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28 February 2005 : Reserve Venue Set
Yeovil Town Reserves travel to AFC Bournemouth on Wednesday afternoon, for a Pontins Football Combination match. The venue for this game is the Fitness First Stadium (aka Dean Court) rather than the Fawcetts Field pitch in Lymington which was used for last season's match. Kick-off is 4.00pm.

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28 February 2005 : Amankwaah Wants To Stay
Glovers boss Gary Johnson looks like he may get a welcome boost by the news that right-back and occasional centre-back Kevin Amankwaah appears to be enjoying life at Huish Park. The on-loan Bristol City defender is just coming to the end of his first month's loan but with the Glovers running out of fit defenders, Kevin has told the Western Daily Press that he will have no problems if - as expected - Johnson asks City boss Brian Tinnion if he can keep the pacey defender in Somerset for at least another month.

Kevin said after Saturday's game: "I want to stay because I'm getting more of a look-in here than I do at City. The right-back position at City looks secure and I don't think they see me as a centre half there. I like Gary Johnson, he's a good manager and this is a good club and I would like to stay here."

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28 February 2005 : Arron Davies Signs Contract
The Stellar Group, a consultancy company that represents various sporting individuals, have announced that attacking midfielder Arron Davies has signed a contract that will keep him at Huish Park until the summer of 2006.

The group, who presumably act as Arron's Football Agent, have broken the news on their website after the player - brought in to replace Gavin Williams - had scored three goals in the past three games - all of stunning proportions. It's been a good week for Arron in that he has also been nominated for the League Two Powerade Player of the Month by Sky Sports TV (see our story from yesterday).

Commenting on the new deal, Arron said: "I am really pleased to have signed a new deal. I had to prove to the manager and my teammates that I was good enough to play for Yeovil Town Football Club when I arrived here and hopefully in the last couple of months I have done that. The team are flying and we are playing some great football. I do think the way we play suits my style and has helped me settle into the side quickly. We look to use the width of the pitch when we attack and for a winger you can't ask any more. We now have to keep going for the next two months and ensure we get promoted, although we know that everyone here has their hearts set on winning the title. Personally, I just have to keep working hard and taking my chances to impress."

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28 February 2005 : Ling Plays Mind Games A Little Too Early
Everyone is used to mind games from the opposition every now and again, but usually it's customary to at least wait until it's your opponent's next match before you start playing amateur psychology.

Not so Leyton Orient manager Martin Ling, who for some reason has decided to step up the verbals even before the Glovers travel to Northampton Town tomorrow night.

Ling, whose side are in 11th position in the table, told the Teamtalk website: "They [Yeovil] got beat by Grimsby on the weekend and it could be they're starting to feel the pressure. They have been top of the league for a long time now and sometimes that doesn't always help."

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28 February 2005 : Johnson Jnr Furious At Bottling Ref
Glovers midfielder Lee Johnson has described Lincolnshire referee Darren Drysdale's decision to not award Yeovil a last minute penalty as a 'joke'. The Glovers have on the whole been fairly restrained with their opinions on match officials this season, but following Saturday's 2-1 defeat at Grimsby Town it was impossible to allow such a ludicrous decision to pass by without comment.

Midfielder Lee told the Western Daily Press after the match: "It was definitely a penalty - it was a joke, but what can you say? I don't think it was ever going to go our way and it killed us really but we will just have to pick ourselves up now and make sure we take some points on Tuesday at Northampton. I don't think there was a person in the ground apart from him who didn't think it was a penalty so what can you say? It's human error and he's made an error."

Lee was already on a yellow card, and was fortunate that Drysdale chose to bottle a second decision as the midfielder raced to confront the official. Drysdale reached for his cards but then withdrew them, perhaps realising that all he was going to do was to compound his mistake even further, but Lee explained that at the time of the incident an early bath wouldn't have bothered him adding: "To be honest I was so fuming I wouldn't have minded but in the cold light of day I am pleased he has done that part of the situation well, but I was just so disappointed that he couldn't see it. He has probably bottled the decision."

Johnson Snr can't quite get over the decision either, and speaking to the Glovers official site, he added: "Despite being disappointed by the result the one major problem I had was with the referee and the one major decision, which I felt was an easy decision to make, which he didnít make. It wasnít a hard one to make at all, and having watched the video I now know it was a definite penalty. I saw the reaction of one or two of their players and their bench when Jevo went down and I am sure they were also expecting it to be a penalty. I am sure the 300 travelling Yeovil supporters will have seen it as a 'stonewaller' as they say."

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27 February 2005 : Glovers Duo Rated In Four Four Two Magazine
Two of Yeovil Town's stars feature in this month's Four Four Two magazine, as they run a feature on the 'Fifty Best Players Outside The Premiership'. Understandably the list will be heavy in the area of Coca Cola Championship clubs, but that's still left room for two Glovers players to be nominated, with both well up on the list. Step forward midfield maestro Lee Johnson and League Two's top scorer Phil Jevons who come in at No.23 and No.27 respectively.

The full text for Four Four Two's entries for both players reads:

No 23 : Lee Johnson : Yeovil Town

Jamie Redknapp's not the only one helping out the old man these days. Introducing Lee Johnson, former Arsenal youth team mate of Ashley Cole who was all set for a life in Scandinavia after fruitless spells at Watford and Brighton. In stepped dad Gary at the 11th hour and despite dropping into the unchartered waters of Conference football, Lee has emerged as a key player in Yeovil's rise up the divisions. While many are tipping Johnson Snr for the big time, don't be surprised to see Lee, who's made a name for his Hoddle-esque passing and long range goals, get there first. "I think I've proved myself on merit. Dad was a help, but if he moved again, I don't think I'd need to follow. Unless it's Arsenal."

No 27 : Phil Jevons : Yeovil Town

A free scorer for Everton's junior sides, Jevons was rarely given the opportunity to shine in Walter Smith's impotent attack. Some blamed a lacklustre attitude for the lack of progress but once it emerged that he was in fact a Liverpool fan, his departure seemed inevitable. Snapped up by Grimsby Town in 2001, he hit the headlines by scoring a stunning goal at Anfield to send his beloved reds crashing out of the Worthington Cup and believes there's more where that comes from. "Taking a step down with Grimsby and now Yeovil might be construed as a career heading in the wrong direction, but not by me. I'm scoring goals and feel I've still got what it takes to play at a much higher level," says League Two's top scorer.

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27 February 2005 : Aaron Player of the Month Nomination
Aaron Davies is a nominee for The Powerade Player of the Month for February in League Two. Other nominees are forward Matthew Tipton of Macclesfield Town and defender Adam Barrett of Southend United. The winner will announced later in the week on Sky Sports.

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27 February 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Grimsby Game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson believed his side deserved nothing from yesterday's 2-1 defeat at Grimsby Town, despite having a clear penalty turned down in second half injury time. Having just told his team they would be in for Sunday training, Gary answered the following questions from the press:

Qu: Gary, you were 2-1 down in injury-time when Phil Jevons went down in the box. Was it a penalty?

GJ: We thought it was but to be fair we didnít deserve anything anyway. We didnít play well today and we were really poor. Even in the first half when we were 1-0 up, I already said to the lads at half time that if we play like that again we will concede because they will get their heads up by seeing that it is only one goal in it. We were poor but yes it was a penalty and there is no doubt that it was a penalty. That was a very poor decision by an official but we didnít deserve it anyway. Maybe he thought that we didnít deserve it so he made his mind up because of that!

Qu: Did you think you were poor in the first half when it was very much even because Grimsby seemed to up their game in the second half?

GJ: Yes they did and credit to them really. I canít believe that their supporters were giving them as much stick as they were in the first half. Credit to Grimsby and Russell Slade who came out of the second half and put us under a little bit of pressure. How a crowd changes! In the second half they gave their side some great support, so maybe there was a bigger lesson to be learnt for Grimsby supporters than us.

Qu: Did you think that it would be Ďone of those gamesí when Scott Guyett was injured in the warm-up?

GJ: Well those things happen ever now and again but yes that was unfortunate. But to be fair, I thought that the only one that came out with any credit was Kevin Amankwaah who took the place of Scott Guyett. Everyone else on the day I thought was very poor and they know that and they will be reminded that when they come back tomorrow (Sunday) for training.

Qu: Got them in tomorrow (Sunday) then?

GJ: They are definitely in tomorrow (Sunday) and I have got to make this type of performance hurt them.

Qu: You donít want any more of these types of performances with the table so close at the top?

GJ: No we donít. We can afford a couple but we donít want to be performing like that and we havenít been performing like that for a long time now - maybe Macclesfield was a little like that. But today we were dead and we didnít do anything. It was a shock to me and a shock to them.

Qu: The Yeovil fans would have been surprised that you were dead as you had such a resounding high against Scunthorpe.

GJ: Yes we did and if anyone can tell me the reasons, you can be my assistant!

Qu: You got off to a good start though.

GJ: We got off to a good start and it was a good goal. When Arron strikes the ball he tends to dip it and swerve it, like he did against Scunthorpe. That was a goal but we needed to play a lot better to keep that result.

Qu: It was one great goal to beat you or do you look at your defending?

GJ: Of course you look at your defending but it was a great goal from the lad. They looked lively in the second half and they kept the ball and had some runs against us. That is another threat that I have given them - when I find out who the three or four were who got beaten easily, they will be doing extra, because that was too easy and from our point of view that was very poor defending.

Qu: An inquest for tomorrow and then you will prepare for Northampton?

GJ: Yes but we will make sure that they do a lot of running first to remind them of what we are here for and then we will get our heads around Northampton.

Qu: What exactly did Scott Guyett do?

GJ: I think he just fell back awkwardly on his knee. He did it at Bristol Rovers when he first came back from his first operation. The other knee didn't go and so he didn't need the operation, but it was always on the verge. So it looks like he might need to go in and have another operation on his cartilege.

Qu: That obviously does leave you short, with Colin Miles injured as well.

GJ: Yes it does, but I will think about that on the journey home.

Qu: You do have a little bit of cover, but mainly in people who are more full-backs than centre-backs.

GJ: Yes, but as I said, I though Kevin Amankwaah came in and did very well there today, so that's one plus. Rory Fallon when he came on today did OK as he was setting things up and looking quite dangerous. Those two did OK.

Qu: It's 51 goals conceded - that's too many isn't it?

GJ: Yes, but we've scored 73 and that's too many as well!

Qu: Russell Slade said before the match that from his days in the Conference he's got quite a good record against you. Did you know that?

GJ: Not really. I've got respect for Russell and I knew that his team would come out and be fighting despite having 4,000 people against him at that time, and I think credit to him for that. If they can come through adversity and produce a second half like that, then they deserve it.

Qu: It was very different the other night against Chester - it was like watching two different teams.

GJ: Yes, that happens sometimes. We have had two different teams - one today and one against Scunthorpe. So we were different just three days later. But that's football and that's our division, and if we were all as consistent as we need to be, we'd be a couple of divisions up.

Qu: Kevin has been with us for 3.5 weeks now. Have you given it any thought as to whether you can take him on for longer?

GJ: Not yet, no. He's got another game or so to go, so I'll have to have a chat with him. It was good that he got another 90 minutes under his belt and he showed that he can play at that centre-back position because he gives you that nice little bit of pace that you need. It was unfortunate that all around him we were falling apart.

Qu: So you would like to keep him for another month if that's possible.

GJ: Yes, I'd like to keep him. But I'd have to speak to Keith Millen and Brian Tinnion at Bristol City but of course I'd like to keep him.

[Transcript by George Murray and Martin Baker.]

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27 February 2005 : Yeovil Catch A Cold
It's bitter oop North. With a biting wind off the North Sea keeping all but the foolhardiest brass monkeys indoors Yeovil Town returned from yet another trip to northern climes with nothing to show but might-have-beens.

In the warm-up, if anyone could claim ever to have got warm yesterday, Scott Guyett picked up some knee damage, and Kevin Amankwaah suddenly found himself with an unexpected start, Adam Lockwood stepping up to the bench. The Glovers made a reasonably bright beginning to their first ever visit to Blundell Park, and when Aaron Davies hit a rather speculative long range shot, that keeper Anthony Williams might have done better with, for a 0-1 lead after eleven minutes things seemed set fair.

Grimsby Town looked to have set their stall out to swamp the middle of the park with five in midfield; and with two big men up front and a stiff wind a lot of hoofing of the ball forward might have been expected. Despite (or maybe because of?) a lot of criticism from Mariners fans about the long ball game in recent weeks, Grimsby in fact spent most of their time keeping the ball on the ground. However neither side could create clear cut opportunities in the final third, and the gather scrappy game was only punctuated by the odd shot from distance. A very subdued set of home fans, mainly occupied with grumbles about team selection, would probably have agreed that the visitors just about deserved their lead when the half-time whistle brought the first period to an end, but it was a very marginal superiority.

