bit of time in which to adjust. But it could be a blessing in disguise because the lads and the team are doing pretty well in my estimation. Myself and Gary both wished each other all the best before Saturday's games and there is no hard feelings. For him, it is a different club and different scenery and now we have the chance to go and move in a direction which is a lot longer term.

Doubtless the Board has been doing a lot of thinking this week about what the aims and objectives should be for the next chapter of our club's story. And the direction they decide upon will be a major influence in the first practical decision that has to be taken - who will be offered the job of manager.

Ten years ago this club was in the Isthmian League. We've come a long long way in a decade. All we fans can hope is that the Board continue to get more things right than wrong. One hundred years in the Football League will do nicely for starters.

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29 September 2005 : FL L1 Team Of The Week
For the week ending 26/09/2005 Yeovil Town got more than one player into the Football League Coca-Cola League One Team of the Week for the first time this season. The performances of both Yeovil captain Terry Skiverton and right-back Kevin Amankwah were recognised by their inclusion.

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28 September 2005 : Johnson explains City move
Former Glovers boss Gary Johnson has given a wide-ranging interview to reporter Adam Summers in the latest edition of the Western Gazette to explain why he decided to leave Yeovil to move up the M5 to Bristol City.

The interview in full is printed in tomorrow's paper (Thursday). The new City boss said: "I appreciate the West­ern Gazette giving me the op­portunity to say something be­cause everything happened in such a rush that there was people that I just never got chance to speak to. It was not until late last Wednesday night that it began to look like something was happen­ing and it was just unbelievable. It put me in a major quandary and I had to make a quick decision which let me tell you was very, very difficult. To the Yeovil fans, I just want to say that we had four and a bit great seasons together and they were all part of the success that we had. All the staff were already at the club when I came in and I was always so close to the supporters for all the effort, both home and away, they put in. Without that kind of support we would never have achieved what we did and I want to thank them for backing me as much they did."

"Some will realise why I made the decision to leave and some will not but hopefully people will at least respect that I had to make a very hard choice which I only had a couple of days to think about. You see, it was only when there were a few rumours flying about that Bristol City thought I might move. Before that they thought I probably was not available or that I would not want to leave. I was given permission to speak to the City chairman (Stephen Lansdown) last Thurs­day and it was just through what he said and his thoughts on where he wanted to take Bristol City that I began to take a bigger interest in the role. He promised me carte blanche both on and off the field to sort things out with his help and that of the board of directors and it was clear that I was being given the chance to shake up a club that should be playing in a higher league. Bristol City has a tradition of being a big Football League side and now it is my job to try and help progress them on."

"I can fully understand why people are asking 'why Bristol City and not Derby County or Coventry City?' But what I look at is which clubs are going to pro­gress from where they are. I came to Yeovil be­cause I believed the club had progression in it, 100 per cent, and I was proved right. Some of the other clubs that I have been linked with since then I did not feel that was the case. Some of them were in debt and some of them had boardroom wrangles so there was lots of different reasons why I turned those opportunities down. You see, I want a quality of life now and I want to enjoy my football at a club where they are not just surviving and selling players because they need the money. I do not want to be in that situ­ation and Bristol City proved to me that they are a solid club financially, with some decent players, who just needed someone to come in and offer a bit of leadership and bring the whole thing together. That is ex­actly what I think I am good at and they are a club that need my type of management at this moment in time."

"All of us have to be grateful that Yeovil Town has done what it has done. It has been a fantastic achieve­ment and there still might be progress in the club and I hope there is. But I had to make a decision with the knowledge I have gained on all clubs about where my next move needs to be in terms of my own career and now I am at City, it is up to me to make things work. At City there is the opportunity to turn a 10,000 crowd into a 20,000 crowd but I do not want to say that one club is bigger than the other because that is not the case. Yeovil is still my team at the moment and nobody was more pleased than me when I heard they won against Port Vale on Saturday. And that is nothing to do with my son (Lee Johnson) playing there because as people know all the players are very close to me. I even had people ringing me up after the [Port Vale] game like Matt Harrold. I had been ribbing him for a long time that he was never going to score a goal so he rang me up and said 'there you go I have got it' and that was great. I just want Yeovil to carry on progressing I really do and if there is anything I can do to help I will. The only time we will be com­peting against Yeovil is when we play them. I want one of us to finish first in the league and one of us to finish second, and I do not care in what order that happens."

"In a way, leaving like I did might have been a good way to do it for the simple reason that I am very emotional in these sorts of situations. I cried my eyes out going past the Yeovil training ground the other morning and that is the truth. I am slowly working my way around to speak to everyone at the club but every time I do I break down so I have got to do it gradually. I have also spoken to the board of directors and they have given me everything. They do not deserve to see me walk up the road but they also understand why I have professionally. I also spoke to Mr Jon Goddard-Watts (Yeovil's major shareholder) and they were all so supportive but I suppose what has happened is just football. You have to make decisions for your own career."

"When we come to play Yeovil on 31 December it should be great. Obviously we will be in competition at that time and I do not expect any favours but hopefully there will be a respect of each other where we can all say that we were a part of what was a very successful era. I will certainly remember it all forever and I am sure the Yeovil fans will as well."

"I will be moving closer to Bris­tol. I cannot stand driving up that M5 everyday it is murder and I could not stand driving past the Yeovil training ground everyday either because of emotional reas­ons. I have got a new challenge now and I have to put every effort into that which means I am going to have to move but I will still be around. I will also be keeping an eye on all the players be­cause Steve Thompson and I gave most of them their League debuts."

Johnson is backing Thommo to succeed if he is given the job of manager on a permanent basis. "Steve has got a lot of exper­ience but I also think he has got to really want the role because the club is solid," he said. "It would be a good place for Steve to cut his managerial teeth and he would deserve the job because he has been a major part of Yeovil's success. If the directors in their wisdom want to keep the equilibrium of what is there at the moment in terms of the philo­sophy then Steve is the best per­son to help them do that. To be fair to the board of directors they have not made many wrong decisions over the past few years and I am sure they will discuss it and do what is best for the club."

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28 September 2005 : Thommo's Verdict on the Southend Game
Caretaker manager Steve Thompson rued his side's performance in the last 25 minutes of last night's 4-1 defeat against Southend United. Speaking immediately after the game, Steve answered the following questions:

Qu: Steve you must feel very hard done by the 4-1 scoreline?

ST: Yes, at 65 minutes we were the better team but then we had a deflected goal. But I was very annoyed by the way that we played for the last 20 minutes after that deflected goal.

Qu: What do you think went wrong in the last 20 minutes?

ST: There's lots of things that I have said to the players in the dressing room. We didn't get tight enough and Southend were getting runners in, either with the ball or without the ball. That was annoying as we had looked so competant for 65 minutes, had the better chances in the game. I know teams get their tails up when they score a goal, but to lose 4-1 at the end is obviously extremely disappointing and I've told the lads that.

Qu: To be fair, it was an impressive performance for the first 65 minutes, especially in the first half where Yeovil came out of the blocks really quickly. You must have been pleased with how that went.

ST: Yes, I was very pleased with the first half, including the goal and the chances we created. We were definitely the better team in the first half. I was even pleased with the first 10 or 15 minutes of the second half but when the goal went in, it just seemed to change the whole game.

Qu: How big a blow was it to lose Efe Sodje? It was a great challenge that injured him in the end.

ST: Yes, he's a great defender and he was doing a good job. I think he was only on for about 15 or 20 minutes. Colin Miles came on but unfortunately Colin began to feel ill five minutes before kick-off. To be fair he came on and did quite well despite feeling ill and wasn't at fault for any of the goals. But he was feeling so ill by the time he came off that he just had to come off.

Qu: What about Pablo Bastianini? Was that tactical or did he pick up a knock?

ST: He did pick up a slight knock, but at the moment Pablo is playing the game well in the first half but is fading badly in the second half. I think we need to do a lot of work on his fitness for that second half so that we can get extra time out of him.

Qu: You seem quite upset with the players - would that be fair to say?

ST: Upset with the players? No. The players gave me everything on Saturday and they gave me everything during the first 65 minutes of tonights game. Now I'm not saying that they didn't give me everything during the last 25 minutes of the game, but I need to look at that and work out why it went so wrong in the last 25 minutes. So no, I'm upset with the result, but I'm not particularly upset with the players. I need to look at the video and analyse why that last 25 minutes was such a bad one for us.

Qu: Finally Steve, do you expect to still be caretaker manager by the weekend, or will you be the actual full time manager?

ST: I don't know. The talk with the board is ongoing and I am just taking it as it comes. Obviously results will matter won't they? Saturday's game is obviously very important, not only for our position in terms of getting three points, but it is obviously very important that we get up the league. It's going to be a very important game on Saturday.

Qu: Would you like it sorted out sooner rather than later?

ST: Yes, you always like things sorted out sooner rather than later because whilst there is uncertainty you have different pressures upon you. But I am sure that myself and the board will be talking either this week or next week to try and sort the situation out.

Qu: You've had the euphoria of Saturday - this is now the flipside of management.

ST: You're right - it's a very tough job and it's all about getting results, having the players play for you, and obviously what decisions you make when the players are on the field. I know that and I am fully aware of that. Those three things go into getting successful results and tonight we haven't. On Saturday we did. What's important now is that I analyse what went wrong and try and make sure that we play on Saturday like we did in the first 65 minutes and not like we did in the last 25 minutes.

Qu: Is it fair to say that a manager does his hardest work after a defeat rather than after a win?

ST: Yes, but you still analyse it after a win as well. I analysed Saturday's game quite a lot. But certainly I will have to analyse tonight a lot and see if I can pick out the reasons why that was such a turnaround.

Qu: Would you rule out a mental strength issue there in that a lot of what seemed to go wrong in the last 25 minutes seemed to be on the mental side rather than necessarily physical?

ST: I'm not sure that it was mental. Obviously when a team goes 3-1 down then a look of despondancy can set in. But I'm not sure that it was mental. I did ask the players to be mentally strong at half time as well as physically strong. It might be other reasons. It might be tactical reasons or one player not quite in position but I need to look at that. But I wouldn't say at this moment in time that it was a mental problem in that last 25 minutes.

Qu: You're just caretaker at the moment. As time goes on, that's obviously a strain on you as you are a staff member down as you have lost Gary and no-one has come in to replace him. Might you look to bring in someone else in the interim? You're doing everything at the moment!

ST: Well I am getting help from Stuart Housley, the physio Glen Schmidt and from Maurice O'Donnell. In the short term it is going to carry on that way. Obviously the discussions with the board are essential for sorting that situation out. You wouldn't want to do it all for too long. But at the moment I am quite happy to do it all and I am not seeking that as an excuse in any way for tonight's performance.

Qu: And you've got Len Bond helping out on match days?

ST: Len has been a great help and has done fantastically well with the goalies this season. He has a very good rapport with the keepers and we wanted to bring him here tonight. He can analyse Wealey's performance a lot better than maybe I can as a goalkeeper.

Qu: He started working with you at the start of the season?

ST: Yes, very soon after. I think he's been with us for around six to eight weeks now.

Qu: How is David Poole? We've been missing him for a couple of weeks and I gather he has had flu.

ST: Yes, he had a knock a couple of weeks ago when he couldn't play. Then he had an illness early last week and only came back into training on Friday. He trained well today and obviously he'll be in contention for Saturday.

Qu: What's Efe Sodje's injury?

ST: Sodje's injury was a kick to the achilles tendon. It has stiffened right up. Hopefully that is all it is - a kick to the achilles tendon and I'm hopeful he will be fit for Saturday. Although if you looked at him walking out there at the moment, you'd probably think that he might not be.

Qu: Kevin Gall? How close was he?

ST: Kevin Gall wasn't too close to playing tonight. He has got a slight tweak on his hamstring and it is not something you can take a risk with because if that goes fully you are talking five or six weeks.

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28 September 2005 : Johnson returns - briefly
A Yeovil Town side - presumably made up of those players who didn't feature in last night's 4-1 defeat at Southend - played a similar Bristol City XI in a behind-closed-doors friendly at Huish Park this afternoon, according to an article on City's official site.

The match provided the first opportunity for former Glovers boss Gary Johnson to return to Huish Park and say his farewells to players and staff at the club following his rushed move to City last week. "I never really got to say goodbye last week," Johnson admitted, adding: "The move from Yeovil to Bristol City happened so quickly, especially with the match at Brentford the following day, so it was nice to go back and see a few friends."

The match ended with City winning 3-1; Michael Bridges, Grant Smith and Luke Ballinger scoring for the Robins. No information is given as to who scored for the hosts, more details as and when they become available.

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28 September 2005 : Revenge tastes sweet for Shrimpers
Yeovil Town's status as a bogey side to Southend United was blown away at Roots Hall last night, the hosts coming out on top by the somewhat flattering scoreline of 4-1 in an entertaining match.

Glovers caretaker-boss Steve Thompson made one enforced change to the line-up that began in the 1-0 win over Port Vale on Saturday, Liam Fontaine replacing the suspended Alejandrio Melono in the left-back position. On the bench Colin Miles came in for Adam Lockwood. It wasn't long before the injury jinx struck down the Glovers defence once more, Efe Sodje being forced off on 20 minutes after a kick to the ankle couldn't be run off, Miles replacing him. In the meantime Yeovil were the better side in the first half, coming close on several occasions through Pablo Bastianini and Phil Jevons shots before Darren Way hit the bar with Darryl Flahavan in the Shrimpers goal beaten. At the other end Mark Bentley shot over from close range when he should have hit the target but the Glovers eventually got the goal their first half display deserved on the stroke of half time, Phil Jevons curling a freekick past Flahavan from the edge of the box.

That was as good as it got for the Glovers however, and the home side gradually took control in a performance after the break described by Southend manager Steve Tilson as "the best that we have had since I have been in charge, we were immense in the second half.". The Shrimpers equaliser owed a lot to luck however, Luke Gutteridge's 60th minute shot looked to be covered by Chris Weale in the Yeovil goal before a deflection left the keeper helpess. In-form Wayne Gray made it 2-1 eight minutes later, and although the Glovers side never gave up and kept trying to create chances it was the hosts who were now dominating and looking the more likely to score. With Yeovil pushing forward trying to get an unlikely equaliser and then losing substitute Colin Miles to leave the defence even more disrupted gaps were beginning to appear at the back and Freddy Eastwood popped up twice in injury time to give the scoreline a somewhat flattering look in favour of the hosts.

Final score: Southend United 4 - 1 Yeovil Town. A full match report will be online later today.

Injury news: Efe Sodje's kick on the ankle turned out to be an achilles problem, he will be assessed today but it's too soon to know if he'll be fit for Saturday. Colin Miles was taken off in the second half because of illness, not injury, again it's not yet known if he will be available on Saturday. It was confirmed that David Poole's recent absence has been caused by 'flu but he's back in training now and will be available on Saturday. As for Kevin Gall his hamstring strain is responding to treatment and it's hoped that he'll be fit for the weekend.

The result leaves the Glovers back in the relegation zone in 21st place on 12 points. However the table is so tight at the moment as to be almost meaningless, with just 4 points seperating Yeovil in 21st place and 6th-placed Bradford City in the final play-off position. There's still all to play for....

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27 September 2005 : Southend United v Yeovil Town match preview
The Glovers take on former L2 rivals Southend United at Roots Hall tonight with both teams in pretty good form, at least on paper. Yeovil have taken 10 points from the last 12 available while the Shrimpers will be hoping to make it 6 wins in succession tonight, not a bad run of form by anyone's standards. The club's have met 4 times previously in the football league and - whisper it quietly - tonight's hosts are yet to win a game, the Glovers taking 12 points out of 12 in the fixtures between the teams.

