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31 March 2005 : Thanks Fruitcake
Bristol Rovers manager Ian Atkins has applied his formidable intellect to the vexed question of who will be promoted from League Two this season. Speaking to the Rovers official website, it appears that the man whose broken more clubs than Seve Ballesteros doesn't rate the Glovers chances of joining his side's more traditional rivals Bristol City in the higher league next season, despite Yeovil still being top of the league by a point with only 6 games left to play.

It seems the Gashead-in-chief thinks that Scunthorpe and Southend are favourites to win automatic promotion, with either the Glovers or Swansea to join them, though he admits that he'd rather it was Swansea because "they've got a new stadium next year".... Presumably he feels it will be a bit intimidating there for his shrinking violets so he would prefer to come back to Huish Park like he, er, didn't himself this season.

Atkins then hilariously then goes on to speculate that Glovers boss Gary Johnson may not have the "bottle" to see his side promoted. "It may come down to what managers handle the situation the best. Keith Alexander with Lincoln has seen it all before, Brian Laws has as well, and maybe Gary (Johnson) is the only one that hasn't seen it and done it apart from in the Conference at Yeovil." [presumably on Planet Atkins because it was the Conference promotion from there doesn't count as 'proper' football?] "So it may come down to his bottle and whether he can handle it, and whether that transmits to the players. That could play a massive part in the final six games, it might not just be about who is the best team." All this from the man who missed the fixture at Huish Park this season with a mystery 'illness' after appearing perfectly well when interviewed by journalists 24 hours before the match and again on the Monday afterwards....

It's all good knockabout stuff anyway from a man who's clearly obsessed with Gary Johnson and his achievements, not that the Glovers boss will worry about the rantings of a man who has taken one of the biggest clubs in this division with one of the biggest fanbases and almost certainly the biggest budget to the dizzy heights of, er, 17th at the time of writing. Indeed, Johnson will probably be delighted with Atkins intervention as, yet again, an Atkins outburst should provide more than enough motivation for both the Yeovil manager and his squad to come through what has admittedly been a tricky last few games. Gary's team talk for the last 6 games has been written by the boss of our biggest rivals in this division, a club that continues to be possibly the biggest under-achievers in the football league under his guidance. Thanks Fruitcake!

The full text of Atkins views can be read here.

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31 March 2005 : Rushden Ticketing Reminder
A final reminder to supporters travelling to Saturday's match at Rushden and Diamonds that the game is ALL-TICKET for Yeovil Town supporters. Tickets are prices 15 pounds for Adults, 10 pounds for concessions and 4 pounds for Under 16s and are available from the Huish Park Ticket Office.

The decision to make the game all-ticket with the crowd unlikely to reach above the 4,000 mark is a touch on the bizarre side and is a repeat of the recent trip to neighbours Northampton Town. In that scenario, the Cobblers somewhat sheepishly revoked their decision on match-day itself, so although our recommendation is for supporters to make sure they purchase their tickets tomorrow, anyone who hasn't got round to it by Saturday is advised to phone Rushden on 01933 652000 to see whether they have changed their minds.

The full Ciderspace guide to all things in Rushden (or Irthlingborough to be precise) can be found here.

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31 March 2005 : Fry Expresses Confidence
I'm always confident. I have said to Gary Johnson, and I have always said all through the season, that we have only been in the Football League for two seasons and we have done remarkably well.

Speaking to the Western Daily Press Yeovil Town chairman John Fry expressed confidence in the club's bid to gain a second promotion in three years, despite the set back against Notts County.

Obviously you have to come out stronger from these situations. It's another learning curve for us because we are two years into League football and we have done exceptionally well. These situations come up to test you and you have to learn from them. The manager knows what he is doing, the players know what they are capable of, and we are top of the league and a point clear.

I thought the fans were very good and there will always be some who will leave at that time on such a wet night. There was very little in the way of disappointment being expressed, but you can only do that sort of thing on one or two occasions. My message to the fans is to get behind the team and support us.

We have got an away game
[at Rushden & Diamonds] coming up which we are already getting ready for. All the supporters can give the players a big lift by recognising what they are capable of doing. The team has performed exceptionally well - they have been top since Christmas and that's a lot of pressure to take on.

On the subject of manager Johnson's contract, which ends in 2006 and was last being talked about as being sorted by the end of February, Fry said :

We have been in talks for a while - we want to make sure it's right for both parties. An announcement will be made when we have a decision. We are all in unity, but there are other priorities at the moment.

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31 March 2005 : Kezie links up with Big Col
Transfer-listed Yeovil striker Kezie Ibe, whose contract at Huish Park runs out at the end of the season, has joined non-league St Albans on a month's loan. The Conference South side is managed by former Glovers head coach Colin Lippiatt. This is Kezie's 4th loan spell of the season, the player previously spent time at Tiverton, Exeter City and, mercifully briefly, at Weymouth.

"Technically, Kezie is very good, he's quick and strong and has the pace and movement to drag defenders around the pitch. He's quicker that Lee Clarke
but a bit more direct,"
Lippiatt said yesterday. The best of luck to Kezie at Clarence Park - he couldn't have picked a better coach to work with to try progress his career to the next stage.

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31 March 2005 : Sosthene Yao Latest Trialist
Rather fewer new faces on the pitch yesterday compared to the previous Reserves game - just the one in fact. Sosthene Yao comes out of the West Ham youth set up which has produced so many future stars over the years. It looks like he has been released as he has spent the last few weeks on the 'trialist circuit', with appearances in Southend United, Barnsley and Bury colours in Reserve/Youth games.

Hailing from the Lewisham area of London, it's fairly clear what is getting him invites: raw pace always attracts football coaches, and in athletics Yao is one of the fastest young men in the country. The big question is of course whether his football skills match his speed. Yao first appeared for the West Ham Under 17's in 2002 at fifteen, and has been playing in the Under 18's this season. His position has been up front as a striker or winger.

The match report from Robin Evans on the 3-2 victory over Swindon Town Reserves can be read here.

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30 March 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Notts County Game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson believed his side had hit the "bottom level" in terms of their performance against Notts County last night, as the Glovers lost 3-1 at Huish Park. Gary answered the following questions from the press after the game:

Qu: Gary that was an incredibly disappointing result and an equally disappointing performance.

GJ: Of course it was. It was a real bottom level performance today in quality and in mental toughness. There is a big job on for the rest of the week. We haven't got the whole week. We've got three or four days and I've got to find the formula that gets us wins between now and the end of the season. That's the biggest part of mine and Steve Thompson's seasons. We've got to find a formula, a pattern and a team that will get us through to the end of the season.

Qu: Credit must go to Notts County. They deserved their win tonight, didn't they?

GJ: Of course they did. You have to hold your hand up sometimes and say that the opposition were better on the day. We have been better over the season and they are 20 points behind us. But certainly on the day they took their chances. We made all our mistakes and we lost goals when we made mistakes. But there is a clean sheet of paper now. We need to go back to the drawing board and bring them round and we've just got a few days to do it.

Qu: How did you see their goals. The first was a 50 yard wonder lob. Can you attach any blame to Chris Weale for that or was it just one of things that flies in the back of the net and you can't blame anyone?

GJ: I think Chris Weale will be disappointed with himself. I think the navigation system in his head was a bit astray on the day. You shouldn't get beaten from that distance and there were a couple of other occasions. Chris Weale has been fantastic for us all season. Today he has made two or three mistakes, but as the boys have said in there the opposition have still got to beat 10 other players before it gets to him. We didn't shut the ball down, we weren't winning our tackles and we weren't winning our headers. We looked a little bit like a boy scouts team against a top of the table mens team.

Qu: To add insult to injury he got lobbed again for the third and for the second Glynn Hurst was in acres of space inside your box to head home.

GJ: Exactly. What more do you want me to add to that? You said it all!

Qu: Before the game you talked about putting out eleven players that you felt you could trust. Did it hurt you more after the match that they'd let you down in the manner they did?

GJ: I don't think they purposefully go out of their way to let anyone down. That's where the mental toughness thing comes in. You've got to take the pressure and you've got to be out there and you've got to perform. If you have got to go past people then you have got to make sure you go past people. If you have got to shoot then you've got to make sure you shoot. If you have to win a tackle you've got to make sure you win the tackle. All those things were not there, especially in the first half. Then we just had to play a percentage game and try and get the ball in their penalty area as often as we could, because our football wasn't getting us there. Even then we had a few chances but it would have been a travesty of justice if we had got anything out of that game today.

Qu: Six games to go, and Rushden is next. Obviously you've got some hard work to do on the training pitch. What are you thinking? what are you going to put the players through?

GJ: We've got to pick a tactic, we've got to pick a shape and we've got to pick players that we think have got that mental toughness to get through to the end of the season and we've got to nick one or two results. We can't say it wasn't a disaster today because it was. I don't mind losing, but I don't like losing like we did today. We've had to break them down - which I've just done - and now I've got to build them up again. If you've not built your bricks right you have to knock them down and start again and that is what this week is all about.

Qu: Marvin Brown came on before the end and he was one of the few bright spots, if there were any. He was lively and caused a few problems when he got onto the pitch.

GJ: We started getting the ball into the opposition penalty area and got the ball forward quickly and we showed a little bit more passion when we went 3-0 down, but that was too late. But Marvin did OK when he came on. He had a good chance when he lobbed the keeper and I thought he might have tucked that one in. We had a couple of other chances like Andrejs Stolcers in the first half where we could have come in at 2-1 where he should have scored. Marcus Richardson had a chance. We had a few chances, but generally we didn't deserve anything.

Qu: What was your reason for taking off Bartosz?

GJ: There wasn't enough movement in him and he didn't create enough chances with his movement. Therefore we were a bit static when he played. If you look at their two centre forwards they were lively and they were getting across people, moving and causing the whole back four a problem. The big lad at their back was winning all of his headers and so Bartosz wasn't winning his percentage of headers. I just felt I needed to change him. I need to see it in their eyes and in their body language. Maybe he feels something different inside but I just felt that on the day I needed to make a change.

Qu: And Kevin Gall?

GJ: Gally was the same. Gally was not getting in the game. To be fair at half time I could have taken 10 of them off. It was only Adam Lockwood who was doing OK. If I was allowed I would have made 10 substitions! The reason why I didn't make three substitutions is that you're always worried that you might take an injury early and then you are down to ten men. It could have been anyone but I just felt that Gally wasn't losing his man and wasn't showing his pace and ability and he wasn't being dangerous enough. Neither of them were being dangerous enough and they are two of my most dangerous players. They were the ones that took the brunt of it because I took them off, but I could have taken any of the others off, and everybody took a verbal bashing from me, except Locky.

Qu: It's the wrong time of the season to suddenly get two defeats at home.

GJ: Yes, I've been in a few promotion situations, three with Cambridge and two with Watford and it's no different anywhere else. It's amazing the number of times that happens and you've just got to get through it. That's where my experience will come through I hope. There's not an awful lot you can do about it other than to hang in there, pick what you feel is the right team, pick a pattern and pick a shape for the last six games and away you go.

Qu: How important is it that you'll have Efe Sodje available and Arron Davies coming back?

GJ: Very important because if I am going to make my ten changes I've got to have ten other people! Obviously all of the lads who didn't get a game will be uppermost in my thoughts.

Qu: You said about mental toughness being a problem. How do you help the lads?

GJ: There is not a lot you can do. There is not an injection you can give someone of mental toughness. There is not coaching session or a run. It is just something that people out of experience grow to handle or not. What are they thinking just before they are about to cross the ball? Are they thinking, please God I hope I don't put this behind the goal? If so you know for sure it will go behind the goal. Or you think I am going to put this right in the danger area for us? There is a difference and one is a lack of mental toughness and that was our problem today. Whether it was a shot, a cross or a pass, we lacked it.

Qu: Can it be something that can be developed?

GJ: Yes, I think it can. It definitely can. When you are a kid at school and you are playing in the playground there is no pressure. Kids can do anything at that point. Our boys on the training pitch doing five-a-sides look like Real Madrid and they are fantastic. But it's producing that when it suddenly becomes a business and livelyhoods are at stake and you've got 7,500 people depending on them getting a result. You are looking for the players that can still play like they did when they were in the playground but do it under pressure. That's why the top players are the top players. Not because they have any more ability than the players out here but because they produce it more often in those big games.

Qu: Efe Sodje is a player that has been down these roads before.

GJ: That's why I brought him in - Woozley as well. Richardson got the penalty there and got his head to a few more flicks when we were bombing the ball in there. It's hard in that rain when it skids off the floor and skids off your head. But that's why I brought the new lads in - because they give you that newness. They are not under the pressure that we have all been under in the last two or three years in getting Yeovil to where we are now. They are experienced and that is what I'm saying about the mental toughness. At this point those boys come in handy.

Qu: Sodje seems to have that big personality that can lift people.

GJ: He has a big personality and he is very good in the dressing room. He won't be far away, that's for sure.

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30 March 2005 : Bartosz hat-trick boosts confidence
Yeovil Town Reserves showed the first team the true meaning of the word 'bouncebackability' by successfully coming back from a 2 goal deficit to beat Swindon Town Reserves 3-2 at Huish Park this afternoon, Polish striker and crowd favourite Bartosz Tarachulski hitting a well-deserved hat-trick in the process.

It was deja-vu at first for the Glovers fans with Chris Taylor and Andy Caton putting the visitors into a 2-0 lead; but a Tarachulski brace left the scores level at half-time, the big Pole scoring his and his team's third late in the match. With Bartosz playing the majority of today's game as well as 45 minutes yesterday it will be very interesting to see what sort of role he has in the crucial league match at Rushden on Saturday. Another talking-point was the inclusion of Chris Weale in goal today, surely an indication that Steve Collis is set to start in goal this weekend.

A match report from Robin Evans will be online later.

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29 March 2005 : Wealey Gets Tied Up In Notts
Yeovil Townís disappointing form continued following their third defeat in their last four games after Notts County sealed a shock 3-1 win at Huish Park this evening. The Glovers would have gone four points clear at the top of League Two, but their lead remains at one point (writes George Murray).

The visitors took the lead after sixth minutes when Stefan Oakes audaciously lobbed keeper Chris Weale from just inside the halfway line. The underdogs doubled their lead with a close-range header from Glynn Hurst. It really should have been three after an error by Chris Weale fed Mark Stallard but the County forward failed to direct his shot into an empty net. Andrejs Stolcers provided Yeovilís best chance of the first period but the Latvian smashed his shot straight at the visiting keeper.

Weale was caught off his line again on the hour mark when Mark Stallard chipped the Yeovil keeper for the third while making a comeback virtually impossible. Phil Jevons did pull one back from the penalty spot with just seven minutes left but it was too little too late and proved not more than a consolation goal for the home side.

Final score: Yeovil Town 1-3 Notts County

The damage done for the Glovers is mainly one of 'what might have been'. They stay top, but only by a single point with Southend United stretching their unbeaten run over the weekend to 13 league matches, taking them up to 71 points. Scunthorpe United and Swansea City are both tied on 68 points whilst Macclesfield Town lie a further point behind but with a game in hand. Lincoln City (65 points) and Northampton Town (63 points) make up the final two play-off positions.

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29 March 2005 : Kidderminster tickets on sale now
Tickets for the Glovers penultimate away fixture this season at Kidderminster Harriers have now gone on sale. It's thought that up to 1500 tickets are available to Yeovil fans (the actual number still to be confirmed by the club) to buy. Demand is expected to be running at high levels so you are advised to purchase well in advance.

Prices are as follows:

Terrace - Adults £13; u16's/over65's £8
Stand - Adults £16; u16's/over65's £11

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29 March 2005 : What Goes Around Comes Around
Boston United manager Steve Evans has launched a furious attack on Macclesfield Town manager Brian Horton after his opponents yesterday secured a late point with a controversial goal, awarded by a linesman, after referee Carl Boyeson had initially signalled 'no goal'.

Evans said of the incident: "I've nothing to say about the officials in this league. Macclesfield's goal was half a yard from going in. But Brian Horton was in the referee's room for 10 minutes at half time. No wonder he gets decisions at this level. It was an awful decision."

Naturally Steve seems to have inexplicably forgotten the awful decision to award his own side a goal against Yeovil Town on Saturday after linesman William Ramsey disallowed Simon Rusk's strike due to Daryl Clare being stood in an off-side position, impeding the view of Glovers keeper Chris Weale. After Boston United players surrounded referee Martin Atkinson and the linesman, referee Atkinson astonishingly over-ruled his linesman's decision - a ruling that was condemned on Sky Sports TV.

Strange how such pressurising of officials is OK when it gets you goals, isn't it Steve?