As the second period started the home fans woke up and the home players began to look more purposeful. Grimsby increasingly took control of the midfield and possession, and Yeovil seemed to have no answer as they were pressed deeper and deeper. Unable to get hold of the ball it seemed only a matter of time before a goal was conceded, and Michael Reddy duly obliged on the hour mark, though Martin Gritton rather greedily touched the ball over to claim the goal when it was obviously going in. 1-1.

Yeovil manager Gary Johnson responded immediately to Grimsby drawing level, replacing Bartosz Tarachulski in a direct swap with Rory Fallon, and presumably looking to stiffen things up by taking off Kevin Gall and bringing on Paul Terry. It made no difference. The Grimsby tide was now in full flood, and Yeovil forays out of their half were few and far between. However the Mariners were still lacking much penetration close to goal, and a rather drab draw seemed the most likely result.

It took a quality piece of individual skill from Andy Parkinson, skipping past three or four admittedly lacklustre vague approximations of tackles before firing home into the corner, to break the deadlock on eighty-seven minutes. 2-1.

Yeovil have snatched something late so many times this season that few Glovers fans could bring themselves to believe all was lost, and deep into injury time with just a few seconds left Phil Jevons broke into the box to get on the end of a speculative high punt. Last man Simon Ramsden, already on a yellow, tugged him back, and when that didn't work hacked him down. Almost everyone in the ground had just seen a cast iron penalty to end all cast iron penalties. In the post match press conference even the home management and players believed it should have been a penalty. Mr Drysdale saw it differently and waved play on. Some of the language in the away stand directed at the referee was presumably reproduced on the pitch by Lee Johnson. He was called over with the clear intention of being awarded a card. Thankfully from a Yeovil point of view the man who had bottled the penalty decision then bottled what would have been a sending off once he realised Johnson was already on a yellow.

The game finished with the officials bizarrely standing in the centre circle for several minutes, as if keen to allow the travelling support an opportunity to vent their frustrations - which we duly did.

Final score : Grimsby Town 2-1 Yeovil Town
Attendance : 4,414

Full match report.

Elsewhere Swansea City beat Scunthorpe United 2-1 in an early kick-off at 1.30 p.m., thus allowing Yeovil to retain their five point lead at the top of the table despite the Blundell Park defeat. Macclesfield Town continued their excellent run with a 2-1 victory over Bristol Rovers, and a single goal at Roots Hall was enough for Southend United to secure three points from Bury. Scunthorpe, Macclesfield, Swansea and Southend now sit in the 2nd to 5th spots all on sixty points. Lincoln City lost 1-0 away at recently improving Cheltenham Town but stay in 6th on 55 points. Darlington's loss at Leyton Orient dropped them out of the last play-off position, replaced by Yeovil's next opponents on Tuesday night Northampton Town on 52 points, who beat Boston United 0-1 at York Street.

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26 February 2005 : Canham given Glovers trial
Former Colchester midfielder Marc Canham has been invited to train with the Glovers for a week, according to Non-League After being released by Colchester last season the German-born midfielder signed non-contract terms with AFC Bournemouth before deciding to quit the professional game to take up a position at Bath University and play part-time for Southern League side Team Bath, where he came to the attention of Yeovil.

Canham impressed in the Glovers reserve team's 2-2 draw at Weymouth last week. Team Bath boss Ged Roddy commented: "Marc played for Yeovil's reserves last week and they have asked him to go back down and train with the first-team squad."

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25 February 2005 : Colchester Youth Trip Off
Tomorrow morning's Youth Team Merit League trip to Colchester United has been called off, presumably due to the inclement conditions on the east side of the country.

For those fretting about the weather for tomorrow's game at Grimsby Town, latest indications from the BBC Weather Centre are good, with the weather for Cleethorpes today indicated as being between 3-4 degrees Celcius, whilst tomorrow will see the temperature range between 0-6 degrees Celcius. Snow is only forecast to return to the East side of the country on Sunday.

The overall forecast for the BBC Humber area, covering Yorkshire and Lincolnshire is as follows:

Cold and cloudy. Outbreaks of rain, sleet and hill snow. Rest of today: Continuing cold and cloudy with further outbreask of rain and sleet but snow over hills. Slight accumulations. Brisk northeast winds. Maximum temperature 4 deg C (39 deg F).

Further rain and sleet with snow on hills. Icy patches. Minimum temperature 0 deg C (32 deg F).

Outlook for Saturday:
Mostly cloudy with some rain sleet and hill snow.

Grimsby Town's Official Site makes no mention of any issues with the pitch. The Ciderspace guide to all things in Grimsby - or rather Cleethorpes which is where the ground is - can be found here.

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25 February 2005 : Carry on chucking
Following the news that Bristol Rovers were under investigation by the FA after reports of missiles were thrown onto the pitch from the away end at the recent local derby at Huish Park (see news page 17th February) - the third time such an incident involving Rovers fans has been reported in the last 6 months - the Rovers official site has today announced that the FA has 'cautioned' the club over it's fans' conduct and said that any 'further reports' of any problems at Rovers matches at home or elsewhere will lead to the 'consideration of disciplinary action', and a 'possible points deduction'. The incident at Huish Park will also be placed on record, and could be used against the club in the future.

Bristol Rovers safety officer Dave Harper commented: "There are only so many warnings the club can receive before action will be taken, and this is the third incident the FA have written to us about this season. The tone of this letter makes quite clear that the repeat incidents involving spectators associated with Bristol Rovers is counting against us, and if this or something like it were to happen again, this season or next, the ramifications could be very serious for the club.

"Once again I stress that as a club we are taking all matters relating to crowd disorder extremely seriously, and we will simply not tolerate any behaviour which puts the safety or enjoyment of other fans, or the welfare of the football club, at risk. I can only hope the individuals responsible realise the possible implications of their actions."

Whilst Ciderspace has no wish to see the vast majority of well-behaved Rovers fans penalised because of the actions of a very few morons, one does begin to wonder how many more such incidents of missiles being thrown at players will be tolerated by the FA in future. It only takes one small object to blind a player, and surely after 3 such incidents in 6 months it was about time that the FA took somewhat stronger action than issuing yet another stern rebuke. It will be interesting to see how the FA deals with Everton after a similar incident at Goodison Park in the last week, bearing in mind that this was Everton supporters first offence as opposed to the Gasheads third misdemeanour.... Watch this space.

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25 February 2005 : B*gger Boston*
Former Glovers winger Adrian Caceres has cut short his trial at League 2 outfit Boston (see news story below) to sign for Conference side Aldershot until the end of the season, according to the the Shots official website, Shotsweb.

Shotsweb claims that Caceres has received a number of other offers from various league and non-league clubs. He joins former Glovers Chris Giles and Nick Crittenden at the Rec, though Giles has been transfer-listed and is expected to leave soon. We wish the best of luck to Adi at his new club.

*As someone royal very nearly once said.

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24 February 2005 : Ibe Latest Loan To Scummerland
Kezie Ibe will be treading the increasingly familiar route for fringe members of the Yeovil Town squad for a loan spell on the South Coast. Weymouth manager Steve Johnson announced the deal on their forum at 15.30 this afternoon, saying that both Roy O'Brien and Kirk Jackson, who still trains at Huish Park on a daily basis, had spoken highly of him.

The Yeovil Town Official Site has now confirmed that the deal, for a month, should be signed tomorrow. Gary Johnson said :

With Rory Fallon coming in it is important to keep Kezie match fit and we feel we have enough strikers at the club at present to see us through. Roy O'Brien and Steve, my brother, have been asking me about Kezie for some time and I feel now is the right time.

Ibe has already had two loan spells this season, at Tiverton Town and Exeter City.

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24 February 2005 : Adi trials for the dark side
Former Glovers left-winger Adi Caceres, who left Yeovil last week after having his contract terminated by mutual consent, has gone on trial with League Two rivals Boston United for the week. "It is fair to say that Caceres was magnificent for Yeovil when we played them at Huish Park in August," Proven Cheat Boston manager Steve Evans told his club's official website. "When I heard that he may be available, I was immediately interested and the trial spell will allow us to have a good look at the boy - with a view to something longer-term."

From the ridiculous to the sublime, Glovers boss Gary Johnson has urged supporters to remain patient and wait for concrete news in regard to any possible new signings over the next few weeks. In the run up to the transfer deadline in March the Glovers have been linked with various different players, including the likes of winger Martin Devaney (Cheltenham) and striker Paul Hayes (Scunthorpe), but Johnson has refused to confirm or deny any of the stories doing the rounds.

"At this stage of the season we are going to be linked with many people that are out of contract at the end of the year, some will be true and some will not be true," the gaffer told the Yeovil Express today.

"It is very difficult to let the supporters know what the true situation is because you don't want to do anything illegally by saying something publicly that upsets the other club. Also you don't want egg on your face if you say you are after someone and then lose them. There is business to be done and it needs to be done quietly and effectively and only when a deal is certain can it come out into the public domain.

"So as I have said before, leave it to me and everyone will be informed about our signings and sellings in due course."

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23 February 2005 : Darlo Tickets On Sale
Tickets for the match at the Williamson Motors Stadium against Darlington on Saturday 12th March are now on sale from the Huish Park Ticket Office. Adult early bird purchasers save £2.00 on the pay-on-the-day price of £15.00. Concessions are the same, at £7.00, whenever bought.

Advance notice of Easter opening times for the Ticket Office:

Thursday, 24th March 9.00 a.m. Ė 5.00 p.m.
Friday, 25th March (Good Friday) 9.00 a.m. Ė 12.00 noon
Closed Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday
Tuesday, 29th March 9.00 a.m. Ė 7.45 p.m.

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23 February 2005 : Gally Collects Award
Kevin Gall was presented with his F.A. Cup Player of the Fourth Round award at Huish Park last night.

Kevin Gall
Kevin Gall receives his F.A.Cup Player of the Round award.
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

He is the eighth player to join the prestigious Team of the F.A. Cup, and will be a VIP guest at the F.A. Cup Final at the Millennium Stadium, with a half-time introduction to the crowd.

Helen Marchment and Francis Hillier, Somerset F.A. Secretary and President respectively, presented Gall with his engraved silver salver before Yeovil Town beat Scunthorpe United 4-3 in the match of the season so far at Huish Park.

Speaking to the F.A. Official Site Gall said:

Thanks to everyone who has put the time and effort in to vote for me. Iím really looking forward to The F.A. Cup Final in May. Being presented with the award was a great start to a great game.

Kevin has also won £1,000 worth of UMBRO football kit and equipment, which will be presented to a local club or school team of his choice.

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23 February 2005 : Gary's verdict on the Scunthorpe game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson answered the following questions from the press after last night's enthralling 4-3 win over promotion rivals Scunthorpe United:

Gary, it was a bizarre first half the way the goals were going in?

"Bizarre, you can call it that or you can call it just a great football match. First v second and somethingís going to happen as neither team wanted a 0-0 draw and we havenít had a 0-0 draw for 40 odd games and we werenít going to start today. So I was just really pleased that the script was written for Rory Fallon. He didnít sign till gone 3pm today, he said 'Iíll see you Thursday' and I said, 'no Iíll see you tonight, itís a cup final Rory and I want you as a part of it!' The script was written that by 9pm he was going to get what nearly was the winning goal, and then a fantastic goal by Arron sealed the win."

Leeís goal was the turning point just after half-time?

"They had no choice but to score quickly after what I said to them at half-time! I would have made 6 substitutions if we hadnít got that goal quickly, but the boys can do that. How many times have we done that? We let a team score a couple against us, we let them go into the lead and then we come back strong and weíve done that a few times."

At 2-2 they definitely werenít dead and buried were they?

"Definitely not, that's why they're second in the league. They're a big strong side and you have to respect them for that which we do. That's why whatever the result, whether it was 3-0, 4-3, 9-8, it doesnít matter - we picked up the 3 points and that was a massive game."

Enjoy that?

"Well, no! I enjoyed the result, I enjoyed the contribution from a few lads. I do love it when a good plan comes off, we changed the shape as I wasnít willing to finish this game with a draw and I wanted to go and win it; so we changed it and we moved a few people further forward and Rory and Arron proved that I was right."

Did you think when their 3rd went in how much time to go?

"No, I knew there wasnít much time and I had faith in Lee to find the corner flag from the centre spot and I felt that we wouldnít let them out. It was a long old four minutes but credit to Scunthorpe - they kept going but whatever happens itís a +1 for us in goals and a +3 for us in points."

And what signal does that send out for the rest of the league?