All of which means nothing for this evening of course. Southend, currently 2nd in the table on goal difference from leaders Swansea will be without midfielder Mark Gower (slipped disc) and Carl Petefer (shoulder injury). However Rotherham winger Jamal Campbell-Ryce has now signed on loan ahead of his already-agreed permanent move in January and is available to play tonight. Stopping Southend scoring last season was difficult, but not impossible. Basically, if Freddy Eastwood could be marked out of the game then you were in with half a chance. It's not so straightforward this season however, stop Eastwood and you now also have to stop former Manchester City hitman Shaun Goater and the born again Wayne Gray, both of whom have already scored 5 goals each this season. Fortunately the Glovers can welcome back defender Liam Fontaine from suspension, especially as Uruguayan defender Alejandrio Melono misses the game serving the first of his 3 match ban after being red-carded against Port Vale last Saturday. Colin Miles is fit again after recovering from his hip injury but Kevin Gall is still doubtful with a hamstring strain. There's still no official word on David Poole's whereabouts, unofficially he's had the 'flu, hence his absence from the squad lately.

"It's going to be a very tough game, but hopefully, we will have the psychological edge over them because we haven't been beaten by them so far," Glovers' skipper Terry Skiverton told the Western Morning News yesterday. "We are going into the game confidently regardless of where they are in the league, we have to go there and put a performance in and, hopefully, we can come away with a win. We got a really vital win there last year, which was really important to us, but that table is looking really tight and, if we get a win tomorrow night, we could climb a few places and get near the play-off spots. At this stage, a couple of defeats and you could be back in the relegation places or a couple of wins will take you into the play-off places. But we are looking to be positive and will go into the game trying to be solid and looking to create a few chances in the final third."

Selected betting odds: Southend win - 4/5 on, draw - 23/10, Yeovil win 3/1. Our recommendation - history says a Glovers win, current form plus home advantage points to a Southend victory. Given that my self-imposed rule is to never bet against us then I'm going to let my head rule my heart and take the slightly better odds than usual offered on the stalemate and put my fiver on the draw - and hope for the away win instead! Record so far this season: -£4.50p.

The match at Roots Hall kicks off at 7.45pm. The Ciderspace guide to all things Southend is online here.

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26 September 2005 : Youth Team vs QPR Match Report
Yeovil Town's Under 18s side could feel hard done by when despite first half domination, they fell behind to two goals scored by a Queens Park Rangers Youth Team boasting probably the largest number of six-footers to ever grace the Top Pitch at Huish Park. A second half injury time goal sealed Yeovil's fate in this Youth Alliance Cup match, and the end result was a rather harsh looking 3-0 reverse. Robin Evans has supplied a match report for the game and this can be found here.

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26 September 2005 : Reserves vs Swindon Town Match Report
Last week's 2-1 home defeat in the Pontins Holiday Combination against Swindon Town was reported on by Robin Evans. His match report is now on-line and can be found here.

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25 September 2005 : Interview With Terry Skiverton
Captain Terry Skiverton talked to the press after the first game without Yeovil hero Gary Johnson at Huish Park. The 30-year-old thanked his former boss for transforming the club in such a short space of time and appeared to be in full support for Steve Thompson to fill the vacant managerial position.

Skiverton said: "I don’t think anyone could begrudge the man because he has done so much for everyone here. He has turned a very good Conference side into a club that has won League Two. If Steve stays then I am sure the squad will be very happy. If they do decide to go elsewhere and then we all start afresh."

Read the full interview with Terry Skiverton (transcript by George Murray) head here or alternatively head to the main Ciderspace Interviews Section.

[Note: Media organisations and other websites should provide appropriate credit when reusing this and other content from Ciderspace.]

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25 September 2005 : Thommo's Thoughts On The Managerial Vacancy
Caretaker manager Steve Thompson has admitted that the current Huish Park vacancy does interest him, although is currently not ruling anything in or out of his future plans, pending a meeting in the coming week with the Yeovil Town board to discuss the future. Steve answered the following questions relating to the managerial vacancy after the 1-0 win over Port Vale:

Qu: Someone has got to ask you so it might as well be me. Are you interested in being the next manager of Yeovil Town?

ST: Yes I am interested, but I need to talk to the board. We are going to have a board meeting next week. I need to find out the direction that they feel we should go. Basically we have to have discussions about the way they see it going and about the way that I see it going as well. But yes I am interested.

Qu: You've done it before but I imagine you have learned quite a lot through working next to Gary Johnson and the other two managers you have been assistant to. Have you got skills now that you can bring to the table that you might not have had there previously?

ST: I learnt in the five months that I did it that it is the hardest job in the world and I don't know how Gary makes it look so easy. It is a hard job, but that goes with the territory. I know that and the spell that I had in charge four or five years ago made me fully aware of that. Even though we have had success in the past four or five years I still know how hard a job it is from working with Gary and seeing how he works at close quarters.

Qu: He has won today as well, so a phone call later?

ST: That didn't surprise me one little bit. I should have put that one down as an away on the pools coupon! I thought they would win today and I am very pleased for Gary that they have won. I suppose the only reason why I should not say that is because Brentford are up near the top and we are near the bottom. But I am pleased for Gary to get the win.

Qu: Would you rule yourself out of the possibility of joining Gary at Bristol City?

ST: I wouldn't like to make any rule-ins or rule-outs at the moment because I haven't spoken to the board. I was very very touched by the reception that I got from the fans today and I really appreciate that, and the players appreciated it as well. The backing they gave us throughout the game, the backing they gave us before the game as we went out onto the pitch and the backing they gave us at the end of the game was really appreciated. The fans have been a really major part in the success we have had in the last five years. They have been great fans. We've come through alot in the past five years and done alot together and it was touching to get that kind of an ovation. I know that one win doesn't make a season, but it's three vital points even if there is a long way to go.

Qu: Where do you think you will be this time next week Steve?

ST: I think I will be at Yeovil Town this time next week.

Qu: Would that be your preference?

ST: Of course it would. I have been here for seven years. My family are living here and my two young sons think the club is theirs and they treat it like their own. But we need to speak with the board. I don't want to go making any rash comments that may not be in line with what the board are thinking. You might think I am trying to play it cagey but I don't want to come out with anything when the board might be thinking something different. We haven't talked yet and we need to talk next week.

Qu: Steve what has the mood been like around the club? When did you know Gary might be leaving?

ST: I knew he was likely to go on the Wednesday night and it all happened on the Thursday. As for the mood around the club, footballers like to put on bravado. What they are thinking deep down maybe hasn't come out. They've been very chirpy and very noisy. Now whether that is bravado or whether they've just had two happy go-lucky days I don't know but they have been chirpy. There's not been an air of despondancy. I have noticed that around the town a little bit. But they are professional footballers and they have got to go out there and play football and they have shown today that they had their minds 100 percent on putting the effort in and playing football.

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25 September 2005 : Thommo's Verdict on the Port Vale Game
Caretaker manager Steve Thompson believed Saturday's 1-0 win over Port Vale was priceless in terms of the psychological boost it gave the Glovers in the wake of Gary Johnson's departure from Huish Park. Speaking to the press after the game, Steve answered the following questions:

Qu: Steve, you left it late, but a win in the end and three priceless points.

ST: Yes, a very important three points. For the three points themselves because of our league position and also because of the mental and psychological aspect of it, because it was the first game without Gary being here. All three points are important but this three points today was even more important than normal.

Qu: I hope you don't mind me saying that it wasn't an overly entertaining game. Both sides tended to cancel each other out I think.

ST: Yes, I'd agree with that - it wasn't an overly entertaining game. But the effort from the lads was absolutely magnificent. To go down to ten men for the second time in the week can take a lot out of you. We did that on Tuesday and so to have to do that again for 35 minutes, I have just said in the dressing room that I couldn't have asked for any more effort. Of course I can ask for more chances to be created and we want to do that, but I couldn't have asked for more effort from all thirteen of our players who played today. Also, I'd mention all the ones who didn't play today and all of the staff for the support they have given me. I'm very pleased with the three points obviously.

Qu: You mentioned the sending off with Melono seeing red. How did you see that - did you think it was a red card?

ST: No I think it was the first foul that he'd made in the game. I think it was a poor foul, but it was no more than a booking. It wasn't from behind; he came in from the side. Their player tried to let the ball roll past him and Alex caught his leg - a booking at most. These things happen don't they?

Qu: Steve, you have said that you don't think it was a red card. The Port Vale assistant has said he doesn't think it should have been a red card, so I presume an appeal will go in very quickly?

ST: One thing I have seen in the past few years is that appeals generally do not succeed unless you have the grounds for mistaken identity, which that wouldn't be.

Qu: With Port Vale's support?

ST: With their support - we did that once before back in the Conference (versus Halifax) and managed to get one off but not the other. I will have to speak to the secretary about that because if we can lodge an appeal then will launch an appeal, if we feel it is worthwhile. But we must remember that they actually add a game on for what they view as a frivolous appeal. Freddie Eastword of Southend had that happen to him this year.

Qu: It wouldn't be frivolous though?

ST: I wouldn't have thought so, but you have got to have grounds for appeal. It's a refereeing decision. It was a foul. If it wasn't a foul, I might see how we would have grounds for appeal.

Qu: But you quite often see red card rescinded to a yellow.

ST: Yes, on video evidence. I need to speak to Jean Cotton. You do tend to see it more in the Premiership than anywhere else, and for red cards they do rescind them sometimes.

Qu: Were you worried at that point when you'd gone down to ten men, because you'd just got a bit of a grip on the game?

ST: Yes, very worried when he went off because obviously it meant that we had to change our shape. We went from a 4-4-2 to a 4-4-1 and for ten minutes Port Vale had a whole load of possession and until our players got used to the new positions it was a very worrying ten or fifteen minutes.

Qu: A lovely goal when it came though, with Lee Johnson making the pass out to Kevin Amankwaah bursting down the right, and then the cross for Matt Harrold. It was a beautiful goal to watch.

ST: It was a fantastic goal. Kevin Amankwaah had shown great energy throughout the second half, and in fact throughout the game to get back when we were in defensive situations. But to then burst forward into an 80 yard run and into an attacking situation shows what a fantastic player he is and it showed what real athleticism is all about. He is an athlete. Of course the finish was tremendous as well because when those balls come across they are not easy to hit coming in from that angle from the side. The hardest thing to do is to keep it down and Matt Harrold did that fabulously well and of course we were elated at the goal and the three points.

Qu: Matt deserves his goal not only for today's performance but also for the attitude he's shown when he has come on as a sub in the last few games as well.

ST: Yes, every time he has come on, certainly in the last three or four games he has had an effect upon the game and of course he has had an effect upon the game today. So we are very pleased with Matt today.

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25 September 2005 : SPC Defence Begins
A lot of water has passed under the bridge since the draw for the Somerset Premier Cup was revealed on May 18th. Yeovil Town Reserves face Shepton Mallet Town at Huish Park in Round One as they begin their campaign to retain the trophy. Should this tie be safely negotiated The Glovers will be at home again in Round Two, to Weston-super-Mare.

The First Round fixture has now been set for Tuesday, October 4th, with a 7.45 p.m. kick-off. Only the Yeovil College (Main) Stand will be open. It's pay-on-the-night, with adults £4.00, all concessions £2.00.

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25 September 2005 : Interview With Matt Harrold
Matt Harrold talked to the media yesterday after scoring the winner for Steve Thompson’s men with just five minutes left on the clock having come on as a substitute midway through the second half. Harrold spoke of his delight at having scored his first goal in a hooped shirt and praised former boss Gary Johnson for his help this season.

The young 21-year-old striker said: "I am delighted about that goal and hopefully I can go from strength to strength. Now with the goal, it leaves it harder for him (Steve Thompson) to leave me out. Gary has made me a better player already. The things that he has done on the training pitch have helped me a lot."

Read the full interview with Matt Harrold (transcript by George Murray) head here or alternatively head to the main Ciderspace Interviews Section.

[Note: Media organisations and other websites should provide appropriate credit when reusing this and other content from Ciderspace.]

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24 September 2005 : Ten man Glovers ride down Vale
Yeovil Town showed that there is life after Gary Johnson when Matt Harrold scored five minutes from time to give caretaker manager Steve Thompson's side all three points against Port Vale at Huish Park today. The visitors may go back home feeling slightly hard done by after having the better of the chances this afternoon but a combination of poor finishing and good defending meant they left empty handed.

Port Vale mounted the pressure on the Yeovil defence from the outset with Sam Collins finding the woodwork within three minutes. That was soon followed by a thumping shot from George Pilkington which keeper Chris Weale did well to parry. The visitors then missed a glorious opportunity a minute before the break when Michael Cummins couldn’t hit the target from close range.

The Glovers looked to be even less likely to score when, to the astonishment of the majority of the 5,901 crowd, including Port Vale manager Martin Foyle, Steve Thompson’s side was reduced to ten men. Alejandrio Melono was shown a straight red card following a foul on Nathan Lowndes which appeared to just about deserve a booking at most. But Yeovil were not to be fazed. Substitute Matt Harrold grabbed his first goal in a Yeovil shirt when Lee Johnson superbly fed Kevin Amankwaah who ran the good part of 50 yards before finding the unmarked Harrold in the box who perfectly directed his shot past Mark Goodlad in the Vale goal. Yeovil held on to ensure that Steve Thompson’s third spell at the helm got off to a flying start.

Match summary by George Murray.

Jeremy Gear's full match report is online here. Final score: Yeovil Town 1 - 0 Port Vale.

It's not yet known whether the Glovers will appeal Alejandrio Melono's red card, Steve Thompson intends to discuss the matter in-house first as the risk of an additional 1 game ban for a so-called 'frivolous' appeal is always there. Kevin Gall missed today's game because of a hamstring strain that he first picked up in the 1-1 draw at Bradford City and which flared up again during Tuesday's 2-1 loss to Millwall in the League Cup. David Poole was again conspicuous by his absence from the squad today but we're not quite sure sure why (though we assume it's some sort of injury, not anything more sinister) because the highly trained and equally highly paid press corps (including, it must be said, a certain Ciderspace co-editor) forgot to ask Thommo about his whereabouts after the match. Good work guys!

The result leaves the Glovers once again in their highest ever football league position - 18th, on 12 points, only 8 points behind early pace-setters Swansea City, who drew 1-1 with improving Nottingham Forest at the New Stadium. Other notable results include Swindon losing again at home, 2-3 to Bradford City to drop to 2nd from bottom on 7 points and with boss Andy King now looking odds-on to be the next unfortunate manager to lose his job. This Tuesday's opponents Southend continued their good form with a 2-4 away win at Rotherham to go 2nd on goal difference to the Jacks; and next weekend's opposition Scunthorpe United slipped up at home, losing 3-1 to Walsall to drop to 5th on 17 points. As for you-know-who, Bristol City turned around their recent dismal form to be the first team to beat high-flying Brentford at Griffin Park this season - congratulations to Gary Johnson on winning his maiden game in charge of the Robins. They're still below us though, in 22nd place on 10 points, and long may that particular situation remain unchanged!

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23 September 2005 : Thommo Calls For Huish Park Lift
Long serving player/coach Steve Thompson has called upon the players and supporters to help lift the spirits at Huish Park when Port Vale come to visit tomorrow. Thompson has been appointed as caretaker manager following today's shock departure of former manager Gary Johnson and looks likely to be in charge at minimum for tomorrow's match as well as Tuesday's Southend United trip whilst the Board of Directors consider their next move.

