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30 September 2004 : Threat posed by Cobblers. No, it's true...
Yeovil Town will be going into Saturdays League Two match at home to Northampton Town hoping to pick up their first football league points against Colin Calderwood's side, the Cobblers coming out on top in both of the equivalent fixtures last season.

"Northampton started off slowly last year, but they are definitely a good team and they will be there or thereabouts come the end of the season," Glovers boss Gary Johnson said today. "They will be dangerous and it is another Oxford United-type game where we will have to be on top of our game. But obviously it would be great if we could beat Northampton 6-1 just like we did against Oxford!"

Of the players who missed Tuesday night's defeat at Torquay, both Terry Skiverton and Colin Miles are expected to be fit for Saturday. Darren Way and top scorer Phil Jevons have been laid low with an illness during the week and will be assessed tomorrow (Friday); as will Gavin Williams and Lee Johnson who both have ankle knocks. Long-term injured Adam Lockwood and Scott Guyett are still 2 weeks off returning to training.

Gary has praised his side's fitness levels, especially those who played in the LDV Vans Trophy tie at Torquay: "I was really pleased with our fitness at Torquay and we looked much the stronger of the two sides at the end," he said. "I was pleased with a couple of performances and not so pleased with another couple.

"Yemi [Odubade] is coming along very nicely and getting fitter now he's been in full-time training for two or three months. He's put himself in the frame and is certainly in a position where I'm thinking about him. Whether he makes the starting XI is another thing at the moment, but when the manager's thinking about you, you've always got a chance."

"And it was a terrific effort by Andy [Lindegaard] and a credit to our medical team. We needed him on the day and he came through it very well. He comes into contention for Saturday and I will assess him when we return to training on Thursday."

"Adrian [Caceres] did two good things but I want 20 good things from him. He has tremendous ability, but you want him on the ball a little more than he is."

Regarding the Torquay game and the vexed question of the standard of refeering at that match and in the football league generally, Johnson has called for the introduction of video referees. Talking to the Yeovil Express, the Glovers boss said: "I have always been an advocate of video evidence. It has got to come in eventually. The fourth official needs to be sat in a booth somewhere in the ground and look at the evidence when called upon. He should be doing that rather than getting worried about whether the managers are inside their technical areas by the dugouts."

"It would help to stop the animosity towards the referee over big decisions,"
he said. "It would make their lives so much easier. If there is any doubt they could look at the video. It would only take a couple of minutes to look at the video. And when you think about it contentious decisions already take a couple of minutes to settle down."

Finally, the Gaffer has revealed that an agent representing former Glover Hugo Rodriguez has been in contact with the club to see if there is any way back for the giant Portugese defender at Huish Park after he kept Yeovil waiting for several weeks at the end of last season before turning down a contract offer. "An agent asked me whether I would be interested in having Hugo back at Yeovil," Johnson told the Yeovil Express, adding: "But I said I would not."

"I gave Hugo more than every chance to have signed a new contract at the end of last season," Gary explained. "I make decisions on people not taking up your offer. So there was a bit of talk about Hugo, but nothing is going to happen."

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30 September 2004 : Gary named Manager of the Month
Glovers boss Gary Johnson has been named as League Two Manager of the Month for September by a panel led by Sky Sports presenter Chris Kamara. The 49-year-old, whose birthday was on Tuesday, led his team to the top of the table after three wins and a draw during the month.

Gary's reaction to winning the award was typically modest: "Being awarded the manager of the Month is always a great honour, not just for myself but for the football club as a whole. September seems to be a good month for me. I think this is my hat-trick of Septemberís. It gives a manager a great opportunity to thank his coaching staff. I would like to thank, Steve Thompson, Maurice OíDonnell, Stuart Housley and Glen Schmidt."

"And to also acknowledge the players part in obtaining such an award. They obviously play a great part, because we can only send them out on the pitch with instructions Ė they have to carry them out and they do that very professionally Ė I am very proud of our squad at the present time."

"There are lots of people outside of the playing squad Ė in the offices, they are people who work very hard and are very important to this football club."

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30 September 2004 : Action Photos From Shrewsbury vs Yeovil
The action photo gallery for last Saturday's match at Shrewsbury Town has now been completed. To view the 81 photos from the Glovers 2-1 win head to the gallery here.

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29 September 2004 : Gary's Verdict on the Torquay Game
Glovers manager Gary Johnson had to bite his lip after the match when answering questions from the press following last night's 4-3 defeat at the hands of Torquay United in the LDV Vans Trophy. Both Johnson and Torquay manager Leroy Rosenior were left fuming at the incompetant display of match referee Paul Armstrong and Gary was careful to avoid any trip to Soho Square when answering the following questions:

Qu: Gary you probably won't see a game like that for the rest of the season!

GJ: Well when you are in a game like that you'd like to win it. We just about did enough in extra time but unfortunately a few things didn't go our way. It was a great game for the neutral, but Leroy (Rosenior) is as upset as I am at the moment. That was what the raised voices you might have heard in there (in the players tunnel) was about. Somebody sometimes has got to be a bit more accountable.

Qu: A few key players were missing tonight but it didn't show.

GJ: No, that's good. We didn't quite play our game but we kept in there and when you do get from 3-1 down to 3-3, you want your lads to go on and win the game. Unfortunately we didn't.

Qu: A few injuries within the squad, then you've got extra time and tired legs. You could have done without that maybe?

GJ: Maybe but a few of them showed that they've got good fitness. They were still sprinting and running at the end, but we just left ourselves a bit open right at the end. The only player that Torquay still had with legs was the boy Akinfenwa who got a bit of luck with a ricochet. But it was a good finish and you can't moan about his finish. He didn't deserve to get sent off in my opinion. His first booking was silly. We had a couple of bookings that weren't bookings. But there were major decisions - major major decisions - during that game and someone didn't call them right.

Qu: Is it enough to say you were disappointed with the officials and leave it like that?

GJ: I've just been talking to Leroy and he's been screaming and shouting as well. There were two teams out there who put in a performance but there was one team that didn't. The assessor has invited us in, in half an hour, though whether it will do any good I don't know. We've already had some words with him and to be fair to him he was listening. Leroy was just as upset as I was about some of the major decisions and to be fair to Leroy - because he's an honest man - he did say that we should have had two penalties. Of course they were two penalties.

Qu: You had a slight conversation with the fourth official! Did anything come from that?

GJ: No the fourth official was having a very difficult situation. He was having to smother a lot of bad decisions. He did his job - it wasn't his fault. He's just got to calm people down and he had to calm both benches down. The fourth official did his job.

Qu: But you're disappointed in that your lads came back from 3-1 down?

GJ: Yes, it was a great game and it was a great fightback, which is why you're even more gutted when it happens like it does. The problem was that it was a great football match and it should have stayed like that. Both myself and Leroy don't mind losing fair, happy, good football matches that are competitive.

Qu: Do you think that the time had come when there were nearly 2,000 people all disagreeing with one man?

GJ: Probably! There were certainly two people disagreeing with one man out there. But what more can you say? It's done, it's over. But it certainly leaves you with a horrible gut feeling and you end up feeling a bit violated.

Qu: You brought on Yemi. People won't have seen alot of him but he certainly scared the life out of Torquay.

GJ: Yes, he can do and the more experienced and the fitter he gets, the more dangerous he will be.

Qu: Lindy did well to come back with 120 minutes.

GJ: Yes he did. But it just shows you that we look fit. I thought most of our boys looked very fit and we finished strong. We needed to maybe put a couple of chances away and if we had been given a couple of decisions that game would have been all over far earlier on. But Torquay rode their luck, and credit to them they then got that luck down the other end.

Qu: Are you happy with how the rest of your squad played?

GJ: I thought it was a good game. I thought it was a great match and that's credit to both teams. We've has 120 minutes and this is our 13th game in seven weeks and that's probably Leroy's 13th game in seven weeks. It's not a great idea to have these competitions right in the middle of when you're playing double league games, plus Carling Cups. People at our level don't have massive squads so for the boys to get through 120 minutes and still entertain is a good effort on both parts.

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29 September 2004 : 4-3 to the referee
Yeovil Town's poor record in the LDV Vans Trophy continued last night in a thriller at Plainmoor, Torquay United scoring an extra-time winner to go through to the 2nd round by 4 goals to 3; but the match was overshadowed by an appalling display of officiating from the team of referee Paul Armstrong and his assistants, capped by the dismissal of winning goalscorer Adebayo Akinfenwa for 'over-celebrating' and the refusal of what appeared to be at least 2 clear-cut penalties to the Glovers.

It's not often that both managers agree when speaking about the officials, but last night both Gary Johnson and Gulls boss Leroy Rosenior were singing from the same hymm sheet. "It's just been an amazing night," Rosenior said. "I thought Yeovil should have had two penalties, we've had Bayo sent off for - what? - and bookings for people who don't know why they've been booked. We wanted to have a great game of football, but it's been spoiled a bit by someone outside the game."

Gary Johnson was in full agreement with his Torquay counterpart: "I think Leroy is as upset as I am. I didn't think Akinfenwa deserved to be sent off. Major decisions in the game went against us, because somebody didn't call them right. Even Leroy said we should have had two penalties. There was two teams out there who put in a performance, and another team (the officials) who didn't. The fourth official was trying to smother over a lot of bad decisions. It's not his fault - he was trying to calm both benches down. It was a great football match and it should have stayed like that."

Both sides made big changes from last Saturday's league games and it was the home side who seemed to settle first with that perennial thorn in Yeovil's side Jo Kuffour putting the Gulls in front on 17 minutes. Andrejs Stolcers equalised for Yeovil on 42 minutes, but Torquay then took a 2-goal lead early in the second half, Craig Taylor on 53 minutes and Adebayo Akinfenwa on 59 minutes putting the home side 3-1 in front. Back came the Glovers with an Adrian Caceres 20-yard shot to make it 3-2 on 67 minutes, and the comeback was complete with 6 minutes of normal time left, Bartosz Tarachulski nodding home to level the scores at 3-3. The Glovers dominated extra-time with Gulls keeper Kevin Dearden making some extraordinary saves and the aforementioned Mr Armstrong (who hails from Berkshire, funnily enough) and his assistant contriving to miss some obvious penalty offences, before Adebayo Akinfenwa, completely against the run of play, broke the deadlock with what would turn out to be the winning goal - and then was dismissed for his trouble after what the official deemed to be an 'over-celebration'.

Final score: Torquay United 4 - 3 Yeovil Town (after extra time).

No new injuries were reported after the match. The Glovers now face Northampton Town at Huish Park on Saturday, who enjoyed a bye in the first round of last night's competition so get a week's rest. Cobblers! No, it's true.

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27 September 2004 : LDV Tie Team News
Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson has revealed his line-up for tomorrow's Round One LDV Vans Trophy tie at Plainmoor early.

Johnson has decided to rest a number of players with slight knocks, and give a competitive game to others who will benefit from a run out.

Dale Williams and Jevons have both been ill. Darren Way, Colin Miles, Gavin Williams and Lee Johnson have all been carrying knocks, and I have got to give them seven days to get over them. They have all been carrying knocks but managing to get through games, and itís vital that they have some rest. This is the chance for me to do that. Skiverton is a week away, and Scott Guyett and Adam Lockwood are two weeks away, while Rose has played in twelve games in seven weeks.

The team as announced to play Torquay United will be :

Steve Collis, Andy Lindegaard, Roy OíBrien, Liam Fontaine, Stephen Reed, Kevin Gall, Paul Terry, Nicolas Mirza, Adrian Caceres, Bartosz Tarachulski, Andrejs Stolcers. On the bench will be : Chris Weale, Kezie Ibe, Yemi Odubade, Dale Williams and A.N.Other.

For Andy Lindegaard this will be his first run out since pulling up with a hamstring problem at Meadow Lane on August 21st. Bartosz Tarachulski may also be looking forward to the chance to play at Plainmoor, if for different reasons. On his last visit, in a pre-season friendly, he hit an eighteen minute hat-trick.

Torquay are waiting on a late fitness test for midfielder Kevin Hill. Hill suffered a calf injury during Saturday's 2-1 home league defeat by Tranmere Rovers. Midfielder Stuart Wardley and striker Martin Gritton are also doubts, both carrying thigh strains. Meanwhile, central defender Gareth Owen has been recalled by Stoke City following his loan spell.

Torquay have only won once all season, away at Stockport County. They currently lie in 23rd one place above County in the League One table, on six points.