"I donít know you will have to ask them, Swansea have been beaten havenít they and thatís a good result for us. Swansea play Scunthorpe this week, the light at the end of the tunnel is getting a little bit closer to us."

And now you're going into a couple of away games with a good result?

"Weíve had three wins on the trot now. I said to everyone that we had to get a run of wins going, threeís a run and four or five would be lovely."

Just to go back to Bartosz, you brought in Rory Fallon as a little bit of competition for him didnít you and he got a fine goal this evening?

"Itís management prerogative to liven other people up by bringing other people in. Bartosz has had a good season anyway but I felt that was the only position that I couldnít cover if Bartosz got injured, or like today he got a yellow card and another little challenge meant he might have got a red card, so that was exactly why I brought Rory in to take his place and what a job he did."

When your head hits the pillow tonight you can feel that's another job well done?

"Yes it is, but Iím probably going to have a party tonight, that was a cup final and we won a cup final today."

A day off tomorrow?

"Yes, they deserve their day off and we will be in ready for Grimsby on Thursday."

Transcription by Richard Gibson

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23 February 2005 : Rory Fallon's First Interview As A Glover
New, very new, loan signing Rory Fallon gave his first interview as a Glover after a hectic day that saw him signed at 3.00 p.m., drive down to Huish Park late afternoon, find he was on the bench, and come on to score in Yeovil Town's dramatic 4-3 win over Scunthorpe United.

Qu: The move must have come as a surprise to you as it did for us.

RF: Gary gave me a call and said 'do you want to come up to Yeovil and play tonight?í I said that I would come along later in the week, and he said Ďno come tonight as it would be a good match and it would be good to get you goingí. I said Ďgo on thení. I have still got the directions on my hand now. I didnít know anyone when I arrived, so it was quite hard, but the lads made it really easy for me to feel at home.

Qu: You had your headlines taken away with the forth goal, but your one could have been the winner on the night?

RF: It doesnít matter to me. Itís a goal, and we won, and thatís all that matters. It is all about the team performance and the goal was a bonus for me. I am just trying to get my thoughts back as it has been such a rush today. I am gob-smacked at the moment.

Qu: You must have heard before tonight about Yeovilís cavalier approach. Could you believe what you were seeing out there tonight?

RF: It was brilliant and I enjoyed it. There was good football played at times. It is such a nice pitch and it was hard not to play good football on it, so it is really good to just be out there.

Qu: You have been kicking your heels a bit a Swindon recently?

RF: I have been on the bench and in and out of the team, so it has been really difficult. As much as I would like to do well, it is hard to when you are not getting constant games, so you canít kick on from there. But Gary has given me a chance to do something here, and I thought I might as well because I am no use to anyone sitting on the bench. So I am glad to be here.

Qu: You obviously want to feature in Yeovilís forthcoming games, starting away to Grimsby.

RF: Itís a good feeling being in a good team pushing for promotion; and you can tell that they are a good team. I am not going to force the manager to give me a starting place. I just want to get my feet down and get to know the lads. I know that I have got the ability, and I know that I can get the goals, and it is just a matter of giving me a chance and giving me time. When I get chances I put them away.

Qu: Youíre from New Zealand originally?

RF: Yeah. I came over when I was 16 to Barnsley and I went there for four years. Then I went to Swindon, and here I am now.

Qu: You havenít moved far from Swindon have you?

RF: It didnít take me long today but I was speeding a little as I was in a rush because I only knew late on in the day. But I got here all right!

Qu: Is there one thing that has appealed to you about coming here?

RF: It is really good atmosphere in the changing room and you can feel it. The gaffer here knows what he is doing, and that is good to know. And he is not afraid to make changes.

Qu: This is the time to put these chances away, at the business end of the season?

RF: Definately it is the time to do it. I thought that I could do it at Swindon but people thought otherwise. But I am not holding any grudges against anyone, as thatís football.

Qu: How are you going to get on with the Aussie in defence?!

RF: I didnít even know he was an Aussie! That is how much I know the lads at the moment. But I will get to know them.

Rory Fallon, who signed earlier in the day on loan from Swindon Town, spoke to the media immediately after his sides 4-3 victory over second placed Scunthorpe. The striker became an instant hero for the Glovers after coming on as a substitute to put Yeovil 3-2 ahead when a draw seemed likely. (Transcript by George Murray.)

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22 February 2005 : Arron scraps Iron
Yeovil Town saw off 2nd-placed Scunthorpe by the odd goal in 7 in an enthralling match at Huish Park tonight to strengthen their grip on the top spot of League Two. Bartosz Tarachulski opened the scoring on 16 minutes with a goal from nothing, Iron keeper Paul Musselwhite caught by surprise by a snap shot from outside the box by the big Pole. The visitors refused to let the early setback dampen their style however, coming back strongly with goals from Paul Hayes and Andy Butler to put the Iron 2-1 in front at half-time.

A trademark Lee Johnson free-kick blasted low and hard took a slight deflection to beat Musselwhite and put the Glovers back on terms immediately after the break, Yeovil going on to enjoy their best spell of the match at this point, though Scunthorpe always looked threatening in turn. On loan substitute Rory Fallon put the hosts back in front on 82 minutes with a close-range header after good work from Kevin Amankwaah and Andy Lindegaard, the goal bitterly disputed by the Scunthorpe defence who claimed that Fallon had fouled keeper Musselwhite in the process of scoring. To be fair it was one of those decisions that could have gone either way, but after a couple of equally controversial decisions from the referee at Glanford Park in the reverse fixture last October it was perhaps poetic justice that Fallon's goal was allowed to stand. Not that the dreadfully inconsistent referee Mr Stroud - a replacement for Barry Knight - should feel pleased with his game tonight. It was to both team's credit that they managed to rise above what was a very poor refereeing performance.

3-2 to the Glovers then and on 86 minutes Arron Davies made the game relatively safe with a wonderful strike from around 35 yards, leaving Musselwhite with no chance - goal of the season so far. Even then the visitors managed to drag one back in the depths of injury time, Paul Hayes adding his 2nd goal and Scunthorpe's 3rd, to bring to an end an absorbing, enthralling match. A full match report will be online tomorrow.

Final Score: Yeovil Town 4 - 3 Scunthorpe United.

The result means Yeovil consolidate their lead at the top of League 2. The Glovers, with a game in hand, are now 5 points ahead of Scunthorpe on 65 points to the Iron's 60. In form Macclesfield go 3rd on 57 points without actually playing a game - Swansea lost 2-1 at Darlington to drop to 4th on goal difference, the Silkmen play their game in hand away to Oxford United tomorrow evening. Southend move up to 5th also on 57 points after a 1-0 win over Shrewsbury, while Lincoln drew 1-1 at Leyton Orient to drop a place to 6th on 55 points. Darlington are currently in the final play-off position on 51 points after their win against Swansea. Grimsby, the Glovers opponents this coming Saturday, beat struggling Chester 1-0 to remain in 17th position on 43 points.

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22 February 2005 : Rory Fallon Arrives On Loan
Swindon Town forward Rory Fallon has today been signed on loan, initially for a month. A lanky 6' 2", and 22 years old, he was signed by Swindon from Barnsley on November 15th 2003 for an undisclosed fee, but reputed to be £60,000 including add-ons.

Rory Fallon
Rory Fallon, who joined Yeovil Town on a month's loan today.
Photo © STFC World

Fallon has made nineteen starts and thirty-five substitute appearances for the Robins, scoring eleven goals in that time. We would expect him to be back-up for the Bartosz Tarachulski role in the Glovers' side.

Welcome to Huish Park, Rory.

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22 February 2005 : Miles Out For Three or Four Weeks
Today's Western Daily Press reports that central-defender Colin Miles has torn knee ligaments following Saturday's brutality at Chester City and is expected to be out for three or four weeks. The defender was injured following a foul by Chester loan signing Robbie Foy and had to leave the field after just 20 minutes of the match.

Glovers boss Gary Johnson explained: ""He's got a slight tear of the posterior knee ligament. It means they don't feel it needs an operation which is good but it's still three or four weeks out."

Colin's place in the side is likely to be taken tonight by club captain Terry Skiverton who returns from suspension, although on-loan right-back Kevin Amankwaah proved he is also no mug in that position when he replaced Miles on Saturday, whilst Adam Lockwood is getting closer to full match fitness on a day-by-day basis.

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21 February 2005 : Bring On The Scunny
The biggest league match of Yeovil's season to date beckons - first v second. The reverse fixture at Glanford Park back in October was a very close affair, with Scunthorpe United taking it 1-0, and many of their fans feeling they had been very fortunate to snaffle the three points.

We would expect Yeovil Town to start with the same line up as on Saturday at Chester City, except for the previously suspended Terry Skiverton returning to replace the injured Colin Miles. Although Darren Way and Kevin Gall picked up knocks (well who didn't against the Chester thugs?) they are likely to be available.

The Iron have Richard Kell suspended after picking up his fifth booking of the season. Cleveland Taylor is expected to come in on the right, with Matt Sparrow moving to centre midfield. On-loan striker Jon Walters has not made the trip. He is by the hospital bedside of ill two-month-old baby daughter Scarlett, the reason why he was not involved during United's weekend win over Leyton Orient.

Manager Brian Laws has been busy in the transfer market ahead of the run-in. Forward Andy Keogh from Leeds United, winger Wayne Corden from Mansfield Town, and defender Stevland Angus on loan from Cambridge United for the rest of the season, have all been recent arrivals.

With pretty much a full house expected in the home areas supporters are strongly advised to arrive in good time for Tuesday's clash.

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21 February 2005 : Caceres Confirmed
The departure of left-winger Adrian Caceres - as revealed on Ciderspace yesterday - has now been confirmed by the club. The Argentinian has had his contract torn up by mutual consent and leaves the club with immediate effect.

Speaking to the club's Official Site, Glovers boss Gary Johnson said: "It's a disappointing situation because we felt he had tremendous potential but unfortunately he wasn't able to show that consistently in the first team. With other players also playing well in his position and with results meaning I was unable to change a winning side, his opportunities were minimal. As I was not intending to sign him on next year, and with his chances limited in the remaining part of this season it was only fair to release him now and give him the chance to find a new club as soon as possible. It was all very amicable and Adi and I shook hands before he left Yeovil. I'm sure that everybody at Huish Park will wish Adrian all the best in the future."

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21 February 2005 : Interview With Scott Guyett
Central defender Scott Guyett returned to his former club on Saturday, and was pleased with a 2-0 win over Chester City that kept the Glovers top of the league.

Scott said of the game: "It was a massive game for us today, coming away from home. Our away results haven't been the best recently so it was a great result for us to come here, win 2-0 and not concede."

You can read the interview with Scott by heading here or by heading via the Ciderspace Interviews Section.

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20 February 2005 : Caceres To Leave Huish Park
Left-winger Adrian Caceres is strongly expected to leave Huish Park in the next 24-48 hours. The former Perth Glory player is expected to agree to have his contract terminated by mutual agreement after falling out of the first team squad over the past few months.

Originally brought into the squad as a first-choice out-and-out left-winger, the Austrialia-based Argentinian has never truly settled in Somerset, and although he has played 27 times for the Glovers, only seven of them were in the starting line-up in League Two matches. Since the success of Andrejs Stolcers and Arron Davies in the left-wing slots, the position of Caceres has looked more and more bleak, and Ciderspace now understands that there are plans for Caceres and Yeovil to part company in the next day or two.

Caceres did not travel to Chester City yesterday, and when he also missed out on the midweek trip to Weymouth for the Reserves, it seemed the writing was on the wall. Occasionally promising flashes of brilliance, that saw him score four goals for the first team and two hat-tricks for the Reserves, his consistency and his ability to compete in the more physical games were the undoing of him, and ultimately that was what cost him his place.

Despite not having quite made the grade for the Glovers, Ciderspace wishes Adrian the best of luck in finding a new club. As soon as Adrian's exit is finalised by the club, the news will be confirmed here.

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20 February 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Chester City Game
Glovers manager Gary Johnson paid tribute to a professional performance at Chester City which saw his team win 2-0 in Cheshire. Gary answered the following questions after the game:

Qu: Gary, I think your reaction at the end said it all - those were three very hard-earnt points.

GJ: I said to you earlier that it had to be a tactical game and I would tell you at the end if it worked. Well, it worked! It was important that we didn't let a goal in. We've been letting goals in, even though we've been scoring more, so once we got to the 2-0, I'm pleased. We'd worked all week on our shape and our pattern of play to stop teams scoring against us and I thought we were magnificent. Unfortunately we didn't entertain in the second half, but it was important that we kept the result. Once we'd gone 2-0 up we did just that.