Speaking to BBC Radio Bristol Thompson said: "All that concerns me is tomorrow. Tomorrow is very important now. Gary has been fantastic at Yeovil and we have had a wonderful four years with two promotions and a cup win and the lads have done absolutely fantastic. But all that concerns me at the moment is getting three points for Yeovil Town tomorrow."

Steve was also interviewed on the club's Glovers World website and he added: "It's important to give people a lift now. I've called upon the players to give everything they can to give the fans the lift they need now. If they produce the kind of performance they gave against Millwall, Bradford, Walsall and Hartlepool, we can't go far wrong."

This is now technically Steve's third spell at the helm. After a six month stint between Colin Lippiatt's and David Webb's appointments, Thommo, who has now been at Huish Park for seven years, also took temporary charge after Webb's departure, filling in prior to the arrival of Colin Addison. Chairman John Fry has not ruled out any managerial possibilities at this stage, and therefore the next couple of games are also an opportunity for Thommo to stake his claim for the manager's job on a more permanent basis, should he want it.

However, Huish Park may not be Thommo's only option available - newly appointed Bristol City manager Gary Johnson has also indicated that he may move for Thommo's services should he become available. That's unlikely if Thommo is offered the top job at Huish Park, but becomes more likely if other scenarios develop.

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23 September 2005 : Gary Johnson Is Bristol City Boss - Official!
Gary Johnson has been confirmed as Bristol City's new manager following the successful conclusion of negotiations over a compensation payment to Yeovil Town. The Robins have called a press conference for 4pm at which Gary will officially be unveiled as the new first team boss.

No announcement has been made over who will be in charge for tomorrow's match against Port Vale, however it is expected to be assistant boss Steve Thompson, who took charge of today's training session at Huish Park.

More reaction will be published as it becomes available.

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23 September 2005 : Gary Just Waiting On Compensation Deal
Glovers boss Gary Johnson has spoken for the first time since Bristol City made their official approach to Yeovil Town and has strongly implied that when a compensation figure is agreed between the two clubs that he will be accepting the position as the Ashton Gate first team boss.

Speaking to Sky Sports, Johnson admitted: "Both clubs are in talks. It's just a matter of negotiating compensation. I'm just waiting for Yeovil Town Football Club to tell me they have agreed compensation with Bristol City. That's what I'm waiting for."

Alot depends on the context of the question that Gary was asked by Sky Sports, however the word "just" strongly implies that it is the only matter delaying his unveiling as Bristol City's new boss.

The rumourmill strongly suggests an announcement of his departure from Huish Park is imminent, with the Yeovil boss believed to not have been present at today's training session and the likelihood is that even if things are not finalised today that assistant boss Steve Thompson will assume caretaker control of the side alongside Maurice O'Donnell and Stuart Housley for tomorrow's match against Port Vale.

The rumourmill also suggests that two well-known faces were seen at Huish Park today who are both former Football League managers currently out of work, although knowing the reliability of such information in times like these such things have to be taken with a pinch of salt. One thing that seems almost certain now is that Gary Johnson is now unlikely to manage another Yeovil Town game - a sudden sharp unexpected end to his four year reign at Huish Park.

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23 September 2005 : Yeovil Town v Port Vale preview
In case you've forgotten, the Glovers entertain Port Vale tomorrow in a League One match at Huish Park, 3pm kick off. Vale have had a decent start to the season after strugglng most of last term and are currently 8th in the league table on 14 points. However they have lost their last 2 games, a losing run that the Valiants will want to bring to an end sooner rather than later.

Vale have been strugling with injuries to key players lately which probably has something to do with their recent losses, but they'll be pleased to welcome back influential right-sided midfielder George Abbey tomorrow as well as left-sided midfielder Mark Innes both of whom have been sidelined recently. Former Glovers loan signing Lee Matthews is - believe it or not - unfit, but manager Martin Foyle has beefed up his strike force by signing Gary Mulligan from Sheffield United on loan.

"I'm a little bit disappointed about last weekend's result (a 0-1 home loss to Colchester) because I felt we deserved to get something out of the game, but sometimes those games test you," Foyle told his club's official site today. "You will always get pressure in football, even if you are winning and the pressure is on to win the next game, but we've got two home games, against Oldham next Wednesday and then Walsall next Saturday and it's a chance to start a little run again. We've got one or two players back, which is absolutely a must, but we need a few more back. At the moment we are ok, we are not pressing the panic button or anything. It's just a case of regrouping, getting everybody's heads up and if we play like we did on Saturday in the first half we should get something out of the game. Yeovil have picked up after a slow start, but the confidence isn't low for any team in this league. Yeovil are a very good home side. They will come at us and they will play football, they are not one of those long-ball merchants. They get the ball down and use the width so it will be a very good game, because we can get the ball down, but it's a case of being a bit more solid. We've got to be a bit harder to beat and we've got to roll our sleeves up and we've got to defend well. We'll take anything on our travels. People are probably looking to see whether we are still going to be a soft touch, but I can't do a lot because the side picks itself at the moment, but I am confident we can go there and get something."

As for the Glovers, on the playing side Liam Fontaine will definitely be out serving a one-match suspension following his red card against Millwall on Tuesday night, Efe Sodje will presumably take his place. David Poole missed Wednesday night's reserve team match against Swindon, again presumably with an unspecified injury and it's not known whether Colin Miles has yet recovered from the hip injury that kept him out of the Millwall game on Tuesday. Other than that and the players out on loan, whoever is in charge of the team tomorrow will have a full squad to choose from.

Selected odds for tomorrow: Yeovil win - 11/10, draw - 11/5, Port Vale win - 9/4. Our recommendation - no messing with first goalscorers or anything else this time around, we have great faith in the players who've done us proud over the last few seasons and if we're at home and the odds are even or in our favour then we're putting our fiver on a Yeovil win, even with the current uncertainty (at the time of writing) over the managerial position. Record so far this season: -£10.

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23 September 2005 : City Confirm Gary Johnson Interview
League One side Bristol City have confirmed they have interviewed Glovers boss Gary Johnson and have offered him the position of first team manager.

Speaking to their official site, City Chairman Steve Lansdown has said: "We made an official approach to Yeovil this week and were given permission to talk to Gary Johnson. That meeting took place yesterday (Thursday) and the clubs are now negotiating over a compensation payment. We have made what we consider to be an excellent offer to Yeovil and are awaiting their response."

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23 September 2005 : Yeovil Town Confirm Bristol City Approach
Yeovil Town have confirmed that League One side Bristol City have approached the Yeovil Town Board of Directors for permission to talk to Gary Johnson. In a statement issued by the club today, the club imply that the approach made was as a direct request made by Gary himself to grant permission to speak to the Bristol club, but that the board said that an approach had to be made through the proper channels. Now the club say such an approach has now been made, although they stop short of BBC Bristol's claims that Johnson had already left Huish Park.

The full statement on the Glovers official site reads:

"Earlier this week the chairman of Yeovil Town Football Club was asked by Gary Johnson whether we would allow permission for Bristol City Football Club to talk to him. The board of directors maintained their previously stated position that Gary is contracted to the club and the directors are very anxious for that to continue so we can build on the recent successes and establish ourselves in League One. However, as before, if an approach through the proper channels is made to the club, the directors, with reluctance, would not stand in Gary's way if he wished to consider any such approach.

We can confirm that since that conversation the chairman of Bristol City Football Club has contacted John Fry and discussion are currently ongoing with regard to their vacant manger's position. As soon as there is any further news an official statement will be issued by the club

The curious development here is the suggestion that Gary himself initiated the move - a surprise given that the Yeovil manager has turned down approaches made by far bigger clubs such as Derby County and Coventry City. The claim that Johnson initiated the move would imply that he holds a strong interest in the position, which does not provoke optimism for the likelihood of him remaining as Yeovil's first team manager. The only question mark that would remain is that if Bristol City are the right club for him, then why were Derby County and Coventry City so wrong?

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23 September 2005 : Radio Station Claims Johnson Gone
Local radio station BBC Radio Bristol are claiming that Glovers boss Gary Johnson will today join fellow League One side Bristol City as first team manager provided City can agree a compensation deal with the Yeovil Town board. The radio station is claiming that there will be a press conference at Huish Park at 10.00am to announce Johnson's departure. The station has even gone as far as to suggest in it's headlines that "all three of our clubs are currently left rudderless" referring also to managerless League Two side Bristol Rovers.

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22 September 2005 : Mr Cheat Up In Court
Cheating Boston United manager Steve Evans is still being dogged by the scandal that saw him banned from all football for twenty months and fined £8,000 on a series of charges relating to illegal payments and attempting to pervert the course of an F.A. investigation by bribing a witness. Ex-Boston United chairman Pat Malkinson was banned for twelve months and fined £7,000 for his part in the affair. The case related to Boston's promotion on goal difference at the expense of Dagenhan & Redbridge in the 2001-02 season. In a disgraceful bottling of its duty to protect the game from cheats the F.A. merely fined Boston United £100,000 and deducted them four points from the following season, allowing their ill-gotten promotion to stand.

Immediately the ban on Evans ended the man who had in the meantime taken over as chairman at York Street, Jon Sotnick, sacked the manager in situ and reappointed Evans. This decision has come back to haunt him as Evans has now been charged with fraud. Four others with former and/or present connections to the club have also been charged : ex-club chairman and owner Pat Malkinson, general manager John Blackwell, former book-keeper Ian Lee and former accountant Brian James.

The hearing concerning allegations of sustained years of defrauding the Inland Revenue dating back as far as 1997, when Boston were in the Northern Premier League, will open on Friday at 10.00 a.m. at Bow Street Magistrates Court or the Old Bailey (depending on which press story one prefers) in London.

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22 September 2005 : Goodbye And Good Riddance
Bristol Rovers has relieved Ian Atkins of his managerial responsibilities at the club. Speaking on Radio Bristol a club director revealed that Atkins had been informed on Wednesday that his contract would not be renewed at the end of the season, and then told after training today that he was no longer First Team Manager.

Atkins, a man whose reputation as a football manager comes almost entirely through his own self-publicity and selectivity of memory, has never endeared himself to Yeovil fans, dating back to the F.A. Cup meeting with his then club Northampton Town in 1998, which The Glovers won 2-0. But his stock hit an all time low when his behaviour in the October 19th 2004 match between Bristol Rovers and Yeovil Town at the Memorial Stadium led to three separate charges being levied against him by the Football Association. Atkins spent several weeks spreading disinformation and insinuations through the local media whilst trumpeting that he would fight the charges against him to the bitter end. He got the hearing delayed, supposedly to further prepare his defence, and at the end of all this............ pleaded guilty. Even then he couldn't leave it alone, asserting in the Bristol Evening Post that he couldn't comment further because the police were pursuing further inquiries. Oddly only a few days before an unidentified source - who wouldn't have been Atkins, oh no not at all - had claimed the police were investigating individuals from Yeovil Town FC and considering charges. This was of course completely untrue as the police subsequently made clear : they were investigating no one and nothing. A mysterious illness - chicken flu perhaps - struck Atkins down for the return at Huish Park, and he did not show up.

Before Atkins gets to work on promoting his own version of his achievements at Bristol Rovers we'd better get his real stats at The Gas on record : won 31%, lost 31%, drawn 38%.

So let's er, randomly choose a good manager for comparison : won 52%, lost 27%, drawn 21%. And not a whinging whining excuse along the way. Give Gary a ring, Ian, and ask how it should be done.

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22 September 2005 : Johnson dismisses move stories as 'speculation'
Yet again Glovers boss Gary Johnson is being linked to various managerial jobs elsewhere in the football world and yet again both he and the club are reporting that no official approach has been received from any other football club and that any stories in the media linking him with other clubs are nothing but speculation.

Today the Bristol Evening Post, the Western Daily Press and HTV Sport have all linked Gary with the vacant managerial position at League One rivals Bristol City, variously claiming that he's been interviewed for the post, is on a shortlist of five, and is favourite to get the job. The truth is out there, but not, it would seem, in any of the above claims. Speaking to today's Western Gazette, Gary said: "There is always speculation and this is what this is. Until the (Yeovil) board of directors receive an official approach from another club then there is nothing in any of it. The other thing to remember is that I signed a new three-year contract in April and a compensation package would also have to be agreed between Yeovil and the other club before anything else could happen."

Chairman John Fry, also speaking to the Gazette, added: "To be honest I get these sorts of things all the time now so I do not take any notice of them. We are very dependant on Gary but we also know that he will always be very much in the eyes of other clubs who are looking for a manager. Gary is under contract and is doing an excellent job but things change so we will just have to wait and see, and then react to whatever comes."

Further from that in an audio interview on the club's official site this afternoon Gary again emphasises that up until now (or 4pm this afternoon to be precise) that no approach for his services has been received from any other club, therefore there is no decision for either him or the club to make.

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22 September 2005 : Liam's not appealing
Glovers defender Liam Fontaine, dismissed for a professional foul by referee Mike Russell in Tuesday night's defeat at the hands of Millwall in the 2nd round of the Carling Cup, has decided not to appeal against the red card.

The video recording of the incident in question isn't clear enough to justify an appeal according to today's Western Daily Press and with the match referee refusing to review his decision on the night it's been decided that the risk of the appeals committee increasing any ban on the grounds of frivolity is too great. Liam will therefore miss this Saturday's home match against Port Vale.

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22 September 2005 : Colin Lee's Verdict On The Carling Cup Game
Millwall manager Colin Lee admitted he had been given a scare as the Championship side narrowly squeezed their way past Yeovil Town in the Carling Cup this week.

Speaking immediately after the match, Lee said: "That was a typical cup game in the end wasn't it? You've got to give credit to Yeovil. They slung everything at us and I must admit it was a bit scary in the last few minutes of the game. But we managed to hang on. It's very difficult to play so many games in such a short space of time especially three games away from home - Wolves, Sheffield Wednesday and then tonight. Obviously we didn't have the three boys who are on loan, although that could be a good thing in terms of team selection for Saturday as next week we play Saturday, Tuesday and Friday. We are being tested - that's for sure - and the boys that played in all three games you'd have to give a lot of credit to."

Lee also added that Yeovil's comeback showed that there was plenty of spirit within the club: "I was a bit disappointed we didn't keep a clean sheet. We've only kept one clean sheet this season. But you have to take into account that Yeovil have got nothing to lose at that stage of the game. They were going to get balls in. To be fair they did put us under pressure. I think the football went out the window, and it was a case of get the ball in there, get us under pressure, try and get corners and free kicks and it worked for them - there's no doubt about that. I said to Gary at the end that his team have got a big heart about them and they don't know when they are beaten. I think that's full credit to the manager, the players and everyone associated with his football club."

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22 September 2005 : Reserves lose to Swindon second-string
Yeovil Town Reserves lost 2-1 to their Swindon Town counterparts in a keenly contested and fast-paced Combination League game at Huish Park last night.

The Glovers, fielding their usual combination of squad members, youth team players and a trialist - in this case central midfielder Anton Robinson of Millwall - began the match brightly with Arron Davies and Luciano Alvarez testing the Swindon keeper's reflexes, but as the half wore on the visitors - playing most of the side that featured in their 2-1 League One defeat at Bournemouth last Saturday - began to look more threatening, eventually taking the lead with literally the last kick of the first half when a Kyle Lapham cross was converted from close range by Jamie Cureton. The Glovers equalised on 58 minutes, Efe Sodje heading home from Arron Davies's corner; but a minute later and Swindon were back in front Christian Roberts following up to tap in from a few feet after Steve Collis did well to parry a long-range shot. Matt Harrold had the ball in the back of the net on 70 minutes but the goal was disallowed - presumably the referee knew why, no-one else did. The game degenerated slightly thereafter with some increasingly bizarre referring decisions livening up the small crowd.