The tie will be settled on the night, with no replay available. After dabbling with silver goals the competition has returned to the standard thirty minutes extra-time and then, if necessary, penalties.

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26 September 2004 : Plainmoor Bargain
Torquay United and Yeovil Town have agreed to reduce admission costs for the Round One LDV Vans Trophy derby clash at Plainmoor this Tuesday, kick-off 7.45 p.m. In a bid to boost the crowd for what is traditionally modest interest in the early rounds of the LDV, ticket prices have been fixed at a flat rate of £10.00 for adults and £5.00 for all concessions anywhere in the ground, seated or standing.

The Yeovil Town Independent Supporters' Association is running transport to this game, leaving Huish Park at 5.00 p.m. Prices are £8.00 for members and £10.00 for non-members.

To book phone the hotline number, funded by Hembury Plant Hire, on 07800 837810.

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25 September 2004 : Gary's Verdict on the Shrewsbury Game
Glovers manager Gary Johnson praised his side's never-say-die attitude as they turned around a one-goal deficit, recording a 2-1 win against Shrewsbury Town at Gay Meadow. Gary answered the following questions from the press, which were interrupted halfway through when ground stewards located a suspect package left in Shrewsbury's Main Stand! Thankfully the remainder of the interview concluded without any further interruptions:

Qu: Gary, more Yeovil entertainment as ever!

GJ: Yes it was entertaining and we left it a little bit late. But to be fair I thought we created some very good chances in the first half, right up to the final shot or the final bit of quality. We just felt that we needed to keep going really and hope that one of our strikers would do what they've been doing regularly and that was to slide one into the back of the net.

But that wasn't happening and so I had to change it a little bit. I said to them that I was going to give them 15 minutes for a goal and then I was going to change our shape to try and get our goal from another angle and it came.

Qu: Was that a shock going in 1-0 down at half time?

GJ: No games are shocks in this league. If you're 1-0 down away at Shrewsbury I would never say it was a shock. But we needed to up it a little bit and keep creating chances because it wasn't going to be one of those days where we got one chance and one goal. But we kept working at it and once again fitness-wise I was really really pleased with us. We finished strong. It's not like a Yeovil side to shut up shop at the end but that's what we decided to do today in our new away day game.

Qu: You mention a different style now away from home - are you a bit more pragmatic in your approach?

GJ: It's not a different style. I think you can see that we would never change our style. We're still playing football wherever it is. In certain situations we just have to be a little bit more solid and a bit more clinical and if we are 1-0 up or 2-1 up with a few minutes to go then it's important that we win the game and not necessarily go for the third one. But that's only if we've got just five or ten minutes to go. We've been working alot on being a bit more solid defensively as a group of people - that's not just at the back but at the front, so we are harder to beat. I thought that in the end we looked quite comfortable even though there were a lot of balls coming into the box and a few ricochets, we had enough men there so that the law of averages meant that the ball had to come to us.

Qu: Gary one of the turning points was the turning point made by Jimmy Quinn because he was prepared to try and shut up shop with 25 minutes to go and it all really went Yeovil's way then.

GJ: Yes, that probably is a little bit early to shut up shop. To be fair, I felt that he made that substitution because we were becoming quite strong and so he went with more players at the back. But my players got through them and we were on a head of steam at that point anyway.

Qu: And your son Lee Johnson poached a goal.

GJ: Yes, that was good because Darren Way hit the first shot and then Lee was in there, so to get two of our little midfielders in there to both have a chance just showed how much we wanted to get the game back. They knew how much I wanted to get the game back at half time and as I said to you we gave that eleven 15 minutes to try and produce it. Unfortunately Jevo has had a bit of a rough time in the last three or four days. He's been ill and we knew that he would only last about an hour, so that's why we took Jevo off.

Qu: We saw Tarachulski's nimble feet just before the goal but he turned well to get that second which proved to be the winner.

GJ: Yes it was terrific. For a big fellow he really does turn very well. At that point I felt we needed something slightly different. We needed to get some crosses in and get a bigger prescence in there and certainly his presence earned us a couple of goals.

Qu: And the penalties? All credit to the keeper?

GJ: Well, if you remember Gally took several in the Reserves last season because they had to keep retaking it for various reasons. So Gav has still got that in his favour. But as I said in the dressing room, it's a team game and we won the day. It would have been nice to have got the third one because then we wouldn't have needed to have defended the last five minutes. That would have been a lot easier had he tucked that one away, but to be fair to the keeper he made two great saves.

Qu: And all credit to you now - you've played ten games now and you're top of the league!

GJ: Are we? That's good! That's great because I did say that at the start of the season when we had lost one and drawn one that we needed to look at the situation after ten games. I'd still say that and I'll say now that we've got to wait another ten games before we know where we are going to be in mid-season and whether we are still there. But at the moment it looks like the squad is strong enough which I'm pleased with. We look like the strongest team in the league because that's where we are. Ten games is a fair assessment of how we've been playing over the past five or six weeks.

Qu: You've now got another cup competition to enjoy, this time at Plainmoor (against Torquay).

GJ: Yes, I'll worry about that one once we get on the coach. But we want to enjoy this one first. We're in the LDV at Plainmoor and we enjoy going there because it's only just up the road.

Qu: Is it a competition to take seriously?

GJ: Yes of course. We always take things seriously. The team that I pick won't dictate whether I'm taking it seriously or not. I think we've got 24 first team players and if I pick anyone it will because I think they can win us the game.

Qu: Are you pleased in the way that the team didn't seem to show any jetlag from the Bolton game? We struggled after the Plymouth game for fitness.

GJ: We'll know after the next three or four games. I know I'm always putting things far ahead but don't forget that we beat Rochdale after the Liverpool game. But I think we've got a big enough squad now. If someone is losing their legs then I can change them now without worry of weakening the side. I think that's really important. Bartosz has come on and changed the game, Gally had a big effect on the game and even Nicolas after I asked him to sit just in front of the back four did his bit and the first thing he did was to go on a mazey run and end up in the other penalty area! But he got back and did his job. We look stronger now so hopefully that will see us through.

Qu: Colin Miles - is he OK?

GJ: Yes, he's OK. He just felt it when he went up for a ball and fell down and he jarred it when he came down. So he's not having a lot of luck. But I felt that Roy did a good job when he went into the centre back position there, and Liam Fontaine is still only 18 and we forget that sometimes and they both did very well ably accompanied by Paul Terry and Rosey at the back.

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25 September 2004 : The taming of the Shrews*
Yeovil Town came from behind at Gay Meadow this afternoon to go top of the league for the first time this season after a 2-1 win against Shrewsbury Town, second half goals from Lee Johnson and Bartosz Tarachulski cancelling out Luke Rodgers first half opener.

The Glovers made 2 changes from the team that won 6-1 at home to Oxford last Saturday: Gavin Williams was preferred to the somewhat unlucky Adrian Caceres on the left side of midfield and club captain Terry Skiverton was replaced in central defence by Colin Miles after Skivo strained a quad muscle in his thigh in training on Friday. Ironically Miles himself had to be substituted at half-time against Shrewsbury after jarring his ankle.

The hosts took the lead in an evenly-matched first half on 39 minutes, a 20-yard Luke Rodgers screamer leaving Glovers keeper Chris Weale helpless. Kevin Gall replaced Miles at half-time and the game was transformed halfway through the second half with the introduction of Bartosz Tarachulski at the expense of the tiring Phil Jevons, who had been suffering from an illness for most of the week. Lee Johnson equalised on 69 minutes, smashing home the rebound as Shrews keeper Scott Howie parried a Darren Way effort; and three minutes later the Glovers were in front, Bartosz Tarachulski turning on a sixpence in the box to rifle home the eventual winner. Gavin Williams had the chance to make the game completely safe just before the end when referee Scott Matthieson awarded Yeovil a penalty after the Welshman was brought down in the box, but Shrewsbury keeper Scott Howie kept home hopes flickering after saving Super Gav's spot kick not once, but twice, the referee ordering the kick to be retaken because of encroachment after Howie had saved Williams' first effort.

Final score: Shrewsbury Town 1 - 2 Yeovil Town.

Scunthorpe United could only draw 1-1 at home to Mansfield today leaving the Glovers 1 point in front on top of the league table this evening, on 20 points from 10 games played, exactly on course for Gary Johnson's 2 ponts per game target. Scunthorpe and Swansea are 2nd and 3rd respectively, both on 19 points, with Wycombe 4th on 18. Next Saturday's League Two opponents, Northampton today beat Bristol Rovers 2-1 at Sixfields to go 13th, on 13 points.

Yeovil travel to League One outfit Torquay United this Tuesday in an LDV Vans Trophy round one fixture. Although their injuries are not considered in any way serious, it's doubtful whether either Terry Skiverton or Colin Miles will be risked in the game. Expect the first team squad to be fully utilised at Plainmoor!

[*© Obvious-Headlines-R-Us]

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24 September 2004 : YTISA Travel To Rovers
The Yeovil Town Supporters' Association will be running transport to Bristol Rovers on Tuesday 19th October.

Prices are £8 for members and £10 for non-members.

Demand is expected to be high, and YTISA chairman Mark Kelly advises early booking to avoid disappointment.

To book call the hotline number, funded by Hembury Plant Hire, on 07800 837810.

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23 September 2004 : That's the Way, uh-huh uh-huh, I like it!
Glovers midfielder Darren Way, in outstanding form at present but who limped off with a twisted ankle during the second half of the 2-0 Carling Cup defeat by Premiership side Bolton Wanderers, is hoping to be fit for Saturday's League Two clash with newly promoted Shrewsbury Town at Gay Meadow.

"Darren has been in this morning and his ankle doesn't look too bad, so he has every chance of being available for Saturday." Gary Johnson told the Western Daily Press today. "There wasn't even too much swelling, it was just a jarring of the ankle."

In further injury news, Andy Lindegaard is expected to start training again on Monday following his recent ankle injury, with defenders Adam Lockwood and Scott Guyett a further 2 and 3 weeks away from a return to first team action.

"Andy is probably going to start training on Monday, but until players get back to training you can't tell exactly where they are." Johnson confirmed. "We can't set him a target yet, but we are just pleased that the three that are out are heading back. Adam Lockwood is two weeks away - he is certainly over the injury but still has to do a bit of fitness work. Scott just needs to rest and rehabilitate for two or three weeks - which is certainly much better than having an operation."

The Glovers boss was a contented man on Wednesday, the day after the televised Bolton game despite the 2-0 defeat. Speaking to the WDP Johnson said: "The lads had a well earned rest today. I was very proud of them because we took on Premiership opposition and managed on occasions to play our game. The television money is a nice bonus, but what is priceless is the reputation your club creates and enhances. That's worth much more than any pound notes put into your bank."

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22 September 2004 : The Ciderspace Badge
As promised - some time ago it's true - we now have a picture of the new Ciderspace badge.

Ciderspace enamel badge
The Ciderspace enamel badge (not shown actual size!)
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace/Stewart Bratherton

At a mere £3 each, impress your friends and family with your immaculate taste and be happy in the knowledge that all profits will go to benefit Yeovil Town Football Club.

Order your badges from Stew Bratherton (Blue Stew on the forum) at :

91, Combe Park, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3BE (cheques payable to 'S M BRATHERTON'). For delivery by post add 50p.

Orders can also be made by e-mail to Stewart Bratherton.

Stew will not be at the Shrewsbury game owing to work commitments, but will be available for orders and sales at the next home fixture versus Northampton Town.

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22 September 2004 : Gary's Verdict on the Bolton Game
Glovers manager Gary Johnson praised his side for being part of a very good game of football, despite being on the wrong end of a 0-2 scoreline against Premiership side Bolton Wanderers. Gary answered the following questions from the press immediately after the game:

Qu: ďWell Gary in the end it just wasnít to be tonight?Ē

GJ: No it wasnít to be, but once again we were part of a very good football match. It was a little bit reminiscent of the Liverpool game, although I felt we had more play today than we did against Liverpool. We said we'd do fine as long as we create chances and defend well, but also we donít just defend - I wanted us attacking as well. I can remember four or five opportunities that we had, including a penalty decision that was turned down, that meant we were part of an overall football match - defending and attacking. I donít know what the cameras see, I donít know what you see but we are disappointed because we lost. Itís nice that we are disappointed thought it would take a terrific joke in our dressing room to make them smile at the moment. I tried by saying that I was proud of them and that weíve now got to move on, enjoy that, know that weíve competed with a team from the Premiership and their athleticism, their pace, their strength and move on into our league and get some more points.