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29 March 2005 : Gary Stays At Yeovil Shocker!
Championship side Watford have appointed Leeds United coach Adrian Boothroyd as their new first team manager. "So what?", we hear you cry! It is a matter that is only relevant to this site because the national press and other internet sites have been persistently linking Glovers boss Gary Johnson with the position vacated by Ray Lewington. As far as we are aware, Gary neither applied for the position, nor was approached regarding the position. He therefore remains - as always - as Yeovil Town manager.

Here endeth this non-story. You can stop yawning now ...

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29 March 2005 : Reserves Versus Swindon Tomorrow
A reminder that tomorrow's home Reserves match against Swindon Town kicks off at 2.00pm and not the usual 7.00pm kick-off. The change of time has been agreed to avoid a clash with the evening England match. The match is open to the public and usual Reserves admission prices apply, namely Adults four pounds, concessions two pounds.

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29 March 2005 : Sir Gary On Sky Sports Yet Again
Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson will be the studio guest on this Thursday's (March 31st) Football League Review Show at 6.00 p.m. on Sky Sports 1. Note the earlier than usual time.

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29 March 2005 : YTISA Player of the Season
Yeovil Town Independent Supporters Association members are invited to submit their votes for the top two players of the season. E-mail your first and second choices to YTISA Chairman Mark Kelly.

Also a reminder from YTISA that they are running transport to the remaining league away games :

Rushden & Diamonds : leaving at 9.00 a.m. - prices £15.00 for members, £17.00 for non-members;
Kidderminster Harriers : leaving at 9.00 a.m. - prices £14.00 for members, £16.00 for non-members;
Southend United : leaving at 8.00 a.m. - prices £15.00 for members, £17.00 for non-members.

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27 March 2005 : Sir Gary On Sky Sports Again
Fresh from one appearance on Sky Sports TV as part of Yeovil Town's 2-1 win over Boston United, Glovers boss Gary Johnson will be putting on another clean suit tomorrow (Monday) night as he heads to Sincil Bank to watch Lincoln City's top end of the table battle with 2nd placed Scunthorpe United, in a match that Gary will be glued to throughout.

Gary admitted the Glovers four point cushion would put him in a more relaxed frame of mind knowing the result would not affect the most important of the table positions.

Gary explained: "At least we stay top again. I'm doing the live Sky 'pundit' position for Lincoln versus Scunthorpe. That's a great game for me to go to. I haven't told my missus yet!"

Gary also said the evening would allow him to get in some valuable scouting work adding: "We play Lincoln right at the end of the season. But I enjoy doing it. It's nice work, especially when we've won!"

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27 March 2005 : Amankwaah Out With Hamstring Strain
New signing Kevin Amankwaah has been sidelined by a hamstring strain picked up during the closing minutes of the first half at York Street yesterday against Boston United. A conservative estimate is that Amankwaah would be out for around three weeks, meaning that he could miss all bar the last few games of the season.

Glovers boss Gary Johnson explained: "He has a slight hamstring strain. He knew straight away that he had overstretched it. We will put him through strong rehabilitation sessions and hope we can get him back before the end of the season. I don't know how long yet."

One player that could fit into Amankwaah's shoes as a right-back would be Andy Lindegaard but he also missed the trip to Boston. Gary said here that the injury was not as problematic explaining: "He had a knock on his ribs and he wasn't fit to play."

New loan signing David Woozley could be in line for a full debut against Notts County if Gary Johnson chooses to move Adam Lockwood to the right-back area, or continues with three at the back, although other options at right-back include Lindegaard - if fit - or Paul Terry. New signing Efe Sodje will sit out Tuesday night's match as he serves the final match in a three game ban for a red card dished out during his final game for Huddersfield Town.

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27 March 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Boston United Game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson praised his team for coming out on top in a "pressure" match in front of the Sky Sports TV cameras at Boston United's York Street ground. Following a 2-1 victory, Gary answered the following questions from the press:

Qu: Gary, needless to say, three very important points.

GJ: They were massive points. I didn't want to build it up much before the game and put the boys under pressure, but they knew. They knew what was going on, they look at the league tables and they saw the results yesterday. That was a big win for us, especially here. We don't do very well here normally. There are some good football teams in this league but some poor groundsmen, because we couldn't play football on that and Boston couldn't play football on that either. We had to change our game on that a little bit - maybe Boston are a little more used to playing on that pitch. I am so pleased we came out of it because I didn't want to use that as an excuse if we lost. But we competed very well.

Qu: I thought it was a good contest. I've not seen Yeovil before, but do you like to play it more than you were able to?

GJ: Yes, we like to play it a lot more. Even the Boston lads struggled. There was a case where their lad shaped up to shoot, and the ball bobbled and he blasted it over. If you roll a ball along that grass over there it will bobble all over the place. You can't keep moving the ball on or get your pattern going in what I call combinations of passes. We tried, but every time we played it across, it bobbled up, so unfortunately we had to change our game a little bit and go a bit longer.

Qu: Is this pitch typical of this division?

GJ: No, not really, there are a lot of better ones. But it depends what Boston want. I'd be very disappointed if that was our pitch.

Qu: You came under an aerial bombardment and it took a lot of resolve.

GJ: It took an unbelievable amount of resolve and that's probably why the two lads Adam Lockwood and Terry Skiverton got Man of the Match (by Sky TV). They both played very well and David Woozley played very well when he came on. Even our little ones had to go back there and win some headers. But we coped with it and in the last 20 minutes we opened them up because we did get our running game going in the second half. We got a little bit more quality going and that gave us the chance to win the game.

Qu: And that quality came when Andrejs Stolcers came on. I thought he had a great second half.

GJ: Yes, Stolc and Bartosz were very disappointed. Foreigners don't hide their upset faces normally and those two were upset not to play, and they haven't been playing. But when it's right to use them, I know they are going to come on and try and impress and I thought the pair of them did very well in the last 25 minutes.

Qu: You've played down David Woozley a little bit saying he is in there as cover and you'll look at him. He came in and hasn't played a lot of games recently but it didn't show did it?

GJ: He was terrific, when we needed a big strong centre-back who would help the other two move Jason Lee about and compete with him because you've not only got to win the header, you've got to win the fight against him when the ball is on it's way. I thought that he did that magnificently as did Skivo and Locky.

Qu: And you'll probably look back at Adam Lockwood throwing himself in front of Daryl Clare as perhaps the turning point?

GJ: It's what you've got to do. To be fair, one of their lads threw themselves in front of one of Lee's shots, so in both penalty areas it was about people being brave strong and committed. I thought both teams were.

Qu: You never seemed like you were going to try and settle for a point out there.

GJ: Well we don't. We have lost as many games as teams that are below halfway. But we win more than most and it has always been our mentality to go out and try and win a game, right up to the end, and we did that today. I'd rather get a point trying to get three, than trying to get one point and then losing. There is a different mentality, and our boys showed that they wanted to win the game.

Qu: Terry Skiverton has the heart of a lion when he's in defence, but he never says die when he gets up in the other box.

GJ: That was the game it was today. If we couldn't do that today, then we never would. Terry was a typical captain of a team and he led by example today.

Qu: Has Skiverton been a big influence for you this season?

GJ: Yes he has. He is Captain Marvel out there and all credit to him. If you are captain of the team that is top of the league you have had an influence.

Qu: But he doesn't get that many goals.

GJ: No he doesn't. I think he's had two this year. But we've worked hard on our set plays this week so I think that's two goals to me!

Qu: You call him Captain Marvel, and that makes you think of Bryan Robson and Alan Shearer. Is he really that significant to you?

GJ: Yes, he is because the lads respect him and he does lead by example. That's the biggest complement I can pay him. When you need someone to pop up and be brave when everyone is aiming boots and heads at your head and you could get a cut eye or get hurt, then he only sees the ball. If the delivery is right, which is was, he will get in on the end of it.

Qu: He's been synonymous with the rise of Yeovil Town because at the FA Trophy and the Conference wins, he's been there at every corner for you.

GJ: Yes he has but let's not forget the other 10 or 11 players that also played in the Conference within that group. We've come a long way together and we want to see how far we can go.

Qu: Notts County on Tuesday and you've got a bit of a break and you probably need it after a physical game like that.

GJ: Well it's not much of a break is it? But at least we are at home and we have got no excuses for not playing football at home. After today, we are looking forward to Tuesday's game.

Qu: Do you think that will settle things down a bit? You came here needing a win because three defeats would have been almost unprecedented in your reign at Yeovil.

GJ: We know how important every game is when it comes up and Notts County is the next one. There are loads of points to play for and nothing is set in stone. We are not celebrating yet. We're celebrating this game but we know there is a long way to go. Everyone has got to catch us because we are still in pole position as we have been since January 1st, so it looks like we've got a group of boys that can come out fighting when they need to.

Qu: It was a double-edged sword because some of your challengers probably thought you were coming to Boston knowing that it wasn't an easy place.

GJ: No, you're right. They will be gutted with this result. The Macclesfields, Scunthorpes and Swanseas will be very disappointed that Boston didn't hold on for a draw or nick a win. Boston have got a very good record here and you can see why.

Qu: Psychologically is that a boost to the players and the supporters?

GJ: Yes, psychologically we had to turn it around. There was a 25 minute spell in the first half where Boston just peppered our penalty area. We had to be strong at that point and get a bit of luck, which we did as well. But we knew that in the last 20 minutes if we ran at them then we would have the legs and I thought we did.

Qu: These are the sort of games now where you are going to have to grind out results.

GJ: That was a typical case. As I've always said, substitutes affect games. Woozley, Bartosz and Stolc definitely affected the game.

Qu: Your last three or four games are against teams that are up there. Have you thought about what position you might need to be in before you play them?

GJ: Yes, top and clear by ten points! They are all big games though. Notts County played well against us early in the season, Kidderminster are fighting to keep their place in the league. No team has got an easier or a harder run-in. You've just got to go and win your games. The reason why this one was a big turning point was because we had lost two on the trot and it was important we turned that around quickly.

Qu: And now a happy journey back down to the West Country.

GJ: Six hours in a coach is never a happy journey! Maybe the first hour will be but for the next five hours we're all normally having a kip!

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27 March 2005 : Club To Announce Pre Tax Operating Profit?
It appears Yeovil Town is reaping the financial benefits of the recent period of success on the pitch, and of finally reaching the Holy Grail of League football. When the figures for the period 1st July 2003 - 30th June 2004, covering Yeovil's first season in the Football League, are released they are expected to show turnover increased from £1,575,000 in the Conference promotion season to £3,288,000 for last season. The loss of £297,370 for 2002-03, which we suspect included major costs for the new pitch as well as the investment in the team needed to produce a Championship winning side, is set to become a pre tax profit of £409,144 for 2003-04. Although the F.A. Cup run that saw Yeovil play live on television in the Third Round against Liverpool will have contributed part of surplus the indications are that the club is in a healthy financial state even without such windfalls. Further unofficial word suggests that the club is also expecting to show a profit for the current season 2004-05.

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27 March 2005 : Interview With David Woozley
New signing Dave Woozley spoke to the press after playing his first 45-minutes in a Yeovil shirt having come on for the injured Kevin Amankwaah. The 25-year-old played an influential role in helping his side consolidate their at the top of League Two following a hard fought 2-1 victory over Boston United yesterday.

It has only been a week since Woozley signed for the club but the defender has been impressed by what he has seen so far. "I have been a lucky boy, being able to come here and play in a top-of-the-table team. The lads have been fantastic and I have really enjoyed my first week here. Everyone has been in high spirit and they believe in their ability," explained Woozley.

Read the full interview with Dave Woozley (transcript by George Murray) by heading here or head to the Ciderspace Interviews Section.

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26 March 2005 : Skivo brace stumps Boston
Yeovil Town ground out a hugely valuable three points at York Street this afternoon, a Terry Skiverton brace enough to give the Glovers their first away win against hosts Boston since 1991, and more importantly put the Glovers 4 points clear at the top of the league with 7 games left to play.

Glovers boss Gary Johnson brought in new signing Marcus Richardson for his first start for his new club and Chris Weale returned in goal at the expense of Steve Collis.
Terry Skiverton powers the Glovers into the lead in the 10th minute
Terry Skiverton powers the Glovers into the lead in the 10th minute
© 2005 Ciderspace

It was against the run of play when Yeovil captain Skiverton put the Glovers into the lead with a header from a corner on 10 minutes, and such was the Pilgrims first half domination it was no surprise when the equaliser arrived on 23 minutes, Simon Rusk's shot allowed to stand by the referee despite Boston striker Daryl Clare being flagged for offside when stood directly in front of keeper Weale and blocking his view of the shot. Clare hit the post with a snap shot before the break and the Glovers afternoon took a turn for the even worse on 44 minutes when new signing Kevin Amankwaah was taken off with a hamstring strain, loan signing David Woozley replacing him for his competitive Yeovil debut.

Daryl Clare put the ball in the net from close range after the break, but this time the linesman's raised offside flag was allowed to stand by referee Martin Atkinson. After a first half when the ball spent more time in the air than on the admittedly poor pitch, Yeovil were now trying to get the ball down more and were gradually getting into the game. The introduction of Bartosz Tarachulski with around 20 minutes left was the catalyst for the Glovers to take control of the match and on 83 minutes Terry Skiverton popped up at the far post to sweep in a Kevin Gall flick on from a short corner to make the score 2-1 to the Glovers. Yeovil played out the rest of time in relative comfort for what was, after a first half to forget, a very good three points.

Final score: Boston United 1 - 2 Yeovil Town.

Injury news: Defender Kevin Amankwaah was taken off just before half-time with a hamstring strain - it's not yet known for certain how long he's going to be out for but it could be as much as three weeks. On the plus side Andy Lindegaard should have recovered from his knock and is expected to be fit for Tuesday evening's match at home to Notts County.

It's been a good start to the Easter weekend for the Glovers! 2nd-placed Scunthorpe could have gone top on Friday evening if they had beaten visitors Oxford, in the event it took yet another injury-time goal for the Iron to collect a solitary point in a 1-1 draw. And after today's win Yeovil are now 4 points clear with 72 from 39 games, Scunthorpe remaining in second place on 68. Southend kept their good run of form going with a 3-0 win over Rochdale to move up to 3rd, also on 68; whilst Macclesfield slipped a place to 4th on 66 after a 2-0 defeat at Swansea in 5th position, on 65 points. Lincoln thrashed Rushden 4-1 at Nene Park to move to 6th on 62, with the final play-off place currently being held by Northampton on 60 after their 1-0 win at Wycombe. Cobblers? No, it's true.

At the other end of the table things are now looking very difficult for Cambridge, rock bottom on 32 after their 0-0 draw at Shrewsbury. Surprise of the weekend so far came at Darlington where 23rd-placed Kidderminster won 2-0 to go to 36 points, 1 behind Rushden on 37. Chester, Shrewsbury and Notts County, on 42, 42 and 43 points respectively aren't safe yet, though 18th-placed Bury on 47 have now surely done enough to guarantee L2 football for another season.

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25 March 2005 : Social Club Plans Updated
Following reviews of the original basic plans, published on this site on February 18th, by the various parties the club has submitted an upgraded scheme to South Somerset District Council.

Huish Park development plans
Plans for the new social club and toilet facilities.
© 2005 YTFC/Ciderspace

Designed to slot into the corner between the Bartlett Stand and the Westland Terrace the new social club will be two storeys, with a lift providing access to the upper level.

Social Club ground floor
Details of the ground floor of the Social Club.
© 2005 YTFC/Ciderspace

Social Club first floor
Details of the first floor of the Social Club.
© 2005 YTFC/Ciderspace

Externally the Social Club will have the same facing as the current buildings.

Exterior of Social Club
External views of the new Social Club.
© 2005 YTFC/Ciderspace

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25 March 2005 : Ticket Office Easter Opening
Yeovil Town's ticket office will be closed for the majority of the Easter weekend. It will be open until 12.00 noon today, but will then be closed on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

The ticket office will re-open for business on Tuesday 29th March from 9.00am until 7.45pm on the day of the match against Notts County.

A reminder that the away match at Rushden and Diamonds on April 2nd and the home match against Lincoln City on May 7th are both all-ticket matches. You are therefore encouraged to purchase tickets as soon as possible.

Ticket office manager Sue Parsons has told the Western Daily Press: "We're always busy, but it's a very exciting time at the moment. For the last two or three games, 40 per cent of the tickets have been bought over the phones so they have hardly stopped ringing. We have already sold more than 2,000 tickets for the last game of the season against Lincoln. It's an all-ticket match and people are really snapping those up quickly, so there will be a nice big crowd."

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25 March 2005 : Brown Signs Up For Glovers
Striker Marvin Brown, who has been on trial with Yeovil for the past month, has signed for the Glovers on a month-to-month basis. The former Bristol City academy player has been regularly netting for the Reserve Team and also scored in the last round of the Somerset Premier Cup against Taunton Town.