Final score: Yeovil Town Reserves 1 - 2 Swindon Town Reserves.

Yeovil team:
1. Stephen Collis, 2. Adam Lockwood, 3. Gavin McCallum, 4. Richard Cullingford, 16. Efe Sodje, 6. Anton Robinson, 7. Paul Terry, 8. Arron Davies, 11. Luciano Alvarez, 12. Craig Allcock, 14. Matt Harrold
5. Sam Croft, 13. Danny Barker, 15. Matt Concliffe, 17. Ben Wood, 20. Steve Thompson

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21 September 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Millwall Game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson said he felt his team were 'magnificent' bar the seven minute spell that saw Championship side Millwall grab a 2-1 win in the Carling Cup. Speaking after the match in the press conference Gary answered the following questions:

Qu: A defeat in the end but a performance to be proud of.

GJ: Yes, I think so. I thought the boys were magnificent. Barring a seven minute sloppy spell right from the kick-off (in the second half) I thought they gave it everything, with 10 men they gave it everything and we created numerous chances throughout the game.

We didn’t want half-time to come because we played very well in the last 15 minutes of the first-half and we caused them a few problems. Obviously Colin decided to change it at half-time and for some reason that little bit of experience gave them the impetus until we were down to 10 men and then they got the game.

I’m disappointed to be out of the Carling Cup of course but very proud of the effort from the lads.

Qu: It could have been two/three or four goals by half-time but it was one of those nights where every shot you had went straight at their keeper.

GJ: Well he made some good saves. I lost count how many times he tipped the ball over the bar and there were some big ones wasn’t there - Pablo’s shot from 50 yards, Jevons from 30 yards but we were hitting the target and the goalkeeper kept making the saves.

I was pleased with our football. We kept our reputation for playing football at this level. We’ve played a very experienced team there and for parts of the game our football shone through.

Qu: As you say it was that seven minute period after half-time when they got their two goals and Liam Fontaine got his red-card, how did you see that situation?

GJ: I don’t know. Liam said that Barry Hayles pulled him back slightly first which put him the other side of him. To be fair I don’t think the referee had a great game but he said he will have a look at the video so I have Stuart Housley looking at the video now to see whether that’s the case. If the referee has a look at that for us then at least he might pickup a few bonus points from us.

Qu: A little disappointed with your two goals conceded? He had a lot of space to turn in from close range for the first didn’t he?

GJ: He did, we were at sixes and sevens probably once in the game and that was it. The other goal was Chris Weale not coming out. Maybe you could say it was a foul but Chris needed to be stronger to make it look more of a foul and unfortunately that went their way. But there was just one point where their good bit of play and us being all over the shop lead to their goals but there was a lot of good play from us.

We have said to the boys we are disappointed to be out of the cup but you gave a great performance and we are proud of you.

Qu: It seemed like that confidence which was running throughout the side last year is back and players were popping up in different positions and exchanging roles - Yeovil’s version of total football.

GJ: Yes it was and it had to be because Millwall play a system which is a four at the back and a four in midfield which is a diamond shape with two up front. Sometimes if you don’t work hard it's very difficult to close down and if they get their tails up then its difficult to defend. We worked hard enough to get on the ball to make our shape work rather than their shape, but it’s all about goals and they got two we got one.

Qu: A debut of course for your Uruguayan International defender, how did you think he got on?

GJ: He did OK. He was in the right holes at the right time and he looked like he will be dangerous from set plays. We had so many today that it's credit to Millwall as they defended them quite well. We put a lot of effort into trying to win those balls. The balls were coming in at the right pace and we put them under pressure from that. He is a big lad and he is just getting to learn our English football and I thought he had a decent debut.

Qu: Arron Davies impressed when he came on. You dropped him to the bench because you weren’t quite happy with his work rate on Saturday but he worked his socks off when he came on and of course got the goal.

GJ: It wasn’t his work rate on Saturday, it was his effectiveness. He works hard and always works hard but if you work that hard you have to be effective. He has always done well when comes off the bench and he doesn’t want to be known as a super sub and I’ve told him that. But he has come off the bench and effected the game and he has to do that when he starts.

Qu: Looking ahead to Saturdays game, any injury concerns as you start planning for that? Obviously you will have to reshuffle at the back with Fontaine suspended unless you win the appeal.

GJ: Yes that’s right. We have enough centre-halves and we can cover for that. But we don’t want to be losing Liam as we’ve only just lost Sodje and he has just come back from suspension. Let’s hope the referee has a look at it and if what Liam is saying is right and you can see it then maybe he will rescind the amount of games or the card.

[Transcript by Richard Gibson.]

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21 September 2005 : LDV Date And Prices Set
The First Round LDV Vans Trophy tie against League Two club Leyton Orient will, as one expected, take place on Tuesday October 18th. Kick-off at Matchroom Stadium (Brisbane Road to most) is 7.45 p.m.

Equally predictably, though disappointing Yeovil Town FC agreed, is that Barry The Fleecer Hearn has set normal league match prices for a Mickey Mouse cup tie with the pulling power of Weymouth Reserves on a wet evening in February.

There'll be queuing overnight to snap up the bargains of :

Adults £16.00, Concessions £10.00.

Expect a three figure crowd......

Click here for your guide to all things Orient.

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21 September 2005 : Arron Gets Another Wales Call-Up
Yeovil Town midfielder Arron Davies has received another call-up to play in two forthcoming Wales U-21 matches in October. He has been named in the squad to face Germany (away) and Azerbaijan (home) on 7th and 11th October respectively.

The result is that Arron will now almost certainly miss the Glovers League One match against Swansea City which is sandwiched between the two fixtures on Saturday 8th October. His only possible salvation is that Swansea also have two names in the U21 squad in the form of Owain Tudur Jones and Mark Pritchard. Should the Jacks also find that Sam Ricketts is selected for the full Welsh squad then they will be able to apply to the Football League for the match to be postponed, should they wish to.

Welsh Squad: Lee Worgan (Unattached), Wayne Hennessey (Wolverhampton), Simon Spender (Wrexham), Peter Gilbert (Leicester City), Byron Anthony (Cardiff City), Adam Davies (Cambridge United), Lewin Nyatanga (Derby County), Dan Martin (Notts County), Andrew Crofts (Gillingham), Joe Ledley (Cardiff City), Arron Davies (Yeovil Town), Owain Tudur Jones (Swansea City), Mark Jones (Wrexham), Curtis Mcdonald (Cardiff City), Anthony Pulis (Stoke City), David Cotterill (Bristol City), Adam Birchall (Mansfield Town), Craig Davies (Oxford United), Mark Pritchard (Swansea City) and Ramon Calliste (Liverpool).

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21 September 2005 : Profitable night for the Lions - and the police
Yeovil Town lost 2-1 to Championship outfit Millwall at Huish Park last night to go out of this season's Carling Cup competition, but the Glovers were applauded off the pitch by the vast majority of the 5,108 crowd, who'd witnessed a cracking game of football beween two evenly matched sides, despite the hosts being forced to play most of the second half with only 10 men after Liam Fontaine was shown the red card by referee Mike Russell for a professional foul.

Gary Johnson made two changes to the team that drew 1-1 at Bradford City on Saturday, Alejandro Melono making an assured debut in the absence of Colin Miles, and Nathan Jones being preferred to Arron Davies. After a slowish start the first half was dominated by the Glovers with chance after chance either missing the target or being saved by Millwall keeper Andy Marshall, undoubtedly the Lions man of the match. One didn't want the half-time whistle to come as Millwall were barely hanging on at the end of the first half and one goal would surely have seen the floodgates burst open, but it wasn't to be and the scores were still level at the break. The Londoners caught the Glovers cold in the first 10 minutes of the second period with too many players minds seemingly still in the changing room. Alan Dunne sidefooted into an empty net from close range with the Glovers defence nowhere to be seen on 48 minutes, and more controversially Carl Asaba again knocked the ball into an empty net on 53 minutes after what appeared to be a clear foul on Yeovil keeper Chris Weale, not that either referee Mr Russell or his assistant noticed it.

Mr Russell again affected the game 5 minutes later when this time he sent off Glovers defender Liam Fontaine for a professional foul - tugging back Millwall striker Barry Hayles after he broke clear of the Yeovil defence. What Mr Russell missed however and as television replays confirmed afterwards was the initial foul by Hayles on Fontaine, a tugging back in reverse, but the official's zeal to show the red card precluded any time to think and the defender had to go. It's not yet known whether Yeovil will be appealing the decision, if not then it's an automatic one-match ban for Liam and he'll miss the league match against Port Vale this Saturday.

The Glovers looked somewhat shell-shocked after this triple blow and with Millwall pressing forward for a 3rd goal to kill the game off it threatened to turn ugly for a while, but with some judicious substitutions the ten men stormed back at a tiring Millwall side to lay siege to the visitors goalmouth for the last 10 minutes. Yeovil got the goal which was the least they deserved with 4 minutes left on the clock when sub Arron Davies tapped in from close range after great work from Phil Jevons and Lee Johnson, but it was too little too late and it's the visitors who go forward into the draw for the 3rd round on Saturday. Yeovil can take great encouragement from this display however against a team from a higher league. After a slow start to the season the Glovers appear to have rediscovered their passing game again and although there are still clearly areas for the coaching staff to work on - in both penalty boxes mainly - there are definite grounds for optimism for the months ahead.

Final score: Yeovil Town 1 - 2 Millwall.

One area which should be addressed by the club and those responsible was the totally over-the-top amount of police present at last night's match. Approximately 300 Millwall fans attended the game, all of whom appeared to behave well, and they were accompanied by over 50 police officers including dogs and at least 2 horses, from both the local Avon & Somerset force and the Metropolitan Police in London. As anyone with an iota of footballing knowledge and common-sense could have told them beforehand the police of course had nothing to do all night except watch the match and watch their overtime rates clicking up, overtime rates the club and by extension the supporters are paying for. Questions should be asked as to who authorised such a vast policing operation and why they did so. No-one objects to sensible policing designed to stop any potential trouble before it starts, but surely such policing must be intelligence-led. There didn't seem to be a great deal of intelligence about last night's exercise in overkill.

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21 September 2005 : Reserves vs Swindon Tonight
A reminder that Yeovil Town Reserves take on their Swindon Town counterparts in a reserve match tonight at Huish Park. Kick-off is 7.00pm and not the 2.00pm that the Football League Official Site (and until recently ourselves) are reporting.

The team will doubtless be formed mainly from those who did not feature in last night's 2-1 Carling Cup defeat against Millwall - if any team news are publicised, this news item will be updated.

Swindon's line-up for the match will be: Matt Bulman, Kyle Lapham, Leigh Henry, Charlie Comyn-Platt, Andy Nicholas, Nicky Nicolau, Colin Heath, Neale McDermott, Ricky Shakes, Jamie Cureton, Christian Roberts. Subs: Ben Wells, Ashan Holgate, Lucas Jutkiewicz, David Stroud, Scott Doe.

Admission prices for the match for season ticket holders are two pounds for adults, with concessions available free of charge. Non-season ticket holders are charged three pounds for adults with concessions available at two pounds.

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20 September 2005 : Reed Is A Shot
Well, for the next month at least. Aldershot Town confirmed this afternoon that Stephen Reed has signed on loan for a month. He goes straight into tonight's squad for the Conference National fixture away at Accrington Stanley.

Quite why the Yeovil Town Official Site published this information yesterday afternoon and then withdrew the item yesterday evening (see Ciderspace for September 19th below) remains something of a mystery. Doubtless some explanation is on its way?

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20 September 2005 : No Easy Games In League One
Today's Western Daily Press website contains the latest in a weekly series of articles penned by Ciderspace's Martin Baker, in his regular spot of moonlighting. This week's waffle prose talks about the competitive nature of League One football and can be found here.

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20 September 2005 : Yeovil Town v Millwall preview
A break from League One action tonight as the Glovers entertain Championship outfit Millwall at Huish Park in the 2nd round of the Carling Cup, kick-off 7.45pm. The sides have met three times before in a competitive situation, the Lions coming out on top by a single goal in a second FA Cup replay after being drawn together in the 1st round of that competition in the '75-'76 season.

Rather like the Glovers, Millwall got off to an indifferent start to the current season but also rather like the Glovers have begun to find their feet in the last week or so with successive victories and will be keen to keep that run of form going tonight. Several loan players who have been instrumental in kick-starting their season will be missing tonight however as their clubs do not want them cup-tied, but with players of the calibre of Don Hutchison (ex-Liverpool and West Ham), Jody Morris (ex-Chelsea) and Barry Hayles (ex-Fulham and, er, Stevenage) in their squad then it's clear that Yeovil will have it all to do to perform another giantkilling after the last round's superb 2-0 win at Ipswich.

"We want to keep going and we want to keep winning, but we have been forced to make changes," Millwall boss Colin Lee told his side's official website. "It's now up to the players coming in to prove that they are worth staying in the squad. I'm going to test them. I've said to them all along that I was going to get players in; that they needed help, that we needed help. I said that if they were left out they would have to make sure that, if called upon, they would be ready. If they come in and perform, they have got a chance of staying in, so they have to perform on Tuesday night. It's a vital game for us and we will be taking it very seriously. We want to progress in the Cup. Financially it could be worth a lot of money, if we get through and get a big draw in the next round."

Yeovil are waiting on fitness reports on a couple of players - both Colin Miles and Liam Fontaine suffered knocks in the 1-1 draw at Bradford City on Saturday, new signing Alejando Melono and Efe Sodje, a substitute at Bradford, could come in to the reckoning tonight. Pablo Bastianini is expected to be fit despite also receiving a knock on Saturday which eventually forced him off. "Pablo is OK," Glovers boss Gary Johnson told the Western Daily Press. "I don't 100 per cent feel he has got used to the English style yet but he has only played a small number of games. He always causes a problem to the opposition but he just has to do a little bit more. He knows that and when he does get it all together he will be a formidable force."

Selected betting odds: Yeovil win - 6/4, draw 11/5, Millwall win - 6/4. Our recommendation - we fancy Glovers fans to be smiling at the end tonight but there's not much value in the 6/4 price for a win against a team in a higher league, so just for a laugh and a change we're going to split our usual fiver bet into two - £2.50 for Pablo to be first goalscorer at 7/1 (he's due a goal at home) and £2.50 for Terry Skiverton to score at any time at 12/1, but don't blame us when it all goes horribly wrong. Record so far this season: -£5 (we've been very unlucky, honest).

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20 September 2005 : O2V on sale tonight!
On To Victory fanzine editor (and Ciderspace match reporter extraordinaire) Jeremy Gear writes:

Tuesday night’s home game against Millwall is probably your last chance to purchase Issue 17 of “On to Victory” The Yeovil Town fanzine that’s written by the fans for the fans!

They are on sale in and around the ground before during and after the match, although copies can also be purchased from the programme shop outside the Main Stand opposite the Marquee if you miss us.

Copies can be reserved before the game by emailing

Any copies that remain unsold will be available against Port Vale, and that will definitely be your last chance to buy it. Issue 18 will be released some time around the beginning of November, probably FA Cup weekend!