Qu: ďItís like you say you did compete and the players can be proud of that can't they? They certainly werenít out classed by Bolton?Ē

GJ: No thatís the big thing, people have got to remember the gulf between the standard we are playing and the standard they are playing. We believe that if we can move up the leagues, we can compete at the next league up and I think weíve proved that today, but people probably forget youíve got Diouf and £10 million. People say it as a second string but they are all Premier league level, top international players and the way the boys competed and hung in there was fantastic and I was very proud of them.

Qu: ďDisappointed to concede from a set piece?Ē

GJ: Yeah, well they did it against Arsenal and if they can do it against Arsenal they can do it against us. We knew they were going to be dangerous with set pieces. Deliveries are always good at this level. Theyíve got some big players that come and attack the ball and weíd coped with most of them. Wealey made a few good saves. Yes I'm disappointed but nobody deserves a rollicking at this stage. The second goal was a bit spawny as he just got a little touch and it rolled into the corner, but we had some heroes out there and even though none of us like losing games we can move on knowing that we have competed with the best.

Qu: ďTheir substitutes turned the game in their favour in the end but your substitutes Gally and Gavin Williams certainly had an impact themselves when they came on. I know you like your players to effect things.Ē

GJ: Yeah I thought all my players affected the game today, even though Bartoz only had 10 minutes - we were saving him for extra-time. But Gally and Gavin are always going to come in and affect the game, as the lads did before them. If weíve got 11 players affecting the game and 14 when we get the subs on then we are not going to be far away from where we want to be at our level.

Qu: ďThe League is obviously most important for you this season. Darren Way went off is that a bad injury?Ē

GJ: Well we donít know. Darren came over and said he didnít think it was too bad but he couldnít have carried on so we will wait and see. We have only got a few days before the Shrewsbury game but in 24 hours we will know a little bit more about Darren.

Qu: ďA defeat in the final analysis, but another great occasion here at Huish Park. The fans really enjoyed themselves and a nice standing ovation for your players at the endĒ

GJ: Yeah thatís nice. Weíve got a fantastic set of fans and so long as we keep getting this big games here at Huish Park everybodyís going to be happy but one day were going to win one.

Qu: ďObviously a big game Saturday because if you win you will be at 2 points a gameĒ

GJ: Yeah, it is, and we said that didnít we, when you were all moaning that we had one point after two games if you remember. We did that a certain season we won the championship but we will keep our feet on the ground. I will have to give them the day off tomorrow and then pick them up again ready for the Shrewsbury game, because Shrewsbury have had a good opportunity to have a rest and the opportunity to see us play so weíve got to be doubly good when we go to Shrewsbury.

[Transcription by Richard Gibson.]

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22 September 2004 : Gavin Williams : 100 Up!
Last night's match against Bolton Wanderers represented the 100th appearance in a Yeovil shirt for midfielder Gavin Williams for all competitive matches.

Gavin's statistical career profile for Yeovil can be found here.

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22 September 2004 : FL Calls In More Learned Friends
Chairman Sir Brian Mawhinney confirmed today that the Football League has issued High Court proceedings against Hammonds Solicitors.

At the relevant time known as Edge Ellison, they were the legal advisors to the Football League during its contract negotiations with ITV Digital back in 2000. Football League chairman Mawhinney and his board of directors have taken the decision having considered detailed advice from leading counsel.

The Football League's proceedings claim that during the negotiation and completion of its broadcasting agreement with ITV Digital (at the relevant time known as ONdigital), Hammonds were negligent and/or in breach of contract, and failed to protect the Football League's interests.

The proceedings include a claim for substantial damages. Mawhinney added that for legal reasons the Football League will make no further comment.

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22 September 2004 : Glovers go out with heads held high - now let's concentrate on the league!
Yeovil Town matched their Premiership opponents Bolton Wanderers for 80 minutes in the second round of the Carling Cup at Huish Park last night, but two late goals from internationals Julio Cesar and Henrik Pederson meant it was the Lancashire club that goes forward into tonight's third round draw.

The home sections of Huish Park sold out before the kick off yesterday, but a small away following meant that just over 8,000, plus the nationwide Sky TV audience, were present to see the match. Bolton made 9 changes from last Saturday's 2-2 draw at Arsenal, but with the likes of Julio Cesar, Israeli captain Tal Ben Haim, Greek Euro 2004 winner Stelios Giannakopoulos, Senegal international El Hadj Diouf, Nigerian international Blessing Kaku and former Real Madrid and Spain captain Fernando Hierro all making the starting line-up; not to forget the perhaps more familiar but equally distinguished Les Ferdinand, Kevin Nolan, Kevin Poole and Anthony Barness - it was clear that the Glovers were going to face a mighty task to get anything out of the game.

The visitors certainly had the better of the chances during the match, with Yeovil keeper Chris Weale showing exactly why he has been seen as a possible Premiership player of the future, making several excellent saves during the first half. If not for his excellence Bolton could have had the match sewn up at half-time, though the Glovers looked threatening on occasions, one passing move that split open the Trotters defence ending with a Paul Terry shot being deflected over the bar. All square at half-time, though the Glovers had ridden their luck at times.

Yeovil had two good chances to score themselves after the break, a Lee Johnson screamer from outside the box veering wide by inches with Bolton keeper Kevin Poole beaten, and an Andrejs Stolcers volley flashing wide following an inch perfect cross from substitute Kevin Gall. On another day they might have had a penalty when it appeared that Phil Jevons had been tugged down in the box but referee Dermot Gallagher has never been one to do Yeovil any favours and waved play on. "Jevo told me it was a 100 per cent penalty," Glovers boss Gary Johnson insisted afterwards. "Me and Tommo (assistant manager Steve Thompson) drove four hours up the road to a referees' conference where we were told that any pulling or tugging is absolutely a penalty. Then that happens."

The Glovers lost a little impetus when the superb Darren Way limped off with a twisted ankle in the second half, but the visitors finally made the breakthrough on 80 minutes, Julio Cesar heading home from a corner. With Yeovil pushing up to try to find an equaliser, Danish international striker Henrik Pederson made the game safe for the visitors with 4 minutes left. A deserved win on the balance of play for the Premiership side then, but Yeovil fans can be proud of the way their team matched their more illustrious opponents for most of the game.

Final score: Yeovil Town 0 - 2 Bolton Wanderers.

Glovers boss Gary Johnson commented: "We were part of a very good football match. It was a bit reminiscent of the Liverpool game, although I felt we had a little bit more play than in the Liverpool game. We are disappointed we have lost and it is good we are disappointed. It would take a great joke to get the players to laugh in the dressing room now. I told them I was proud of them and we now have to move on and get some more points in our league." Yeovil travel to Shrewsbury on Saturday. It's not yet known how serious Darren Way's ankle injury is, but it's not thought that there were any other injuries resulting from last night's match.

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21 September 2004 : Bolton Game Now Sold Out
All tickets for the home sections of Huish Park for tonight's Carling Cup match against Premiership side Bolton Wanderers are now SOLD OUT as of 11:43am.

Any home supporters without tickets should avoid Huish Park tonight and instead tune into Sky Sports Two where coverage starts at 7.00pm for the 7.45pm kick-off.

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21 September 2004 : Bolton Game Nearly Sold Out
Tickets for the home sections of the match tonight against Premiership side Bolton Wanderers have nearly sold out. The match, which is live on Sky Sports will see three sides of the ground packed to the rafters with it being extremely unlikely that tickets will be available for sale to home supporters this evening.

The current situation as of 11.00am this morning is that the Westland Stand is SOLD OUT meaning that there are no standing positions left within the ground.

The Yeovil College Stand and the Bartlett Stand have a very small number (estimated at 30-40) of single seats still available. It is not possible to purchase tickets for two or more adjacent seats. These remaining tickets are expected to go very quickly, with a sell-out likely to be officially confirmed later today.

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20 September 2004 : Halloween Party Details
As per the item from September 15th, we now have some more details of the children's Halloween Party at Huish Park on Sunday 0ctober 31st.

The event has been kindly sponsored by Asda, with tickets at £5.00 going on sale from Wednesday the 22nd of September.

The party is aimed at ages 5-12, and lasts from 3.00 p.m. until 7.00 p.m. There will be lots of activities and games with a Halloween theme, including Eye Ball Stew, the Trick or Treat Game, Arts and Crafts, prizes for the Best Pumpkin and Best Fancy Dress, and lots more.

Contact Sara Bradley on 01935 423662 ext 200.

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20 September 2004 : Westminster Debates
This week's edition of Westcountry Soccer Night - which is broadcast late on a Thursday - is to be recorded at the Westminster public house in Westminster Street, Yeovil.

Supporters who would like to be involved should be in the pub from around 5.45 p.m. on Wednesday 22nd September, with filming taking place from 6.00 p.m. to around 8.00 p.m.

Yeovil Town's captain Terry Skiverton and vice-captain Darren Way are expected to be in attendance.

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19 September 2004 : Gary's verdict on the Oxford game
Yeovil boss Gary Johnson answered the following questions from the press following the 6-1 rout of Oxford United at Huish Park yesterday afternoon.

Gary, can you talk us through all those goals?

(Laughs) "Yes, Iíve got the video in my hand! I will watch the video three times tonight probably because if you lot enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed it, and the fans enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed it then its been a great day for us."

You went into the break leading by just one goal to nil and then came the explosion, a volcano of goals!

"Well we just had to be a bit patient didnít we? The first 10-15 minutes neither team was looking like they were going anywhere. It was important to be solid and we felt that we were going to be fitter at the end and sometimes youíve just got to hang on in there when your passing is going a bit astray. But the one thing weíve got is players that just want to get on the ball all the time - even when things are not going so well they still want to get on the ball and in the end you can demoralise opposition once you start getting a couple of goals up and really start playing. So it was a super day and we're still thinking about Tuesday but we're very proud of the players today.

So many positives - two first goals for Stolcers for the club; a hattrick for Jevons, the division's leading top scorer; and out of the drought and wilderness Kevin Gall with a dipper!

"Well, if I had a wishlist I suppose it would be for Jevvo to get three, Stolcers two and Gally one! Gallyís waited a long time and the reaction of the crowd was fantastic as well. It was the last goal (almost! - ed) and alright, we could have cheered but the crowd were with him as well and he feels terrific in there and we're so glad heís got that out the way. Jevvoís the quality finisher we knew he was and so is Andrejs. We have to be a bit patient with the new players sometimes as a club - we bring in quality players and I see that quality in training every day. We just have to put that quality from the training sessions on to the playing surface and when they do thatís the sort of thing that happens on the day."

It was just the sort of game and atmosphere to bring on Bartoz Tarachulski, who hit the post, and Kevin Gall. If they're not going to score in these sorts of games they never will.

"Nicholas (Mirza) got his home debut as well so theyíve all been a part of it. Itís a terrific day when a manager can do those sorts of things. I was a little reluctant to take Stolcers off because he was on two, but having said that he played 60 minutes in the reserves in the week and I didnít want him to pull a muscle or anything just because of me trying to get him a hattrick, so we took him off. Bartoz came on and did the same sort of running and he caused them a problem as well, as did Gally, so the only problem now is the team for Tuesday!

Is there much in the reserve tank for Tuesday after that?

"There will be, of course there will be. Itís a great game to look forward to and you can get through that sort of game on adrenalin anyway. They put a lot into today so weíve just got to make sure we put a lot into today, tomorrow and Monday and have them getting about the pitch as they did today."

It wasnít all Yeovil, the first 15 minutes Tommy Mooney was in with a few chances. You had to thank your goalkeeper a few times?

"Yes, Wealey makes the right saves at the right time. Thatís why heís a great goalkeeper and at 0-0 thatís when you want your keeper to make a save. To be fair they didnít have many chances, we had a little bit of play where we didnít get it out of our penalty area for 5 minutes but there were no real easy chances. Tommy Mooney hit a great shot from 25 yards and just missed a header, but then he wouldnít have got it as it was too high. We kept them down to a few chances and in the end I donít know how many chances we created but it was a hatful, as they say."

Congratulations Gary, the best ever league result for Yeovil.

"Thatís nice - actually I didnít think of that, thank you very much! It was they way we did it wasnít it? Iíve got to have a word with a few of them because I donít like letting a goal in, but I suppose if you get 6 in return then you can cope!"