Although he has yet to travel with the first team squad, Glovers boss Gary Johnson has indicated that he is prepared to give Brown a first team place if he can justify it. The striker has been travelling from Bristol with Kevin Amankwaah - the pair are friends from their Bristol academy days - and he has now secured a place at Huish Park until the end of the season.

Gary told the Western Daily Press: "Marvin has looked dangerous every time he's played for the reserves and you can see why he was an England youth international. He's got undoubted ability and been improving his fitness with us. We've signed him on a non-contract basis and if he shows he's ready I'll have no hesitation in including him in the first-team squad."

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25 March 2005 : Club Bar Open For Boston Game
Yeovil Town's Executive Lounge bar will be open for tomorrow's televised match against Boston United. The game is live on Sky Sports TV, with kick-off at 12.15pm, and the bar at Huish Park will be opening at 11.30pm. Bar snacks will be available, and presumably there will also be a screening of England's home match against Northern Ireland which kicks off at 3.00pm.

For those who are travelling to York Street, the Ciderspace guide can be found here.

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25 March 2005 : Glovers Miss Out On Devaney
Cheltenham Town winger Martin Devaney turned down a chance to join Yeovil Town on deadline day yesterday. Yeovil's League Two rivals had agreed a 10,000 pound fee for the player, who is out of contract at the end of the season and will almost certainly be leaving Whaddon Road on a free transfer.

According to today's Western Daily Press, Devaney had agreed personal terms with the club and was all set to sign, but a last minute u-turn left Glovers boss Gary Johnson frustrated and without the chance to get in a much-needed wide player into the squad.

Gary told the paper: ""We'd agreed terms with the player and Cheltenham had accepted our offer. But then the player called me last night to say the timing wasn't right and he couldn't go through with the move."

Devaney's backing out of the deal is unlikely to impress Johnson, and even if the player makes himself available for a move over the summer, Gary is now far more likely to turn his attention elsewhere, with Stockport County's Danny Jackman one possibility.

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24 March 2005 : Glovers Beat Off The Competition
Yeovil Town are certainly being treated seriously as a League Two side if some of the decision-making of players and management is anything to go by. Far from being viewed as the Football League's 'new boys' (the Glovers are still the league's youngest members) Gary Johnson's signings over the past couple of days have implied that Yeovil Town has grown up and is able to stand on its own two feet, seeing off clubs such as Queens Park Rangers, Port Vale, Torquay United, Notts County and Mansfield Town for the signatures of players.

Kevin Amankwaah's signing has now been confirmed by the Glovers Official Site, and Glovers boss Gary Johnson said of the deal: "Kevin Amankwaah today has signed a contract with Yeovil Town. I am really pleased that he has agreed to join us for a couple of years. He obviously sees the potential in us just like we see the potential in him. He is a terrific athlete but is still getting over a couple of major injuries and a car accident. I am sure there is even more to come from him. He plays with a smile on his face. Kevin turned down offers from other clubs, as well as turning down a last minute offer from QPR. These are the kind of players we need - they want to be here and are here for footballing reasons. We wish him well with his future at Yeovil Town and I'm sure Kevin will be a big player at Yeovil Town Football Club."

Not only did Amankwaah turn down a chance to play for Queens Park Rangers - which would have been an understandable desire for a player born and brought up in West London - but he also turned down a chances to move to Torquay United and Mansfield Town, preferring to stay with the club that he has spent the best part of two months with. The fee, according to the Western Daily Press, is around 10,000 pounds, with a rumoured 35 percent sell-on clause of any future deal brokered.

New team-mate Lee Johnson said to the WDP of the news: "He has done really well. He's a really strong and quick player and that's something we probably haven't had at the back. All the lads are strong but they haven't got the lightning pace he has. If he continues his progress as he has done then there's probably no better place to do that than Yeovil. He can go on to be a top, top player."

Meanwhile former Huddersfield Town defender Efe Sodje has also ignored a move from League One side Port Vale in favour of the Glovers. Vale manager Martin Foyle said he had planned to look at Sodje over the summer, but those hopes have been dashed by Gary Johnson's quick move for the former Crewe player. Notts County were another side believed to be after the defender. As far as it is possible to tell, Sodje moved on a free transfer, as did striker Marcus Richardson. Vale boss Foyle now has another concern to deal with - he believes the Glovers are tracking Aston Villa academy player Kyle Nix who is currently training with the Valiants. Foyle wants to sign Nix, but can not do so until the summer because of financial constraints, and believes that Gary Johnson is sniffing around the left-winger as well.

Finally, transfer-listed Kezie Ibe is being tracked by St Albans City for a possible move there, whilst Bristol Rovers have been thwarted in their loan attempt for Swindon Town's Rory Fallon, who recently completed a month's loan at Huish Park. Swindon boss Andy King is quoted as being unwilling to let his striker head to the Memorial Stadium.

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24 March 2005 : Amankwaah Signs Up Now
Kevin Amankwaah has signed a two year contract with Yeovil Town according to his agents the Stellar Group. His agents - who also represent Arron Davies have announced the deal on their website.

According to the Western Daily Press the Glovers paid a fee of £10,000 to Bristol City for Amankwaah's services, with the Ashton Gate club receiving a further proportion - believed at most to be 35% - of any sell-on fee.

Amankwaah himself said of the deal: "It's great to have got the move sorted, althought it is a wrench to finally leave Bristol after all this time. I cannot thank the people at the club enough for what they have done for me, they stood by me during all my problems and gave me my break in professional football. But I have really enjoyed my time here at Huish Park so far, the place is really buzzing. We haven't been at our best in the last few games, but we are still on top and everything is in our hands. The manager has told us just to keep calm, keep playing our football and we will be alright."

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24 March 2005 : Reserves pip Cherries*
A Yeovil Town reserve side including 5 (count 'em!) triallists plus new loan signing David Woozley beat their AFC Bournemouth counterparts 2-0 at Huish Park last night. The Glovers goals came from a glancing header by Nic Mirza on 12 minutes, the young Frenchman impressing in his unfamiliar role as a striker; and from triallist Marvin Brown deep into second half injury-time, the former Bristol City striker's 5th goal in 3 games for the reserves - an impressive return by anyone's standards.

Of the triallists on show the left-sided pairing of Danny Jackman (left-wing) and Paul Madden (left-back) did most to impress, with Jackman in particular beating his fullback on several occasions and sending over dangerous crosses from the by-line. David Woozley and triallist Chris McDonald looked solid at the back and kept former Glover Dani Rodrigues quiet for most of the match. Right-sided midfielder Nick Howell had an uneventful game and was substituted on 60 minutes.

Final score: Yeovil Town Reserves 2 - 0 AFC Bournemouth Reserves.

*© Cliches-R-Us

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24 March 2005 : Wales U21's vs Austria U21's
Those wishing to hopefully see Yeovil winger Arron Davies in action should be advised that the Welsh U21 match will take place at Merthyr Tydfil on Good Friday against Austria Under 21's at 5.00pm.

Admission is £3.00, with children allowed in free of charge.

The match is also being shown live on Sky Sports 1.

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23 March 2005 : Amankwaah Will Sign Tomorrow
Following our story earlier in the day that Bristol City had accepted an offer from Yeovil Town for on loan defender Kevin Amankwaah, but that there was also an offer on the table for the player from Mansfield Town, we are pleased to be able to report that following discussions with manager Gary Johnson Amankwaah will sign a two year deal tomorrow morning.

Meanwhile more trialists flood into Huish Park for tonight's reserve fixture against AFC Bournemouth. Danny Jackman is a left sided player who can operate as a left back or left winger. Currently at Stockport County he started his career at Aston Villa but failed to break into the first team. After a loan spell at County he was signed for £70,000 in January 2004, and his contract runs to 2006. As well as Marvin Brown, who we've seen before, we believe other trialists are Paul Madden at left back and Chris McDonald, who is partnering new loan signing David Woozley at centre back, and Nick Howell, just finishing his term at the Norwich City academy, who will be in midfield.

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23 March 2005 : Sodje and Richardson Put Pen To Paper
Defender Efetobore Sodje and striker Marcus Richardson have both now signed this afternoon for Yeovil Town.

Much travelled Sodje, who Glovers fans will recall first hand from his times at Stevenage Borough and Huddersfield Town, has been given a two year deal. Richardson has been signed until the end of this season in the first instance.

Manager Gary Johnson said :

We are very happy to announce that we have secured the services of Marcus Richardson who is a strong powerful striker from Lincoln who our away fans will remember for his two goals against us earlier in the season - he is joining us until the end of the season.

We also have signed Efe Sodje on a two year contract. He will need no introduction to Glovers fans having played against us for Huddersfield. He is a centre back who has the power and pace we need. Both are experienced players and both have had and been involved in successful promotion campaigns. I am sure that they will be great additions to our squad.

Efe Sodje is currently suspended, and with two games of a three match ban to serve will be unavailable for the forthcoming fixtures against Boston United at York Street on Saturday and Notts County at Huish Park on Tuesday.

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23 March 2005 : Efe Sodje 'in talks'
They say good things happen in threes... Along with the news of the possible signings of Kevin Amankwaah and Marcus Richardson, it's now emerged that former Nigerian international Efe Sodje has been training with the Glovers this week, and according to the Huddersfield Town official site is currently 'in talks' with Yeovil.

"I thought it was only fair to give Efe the opportunity to get fixed up before the transfer window closes because he was not going to be offered a new contract. Yeovil showed an immediate interest and I have let him go down for a trial," Huddersfield boss Peter Jackson confirmed today.

The hugely experienced 33-year-old started his career on the dark side at Stevenage in 1996 but we won't hold that against him. He's played for Macclesfield, Crewe and most recently Huddersfield, with shorter spells at Luton and Colchester in between, making a total of 259 Football League appearances for his various clubs, as well as 9 international caps for Nigeria. Efetobore, to give him his full name, is well-known for wearing his trademark bandanna during games and was Huddersfield's captain in their promotion winning side last season. As with the other two possible signings below, more news when we get it....

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23 March 2005 : Amankwaah bid accepted by City
Bristol City have today announced on their official site that they have accepted an offer from Yeovil Town for defender Kevin Amankwaah, who's been impressing on loan at Huish Park for the last 7 weeks. That's the good news. The less good news is that City have also accepted an offer from League 2 rivals Mansfield Town for the player.

City chairman Steve Lansdown commented: "We've accepted the two bids and given Kevin the option to speak to the clubs concerned. If either deal goes through we will receive a nominal fee, while there is also a sell-on clause agreed. It's now down to Kevin and the two clubs involved."

Glovers boss Gary Johnson confirmed that he'd made an offer for the 22-year-old defender, saying: "We are interested in keeping Kevin and I hope and suspect he would like to stay at Yeovil."

More news on this story as it breaks....

Meanwhile the Lincolnshire Echo is today claiming that striker Marcus Richardson is set to join the Glovers. Richardson was released by the Imps yesterday following a training-ground punch-up with teammate Ciaran Toner last month. In the aftermath of the incident Imps boss Keith Alexander told both players that they would not play for Lincoln again, and following a loan spell at Rochdale, Richardson has now been released. In his time at Sincil Bank the 27-year-old striker has played 57 games, scoring 14 times. Again, more on this story as it happens....

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22 March 2005 : Woozley willing to bide his time
New loan signing David Woozley has been talking about his move from Oxford United to Somerset and his own mixed season to date. After winning promotion to League One with Torquay United last season the left-sided defender became a free agent in the summer and moved to the Kassam Stadium, but a knee injury meant he missed the first two months of the season and he has struggled to hold down a regular place in the Oxford side since, especially with the signing of Uruguyan hardman Mateo Corbo in January further limiting his chances. Woozley arrives at Huish Park hoping that a change of scenery will reignite his career, but is realistic about his chances.

"I experienced winning promotion with Torquay last year and I know what it's all about," he told the Western Daily Press today. "It's a fantastic time to be around a club when you are challenging for honours."

"I had come to a bit of a standstill at Oxford," he admitted. "The manager (Ramon Diaz) and myself both agreed that it would be better for me to go out on loan and Gary Johnson said he needed some cover for the promotion push. I have come down here pretty open-minded. Gary asked me to help and I fully understand the situation. I know I am probably not going to be playing straightaway."

Woozley played for the first time with his new teammates in a behind-closed-doors practice match at Huish Park yesterday afternoon, in which it's understood a number of oher triallists also featured. Glovers boss Gary Johnson wouldn't be drawn if he intends to sign anyone else before Thursday's transfer deadline. "I'm making lots of calls and the next two or three days are going to be busy," he told the WDP, adding: "There may be more coming in and, then again, there may not be."

One player the rumourmill has been linking with Huish Park lately is Fulham keeper Ross Flitney, who has spent time training with Yeovil recently. However Johnson has ruled out moving for the stopper, saying: "Ross came down for a couple of days and he did well but unless I lose one of my goalkeepers then nothing will happen. I'm very happy with them and I want them to stay here forever."

And talking of goalkeepers Gary has also been explaining why he picked Steve Collis ahead of Chris Weale in goal for last Saturday's defeat at home to Bury. Speaking to the Western Daily Press Gary denied that any other club had (at the time of writing) shown an interest in Weale ahead of Thursday's transfer deadline, and also denied that the 22-year-old had lost his place because of a poor performance.

"Chris wasn't dropped," Gary insisted. "Steve Collis had played 2 games and Chris Weale had played 35 and I just felt it was time to give Steve Collis a first-team outing. What happens in the future, I don't know. I haven't picked the team (to go to Boston on Saturday) yet."

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21 March 2005 : Never mind the bullocks....It's the Wurzels!
Coming soon to a car park near you....

Legendary West Country band The Wurzels are headlining a concert in aid of the Supporters Club bar project (more details coming soon). The open air concert is to be held in the Bartlett Stand Car Park on Friday 22nd April. Tickets will cost £10 adults, £5 children and are available from the ticket office at Huish Park.

The Wurzels are of course legends in their own lunchtime and which true Westcountry football fan could resist hearing such classics as 'I am A Cider Drinker', 'Blackbird', 'I've Got A Brand New Combine Harvester' and 'Drink Up Thee Cider' to name but a few of their many hits? Added to that Pete Budd and the boys will be supported in concert by well-known local band Rave To The Grave, fronted by an equally well-known local, er, character Roger Bastable. Add to the mix a beer tent and refreshment outlets and the evening promises to be a memorable one, and well worth supporting. We'll see you there!

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21 March 2005 : One in, one out
Gary Johnson has made some alterations to the club's squad ahead of this Thursday's transfer deadline day.

Swindon striker Rory Fallon has returned to the County Ground after the Gaffer decided not to ask for a further loan period. The New Zealander made a total of 6 appearances for the Glovers, including 2 starts, and scored once, on his debut against Scunthorpe.

Johnson commented: "I'd like to thank Rory for his efforts during the last month and wish him all the best for the future."

In comes Oxford United left-sided defender David Woozley. The 6' 3" 25-year-old began his career as a trainee at Crystal Palace where he made 25 starts for the first team, plus another 10 substitute appearances. He then went out on loan, firstly to Bournemouth and then to Torquay where he transferred permanently in March 2002. Woozley made a total of 57 starts for the Gulls in the 2 years he spent at Plainmoor with a further 8 appearances from the bench. He moved to Oxford last summer but hasn't been able to force his way into the Oxford side on a regular basis, starting only 12 matches this season.

"I'm pleased to have signed David, he is experienced at this level and was a great help to Torquay in their promotion season," Gary Johnson said today. "We still have Scott Guyett out for three or four weeks and Colin Miles will be another week or so and I needed some more cover at the back," he added. "Kevin Amankwaah is still on loan and we don't know yet what will happen there while Adam Lockwood has been out for a long time and will need time."

Woozley has been signed for a month with a view to a permanent transfer. He's expected to go straight into the squad for Saturday's game at Boston. The best of luck to David from us all at Ciderspace!

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21 March 2005 : Official Site Back Up And Running
Yeovil Town's Official Site is now back up and is operational. It has been moved across to the Premium TV network this weekend, as mentioned in our news item on Friday.

The website address remains the same and can be reached at either or

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20 March 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Bury Game
Very unusually Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson was straight down the tunnel as the final whistle blew in yesterday's 0-1 defeat by Bury, and it was over three-quarters of an hour before he emerged from the dressing room.

Qu: Gary, couldnít be a case of sunstroke today could it?

No, I donít know what it was a case of today. We lacked a bit of mental toughness. When we were in decent positions we didnít quite get our shots on goal properly. Obviously we had all the play but on the day didnít have the quality to get the goal that we so desperately needed.

Qu: An explosive start and you nearly did get that goal.

It was a great start, two minutes three minutes but unfortunately we gradually got worse.

Qu: And the substitution early on as well?

Well it didnít help because Lindy couldnít quite get to the header for their goal because he had a knee in the back, so we started a goal down. But we just didnít have that quality in and around the box to open them up properly. When we did their goalkeeper made a couple of good saves. They packed their box. They didnít care about coming out at 1-0 and we had to break them down, but today we werenít good enough.