Qu: You said before the game that Scott Guyett was really looking forward to this, and he has really done you proud today.

GJ: He was super! He won his headers and he was organised. I was very pleased with all of the back four actually and I felt they played very well defensively. With a couple of them, I felt their balls forward were not quite as good as they might have been but defensively we did very well. When Kevin Amankwaah came on I thought he was terrific. He gave us good strong quick legs and he defended very well. So I now know we've got good cover as a centre-back as well as a right-back in Kevin Amankwaah. It was a solid performance. I'd love to come to places like this and have everyone saying what great football we played. We played some decent football, but we had to win the game today and we felt that was more important.

Qu: And importantly you got the first goal.

GJ: Yes, that was what I said to you (before the game). Our report said that their crowd get a little bit onto them (Chester) if the opposition gets the first goal, or if things don't go quite right for them and that's what happened. Then we got the penalty, and although the game was not over, we were able to go into defensive mode and solid mode and what's what we did.

Qu: Was it a penalty?

GJ: Jevo said it was. I'm not going to say whether it is or not. We were in their penalty area a lot of times. Other teams have said that we get a lot of penalties, but as you people have written before, that's because we're in the penalty area a lot more than most. The referee gave it, but we'll never know until we see the replay. But to be honest, I felt that we kept them down to one good chance that their fellow (Robbie Foy) missed late on. Other than that they were all half chances and shots from well outside the box.

Qu: And the news on Colin Miles - we saw him come up into the stand on crutches.

GJ: Yes, he's obviously hurt his knee and he'll be going for a scan in the morning or when he gets back, and so we won't know too much until tomorrow.

Qu: An important win Gary.

GJ: It was a really important win, because at this late stage, teams are now winning games. Five out of the top six teams won so it's important to make sure you win your game so that they've got to keep winning an extra game.

Qu: And also you kept your discipline.

GJ: Yes, we kept our discipline very very well and I was really really pleased with that side. It was a good performance in the first half but it was a professional performance in the second half.

Qu: There was a lot of first half provocation from Chester and a lot of needle in the game.

GJ: Exactly, I think we all did well to keep our cool, especially with some of the shouts that were going on behind me. Everyone had to be professional, from the boys on the bench, the management and the team out there. That's what we had to be. Chester had won their last two games and you have to respect that. We definitely respected the fact that they've got a result in them. Two new lads had come in and we thought that might liven them up a little bit so we had to be ready for the game, ready for the fight and ready for the football match. In the end we had to do a little bit of both.

Qu: Was it a conscious decision to put men behind the ball in the second half?

GJ: Yes. The fans would have noticed because it was in their faces. There was a strong wind going that way and it was very difficult to get out. We knew that in going that way in the first half we had to score a goal or two and put them under pressure. It doesn't always work like that but our plan worked and in the second half we just decided that we'd try and hit them on the break a little bit but remain solid.

Qu: Was that Scott Guyett's best performance for Yeovil, do you think?

GJ: It was a great performance. I don't know about his best because I'd need to think through all the others. But we are top of the league and he's had a major part to play so I am sure there were others.

Qu: And he seemed to take it upon himself to manage the back line, especially after Colin Miles went off.

GJ: Yes, he was a leader. He is a leader in the dressing room and he was a leader on the pitch. I'm pleased to have his services.

Qu: One of the key moments was probably the save that Wealey made from Foy when he went through.

GJ: Yes sorry, they actually had two chances. That one and the one he missed at the other end. That was a good save and I'm pleased for Wealey. He really makes good saves but in the past few weeks he's done most things well but hasn't quite saved certain goals which we know Wealey can. Today he saved a certain goal in the first half for us.

Qu: A great finish by Arron Davies in the first half.

GJ: A terrific finish. He's got good feet, and when Jevo gets a penalty we are all happy because he tucks them away nicely.

Qu: And now on to Scunthorpe. That's going to be a critical game.

GJ: Yes, it's a big game, but it's a bigger game for them. I know they are only a couple of points behind us and they won again today. But it's going to be a different game. The onus is going to be on us at Huish Park to make sure we entertain and play the kind of game our fans like to see.

Qu: And you've obviously got Skivo back, which means that if Milesy doesn't make it then you've got cover there.

GJ: Yes, we've got cover and I've said that all year. We haven't got a lot of players as far as our squad is concerned, but we have got cover and that's important. It's not the size of our squad, it's the amount of cover that you've got.

Qu: Jevo and Darren came off, were they just tactical?

GJ: Jevo was tactical. I just felt that we needed to get a bit of pace in behind them. Gally got in a couple of times and nearly got us the third goal. I needed to keep Bartosz on the pitch because of his presence and for set plays and that sort of thing. But Darren just felt his hamstring a little bit. We felt that as it was 2-0 with 5 or 10 minutes to go, Darren knew that if he'd played on it any longer then he might have struggled. So resting him was the right idea, albeit with 10 minutes to go.

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19 February 2005 : Thugs 0 Footballers 2
Yeovil Town produced an ultra-professional performance at the Saunders Honda Stadium this afternoon to beat hosts Chester City by 2 goals to nil to stay at the top of League Two, Arron Davies and Phil Jevons the scorers. However this wasn't a game the Glovers will remember with much fondness. The tactics of the home team in the first half appeared to be to kick anything that moved, whether or not the ball was in the immediate vicinity, with the effect that Phil Jevons, Bartosz Tarachulski, Andy Lindegaard and Colin Miles all had to call on the services of the physio before half-time, Miles being forced off after 20 minutes with a knee injury following a foul, Kevin Amankwaah slotting into his place at centre-half. The injury will be assessed on Monday but may require a scan.

Amongst the bad challenges the Glovers were attempting to play some football in a strong wind, and Arron Davies got on the end of a Tarachuslki nod down to steer the ball past keeper Wayne Brown on 12 minutes. Phil Jevons made it 2-0 from the penalty spot on 32 minutes after he had been fouled inside the area. After the break the Glovers were content to sit back and allow the home side to attempt to find a way past the defence, which a limited Chester side were unable to do, the only real threat on goal coming from Robbie Foy when one-on-one with Chris Weale in injury time, but the chance was missed. The inevitable happened with ten minutes to go when Darren Edmondson was dismissed for a 2nd bookable offence. The only surprise was that he was the only Chester player to be sent off.

Final score: Chester City 0 - 2 Yeovil Town.

Aside from the injury to Colin Miles the other concern for the Glovers was Darren Way, substituted on 80 minutes. It's thought that Weasel has a tight hamstring and that the substitution was precautionary rather than essential - it's hoped that he'll be fit for the visit of Scunthorpe on Tuesday night.

The main talking point before the game amongst the travelling Glovers fans at the Saunders Honda Stadium was the whereabouts of winger Adi Caceres. The Argentinian/Australian has not enjoyed the best season at Huish Park and was conspicuous by his absence in Cheshire today, as well as at the reserve team friendly at Weymouth on Wednesday evening. Rumour's circulating amongst the Glovers faithful suggest that he has either been released already or has been told that he can find a new club, though as yet there has been no comment from Yeovil Town.

The result today leaves the Glovers on top of League Two with 62 points from 32 games played, 2 points and a game in hand ahead of 2nd placed Scunthorpe, who visit Huish Park for a real 6-pointer on Tuesday evening. The Iron beat Leyton Orient 1-0 at Glanford Park today. Swansea slipped up again at home, drawing 0-0 with struggling Grimsby to remain 3rd on 57 points, ahead of Macclesfield on goal difference only after the Silkmen's 3-0 home win over Rochdale. Lincoln, Southend and Northampton currently make up the remaining play-off places.

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18 February 2005 : Chester Preview
Yeovil Town go into tomorrow's clash with Chester City with almost a full squad to choose from, captain Terry Skiverton the only major figure unavailable. Ex-Chester Scott Guyett will step in. Adam Lockwood was always expected to make the trip after coming through forty-five minutes in a friendly against Weymouth earlier in the week, but slightly more surprising news is that Paul Terry also travels in the squad. Gary Johnson said :

Terry Skiverton is out suspended but we have cover there. The only thing I can report at this stage is that the boys look ready and up for it. Adam Lockwood and Paul Terry are both travelling. They both trained today so they are in contention.

Chester made two new signings on Thursday. The Glovers have already come across Ashley Sestanovich this season when he scored a late consolation for Grimsby Town in their 2-1 defeat at Huish Park in December. Sestanovich was recently released five months early from his loan spell at Blundell Park, with the Mariners quoting a poor attitude and unacceptable off-field behaviour. Returning to his parent club Sheffield United he soon found himself being released. A player with a point to prove perchance? The second signing is of Robbie Foy, on a month's loan from Liverpool.

With striker Cortez Belle definitely missing because of his third red card of the season, and fellow forward Michael Branch carrying a hamstring problem picked up during the 1-0 win over Kidderminster last weekend and rated as "50-50" at best, both new signings may well see action. In fact on Branch Chester manager Ian Rush stated :

Weíve got three games in a week. Itís no point risking Michael for one game when he could pull up and be out for another four. Robbie and Ashley can both play up front but weíll see how they shape up in training.

Yeovil convincingly defeated a poor and overly physical Chester side at Huish Park 4-1 earlier in the season, but have yet to record a victory at the Saunders Honda Stadium (Deva as was) in three previous attempts.

The Ciderspace Away Guide to Chester can be found here.

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18 February 2005 : Social Club Plans
Architect's plans for the new clubhouse
Architect's plans for the new clubhouse
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

As requested by Stewart Bratherton at the Customer Charter Meeting held last week at Huish Park (see minutes below), the club has released the plans for the new social club to be built in the corner between the Westland Terrace and the Bartlett Stand. Not being architects we have to say that the plans don't give us much of an impression of what the finished building will be like, but for those with more vivid imaginations........

Clubhouse plans - detail
Closer detail of the plans
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

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17 February 2005 : Minutes of the latest Customer Charter Meeting
Many thanks to Blue Stew of the YTISA for supplying us with his minutes from the latest Customer Charter Meeting, held at Huish Park on Monday 7th February.


Those Present:

John Fry Chairman YTFC
Adrian Hopper Press Officer and Chairman of the Customer Charter Group
Graham Joyce YTFC Security Officer
James Hoggett Police Liaison Officer
James Hillier Huish Park Stadium Manager
Bruce James YTFC
Len Brooker YTFC
Don Carter VPís
Hazel Ford DSA
Sharon Swain DSA
Rich Rendell G&WSC
Tony Strettin G&WSC
Ali King G&WSC
Mark Kelly YTISA
Roger Brimble YTISA
Colin Turner YTISA
Stewart Bratherton YTISA
Adrian Gleave YTISA
Brendon Owen YTISA

Adrian Hooper opened the meeting by stating that we only had 2 issues on the Agenda and that all other issues should be held over to the next meeting, as the 2 issues to be discussed were regarded as big issues. He then introduced Graham Joyce and James Hoggett to those present, as it was the first time either had attended a Customer Charter Meeting.


John started by saying that from the club's point of view they wanted to keep the costs that are liable to ensure that we have the required stadium safety to a minimum. He informed the meeting that the club still had an order against them resulting from the Enfield days when supporters encroached onto the playing surface and approached the away following on the away terrace. John went on to say that he believed in self policing, encouraging our own supporters to ensure that those on the spur of the moment may have the urge to encroach onto the playing surface are stopped. It was also reiterated that encroaching onto the playing surface is against both ground regulations and FA rules.

John informed the meeting that the costs of policing the ground last season were in the region of 200k. However this year due to both Grahamís and Jamesís intelligence, reporting and management they have been able to bring down these costs to around 125k. It was also hoped that in the future that providing these incidents continue to decline then hopefully the cost to the club would also decrease further. He went onto say that obviously if the club is promoted then we may have away supporters who may come with the intent of causing the club problems, there may well be games that will need a larger Police presence.

Mark asked that if the same stewards could be used in the same areas, then they would become familiar with those that use those areas, and therefore a better rapport could be established between both the stewards and supporters. Graham replied by stating that prior to the club being promoted to the football league they were only required to employ 30 stewards on match days, as in the conference there were fewer rules governing the controlling of supporters. Due to the design of the ground and exit points the club needed a minimum of 80 stewards to hold a game at Huish Park.

Graham went onto say that now we our in the league then we are governed by more stringent FA rules, which was his job to ensure we adhered too. Failure to comply with these rules could result in large fines or even the team playing behind closed doors, and therefore he emphasised the need for a good team of stewards at Huish Park.