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20 September 2005 : YTISA away travel & Blackpool weekend break
YTISA chairman Mark Kelly writes:

The YTISA will be running travel to Gillingham on the 15th October leaving the football ground at 8am the cost to members will be £15 and non members £17,Remember you can always join the YTISA at a cost of £5 for life saving £2 every trip.

We will be running travel to Colchester Utd on the 29th October at a cost to members of £18 and non members £20.leaving the ground at 7am.

And we will be running travel to Swansea City on 18th november this is a friday night game,We will be leaving the ground at 4pm and the cost to our members is a very cheap £13 and for non members £15.

Weekend break in Blackpool, Friday 24th February to Sunday 26th February 2006

We hope to run a weekend trip to Blackpool for the game on Saturday 25th February 2006, travelling up on Friday 24th and returning on Sunday 26th. We will be staying at the Delton Hotel. The estimated cost is between £80 and £90 per person for return coach, bed, breakfast and evening meal. For further info on this trip or to book seats for any away travel ring the booking hotline on 07960 68 70 75 and speak to Roger or Janet.

Please note that all of our coaches are NON-SMOKING and NO ALCOHOL is allowed.

Phone the YTISA Booking Line 07960 68 70 75 And speak to Roger for your travel needs...

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20 September 2005 : More badges than you can shake a stick at
Tim Lancaster has the following enamel lapel badges available for sale. Tim Writes:

Yeovil Town Badges available are as follows

Individual German Tour badges £3.50 each

Preussen Munster vs Yeovil Town £3.50

Bayer Leverkusen vs Yeovil Town £3.50

LR Ahlen vs Yeovil Town £3.50

Or - Complete set of badges for German Tour 2005 - £10.00 Postage & Packing FREE.

Charlton Athletic vs Yeovil Town £2.50 (P&P FREE)

Oldham Athletic vs Yeovil Town £3.00 LIMITED NUMBER (INC P&P)



Postal/Cheques to:

F.T. Lancaster

45, Goytre Road
West Glamorgan
SA13 2YN
Tel: 01639 898568

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19 September 2005 : Two Return, One Goes Back Out
Michael Rose and Stephen Reed have returned from their loan spells. Though in Reedy's case whether he actually bothered to make the trip west on the M3/A303 is open to question, as he's gone straight back out on another loan, swopping Woking for local rivals Aldershot Town, where he joins up with Scott Guyett now into his second month at the Recreation Ground.

Meanwhile Rose has ended his time at Cheltenham Town by 'mutual consent'. The usual bland phrase hides some discontent, with Rosey feeling the bit-part role he was playing off the bench was of little use to him when he'd gone there to get games under his belt.

He made his Cheltenham debut against Leyton Orient on August 27th, so should have some useful feedback on our forthcoming LDV Vans Trophy opponents. He was substituted after 57 minutes of that game, but did get 89 minutes in the following match at Adams Park. His last appearance was for 58 minutes against Barnet.

He was on the bench at Wrexham, where he was not used by manager John Ward, and would have been eligible for this week's Carling Cup game, plus two more league matches.

On Saturday Rose decided a bench role against Carlisle United was not sufficient for his needs and chose to return to Yeovil Town.

Cheltenham boss John Ward said :

I chose the team on Friday and Michael would have been on the bench. He came in to see me and said he was disappointed and I told him I understood that. He said that if he was not playing he could go back to Yeovil. He made the decision that he did not want to be involved on Saturday.

Rose commented :

I was disappointed not to be playing. I went on loan to get games and I didn't play at Wrexham, which was very disappointing. I was disappointed more to miss a second game in a row. I'm travelling up to Cheltenham from Yeovil to train every day and obviously I want to be playing. I've really enjoyed my time at Cheltenham. John Ward is great, the set-up is great, and the lads are brilliant.

Update Monday evening : the item on Reed's loan to Aldershot the Yeovil Town Official Site was carrying this afternoon appears to have been pulled this evening. No explanation has been forthcoming so far as to why this story was withdrawn.

Nothing about Rose's current status has appeared on YTFC OS at all, but the main elements of the story above have subsequently been confirmed by the Cheltenham Official Site.

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18 September 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Bradford Game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson believes it is a measure of Yeovil Town's recent success that he found himself 'slaughtering' his side for only getting a 1-1 draw against Bradford City at Valley Parade. Talking to the press after the game, Gary answered the following questions:

Qu: Gary a point at Bradford. Probably a result you would have settled for before the game. How do you feel about it afterwards though?

GJ: It was a result you would have settled for before the game, but we said we were going to come here and try and get a win. Maybe if we had been 1-0 down and come back and drawn 1-1 I would have been a bit happier. I just said to the boys that there were a couple of little bits of unprofessionalism which I spoke to them about in there that spoilt what was a very professional performance. It was a very good performance. Coming to Bradford, there were a lot of divisions between us a couple of years ago and getting a result like today and performing, defending well, being solid and creating chances. So it was almost a classic performance at a very very big club.

Qu: It was a good start for you with Terry Skiverton heading in Lee Johnson's corner and he's done that for you a few times. He might be a bit surprised to find himself with that much space in the box but I suppose you'd say that's down to his good movement?

GJ: I think so. We work on our corners. We had a shoddy old bit of ground in a park yesterday evening where we practiced some of our free kicks. We'll have to practice in shoddy old parks again! We work hard on our set plays and sometimes it's a set play that puts you in the lead. When it comes early often teams are not as organised as they should be on the first corner and we try and make that an advantage for us.

Qu: You said it was a professional performance and you defended particularly well as a unit throughout the match. More unusually from a defensive point of view, people like Phil Jevons worked really hard for you and Kevin Gall as well.

GJ: Yes, we played it as a 4-4-2 but Jevo tucked in when he needed to. What we did well, was that Bradford couldn't find any holes. It would have needed them to have made a great bit of skill or to have got a referee's decision to get them into dangerous areas. The crowd here got a little bit frustrated which was good for us. Bradford were going square and backwards but that showed me that they weren't penetrating against us. Obviously we knew that in the second half Bradford had to take a few more chances and get a few more players forward. We were unlucky with the substitutions because we got a couple of little injuries and when you've got a game on Tuesday you can't risk them out there. To be fair they couldn't have carried on anyway. That upset our solidness for a little while. Bradford have got players who can score a goal in your inopportune moments.

Qu: It says a lot that the home side got their equaliser on the counter-attack. You had a set piece up at their end and next thing you know Muirhead is smacking home the equaliser.

GJ: Yes, they have got some very very clever players. When Claridge came on he showed that he has still got the touch of a Premier League player. He was getting out there and enabling runners to support him, and suddenly it put us on the back foot. But we were breaking well and probably had the best two or three chances in the second half. But credit to Bradford - they had to come forward - and maybe when I think about it and I'm reading the paper over the weekend, I might be fairly happy with a draw.

Qu: You were close to snatching it right at the end with Arron Davies striking the post, and then Lee finding the ball bobbling at him a little bit and he couldn't get a clean strike on it.

GJ: Yes, it was a good save, wasn't it? He's hit it, and you can only do what he did there. That would have been lovely with 30 seconds to go. But that's Roy of the Rovers stuff and that doesn't happen every week!

Qu: Matt Harrold came on and caused a problem didn't he?

GJ: Yes he did. I felt that he should have gone on and instead of feeding the lad I felt he should have gone on himself. But he's only a young lad and he has got tremendous potential. Sometimes you have got to give him the opportunity out there, but you know that their lack of experience might just cost you every now and again. But they will come through in the end just as most of them have. Nine or ten of those boys played in the Conference for us, and now they are competing with the Bradfords of this world, and going home disappointed that we haven't taken a result!

Qu: You've got the game against Millwall on Tuesday. How is the injury situation as you look forward to that game?

GJ: We will look at things tomorrow and the physio will get them in. But it looks like Colin Miles is struggling a little bit and it looks like Liam Fontaine might stuggle a little bit. But I've got eight centre-backs at the club and I've just signed a Uruguayan international as a centre-back so it's a good job I did have eight, because two of them might be missing this week.

Qu: What's the nature of their injuries?

GJ: I don't know to be honest. I haven't had time to see what their injuries were. Pablo took a bit of a knock in the first half and was trying to run around with a swollen ankle so he came off as well.

Qu: You've had the Uruguayan in training for some while. Is it a matter of fitness with him?

GJ: Yes, a little bit of fitness. But I like to get them to know our mentality. You get to know the players around him, and you get to know our philosophy and how much it means to us. That's the big thing. You can't just come to us and play. There's a lot that's gone under the bridge and there's a lot that has happened to us. We haven't just been lucky at being successful. We've worked very hard at it. The boys have to know that to come into our set-up, how hard they have to work and how understanding they have to be of what we are about.

Qu: You've got two left-footed centre-backs possibly missing on Tuesday. Possibly you might be putting a third one in the squad?

GJ: Well I've got no problems in putting him in. He is experienced, he's quick and he is 6'3". It might be just the bit of luck that he's been waiting for.

Qu: Coming to a ground like this, having been in the Conference, must lift the players and tell them what they've achieved.

GJ: I've just said that in the dressing room. I had a scream and a shout for 10 minutes about the little unprofessionalisms, but then had to finish by saying look how far we've come. Now your manager is slaughtering you for only getting a draw at Bradford! We've got to believe in ourselves. We've got to believe and keep believing that we can compete at this level. We haven't lost in three games now and we've had two away games and one home game so if we can win our next home game, that would be a great four games, and we would feel like we've arrived. We've got seven points out of the last nine and the boys are looking quite solid.

Qu: You'll appreciate that every time a management position comes up, your name gets linked with it. Bristol City are without a manager at the moment. Have you got anything to say to the Yeovil fans about rumours linking you with that particular position?

GJ: I think Yeovil fans know that's happened over the past three or four seasons. The only time they'll know I'm interested is when they don't see me here anymore! But they are fantastic. They travel all over the country for us. Whilst there is a job to do here, I am going to do it 100 percent. This club is still going to keep progressing despite all the speculation.

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18 September 2005 : Glovers No Chickens For The Plucking
On the M62 as we approached Bradford a chicken was pecking seeds on the inside lane - one of the escapees from the lorry load which overturned there a fortnight ago presumably. With the Bantams our opponents it was obviously an omen, but whether one for good or ill it was hard to determine.

Gary Johnson had a full squad to choose from but kept to his philosophy of not changing a winning side, so the eleven that finished the game against Walsall started at Valley Parade.

Dean Windass had the ball in the back of the net before the first minute was up, but was way off-side. And that was about the last we saw of the League One top scorer, excellently marshalled by the Yeovil Town defence all afternoon. Though not the last we heard of him - can that man moan and whinge for England.

In a bright start to the game from both sides it was the visitors who took the early lead. It's a good job captain Terry Skiverton isn't agoraphobic, with the amount of space he was given around the penalty spot, as he powered a Lee Johnson corner home with his head on 6 minutes. For the rest of the half Bradford City controlled a fair amount of the possession, but the Glovers were controlling the space and the home side rarely looked dangerous in the final third.

The second half followed roughly the same pattern, just with the Bantams looking less and less likely to make a break through. However Yeovil already has discovered that any error is likely to be punished severely at this level. Nathan Jones, just on for an injured Colin Miles, was perhaps still adjusting to the pace of the game when he lost possession. In the chase to clear Kevin Amankwaah and Kevin Gall collided, and with both players on the ground the ball broke for Ben Muirhead who raced in on goal and scored. 1-1, 64 minutes.

For the first time the home fans found their voices and Bradford pressed for the win. There was some backs-against-the-wall stuff from Yeovil for the next fifteen minutes, but the storm was weathered and it was visitors who came back at the death with several good chances to snatch the three points, the best being when Arron Davies crashed one off the post and then Johnson's attempt from the rebound was grabbed by Russell Howarth.

So 1-1 the final score, and a point apiece. Yeovil Town would have been far more pleased with the thought of a result like that at 3.00 p.m. than Bradford City, but may have been left with a few what-might-have-been regrets on the long coach journey home.

Colin Miles, Liam Fontaine and Pablo Bastianini were all injury substitutions, and it'll be Monday when the players come in for training and the knocks have settled down before decisions are taken as to whether any or all will be available for the League Cup Second Round tie against Millwall on Tuesday.

A full match report will appear here.

Elsewhere in League One Swansea City made the long trip to Hartlepool United where a point was enough to see them retain the pole position at the top of the division attained in mid-week. Huddersfield Town moved up to replace Brentford in second when two late late goals in time added on turned a seeming 1-2 defeat by The Bees into a 3-2 win. Brentford drop to 4th. Newly promoted Southend United continued their excellent start with a 3-1 victory over Tranmere Rovers and find themselves in 3rd. However Scunthorpe United, who have also started well since coming up, fell to a 3-1 defeat in the local derby against Doncaster Rovers, a result that moved Rovers off the bottom and out of the relegation zone. Elsewhere in the lower reaches Swindon Town lost 1-2 away at AFC Bournemouth; 20,123 saw Nottingham Forest got a much needed 2-0 win at home against Rotherham United; Gillingham continued to slide with a 0-1 loss at home to Oldham Athletic and have now only picked up one point in the last fifteen; Bristol City let two points slip when Blackpool equalised at Ashton Gate in time added on; and Franchise FC find themselves in the most suitable place for them - bottom - after a 0-0 draw v Barnsley.

Finally, Yeovil's next league opponents, Port Vale, had a second consecutive loss, this time at home to Colchester United, and dropped one place to 8th.

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17 September 2005 : LDV Vans Trophy R1 draw
The Glovers have been drawn away to League Two side Leyton Orient in the first round of the LDV Vans Trophy, matches to take place in the week commencing 17th October. The full draw is as follows:

Southern Section:
Wycombe v Dagenham & Redbridge
MK Dons v Exeter
Peterborough v Bristol Rovers
Shrewsbury v Cheltenham
Brentford v Oxford
Leyton Orient v Yeovil
Swindon v Stevenage
Torquay v Swansea
Bournemouth v Aldershot
Gillingham v Crawley
Northampton v Notts County
Barnet v Bristol City
Rushden & Diamonds v Southend
Woking v Nottingham Forest

Northern Section
Rotherham v Accrington Stanley
Mansfield v Hereford
Macclesfield v Chesterfield
Barnsley v Doncaster
Cambridge Utd v Chester
Blackpool v Wrexham
Boston Utd v Huddersfield
Kidderminster v Darlington
Oldham v Carlisle
Grimsby v Morecambe
Halifax v Bury
Tranmere v Lincoln City
Scunthorpe v Hartlepool
Rochdale v Stockport

Bradford City, Colchester, Port Vale, Walsall.

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16 September 2005 : Bradford City v Yeovil Town match preview
Yeovil Town make the long trip north to Yorkshire today (Friday) ahead of their League One clash with hosts Bradford City tomorrow afternoon, the first time - unless you know different dear reader - that the clubs have met in a competitive fixture.

So here we are again then, the local pub team from Somerset up against the former Premiership giants, with both sets of fans no doubt wondering 'how did it come to this?', albeit from slightly differing viewpoints. Bradford's woes over the last decade or so have been fairly well documented and it's no surprise to see that finances have been the main reason behind their decline from playing the likes of Ars*nal, Spurs and Man Utd on a regular basis to locking horns with Hartlepool, Chesterfield and, er, us instead. Under former chairman Geoffrey Richmond the Bantams provided an object lesson in how smaller clubs (smaller in Premiership terms obviously) should not go about competing with the big boys, i.e. signing up foreign superstars on £40,000 per week long term deals and then immediately getting relegated.... Two administration periods, two new chairmen, another relegation and one huge cash injection later and City are at last showing signs of recovery, both on and off the pitch.