Qu: An awfully long time to hang on to a 1-0 lead, but they did it didnít they?

Yeah they did, but as I say I think our quality let us down.

Qu: How are you going to change that then?

Well I canít tell you now, but Iíve spoken to the lads in the dressing room and a few of them are losing that little bit of mental toughness and all you can do is try to bring in a little bit of mental toughness or hope the boys turn it around. Either way Iíve got to not leave anything to chance and maybe do a little bit of both.

Qu: Transfer deadline next week?

Transfer deadline Thursday.

Qu: How does that affect you?

Well it affects me more now than it did at three oíclock today, but having said that as people keep reminding me weíre still there. Although we are having a little blip at the moment, a little wobble, and itís a matter of dragging this mental toughness out of the lads.

Qu: The cutting edge up front was lacking?

We were lacking that cutting edge unbelievably. We had a lot of opportunities but not real opportunities, and it was poor and our quality was poor and sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say thatís why we didnít score a goal.

Qu: And youíve lost some defensive players with injuries?

Well we donít know, weíll assess that. Kevin Amankwaah would have liked to carry on but I couldnít afford to have anyone on who was going to limp around for the next five or ten minutes.

Qu: Eight games to go. Itís paramount that you keep calm?

Course it is, but itís easier to say it. Weíve got to go out and produce it.

Tight lipped, but Iím sure youíve said a few words today?

Iíve used up all my words for one day so that should be about it.

Qu: OK, so the boys coming in for training as normal?

Well no, it wonít be normal.

Qu: They wonít be in tomorrow or anything like that?

Well they might be. Weíll wait and see; but we donít want to do anything that will totally upset the applecart. Weíve got to prepare properly for Boston, then again prepare properly for Tuesday night against Notts County. A couple of wins and Iíll be your best friend again.

Qu: 200 games in charge Gary?

Yeah, well I didnít know it, and it wonít be one that Iíll remember.

Qu: Any reason for playing Steve Collis instead of Weale?

Well Steve Collis has played two games and Weale thirty six so I thought it was time to give Steve a game for mental toughness in case we need him. I thought he did a job. The goal wasnít his fault. He didnít have a lot to do, but he was out there and heís got another first team game under his belt.

Qu: Any more thoughts on Rory Fallon?

No, not at this time. Iíll sit down and reflect, talk to Thommo, talk to my board and see where they want to go.

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19 March 2005 : Gary's 200th is a game to forget
Yeovil Town remain top of League Two by a mere two points having suffered a shock 1-0 defeat to struggling Bury at Huish Park this afternoon. A fourteenth minute strike from Simon Whaley was enough to give the visitors all three points.

An attacking first 10 minutes saw the Bury defence come under extreme pressure. A Bartosz Tarachulski volley and a followed up Paul Terry header nearly resulted in a home side breakthrough. Against the run of play Bury snatched the lead with their first attempt on goal when Simon Whaley superbly volleyed the ball to the left of Steve Collis in the Yeovil goal. Mixed feelings surrounded Huish Park when Adam Lockwood replaced the injured Andy Lindegaard for Lockyís first league start since 28 August. After a quiet ten minutes following the Bury opener, The Glovers looked certain to score but Bury keeper Glyn Garner denied a powerful Tarachulski strike when the home side looked most likely to draw the scores level.

Chances in the second period were few and far between. Terry Skiverton provided the best of Yeovilís chances having forced Garner to make an acrobatic save to deny the skipper. Lee Johnson provided the only other opportunity of an equaliser but the 23-year-old couldnít direct his effort from just outside the box on target with just the keeper to beat.

ďWe lacked a bit of mental toughness today,Ē admitted Yeovil boss Gary Johnson. ďWhen we were in decent positions we didnít get a shot on goal properly. Obviously we had all the play but on the day we didnít have the quality to get the goal that we so desperately needed,Ē added Johnson.

Match precis by George Murray

Final score: Yeovil Town 0-1 Bury.

Yeovil remain top of League Two tonight with 69 points from 38 games played. Scunthorpe are second on 67 points following their no-score draw at Rochdale, and Macclesfield remain third with a game in hand on the top 2 on 66 points after beating Leyton Orient 3-1 at Moss Rose. Southend won 3-0 at Cheltenham to consolidate their hold on 4th place on 65 points. Swansea are 5th on 62 points after a creditable 2-2 draw at Northampton, and Darlington won 0-1 at Grimsby to stay in 6th position, on 60 points. Lincoln are currently in the final play-off spot on 59 points following a 2-0 home win over Shrewsbury. Next week's opponents Boston lost 2-0 at Oxford to drop to 11th, on 50 points.

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18 March 2005 : 200th Game Tomorrow For Sir Gary
Glovers boss Gary Johnson will clock up his 200th match as Yeovil Town manager tomorrow when he takes charge for the League Two game against Bury. Gary has taken charge of 199 League Two, Conference, Carling Cup, LDV Vans Trophy and FA Trophy matches in just under four seasons with the club and with the exception of Basil Hayward (1960-64) he is the club's longest serving manager in post-war football.

What is truly remarkable is that 109 of Gary's games in charge have been wins. There have been 39 draws and his side has come unstuck only 51 times during the four seasons.

The 199 matches have seen Yeovil win the FA Trophy and the Nationwide Conference title as well as missing out on the playoffs last season only on goal difference. This season has seen the Glovers top the table for the whole of 2005, with a three point margin currently in the bag.

Cup competitions under Gary Johnson have seen Yeovil's cup-fighting traditions enhanced with Wrexham, Queens Park Rangers, AFC Bournemouth, Plymouth Argyle and Rotherham United all embarrassed by the Glovers, whilst supporters have seen great ties against Liverpool, Bolton Wanderers and Charlton Athletic during that time.

Perhaps all the more stunning has been that Gary's 199 games have seen Yeovil score 380 times, with 251 goals conceded. That's an average of 3.17 goals for a typical Yeovil match which is a remarkable level of entertainment.

Hopefully Gary will get the reception he deserves tomorrow, but in the meantime, lets raise a glass to the man himself and hope that we can toast his 400th game for the club in another four years time!

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18 March 2005 : Official Site Set For Change
Yeovil Town's Official Site is currently under-going a transformation and is expected to be largely inaccessible over the next few days. Performance on their ISP's server has proven to be problematic in the past few days and the advice given by their hosts was for the club to migrate the site to a new dedicated server as the belief was that the current server was not powerful enough to cope with the demands.

The club have for some time had plans to switch to the Premium TV network of official sites and have been in the process of setting up their own PTV site. Currently some of the more advanced features of the YTFC PTV site are not ready, such as the club shop facility, and this has delayed the launch.

However, in the light of the recommendation to move servers within their current ISP, the club are taking this as an unexpected opportunity to kick-off their new PTV website in a slightly compromised form - with the club shop likely to be the main defficiency.

The main upshot to the casual user is that there may be no genuinely active YTFC Official Site over the weekend, and that even when the new site is launched, the club shop facility and a number of other pages may be inactive. However, the club will work with Premium TV to try and rectify those issues post-launch. The general message is "please bear with us" during the transitional period.

When the new Official Site is launched, we will of course give it a plug on these pages (even if some of you have probably spotted an early version of it already!) The new site is expected to be announced as available sometime around Monday.

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18 March 2005 : Gary Asks For Faith In His Players
Glovers boss Gary Johnson has asked for Yeovil Town's supporters to really turn on the style at tomorrow's match against Bury. Even if the players kept their cool in their last home match against Leyton Orient, not everyone in the crowd was quite as relaxed, and Gary told the Yeovil Express that he wanted to see nerves eradicated from the ground tomorrow.

Using Express Chief Reporter Steve Sowden's immortal catchphrase, Gary took it on for himself saying: "Never more so than now does the phrase `keep the faith bruvvers' come in. But I'm asking everyone connected to the club to `keep faith in the bruvvers.' There are nine games to go and all nine will be massive matches. But our supporters can play a vital role. If they are noisy and up for it they can give us a goal start -- the fans have a part to play in the run-in. Certain players might be getting a bit nervous, which is human nature, but we must help to pull them through it."

Gary also added that he believed it to be no coincidence that the accusations of gamesmanship from a minority of opposition clubs has only turned up since the Glovers went top of the table at the turn of the year.

Gary explained: "We are still there to be shot at. Since we went top of the league other teams have been accusing us of diving, influencing the referee and other things. Any manager of a team that beats us seems to automatically become manager of the week and the teams that do beat us celebrate as if they have won the cup final. We have got to learn to be strong enough to cope with all of that."

Unlike some of Yeovil's recent opponents, Bury boss Graham Barrow has been very respectful of his hosts and he admitted that his main goal will be to try and hush the Huish Park crowd, explaining that the first 20 minutes of the match would be the most vital.

Speaking to the Bury Official Site, Barrow said: "It's a good time to play the league leaders on their own patch, it's the toughest time of the season now, and if we go about it in the right way we will be OK. One thing that we have to turn to our advantage is the pressure that Yeovil are under for different reasons. The anxiety from the home crowd can spill onto the pitch and to the players, they lost last week and they will probably be thinking that they have to get back to winning ways."

Referring to last year's match which saw a sensational Dani Rodrigues goal turn the match, Barrow added: "We will be going there a lot more positive this time, you have to defend from the front at Huish Park, there's no point in sitting back, that's just asking for trouble from one of the best attacking sides in the league."

Finally Barrow added that the atmosphere at Huish Park was one that he would look forward to saying: "Yeovil are still enjoying the Football League experience. The whole setup at Yeovil is enjoying it, the crowd, the players and the club staff. It's a great place to go to, there is always a carnival atmosphere around Huish Park, and we have got to stand up to that. It's important in every game, but the first 20 minutes is important to us. We have to go there in the right frame of mind and with the attitude that we have shown in the last few weeks."

The job of the Glovers supporters will be to not let the "carnival atmosphere" that Graham Barrow speaks of waver at any point in time. Backing the WHOLE team will be more important than ever, to give the team their best chance at staying on top of Coca Cola League Two for the rest of this season.

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18 March 2005 : Gary Seeks To Extend Fallon Loan
Glovers boss Gary Johnson has given the biggest hint yet that he could extend the loan deal with striker Rory Fallon - but he is not yet certain that his parent club Swindon Town will allow him to do so.

Gary seemed very non-committal after last week's 2-1 defeat at Darlington and was again not in a hurry to make up his mind around the time that Fallon turned out for the Reserves against his parent club. However, with the transfer deadline looming in a week's time, the Yeovil boss has now implied that he will seek to extend Fallon's stay at Huish Park.

Gary told BBC Radio Bristol: "I think at this time we need numbers because I don't want to be left with too few players after the deadline. I've got to speak to Andy King at Swindon again because he hasn't decided yet whether he wants to recall Rory."

With Bartosz Tarachulski dropping in and out of fitness, Yemi Odubade having departed and Kezie Ibe on the transfer list, Gary's only other true option if Fallon does not stay is to restore Andrejs Stolcers to the role he took in the autumn when Bartosz first had his hip problems, or hope that the big Pole can get through the remaining nine games unscathed.

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17 March 2005 : Bradfords Extend Sponsorship Deal
Current club sponsors Bradfords Building Supplies have extended their sponsorship deal with the club for a further three years. As announced at a press conference today the builder's merchants, who have been associated with the club for four seasons now, have agreed to be tied to the club until the summer of 2008.

The news will come as a slight anti-climax to much that has speculated following the announcement of a club press conference some eight days ago. After much excessive secrecy from the club, the event was short and sweet with the club exercising their right to not disclose the monetary size of the deal nor the use that it would be put towards.

Bradfords Managing Director Dennis Smith told the club's Official Site: "We are delighted to be able to continue our association with Yeovil Town Football Club. We consider this an opportunity to demonstrate our continued commitment to the town where we have been based for over 200 years. We also value our association with Yeovil Town because the club has a proud record of working with the young people of the region."

Club chairman John Fry said of the news: "The club is very pleased to be able to continue our association with Bradfords who have supported us during probably the most successful and exciting times of the clubís 100 year history."

There was no mention of any involvement from builder's contractors Rok Group, whose name has been bandied around on the rumourmill for the past three weeks. There was also no news on any potential or actual stadium development or enhancements on the day.

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16 March 2005 : Action Photos From Darlington vs Yeovil Town
Action photos from last Saturday's trip to Darlington are now available in our Action Photo Gallery section. The Glovers lost 2-1 at the Williamson Motors Stadium and you can find 52 photos from the game by going here.

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16 March 2005 : Locky Breaks Through The Barrier
One of the big positives of yesterday's 4-3 win for the Reserves over their Swindon Town counterparts was the growing rehabiliation of defender Adam Lockwood, who finally clocked up 90 minutes worth of football - something that he has yet to achieve in a first team match so far this season.

The defender has had a torrid season so far, managing only two starts and three sub appearances and none have seen him last a game. Hence understandably Glovers boss Gary Johnson was delighted when he spoke to the Western Daily Press: "It really was fingers crossed for him today [Tuesday against Swindon]. It was a big test because in Jamie Slabber and Christian Roberts he was up against two good strikers."

Gary told the Teamtalk website that he was pleased overall with the performances of Locky's team-mates during the match: "The boys played really well. They did well to come back from 3-2 at half-time and there were some pleasing performances out there. It's always good to win and make that a habit."

Two that maybe didn't catch the eye quite so much were trialists Ed Brand and Wayne Wilson. The WDP speculates that Johnson is unlikely to pursue his interest in the duo further.

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16 March 2005 : Fallon future uncertain
On-loan Swindon Town striker Rory Fallon will find out this weekend what the future holds for him when his current loan period with Yeovil Town expires. In his time at Huish Park the New Zealander has started matches twice and come off the bench 3 times, scoring once. He also played a half in yesterday's reserve team outing - against Swindon ironically enough - a move that surprised Robins manager Andy King.

"It is not the norm but if he needs a game then so be it - and it was an opportunity for me to see him as well," King told the Western Daily Press, adding: "That's useful because it is his last weekend at Yeovil. He has not played regularly there and we have to decide what to do. Does he come back here or is it better for him to stay there? Or does Gary Johnson want him for another month or even permanently? It's up to Gary Johnson now. He has him for one more game and the ball is in his court, but I haven't had an offer from Yeovil.".

As for the player himself, unsurprisingly perhaps he sees his future at present with his current permanent employers: "I definitely still feel I have a future at Swindon - I still have a year left on my contract," the 22-year-old striker admitted to the WDP. "In my heart I am still a Swindon player and I have a lot to offer the club. That's why I'm trying to get as much time on the park as I can, to get sharpened up. I just need to keep focused and keep a good attitude. I haven't had too much luck this season - it's been pretty bad compared to what I'm used. So I think I'm due some luck."

At present Glovers boss Gary Johnson has made no public comment on whether he will be asking Fallon to stay for another month or whether he will be looking elsewhere for cover up front - a contrast to when Kevin Amankwaah was re-signed for another month when the gaffer was happy to reveal in advance that he had requested that the Bristol City player should stay at Huish Park. Fallon himself seems ambivalent. "It's always good to see different things and find out how other people work. And they're a good bunch of lads at Yeovil," he said. "I think it has benefited my game because I've picked up a few decent tips off other people and that can only help. The only problem is you don't really know what's going on. I'm living out of a bag in a hotel room - that's the only hard thing. It's a small town and I don't really know anyone there, so I've just been staying in watching TV at night."

Asked by the WDP whether he would be interested in a permanent move to Yeovil, the player replied: "At the end of the day that would be up to Andy King. And what he told me was to get down to Yeovil and get some minutes on the park, so that's what I'm doing. So whatever happens, it's between the two managers."

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16 March 2005 : Five Minute Manager Syndrome
The various parties at the centre of yesterday's departure from the Wessex Stadium of Seaside Scummers Weymouth boss Steve Johnson still appear to be largely keeping tight-lipped over the situation.

Johnson himself has refused to speak to the press about his exit - which has now been confirmed to be a sacking by Scummers Chairman Martyn Harrison. However, Glovers boss Gary Johnson - Steve's brother - was more willing to speak on behalf of his brother to the Western Daily Press explaining: "He's disappointed because he feels that he did all that he could. It seems strange timing, especially considering all that he's had to do down there. He's had the hard part of the job, sweeping out the old to make room for the new."

Harrison himself told the Dorset Evening Echo: "I'm very disappointed. I like Steve Johnson as a person and he's become a good friend. I really wanted things to work for him. He's been living in my house over at Bowleaze and his children have just started school down here. But results have been poor and I couldn't see any progress. We are building for the future and I just didn't see anything positive coming long term."

One former Glover does benefit through Johnson's demise, with central defender Roy O'Brien one of a trio put in charge until the end of the season. John Waldock and Gary Borthwick are the other two holding the poisoned chalice.