Graham stated that he tries to bring in new stewards that like to follow Yeovil Town Football Club, and therefore encouraged any supporter who would like to become a steward to contact him at the club. Colin asked whether there was a minimum requirement he looked for in a steward, Graham replied by saying ďan individual who can talk to people, can fit in well, over the age of 18Ē, he also said that there was a FA upper limit of 55/60. Graham believed those individuals that make the better stewards are in the upper limit age bracket. He confirmed that they tend to be able to talk to people as they have been there and done most things, as also believed that they tend to be able handle individuals who may on the spur of the moment ďlose their identity when in a crowdĒ.

Graham stated that there had been instances over the last season where home supporters had confronted and verbally abused stewards, and he couldnít understand why supporters do this, and emphasised that most wouldnít understand until they had put the coat on and been a steward during such a situation. Graham informed the meeting that currently 50% of the stewards employed are agency with the others being Yeovil Town Stewards and it was these that he preferred to steward the home terrace, though this is not always possible.

One of the concerns that Graham has is the insistence of fans to stand in the gangways and on the yellow lines in the home terrace, with most fans ignoring the request and moving back onto the yellow lines once the stewards had turned their backs. He did point out that this was only a minority but something that was frustrating, as the stewards are only complying with the rules of the ground. He warned the meeting that he expected that with a bumper crowd forecast on Saturday against Bristol Rovers the FA may well be in attendance, monitoring how he and his staff steward the ground. He went onto say that if it was not done correctly that the first the club would likely know about it is when the FA had imposed a fine on the club.

Graham went onto recollect an incident last season when a group of opposition supporters were allocated tickets in the home area of the Main Stand close to the Westland Terrace, which resulted in home supporters remonstrating with the stewards to have them moved from the area. At this point Stewart stated that he was one of those fans that were involved in the incident, and that supporter and stewards had informed him that as a result of this incident the stewards were targeting him. He stated that the stewards were being briefed that both himself and Mark Chairman of YTISA were known troublemakers and should be watched. Stewart asked whether this was something that he was briefing down to his stewards and if so was his own personal opinion or that of the Football Club. Stewart went onto to inform the meeting that he regretted the incident, which had happened on the spur of the moment, and had apologised to the Steward concerned. Graham responded by saying that he didnít realise that Stewart was the supporter involved and that he did not have a grievance against Stewart, Mark or Yeovil Town Independent Supporters Association. He also asked that when individualís are stood on the home end and getting frustrated or excited not to do it in the stewardís faces.

Roger informed the meeting that he had a season ticket in the main stand, just behind the area that the opposition supporters had purchased tickets for. He stated that when the stewards and police realised they had away supporters in the home areas they positioned themselves behind the Yeovil Supporters to see how they reacted rather than escorting the away fans out of the area. He felt that it was our supporters that were being punished for the clubs mistake by selling the tickets to opposition supporters. Graham replied by saying that as soon as these supporters were brought to the control room's attention, it took 7 minutes to request they move to the away terrace, which they duly did. Graham stated that his job was to make Huish Park a safe place for all supporters; he confirmed that banning orders had already been issued to 3 supporters for incidents that had happened on the home terrace this season.

John intervened by saying that the purpose of these meetings is to bring the supporters concerns to the attention of the club, and that we must all work together. He emphasised that failure to comply with the requests of the stewards could result in the ground capacity being reduced, and we all need to ensure that the minority that are not adhering to the requests are being told so by those that are complying with the request. He reiterated that it is better to have our own stewards than agency stewards as not only do they get to know the supporters they will also save the club money in the long term.

The meeting was also informed that the stewards are paid more than in previous years and that they are also trained in accordance with security industry requirements. Colin asked what was involved in the training that the stewards were receiving. Graham informed the meeting that they receive training in conflict management, conflict resolution and searching, he also stated that only a certain amount were trained in restraint, he stated that they had no such thing as a snatch team but did have an ejection team. As has been noticeable this season the ejection team do not go into a crowd, they are usually held at the sides until the individual they wish to eject either goes to the lavatory or tea bars and he or she is then ejected, which therefore results in minimal confrontation. Stewart asked Graham to clarify the different types of stewards we have employed on match days. He replied by saying that those wearing the Blue Jackets were his Senior Stewards, the Orange are the Supervisors and those wearing Yellow jackets were your matchday stewards.

Graham went onto inform the meeting that as from Saturdayís game the club would have a number that supporters could send a text to the control room if any supporter has a problem with a fellow supporter, this includes those that are being verbally abusive or racial. They have introduced this to enable the authorities to deal with the incident rather than having confrontations between Yeovil supporters.

There were discussions on the rules governing the standing on the Yellow lines at half time. Graham stated that they had relaxed the rules during a period of 5 minutes either side of half time, as this is the period when most supporters have to stand on the lines when queuing for the tea bars. Those that use the Westland Terrace felt that some of the tannoy announcements could not be heard, and it was felt that this was due to the position and direction that the speakers were in. The club officials present stated that they would look into this before Saturdayís game.

Graham finished by saying that to avoid facing possible legal action in the future it would be necessary to have the lights within the stands on during the game, this would obviously enable supporters to see where they where going. He stated that this was already being implemented at other grounds within both the Premier and Football League. Brendon expressed his concerns with this proposal as he felt that with the lights on the supporters view of the playing surface was not as good. Though it was agreed that there might be a requirement to have them on, it was felt by having a lower wattage bulb it hopefully would not diminish the view of the playing surface. However if it did it would not be taken well by supporters within the stand, as it is they that had paid their money to see the team play on the pitch, and again this may cause conflict between the club and its supporters.


James Hoggett was asked to the reasoning of why both away supporters and children are not allowed in the Marquee, he replied that he was unsure but would inform the meeting in writing of the reasons by the next meeting. John stated that one of the main reasons was that when the club was promoted it was the customer charter meeting that felt that they did not want away supporters using the Huish Park Facilities. Mark replied by saying that the initial impression that we all had of away supporters was that there were a large percentage that were trouble makers, something that is obviously not true.

Everyone acknowledged that most clubs hosted Yeovil fans very well, and they felt that we were not offering the same hospitality when they visit Huish Park, and therefore it was felt that the Police should be approached with a request that away supporters be allowed to use the facilities. It was also emphasised that if the Police received intelligence that there could be trouble from certain away supporters then the use of the facility for that set of supporters would be denied.

James informed the meeting that the local police were receiving compliments from virtually every opposing police force on the exemplary behaviour of the travelling Yeovil Town Supporters, something we should all be proud of.


Hazel brought to the attention of the meeting that stewards were allowing non-badge holders to park in the disabled parking spaces, which was obviously causing problems to those that have the space designated to them. Graham asked that in future if this happened that a steward should be asked to contact the safety officer, who would come and try and sort it out, he did ask that disabled drivers do not confront drivers that are illegally parked in these bays.

Hazel also stated that the some of the designated bays are not marked well enough and therefore visitors did not realise that they were parking in disabled bays. She also asked that the disabled bays at the rear of the Bartlett Stand be marked up accordingly, John asked James Hillier to ensure that this was done at the earliest opportunity.

John stated that the players should park at the back of the VPís car park, with the VPís car park being used by permit holders only, he also said that staff are required to park in the top car park. Colin had concerns at this as this meant his partner who is employed by the club is required late at night to walk to a her car which was parked in a car park that had no lighting in. John reiterated that when the marquee is removed that the area would be used as a car park for both players and staff.

John asked both James Hillier and Bruce James to sort out the flooding in the VPís car park, he requested that it be dug up and suitable draining put in prior to Saturdays game.


James Hillier produced the revised plans for the proposed new social club. Stewart asked if he could obtain a copy that he could get scanned so that it can be placed on all the club websites, this was agreed by James. John informed the meeting that the plans had been submitted to the council for planning permission. The bar would have 2 floors, however initially only the lower floor would be furnished, with the first floor being developed at a later date, but it was intended that in the long term to have a function room upstairs that could seat 200 users.

The proposed build was part of the redevelopment of the tea bars and toilets of both the Westland and Bartlett Stands. John stated that there were insufficient ladies and disabled toilets in the 2 stands and by building the social bar it would alleviate some of these problems. He also stated that the club was required to refurbish the tea bars with a figure of 10k required to refurbish the Westland Stand one, once the Social Bar was built it would be used for catering at half time with no alcohol being served during games.

It was decided that a Fund raising committee should be established with representatives from all groups to focus on raising funds to assist with both the build and furnishing of the proposed new social club. All present felt that with all groups focusing on the same goal it would hopefully be easier to raise the funds.

The club had put the proposed build out to tender and they were awaiting the bids to be submitted. Obviously the priority will continue to be the development of the club on the pitch, with the playing budget for this year being based on crowds of 6,000 with next year being 7-7500. John informed the meeting that they were in discussions with breweries about the possibility of funding the build, with a meeting planned for the following day with a major brewery.

Providing that the funding can be found it is hoped that building can start as soon as planning permission is obtained, it was still hoped to have the bar built by the start of next season.

John informed the meeting that obviously if the build was not complete then the club were looking for a contingency plan. One of the suggestions was to turn the Gloverís Restaurant, which very rarely had enough income to cover the overheads, back into a supporterís bar, the reasoning behind this was the club needs the revenue and also the supporters need somewhere to drink.

Don was asked by John to approach the VPís committee and members to attain whether they would be willing to use the Gloverís Bar for the period of the build.

John informed the meeting that the initial idea of putting the control centre on top of the new social bar was now not feasible. The club who had already submitted a bid for funding from the football trust, hoped that funding would be forthcoming to update the control room, if the funding was given the club would have 3 years to develop the control room.

Adrian closed the meeting by informing all that the next meeting would take place on Monday 4th April.

Stewart Bratherton

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17 February 2005 : Are you watching Green & Whites? :-)
Television documentary producers have decided to follow the Yeovil Town Independent Supporters' Association on the forthcoming trip to Grimsby on Saturday 26th February as part of a new Sky One television show about football away days.

Anyone wishing to travel to Grimsby and the chance of getting on camera should contact 07960 687075 and speak to Roger Brimble.

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17 February 2005 : Two All At The Wessex
Almost like old times, as Yeovil Town met Weymouth for the third occasion this season last night. However of course these days our seaside neighbours only warrant a reserve outfit, and the matches are friendlies.

The first half was pretty non-descript, but importantly for Yeovil saw Adam Lockwood, playing at centre back, manage to complete 45 minutes on his comeback from a knee injury without any reaction.

The visitors took the lead just before half-time when Youth Team player Richard Cullingford knocked in a cross from on-loan Bristol City defender Kevin Amankwaah. Amankwaah was picked out by fans from both sides as a class above. Weymouth equalised after the break through Ludovic Cadima. The Glovers then re-took the lead through Dale Williams playing out in the left wing slot. However the Terras again pulled level on 78 minutes via Simon Browne. That was the end of the scoring.

There was no run out for the other Yeovil injury Paul Terry, with Steve Thompson saying that he would probably make his return next week.

Weymouth : Ramos, Ross-Jennins, Walker, Waterman, Browne, Keane, Nelson, Hill, Byrne, Walsh, Wheeler. Substitutes : Waldock, Carmichael, Dixon, Cadima, Jackson (Richard not Kirk), Evans.

Yeovil : Steve Collis, Kevin Amankwaah, Gavin McCullum, Stephen Reed, Adam Lockwood, Steve Thompson, Richard Cullingford, Marc Cannum, Kezie Ibe, Andrejs Stolcers, Dale Williams. Substitutes : Shane Case, Andy Martin, Ben Wood, Tim Pearse.

Referee : Royston Mitchell

Final score - Weymouth 2-2 Yeovil Town

Attendance 152

A full match report from Robin Evans can be found here on Ciderspace.

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17 February 2005 : Rovers face FA investigation
Local rivals Bristol Rovers are facing an FA investigation after objects were thrown from the away end of Huish Park at Yeovil keeper Chris Weale during last Saturday's 4-2 win for the Glovers. Referee Andre Marriner included the incident in his report, and coming on top of two previous incidents of missile-throwing already reported this season, Rovers could now be facing a severe penalty from the FA, including the possibility of a fine or even a points deduction. Ciderspace understands that the missiles thrown at Weale included sweets, coins and more sinisterly, ball-bearings.

Bristol Rovers safety officer Dave Harper commented to his club's official site: "We have now received a copy of the referee's report from Saturday's game, and once again we have been reported to the Football Association for items being thrown towards the pitch from people who purport to be Bristol Rovers supporters. These missiles came from the away end, and were clearly seen by the match referee and other officials. I cannot stress enough that the name of Bristol Rovers and 99.9 per cent of the decent fans of this football club are being tarnished by this kind of behaviour.