City go into tomorrow's game on 11 points, 3 ahead of the Glovers. They've won 2 and lost 2 at home so far this season, but manager Colin Todd wants them to attack the Glovers from the start tomorrow and leave the defending to itself. "I want us to keep going forward because that is where we are at our best," Todd told the Bradford Telegraph & Argus. "I look at other teams like Swansea, who are flying at the moment, and I want us to play in the same manner where we are going to get goals. I've seen real signs in training this week and I want my team to go out and play with real purpose. Forget about the mistakes and take the game to the opposition in the way that we can because that is our strength. If we can do that, then we will beat teams." Sounds like a manager after Gary Johnson's heart. "Yeovil are always remembered for their Cup exploits against my old team Sunderland but they have done remarkably well since coming up from the Conference," Todd added, hedging his bets presumably.

The Bantams have no new injury worries and indeed have welcomed a couple of previously injured players back to training this week, though whether Todd will change the team that earned a creditable 2-2 draw at Tranmere last time out is uncertain. Players to look out for in the Bantams squad include the evergreen Dean Windass, scorer of 9 goals in all competitions already this term, and former Premiership players such as Danny Cadematari, David Wetherall, Lee Crooks and Richard Edgehill. There's also someone else Who's Played At The Highest Level You Know, but if he gets as far as the bench then you know Bradford are struggling.

As for the Glovers, manager Gary Johnson welcomes Efe Sodje back to the squad after the former Nigerian international finished his latest 3 game suspension, and new signing Alejandro Meloño will also get his first taste of exactly how grim it is oop north when he travels up to Yorkshire with the rest of the squad, though the Uruguyan is not expected to play tomorrow. Yeovil are reporting no injuries to any of the squad at present.

Speaking to the official site, the Gaffer began his pre-match assesment by praising tomorrow's opponents: "Bradford were one of the pre-season favorites to win this league and they have still got players that played for them in the Premiership," he said. "We know they will be a strong team and away to Bradford City is obviously a massive game for us. We are going up there with confidence, after all we have had two wins on the trot but we know we have to be on our game. The boys are looking forward to it as it will be a milestone for Yeovil Town to be playing Bradford, they are a big club, but we are going there to try and bring the three points home. We will be going for all three points but a point may be considered satisfactory at the end of the day. It really depends on how the game goes - if you get trounced and sneak a goal and come back with a point you would be happy. If your performance was worthy of a win then you would be disappointed with the result. We have got to get our 90 minute game going - we are getting there, the boys have worked hard all this week and we have worked on certain tactics."

"I'm not going to discuss what formation we will be playing as it depends where the ball is," Gary added. "If it is in their half then we will be attacking like billy-o and if it is in our half we will be defending for our lives, that's how football is. We are training when we get to the hotel. We want to get the journey out of the way and miss most of the traffic if we can."

Selected odds for tomorrow's match: Bradford win - 8/11; draw - 12/5; Yeovil win - 10/3. Our recommendation - we never turn down a 10/3 chance, which is probably why the bookies generally make money and we generally don't. For those travelling, the Ciderspace guide to all things Bradford City is online here. Good luck lads!

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15 September 2005 : Lindy Out On Loan
In the fall out from the poor result against Chesterfield at the end of August a number of players felt the keen edge of manager Gary Johnson's disappointment. Most names were kept strictly behind closed doors, but Andy Lindegaard was one who found his performance more openly scrutinised. He was made available for loan.

Two weeks on and that loan has come to fruition. Lindegaard heads to Broadfield Stadium and Crawley Town for a month in the first instance. Speaking to the Official Site Gary said :

Midfielder Andy Lindegaard is going to join Chris Giles and David Woozley at Crawley Town to help them out of their lowly league position. They have a decent team, with the likes of Darryl Clare playing for them.

I am sure they will be strong enough to get themselves up the league table. Lindy is happy to go there and get some much needed football and is going there on an initial month loan.

Perhaps occasioned by the advent of the transfer window this season has seen a sea change in Johnson's approach to loans. Previously a system he tended to use sparingly compared to some other managers and clubs, there has been something of a flurry of comings and especially goings already, with the campaign only weeks old. Lindegaard joins Scott Guyett, now on a second month at Aldershot Town, Michael Rose (at Cheltenham Town), Stephen Reed and Luke Oliver (both at Woking) and Dale Williams (at Tiverton Town) on the list of Yeovil players loaned out.

The latest news on Reed's situation is he has two more games potentially : v Cambridge United (away on the 17th) and Canvey Island (at Kingfield on the 20th). Difficult to judge from a distance whether Woking manager Glenn Cockerill was simply being diplomatic when he replied to a question about extending Reed's loan :

We’ll see. He’s only a young lad, and he’s only got a handful of first team appearances under his belt at Yeovil, so it’s not surprising that he hasn’t been an automatic choice. This is a difficult league now, with quite a number of players who, a few years ago, would have been playing League football and there are some who are still good enough for the League now. I wanted Stephen as a squad player, someone to give us cover, not necessarily to play in every game.

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15 September 2005 : Glovers Sign Up Uruguayan Meloño
Yeovil Town have today signed up their third South American player of the season in the form of left-sided central defender Alejandro Gabriel Meloño Botta. The player has been training at Huish Park over the past month after leaving Argentinian side Athletico Chacarita Juniors and has now signed a four month deal with the Glovers.

The 28 year old, who was born in Montevideo in Uruguay, is popularly known as Meloño and started his career playing for Rentistas in his home country. In 1998 though, he made his first venture into Argentina where he played for San Lorenzo de Almagro, Nueva Chicago and Almagro.

Meloño then left Argentina for Spain in 2000 where he signed for Real Murcia. A year later he returned to Almagro where he spent three years before signing for Chacarita Juniors, who play in Argentina's Premier Division.

Aside from his club exploits, one of Meloño's career highlights was playing in the World Youth Championship Final in 1997 when he played for Uruguay against Argentina.

Speaking to the Glovers official site, boss Gary Johnson said: "We have signed Uruguayan international Alejandro Gabriel Meloño from Argentinian club Athletico Chacarita Juniors. He is a left sided centre back, who has been here for a month or so and we have been impressed with his training so far. He is 6'4" and is very experienced. Although we have a lot of centre backs at our club, another quality centre back will not hurt. He will provide good competition for places in that position and has signed a short term contract until December. Hopefully when the supporters see him around they will make him feel as welcome as they always do with our new players. I am also pleased to say after our experiences with international clearances, his clearance is through so he is fully eligible to play."

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15 September 2005 : Officials For The Bradford Game
Saturday's trip to Valley Parade will be overseen by referee Scott Mathieson of Cheshire. He will be assisted by Keith Lawson (Lincolnshire) and Mark Sutton (Derbyshire). Saturday's Fourth Official for the match against Bradford City will be Des Coulson (Yorkshire).

As far as we can tell, this is the first Yeovil Town match that any of the four officials have been involved in.

Ciderspace's guide to Bradford can be found here.

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15 September 2005 : Action Photos From Yeovil vs Walsall
The gallery for Saturday's 2-1 win over Walsall is now on-line. Access all 64 photos by heading here or by accessing the main Photo Gallery Index page.

There are a number of other partially completed galleries from this season's matches on the main index page. As soon as they are completed, we will notify via this news page.

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14 September 2005 : LDV Byes
The following clubs have received the four byes for the First Round of the LDV Vans Trophy following a draw at The Football League's Operations Centre this morning :

Colchester United and Walsall in the Southern Section;

Bradford City and Port Vale in the Northern Section.

The draw, conducted by Helen Chamberlain and Tim Lovejoy, will take place during this coming Saturday's Soccer AM at around 9.30 a.m.

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13 September 2005 : Williams II On Target For Wales
No, not ex-Glover Gavin Williams. It was Dale (no relation) Williams playing for Wales tonight. The Under 19s were in action in a friendly against Northern Ireland at New Grosvenor Stadium, home to Lisburn Distillery FC. The Welsh youths won 2-0 with Dale opening the scoring. The second came from substitute Curtis McDonald of Cardiff City.

Starting eleven : Owain Fon Williams (Crewe Alexandra), Chris Flynn (Crewe Alexandra), Rhoys Wiggins (Crystal Palace), Lloyd James (Southampton), Mathew Holt (Everton), Adam Davies (Cambridge United), Dean Grubb (Bristol City), Robert Davies (West Bromwich Albion), Dale Williams (Yeovil Town), Jamie Price (Birmingham City), Scott McCoubrey (Cardiff City).

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13 September 2005 : Reserves held by City
A strong Yeovil Town Reserves side drew 1-1 with an equally impressive-looking Bristol City Reserves outfit at Ashton Gate this afternoon. City, featuring most of the side who went down 7-1 at Swansea in League One last Saturday, took the lead in the first half through trialist Guy Madjo, with David Poole grabbing Yeovil's equaliser after the break. Three trialists turned out for Yeovil, more details on them and the game as and when they become available.

Yeovil Reserves: Collis, Lockwood, Sodje, 'Alex Coy' (unattached), Lindegaard, Poole, Terry, Jamie Hand (trialist from Watford), Richard Evans (trialist from Sheffield Wednesday), Alvarez, Harrold.

Update 14/9/05
Speaking after the match to the Western Daily Press Glovers boss Gary Johnson praised goalscorer Poole and backed him to make his way back into first-team contention sooner rather than later: "It was a good finish and a good touch on from Matt Harrold," he said. "We are trying to get Pooley into more dangerous areas because he is a good finisher when he gets the chance. We are pleased with his progress and we have to remember that he has only been with us for a few months and he is still learning our mentality, but he will get there because he has got ability."

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13 September 2005 : Wrack's not necessarily ruined
Walsall utility player Darren Wrack, who suffered what was reported to be a career-threatening injury at Huish Park on Saturday, may not be as badly injured as first feared.

At first it seemed that the 29-year-old's tibia had been snapped in half by the awkward way in which Wrack fell after Colin Miles's challenge, acknowleged by all at Walsall as non-malicious. But following an operation at Yeovil District Hospital on Saturday night it's since emerged that it was the smaller fibula that was broken, the bone being fragmented into 7 different pieces. The player's ankle ligaments were also severely damaged.

"There are seven fragments," Walsall physio Jon Whitney confirmed yesterday. "The bone's like a piece of timber which has splintered. Darren has ruptured all the ligaments around his ankle complex. That's why it was really unstable at first. At least it's not a broken tibia, which was what we feared because of all the displacement. It's not as bad as we thought at first but it's still a bad injury. We might just get him back before the end of the season but it's impossible to say this soon. He had an the operation on the bone and we'll get him MRI scanned to assess the problem this week. Hopefully the ligaments will be nice and clean so they won't require surgery."

Glovers physio Glen Schmidt praised the club's medical team's response to the emergency. Speaking to the official site he commented: "Dr Ian Latham's quick reaction saved the injury from being a lot worse. The paramedics and stewards quick and professional response was brilliant. Yeovil District Hospital were also fantastic in their dealing with Darren. Our thanks also go to Dr Tony Simmons and Orthopaedic Surgeon Mr Graham Smibert. The Club would like to send their best wishes to Darren and Walsall Football Club for a speedy recovery."

Walsall manager Paul Merson commented: "It's a massive loss for us, but I just feel so sorry for the lad. It's an important time in his career and to get an injury like this is horrible. Our thoughts are with him. It's a complete accident, just one of those things that happens in football and their legs have just got tangled up. I've been lucky as a footballer to never have a major injury so I don't know how he's feeling. But I just feel for him. He was back in the team, doing well and getting his confidence back. He'll be a big miss for me."

The very best of luck to Darren from us all at Ciderspace, we hope his recovery is as fast as possible and that he's back playing football by the end of the season as indicated above. All footballers play living with the knowledge that injury could end their careers prematurely at any time and it didn't look good for Darren at one point on Saturday. We're delighted to hear that the gloomier predictions regarding his future were evidently exaggerated.

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13 September 2005 : Southend Tickets On Sale
Tickets for the trip to Roots Hall in two weeks time are now on sale from the Huish Park Ticket Office. The match against Southend United is not all ticket, but like the Glovers, Southend offer reduced prices for tickets purchased before the day of the game itself.

Prices are £16.50 for Adults, £10.00 for Over 60's, £8.00 for those aged 16 and under and £8.00 for Students carrying a valid student card. Disabled supporters must phone 01702-304090 for arrangements.

The Ciderspace guide to Southend can be found here.

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13 September 2005 : Lapel Badges For Walsall Match
Tim Lancaster has produced the latest in his line of badges commemorating the significant events during Yeovil Town's recent history. The latest badge recognises Yeovil Town's 100th match in the Football League.

Tim Lancaster's badges: Small, but perfectly formed.
Tim Lancaster's badges: Like the man himself, small, but perfectly formed.
Photo © 2005 Tim Lancaster / Ciderspace

Tim writes: "For those who require this badge - which features the two crests and details the significance of the fixture - either see me at Bradford on Saturday or send a cheque for £3.50 (Inclusive of P&P) to Tim Lancaster, 45, Goytre Road, Goytre, Port Talbot, West Glamorgan, WALES, SA13 2YN. The badge can be purchased for £3.00 on Saturday."

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13 September 2005 : Reserves vs Bristol City
A reminder that Yeovil Town Reserves travel to play Bristol City Reserves at 2.00pm today at Ashton Gate. The match will mark the return of Efe Sodje to competitive football following his three match ban for a red card at Swindon Town.

Today's Western Daily Press is reporting that Adam Lockwood, David Poole, Matt Harrold, Paul Terry and Luciano Alvarez are expected to travel to Bristol to take part in the game. Steve Collis is also likely to be the man between the sticks.

If anyone is going to the match and would like to post a summary of the game, and the Yeovil team line-up, either drop a message on the forum, or an email to

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12 September 2005 : LDV Vans Draw
The draw for Round One of the LDV Vans Trophy set for Saturday September 17th on Sky Sports Soccer AM has now been scheduled for around 9.30 a.m. News of which four teams will get byes is still awaited.

Details of the regional line-ups can be found here.

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12 September 2005 : Scott Stays A Shot
The loan spell of Scott Guyett at Conference National club Aldershot has been extended for another month. It was the 'Shots who initiated the extension with a phone call to Huish Park. After the first month's loan the rules allow twenty-four hour recall, and Glovers manager Gary Johnson confirmed this clause would be in place.

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12 September 2005 : Way In Team Of The Week
Glovers midfielder Darren Way has been named in the Football League's Team of the Week for League One. Darren is the third Yeovil player to be named this season after Kevin Amankwaah and Nathan Jones got earlier accolades.

This week's team reads as follows:

Chris Day (Oldham)
Danny Adams (Huddersfield), Greg Halford (Colchester), Neill Collins (Hartlepool), Matt Carbon (Barnsley)
Peter Beagrie (Scunthorpe), Kevin McLeod (Swansea), Darren Way (Yeovil Town), Colin Larkin (Chesterfield)
Rory Fallon (Swindon), Paul McLaren (Rotherham)

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12 September 2005 : Swansea Date Brought Forward
Yeovil Town's trip to Swansea City's New Stadium has been brought forward to the preceding evening. The fixture move has been made at the request of South Wales Police who will be at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on the following day for the rugby international between South Africa and Wales. The Glovers will now kick-off at 7.45pm on Friday 18th November.