We forgot about that - obviously every manager will be disappointed about conceding?

"Well to be fair at 6-0 I suppose people can switch off! They are going home with a goal but our goal difference is 5. I donít know where it's put us in the league but I would certainly have taken that before the game."

Not much time to savour it now though because of the important cup tie with Bolton?

"Yes, I wonder if the Bolton scout was here? I think he was so I donít know what his report will be like when he goes back to big Sam (Allardyce), but Samís had big games - whatís he had, Liverpool in the past couple of weeks, Man United and Arsenal... So I should think he rested a few against Arsenal in preparation for us!"

(Transcription courtesy of Richard Gibson)

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18 September 2004 : Six of the best! Glovers spank sorry U's
Andrejs Stolcers netted a brace, Phil Jevons bagged a hat-trick and Kevin Gall weighed in with his first goal since December last year after Yeovil Town thumped Oxford United 6-1 at Huish Park this afternoon.

With only fifteen minutes on the clock the Glovers twice had to thank keeper Chris Weale after the shot-stopper denied first Lee Bradbury and then Tommy Mooney from finding an early breakthrough. Oxford continued to dominate before Yeovil began to show signs of their Ďbouncebackabilityí. Just as the Huish Park faithful were doubting their side's finishing touch, Lee Johnsonís through ball found the unmarked Anders Stolcers who finished from 10 yards out for the first goal of the afternoon. 1-0 to Yeovil at half-time.

The hosts began the second period in style. Stolcers doubled his and Yeovilís tally after a great pass from strike partner Phil Jevons set up the Latvian international. On the hour mark Yeovil deservedly got their third. Jevons, in the action again, exquisitely found the back of the net with a low drive from outside of the box. It was not long before Yeovil consolidated their lead. On as a substitute, Kevin Gall provided a pin-point cross for Jevons to neatly finish at the far post for his second. Oxford managed to find the back of the net but Mark EíBeyerís 73rd minute strike was too little too late for any chance of a realistic comeback. Kevin Gallís audacious volley from 20-yards out left Uís keeper Chris Tardif floundering and would have far from hindered Gall's chance of a return to a first team starting position. While the Yeovil faithful were wondering if Bolton manager Sam Allardyce was watching, Jevons made it six of the best for the afternoon after completing his hat-trick and making it a terrific day's work for Gary Johnsonís men.
[George Murray]

Final score: Yeovil Town 6 - 1 Oxford United.

The result means that Yeovil move up 2nd, their highest position in the league table so far this season. The Glovers have 17 points from 9 games played, 1 point behind leaders Scunthorpe, who snatched a last-minute winner away at Bury this afternoon.

The Glovers now have a short break from League Two action and can look forward to Tuesday evening and the visit of Premiership outfit Bolton Wanderers in the Carling Cup Round Two, the match being shown live on Sky TV. Yeovil have no new injury worries after today's game. Both Gavin Williams and Michael Rose underwent fitness tests this morning and while Rose was passed fit to face Oxford, it was felt that Super Gav needed a little more time to recover from the knock he picked up at Cheltenham last week - it's hoped he will be fit for Tuesday.

The Glovers youth team also enjoyed a big win today, beating their Newport County counterparts 5-1 on the top pitch at Huish Park, Dale Williams netting a hat-trick. Click here for Robin Evans' match report.

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17 September 2004 : Youths Take On Newport
A reminder that Stuart Housley's Yeovil Town Under 18s side take on Newport County tomorrow morning at 11.00am on the Top Pitch at Huish Park in a Football League Youth Alliance match. Admission to the game is free.

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17 September 2004 : Somerset Premier Cup Tie Date Set
The First Round match in the Somerset Premier Cup away at Crown Field versus Keynsham Town has been set for Wednesday October 6th. Kick-off is 7.45 p.m. This means the Reserves home fixture against Swindon Town orginally scheduled for the same evening has now been rearranged to Wednesday 30th March, 2005.

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16 September 2004 : Reserves Go Down At Swansea
An inexperienced Yeovil Town Reserves side stayed in the game at Swansea City for 80 minutes last night but went down 3-1 at The Vetch against a more experienced looking Swans line-up.

Whilst the Glovers featured only Steve Collis and Andrejs Stolcers from the first team regulars, Swansea bolstered their Reserve line-up with players that had taken to the field at Huish Park for a first team match only 10 days previously, with Kevin Nugent, Bradley Maylett and Leon Britton bringing bags of experience to the home side.

Conversely the Glovers took to the field with three new trialists - Marcus Simmons, Mark Smith and Leandro Naldone all believed to have come on trial from the same source. The latter is currently playing for Taunton Town and is of Brazillian origin.

After an even first half, Swansea took the lead right on the half time break with a fortunate strike. Gary Fisken's shot was looking comfortable for Steve Collis until the ball deflected off the body of Stephen Reed and into the opposite corner for an unfortunate own goal.

The 348 spectators at the Vetch saw Yeovil create several chances before levelling with Kezie Ibe unlucky to see one cleared off the line. Steve Thompson replaced Andrejs Stolcers on the hour mark and five minutes afterwards Yemi Odubade deservedly levelled, sending a low shot into the corner in front of a away end occupied only by three Yeovil Town flags!

An ugly moment occurred 15 minutes from time when Swansea's Lee Surman was red-carded for spitting at Nicolas Mirza. The Glovers replaced Marcus Simmons with Andy Martin, whilst goalkeeper Tim Pearse replaced Steve Collis and with 10 minutes left the Glovers looked good value for a draw.

But with the Swans gradually becoming more dominant, they nicked the match with two strikes in the last ten minutes from Chad Bond. The first came after the Yeovil defence failed to clear their lines, allowing Bond to nick the loose ball, whilst his second came in the last minute of the match to create a somewhat flattering scoreline.

Yeovil Town: 1. Steve Collis, 2. Marcus Simmons, 3. Stephen Reed, 4. Mark Smith, 5. Leandro Naldone, 6. Charlie Welch, 7 Nicolas Mirza, 8. Andrejs Stolcers, 9. Kezie Ibe, 10. Yemi Odubade, 11. Dale Williams. Subs: 12. Andy Martin (sub 71 mins for Simmons), 14. Steve Thompson (sub 60 mins for Stolcers), 15. "Tim Pearse" (sub 81 mins for Collis).

Swansea City: Brian Murphy, Lee Surman, Stuart Jones, Leon Britton, Gary Fisken, Brad Maylett, Jamie Rewbury, Antonio Corbisiero, Chad Bond and Kevin Nugent.

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15 September 2004 : Lindy Back To Specialist
Andy Lindegaard will be going back to see his specialist this week after his ankle injury has failed to respond to initial treatment.

More positive is news that Scott Guyett may not need a second operation (on his other knee) as first suggested. His specialist has advised he wait another week to see if the injury ameliorates before any decision on whether to go ahead with surgery is taken.

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15 September 2004 : Childrenís Halloween Party
Welcome to the witching hour.

A Halloween Party is on the agenda at Huish Park. Make a note in your diaries for Sunday October 31st (would you believe?). More details when we get them, but if you can't wait contact Sara Bradley on 01935 423662 ext 200.

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15 September 2004 : Reserves at Swansea : Kick-off time changed
Today's reserve team fixture at Swansea City has had the kick-off time changed. Originally scheduled to start at 2pm this afternoon, the match has now been put back to 7pm this evening.

Glovers keeper Steve Collis will make his comeback from a recent elbow injury, but otherwise the Glovers are expected to field a young and inexperienced team. "Steve is all right now," Glovers boss Gary Johnson confirmed yesterday, adding: "He is down to play at Swansea, he needs to get a match in. We will field quite a young side again, like we did against Plymouth, because we've got big first team games coming up against Oxford and Bolton."

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13 September 2004 : Bristol Rovers Tickets On Sale
Tickets for the derby clash with Bristol Rovers on Tuesday October 19th, kick-off 7.45 p.m., have gone on sale to Yeovil fans today at Huish Park.

Season Ticket Holders have until 7.30 p.m. on Monday 20th September to purchase a ticket. The Ticket Office will be open after the Oxford United fixture this coming Saturday. Any remaining tickets will go on general sale from Tuesday 21st September.

Telephone bookings, quoting your STH membership number, are highly recommended. Phone 01935 847888, but not please on match days when the ticket office is otherwise engaged.

This game is all-ticket for both sets of fans.

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13 September 2004 : Weatherstone signs for Hornchurch
Utility player Simon Weatherstone has been sold to Hornchurch for a small fee, according to Yeovil Town's official website. He joins former Glovers Kirk Jackson and Lee Elam at the Conference South outfit.

Tin-Tin, as the former Boston player was nicknamed, signed for the Glovers in January 2004 and made his debut in the 2-1 home defeat to Leyton Orient. Although he arrived at Huish Park with the reputation of a free-scoring attacking midfielder he played as often as a striker or on the wing as in his favoured position in midfield. Perhaps his versatility worked against him somewhat as he never really took a first team place by the scruff of the neck, though his effort could never be faulted. Simon made a total of 11 first team starts for the Glovers and a further 11 substitute appearances, scoring once.

Speaking to the club's official site, manager Gary Johnson commented: ďHornchurch enquired about his availability and at the time Simon and I were talking about what may or may not be contracts in the future and we both felt that the offer of a two/three year contract at Hornchurch was too good to turn down.

ďSimon hasnít been a regular in our team and at his age he needs to be playing regular first team football. Heís been a great servant to the club during his time with us and weíve tried him in a few positions to get him on the field but it has not quite worked out for him.

"Simonís been a great personality around the club and we wish him all the best for the future with Hornchurch.Ē
A sentiment Ciderspace echoes wholeheartedly - good luck Simon.

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12 September 2004 : YTISA Coach Travel
The Yeovil Town Independent Supporters' Association will be running transport to the following games:

Shrewsbury Town on September 25th - leaving the football ground at 8.30 a.m. prompt. £13 for members and £15 for non-members.

Torquay United on the 28th September - leaving the football club at 5.00 p.m. £8 for members and £10 for non-members.

To book phone the hotline number, funded by Hembury Plant Hire, on 07800 837810.

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12 September 2004 : John Ward's Verdict on the Cheltenham Game
Gavin Williams cuts past a Cheltenham defender
Gavin Williams cuts past a Cheltenham defender
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace

Cheltenham Town manager John Ward had a very similar view of Saturday's 1-1 draw at Whaddon Road to Glovers manager Gary Johnson when he spoke to the press after the game. Ward answered the following questions from the press:

Qu: John it was a cracking game to watch from the press box, what was it like from the dugout?

JW: I said to the players at half-time that if they are not enjoying taking part in this football match then they are in the wrong profession. I was enjoying it and I've been around for 30-odd years watching football. I thought it was a cracking game. I was really pleased with my team because they stood up against a very good team in Yeovil. If any supporters from either side have gone home and not enjoyed watching their team try and beat the other one today then they are watching the wrong sport as well. I thought it was a cracking game and a smashing afternoon for everyone who has paid to watch.

Qu: Last Saturday you had 16 attempts on goal. It couldn't have been far off that if not more today.

JW: I was pleased with the way we went about it and we are now talking about having three unbeaten games in the last four. We are getting more solid, getting people fitter and getting people stronger. We talked yesterday in the preparation for this game and we said that if we were going to beat Yeovil we would have to play well. I thought we played well today but obviously we could not beat Yeovil. I thought they played well and they could not beat us. On this one day, we are getting a bit better but I think Yeovil are a very good side and a credit to their manager in the way they went about their business. I'm very pleased to finish the game in the way that we have done today.

Qu: Are you perhaps slightly disappointed given the chances you created in the second half. Damian Spencer had a couple and John Finnegan hit the bar.

JW: I was more disappointed last week at Notts County in terms of the way the game went. This was a game we could have won and could have lost. It really was that nip and tuck. Even looking at my watch with 44 minutes gone, I was thinking don't lose that ball there because Yeovil have got some players who can provide something. We had some players who could provide something today and they didn't want Devaney, Odejayi or Spencer to get on the ball and we didn't want two or three of their guys to get on the ball either. Right to the end it was really tight and no-one should have left early today because it was that sort of afternoon where you never knew how it would end. I can't grumble about the score. I want to win but I also want to see my team play like that because that's our best chance of winning anyway.

Qu: On the debit side, were you disappointed you couldn't hold the lead a bit longer?