"Whether it happens at the Memorial Stadium or anywhere else, it is still the club [Bristol Rovers] that will be punished. I hope the individuals responsible realise the possible implications of their actions. Items being thrown from the crowd onto the pitch is an incredibly serious offence, and authorities will punish offending clubs where it hurts them most if it happens persistently, and this is three times in less than six months. As a club we are taking all matters relating to crowd disorder extremely seriously, and we will simply not tolerate any behaviour which puts the safety or enjoyment of other fans, or the welfare of the football club, at risk."

Anyone with any information regarding Saturday's incident is urged to contact Mr Harper, in confidence, on 0117 9096648 during office hours.

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15 February 2005 : Soccer Night
This Thursday's West Country Soccer Night features Terry Skiverton and Scott Guyett as guests.

The show will be recorded at The Coach & Horses in South Perrott from 6.00 p.m. tomorrow (Wednesday).

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15 February 2005 : Gary thanks the fans
Glovers boss Gary Johnson has praised the club's supporters for the backing shown to both himself and the team at Saturday's local derby with Bristol Rovers.

Speaking to the club's official website Gary said: ďFirst of all Iíd like to thank our great supporters for the wonderful support they gave me and the lads throughout the game. I thought the game and support was all played in the right spirit. The plus points in these sorts of situations is whether the team can respond well in times of adversity and we did that on Saturday.

ďWe won the game thanks to a fantastic spell of football. It was three massive points for us at this stage of the season and although we were obviously celebrating the victory on the day we were also celebrating another victory in our quest to gain promotion this season and I think another seven or eight victories will be sufficient to achieve that.

ďI think we have players hitting a bit of form and the team is very focussed at present and I think the club showed we can come through games like that strongly, especially as it was a local derby with all the hype that goes with that sort of game.

ďI did think that everybody at this football club, including the off the field staff, deserved that victory on Saturday.Ē

So much for the Gas. The club now looks forward to Saturday and the trip to Chester. There's a little bit of a mystery concerning club captain Terry Skiverton's status for the match. Today's edition of the Western Daily Press claims that Skivo will be suspended for the game after picking up his 5th booking of the season against Rovers last weekend, and the club certainly seem to agree with that, the Gaffer telling the paper: "We have got cover for him. It's a shame but we have got people who can play there and we think we have enough ability in the squad because we have been proving that all season."

However Skivo's name is conspicuous by its absence from the weekly list of suspended players produced by the FA; added to which, according to Ciderspace's own records, Skivo has only picked up 4 cautions this season... 1 short of the number required for an automatic one-match ban. Which almost certainly means we've missed out a booking somewhere along the line, watch this space.

Whether Skivo is available or not on Saturday Scott Guyett will be on stand-by to replace him. The other, much more unlikely possibility could be a surprise - but very welcome - recall for Adam Lockwood, who's missed virtually all of the season with a knee injury. Locky is back in training at last and will play in the reserves friendly at Weymouth tomorrow night (Wednesday 16th Feb), kick-off at the Wessex Stadium is at 7.30pm. Paul Terry, himself recovering from a knee injury, may also play at the Wessex depending on an assessment tomorrow.


The club's official site has now confirmed that Terry Skiverton will be suspended for Saturday's trip to Chester after receiving his 5th booking of the season against Bristol Rovers last Saturday.

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13 February 2005 : Interview With Phil Jevons
Hat-trick hero Phil Jevons spoke to the press having assisted Yeovil Town regained their lead of League Two, by consolidating his goal tally up to 21 in the League and 23 in all competitions, after a 4-2 victory over local rivals Bristol Rovers. The 25-year-old spoke of his delight having bagged his third hat-trick of this seasonís campaign.

Jevons explained: "It was a nice one because I havenít scored for a few games now and it was starting to worry me a little bit."

Read the full interview with Phil Jevons (transcript by George Murray) by heading here or head to the Ciderspace Interviews Section.

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13 February 2005 : Kevan Broadhurst's View on the Bristol Rovers Game
Bristol Rovers manager Ian Atkins was conspicuous by his absence from Huish Park today after he spent the two days before the match doing his best to stir up ill-feeling between the two local rivals. The Rovers boss left assistant manager Kevan Broadhurst to answer the following questions to the press having been defeated 4-2 at Huish Park yesterday:

Qu: Kevan, a bad day all round then for Bristol Rovers?

KB: It started badly this morning, losing Steve Elliot and John Anderson, so we knew that we were going to struggle with the injuries that we have had. We have lost Ali Gibb, Dave Savage and Kevin Miller. Lee Thorpe went this week but to lose those two centre halves, just left us very very short. I had a real panic when Lescott went down because if you look at the bench, it just was not strong. I was left with a schoolboy, a college kid, three strikers and our problems where defensive. We would like to think of ourselves as a big club but if you look at their bench and what they had to bring on and what we had to bring on today, we are miles apart.

Qu: No Ian Atkins today, what was wrong with Ian to stop him from coming to Huish Park today?

KB: Ian has been ill for about four weeks and I think that he has probably infected everyone in the club over the last month. It turns out that he has got bronchitis I think. He is not well at all and needs to clear it up as it is affecting us massively. I have never known him miss a game, so that is how bad it is in the camp. We have got lots of excuses if we want to use them.

Qu: Any positives to gain out of that performance?

KB: I still thought for twenty-five minutes we were excellent. We moved the ball well and I donít think that they could compete with us and we got our lead which we deserved but we just lacked belief.
Kevan Broadhurst can't believe it as Phil Jevons ensures Rovers concede their sixth away penalty of the season
Kevan Broadhurst can't believe it as Phil Jevons ensures Rovers concede their sixth away penalty of the season
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

Qu: You beat Grimsby 3-0 last week and everyone was talking about the play-offs, is that a bit too ambitious now?

KB: No. We will just keep going and working hard. We have got to stop conceding penalties. It was the sixth penalty that we have conceded away from home this season. We have got to stop conceding poor goals and see where we finish. If it is on the play-offs then great but if it is not, then we will have to do it next year. We need help as the squad isnít big enough. Somebody has got to bring in players from somewhere as our players are injured. If Lescott is out we havenít got a right back at the club, other than Ali Gibb who is injured, so we have got to have some help or we will continue as we are.

[Transcription by George Murray.]

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13 February 2005 : Gary's verdict on the Bristol Rovers game
Glovers boss Gary Johnson answered the following questions from the press after the 4-2 win at home to local rivals Bristol Rovers yesterday:

Gary, how thrilled are you? You're back at the top of the table and youíve beaten Bristol Rovers rather convincingly this evening?

"Yes, it was a super result. We knew it was going to be an important one not just because it was a local derby but because it was important to get the three points to get back to the top of the league. A few results have gone for us so although we respected the importance of the local derby, we also needed to respect the importance of the bigger picture which was gaining promotion.

The celebrations at the end, Iíve not seen you that joyful after a result for sometime?

"Well itís the same as everyone else, Iím a local now arenít I? Iím from Yeovil now myself so Iím happy when weíve won local derbies. Thereís been a lot of things said over the week and weíve tried to not get involved and I suppose thereís a little bit of energy that gets let out at certain points! You try not to be disrespectful and I donít think I was but certainly our fans enjoyed it and I enjoyed it."

There were only two bookings today. How pleased are you that after all the hype that the players behaved themselves and played football?

"Well exactly, you underestimate the professionalism of professional footballers sometimes, even Bristol Rovers played the game the right way. It was competitive, they got the first goal and were in a position to go on and maybe take the game if they wanted to but we came back into it very quickly and then had a cosmic spell of maybe 25-30 minutes in the second half that won the game. Iím proud of Jevvo, heís got 3 more to his tally and heís had a great day."

Have you seen a better goal than his first?

"It was a fantastic goal and Iím going to claim that one actually because we were practicing our set plays and one of them was that particular throw-in. Bartosz does very well in that situation and Jevvoís caught it very well and it was a great opening goal."

And to complete the hat-trick...

"The hat-trick was a brave header, that was a great little run by Lindy, a great far post ball and Jevvo had to be brave and attack it. When you're on two goals and youíve got that for your hat-trick you've got to be brave, and he was brave then and it was the one that killed the game for Bristol Rovers."
Phil Jevons scores his hat-trick with a header that Gary Johnson described as brave
Phil Jevons scores his hat-trick with a header that Gary Johnson described as brave
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

Are there any negatives on a day like this?

"Their second goal is a bit of a negative because you like to come off feeling happy. You always like to score the last goal especially if itís a winning game but we were a bit sloppy in the last 5 or 10 minutes but weíd done enough previously to not worry too much. But Iím proud of the boys and it's a fantastic result for the town, the supporters, for my board of directors and the dressing room."

And it was a huge result after last weekends defeat against Macclesfield.

"Yes, we had to come back. I think people have already said that we havenít lost two on the trot this season and thatís why we are where we are I suppose, but it also shows the great spirit and the character in the team and as I said I was proud of them today."

What are you doing tonight?

"You need a break, Iíd love to go out and celebrate but you need a break so a nice quiet night in with my wife, and I nearly said my girlfriend then!"

Transcription by Richard Gibson

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12 February 2005 : Atkins diet makes Rovers sick
Pile on! Darren Way celebrates in a bundle for Phil Jevons scoring a hat-trick
Pile on! Darren Way celebrates in a bundle for Phil Jevons scoring a hat-trick
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

Yeovil Town regained the lead of League Two after a 4-2 victory over local rivals Bristol Rovers in front of near a sell-out crowd of 9,154 at Huish Park this afternoon (writes George Murray). Phil Jevons was the hero of the afternoon for Yeovil having grabbed a hat trick, but his side had to come from a goal down to win all three points.

Despite a quiet opening Rovers took the lead with their first shot on target when Craig Disley scored a well-taken opener in the 17th minute. But Phil Jevons then levelled matters ten minutes later following a spectacular volley from 25-yards out. Goals havenít been short of late for either Yeovil Town or Phil Jevons, and the 25-year-old came close to adding to his tally. But neither him nor Kevin Gall, with the follow-up, could double their side's lead.

The Somerset outfit were awarded a penalty shortly after the break when Christian Edwards was adjudged to have handled the ball inside the box. Up stepped Jevons who kept his nerve and sent Rovers keeper Ryan Clarke the wrong way to fire Yeovil into the lead. Jevons completed his treble shortly after the hour-mark having guided an Andy Lindegaard cross past Clarke. "It was a brave header, when you are on two goals and you have got that for your hat-trick you're brave and it was that goal which killed the game," admitted Yeovil boss Gary Johnson afterwards. The game was put beyond any doubt when Bartosz Tarachulski headed home from an Arron Davies cross before Richard Walker grabbed a consolation goal two minutes from time. "I am proud of my boys and it is a fantastic result for the town, for the supporters, for the board of directors and certainly for my dressing room," concluded Johnson. And so say all of us!
George Murray.

Rovers boss Ian Atkins was conspicuous by his absence from Huish Park today. Having spent the 2 days before the match seemingly doing his best to stir up ill-feeling between the 2 sides and coincidently appearing perfectly healthy to those journalists who saw him yesterday, the Rovers manager stayed away from Huish Park in the event today with 'flu', which is unfortunate because he also missed a match with 'flu' a couple of weeks ago. Obviously a very virulent strain of bird flu, chicken perhaps? Get well soon, Ian. You were missed today.

Final score: Yeovil Town 4 - 2 Bristol Rovers.

The result puts the Glovers back on top of League 2 on 59 points from 31 games played. Scunthorpe drew 0-0 at Southend last night and drop to 2nd place on 57 points. Swansea surprisingly lost 3-1 at Leyton Orient to remain in 3rd place on 56 points but having played a game more than both Yeovil and Scunthorpe. Macclesfield's good run continued with a 1-0 win at Cambridge, the 4th-placed Silkmen are now only 2 points behind Swansea on 54 points. Southend are 5th on 51 points, with Lincoln and Northampton currently making up the final play-off places. Next Saturday's opponents Chester won 1-0 at Kidderminster to go to 19th position with 37 points.

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11 February 2005 : We're Not Top Of The League ...... But That's Good News!
Yeovil Town were tonight knocked off the top of Coca Cola League Two as Scunthorpe United replaced them by a single point margin.

Bizarrely, it came as most Glovers fans got the result they wanted tonight, with Scunthorpe's 0-0 draw with fellow promotion challengers Southend United being about the best result that could be had.

It leaves Scunthorpe a point ahead of Yeovil and Swansea City, but blocked Southend's chances of closing the gap, leaving the Essex side five points adrift of the Glovers having played two games more. The full league table is here.

The 0-0 draw was the only match played tonight in League Two, with the other eleven weekend fixtures taking place tomorrow. Swansea City travel to Leyton Orient, whilst Yeovil's main other promotion rivals Macclesfield Town travel to play Cambridge United. The Glovers are of course home to Bristol Rovers in a match that is an all-ticket sell-out. Please don't travel to Huish Park in the hope of getting in unless you already have a ticket!