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11 September 2005 : No Pilgrim's Journey For Gary
Yesterday's shock news (not) from Huish Park was that Glovers manager Gary Johnson is not in the running for the Home Park job, where Plymouth Argyle have recently sacked Bobby Williamson. The situation would be barely worth a mention were it not for Thursday night's local news programme on HTV running a story captioned "Huish Farewell?" claiming that Johnson was heading to a "bigger club", despite all the other West Country media coming up with other names to put in the hat such as Peter Reid and John Gregory.

A somewhat bemused Gary said yesterday of the speculation: "I haven’t heard a thing. At the end of the day this has happened four or five times now in the past year and I just try and get on with the job. I am still here and I enjoy this job as you well know. The actual sentence is ‘there’s no decision to make until there is a decision to make’ and I’m fed up with hearing that myself!"

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11 September 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Walsall Game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson read the riot act at half time yesterday to inspire his team into a 2-1 home win over Walsall at Huish Park. Speaking immediately after the game, Gary answered the following questions:

Qu: Gary, what did you tell your players at half-time to inspire such a responsive second half from your players?

GJ: Well it is difficult to quote the whole football coaching book in fifteen minutes! We never started and never played, and that is a disappointment because of the group of lads that we have got. It was a different team out there than I know, and we were poor. At half time I said, in stronger words than these of course and with a bit more anger, that they must buck up and I couldn’t give them any one thing that could change the game; they just had to go out there and change the game themselves. That is what I asked of them, and to be fair to them that is what they showed. That they could do it at this level.

Qu: Do you have any complaints about their penalty?

GJ: No, it was a rash tackle at the time. Colin didn’t mean to hurt the lad but it was a tackle that he thought he had to make. My heart goes out to the boy as no-one likes to see someone badly injured and we of course wish him a speedy recovery.

Qu: You didn’t wait too long, in fact you didn’t wait until half-time, to make a double substitution. Do you think Arron Davies and Phil Jevons made the total difference, coupled with what you said at half-time?

GJ: No, I don’t think they were the total difference, but fresh legs bring in fresh ideas. The people who were substituted off were not quite creating much effectiveness so I had to change it. To be honest with you, I would have changed ten at half-time if I could. You can only change two in case you have an injury. But the lads pulled it round and that is what you have got to do if you are to get your first home win of the season sometimes.

Qu: After what Phil has achieved, how important was it for him to score his first goal of the season, despite his goal probably being the easiest goal he has to score this campaign?

GJ: I think it was massive because Phil wasn’t firing early on in the season. He wasn’t getting many chances and wasn’t creating many chances. But the lay-off has given him a nice break. Mentally I knew he was ready today, and when he is mentally ready he is going to be Johnny on the spot and he will find himself in positions where goal scorers naturally find themselves. I am very pleased that he was there at the right time.

Qu: Kevin Gall on the break should have perhaps made it 2-1, but he didn’t have time to kick himself because he scored a cracking goal moments later.

GJ: It was probably the hardest chance, if you call it a chance. It was a good back header and went into the far corner. Before that he could have put us 4-1 up with two or three good chances. It was the athleticism that got him into these positions. At the end of the day we have won 2-1 and picked up all three points.

Qu: Do you think you have found your feet in League One now?

GJ: I am really pleased with our three points but I don’t think that yet. We were only playing for forty-five minutes today and that isn’t enough at this level. We hung on in there and our keeper made the right saves at the right time and we got the blocks in at the right time. When teams are chasing us for a result we have got players that are very clever when there are holes that are created.

Qu: You’re starting to enjoy your Saturday nights now?

GJ: Yes, when I get home. I had to work too hard today and I don’t want to be working that hard for my money!

Qu: Some great saves by Chris Weale weren’t they?

GJ: One of them was a fantastic save. Another that was in the first half was just a reaction save. But he’s a good keeper. What our boys have got to be aware of is that they are at this level. I believe it, but they’ve got to believe it. The more that we can get wins, the more that they will believe in it, because for the first half they were just watching the game. They weren’t affecting the game at all. But we got ourselves back in it and they showed their true worth.

Qu: The two players you took off – there were no injuries with them? You were just trying to change things?

GJ: I was just trying to change things. Luciano looked a bit leggy to me. He’s been training hard to get fit, and I know that if he is not running like a bull up and down then I know that something is not quite right. So I changed him pretty sharpish. With Nathan Jones I didn’t need three players in the middle all trying to play little five yard balls. We needed to open it out a little bit and that showed in the second half when Lee got on the ball and hit the long ball to Pablo who then fed it across to Jevo. We were too crowded in there and I needed to open it out a little bit. Those two were the unlucky ones.

Qu: The lad who came on for Darren Wrack probably caused you more problems than anybody else.

GJ: He did well. It was Husbands wasn’t it? What we do know is that when we come up against the Walsalls of this world, that are very comfortable at this level, the substitutions are going to affect the game.

Qu: I thought Walsall looked too comfortable and that in the second half you ran them ragged.

GJ: I thought we did. We got our legs moving, we got our athleticism going and our clever bits of play. But we’ve got to be able to do it for 90 minutes, otherwise you’ll find all of these games are going to be tight.

Qu: You’ve taught Walsall that they’ve got to do it for 90 minutes as well!

GJ: Well if we’ve helped Walsall a little bit then I’m happy!

Qu: Bristol City lost 7-1 today to Swansea!

GJ: I think this league is all about having a little bit of luck in playing the teams that are struggling early. Today Walsall were going well. They’d got beaten by Swansea but they were sixth in the league. We don’t yet know who the top teams are going to be and we won’t know that until we get to November or December. Swansea are like all teams in that once you get a head of steam they have got some players who can score some goals. I don’t know how many points behind them we are but we’ve kept the gap to where it was before. Two wins is not a run yet, but two wins is good for us at this moment in time.

Qu: And you’re no longer having to look at the bottom of the table.

GJ: Yes, that was nice. I had a quick look at the table just as we came in. We’re now fifth or sixth from bottom. What every win does is to put you in touch with the middle group. Once we are in the middle group we will be in touch with the play-offs. So we’ve got to keep building. We’re only eight games into it. We needed to assess things on an even number of games because after seven games we’d played four away and three at home. Assessing teams on even numbers is better as by then we’ve played four away and four at home. Today is more of a true reflection of where we should be.

[Transcript by George Murray and Martin Baker.]

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11 September 2005 : With A Jump Or A Push He Was Gone.......
What's happening in the West Country? Aren't we a sleepy rustic backwater that trudges along steadily and loyally, shaking our heads in bemused manner at the quick-fix demands in the bright lights of the cities?

Hot on the heels of Plymouth Argyle becoming the first club in the Football League to part with its manager in the 2005-06 season, this afternoon Yeovil Town's new local rivals Bristol City made an official statement that removed Brian Tinnion from office.

Following a poor start to the season and yesterday's heavy defeat at Swansea City, Bristol City Football Club has decided to carry out a full review and restructure of its football organisation.

Chairman Steve Lansdown met with Brian Tinnion this afternoon and after long and lengthy discussions it was decided Brian should step down from the position as first team manager.

Applications for this position will now be sought. In the meantime assistant manager Keith Millen will assume charge of first team duties, until an appointment is made.

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10 September 2005 : We're not bottom anymore
Yeovil Town came from a goal down to take all three points from Paul Merson’s Walsall at Huish Park this afternoon. Phil Jevons netted his first goal of the season to draw the scores level before Kevin Gall grabbed the winner twenty minutes from time to lift Gary Johnson’s men off the bottom of League One.

The Glovers had to rely on keeper Chris Weale throughout the match and within five minutes of the game the 23-year-old was called into action and made two great saves to keep the scores level. Yeovil didn’t register an effort on target before Colin Miles brought down Walsall’s Darren Wrack in the box who, to the sympathy of the vast majority of the 5,979 crowd, had to be stretchered off with a broken leg. Matt Fryatt sent Weale the wrong way to convert the resulting penalty for the visitors. But Yeovil had Weale to thank minutes later when he acrobatically denied Chris Westwood from point blank range prior to half time.

Substitute Phil Jevons levelled the scores twenty minutes after the re-start after Lee Johnson superbly fed Pablo Bastianini who set up Jevons who tapped the ball in the back of the net from close range. With Yeovil spirits lifted, Kevin Gall scored what proved to be the winning goal for the home side with the back of his head following good work by Kevin Amankwaah. Walsall’s Michael Husbands missed a glorious opportunity five minutes before the whistle, though again Weale managed to get something on it, which enabled Yeovil to seal their second consecutive win while climbing up to nineteenth in the table.

(Match summary by George Murray)

Match report: Yeovil Town 2 - 1 Walsall.

The result leaves the Glovers suffering from collective nosebleeds at the dizzy heights of 19th in the league table on 8 points from 8 games played, the highest the club has ever been in the pyramid and hopefully that's not the last time we'll say that this season either. A quick glance at the league table shows the Glovers above Swindon, Nottingham Forest, Bristol City (beaten 7-1 by Swansea today!), Franchise FC and Doncaster (hello Macca!). Next Saturday's opponents Bradford City drew 2-2 at Tranmere last night - the Bantams are currently 10th on 11 points from 8 games played.

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9 September 2005 : Yeovil Town v Walsall match preview
The Glovers return to Huish Park tomorrow for a league match versus Walsall, the first time the clubs will have met as Football League sides though they have played each other competitively before, in the FA Cup with Yeovil as a non-league club coming out on top on both occasions. The Glovers will be wanting to build on last week's first win of the season at Hartlepool but won't find it easy against player-manager Paul Merson's Saddlers who've started the season well and are currently 6th, on 12 points from 7 games played.

"Yeovil have done well in recent years to get where they are, but have found the going in League One tougher," Saddlers player-coach Simon Osborn told the Walsall Observer. "We shall need to put on a decent performance in order to get a result. It won't be easy, but if we want to be up there challenging at the right end of the table it is places like this we must go to and bring home some points. No team is going to run away with the division this year, but the way we are playing and the position we find ourselves in at the moment should give us plenty of heart and confidence to take forward."

Former Ars*nal midfielder Merson has started the last 2 games for the visitors but may content himself with a place on the subs bench tomorrow. Another familiar face who could well be missing is former Liverpool and Aston Villa defender Steve Staunton, who is struggling with a calf strain. There are others in the Walsall squad variously struggling with injuries, suspended, out of form, in form and pushing for a place from their reserves or whatever, but quite frankly we've not heard of them before (nor them of us no doubt) and anyway whoever they pick we know they'll be good players and tough to beat so we'll find out exactly who they are at 3pm tomorrow.

As for the Glovers, Phil Jevons is back in training but still appears to be somewhat troubled by a recurring groin strain - his condition will be assessed tomorrow morning. Andy Lindegaard is available after recovering from a dead leg and Arron Davies has returned from Welsh u-21 international duty. Efe Sodje serves the final match of his 3 game suspension, but apart from Sodje, those players that are away on loan and possibly Phil Jevons, boss Gary Johnson will have a full squad to choose from and he is now hoping that after picking up their first 3 points of the season last week his team can now kick on:

"It was a hard game up at Hartlepool and one that was going to take a lot of work to come away with a result," the Gaffer told the BBC Sport website. "But we did, and the weight was off our shoulders with our first win. It was the biggest ever win for the club - our first ever in League One - and now we've got that out of the way we can move on. Our performances have been quite good and we feel we could have had three or four more points at least. There has not been one game where we could say we were absolutely outplayed. We've had a couple of draws at home that we could have quite easily have won on chances but we're not crying over anything at the moment. We've got that win and now we can relax a little bit more and play our own game."

"You have to work from a solid base to make sure you get your first result," Gary explained, adding: "Our attacking philosophy will never change so whatever system we use we will still go out to score goals because that is us and that is what we enjoy doing. But what we've had to do, and we may do for a few weeks more, is work from a more solid base - so you probably get into their penalty area later and faster rather than being there with your troops all waiting for the cross."

Selected odds: Yeovil win 11/8, draw 9/4, Walsall win 13/8. The match kicks off at 3pm and you're advised to arrive early with the club hoping for a 7,000+ crowd.

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9 September 2005 : New boys enjoying life in the West Country
Yeovil's Argentinian pair Luciano Alvarez and Pablo Bastianini are settling in nicely to life in Somerset, according to an article in this week's Western Gazette, even if they are finding the, er, bright lights of the town somewhat less than dazzling at times.

"Yeovil is a very quiet town but the people are really kind and they are all trying to make us feel at home which we really appreciate," Alvarez told the Gazette. "It helps having Pablo here because it is not easy to be away from your friends and family in another country, especially for Pablo who is younger than me, but everyone has done everything to make us feel welcome."

"The gaffer has talked to us and got us used to this kind of football and we have worked very hard and we will continue to do that. We needed this first win [against Hartlepool] because we had been playing well up until now and not getting the results. Our season starts here."

On loan defender Liam Fontaine isn't a new face to the club of course after spending 3 months on loan with the Glovers last season, but he was delighted to be given the opportunity to return to Huish Park. "Gary (Johnson) said the only reason he knew I was available was because Scunthorpe phoned him to ask about me," he said to the Gazette. "They were going to take me on and Gary said if I was available then he would come in. So I came to Yeovil. On the day of transfer deadline, I got a call off Steve Kean, the assistant-manager at Fulham, and he said 'Which one would you rather go to?'. There was no question where I was going to go. When I knew I was going to be starting at Hartlepool I was over the moon. It was class to be involved. On the Wednesday I signed, a couple of lads text me and said 'Are you coming back?'. Then Paul Terry sent me a text welcoming me back when he found out. That was nice to know and it was good to join up with the lads again."

"I feel like I have never been away," Liam added. "It (playing at Hartlepool) was like before - you could sense there was a confidence throughout the team. I am really looking forward to playing against Walsall and playing at Huish Park because you know the fans are going to be on top form again. They really give you that extra buzz. I hope we can get our second win against Walsall."

The 19-year-old defender is in the last year of his contract at Fulham and could be available to sign permanently at the end of the season. "If the right move did come across, I would seriously consider it," he admitted. "I would have to talk to Fulham with regards their plans to see what they think because I am still only 19, I still have time on my side."

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9 September 2005 : Officials For The Walsall Game
Tomorrow's match against Walsall at Huish Park will be controlled by Berkshire referee Paul Armstrong. Armstrong took charge in three Yeovil matches last season, including the home matches against Boston United and Rochdale. He will however be remembered for a nightmarish performance at Plainmoor that left both managers fuming at the end of the LDV Vans Trophy match against Torquay United.

Armstrong will be assisted by Eric Mackrell (Hampshire) and Richard Palmer (Somerset) whilst the fourth official will be Kevin Barnes (Wiltshire).

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8 September 2005 : Youth League Cup Fixtures
As Ciderspace detailed on July 11th a new League Cup has been introduced for the Under 18 side this season, replacing the old Merit League system. With Yeovil Town placed in South Group Two the following fixtures will be played in the group stage :

Saturday September 24th, 12.00 noon, Queens Park Rangers home
Saturday October 1st, 11.00 a.m., Portsmouth away
Saturday October 22nd, 11.00 a.m., Leyton Orient home
Saturday October 29th, 11.00 a.m., Bristol Rovers away
Saturday November 5th, 11.00 a.m., Brentford away

The group winners progress to the next stage of the competition.

A full list of Yeovil Town Under 18 fixtures can be found here on Ciderspace.

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7 September 2005 : Reserves beaten 2-0 by Cardiff
Yeovil Town Reserves lost 2-0 to their Cardiff City counterparts at Ninian Park this afternoon, Cardiff took the lead on the 20 minute mark, Tariq Khalil the scorer. The Glovers second-string dominated much of the rest of the game in terms of possession, but didn't test Bluebirds keeper Scott Allison often enough, Gavin McCallum and Paul Terry both shooting wide when through on goal. Cardiff made the game safe with 5 minutes left to play, substitute Mark Jones nodding in unmarked from close range.