Steve's record with the mid-table Conference South side he inherited lasted just 17 games and was W6 D4 L7. Hardly earth-shattering stuff, but it strangely compares well with the more famous of the Johnson brothers.

Gary arrived at the club in the summer of 2001, inheriting the majority of a squad that had come within a whisker of winning the Conference title on the previous season. Despite this, Gary's opening 19 games for the Glovers was a touch on the 'average' side with a record of W7 D5 L7, with an FA Cup exit at Hayes to compound that record.

Yeovil Town have historically been a club that meddle with their managers. There can't be too many clubs that have put 24 different managers through the revolving door in the past 40 years, and it says even more that Gary Johnson is now the club's longest serving manager during that period. If he gets through one more season at Huish Park then he will eclipse Basil Hayward (1960-64) which would actually make him the longest serving post-war manager at the club.

Yet although it now seems unthinkable, the logic applied by Weymouth's board, if applied to Gary's early results, could have seen Sir Gary out on his ear before he had time to become the most successful manager in the club's history. Far too many football Chairmen (and supporters, to be fair!) indulge in "five minute manager syndrome" and it's no wonder so many clubs fail to succeed whilst they go through Groundhog Day every six months.

It can't be any coincidence that Yeovil Town's greatest sustained period of success has come during its greatest period of stability in its boardroom, management and playing staff, can it?

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16 March 2005 : Tony James Injures Ankle
Hereford United central defender Tony James is believed to have suffered a bad ankle injury in last night's FA Trophy Quarter-Final replay at Hucknall Town which saw the Bulls embarrassed by a 1-0 scoreline.

Glovers boss Gary Johnson has admitted that he has been keeping an eye on James, who is out of contract at the end of the season, but any chance of Gary moving for James prior to the transfer deadline seems to have evaporated with the news of the injury to James.

Similar issues currently muddy the waters of another one of Gary's transfer targets - Cheltenham Town winger Martin Devaney. The Robins player was initially suspended but also has a knee injury and so has now missed two games for Cheltenham. However, the Glovers have another reason for hoping he gets fit by Saturday - Cheltenham play Yeovil's promotion rivals Southend United on Saturday. Cheltenham boss John Ward said of the situation: "Martin is still having treatment but we are hopeful that he will do some training on Wednesday or Thursday and then he will have a chance for Saturday."

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16 March 2005 : Ref Needed For Supporters Game
A reminder that Yeovil Town Supporters will be taking on Bury Supporters in a fans football match that starts at 10.30am on Saturday 19th March at Ilchester Sports Field. They are still looking for a match referee, so if acting like Trevor Kettle for 90 minutes is your thing then drop Mark Kelly a line. Mark is still looking for additional players to bolster his ranks, so if you fancy a runaround then also drop a line.

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15 March 2005 : Johnson Gone
Steve, not Sir Gary! In a terse posting Weymouth chairman Martyn Harrison announced the departure of Steve Johnson this afternoon :

I can confirm that Steve has today left WFC

Johnson, who has been at the Seaside Scummers for a mere seventeen games, was given a contract by Harrison only seven weeks ago at the end of January. It is not clear as yet whether Johnson jumped or was pushed, but according to reports ex-Dagenham & Redbridge and ex-Hornchurch manager Garry Hill is at tonight's Sammy McGowan Cup match against Wimborne.

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15 March 2005 : Latest Trialists
Two new faces at the County Ground in Yeovil colours today. With clubs starting to issue their released lists Wayne Wilson and Ed Brand were brought in for manager Gary Johnson to take a look.

Wayne Wilson
Position: Midfielder
Date of birth: 12/09/1985

Australian 'Fred' Wilson was brought over to the Charlton Athletic academy for the 2002-03 season, scoring five goals in the 23 games he played for the Under 17's. He also made a small number of appearances for the Under 18's and 19's. In 2003-04 he graduated to the senior academy side scoring three goals in 23 games. He also got his first chance in the Reserves, playing on four occasions. Although listed in this season's Reserves he has not featured.

Ed Brand
Position: Right Back
Date of birth: 22/01/87

Ed Brand is Youth Team captain at Chelsea, and can also play in the centre of defence or midfield as well as his preferred position of right back. A second-year scholar, Brand has been an England Youth International and after a handful of substitute appearances for the Reserves, he made his first start at that level in November 2004.

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15 March 2005 : 4-3 To The Yeovil.......
The First Team don't do 0-0 draws, and nor in the main do the Reserves. The return of Rory Fallon to the County Ground for the first time since his loan deal to the Glovers saw another goalfest involving a Yeovil side.

The visitors were out of the traps at full speed. Dale Williams opened the scoring after just five minutes with a 25-yard first time left foot drive which beat Swindon Town keeper Matt Bulman in the bottom corner. And the lead was doubled after ten minutes when a back pass from Luke Garrard was miscontrolled by Bulman, allowing trialist Marvin Brown to nip in knock the ball home from six yards.

The Robins pulled one back on 23 minutes when the referee awarded a penalty for a foul on Andy Caton. Brian Howard stepped up and converted the spot-kick past Steve Collis for 1-2. However Yeovil remained in the ascendancy with two good saves needed by Bulman, denying Brown on both occasions.

Against the balance of play a brace of goals from Christian Roberts were to send Swindon into the half-time dressing room with a rather undeserved lead. His first was headed in from a Luke Garrard cross just after the half hour mark. Then two minutes before the break Ashan Holgate stole possession from Gavin McCallum, flashed in a low cross that beat two defenders and the keeper, and Roberts was at the back post to tap into an empty net.

Half-time: 3-2

The plan pre-match had been to give Bartosz Tarachulski and Fallon a half each, and it was some good work from Fallon that put Adam Lockwood in for the equaliser on 54 minutes. Four mintes later Yeovil retook the lead when Brown got his second from an Andrejs Stolcers cross.

Final score: 3-4

Swindon Town: Matt Bulman, Luke Garrard, Kyle Lapham, Alan Reeves, Michael Pook, Matt Hewlett, Brian Howard, Andy Caton, Jamie Slabber, Christian Roberts, Ashan Holgate.

Substitutes: Chris Taylor, Jon Stewart, Justyn McKay, Ben Wells.

Yeovil Town: Steve Collis, Ed Brand, Gavin McCallum, Adam Lockwood, Stephen Reed, Nicolas Mirza, Andrejs Stolcers, Wayne Wilson, Bartosz Tarachulski, Marvin Brown, Dale Williams.

Substitutes: Richard Cullingford, Jamie Underwood, Rory Fallon.

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15 March 2005 : Glovers Draw Weston In County Cup
Yeovil Town have been drawn to play Weston-Super-Mare in the Semi-Final of the Somerset Premier Cup. The match will take place on Tuesday 5th April at Huish Park with a 7.45pm kick-off.

This means that the Reserve Team fixture at Cheltenham Town originally scheduled for the same day has been moved to Tuesday 3rd May with a 2.00pm kick-off.

In addition, the home match against AFC Bournemouth has been rearranged for Wednesday 23rd March with a 7.00pm kick-off. The home match with Bristol Rovers has yet to be rearranged.

Meanwhile two of the Youth Team's matches have now got rearranged new dates, following recent postponements. The home match against Brighton and Hove Albion takes place on a Yeovil pitch (check venue nearer the time) on Saturday 16th April with a 12.00 noon kick-off. Secondly, the trip to Colchester United has been set for Saturday 30th April with a 12.30pm kick-off. Finally the trip to Rushden and Diamonds on Saturday 9th April has been set as a slightly later 12.00 noon kick-off. The Youth Team's next game takes place at Plymouth Argyle this coming Saturday.

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15 March 2005 : Charlton and Chelsea Trialists On Show
Yeovil Town will field trialists from Premiership sides today as they take on Swindon Town at the County Ground this afternoon, kick-off 2.00pm, in a Reserve Team fixture. The trialists are most likely to be academy level players that are about to be shown the door in the summer - it's not that likely that Paul Terry has encouraged his brother to shun the lights of West London for Somerset yet! That said, it would be no surprise if Terry had acted as the mole in both camps, given his connection with both clubs, as many squads prepare for their summer clear-outs.

In addition to the trialists, Bartosz Tarachulski and Rory Fallon are getting a split 45 minutes in a showdown that will doubtless influence who gets the starting place in this Saturday's match against Bury. Meanwhile trialist Marvin Brown is expected to be their strike partner for the afternoon.

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14 March 2005 : Two Placed On Transfer List
Kezie Ibe and Nicolas Mirza have today been transfer listed by manager Gary Johnson. Both have returned from loan at Weymouth, and the Gaffer has clearly decided he can afford no more time to see if they can make the grade at Huish Park.

On the Yeovil Official Site he said :

Unfortunately neither Kezie or Nicolas have been able to produce the form that Weymouth needed and we always had the understanding that if Weymouth wanted to end the arrangement we would take both the players back immediately.

Weymouth needed some bodies and we were prepared to help them out but they have not been winning football matches for them. Weymouth will now look elsewhere at a very important time for them.

Kezie is out of contract at the end of the season whilst Nicolas has another year to run and I hope this will give them an opportunity to find new clubs.

Ibe was always perhaps a long shot, signed on June 27th 2004 as what Johnson said at the time was raw potential on learning wages. He's had a mixed year. A loan spell at Tiverton Town was extremely successful, and Ibe was nominated for the F.A. Player of the Round for his hat-trick in their 4-1 F.A. Cup Fourth Qualifying Round victory over Newport County. His loan was extended, and Tivvy boss Martyn Rogers publicly recorded his disappointment when Yeovil exercised their right of recall in December. Ibe made 13 appearances and scored 7 goals for the Devon club.

From Christmas Eve he was out on loan again, at Exeter City to see if he could step up a couple of levels, and Grecians manager Alex Inglethorpe said of the player:

I was delighted with the way he played in the games he was available for us. He certainly played his part in the four wins over Christmas that we had and his goal against Tamworth was fantastic and I thought he played really well against Barnet. We'll see what happens in the future, but he has certainly done himself no harm by the way he has played for myself.

However his most recent loan to Weymouth was perhaps one too many, and does not appear to have brought the plaudits of the earlier ones.

Ibe's appearances for the Glovers have been restricted to three as substitute in League Two since his debut against Boston United back in August, a Somerset Premier Cup match and a handful of other Reserve starts where he scored a couple of goals.

Much more was expected of Nicolas Mirza, with the club awarding a two year contract on 22nd July 2004 to the then nineteen-year-old. His early appearances in friendlies suggested a gem might have been unearthed, and he made his debut as a substitute in the opening game of the league campaign against Bury. His very first touch in English football was an unfortunate one, miscontrolling the ball and letting in Graeme Jones to score for the Shakers. Subsequently he made another couple of appearances from the bench in the league, and his one start for the First Team was in the 4-3 LDV Vans Trophy defeat after extra time at Plainmoor. The rest of his season has been spent in the Reserves.

On January 19th 2005 he became the umpteenth Glover to make the loan walk to the Wessex Stadium in what now appears to have been his last chance to make an impression.

We wish Kezie and Nicolas success for the future. Both are young players who still have plenty of time to make their mark.

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14 March 2005 : Arron Called Up For Wales
Congratulations to Arron Davies who has been called up for the Wales Under 21 squad to play Austria in the UEFA Championship Group Six qualifiers on 25th March at Penydarren Park, Merthyr Tydfil, and on 29th March in Neuseidl Am See. He becomes unavailable for the away fixture against Boston United and the home match against Notts County.

The full squad is :

Hennessey (Wolverhampton Wanderers), Worgan (Rushden & Diamonds), Anthony (Cardiff City), Arron Davies (Yeovil Town), M.Jones (Wrexham), Cotterill (Bristol City), Beevers (Lincoln City), Duffy (Portsmouth), Gilbert (Plymouth Argyle), Morgan (Wrexham), Nyatanga (Derby County), Ledley (Cardiff City), Pipe (Notts County), Birchall (Arsenal), Caliste (Manchester Utd), Crofts (Gillingham), C.Davies (Oxford United), Vaughan (Crewe Alexandra).

Ex-Glover Gavin Williams is again called up for the Wales senior squad.

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13 March 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Darlington Game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson was left somewhat hoarse following yesterday's 2-1 defeat at Darlington yesterday. Speaking to the press after the game, a rather croaky Gary answered the following questions:

Qu: What do you feel went wrong today?

GJ: We didn't start very well and we were very weak especially in the first half. We certainly didn't get our game going and Darlington got the goal. Obviously that gave Darlington the impetus to come out and play in the second half knowing that we had to score two goals.

Qu: You're losing your voice - was that from during the game or was that from talking to the players afterwards?

GJ: I had to work too hard during the game and the lads know that if I am doing a lot of shouting then the players are not doing their job. It was a bit frustrating for me because I never felt we got going today.

Qu: Was there a bit of an improvement in the second half at all?

GJ: Only when we went long and we got the ball from A to B very quickly. But we didn't really create that many chances. We created the one in which we scored, but that wasn't really us out there again today and I am a bit disappointed with a number of individuals who didn't quite compete and I've let them know that. That will stay in-house of course.

Qu: The second goal did seem to come a little bit against the run of play based on the second half.

GJ: Well we had to come out brightly and come out and try and get a result. That can sometimes leave you open a little bit. It was a good goal from their point of view but a bad one on our side. But we'll survive. There are going to be plenty more dramas that will unfold and this just makes it all the more interesting.

Qu: Any theories on why the players let you down today?

GJ: Yes, but that stays in the dressing room. I've got a lot of theories. I've told the lads what I think and we'll see how they react.

Qu: It has been brought up before that your guys don't like travelling up to these far reaching parts. At Chester and Rotherham you got results, but otherwise north of Nottingham the results have been hard to come by. Is that just a coincidence?

GJ: I don't know. I don't think there is any pattern in that. We've got a few lads that play very well at home but don't play so well away and we've got to find out why.

Qu: The home results could be enough to take you up anyway, but you don't want too many more days like this do you?

GJ: No, but we are raising the bar in preparation for next year. We have got to do better at places like this and we have got to be able to play our game.

Qu: The squad is thin, particularly if you get a couple of injuries. With the transfer deadline approaching are you looking to get anyone else in?

GJ: You are always doing that, but you are also asking the lads who took you to the top of the league to keep you there. I've told them that we lost today, but we are still there. Now they have to get on with it. If I need to bring someone in, then I'll do it for the right person at the right time.

Qu: Nothing imminent?

GJ: No, nothing imminent. I've got a hit-list as you know of ten players that I am keeping a close eye on and I am continuing to keep a close eye on the situation.

Qu: Did you think it was going to be like that FA Cup tie with a free kick in the last minute?

GJ: Yes, it looked a bit like it didn't it? I had that in my mind, but lightning doesn't always strike twice.

Qu: Bartosz seemed to make a bit of difference when he came on.

GJ: Yes, he did. But then again he only had 20 minutes in which to do it. It's always easier to come on as a sub and affect the game. Other people have got to do that from the moment they start the game.

Qu: Is it a case of with the injury of judging whether he could start the game?

GJ: The injury is not a major injury. It's a fitness thing with him now. He's had his scan. But he didn't have 90 minutes in him. So we put him on the bench and hoped that we didn't need to use him but unfortunately we did need to use him. He is fit though because he showed me in that last 25 minutes that he can do it.

Qu: Is that the first time in a while that you've had to take both strikers off?

GJ: They weren't affecting the game enough. And to be honest there were about 4 or 5 others, maybe 6 or 7, that weren't effective either and I could have taken them off. But you have still got to keep some sort of shape.

Qu: Have you made any decision about Rory Fallon's loan period yet?

GJ: No not yet.

Qu: Did you think the red card was fair?

GJ: It all happened behind the wall and so I missed it and I haven't had a chance to talk to anyone about what happened.

Qu: So from your point of view although you could have stolen a point today, you would have stolen it.

GJ: No, we didn't deserve it. To give due respect to Darlington, they played well. They played a good game against us and they deserved their victory.

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12 March 2005 : Yeovil Town v Notts County commemorative badges
Tim Lancaster writes:


There will be 100 of this badge produced and it will be available from myself at the Yeovil Town vs Notts County fixture or by post from 45, Goytre Road, Goytre, Port Talbot, WALES, SA13 2YN.

The badge will feature both crests and has been produced as the meeting represents the first game between Englands oldest Football League club and the most recent edition to the ranks in Yeovil Town. The badge will cost £3.00 on the night, or £3.50 to ensure your badge by first class post, inclusive of P&P. Cheques for £3.50 made payable to Tim Lancaster.

I will donate a percentage of all badges sold on the night to YTFC through the G&WSC.

Tim Lancaster

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12 March 2005 : Lead narrows at the top as Darlo take the points
Yeovil Town's patchy away form in the north of England continued at Darlington today, the home side taking all 3 points with a 2-1 win.