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11 February 2005 : Barker Added To Centenary Shield Squad
Further to our news (January 24th) that Youth Team goalkeeper Danny Barker has been selected for the England Under-18s Schoolboys squad for their forthcoming tour of Jamaica, the Western Gazette has been providing additional information about the tour.

Danny will also join the squad for the Centenary Shield - a schoolboy equivalent of the Home Nations tournament. The Glovers keeper will be hoping to play against Scotland at Dunfermline Athletic's ground on 25th February, Northern Ireland at Bolton Wanderers on 4th March and Ireland in Cork on 18th March.

Yeovil College's Director of Football is former Glovers cult midfield hero Peter Conning and he said of Barker's selection: "Daniel has been justifiably rewarded for the commitment he has shown to the sport. He is one of those people who really just enjoys playing football but he has also taken on board the need to work hard, implementing much of the advice and guidance provided to him."

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11 February 2005 : Yemi Was Homesick
Glovers boss Gary Johnson has indicated that striker Yemi Odubade left the club to return to East Sussex because he could not settle in Somerset. The 20 year old left for Conference South side Eastbourne Borough just eight months after joining the Glovers from neighbours Eastbourne Town.

But Johnson told the Western Gazette that this had been a long running issue explaining: "Yemi could not settle in the area and really needed to move back to Eastborne so unfortunately we have lost him. We have obtained a small fee from Eastbourne Borough with a small sell-on but he is going back to part-time football. I am disappointed but this has been going on now for a couple of months. We have worked hard to try to get him into it but unfortunately the personal reasons were too strong."

Typically, Johnson has refused to speculate whether Yemi's position will be immediately filled adding: "Yemi's departure could now leave a space to fill in the squad but whether we will look to do that quickly we will have to wait and see. This is the time of year when people start sending in their CVs to us and agents tell us that their players are out of contract at the end of the season, so we will look at all that and see whether anyone can come in and enhance our squad. We have spotted a few potential players and we are making enquiries but that is the same as every club. But until something becomes absolute, we do not like to speculate."

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11 February 2005 : Clubs In Contrast As Glovers Keep Calm
Whilst Bristol Rovers manager Ian Atkins continues to do his best to talk up a fixture that didn't need talking up, the Yeovil camp have been careful not to say anything that could be used against them in the build-up to tomorrow's local derby match at Huish Park. The Yeovil management and vice-captain Darren Way have chosen to concentrate on the game itself and not on any of the pre-match hype that the Rovers camp are attempting to stir up.

Assistant boss Steve Thompson said this week on the Teamtalk website: "With Scunthorpe playing at Southend on Friday night, it would be good if we can go into Saturday still top of the table. We know that if we win on Saturday we can either stay top of the table or go back to the top, whatever happens at Southend - so that's good motivation for the team to win on Saturday."

Meanwhile Gary Johnson told the same site: "This is a true derby and the best way to bounce back from a disappointing defeat and a disappointing performance is in front of your home fans against your local rivals. I have got to make sure everyone is right for this one - it's a big game and means a lot to all of us here. It was a cracking atmosphere and crowd up at the Memorial Ground and I am expecting the same thing here on Saturday. I can't wait until kick-off!"

Midfielder Darren Way meanwhile is full of respect for the Rovers side. Speaking to the Western Daily Press Way side of last October's encounter: "Last time we chucked it away. Full credit to Rovers for the way they fought back but we should have won the game. We'll make sure that doesn't happen again and now we're top of the league we have to do whatever it takes to stay there. The game will obviously have added spice because it's a derby, but we will try to treat it like any other. It may get heated but we will keep our heads, like we did last time, and concentrate on our own games. The noise from both sets of fans at the Memorial Stadium was unbelievable, the best I've ever known. Both sets of fans are really passionate and I'm sure it will be loud on Saturday. You can't beat derby games for atmosphere."

In contrast, Rovers have chosen to continue their own one-sided war of words, with defender Christian Edwards the latest to speak his mind. Talking to the Western Daily Press Edwards claimed: "They came down here (Memorial Stadium) and showed disrespect to us in a way. We gave them respect as the top team in the league and they are a very good side. We will be prepared for Yeovil on Saturday and we all feel we owe them one. There is an edge to this game. I'm wound up for it; everyone is wound up for it. I had this in the past with Swansea and Cardiff but I didn't think there would be that edge between Yeovil and Rovers, that it would be more between Rovers and Bristol City. But after last season and this season's game at the Mem, it showed the little niggle that is there. Obviously we can't do anything daft and we don't need any stupid punches or kicks. We need discipline and controlled aggression and hopefully we can then give a performance worthy of this football club."

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10 February 2005 : Atkins Scores An Own Goal
Bristol Rovers manager Ian Atkins has ensured that Yeovil Town's players and supporters will need no self-motivation to be applied when the two sides meet this coming Saturday. Speaking to the Rovers Official Site, Atkins has bizarrely accused the Glovers of play-acting, accusing Yeovil players of taking a dive during the stormy October game that saw Rovers finish the game with nine men following red cards for violent conduct against Dave Savage and Steve Elliott.

Atkins said of those two dismissals: "We saw two players sent off in the first game. But what for? Nothing. They shouldn't have been sent off, simple. If you speak to people throughout the division, they are not happy with the way Yeovil throw themselves around on the floor. Allegations were made and they stick in the mind. You can't take away from Yeovil that they are an excellent side, but if you speak to people throughout the division, they are not happy with the way Yeovil throw themselves around on the floor."

Strangely, Atkins chooses not to name those people he speaks of, but doubtless it has slipped his mind just as easily as the comments he made directly after the October match.

In the post-match October press conference Atkins said of the two dismissals: "I would like to apologise to our supporters, to Yeovil Town and to Gary Johnson, because that is not how I like the game to be played. I can't condone what they did, and I thought the referee got it totally right. I have been told that Savage got an elbow first, but you cannot retaliate like that. I am a disciplined person and I like aggressive play, but I like it channelled properly. That is not what I saw tonight, and they will get dealt with and fined later this week. I am a passionate person and I will tell the truth when I see things like this. They let themselves down and the club down when there was no need for it."

Rovers chose not to appeal against the two red cards, but Atkins has chosen to contradict himself ahead of Saturday's fixture. The Rovers manager has also claimed that his own side are a model of 'fair play' adding: "When people talk about fair play, we mean playing the game properly, and in the right spirit. The only bad tackle in the first match came from Williams on James Hunt in the second half, but Hunty just got up and the first thing he did was to shake the player's hand and walk away. He didn't lie down trying to get the other player sent off. That is how I want this football club to be portrayed - hard, but at the same time fair and honest."

Sadly for the under pressure Rovers manager, the season's statistics tell a different story. Rovers have had a total of seven red cards this season and on top of that Atkins himself has been in the FA dock on three charges this season. They have accumulated a total of 21 games-worth of suspensions in the process. That record is the worst in League Two. By comparison, the Glovers have had just two red cards so far this season and have only lost three other games to suspensions for yellow card accumulation.

Saturday's game is not the first time Atkins has attempted to pressurise match officials in advance of a game. Last November's trip to the Vetch Field saw the Rovers manager make pre-match accusations claiming that referees were guilty of awarding Swansea generous decisions on their own ground. More recently he has accused the FA of deliberately sending "rookie" referees to the Memorial Stadium.

Ironically in the November meeting at the Vetch Field, Swansea won with a last minute penalty that left the Rovers manager fuming, sparking a row between the respective managers. Atkins admitted he had tried to put pressure on the referee, via his assessor, before the game: "I spoke to the assessor before the game and said I remembered coming here three years ago and if anyone goes down in that area near the Swansea fans, the crowd start shouting - and decisions always go against you. They did again here and it's no coincidence."

Jacks manager Kenny Jackett said after the game: "Ian has his own issues and his own club to manage. All I can do is concentrate on Swansea. I have known Ian down the years and I know he is a competitor who will do whatever he can to get onto the referee. We're big enough to know that tempers get frayed and things get said in the heat of the moment but I'm sure the next time I see him things will be okay. He's entitled to his opinions. I try to leave the referee and the linesman alone because there is no point in trying to affect things you have no control over."

Thankfully, Saturday's referee is Andre Marriner of Coventry, who so far has an excellent track record at Huish Park. He has yet to officiate in a Yeovil match this season and has largely been given games at the top end of the Coca Cola League. He has the highest rating of all National Group referees on the Rate The Ref website, and so is unlikely to be influenced by the ravings of the Rovers manager.

Where Atkins comments will undoubtedly hold influence is amongst the Yeovil players he has called cheats and for the packed Huish Park crowd, who will no doubt be preparing a right royal welcome for El Fruitcake. When will he ever learn?

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9 February 2005 : Reserves Lose Out At Swansea
Yeovil Town Reserves lost out by a 3-2 scoreline at the Vetch Field tonight against Swansea City Reserves. Yeovil's goalscorers were Kezie Ibe and Adrian Caceres.

A match report on the game has been supplied by Tim Lancaster and you can read his thoughts on the game here.

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9 February 2005 : Action Photos From Macclesfield vs Yeovil
A new action photo gallery is now available. Featuring shots from Yeovil Town's 3-1 defeat at Moss Rose against Macclesfield Town on Saturday.

A total of 63 photos have been loaded up and you can find them here.

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9 February 2005 : Cardiff Reserves Match Report
Ciderspace regular scribe Robin Evans has supplied his thoughts on last week's 0-3 defeat against Cardiff City Reserves in the Pontins Football Combination League.

To read Robin's report head here.

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9 February 2005 : On To Victory - next edition on sale Saturday
The team behind Glovers fanzine On To Victory writes:

The On To Victory logo
The On To Victory logo

"48 pages folksÖ..yes 48 pages packed full of articles from our wonderful world of football. Itís a new look fanzine whilst still keeping some of your favourites. In this one, an interview with Chris Weale, a trip to ĎA Valleyí with a few chaps from Somerset plus a look at some local up and coming Kevin Galls; just a few of the features in this edition.

"What more would you want for just £1?

"It hits Huish Park and the pubs this Saturday for the big derby clash with Bristol Woevers. Look out for good looking sellers before, during and after the game, or alternatively go to the ugly ones!"

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9 February 2005 : Youth Match Postponed
Yeovil Town Youth Team's start to the Merit League has been delayed by the postponement of Saturday's home match against Brighton and Hove Albion. No reason has been given for the early postponement.

Meanwhile those travelling to tonight's Reserve Team match against Swansea City (kick-off 6.00pm) are advised to enter via Gate 3 at the Vetch Field. Admission charges are 3 pounds for adults and 2 pounds for concessions.

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8 February 2005 : Ibe Not Guilty
Kezie Ibe has been found not guilty at Guildford Crown Court of assaulting Halifax Town manager Chris Wilder, causing actual bodily harm. The jury took only two hours to reject the charges brought against Ibe after a week long trial.

The case dates back to February 12th 2004 and the end of extra-time in last season's Fourth Round F.A. Trophy replay at Staines Town, Ibe's club at the time.

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8 February 2005 : Goodbye Yemi
Striker Yemi Odubade has returned to former club Eastbourne Borough on a permanent basis, according to Yeovil's official site. The club have said that Yemi wished to leave the Glovers for 'personal reasons' with Gary Johnson adding that the player wished to return to part-time football.

Johnson said: "Yemi has left us for personal reasons but I am naturally disappointed because he was improving along the right lines. However he was keen to return to part time football and we have respected his wishes. Naturally everyone at Yeovil wishes him all the best for the future."

Yemi joined Yeovil from Eastbourne Borough last summer. He has found first-team appeareances hard to come by, scoring twice in 8 matches, coming on as substitute on all occasions. He's been a regular starter for the reserves, scoring 4 goals for the Glovers second-string this season. He's blessed with extreme pace and from what we've seen of him in his few first team appearances and run-outs with the reserves is a natural finisher. He seemed very raw when he first arrived at Huish Park but has undoubtedly began looking more and more the part as the season has progressed and it must be said that at Ciderspace we are somewhat surprised and disappointed that he's wanted to leave as he certainly looked a very good prospect for the future. Nevertheless we wish him well. Good luck Yemi!

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8 February 2005 : Ticketing For Saturday Update
Reports from the Ticket Office indicate that all seating for the Yeovil Town v Bristol Rovers match on Saturday 12th February has now sold out. Standing room only, with a couple of hundred spaces remaining in the Westland Terrace.

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8 February 2005 : More Fixture Changes
The kick-off of the Swansea City Reserves v Yeovil Town Reserves match tomorrow (Wednesday) has been changed again (see yesterday's news item below). It will now be at 6.00 p.m.