"It was a good opportunity for some of our younger players to play alongside the more seasoned professionals," manager Gary Johnson told the official site. "They will have learnt from the experience and it was unfortunate that a mistake cost us the second goal when we were pushing for what I considered would have been a well deserved equaliser."

Yeovil side (courtesy of The Force from the forum): Steve Collis, Jamie Underwood, Craig Allcock, Adam Lockwood, Jack Adams, Oliver Wake, Paul Terry, Richard Cullingford, Matt Harrold, David Poole, Gavin Mcallum. More details on substitutes as they appear.

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7 September 2005 : Reserves at Cardiff today
Yeovil Town Reserves travel to their Cardiff City counterparts today for a Combination League match. Kick off at Ninian Park is at 2pm and for those of you who subscribe to the full PTV subscription package the Cardiff official site says there will be live commentary online from the game.

None of the team who started against Hartlepool on Saturday are expected to feature, so if you are going to the game expect the usual mix of first team squad players/substitutes and those members of the youth team who can be released from college commitments. Also missing, according to the Western Daily Press, will be those recovering from injury - Phil Jevons (groin), Andy Lindegaard (dead leg) and Paul Terry (unspecified knock picked up on Saturday). At the time of writing (11.30am) there is no information on the YTFC official site regarding either the match or the likely make-up of the squad for the match.

If you are going to the game and would be willing to write a few words on the match then we'd be grateful - our address is, or simply leave a message on the forum.

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5 September 2005 : Football League Team Of The Week
Congratulations to Nathan Jones who was selected for the Coca-Cola League One Team Of The Week for 05/09/2005. Perhaps it would be better not to mention that whoever the idiots experts in charge of the selection process are, they appear to think Nathan is a centre-back.

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5 September 2005 : Walsall Supporters Match Off
This Saturday's supporters match against Walsall has been called off today (see yesterday's news item). The forthcoming plans for matches against Port Vale and Swansea City remain unaffected.

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4 September 2005 : New Fixture Date
Yeovil Town Reserves Group A match in the Pontin's Holidays Combination Cup against Cardiff City Reserves, postponed from August 31st, has been rearranged for Wednesday November 2nd.

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4 September 2005 : Beyond The Call Of Duty
Following Saturday's 1-0 win at Hartlepool United, Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson admitted he was not looking forward to the journey home explaining "It will go quite quickly for half an hour but the other seven hours will be too long!"

But Gary had kind words for the 179 supporters who made a 700 mile round trip up to the North East to get to a game that kicked off at 12:00 noon.

The Yeovil manager explained: "That's beyond the call of duty! They left at 3:00am this morning and that is unbelievable. We have shown our appreciation on many an occasion today and we have tried to talk to as many individually as we possibly could. But there were over 150 people out there who cheered us on throughout the game. For them to travel this far, that early is unbelievable and we are very proud of them."

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4 September 2005 : Players Pay Their Own Way
Glovers boss Gary Johnson revealed after Saturday's match that the ten players who had flown up for yesterday's match at Hartlepool United had done so out of their own pocket in an effort to improve their own personal performances on the day.

The ten players who travelled with assistant manager Steve Thompson were Chris Weale, Steve Collis, Lee Johnson, Darren Way, Nathan Jones, Terry Skiverton, Paul Terry, Colin Miles, Pablo Bastianini and Luciano Alvarez.

Gary explained: "They felt that we had done alot of travelling. We had played Ipswich, Barnsley and Swindon and we had had too many away matches. I know Swindon was not very far but this one was going to be a monster. Ten of them decided that they would like to fly and so on Friday morning they got a flight at 8:30am from Bristol and they arrived in Newcastle at the hotel just outside Hartlepool at 11:30am, so they were very fresh. Myself and the lads who went on the bus had a good trip but it was still six or seven hours. Having said that, the two groups - the ones who were on the bus and the ones who were on the plane were trying to joke with each other as to who was the liveliest over breakfast this morning. But they were all lively and they showed that today. The big thing was that they paid for the trip themselves. We had the bus coming up and we had the hotel sorted out. In the end I wanted to make it their option and to see how it goes but I'm sure the club will look to fund it now we've won."

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4 September 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Hartlepool Game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson admitted he was glad that no-one would be writing about how the Glovers were still looking for their first win after his side got their first set of three points at League One level against Hartlepool United with a 1-0 away win. Speaking after yesterday's match, Gary answered the following questions:

Qu: You must be delighted with your first win in League One

GJ: Yes, I am delighted that no-one is going to say about that anymore! We've had six games and every time I read the press or read something about us, the articles all start with 'Yeovil, who haven't won yet'. So we're pleased to get that one out of our hair. We knew we would have to have a very good away performance and a 1-0 away performance is exactly what the doctor ordered today. It was important that we worked hard. We found our shape, we created our chances, but I thought we were very solid and that was important for us today.

Qu: After you weathered the storm in the first 20 minutes, I thought it was very very comfortable for you.

GJ: That's right. In the first 20 minutes we had to work very hard to keep them out of the back of our net but we were working hard. We were throwing ourselves in front of things, the goalkeeper was making saves and blocks and there were people going down for fun in the box because of injury - both our players and their players - because people were putting their bodies on the line. Then in the 20 minutes before half time we started getting our game going and once we got our passing going, it stopped Hartlepool's passing game and then they had to worry about us for a little while.

Qu: You've beaten a side that reached the playoff finals.

GJ: Yes, that's a big plus. The first big plus is that it is our first win and therefore our highest win ever at this club, and also away from home. The second plus comes because we respect Hartlepool as a team that were in the final of the playoffs and so this is probably the strongest side that we have played this year - not in terms of league places at the moment, but we think they will finish above most of the teams that we've played. We played better today and we were a bit more organised.

Qu: Do you think your Argentinian strikers have got a big part to play this season?

GJ: I think so. I don't know how many goals we've got now. It's not many but they've got three of them. Pablo is a clever lad in the penalty area and Luciano gives you everything he has got. So they will play a part for us, that's for sure.

Qu: A new formation as well today with one up front.

GJ: Yes it was a new formation. We just felt that we needed to be solid and that we could break from a position of being solid. We worked all week on it and the lads hated me all the way up until 2.00pm today because we worked very hard on our closing down and our quick feet. The lads have deserved that today with the work they have put in during the week, along with the work that myself and Thommo have put in all week.

Qu: Skivo at the back especially.

GJ: I thought the back four were fantastic - the whole of the back four. We defended very well as a team, but for the back four if they make a mistake it's generally a goal. Liam Fontaine had his first game for a long time and he was a rock there. Skivo was a rock, Plucky had a great game and so did Kevin Amankwaah. We did look very solid and Wealey backed them up. Paul Terry did well when he came on and our midfield did well by not letting runners in. To get points at this level you have got to do alot and I felt we did what we needed to do today.

Qu: I don't think it was a big surprise that the goal came from a set piece because those had been your most dangerous moments in the first half.

GJ: When you are away from home, the normal state of affairs is that you try and stop the other team from scoring and you hope to get something. We had enough corners and enough free kicks to put in the box. But that was a clever one and we said that maybe a bit of cleverness would win the day. Lee obviously made eye contact with Pablo, it was a great ball and a great finish.

Qu: Pablo should have scored beforehand with a header from a corner.

GJ: Yes, he challenged Terry Skiverton didn't he! Terry went down injured, and maybe he should have got above the ball and knocked it in. But at that point and even at 0-0 before the goal, I felt that we were gradually taking over the game. That was what I was really pleased about. We've gone away and travelled eight hours up the motorway, and we've dictated the game for most of the game, other than the first 20 minutes.

Qu: I don't think Hartlepool created a chance in the second half.

GJ: No they didn't and that's credit to the boys at this level.

Qu: Do you think that having those meetings with the players during the week helped clear the air out?

GJ: I hope so. You can only do what you feel is right as a manager. People know me now and they know I am honest. I am not doing it because I am angry. I am doing it because I think people need to be told sometimes. If it brings an extra five or ten percent out of people then I have done my job.

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4 September 2005 : Ciderspace Match Report : Hartlepool vs Yeovil
The full match report for yesterday's 1-0 win over Hartlepool United can be found here.

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4 September 2005 : Hang 'Em High
Yeovil Town made their longest trip of the League One season on Saturday searching for that elusive first victory at this level. One hundred and seventy-nine fans got up at ridiculous or completely ridiculous (depending on their exact location) times in the morning to make the noon kick-off.

With the squad split into two warring, hold on let us explain! In the debates that always go on within the team and management some players had cited the large amount of travelling the team has already done this season from the way the fixtures have fallen as a possible contributory factor to the poor start. There was a suggestion that the team fly up. However with all the logistics involved and some not keen on the flying option the usual coach was booked. A group of players then sorted out their flights, transport at the other end from Newcastle to Hartlepool, and paid for it all themselves. Dissension within the camp, or a pro-active response showing how much they care? Doubtless the manager was watching carefully when the two groups re-united at the team hotel, but the vibes he got were all of jocular ribbing and leg-pulling.

Loan signing Liam Fontaine came straight into the eleven, Adam Lockwood the one to drop to the bench. The only other change in personnel from the defeat against Chesterfield was a starting place for Kevin Gall instead of Andy Lindegaard. However there were much greater changes in formation. The 3-5-2 was out, and the Glovers adopted a flexible system that looked like 4-1-4-1 when the opposition had the ball, and 4-3-3 when in possession. This put a lot of demands on the likes of Gall, Luciano Alvarez and Nathan Jones to be in perpetual motion and in the right part of the pitch at the right time. It also meant a hard workout for Pablo Bastianini, ploughing a loan furrow up front until players could get up in support when possession was obtained.

The first twenty or so minutes were all the home team, and better finishing might have seen the game decided at that point. However Hartlepool squandered their chances, and the game began to swing as Yeovil got into their stride. 0-0 was a fair scoreline at half-time, but the second half saw the visitors maintain the control they had begun to exert in the closing stages of the first period. Apart from a fluke that went in direct from a corner, but was ruled out for a foul on Chris Weale, Pools had little to offer and it was a question of could The Glovers break them down? In the end it was that old standby, a set piece, that gave Yeovil the lead. Lee Johnson whipped in a hard free kick from wide, and with three Yeovil players steaming in on it Pablo Bastianini it was who got the header from close range. 0-1, 68 minutes.

With over twenty minutes still remaining there was plenty of time for the home side to make a response, but Hartlepool seemed deflated and couldn't raise their game. Alvarez was replaced by Paul Terry on 70 minutes to provide some more forceful tackling. The fresh legs of Matt Harrold came on on 82 minutes straight after Bastianini had put in a tired tackle back and got himself booked, and in truth the visitors saw out the match rather too comfortably for the home fans who by now were very audibly expressing their displeasure.

So the record books will show Yeovil Town's first ever win at League One level took place at Victoria Park. It was a gritty hard working performance. There was little pretty about it, but it will be more performances like that which pick up points on the road in this division.

Final score : Hartlepool United 0 Yeovil Town 1

A full match report will be available here.

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4 September 2005 : Players needed for forthcoming fans matches
YTISA chairman Mark Kelly is looking for players for a series of upcoming matches against opponents supporters teams, with the first match coming up next Saturday 10th September v Walsall on the astroturf at the club, kick off 10.30am. If you are interested please contact Mark by email at

Upcoming games are as follows:

Saturday 10 September v Walsall, kick off 10.30am.
Saturday 24 September v Port Vale, kick off 10.30am.
Saturday 8 October v Swansea, kick off 09.00am due to early main match.

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3 September 2005 : Kevin Amankwaah is internet player of the month for August
Kevin Amankwaah has been voted as internet player of the month for August. In what has been an, er, difficult month for the Glovers (Ipswich aside!) Kev A has stood out for his all action performances on the right, as well as scoring the Glovers first goal in League One, against Blackpool. He won the MOTM vote in 3 out of the 6 games played in the month, with Pablo Bastianini the voters choice in 2 other matches. Darren Way got the vote in the month's solitary win, at Ipswich in the League Cup.

Kevin Amankwaah celebrates on hearing the news that he has won the internet player of the month award for August. David Poole's attempt to strangle Kev was fortunately prevented.
Kevin Amankwaah celebrates on hearing the news that he has won the internet player of the month award for August. David Poole's attempt to strangle Kev was fortunately prevented.
Photo © 2005 Martin Baker / Ciderspace

Full results are as follows:

Kevin Amankwaah - 556 points
Pablo Bastianini - 445
Efetobore Sodje - 266
Darren Way - 256
Colin Miles - 175
Nathan Jones - 143
Chris Weale - 127
Matt Harrold - 108
Terry Skiverton - 102

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2 September 2005 : Youth Team Venue
Tomorrow morning's Youth Alliance South West Conference match between Yeovil Town u-18's and Cheltenham Town u-18's will take place on the Huish Park Top Pitch at 11.00am.

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2 September 2005 : Hartlepool v Yeovil Match Preview
Yeovil Town make their longest trip of the season today ahead of their League One match at Hartlepool United on Saturday. The Glovers find themselves in the unaccustomed position of being bottom of the division and are yet to win a league match - well, it's an unaccustomed position since Gary Johnson took over as manager. Long-term supporters will remember other times when this was a fairly familiar scenario!

Tomorrow's opponents haven't had the best of starts themselves. After getting so near but yet so far to the promised land of the Championship last season, only missing out in the play-off final in the end, big things are expected of Hartlepool this term but with only 1 win and 6 points from their first 6 games boss Martin Scott is under pressure to get his team winning games sooner rather than later. He's not expecting the Glovers to roll over and die however.

"I know it will be difficult because they (Yeovil) are a difficult side to play against despite what people might think because of their current position," Scott told the Hartlepool Mail. "We know they have not picked up the results but played well and they are not far off getting that winning performance. What we need to do is be focused and stay on top, the players know that there are certain areas that we must improve on but there were some positives from Monday (Pools drew 3-3 against Scunthorpe), like the way we hit back from being 3-1 down."

Hartlepool could be without club captain Micky Barron (cartilage), Joel Porter(knee) and Hugh Robertson (knee); as well as defender Neill Collins, picked for Scotland u-21's. Darren Craddock is also a doubt with a hip injury and Thomas Butler has a calf problem which may also keep him out of the game.

As for the Glovers, 10 of the first team squad have flown up to the north-east today with the rest travelling up by coach ahead of tomorrow's game. Loan signing Liam Fontaine will definitely be in the squad for the match, but striker Phil Jevons is still doubtful with a groin problem and Andy Lindegaard is also struggling, in his case with a dead leg. Efe Sodje sits out the game, serving the 2nd match of his 3 game ban and Arron Davies plays for Wales u-21's tonight, in their match against their counterparts from England - for anyone wanting to see how Arron plays, his match is live on Sky Sports 1 tonight, 7.30pm.

"We appreciate the quality of the Hartlepool team," Gary Johnson told the Glovers official site this afternoon. "They were playoff finalists last season and are a very strong team this season. We have been working very hard to try and turn our fortunes around, we do need to pick up points quickly and Hartlepool is a hard place to try and do that, but we are going to give it everything we have got."

"For anyone who is traveling to Hartlepool tomorrow, it is definitely beyond the call of duty but as always we really do appreciate the support you give us."

For all you lunatics loyal supporters making the longest journey Yeovil supporters can make in the football league, the Ciderspace guide to all things Hartlepool is online here. The game kicks off at 12 noon.

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