The Glovers were under the cosh throughout the first period, finding it difficult to recover from Clyde Wijnhard's 13th minute opener, a scrappy goal conceded after a goalmouth scramble from a corner which the Glovers defence really should have cleared. Chris Weale made an excellent double save just before half-time to keep the visitors in the game. The Glovers looked a different side after the break, taking the game to their hosts and creating chances. Darlo went 2-0 up against the run of play in the 61st minute, a somewhat fortunate rebound sending a suspiciously offside-looking Alun Armstrong through on the Yeovil goal, the former Premiership striker making no mistake.

Yeovil kept plugging away without ever looking completely convincing, an 81st minute Darren Way effort giving the visitors hope. The Glovers piled on the pressure in the final 10 minutes and had further cause for optimism when the home side were reduced to 10 men with a few minutes to go, Clyde Wijnhard being dismissed for violent conduct after appearing to strike the diminutive Way. Despite 5 minutes of injury time however the Glovers were unable to take advantage of the extra man and Darlo held on for a win which was, in the end, well deserved.

Final score: Darlington 2 - 1 Yeovil Town

The Glovers stay top of the table on 69 points from 37 games played, 3 ahead of Scunthorpe on 66 points, who beat Cheltenham 4-1 at home today. Macclesfield won 1-0 at Shrewsbury to go 3rd on 63 points and have a game in hand on the top two. Southend are 4th on 62 points after a 1-1 home draw with Lincoln. Swansea conceded a last minute goal to draw 2-2 at home to Rochdale and drop to 5th, on 61 points. Darlington move up to 6th place on 57 points following today's win, with Lincoln currently occupying the final play-off place on 56 points. Wycombe and Northampton are 8th and 9th respectively, also on 56 points. Next Saturday's opponents Bury are 20th on 41 points after being held to a 1-1 draw by - surprise surprise! - Bristol Rovers

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11 March 2005 : Darlington v Yeovil preview
Yeovil Town have made the long journey north-east up to Darlington for the second time this season, ahead of tomorrow's crucial League Two game. The last time the Glovers were at the Williamson Motors Arena was for the 3-3 draw in the 1st round of the FA Cup last November, a result which forced the Quakers to travel to Huish Park 10 days later, Yeovil coming out on top this time with a narrow 1-0 win. With the previous league game this season between the sides ending in a 1-1 draw and with 3 points being shared between the clubs following last season's fixtures, there is every reason to believe tomorrow's game will be a tight affair, with no more than a goal between the sides, if that.

Darlo welcome back prodigal son Matty Appleby, the 32-year-old former Quaker midfielder returning to the club as a free transfer from Oldham after originally joining Barnsley in a £200,000 move from Darlo in 1996. "Matty is an experienced professional who will be a real asset to this football club," manager David Hodgson told the Northern Echo today. "He's a fully committed player who you know will always give you 100 per-cent. I'm delighted he's agreed to join us at such a crucial stage of the season."

Top scorers Alun Armstrong and Clyde Wijnhard return from suspension tomorrow and are liable to start the game. Club captain Craig Liddle is out with a stomach injury and defender Joe Kendrick has a virus, but veteran foward Craig Hignett and Adrian Webster could be considered after recovering from longer-term injuries.

"Yeovil have been going well all season and I'm sure they will give us one hell of a game," Hodgson said. "But we've already shown that we can beat the likes of Scunthorpe and Swansea this season, so Yeovil will be no different."

The Glovers will be without the services of central defenders Scott Guyett, waiting for a knee operation, and Colin Miles (knee injury). Speaking to the club's official site yesterday, Gary Johnson warned against unrealistic expectations: "It is always a difficult game at Darlington, they are just outside the playoffs so they are still playing for something and they have made some big signings over the past few months."

"We have to go there and perform as always. We are going there with a full squad apart from Scott Guyett and Colin Miles. Stephen Reed and Dale Williams will travel which makes a squad of 18 traveling. It is a big game for us and Darlington and we had a cracking game up there in the cup and I hope we enjoy bringing back 3 points from this very long trip."

Ciderspace would enjoy 3 points from tomorrow's game as well, and it's always good to travel in hope! However we'll be equally pleased with a point from tomorrow's match and won't consider it the end of the world either if the result doesn't go our way. Whatever the score at the end of 90 minutes, at 5pm on Saturday we will still be top of the league (with Gary and Steve) by at least 3 points (hopefully more) and with 10 games left very much in the box seat. Come on you Greens!

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10 March 2005 : Lincoln All Ticket
The last game of the season - well it's to be hoped it's the final game - against Lincoln City on May 7th has been declared an all ticket match by Yeovil Town.

To counter the confusion that may have been caused by another Yeovil site, a reminder that the club sells tickets for home areas for all league fixtures in advance throughout the season. If you aren't a Season Ticket Holder or didn't get your ticket months ago, and want to attend the Lincoln game, our advice is to move fast.

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9 March 2005 : Bigger Squad For Next Season?
Glovers boss Gary Johnson has implied that the club could be operating on a slightly increased squad for next season, regardless of whether they gain promotion to Coca Cola League One or not. The Football League is currently expected to have to succumb to the fairly ludicrous 'transfer window' system for the start of the 2005/06 season and this will eliminate a club's ability to dip in and out of the loan market during the season.

For Gary, this would have blocked the ability to bring in loan signings Liam Fontaine, Kevin Amankwaah and Rory Fallon during the season. The first two were recruited in as a result of two serious shortages of manpower at the back, and Gary says he is well aware of the issues there.

Speaking to the club's official site he explained: "Some people are reminding me that we have a slight centre back problem. I know what I could get in if I need to but I am going with the three centre backs that I have at present. We are nursing Locky (Adam Lockwood) along, and every game he has in the reserves puts him closer to the first team Ė in case he needs to come on after a minute. If any one deserves a part in the end of the season then it is Locky. He was so unfortunate with the sending off in the friendly in Holland and then he came back and after only 2 games had to have a knee operation. So if he can end on a high note that would be great because he deserves it."

What seems likely is that if Gary can't get the additional people he wants to add to the squad then he will sit back and be patient, as most of his rumoured and actual targets appear to be out of contract in the summer giving him an opportunity to sign them up for free during the summer. Recent weeks have seen the media connect him with moves for Scunthorpe United's Paul Hayes, Cheltenham Town's Martin Devaney and Hereford United's Tony James and of course this seasons trio of loan players - Fontaine, Amankwaah and Fallon can not be ruled out for permanent moves - although the Yeovil boss implies that his actual list of candidates is much longer than this.

Gary explained: "Our club is being linked with several names up and down the country and as I have said before, some are true and some are not true. I have got a hit list that I am interested in and we are getting to the point where we are re-signing most of the players we want to go into next season with. We have been a happy dressing room and a happy group of people because everybody has either signed or got a contract. All I have to do now is add to our squad because of the new rules next year with the loans."

The interesting point is that Gary's statement clearly could be interpreted that "everyone" in the first team squad has now got some kind of offer on the table. Hence whilst the summer usually brings forth the production of a "released list" from each club, it could be read that Yeovil Town's list will be very short or perhaps even non-existent, with Adrian Caceres, Roy O'Brien and Yemi Odubade having already left the building.

Gary's interest may therefore lie in adding to the squad he currently has, rather than replacing any of it's components. Though he was mindful of the need to concentrate primarily on the final ten games adding: "We need a bigger squad and I am working hard to do that. Meanwhile letís get fully behind the lads who have got us where we are today Ė top of League Two!"

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9 March 2005 : Programme Content and Redesign
Further to two of Ciderspace's recent articles concerning unfavourable reviews of the club's Matchday Programme made by the Programme Monthly magazine (see March 4th) it is pleasing to report that the club are looking to react to that criticism by opening up to suggestions as to what supporters would like to see in a 2005/06 programme.

The club statement - published on the Glovers Official Site reads:

"With the end of the season fast approaching the club are already planning for next season with the annual revamp of the programme being one of the first projects to receive attention.

In order to keep supporters involved we would like to know exactly what you the supporter would like to see in the programme.

Comments regarding the level of advertising have already been taken on board but we would like to know exactly what you would like to see in the programme in terms of editorial content.

Do you want more interviews or more action pictures. Is a childrenís page or a quiz page your idea of acceptable content. Do you want more general stuff on football or more on Yeovil Town specifically? Does a laminated cover float your boat or is it something that doesnít bother you. Weíd really like to know!

To that end could you please e mail us your ideas to so we can discuss them at a programme planning meeting to be held in the next two weeks.

May I thank you in advance for your participation

This is a great opportunity to influence the future of the Huish Park matchday programmes, so speak now or forever hold your grumblings. Ciderspace will definitely be inserting it's two-pennies-worth to the club in the next few days.

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8 March 2005 : Glovers Breeze Past Taunton
Yeovil Town booked their place in the Semi-Final of the Somerset Premier Cup with a one-sided 2-0 win over Taunton Town tonight. Non-contract player Marvin Brown scored his third goal for the club just before the break, but the goal of the game came from Dale Williams, who blasted home a 25 yarder just three minutes after the half-time cuppa. Let's hope no-one went to the bar at half time, or they will have missed both goals!

Aside from that, Taunton barely got a look-in all game, with perhaps the main criticism being the number of off-target shots made on the night. But this was a comfortable win, and will have no doubt been considered a useful exercise with Adam Lockwood getting through three-quarters of the game as he continues his comeback from injury.

Line-up: Stephen Collis, Jamie Underwood, Stephen Reed, Adam Lockwood, Sam Croft, Steve Thompson, Gavin McCallum, Andrejs Stolcers, Kevin Gall, Marvin Brown, Dale Williams. Subs: Richard Cullingford, Danny Barker, James Ansell, Andy Holmes, Sean Smith.

Officials: Keith Butler, Steven Barclay, Rob Gillard.

Scorers: Marvin Brown (1-0, 45 mins), Dale Williams (2-0, 48 mins).

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8 March 2005 : Gary Calls For A United Support
Glovers boss Gary Johnson has called for the club's supporters to remain united behind the players in the remaining ten matches to help take the pressure off the squad and keep them on top of the table.

One regrettable side-effect of Saturday's low-key low-quality 1-0 win over Leyton Orient was that a minority of supporters tended to show their frustration with a number of misplaced and frequently wind-affected passes, and even more sadly, a number chose to specifically take it out on one individual within the team.

Whilst a football manager always has to be careful how he tackles such matters, it seems likely that Gary was referring to that situation when he told the Glovers official site: "If someone has mis-placed a pass or is having a dodgy 45 minutes - they need you. We have quality players and all quality players need to be confident and the more confident we are the more chance we have got of staying clear of the pack. I know most of you totally support the team but I am asking for a little extra bit of support for the players that are out there on the pitch."

Agreed 100 percent Gary! Over the next ten matches the whole squad need and deserve a united support at the games - save the criticisms and the prejudices for the Marquee Bar and the Ciderspace Fans Forum of course! Much of what happens over the next ten games will depend on how well the team deals with the associated pressures and this is where a strong united support will be priceless in keeping the players on their game.

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8 March 2005 : Another Fans Match
The latest fixture to be announced for the Fans' Team is against Bury on March 19th. Those interested in playing should e-mail Mark Kelly.

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8 March 2005 : James Wanted By Yeovil
Hereford United central defender and club captain Tony James is being courted for attention by Glovers boss Gary Johnson. The 26 year old is out of contract at the end of the season, and has been linked with the Glovers on previous occasions, although this is the first time Gary has gone public in his opinion of James.

Gary told the Western Daily Press: "He's a decent player and there's no doubt there's interest. But at the moment he is a Hereford player and Hereford are in a delicate (league) situation, as we are. I haven't spoken to (Hereford director of football) Graham Turner and I certainly haven't spoken to the player."

James is a former West Bromwich Albion trainee who after failing to break into their first team moved to the Bulls in May 1998. As a long term player at Edgar Street, Gary will no doubt have enquired as to James's character off the field through two other players who made the same journey - Michael Rose and Gavin Williams.

From past experience Turner has generally obstructed moves from the Glovers to procure their players, often apparently as a matter of principle rather than sound business sense, so this may be one where Johnson has to wait until the summer on.

In other transfer news, Cheltenham Town's official site reports that winger Martin Devaney is staying put - for the time being at least - after an unnamed Championship club withdrew an offer from the table after talks with the Robins. The club concerned is believed to be either Burnley or Stoke City. With the Glovers also keeping tabs on Devaney, that door remains open with the winger also available for a free transfer over the summer.

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8 March 2005 : Ling Will Not Appeal Over Dismissal
Leyton Orient manager Martin Ling has confirmed he accepts referee Mick Fletcher's assessment of Efe Echanomi's second-half challenge on Yeovil's Andy Lindegaard on Saturday. Lindy received an elbow in the face that led to Echanomi receiving a swift red card, whilst the Yeovil right-back had to be substituted suffering from double vision.

Ling explained: "I don't think Efe meant to do anything violent, he was just trying to shrug his man off. But there's no doubt that he threw an elbow and having studied the video there are no grounds for appeal. The referee made the right decision and Efe will have to learn from his mistake with a suspension."

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7 March 2005 : Youths Edged Out By Walsall
Yeovil Town's Under 18s lost their match on Saturday against Walsall. The full match report from Robin Evans can be found here.

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7 March 2005 : County Cup Match Vs Taunton
Yeovil Town take on Taunton Town tomorrow night at Huish Park in a Somerset Premier Cup Quarter-Final tie that kicks off at 7.45pm. Rather unusually, you do not need to pre-purchase a ticket for this game - admission will be via the Yeovil College Stand turnstiles only, with cash on the night. Prices are £5.00 for adults and £3.00 for concessions.

Although there is no team news specifically for this game, past experience suggests that the Glovers will field a 'Reserve match' line-up with the most likely players to be involved to be Stephen Collis, Adam Lockwood, Andrejs Stolcers, Kevin Gall, Stephen Reed, Dale Williams plus a number of selections from Stuart Housley's Youth Teamers.

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7 March 2005 : Tickets For Nene Park
Tickets for the match on Saturday April 2nd versus Rushden & Diamonds are on sale to Season Ticket Holders only until Thursday March 10th. Normal ticket office hours, except for the evening of the Somerset Premier Cup Quarter-Final on Tuesday against Taunton Town when there's late night opening until 7.45 p.m.

General sale begins on Friday 11th March.

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7 March 2005 : Ling Admits Orient Didn't Do Enough
Leyton Orient boss Martin Ling has blamed his side's inability to test Glovers goalkeeper Chris Weale to any degree during the match as being responsible for their own downfall in Yeovil's 1-0 win over Ling's team. Although the visitors had plenty of possession, they looked toothless and shot-shy, and Ling certainly wasn't going to disagree.

The Orient boss explained: "Second half I thought we'd get back in the game - we had a lot of possession but I can only remember their goalkeeper being tested once and that's the disappointing thing. I didn't think there was enough there to say we warranted a draw and I thought they edged the game but before Efe Echanomi got sent-off I did think we were the aggressors. We had to ride the storm in the first-half, they got an early penalty and had a couple of chances after that but then for the next hour we were at least as good as them if not better in some areas. I thought we could take something off them - they looked a bit nervous but I wouldn't say they were hanging on. They only created more chances themselves when we went a bit kamikaze up front and they cut us open a few times at the end and maybe should have got a second."

Ling also had little argument about the early penalty that won the game adding: "Lee Harrison said he didn't touch him but from where I was it looked like a penalty - the yellow card was the right decision though as there were people around him."

He also admitted he wasn't likely to contest the red card given to substitute Efe Echanomi for violent conduct in the second half, although claimed the striker's actions were out of character, explaining: "I don't think Efe knows how to throw an elbow - he said he was trying to untangle himself and I'll have to look at the video but if he's hit him in the face with an arm you have to take your punishment."

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7 March 2005 : Guyett To Go Under The Knife
Central defender Scott Guyett has received mixed news on the knee injury he sustained in the pre-match warm-ups at Grimsby Town a week ago, as a series of specialist reports have been looking into his condition. Whilst the Australian will need an operation, it is not the bigger one he expected, and he will instead be out for a period of around four weeks.

Boss Gary Johnson explained: "The specialist is seeing him now. He definitely needs an operation on the cartilage, but that's the lesser of two evils. There was talk about him having a knee reconstruction, but we don't think that is necessary. So he is out for three or four weeks."

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7 March 2005 : YTISA Travel To Rushden
The Yeovil Town Independent Supporters Association will be running transport to Rushden and Diamonds for the match on April 2nd. The YTISA coach will be leaving Huish Park at 9.00am. The cost will be £17 for non members and £15 for members.