JW: Yes, I talked to another manager in this league - Kenny Jackett who is at Swansea - because they played Yeovil last week. Kenny reckoned that in this league he is seeing games where teams are having spells during games and you need to score when in your spell. I thought we had a good spell and scored then Yeovil scored and had a good spell. That was how it went. I thought well lets see if we can survive their spell because I didn't want them to get another one. In the second half I thought we came out looking pretty positive and had a go for it. Yes, at the end of the day we might have got a winner and Gary Johnson would have been upset but then again he might have got a winner and then I would have been upset. So maybe in the long terms stakes we'll take what we got.

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12 September 2004 : Gary's Verdict on the Cheltenham Game
Roy O'Brien puts in an attacking header as part of another solid game
Roy O'Brien puts in an attacking header as part of another solid game
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace

Glovers manager Gary Johnson believed his disappointment of not coming away with all three points against Cheltenham Town would be tempered by the long term likelyhood of the Glovers 1-1 draw at Whaddon Road being seen as a point gained rather than two points dropped. Gary answered the following questions from the press after the game:

Qu: You're always disappointed when you don't get three points but the further you went on with the game, were you happy to come away with a point?

GJ: Well it's exactly as you've said it. We're not happy to come away with only a point. We like to come away with three but one is better than none. Cheltenham are always a difficult side to play here. We had our chances and to be fair they had a couple of chances as well, and so all-in-all it was probably a fair result. Fair results add up at the end of the season. Getting these points away from home - as long as you are winning your home games - are decent. Some you are going to nick and get three points with and some you are going to be unlucky, get beaten and get no points. I thought we were resolute today and we've got to make sure that our away form is more dogged than it has been. I thought that today we were dogged and we threw ourselves in front of things. There were a couple of great last ditch tackles there but we still created chances. So all-in-all you could say it was a decent away performance but if you see the lads in the dressing room there, they want to win and so they are disappointed. For me it could be looked as a point gained later on.

Qu: Darren Way's equaliser came just at the right time. You'd gone behind but he put you back on level terms almost immediately.

GJ: Yes, we were a bit disappointed. We were against the wind, because we thought it was going to get stronger in the second half. The weather forecast said it was going to pour down later on, but unfortunately the 20 minute spell in which it really did come down was when it was against us. They got a bit of play, it was a good ball in by Martin Devaney and their guy (Stephen Guinan) did very well to get his head to it. So we went 1-0 down during the storm.

I had a go at the referee but to be fair to the referee he said that he was just as disappointed as me when the goal went in because he felt that he should have given a foul. I don't mind that and held my hands up and said no problem once he'd said that. But the goal still stands of course. And I'd still say it was a fair result, so what goes around comes around. But good on the referee for saying that and it certainly stopped me from saying what I thought he was!

Qu: Who was the foul on for their goal?

GJ: It was a foul down here (by the dugouts) where the referee said play on. I can't remember who it was on but it was a definite foul and it sort of half looked like it was coming back to us and didn't but the referee had already waved play on. He'd played advantage when there wasn't an advantage.

Qu: They went desperately close right on the stroke of half time with that free kick didn't they?

GJ: Yes, they did. They had a couple of chances but so did we. It's over now and we get one point each. I'll see on the bus where we are in the league, and we've got a home game to come. We'll wait and see how important this point was.

Qu: You brought Bartosz on eventually didn't you?

GJ: Unfortunately sometimes you bring a big one on and it makes you go a little bit longer. Cheltenham defended quite well down the slope. They are used to this small pitch and defended quite well down that end. We didn't really have that many chances down there. We had a few long shots and Jevo nearly got in, but funnily enough not as many chances as we got in the first half against the wind. So we went a little bit too long and gave the ball away a little too much when we were in good possession. I like to create more opportunities than we did in the second half.

Qu: Their front two certain put themselves about and they are strong boys.

GJ: Yes, they do and they have to because they get alot of the ball. Alot of the balls they get are going 30 or 40 yards up to them. But I felt our defenders coped with it quite well. There was a bit of a bombardment but we coped with it well.

Qu: Darren Way obviously scored the goal but he also made the crucial tackle on Damian Spencer.

GJ: Yes, he's certainly earned his money today. It was a great ball from Gav and Darren got in there just at the right time, and it was a great touch. But incidents win and lose games and that last ditch tackle certainly made sure we didn't lose.

Qu: That's quite typical of him, to get into both penalty areas.

GJ: Yes, but I thought our workrate was good all round the team. But Darren does epitomise our workrate.

Qu: Do you think it would have been a bit of a tragedy for either side to have lost this one?

GJ: No, I don't think it would have been a tragedy for John Ward to lose it in the dying minutes! If it was us winning it, you don't care. John wouldn't care if it was him that got the winner. But we both respect each others teams and now that it is one-all, we'll have a drink and wish each other well.

Qu: You've got a bit of a respite, then it's Oxford at home next week.

GJ: Yes, we've got a few knocks in there. Luckily enough we haven't got a midweeker. Had it been the Bolton game this Tuesday a couple of them might have been struggling. We've got a spare week, but our physio room is going to be pretty full.

Qu: Which it is already!

GJ: Yes, it is already but those people have got their own programmes. A couple of them have had their own operations and so are just rehabilitating. But we've got two or three in there that might need a bit of work on.

Qu: Are any of the knocks serious?

GJ: We're not sure - we don't think so. Rosey has taken a bit of a knock and Gavin has taken a bit of a knock. There are a couple of others but with those two we'll see how they settle down and see how they are when they come back in on Monday.

Qu: This is a game in which you perhaps could have lost last season.

GJ: We've just got to improve our away form. We got a good result at Notts County but we had two poor results at Mansfield and Bury. This result is a decent result because Cheltenham are a difficult side to play against. Certainly they are a difficult side to open up because of their back four and two midfield lads that sit in and block it up. They leave it to their two front lads to get hold of it, so there's never that much room on the break and you won't beat Cheltenham on the break. You have to have a bit of quality in and around the penalty area.

Qu: What have you done to try and address the away form?

GJ: We address it by telling it just like it is. We've lost a couple away and we've had one win, but we capitulated a bit at Mansfield, as we did at Bury. That's what I didn't want to do. Today we went 1-0 down and we didn't capitulate. You've got a home crowd shouting and screaming and you've got a big wind on a small pitch and so they are going to have a lot coming into your penalty area. You have to be able to deal with it away from home.

Qu: That certainly shows how far you've come since last season.

GJ: Quite right but let's hope we're saying that after the next away game. Before I start saying anything like that I want to be able to go ten away games without anything like that happening. That said, I'm pleased with the team and I feel that we've improved every year.

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12 September 2004 : Darren shows the Way to do it
The points were shared at Whaddon Road this afternoon after Yeovil equalised through a Darren Way header just four minutes after Steve Guinan put bogey side Cheltenham ahead.

Despite having the better of the first 25 minutes of the first half, with Paul Terry coming closest for the Glovers, the Robins took the lead against the run of play from a Guinan header. The lead was short lived after Darren Way drew blood for Yeovil. Gavin Williamsí pinpoint cross found the unmarked Way who lobbed the keeper from just inside the box. Yeovil dominated the remainder of the first half with twice Phil Jevons and Andrejs Stolcers threatening Cheltenhamís goal.

Cheltenham began the second half the brighter with captain John Finnigan thumping a volley which rattled the crossbar. Lee Johnson reminded the Robins of his free-kick ability with a testing powerful shot before Cheltenham striker Damian Spencer had a brilliant opportunity to reclaim his sides lead, but Yeovil had Darren Way to thank for his inch perfect tackle to deny Spencer in the box.
[George Murray]

Final score: Cheltenham Town 1 - 1 Yeovil Town.

A decent point for Gary Johnson's team yesterday then at a ground where Yeovil haven't won for nearly 30 years. The Gaffer reported various minor knocks for different players after the game, but nothing that will keep anyone out of next Saturday's league match at home to Oxford. The Glovers drop a rung in the league table to 6th place with 14 points, 3 behind new leaders Wycombe. Next Saturday's opponents Oxford United drew 0-0 at home with struggling Rushden and are currently 9th in the table with 13 points.

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10 September 2004 : Guyett suffers further injury blow
Central defender Scott Guyett, who has yet to start a competitive match for the Glovers after signing from Chester City in the summer and who has already had one knee cartilage operation at the start of this season, has suffered another blow with the news that he could now face another cartilage operation after being injured in his comeback game for the reserves against Bristol City Reserves last week - but this time on his other knee!

"It's unbelievable," Glovers boss Gary Johnson told the Western Daily Press. "Scott had never had an operation before he joined us. It's a freak situation and it looks like he's done a similar thing to his right knee." Guyett will see a specialist to assess the damage to to his knee, but another cartilage operation looks to be the likely outcome.

In better injury news fellow central defender Colin Miles has been passed as fit and is available for tomorrow's match at Cheltenham. Midfielder Gavin Williams had a metal pin removed from his hand yesterday and has also been given the all-clear to play. "Gav still has another pin in his hand and that will be taken out next week," Johnson said. "We took a bit of a gamble playing him last week, but he'll definitely be okay for Cheltenham."

The Glovers boss has an interesting selection problem in attack for tomorrow's game at Whaddon Road. Depending on which formation he plays, he has 4 players competing for either 2 or 3 places. Top scorer Phil Jevons is presumably favourite to start, but Latvian international Andrejs Solcers, Polish striker Bartosz Tarachulski and Welshman Kevin Gall will all be hoping to join him in the starting line-up.

"Those two [Gall and Tarachulski] had run their socks off against Swansea and were tired," Johnson explained to the Bristol Evening Post, "but they've had a week in which to recover and I have a nice selection problem. I thought Stolcers did very well when he came on and he gives me another option."

Johnson has called for more consistency from his side, particularly against teams from the lower end of the league table: "We had a problem with beating teams in the lower half of this league last year and I'm hoping that is going to change now. We're too inconsistent for my liking. I was proud of the way my lads played in the second half against Swansea, but we're yet to do that for an entire 90 minutes.

"We had good periods in those games at Bury and Mansfield, only to drop off the pace in the second half. We need to maintain our high tempo throughout the game and try and impose ourselves on the opposition. I've told the players that, while I'm pleased with parts of their game, there is still room for improvement.

"Don't get me wrong, we've made a decent start. But I think we'll know more after 10 games and that's when I want to be right up there among the leaders."

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10 September 2004 : Glovers play set for more shows
Following the Premiere of Peter Quince Theatre Companyís new play about Yeovil Town Football Club at the Octagon Theatre in the summer, a new set of dates has been announced for theatre and/or Glovers lovers to see the show.

ďbecoming GIANTSĒ, written by local writer Nick White and colleague Will Gore from London follows Yeovil in their historic first season as a football league club. The Premiere in July, which was sponsored by The Western Gazette, was a great evening out and thoroughly enjoyed by all present, including the entire Yeovil squad and backroom staff, including manager Gary Johnson.

PQTC are currently developing plans for a regional tour of the play in 2005 but for those who cannot wait until then, there are a handful of opportunities to see the comedy.

The play, which keeps the same cast as the premiere, follows the story of Penny and Yandle, two star crossed Glovers on the journey to Football League history.

ďbecoming GIANTSĒ is being performed at North Cadbury Village Hall on Saturday 25th September through Take Art, Somersetís rural arts agency. As an incentive for Glovers fans, anyone wearing green and white will get a discounted ticket for the show. The performance at Yeovil College on Wednesday 29th September is already sold out.


North Cadbury:
Sat 25th September, 7:30pm
£5 adults, £3 children: 50p refund for anyone wearing green and white!
Telephone Ann Cook on 01963 44735

Yeovil College:
Weds 29th Sept, 8:00pm

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9 September 2004 : Johnson bolsters the defence
Defender Roy O'Brien has signed an improved 4-month contract which ensures the popular Irishman will remain at Huish Park until the new year at least. The short length of the contract is no reflection of Roy's ability, but almost certainly a recognition that his injury record since arriving in Yeovil from Dorchester has been somewhat chequered, with the defender having to prove his long-term fitness again after missing most of last season following major operations on his knee and his ankle.

"Roy has been on a month-to-month contract and we wanted to give him a bit more stability," Glovers boss Gary Johnson said yesterday, adding: "After discussions with Roy, we have signed him up until December. I will be reviewing the situation again next month."