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7 March 2005 : Mirza Extends Loan

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7 March 2005 : Glovers Dig Deep For Hospice
Yeovil Town supporters scored a great success for Yeovil-based St Margaret's Somerset Hospice, with a generous collection. Fans dug deep into their pockets at half time in the recent local derby match between Yeovil Town and Bristol Rovers, raising a magnificent £621.75 on a day that the Glovers won 4-2.

Sue and Brian Church, who organised the collection with a group of other Hospice supporters said: "We are grateful for the support of Yeovil Town and all of the Huish Park fans. St Margaret's is a local charity and can only carry on giving care to local people and their families with the support of the local community. The collection is a great start to St Margaret's Silver Jubilee year and will help fund the special care that the Hospice provides."

Representatives of St Margarets Hospice receive a cheque from Yeovil Chairman John Fry
Representatives of St Margarets Hospice receive a cheque from Yeovil Chairman John Fry.
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

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6 March 2005 : Interview With Terry Skiverton
Club captain Terry Skiverton spoke to the media having helped Yeovil Town consolidate their automatic promotion goal by maintaining his side's six point lead at the top of League Two, after a 1-0 victory over Leyton Orient. The 29-year-old defender spoke of his desire to jump back on the open-top bus and to relive those feelings he felt just two years ago.

Skiverton explained: "The whole town really took to our hearts and those memories such as the bus tour are going to stay with me forever, so I want more of that success."

Read the full interview with Terry Skiverton (transcript by George Murray) by heading here or head to the Ciderspace Interviews Section.

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6 March 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Leyton Orient Game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson believed the weather conditions played a major part in an unusually low key 1-0 win over play-off outsiders Leyton Orient. Speaking to the press after the game, Gary answered the following questions:

Qu: Gary, another three points but perhaps a nervy performance?

GJ: Well nobody said it would be easy. Sometimes the opposition take a chance as Leyton Orient did in coming at us a little bit. The wind spoilt the game today. I thought in the first 20 minutes we had spells that were fantastic and really we could have been 3-0 up. But when it's only 1-0, people get a bit nervous, including myself. But Orient had the one chance in the second half with the wind where Chris Weale came out and did his job. Other than that, there was a little bit of pressure to make us all a bit worried but not really anything that was going to beat us. Then we came strong in the last 20 minutes. So it wasn't a classic, and it wasn't classic Yeovil, but we had to grind out today because of the way the game went and the way the wind was.

Qu: And you were perhaps denied a second penalty when Andy Lindegaard was booked for diving!

GJ: I've not spoken to Lindy about it so I can't tell you. Obviously the first one was 100 percent. Obviously I don't want the goalkeeper to get sent off but I'm surprised that he didn't. Anyway, they still had eleven men on the field at that point. We looked like going two or three goals ahead but when we got to half time, and we dropped our standard a little bit just before half time, we had to get them more organised to compete against the wind.

Qu: The goalkeeper that you said you didn't want to be sent off but could have been sent off played a blinder in the end.

GJ: If the TV showed the highlights of the game and the chances that we had, then you'll see that their keeper made some unbelievable saves. It was 20 minutes gone and really we should have been 3-0 up. Darren Way and Paul Terry had one, and there was Bartosz's volley - how did he keep that one out? So credit to him, but he shouldn't have been there.

Qu: It was rather un-Yeovil-like, because you were giving the ball away quite a it.

GJ: Yes, I think you'll find that most teams will, when it is a swirling wind. Yes we gave it away too many times and that's why I've lost my voice. That was why I was asking them to keep the ball. But our players hung on in there, we kept the ball at the end, and Gally was a great substitution for us because he kept taking the ball from our right-back position to their left-back position and he must have had seven or eight runs and that put paid to their efforts, especially when their lad got sent off.

Qu: And Bartosz came off after 35 minutes. Was that tactical or an injury?

GJ: Well at the time it was tactical because I didn't feel he was doing enough. I don't care if it is in the first 10 minutes or the last 10 minutes, he had to be doing more work. Unfortunately, he's also had a slight problem with his hip and his groin. We have to pull him out of training every now and again. Sometimes in his willingness to prove to me that he can do it, he thinks he's doing it but we can see otherwise. So in a way he's trying hard but he couldn't produce it, and we're going to give him a little scan to see if there is anything really stopping him.

Qu: How long has Bartosz been struggling with his groin problem?

GJ: A little while now. He has seen specialists that have clicked him in and clicked him out and every now and again he feels good. But we need further investigations now because he's not quite firing on all cylinders.

Qu: Was Lindy OK after the challenge? You took him off almost immediately.

GJ: He just got double vision and he couldn't pick which ball to go for! He's alright but he's got double vision.

Qu: It's such an important win, because your rivals around you haven't done particularly well. Scunthorpe have won but the others have dropped points or lost.

GJ: Well that doesn't matter does it? You're always going to be looking at that fourth place. It would be great to go up as Champions, but I don't mind going up in third spot just as long as we get promoted. So you're looking at the fourth team and at the moment we've gone nine points clear of the fourth team.

Qu: I said to you before the game, it might be a case of grinding out a few results. Perhaps that was one of them today?

GJ: Yes, but I think I said that to you - I think we'll have to check that! Yes, sometimes that is going to happen. No team is going to let you attack them for 90 minutes. So sometimes you have to defend. So sometimes the home supporters, as well as the management and the bench, feel like you are under pressure, which you are, but they didn't get through many times. The boys did well as far as keeping them out goes.

Qu: Gary have you done any calculations? Do you have any idea what you are looking at now?

GJ: Four wins. I think that if we get four more wins then three teams have got to win three more games than us in the run in. So if we get those four wins, then the others have got a lot to do.

Qu: So that's your home games basically.

GJ: Yes, but it would be nice to get a couple of away wins! We're not going to forsake the away games! If we can get some results away, then that eases the pressure at home. But even at 1-0, I'm happy with that.

Qu: You're George Graham now!

GJ: Yeah right! We nearly got a 1-0 at Northampton. We're not trying to play for 1-0 but it's not going to be easy. It's not going to be a day where we will skip around the place saying this is easy. There are some good teams out there and to be the best you've got to keep getting results. Some are going to be beautiful and some not so beautiful.

Qu: Do you think this sort of result and performance shows an increased maturity?

GJ: That's how we'll use it! Whether it does or doesn't is another thing. We haven't let in a goal, and they've only had one chance there where Wealey made a good save. So in that sense, with the strong wind in our faces in the second half, it was a good enough performance. We want to play like Real Madrid and Barcelona, but sometimes you can't do that every week.

Qu: Probably if we had gone two or three up then you would have seen a bit of showboating.

GJ: You won't find my team showboating because it's too important. But I thought we hung on in there. Two or three players weren't quite on their game, but they kept on going and gradually got themselves into the game a bit. I think if I had listened to some of the people behind me then I would have ended up with two or three players on the pitch by the end of the game. I think most supporters trust me and know that we will get there but that it won't be easy.

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6 March 2005 : Oh Dear ... How Sad ... Never Mind!
Ciderspace has received the potentially disasterous news that next week's trip to the North-East sadly coincides with the Darlington Spring Thing Festival 2005.

Running between Thursday 10th and Saturday 12th, the Festival is being held at the Arts Centre in Vane Terrace, Darlington. Those who would dare to step near this venue will find themselves forced to sample some of the 48 independent ales plus ciders, perry and imported bottles that will be available on sale.

We regret to inform you that the festival will be taking place on Thursday 7-11pm; Friday noon-3pm and 6-11.30pm and finally Saturday 11.30am-11.30pm. The venue admits free entry to all sessions.

The event is also part of an associated Folk Festival that is taking place in the same venue. For further information on how to avoid this event, telephone the Arts Centre on 01325 486555 or visit their website at

Information on how not to find the Arts Centre, and how not to find yourself in there for the whole of Saturday night, can be found here, whilst a town centre map can be found here.

For those staying for the weekend, Darlington's Tourist Information Centre can be emailed at or you can contact them on 01325 388666.

The Ciderspace guide to Darlington can be found here.

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6 March 2005 : Interview With Kevin Amankwaah
Kevin Amankwaah spoke to the press having helped Yeovil Town consolidate their lead to six points at the top of League Two, after a 1-1 draw away to promotion hopefuls Northampton Town. The on-loan Bristol City defender saw the game as a point gained rather than two dropped despite conceding late on in the match.

Amankwaah explained: "At the moment it looks like two points lost but eventually we will see it as a point gained."

Read the full interview with Kevin Amankwaah (transcript by George Murray) by heading here or head to the Ciderspace Interviews Section.

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5 March 2005 : Three points nearer the promised land
A Phil Jevons penalty was enough to give Yeovil Town all 3 points against Leyton Orient at Huish Park this afternoon in a scrappy game somewhat spoiled by a strong and swirling wind.

The Glovers had the advantage of the elements in the first half and when Darren Way was brought down by Lee Harrison in the box on 9 minutes, the O's keeper lucky to escape a straight red card, Phil Jevons stepped up to hit his 23rd league goal of the season to put the Glovers in control. Andy Lindegaard was the victim of an horrendous studs up challenge as he broke into the box on the 20 minute mark, ludicrously he was booked for alleged diving when he should have been congratulated for avoiding a potentially career-ending foul. O's substitute Efe Echanomi was red-carded on 78 minutes for a blatant elbow on the unlucky Lindegaard and the Glovers comfortably played out the remaining time in what was a niggly, bad-tempered affair throughout, not a game to look back on with much fondness. Blame it on the wind.

Final score: Yeovil Town 1 - 0 Leyton Orient.

Injury news: Bartosz Tarachulski started the match today but was replaced on 32 minutes with a mixture of a groin strain and a recurrence of the hip problems he suffered earlier in the season. It's understood that the big Pole is expected to be available for selection for next Saturday's match at Darlington, but is currently being somewhat restricted by his various ailments. Andy Lindegaard was substituted after being elbowed in the head and was suffering from double vision - he's expected to be fit for next week. There's good news and bad news about Scott Guyett: The bad news is that the Australian is to have a cartilage operation and will be out for 4-6 weeks but it could have been much worse - at one point it was thought that the defender might have to have his entire knee reconstructed. Fortunately this has not now proved to be necessary.

Results elsewhere once more went the Glovers way today. Only Scunthorpe of the immediate chasing pack managed a win, beating Rushden 1-0 to remain 6 points behind the Glovers in 2nd place on 63 points, Yeovil first with 69 points. Southend drew 2-2 at Chester to leap frog Macclesfield into 3rd place on 61 points, the Silkmen going down 1-0 at Northampton to drop to 4th on 60 points. Swansea continue to stutter in 5th place, losing 1-0 at Notts County to stay on 60 points. Northampton go up a place to 6th on 56 points and Lincoln drop to 7th on 55 points after losing 2-3 at home to Wycombe. Next Saturday's opponents Darlington beat Boston 1-0 at home to move up to 8th position on 54 points.

At the other end of the table Cambridge and Kidderminster are still deep in trouble on 27 and 29 points respectively; but both clubs will be encouraged by the seemingly inexorable decline of Rushden and Diamonds, now only just ahead of the relegation slots on 33 points. Chester fans may start looking nervously over their shoulders as well. Their club, on 38 points, is currently in turmoil off the pitch with the management team of Ian Rush and Mark Aizlewood at loggerheads with chairman Steven Vaughan - it's not out of the question that they could yet be caught by both bottom clubs. Well, we can dream....

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4 March 2005 : Programme Of The Year Awards
For those that read our end of year report on Yeovil's matchday programme (December 31st) the verdict of the judges in Programme Monthly's Programme of the Year Awards will come as little surprise.

The statistics show that the Yeovil issue has the lowest percentage of content of any programme in the Premiership and Football League. Only four clubs out of the ninety-two fall below 60%, with the Glovers coming bottom at 51.56%. Taking programme size and cost into account the programme is not quite so bad, coming in at =85th in terms of value for money. Fittingly, and completely expectedly for those who managed to get hold of one when they'd already sold out with perhaps 1,000 people at the ground , the pathetic 40 pages for £2.50 from Chester City is deemed the very worst.

Moving away from the disappointments, in League Two as we predicted the Bristol Rovers programme was the best. It also picked up the Value for Money and Best Read awards. In fact it was judged so good that it even beat off most of the Premiership publications for the accolade of Best Programme in England, just pipped by Manchester City.

Back in League Two runners-up were Lincoln City, with Kidderminster Harriers taking third spot. Cheltenham Town scooped Best Design, Swansea City Most Improved and Leyton Orient the Merit Award for Continued Excellence.

The club will know how sales are going, but the key figure is less total volume - which surely must have increased over the last few seasons given the major rise in crowds - but what percentage of supporters are currently buying the programme. Word of mouth suggests to us that the picture is not a good one, with many fans reporting they no longer purchase Yeovil issues. It gives us no pleasure to state that in our opinion the programme at the moment simply is not good enough to retain consumer loyalty. Plenty of clubs in League Two can produce good quality programmes, and if this club moves into League One the bar will have been raised even higher when we are still failing to clear the lowest hurdle. There has to be improvement in content, design and value for money, and that needs to be in place for next season.

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4 March 2005 : Ling Claims Yeovil Not In Form
Leyton Orient manager Martin Ling has continued his mind games ahead of tomorrow's match at Huish Park tomorrow. Ling had earlier in the week claimed that the Glovers were feeling the pressure of being top of the table (see article below), despite Gary Johnson's side opening up a six point lead at the head of Coca Cola League Two.

Now Ling has claimed that the Glovers are out of form, saying to the Teamtalk website: "We've not picked up an away win for seven games after we started the season well on the road, but Yeovil have picked up just one point in two games so hopefully we can work on the fact they're not in form."

The slight snag for Ling is that if the Glovers are not in form, then Orient are even more out of sorts. The Football 365 eight-game form table shows that the Glovers currently hold the 5th best form in the league with 14 points from their last eight games. However, Ling's side have picked up 10 points from their last eight games and lie 15th in the form table.

Perhaps more pertinent is the two clubs respective home and away form. The Football 365 5-game home form table shows that Yeovil have picked up 13 points out of a possible 15 in their last five games, averaging over three goals scored per game. In terms of Orient's away form, the East London side lie 21st in the Football 365 5-game away form table, having managed to pick up just 2 points out of a possible 15.

Ling repeats his 'pressure' comments on the Orient Official Site today adding: "On the plus side they've only returned one point from their last two games - so are they feeling the pressure of sitting at the top of the league? The finishing line is getting closer and it's always difficult to get over the finishing line in any sport and this is probably their worst return over two games for a long long time. We're coming off the back of a home win and our home form is fine so maybe it's a good time to play them."

Glovers boss Gary Johnson is a trifle more respectful of his opponents. Speaking to the Glovers Official Site he explained: "Itís nice to back at Huish Park this weekend with our great home support. Leyton Orient are pushing for a play-off place and Iím sure they will not be coming here to sit back and close up shop. They will also be coming here looking for revenge because footballers have long memories and donít like being beaten at home. Our away form has been somewhat indifferent of late but at home we have been pretty strong and I am hopeful that we can continue that form. We had a great day out at Brisbane Road and played particularly well that day so a repeat of that performance would do nicely. But Martin Lingís side have been playing well and we cannot afford any slip up and itís my job to make sure no complacency creeps in."

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4 March 2005 : Ling Wants More Consistency
Leyton Orient boss Martin Ling has called on his side to improve on their travels as they attempt to stay in contention to snatch a playoff place this season.

Ling's side briefly topped the table in mid-October, but a series of erratic results since that weekend have seen them steadily slide down the table, and they currently occupy 12th spot. Like the Glovers, Orient score many and concede many, with 98 league goals having been evenly shared in Orient matches this season. December's match was typical of both teams form this season, with the Glovers edging a five goal thriller at Brisbane Road, coming home 3-2 winners. Even then Orient were still hanging onto a play-off position, but their situation has since worsened, and their last away win was in November.

Speaking to the Teamtalk website, Ling explained: "Our home form has kept us in the frame but what we need now is back-to-back wins. We are on the outskirts of things at the moment and if we keep winning one and losing one it won't be enough. If we can beat Yeovil people will stand up and take notice that Leyton Orient's chances are realistic."

Ling this week tried to talk the game up (see our story below) by claiming the Glovers were under pressure at the top. But with the Glovers having since opened up a six point gap over four chasing clubs - their biggest leading margin so far this season - and Ling's side now four points off 7th placed Northampton, his argument seems somewhat stretched.

Former Bristol Rovers player Wayne Carlisle is expected to make his comeback for Orient in some capacity after two months out with an ankle injury. Carlisle played 75 minutes in a Reserve team game in midweek, and so is most likely to be on the Orient bench. Gary Alexander serves the last of a three match suspension for a red card, but John Mackie returns after a single match suspension for five yellow cards. Jabo Ibehre (knee) and Mark Peters (foot) have both suffered recent injuries and neither are expected to be in the frame.