Another defender staying at Huish Park, at least for another month, is on-loan Fulham youngster Liam Fontaine. With Adam Lockwood, Colin Miles and Scott Guyett all currently unavailable through injury the 19-year-old central defender is an essential part of the squad at present. "I spoke to Fulham and they were very happy to let Liam stay at Huish Park for another month," Johnson confirmed. "He is a quality young defender and with the current injuries, I am really pleased to have him stay on."

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8 September 2004 : Reserves and Argyle draw a blank
Yeovil Town Reserves were held to a 0-0 draw by their Plymouth Argyle counterparts in a Pontins Holidays Football Combination fixture at Huish Park last night.

The Glovers fielded their usual mix of youth team players, triallists, squad members and Latvian internationals; but with a back five consisting of youth team keeper Danny Barker, youth team winger/striker Dale Williams, youth team centre half Sam Croft, Arundel defender Paul Jones and teenage squad player Steve Reed, one might have expected the visitors to have a relative field day in front of goal. Not a bit of it. The Glovers youngsters worked their socks off from start to finish to keep out a strong and physically powerful Plymouth side, with keeper Barker in particular making some magnificent saves throughout the game.

Not that it was all about defending for 90 minutes. Yeovil were playing mainly on the break with Andrejs Stolcers looking lively for the 45 minutes he played, and the likes of Simon Weatherstone and Nicolas Mirza showing up well in midfield. The Glovers were unfortunate not to go one-up before half-time after Kezie Ibe was brought down in the box on 33 minutes, but Adrian Caceres penalty kick, although well-placed, didn't have enough power to beat Argyle keeper Romain Larrieu.

The Glovers came close again in the second half when a Weatherstone header beat the keeper but rebounded off the post. Chances came and went at both ends with the Glovers defence working the harder of the two sides in an always entertaining match, but the final score remained 0-0.

Robin Evan's match report will be online as soon as he can find a working modem!

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7 September 2004 : Gary relies on youth
Glovers boss Gary Johnson will be fielding an inexperienced backline in tonight's reserve team fixture against Plymouth Argyle at Huish Park, kick off 7pm.

With the likes of Andy Lindegaard, Adam Lockwood, Scott Guyett and Colin Miles all unfit, youth team players Sam Croft and Sean Smith are set to start, along with Arundel FC triallist Paul Jones. Steve Collis may also be missing in goal as he is suffering with a knock to either his ankle or his elbow, depending on whether you believe the Western Daily Press or the official site. Youth team keeper Danny Barker is set to deputise if necessary.

Likely reserve team line up: Barker or Collis; Smith, Jones, Croft, Reed; D Williams, Weatherstone, Mirza, Caceres; Odubade, Ibe.

Due to the injuries to the club's defenders, the Gaffer is planning to ask Fulham to extend central defender Liam Fontaine's loan period for a second month. "I will probably make enquiries this week just to see, but I don't have to do anything until the back end of this week" Johnson confirmed yesterday. The impressive 19-year-old's first month's loan period ends after this Saturday's away fixture at Cheltenham.

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7 September 2004 : Badges for sale!
A reminder that the new Ciderspace enamel badge is now available for sale for a mere £3 each, impress your friends and family with your immaculate taste and be happy in the knowledge that all profits will go to benefit YTFC.

Order your badges from Stew Bratherton (Blue Stew on the forum) at :

91, Combe Park, Yeovil, Somerset, BA21 3BE (cheques payable to 'S M BRATHERTON'). For delivery by post add 50p.

Orders can also be made by e-mail to Stewart Bratherton.

On a similar note, Tim Lancaster has produced another in his series of enamel badges, the latest recognising the forthcoming Carling Cup tie v Bolton Wanderers. The badges cost £3 each and will be available on the night of the match - look out for Tim in the Marquee and outside the stadium before the game.

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6 September 2004 : Football League Youth Alliance Cup Draw
The draw for Round One of the Football League Youth Alliance Cup has been made. Yeovil Town will be away to Portsmouth.

The full draw is :

AFC Bournemouth v Newport County
Burnley v Blackpool
Bury v Stockport County
Cheltenham Town v Swansea City
Cirencester Town v Cambridge United
Darlington v Hartlepool United
Doncaster Rovers v Mansfield Town
Exeter City V Bristol Rovers
Gillingham v Colchester United
Grimsby Town v Notts County
Hull City v Lincoln City
Northampton Town v West Bromwich Albion
Oldham Athletic v Wigan Athletic
Oxford United v Wycombe Wanderers
Portsmouth v YEOVIL TOWN
Preston North End v Carlisle United
Queens Park Rangers v Brentford
Rochdale v York City
Rotherham United v Bradford City
Rushden & Diamonds v Luton Town
Scunthorpe United v Chesterfield
Southend United v Leyton Orient
Swindon Town v Plymouth Argyle
Wrexham v Tranmere Rovers

The following clubs have received byes to Round Two :

Brighton & Hove Albion, Boston United, Chester City, Hereford United, Macclesfield Town, Port Vale, Shrewsbury Town, Walsall.

Ties to be played on Saturday 2nd October, 2004. Kick-offs will be at 11.00 a.m. unless otherwise arranged.

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6 September 2004 : Notes from the latest Customer Charter Meeting
Many thanks to Blue Stew of the YTISA for supplying us with his notes to publish from the latest Customer Charter Meeting, held at Huish Park on Thursday 2nd September.

Club Chairman John Fry chaired the Meeting with representatives from Yeovil Town Football Club as well as the following Supporters Groups in attendance:

Vice Presidents

Item 1 - Supporters Groups Funding

Chairman John Fry informed that meeting that when Tony Farmer left the club he took most of the equipment in the Physio Room, and therefore it was necessary to replace these items. The items required are:

2 x Hydraulic Beds (Approx £800 each)
Physio Balls
Exercise Weights

He also stated that the club kit man felt it was time to purchase an additional Washing Machine and Dryer, due to the amount of Kit that needs to be laundered on a daily basis. The washing machine the club currently has is leased, which is done so by the donation from YTISA, though this was 2 years.

The total figure needed would be in the region of about £10,000, and John Fry asked that if any of the Supporters Groups were thinking of making any donations that they would consider purchasing any of this equipment.

Item 2 - Patronís Bar Menu/Glovers Restaurant Membership Scheme

Due to the popularity of the Glovers Restaurant Bar during and after the game, the club feel it is necessary to introduce a membership scheme for its use. The cost of this membership would be £20, which would allow entry to this bar on league games. The meeting was informed that with it only being League games the club could still if necessary offer the bar to the players or visiting club officials during big Cup Games.

It is believed that there would be in the region of 50 memberships available on a first come first serve basis, with a fly sheet and application form being handed out to those using the bar at the Swansea Fixture this Saturday. John Fry informed the meeting that the reason that it is only 50 is that if anyone books a meal in the Restaurant prior to the game it entitles them to use the facilities during and after the game. The scheme will be introduced on October 2nd (Northampton Game) with those accepted into the scheme being issued with a Membership Card, which they would have to show to gain access to the facility.

Stewart Bratherton also asked whether Season Tickets sold for the Yeovil College Stand were sold with the proviso that they could use the facilities of the top floor, which both he and Gayle Franklin believed was the case, John Fry clarified that this was not so, and Stephen Allison informed the meeting that maybe there needed to be clarification of this with the literature that is sent out with Season Tickets if some of those present believed that this was the case.

Stewart Bratherton asked that if there was to be a membership Scheme in the Restaurant Bar would it mean that the Marquee would remain open longer after games, as at the moment users of the marquee have been told that once it closes (usually at about 6.15 on match days), they may use the restaurant Bar.

The Top Floor Manager (Maxine) informed the meeting that the marquee would remain open whilst supporters wished to continue using the facility, though this was obviously dependent on numbers in the bar, if numbers were that few then providing the Restaurant Bar was not at its Capacity as governed by the licence and the law then they may use that bar.

Those present also informed the club officials that due to the poor service at the Darlington Game, when 3 bar staff were re-located to the top floor due to those identified to work there not being available, a lot of the supporters felt let down at the way the club had treated them, and some felt the need to walk out of the bar disgruntled, stating that they would never return to use the facility again. Roger Brimble asked whether the club have a number of bar staff on standby that could be called upon at short notice if the incident happened again, the club said there wasnít but also informed the meeting that they would do everything they can to ensure that it wouldnít happen again.

There were discussions between the VPís representative (Ron Harding) and the club officials about the menuís that were available on the top floor. The VPís Rep agreed that it was a waste of serving staff to have 2 them dedicated to serving food in the VPís Bar. It was decided that VPís could either pre-book or order their food on arrival, and if they wish bring their food down to the VPís bar to consume it. Ron asked if menus could be placed in the VPís bar, which Maxine agreed to do.

Ron felt the only questions that would be asked would be what would happen to the Bain-Marie, Maxine stated there would be times when they maybe need, if the VPís requested a different meal that that which was on offer in the Glovers Restaurant. There was discussion on the feasibility of whether the Bain-Marie could be use in the Marquee, though those present that use the marquee that this could take up valuable space, and most supporters that use the facility are happy with bar snacks rather than hot food.

Item 3 - Membership Scheme

The club had given some thought to the proposal suggested at the last meeting of a membership/loyalty scheme and it was hoped to implement it with effect from the start of next season. All present were asked to give it some thought and also canvass their members for their views on what they would like the scheme to offer, prior to the next meeting. If it to be implemented by the start of next season then a decision would need to be made by Feb 05, to enable the capture of the information and the issue of the membership cards.

It was hoped that a database of those in the scheme could be used to keep them upto to date with what was going on as well as any promotions or offers that were available, the scheme could also offer, a travel club, shop discount and priority ticket scheme.

Mark Kelly asked for clarification that those in the scheme would be offered the chance to purchase tickets after Season Ticket Holders; the club representatives confirmed this.

Item 4 - Supporters Club Bar

John Fry informed the meeting of the progress of the proposed new Supporters Social Club, he want on to say, planning permission hopefully should be clear by the end of next week, those present were shown the architects designs for the club which will be positioned between the 2 exits in the Bartlett Stand. The proposed completion date is still Jan 05, though we must all appreciate this is dependent on the club raising the funds to finance the proposal. Maxine confirmed that she had had a meeting with a brewery today and was awaiting confirmation, which boded well.

He went on to say that the club have had 3 quotes (all six figure), which are subject to board approval. The board are keen to have the club built, and the Chairman said that the Marquee was costing the club between 25k-30k per year. The building would be single storey, which could host 4-500 people, however it would have foundations that would enable a second storey to be built at a later date.

John said that if everything is given the green light then a supporters bar project group would be formed, with representatives from all the supporters groups, it is this group that would then discuss the interior design and other issues relating to the bar, which he expected would be the views of all the supporters.

Stewart asked that the designs and pictures presented to the meeting be left on display in the Marquee so that those that use the facility on Saturday could look at them. Ron asked whether it was possible for a copy to be placed on the top floor, so that those that use that facility could also see what the clubs intensions where regarding the social club.

Ron asked that if there was any provision for a stage, though it was agreed that an elevated stage would take away valuable space, everyone agreed that a smaller portable stage would be a good asset to have in the facility.

John also informed the meeting that the minutes of these meetings are presented to the board so they are aware of what is being discussed as well as your opinions. He went on to say that after requests at the last meeting he was still awaiting a reply from the Police to the request that opposing supporters use the Marquee on match days.

Item 5 - Supporters Organisation Networking

Adrian Hopper informed the meeting that the G&WSC had through their membership been placing copies of Glovers News, which has been taken over by the club, into shops, pubs and other public places outside the local area, which would hopefully promote the club more and therefore encourage these people to come along and start supporting Yeovil Town.

It was agreed that between the supporters groups and its members that we would endeavour to do what ever we could to promote Yeovil Town Football Club. To that end if there is any supporter reading these minutes that owns a Pub, Shop, Barbers or any other communal gathering place that could hold a stock of Glovers News then they should either contact their supporters groups representatives or Adrian Hopper at Huish park.

Item 6 - Any other Business

Fun Day

Adrian accepted that the club had learned from it first attempt to hold a fun day and they had taken heed of the criticism raised by the supporters. To this end they wish to make this an annual event. The meeting supported this but it must be organised better and with a bit more time. Stewart stated that he had received plenty or communication from individuals who would be willing to assist at such event and would be happy to form a committee. To that end the club were requested to confirm a date for next years fun day by the next meeting so that a organising committee could be set up to enable the club to run a fun day that both the supporters and the club would be proud of.

Social Events

A club representative (Sara) informed the meeting of the proposed forthcoming events, they are as follows:

17 Sep 04 - Quiz
02 Oct 04 - Karaoke
09 Oct 04 - Bar open for the showing of the England V Wales Game
16 Oct 04 - Live Music
30 Oct 04 - Stars in Your Eyes
31 Oct 04 - Halloween Party for children between the ages of 5-12.

Sara asked if the supporters groups could help with the organising of the Halloween party, Stewart stated that he thinks he is aware of someone who may be able to assist with this and would speak to the individual and if she agreed pass her name to the club.

Mark Kelly asked if the club intended to hold a Firework Display for bonfire night, Stephen Allison replied by stating that the board had discussed this topic but they felt there were logistical issues that prevented the event. He went onto to say that obviously actual location of a display could be a problem; other concerns were that locals as well as potential attendees could simple watch the display from the local area without paying an entrance fee.

New DSA Committee

John asked Hazel Ford to inform the meeting of the new structure of the DSA committee; Hazel informed the meeting that the new committee were as follows:

Chairman - Jethro Hill
Vice - Hazel Ford
Secretary - Sharon Swain
Treasurer - Martin Starnes

John went on to say that a bid was about to be submitted to the Football Foundation to fund the proposed new lift, and that the Stadium Manager has the plans if anyone would like to see them.

110th Anniversary

Adrian asked that if anyone had any ideas to celebrate next years 110th anniversary of the formation of the club then please forward them, so that they can be looked at and considered. Mark suggested that the book should be updated, which everyone agreed should be done, especially in light of the last few years.

John went on to say that he was in the not too distant future putting a proposition to the board to build a display cabinet on the top floor where all supporters visiting the club could see the trophies, it would be in a area that would have a suitable thoroughfare which would be ideal for tours of the stadium which the clubs may start to do in years to come.

Christmas Ideas

Dave asked that if anyone had any ideas of items that they would like stocked in the club shop for Christmas to let the club know. John stated that it would be hoped that at a game prior to the festive period the club would have Father Christmas, and also it was hoped to have the Carols by candlelight as in previous years.

John also asked for suitable suggestions on how we can entertain the crowd during the half time interval, if anyone has any ideas please contact your supporters group representative or the club direct.

Points from the Floor

John informed the meeting that if anyone has any complaints about the snack bars then they should be sent to Maxine (First Floor Co-ordinator). To that end he informed the meeting that by Mid October the club would have a snack bar/burger van positioned outside the Westland Terrace prior to games that would be moved inside once the games started which would hopefully ease the congestion of supporters getting snacks during games.

John asked that supporters should not be scared to communicate with the club, either in person, by post, by telephone or by e-mail. Mark informed the meeting that he had tried on numerous occasions to contact the club my e-mail, but it kept on returning the e-mail. Adrian stated that he would look at the link on the official site at the earliest opportunity to see if there was a fault.

John reminded those present about what the club has to offer with its garden of remembrance and also thanked the G&WSC for maintaining it, if anyone would like further information they should contact the club.

John reminded the meeting that the 2 seated stands were now non-smoking, those present raised concerns about where the designated smoking areas where, which meant that those using the toilets had to pass through a fog of cigarette smoke to get to the toilets. John said that they would look at this concern.

Adrian read out a 2 of the many letters the club had received after the act of sportsmanship Gary and the club had done during the recent Plymouth fixture. John asked what the general opinion was with regarding the costing of the Bolton Tickets, those present agreed that as there had been no increase then it was believed that they were looking after the supporters. Stephen emphasised the need to get as many fans as possible to the game as they had been informed that the away support would more than likely only be in the region of about 500.

Ron asked if the club was aware of the incident on the Westland Terrace involving the Trumpeter who happened to be one of their memberís son. He was curious as to why the Stewards had advised him not to bring his trumpet to games rather than dealing with those supporters that had been bullying him, John said he was not aware of any problem but would discuss it with the appropriate individuals within the club and ensure that the Stewards keep an eye on the area where the incidents take place on the Westland Terrace.

Stewart Bratherton

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5 September 2004 : Gary's Verdict on the Swansea Game
Glovers manager Gary Johnson was pleased with his side's second half performance as Yeovil Town got a deserved 1-0 win over Swansea City, having dominated the final 45 minutes of the game. Gary answered the following questions from the press:

Qu: ďGary congratulations, another 3 points, they made you sweat a bit though?Ē

GJ: Well they did in the first half. In the first half I felt Swansea were very unlucky not to get a goal or two. We looked a million miles away from where we ended up in the second half. We made a few changes, with fresh legs. Bartoz and Gally have been running their legs off for the last four or five games that have all come around quickly with only two up-front. So I needed the fresh legs to come on and those fresh legs just started dictating the game with all the other Yeovil players. I was very proud of our football in the second half, and that is what we are trying to get to or achieve.

Qu: ďIt was a considerable impact the substitutions made really. It wasnít just the impact they had on the team personally, it was the galvanising effect they had on your team.Ē

GJ: Yeah thatís right. I thought in the second half, itís fair to say we demoralised the opposition and kept them down to one or two chances. We had maybe seven or eight chances. Stolcers could have scored with his first touch, Jevo could have had a couple but as I said to the boys I was just proud of the way they played. They showed me exactly what we are trying to achieve. They are now achieving that, albeit in parts of the game. We are still trying to get that standard for the whole game.

Qu: ďIt does say quite a lot that Chris Weale was given the Man Of The Match award doesnít it?Ē

GJ: Well he made a couple of saves at important times didnít he, when the lad Nugent went through and we were on top of them at that time and that would have been against the run of play I think. But it was a great save from Wealey and like the ten in front of him they did their job. Wealey has to do his job and he certainly does it very very well.

Qu: ďIt doesnít matter in the final analysis but Iím told by a couple of people on the sidelines that the penalty incident may have been a couple of yards outside the box but you get some and you lose some donít you?Ē

GJ: Well we had so many opportunities in and around the box that didnít go our way; a couple of penalties and a couple of free-kicks and little things that happened. The law of averages says you are going to get something at some stage with that amount of pressure and with that amount of quality balls in and around the final third. Whatever it was, the referee has given a penalty, I thought it was a penalty at the time and I thought it was in the box at the time. He actually brought him down in the box but Phil Jevons is a very very clever striker as somebody like Lee Trundle is. They know when to stand up, when to hold the ball, when to get in the penalty box and stand up and when to get the ball. So they are just clever players, it was a foul and nobody in here can tell me it wasnít a foul on him. The linesman was right online so he says itís a penalty.

Qu: ďGavin Williams was a little bit of a surprise to see him on the substitutes bench there, was that something you deliberately kept quiet or a miraculous recovery?Ē

GJ: No it was a surprise to me because I didnít pick him! He just came on! No, we kept it a bit quiet. We know certain things motivate players and weíve all got different ways of motivating ourselves to win football matches. This is a big game for someone like Gav and Gally and Gavís been chomping at the bit for two weeks now. Against medical advice Gavin and I decided that if we didnít play him he would be floating down the river having cut his throat! So we took the lesser of two evils and decided to play him and a great impact he had as well.

Qu: ďStolcers combined very well with Jevons up-front, what is the situation with him now, is he on a short-term contract? Are you hopeful of being able to sign him?Ē

GJ: Well I can only say to you what Iíve said before. We are going to take each day as it comes. The lad is with me, Iíve said Iíll help him and in the meantime if Iím helping him he can help me. We will wait and see and who knows, he might like it down here in Yeovil; itís a nice place. Iím trying to show him all the nice parts and weíve invited his wife and baby up. Heís a quality lad but heís going to have to drop his wages by about £14,000 a week!

Qu: ďAnother home win of course. Huish Park is becoming a little bit of a fortress isnít it, I know you will be pleased with that and well in touch with the league leaders once again.Ē

GJ: Yeah thatís nice. As I come past the office I always have a little check and we are 4th and two points behind the leaders, so a nice position to be in really because you are there. We always go to two points per game on average and we just need to win our next one and we are back where we wanted to be. But to beat Swansea on a day like today, theyíve got a good crowd, Lee Trundleís trying to get on the ball and for them to be as bright as they were in the first half that was a fantastic win for us.

Qu: ďYou talked about Gav and ignoring Doctors orders what was the medical opinion of him?Ē

GJ: Well to be honest we were not quite ignoring Doctors orders. The Doctor was involved in the decision, but we had a cast, his finger has still got a bit of metal in it because it's still getting stronger. It takes 6 weeks for the bone to heal properly. The worst that could happen is he breaks it again and heís another six weeks out. But we took that risk and as you can see heís mastered the art of the crocodile spin. When he fell on the floor he didnít put his arm down he rolled and rolled, and he has been training like that. Heís going to be doing it in training anyway so he wanted to show me that he wanted to be in the team and that he felt he was ready. So we got his consent, the Doctor's consent, mine and Iím not too sure we didnít get Gavin Williamsís mums consent!

But now weíve got another week, weíve got over that, we took a chance and weíve come out OK. We rode our luck, now come the end of next week he will have had the metal pieces out and at that point he will be almost fully recovered. Heís going to have the metal out on Thursday.

Qu: ďWhatís your reaction to being put forward for this FIFA award?Ē

GJ: Very nice, I didnít think of that at the time. Surprised because you donít remember those things - that people have fair play awards. But when they come round it's very nice. But it was fair play and we did do it for the right reasons immediately. It wasnít as if I had time to think about it and say well weíve got a chance at a fair play award here, I didnít have that opportunity but I made what I felt was the right decision at the time.

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5 September 2004 : Powerade Player Of The Month Awards
There is a new system for determining the Football League Player Of The Month awards this season. A panel comprising Sky Sports presenter Chris Kamara, the chairman of the Football Supporters Federation, Malcolm Clarke, ex-referee Jack Taylor, and Gerry Cox, chairman of the Football Writers' Association will make the selections across the three divisions.

The League Two awards for August are :

1) Jon Parkin (Macclesfield Town)
2) Peter Beagrie (Scunthorpe United)
3) Stuart Nethercott (Wycombe Wanderers)

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4 September 2004 : Super Gav makes his point
Super Gavin Williams sweetly struck 85th minute penalty proved to be the ultimate difference between Yeovil Town and Swansea City at Huish Park this afternoon.

Given the reported seriousness of his hand injury, it was a welcome surprise to see the Welsh wizard on the bench before the start of the game; and an equally welcome surprise to see Latvian international and former £2 million pound man Andrejs Stolcers sat beside him. All the talk this week was that Stolcers was only here to train and get fit whilst looking for a club higher up the pyramid, so to see him on the subs bench was yet another feather in the cap of Glovers boss Gary Johnson. It's not as yet known how long the Latvian international will remain at Huish Park, our advice is to enjoy him while he's here.

Yeovil began the match with the Gaffer keeping faith with the same players that started in last Monday's 4-1 defeat at Mansfield. The visitors - featuring talisman centre forward Lee Trundle - had rather the better of the play during the opening period, with Chris Weale being much the busier of the two keepers, keeping his team in touch with Swansea with one fingertip save in particular from a Robinson drive. All square at the break however.

The second half was a different kettle of fish. Stolcers and Gavin Williams replaced the hard-working but relatively ineffective Bartosz Tarachulski and Kevin Gall and immediately took a grip on the match, Williams in particular striking up an immediate rapport with Lee Johnson and Darren Way in the Glovers midfield, clinical passes finding huge holes in the Swansea defence. Stolcers should have done better when faced with an open goal a couple of minutes into the second half, and Phil Jevons will still be wondering how his shot slid past the wrong side of the post when one-on-one with Swansea keeper Willy Gueret.

Although the Glovers were dominating the second period, the visitors were still looking dangerous on the break and one can never discount that man Trundle. Chris Weale did well to save at the feet of former Glovers target Paul Conner and then flung himself to his left to palm away a Trundle shot from nothing when a goal looked on the cards. More chances came and went for Yeovil, with a combination of Gueret and wayward finishing keeping the home side out, until in the 85th minute Phil Jevons broke through into the penalty box and was dragged down by last man Garry Monk, who received the red card for his pains. It was entirely fitting that Cardiff fan Gavin Williams, who had done so much to turn the game in the home side's favour, was the man to smash the ball past Gueret and into the back of the net from the resultant penalty. The Glovers played keep ball for the few minutes remaining to take an important 3 points from a Swansea side who on today's performance will surely be at least challenging for a play-off place at the end of the season.