Glovers boss Gary Johnson will once again be without Scott Guyett and Colin Miles as both are currently on the treatment table with knee injuries. Otherwise, it seems likely that he would continue with the team that started against Northampton Town on Tuesday. Although with Adam Lockwood having completed a second Reserve game on his comeback, Gary's options increase marginally in terms of the bench.

Saturday's referee is the Worcestershire-based Mick Fletcher whose last visit to Huish Park was for November's 3-1 win over Southend United. He will be assisted by Keith Buller (Somerset) and Simon Snartt (South Gloucestershire). The latter also officiated in the same Southend game.

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4 March 2005 : Brown Here To Get Fit
Former Bristol City striker Marvin Brown is initially here at the club to build up his fitness according to Glovers boss Gary Johnson. Brown was the new trialist identified by this site yesterday, and he currently seems to be splitting his time between Yeovil and Conference South minnows Weymouth.

Speaking to the Glovers Official Site, Johnson explained that there were: "Two great goals for Marvin Brown, who we are helping, along with Weymouth, to get fit. At this moment in time he is nowhere near ready for our first team but needs fitness and games. He is getting his fitness with us and getting his games with Weymouth. On the day he created a good partnership with Kevin Gall. Steve Thompson had a good spell as well."

Gary added that overall many other players had done their chances of future first team football no harm at all adding: "I was very pleased with a few of the performances. Kevin Gall was very lively, I was very pleased with him, and he played the whole 90 minutes and looked sharp for the whole game. All in all it was a good performance against a young Bournemouth team and it is keeping some of our players sharp Ė Steve Collis, Kevin Gall needed a game, Andrejs Stolcers needed a game and Adam Lockwood who came through it which pleased me, he played for over an hour. The team played some great football which was good to watch, we had a lot of chances and I was pleased with the boys."

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4 March 2005 : Youth Team At Bunford Lane Tomorrow
Yeovil Town's Under 18's side have as expected had a venue switch for tomorrow's match against Walsall in the Youth Merit League. The game will now be played at Bunford Lane in Yeovil, with a 12 noon kick-off. All are naturally welcome to attend and admission is free.

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3 March 2005 : Action Photos From Yeovil Town vs Scunthorpe United
Action photos from February's top of the table match against Scunthorpe United are now available in our Action Photo Gallery section. The Glovers triumphed 4-3 at a packed Huish Park and you can find 50 photos from the game by going here.

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3 March 2005 : Action Photos From Chester City vs Yeovil Town
Action photos from February's trip to Chester City are now available in our Action Photo Gallery section. The Glovers won 2-0 in Cheshire and you can find 51 photos from the game by going here.

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3 March 2005 : Devaney Interest Confirmed
Glovers boss Gary Johnson has confirmed he is chasing Cheltenham Town winger Martin Devaney, who is out of contract at the end of this season and looks like he may walk for nothing under the Bosman Ruling.

According to the Gloucestershire Echo, Johnson has now admitted he has registered an interest with the Robins saying: "We're interested in any decent-ish player and I can confirm we have an interest in Devaney. But any discussions I have about it will be with John Ward. There will be a lot of players about on a Bosman at the end of the season."

But Gary explained that the 24 year old - who would be an obvious replacement for the recently departed Adrian Caceres - was not the only target on his list and that he could go elsewhere adding: "If one drops out another comes in. It's the same for all managers. Cheltenham have a good chance of getting into the play-offs and they don't want to lose players. We know the situation."

Cheltenham boss John Ward also confirmed talks had been held adding: "I did speak to Gary, and I'm not denying we had a conversation."

Reports from the Northampton internet forums suggest that Devaney was at Tuesday night's 1-1 draw at Sixfields. Cobblers fans reported the player as present at the game, adding that he dressed in a manner to reduce the chances of him being recognised at the game.

Cheltenham currently lie in 9th position in the table, three points off the playoffs, and the sticking point must surely be that if they agree to sell off Devaney, their chances of promotion will grow somewhat slimmer. However, if they do not sell him now, they will lose all rights to a transfer fee in May.

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3 March 2005 : Marvin Brown Trials For The Glovers
Yesterday's new trialist has been identified as Marvin Brown, a 21 year old former Bristol City striker who played for Weymouth last weekend. Marvin scored both goals in the Glovers 2-1 win (see our story below) but since being released by City in the summer of 2004, he has been a bit of a nomad, turning out for Forest Green Rovers, Tamworth and during last month Weymouth. Before being released by City, he also had loan spells at Torquay United and Cheltenham Town.

Marvin is the younger brother of City's Aaron Brown, and established a club record when at 16 years and 71 days he became the youngest player to turn out for the Robins as a substitute in a Worthington Cup tie at Nottingham Forest in 1999. Since then he has largely been confined to the substitutes bench, and his eventual release in June 2004 came as little surprise.

It seems likely that Brown was largely in the side as a favour to Weymouth boss Steve Johnson - Gary's brother - although given his age and his profile as a speedy striker who can play as a right-winger, Gary Johnson's motivations may not be totally family-related.

Yesterday's side also featured a second trialist - midfielder Marc Canham of Team Bath - who is currently into his second week as a trialist at Huish Park.

Robin Evans has supplied a match report from yesterday's game and that can be found here.

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2 March 2005 : Cherries Pipped
A mixed Yeovil Town Reserves side of first teamers, fringe players, youths and a couple of trialists defeated AFC Bournemouth Reserves 1-2 at Fitness First Stadium (a.k.a. Dean Court) this afternoon.

The home side started the better, and shortly before the half hour mark took the lead. A long clearance found ex-Yeovil Dani Rodrigues who slipped the ball on to Alan Connell; Connell then chipped the Glovers keeper Steve Collis from twenty-five yards for a goal of some quality.

The goal stirred Yeovil and they came more into the game, taking control as the half was coming to an end. An Andrejs Stolcers' shot was well saved by Gareth Stewart on thirty-nine minutes, and then a Richard Cullingford header from a corner was blocked off the line by Sutton. The equaliser came just three minutes before the break. Trialist Brown (first name currently unknown) was presented with a chance inside the area and his half volley looped over Stewart giving the Bournemouth keeper no chance.

The second half was pretty much controlled by the Glovers though it took them until seventy-eight minutes to find a break through, a header from Brown providing what turned out to be the winner.

Final Score: AFC Bournemouth Reserves 1-2 Yeovil Town Reserves

AFC Bournemouth : Stewart, Krauss (Whisken 45), Cannon, Sutton, Hudson (Cleverly 89), Chapman, Coutts, Connell, Rodrigues, Rowe, Burden (Moss 77).

Yeovil Town : Steve Collis, Stephen Read, Richard Cullingford, Adam Lockwood, Gavin McCallum, Dale Williams, Steve Thompson, Marc Canham (trialist from Team Bath), Andrejs Stolcers, Brown (trialist from unknown), Kevin Gall.

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2 March 2005 : Reserve Match Versus Bristol Rovers
Next Wednesday's Pontins Football Combination Reserve Team match against Bristol Rovers has now been postponed as expected. The match had been unlikely to go ahead after the Glovers arranged their Somerset County Cup Quarter-Final tie against Taunton Town for the previous evening. Now with Bristol Rovers facing their last chance to save their season in an LDV Vans Trophy Area Final against Southend United on the Tuesday night, the Wednesday fixture has now formally been curtailed. A new date for the game has yet to be set.

Meanwhile a revised venue is expected to be announced for Saturday's Youth Team match against Walsall. The match would normally be played on the Top Pitch at Huish Park, but an alternative venue is currently being sought. Bumford Lane is the most likely given it's use in the past, but official confirmation is expected soon.

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2 March 2005 : Cobblers Boss Happy With Draw
Northampton Town manager Colin Calderwood admitted he was a relieved man at the end of last night's enthralling 1-1 draw at Sixfields against Yeovil Town.

Calderwood's side were rescued at the death by a late equaliser and the Cobblers boss admitted: "When you're a goal down going into the last period of the game you definitely settle for an equaliser and a draw. We were patient and we had enough chances in the second half to deserve something out of the game. We struggled a bit when Scott McGleish went off injured and in that period Yeovil had a really good spell where we weren't as organised or disciplined as usual. After McGleish went off the two strikers didn't really play together. Nobody can argue though that this was a good footballing game between two good sides and for periods both sides were in the ascendancy."

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2 March 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Northampton Game
Normally when Glovers manager Gary Johnson keeps his side locked in for more than 30 minutes after a game, it means they are on a bit of a roasting for their performance. Not so after last night's 1-1 draw at Northampton Town where Gary explained that most of his efforts had been to keep his team's spirits up and to convince them that they had to be positive in the light of a result that Gary admitted he would have taken before the game. Gary answered the following questions from the press as the match finished:

Qu: Gary are you happy with a point in the end or have you got that thought in your mind that you might have got all three?

GJ: Not when you've lasted 92 minutes. We've said a few home truths. To be honest, we nearly did the job that we came here to do. We got our goal after a poor first 15 minutes and we had a good hour spell and we were looking comfortable. We had to play a European sort of game where we got men behind the ball because we were looking comfortable. What we needed though was for no-one to make a mistake. Northampton had to throw everything at us because it didn't help them - they really needed to win the game as far as we were concerned. But as I've said to the lads at the end of the game, we are now six points clear. We're disappointed that we are not eight points clear of course, because we were so near but yet so far. But we've still got to be happy that we are six points clear, because if we start dropping our heads now, we'll work our way from the top of that league. This was a good point here and Northampton are a very good side. We are a very good side and I think you all saw it was a very good football match and sometimes you have to hold your hand up and say that if we had got the equaliser in the 92nd minute we'd all be a bit happier. But because we scored early and lasted all that time, we're a bit disappointed. I've shot them down in flames in the dressing room, but I've picked them up as well. We've got to stay very very positive.

Qu: The 4-5-1 switch towards the end of the game. Was that a reaction to the way the game was unfolding or was that thought always in your brain?

GJ: No, it was how the game unfolded. Northampton were taking chances and throwing men forward. They were getting a lot of flicks and trying to get men in behind us. They had been doing that during the first 20 minutes of the second half so we thought we would change it. We dropped Paul Terry in the hole and used Gally and Arron as wing-backs and used Rory or Bartosz on their own up front. And we did the job, because all of their balls in the last 20 minutes were going all the way through or behind the goal, or they were shooting from 30 yards and it looked comfortable. That was until Gally unfortunately fell over - he slipped on the surface. Their fellow meant to cross it, but sometimes those mis-hit crosses go in. He definitely wasn't trying to score - that's for sure - but it went in on the far post. A point gained or two points lost? We won't know until the end of the season.

Qu: You made a few tactical changes tonight with Jevons going out to the left-hand side and Fallon going up front. How did you think they worked out for you?

GJ: I thought it worked quite well for 92 minutes. Unfortunately the game lasted 94 minutes! Arron got his goal. We wanted that little bit of pace up front. I thought that worked well. Rory worked hard and was winning his headers and Jevo had a couple of chances coming in from that left hand side so I thought it worked OK. But Jevo is not used to the workrate of that left-hand side recently so we had to change him. Unfortunately we let that goal in, otherwise it would have been a really terrific European-style away performance.

Qu: Defensively it was a fantastic performance right the way though.

GJ: It was. Northampton defensively were good too. But we hit the crossbar a couple of times early on. But you always need that second goal and then you can really drop deep and let the other team try and break you down. Unfortunately when it is only one, you run the risk of someone slipping and a fellow mis-hitting a cross.

Qu: How do you think Kevin Amankwaah did tonight? Can you clear something up - is that his last game or has he got another one to come?

GJ: No, he's got another one to come on Saturday. But we've asked Bristol City if they can loan him again, and they are quite happy to and Kevin is happy to stay. So we'll be getting that sorted out during the week. But he's got until Saturday anyway. I've got to pick the players up because there was some good play there. Just a couple of bits of bad luck.

Qu: Does that mean a 24 hour recall on Kevin Amankwaah?

GJ: Yes, they probably will which you have to be very aware of. I don't know what Bristol City are doing but if Brian Tinnion tells me that he can loan him out then I presume that he can do without him for another month.

Qu: That's two games that Kevin and Skivo have played together. They seem to be learning each others style.

GJ: I thought they played well. There were a lot of balls to contend with. I thought we had some very good performances today. I thought we played some very good football at times but you have to hold your hands up and say that the other team was a good team as well. 1-1 was probably a result that - if we are honest - we would have accepted before the game. But because we were 1-0 up with a minute to go, obviously we are disappointed that we lost a couple of points. But the supporters were great again, it was a great atmosphere and it was a great advert for League Two football. Northampton as always will have a late dash and they will definitely be in the playoffs.

Qu: Arron Davies is on a good run for you.

GJ: Yes he was terrific and it was a great goal and a great move. He did very well but we had a few great performances there today. So we mustn't be too down.

Qu: Do you think he is improving in his performances? He's still relatively inexperienced.

GJ: Yes, he is. The more you get to know the other boys around you and the more they get to know him - they know his runs and they know his ability - then he was part of a good football match, wasn't he? The important thing is that every time he plays, he affects the game.

Qu: You're still six points clear. It's a fantastic situation.

GJ: You'd have ripped anyone's hand off if they'd said to you that on March 1st you would be six points clear. Three other teams have got to win three more games than us before the end of the season. If they do that then they deserve to go up. So we're still in the A1 position.

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1 March 2005 : Amankwaah staying for another month
On-loan Bristol City defender Kevin Amankwaah is set to remain with the Glovers for at least another month it was revealed this evening. The versatile defender's initial loan period was due to end this coming Saturday at the end of Yeovil's home match v Leyton Orient, but Glovers boss Gary Johnson said this evening that after talks with Amankwaah and City manager Brian Tinnion it had been agreed in principle that the player will stay at Huish Park for a further month, with just the paperwork due to be completed before Saturday.

With Colin Miles out for another few weeks and Scott Guyett waiting for a scan on his injured knee and looking likely to be out for a few weeks, Kevin's presence is essential and very welcome. The 22 year-old has made a big impression in his first month at Huish Park.

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1 March 2005 : Late Crow strike snatches point. Cobblers!
Yeovil Town drew 1-1 at promotion chasing Northampton Town at Sixfields tonight to earn a valuable away point and go 6 points clear at the top of League Two. A 31st Arron Davies effort had put the Glovers in the driving seat, but Danny Crow's equaliser with just 2 minutes left on the clock meant that the points were shared.

Glovers boss Gary Johnson made 2 changes from the team that lost 2-1 at Grimsby on Saturday, Rory Fallon and Paul Terry replacing Bartosz Tarachulski and Kevin Gall respectively. In another tweak, top-scorer Phil Jevons swapped positions with in-form left-sided midfielder Arron Davies. The home side had the better of the early exchanges but as the half wore on the Glovers began to take control, Jevons hitting the bar with a 30-yard effort before their period of dominance was capped on 31 minutes when Davies turned Lee Johnson's cross past the experienced Lee Harper in the Cobblers goal. Northampton came back into it towards the end of the half, Tommy Jaszczun hitting the post on the stroke of half-time.

It was all Cobblers after the break with the Glovers content to do what everyone has been saying they cannot do by defending in depth and grinding out the result. The strategy worked right up until the 88th minute when Danny Crow's delicate chip beat the excellent Chris Weale at last. After a fairly frenetic 6 minutes of added time the final whistle blew to leave the score 1-1. Satisfaction at what was a very hard-earned point will be tempered by the knowledge that Yeovil were only a couple of minutes away from coming home with all 3, but make no mistake - this was an excellent result for Yeovil Town and another step on the road to the Holy Grail of automatic promotion. Well done boys!

Final score: Northampton Town 1 - 1 Yeovil Town.

The result means the Glovers are now 6 points clear of the chasing pack at the top of League 2, on 66 points from 35 games played. Scunthorpe, Macclesfield, Swansea and Southend are all on 60 points with the Silkmen having a game in hand on everyone else. Lincoln are 6th on 55 points with tonight's opponents Northampton currently in the final play-off place on 53 points. This Saturday's opponents Leyton Orient are 12th, on 49 points.

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1 March 2005 : Northampton match now NOT all-ticket
Tonight's League Two match at Sixfield Stadium between Northampton Town and Yeovil Town is no longer an all-ticket game for Glovers supporters.

It was always an absurd decision to make the game all-ticket to Glovers fans in the first place considering how far Northampton is from Somerset and the fact that it's a night game anyway, presumably the penny has finally dropped at Sixfields that there was never any chance that the Glovers were going to sell nearly 1300 tickets on a cold Tuesday night in March! Whatever, if you can make it to Sixfields in time and don't have a ticket, you can now buy on the night. Cobblers? You said it....

A reminder that, as at Huish Park, tickets at Sixfields must be bought from the ticket office at the ground rather than on the turnstiles. The Ciderspace guide to Northampton is here:

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