Final score: Yeovil Town 1 - 0 Swansea City.

The result puts Yeovil up 4 places to 4th place in the league table on 13 points from 7 games played, 2 points behind early leaders Scunthorpe, who drew 0-0 at Darlington today. Next Saturday's opponents Cheltenham earned a creditable point with a 0-0 draw at Notts County. Glovers supporters are reminded that next Saturday's match at Whaddon Road is all-ticket for Yeovil fans.

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4 September 2004 : Action Photos From Mansfield vs Yeovil
There is now a 53-photo gallery featuring action from Monday's Mansfield Town match where the Glovers lost 4-1. To access the gallery, click here.

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3 September 2004 : YTISA Travel To Whaddon Road
The Yeovil Town Independent Supporters' Association will be running coaches to Cheltenham Town on 11th of September. Anyone requiring a seat should call the YTISA hotline on 07800 837810.

Prices are £12 for non-members and £10 for members.

A reminder that this fixture is all-ticket for away fans (scroll down for details under 30th August).

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3 September 2004 : Pop goes the Weasel
Darren Way is August's Internet Player of the Month. 'Weasel' beat off the challenge of fellow central midfielder Lee Johnson by winning the overall vote for MOTM in the 3-1 win over Rushden and featuring heavily in the voting in 6 out of 7 qualifying games during the month.

Darren Way's expression says it all as he receives the news that he is August's Internet Player of the Month
Darren Way's expression says it all as he receives the news that he is August's Internet Player of the Month
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace

MOTM points totals for August are as follows:

268 points - Darren Way

242 points - Lee Johnson

238 points - Chris Weale

211 points - Kevin Gall

184 points - Terry Skiverton

182 points - Liam Fontaine

181 points - Bartosz Tarachulski

151 points - Paul Terry

143 points - Adrian Caceres

136 points - Roy O'Brien

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2 September 2004 : No Transfer Window In FL
The Coca-Cola Football League has confirmed that it will once again defy pressure from football's World governing body F.I.F.A. and continue to operate an open transfer system.

Worldwide the transfer window closed at midnight on August 31st and will not open again until January 1st, 2005. However the 72 Football League clubs remain eligible to trade freely amongst themselves, and with clubs in the English based Leagues further down the pyramid. The relationship with the Premier League clubs is a little more complicated. FL clubs can sign players from Premiership outfits, but can't sell or loan players to them. No deals will be available with any clubs outside the domestic structure until January 1st.

This season's run-in transfer deadline has been set for March 24th, 2005.

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2 September 2004 : Guyett injury setback
Scott Guyett's comeback from a knee injury was cut short in yesterday's 2-1 defeat in the reserve match at Bristol City when the former Chester defender was carried off on 72 minutes with a - you guessed it - knee injury! Fortunately the injury was to the other knee than the one operated on 3 weeks ago and was not deemed to be a serious problem. "We think it is good news," Glovers boss Gary Johnson confirmed yesterday. "It looks like he has only jarred the muscles around his knee." Guyett will miss this Saturday's home match against Swansea City.

As reported yesterday Latvian international Andrejs Stolcers also played in the reserves match at Ashton Gate and will be training with the Glovers over the next few days. "He's not fit at the moment," Gary Johnson told the Western Daily Press, adding: "He was in my team when I was the coach of Latvia when he and Marians Pahars were the strikers. He's going to be training with us for a few days and we will assess things day by day, but he moved to Fulham for £2million so there is every chance that he could be whisked away from us."

The Glovers second-string put up a decent performance against Bristol City Reserves yesterday, the 2-1 scoreline being somewhat flattering to the home side according to those there. Goalkeeper Steve Collis gave the watching Gary Johnson a reminder of his claims for a first team spot with a good overall peformance, including an 11th minute spot-kick save. Keize Ibe put the Glovers into the lead with a 15th minute effort, but second-half goals from Paul Heffernan and a deflected Craig Loxton free-kick gave the home side the points.

Final score: Bristol City Reserves 2 - 1 Yeovil Town Reserves.

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1 September 2004 : Gary's Verdict on the Mansfield Game
Goal! Terry Skiverton levels the scores at 1-1 but the Glovers leaked three more.
Goal! Terry Skiverton levels the scores at 1-1 but the Glovers leaked three more
Photo © 2004 Ciderspace

Glovers manager Gary Johnson saw his side's poor defending from set pieces to be at the heart of Yeovil's surprise heavy 4-1 defeat at Mansfield Town on Monday. Talking to the press after the game, Gary answered the following questions:

Qu: So was it a case of Mansfield being very good, or that Yeovil were very poor today?

GJ: They had a good ten minute spell today that cost us three goals, or rather that we cost us three goals. At the end of the day two of those were set plays and you've got to be able to defend set plays. Unfortunately one or two of us didn't quite stick with our man and didn't quite do our jobs. The game was won and lost in both penalty areas. Even in the second half we created chances but we had to have the mental toughness to get the ball in the back of the net, and to show that composure that you need to put the ball in the back of the net. Unfortunately at the time that we needed to do that, we didn't have the players on the pitch that could. Mansfield then went 3-1, then 4-1 up but as I said we still created enough chances to bring it back.

I've got a bit of thinking to do. We've got a big game on Saturday and we hope that this is just a blip in our season. I've got to pick them up but what we've got to do is to be ultra-professional now and talk to people about the importance of winning our own headers inside our own penalty box and then keep creating the chances and hope that people hit a bit of form when the ball runs to them.

Qu: Terry Skiverton got you back on level terms and at half time it was 1-1 and it was still anybody's game. It was a very even contest.

GJ: Yes, it was. It certainly wasn't a 4-1 game was it? But it still hurts and it's hurting the boys in there. As I said, we've got to be very professional now and come out ready for Saturday and to put ourselves back in the hunt.

Qu: How does a side cope with such a lashing in terms of those three goals in such a short spell there?

GJ: Well we didn't cope with it did we? Firstly you don't give away free kicks in dangerous areas when the wind is pretty strong in our faces. To be fair to Mansfield they played the wind a lot better than we did and managed to get the free kicks and corners and were dangerous. Secondly we needed to be a lot stronger in stopping them from getting on the end of their set plays.

Qu: You obviously missed Adam Lockwood today.

GJ: Yes, you are always going to miss Adam. But to be fair I thought that Skivo and Roy won enough headers. Unfortunately it was for those set plays when their defenders came up and our forwards had to go back that we missed our opportunities to stop them from scoring.

Qu: Everyone was buoyant before the game and you had a positive formation that was looking for goals.

GJ: Yes and we'll aim to get that going again for Saturday. But as I say, it hurts me, it hurts my staff and it hurts all of you that are on our side. We're all passionate about it so it doesn't make us feel any better. All I can do is to look forward to Saturday and hope that we can quickly turn it around, which I'm sure we will.

Our supporters were fantastic. In the 90th minute at 4-1 down, most other supporters would have given up on it. But they were still noisy and loud and I think they can see that we've still got a team and we've just got to carry on and try and put another three wins together.

Qu: And as a manager on the bench, you were throwing on the subs just as a glimmer of hope to try and spark something?

GJ: To be fair, Mansfield didn't play their Preston game did they? So psychologically we tried to get the lads running and believing that they still had their legs. But unfortunately as you could see with young Liam, who is still an 18 year old boy, he probably didn't quite cope with the three games that he had to play in such a short space of time, especially with extra time. So Mansfield had a little bit of an edge on that, but we're not going to use that as an excuse because we still had enough chances to draw the game 6-6!

Qu: And the lesson to be learnt is that there are always bitter pills to be swallowed in football.

GJ: Yes of course there is and it's all about how you recover from them. This is a big defeat for us as the Bury one was and we recovered from that, so we have to recover from this. There are the odd games that are beyond all forms of comprehension and you hope that this is another one and that it's only a blip on our season.

Qu: Is it a bit concerning Gary that it's a recurring theme. You mentioned the Bury game and also defending at set-plays and they did us with headers there.

GJ: Yes they did. When you win, people tend to not see those sort of things and you tend to end up being the ones that win those sort of things. So we've won more than we've lost. We're going to have to do a little bit of work with certain people to keep ourselves tight when those people get into the penalty area. So we'll work even harder than we are already.

Qu: I've not seen any other games - just those two (Bury and Mansfield) unfortunately but has that been happening in any other games?

GJ: No, obviously not, because we won the other games and only let in three goals. We're an attacking team and sometimes that happens. Sometimes there are games that we might lose because we're coming to attack teams at their stadiums and sometimes you might leave yourself open, as we did with the last goal, where to be fair we'd had three or four chances before that. If Adrian Caceres had put his chance in at 1-1 we would have been 2-1 in the lead. Things swing on particular instances.

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1 September 2004 : Stolcers Arrives At Huish Park........Temporarily?
Latvian international Andrejs Stolcers has joined up with old friend Gary Johnson for a few days training at Huish Park. Stolcers played in this afternoon's Reserve Team fixture at Ashton Gate versus Bristol City. Whether either side sees this as a first step towards a longer term relationship between Stolcers and the Glovers is probably questionable.

Andrejs Stolcers
Andrejs Stolcers at Premiership Fulham in 2002
Photo © 2002

Starting out with Skonto Riga Stolcers had a loan spell at Spartak Moscow before moving to Shakhtar Donetsk from where he was signed by Division One Fulham for £2,000,000 in December 2000. In three and a half seasons he made 32 appearances, mostly as a substitute, but these became fewer and fewer as the competition for places hotted up at now Premiership Fulham. In June 2004 he was released.

At international level Stolcers has represented his country 77 times, including 63 starts, most recently at Euro 2004, scoring 7 goals. He is now 30, 5' 11", and has played both as a forward and in midfield during his career.

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1 September 2004 : FA Changes Kit Advertising Rules
Clubs in the Coca-Cola Football League have been given permission to display commercial advertising on the back of players' shirts and shorts.

The news come after the Football Association formally approved a proposal put forward by the Football League to extend the opportunities available to clubs for playing kit sponsorship. It is now up to individual clubs as to whether they utilise the areas made available under the new regulations.

Current regulations permit advertising on the front of shirts in one single area not covering more than 200cm, and this will continue to remain the case for the foreseeable future. However, clubs in the Coca-Cola Championship, League One and League Two will now be able to display advertising in single areas, not covering more than 100cm, on both the back of shirts and the back of shorts.

Such advertising can be used for advertising one or more companies, and in respect of the same company, one or more of their products. The same advertising must appear in the same form on the clothing of all players and club officials wherever such advertising appears, throughout the entirety of any match.

Clubs may also conclude separate sponsorship arrangements with different companies in respect of kit advertising for both home and away strips, as well as separate sponsorship arrangements for shirts and shorts.

The Premier League meanwhile has decided not to allow the new regulation to take effect for matches in the Barclays Premiership.

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1 September 2004 : Gulls Set LDV Date
Torquay United has today confirmed that the Round One LDV Vans Trophy tie at Plainmoor with Yeovil Town will be on Tuesday 28th September. Kick-off is at 7.45 p.m. The game is pay-on-the-night.

Torquay chairman Mike Bateson said :

We are obviously pleased to get a local club in this 'regionalised' draw and we look forward to the tie. It will obviously be a financial boost to the club, and given Yeovil's past history in Cup matches it should be a very interesting game.

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1 September 2004 : One in, one out
There's good and bad injury news for Yeovil Town fans today.

The good news is that central defender Scott Guyett has made a very quick recovery from his recent cartilage operation and will make his comeback this afternoon in the reserve team fixture at Bristol City. The summer signing from Chester injured his knee during the pre-season and is yet to make his league debut for the Glovers.

Gary Johnson is expected to give a run-out at City to those players who didn't start in the 4-1 defeat at Mansfield on Monday. Yemi Odubade and Keize Ibe are expected to start up front, with the likes of Steve Collis, Colin Miles, Adrian Caceres, Nicolas Mirza, Steve Reed and Dale Williams also involved. The game takes place at City's Ashton Gate ground and kicks off at 2pm this afternoon.

The bad injury news involves defender Adam Lockwood, who limped off in the first half of the 3-1 win over Rushden on Saturday. Locky faces a similar cartilage operation to that which put Scott Guyett out for a short time. "The scan has confirmed Locky has torn a cartilage," Gary Johnson admitted. "He will have to have a minor operation but should not be out too long. They say three to six weeks but Scott Guyett, who had a similar operation, was back playing after three weeks."

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