The Reserves away fixture against AFC Bournemouth in the Pontins Football Combination League, rearranged for the third time, on this occasion because of the First Team's rearrangement of the match against Northampton Town to Tuesday March 1st, will now be played on the following day - Wednesday March 2nd, with a 4.00 p.m. kick-off.

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7 February 2005 : Ticket News V Rovers
Huish Park is closing in on a sell out for next Saturday's derby fixture against Bristol Rovers.

A reminder that this match is All TICKET. For those yet to purchase their tickets : there are a couple of hundred spaces left on the Westland Terrace. For seating, there are scattered one's and two's around the Yeovil College (Main) and Bartlett Stands, with the exception of corner block PP where there are a few bigger groups of seats remaining.

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7 February 2005 : Youth Team Merit Division Fixtures
Yeovil Town U18's will be playing in the Second of the three divisions in the Football League Youth Alliance Merit League South.

Division Two comprises:

Brighton & Hove Albion
Bristol Rovers
Colchester United
Oxford United
Plymouth Argyle
Rushden & Diamonds
Yeovil Town

Yeovil's games as announced by the Football League are as follows :

Sat 12th February - home to Brighton & Hove Albion
Sat 19th February - away to Bristol Rovers
Sat 26th February - away to Colchester United
Sat 5th March - home to Walsall
Sat 19th March - away to Plymouth Argyle
Sat 26th March - Yeovil Town's free week
Sat 2nd April - home to Portsmouth
Sat 9th April - away to Rushden & Diamonds
Sat 23rd April - home to Oxford United

Kick-off times are 11.00 a.m. unless otherwise arranged.

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7 February 2005 : Gally Captures Nation's Heart
And the World's, as we have reason to believe he cleaned up the U.S.A., home of brother Jon, and all other points North, East, South and West, vote as well. has announced that Kevin Gall has swept to a conclusive victory in the poll to determine the Player Of The Round for the Fourth Round Proper of the F.A. Cup.

Attacking midfielder Gall was a permanent thorn in Charltonís side, giving international Hermann Hreidarrsson a particularly torrid time, as the League Two front-runners gave the Premiership team The F.A. Cup fright of their lives. Gall gained 59% of just over half a million votes cast in the on-line poll.......

Southamptonís Peter Couch with 39% of the votes claimed second place, whilst Wayne Rooney on 4% and Cristiano Ronaldo and Ian Moore of Burnley only claimed 1% each, as a clear winner emerged.

Kevin wins £1,000 worth of UMBRO football kit and equipment for a local school, club or organisation of his choice. He will also be presented with an engraved silver salver. He joins the 'Team of the FA Cup', and will be a VIP guest at The F.A. Cup Final in May, with a half-time introduction to the crowd.

Gall said:

At the beginning of the week I thought Manchester Unitedís Wayne Rooney was going to run away with it! Itís amazing to win against such high-class players.

Thanks to everyone who has put the time and effort in to vote for me, Iím really looking forward to The F.A. Cup Final in May.

Well done Kevin. Enjoy your day as much as we enjoyed your performance at The Valley.

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7 February 2005 : Taunton County Cup Date Set
Yeovil Town's Somerset Premier Cup Quarter-Final fixture against Taunton Town will be played on Tuesday 8th March at Huish Park with a 7.45pm kick off.

Meanwhile the Reserves away fixture against AFC Bournemouth in the Pontins Football Combination League - the subject of many a previous postponement but recently reset for March 1st - has been called off again due to the First Team's involvement at Northampton Town on that same day. No new date has been set.

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6 February 2005 : Change Of Kick-Off Time
Anyone planning to go to the The Vetch on Wednesday 9th February for the Pontins Holidays Combination Cup match between Swansea City Reserves and Yeovil Town Reserves should note that kick-off has been changed from 2.00 p.m. to 7.00 p.m.

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6 February 2005 : MOTM Voting
Paul Chesterman, who has diligently conducted the administration of the internet Man of the Match voting on Yeovil Town games for many years has forwarded this plea :

Hi folks,

Just a couple of reminders regarding the MOTM voting -

After a Saturday match I usually post the result up to the list Tuesday PM or Wednesday AM depending on whether we have a midweek game or not. We always get a late vote or two in after these times, but lately there have been quite a number, double figures for the Charlton match, and the last of those arriving on Friday! Unless anyone has any strong views to the contrary, I'll stick with my cut-off times as above.

The other thing is the 1-2-3 selection. There is a growing tendency to vote for only 1 (MOTM) and leave the 2-3 blank. We need your 1-2-3 as the points are carried on to the Player of the Month and Player of the Season awards.

Thanks, and keep 'em coming.

Paul C.

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6 February 2005 : Gary's Verdict on the Macclesfield Game
Glovers manager Gary Johnson was distinctly non-plussed about his side's lack of mental toughness and physical toughness when he considered yesterday's 3-1 defeat at Macclesfield Town. Gary answered the following questions from the press:

Qu: The first half was fairly even and there weren't too many chances at either end.

GJ: No, but I wasn't happy from the first 10 minutes. I felt that a goal was coming from them and that they bullied us and battered us and when our football didn't come out, it looked like it would take a lot for us to pull it round. I look at the personnel. We're away from home, it's going to be a cup final for both teams and a few of my players weren't quite up for it and I'm going to have to look at that.
Debut boy Kevin Amankwaah breaks clear of former Doncaster midfielder Kevin McIntyre
Debut boy Kevin Amankwaah breaks clear of former Doncaster midfielder Kevin McIntyre
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

Qu: A first appearance for Kevin Amankwaah. Are you pleased with the way he fitted in?

GJ: I'm not going to pick out any players and say whether I was pleased or whether I was not pleased. I wasn't pleased with the whole team. They all take responsibility and if are going to stay in the promotion fight, which I am sure we will, we have to play a lot better than that away from home. I guarantee that won't be the same on Saturday. That's the sad part about it. We know that we can be Jekyll and Hyde in the space of seven days.

Qu: You made that substitution at half time with Andrejs Stolcers coming off and Adrian Caceres coming on but you really didn't have a chance for anything to work.

GJ: Well if I had eleven subs I would have changed them all. We weren't in the game today. The game was Macclesfield's and they took it.

Qu: It's a big month coming up, so a disappointing start to it.

GJ: Yes, though we've got to get over it. We'll look at Sunday's papers, we'll be disappointed with the result but we'll see that we are still up there. This is where the managers earn their money. They have to make something happen and turn it around quickly and that's what I've got to do.

Qu: I know everyone is going to look at this and think it's a case of FA Cup hangover. Do you think that was the case?

GJ: Well they might do but it doesn't stop you from competing. I just felt we were weak today. We were weak-willed, weak physically and we needed to be a lot stronger mentally and physically and we weren't.

Qu: You don't think there was one area where it started going wrong?

GJ: The area was that pitch out there - that was where it started going wrong! But these boys can recover and they will recover. It just doesn't stop me from being upset now. This doesn't happen to us too much and I'm giving credit to Macclesfield. They played a good game and a strong game and they took their chances.

Qu: And that's a double now for them.

GJ: Yes, good on them. We've just got to make sure that they don't catch us up in the next few weeks.

Qu: Do you think the Charlton game took much out of them physically and emotionally?

GJ: Well it might have done but there are no excuses. I could understand that view if we had faded in the last half hour but we didn't. We got stronger so for me it was a lack of everything.

Qu: But also last year you suffered a dip in form after Liverpool.

GJ: Yes we did, but we didn't have as many points as we have got at this stage. We'll see. Maybe that is the case, maybe not. But there are no excuses for that and whatever it is we have to put it right quickly.

Qu: You're level on points now with both Scunthorpe and Swansea.

GJ: Yes, there are three teams there now but we are still a few points away from the fourth placed team. I don't mind Scunthorpe and Swansea winning. It's Southend, Macclesfield, Northampton and those type of teams that we've got to keep away from. If we play like that and in that way, then we are going to have to win all our home games.

Qu: How much do you think you missed Bartosz today?

GJ: He's suspended isn't he? You've got to have a squad that is clever enough and strong enough to win games when you're without a certain part of your play.

Qu: Do you know why Davies didn't have a shirt number?

GJ: Yes, because the shirt wasn't put in for some reason. We didn't turn up with a number 25. It wasn't our secret weapon! Maybe it would have been better if no-one had turned up with any numbers, and then no-one would have realised which players didn't do anything today!

Qu: I suppose in some ways it's a good game to get back to next Saturday?

GJ: Yes, it's a big game for more reasons than just the league. It's a big game because it's a local derby and you know the lads are going to be up for it. You know the lads are going to be performing well because it's a home game. We don't let people down on home games. Unfortunately we let people down today.

Qu: Any knocks today or injuries?

GJ: I think there were a few knocks at the end of the game that I gave them! Nobody would dare come to me with a knock or an injury at the moment!

Qu: What was Skivo's problem?

GJ: I think he might have broken his nose, but we don't know yet. He didn't want to come off and he wanted to stay out there but it's not as straight as it was when he arrived!

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5 February 2005 : Parkin Netted Whilst Maccy Reel In Win
There wasn't much to smile about for around 300 Yeovil Town fans on a dank drizzly day at Moss Rose. Even the much loved Mr. Ilderton could only come up with a few comedy decisions during the afternoon. However Jon Parkin (think Warren Patmore with attitude) did manage the almost impossible feat of raising some chuckles amongst the visitors. Thundering in like a small whale, with the goal seemingly at his mercy, he missed his header and crashed into the net. And not just into the net, but through it. Game delayed for several minutes as a duo of repairmen scurried on to sew it back together.

As for the rest of the match - best forgotten. Macclesfield Town, as expected, played their three at the back and five flooding midfield, a formation the Glovers often struggle to counter. New loan signing Kevin Amankwaah started in the absence of Paul Terry and was to be one of the few brighter features for Yeovil. Arron Davies also got his first place in the starting eleven since his arrival.

Nothing should be taken away from the Silkmen. A big well organised side, they harried and pressed, and shut Yeovil down all over the park. Although on balance the Glovers had a greater share of territory and possession little was done with it, and Maccy created more and better chances over the game. Although two of the home side's three goals contained elements of deflections some dismal defending of the eighteen yard line was far more relevant, with Maccy allowed to move the ball up and down it far too easily and on far too many occasions whilst looking for an opening.

The first goal came just when it looked as if the Glovers might struggle through to half-time, and a chance to regroup, on even terms. On 38 minutes Matthew Tipton took advantage of hesitation and ball watching in the Yeovil defence and struck the ball from fifteen yards. It looked on target but whether Chris Weale would have saved it we'll never know, because it appeared to take a significant deflection and loop in.

Terry Skiverton raced to the dressing room on the half-time whistle to get treatment on what is thought to be a broken nose, but it was noticable that some team mates were heading there more slowly, probably aware of the reception they were doubtless about to get from the manager.

Gary Johnson replaced Andrejs Stolcers with Adrian Caceres over the interval, but whatever new plans had been concocted were blown out of the water within a minute of the restart when Graham Potter scored Maccy's second. Another deflection seemed a possibility, though whether this was the reason for the shambles of the tannoy announcer crediting it wrongly, than making a meandering correction a few minutes later, who knows.

Johnson rang more changes, with Michael Rose on for Kevin Gall and Andy Lindegaard moving out to Gall's flank, and then Lindegaard himself off for Yemi Odubade. But quite simply, nothing was working. With seven minutes of the ninety left Potter got his second and Macclesfield's third.

The Glovers had failed only once in 29 previous league games this season to get on the score sheet, and as Maccy slightly sat back on their 3-0 lead did begin to put on some pressure at the death. Caceres came closest with a drive inches wide of the post, but it just about summed up the performance that it took an own goal to break Yeovil's duck - Danny Whitaker the unlucky man.

The goal that kept us top of the league - thanks to Danny Whitaker
The goal that kept us top of the league - thanks to Danny Whitaker
Photo © 2005 Ciderspace

Five minutes of time added on - partly occasioned by Parkin's net busting activities - was five minutes extra the visiting supporters could well have done without to be honest. Most probably wanted to depart as quickly as Gary Johnson went up the tunnel at the end, but the majority pulled out a round of applause as the team trudged off, before heading for home or the nearest pub. Yeovil Town remain top of the league, but only on goals scored.

Macclesfield knew what they were about and turned in a good performance. Yeovil were poor. Outcome - a sound defeat. Time for some thinking before next Saturday's derby.

Macclesfield Town 3-1 Yeovil Town.

Attendance : 2,471

The full Ciderspace match report can be found here.

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4 February 2005 : Youth Team Play Final League Game
A reminder that Yeovil Town's Youth Team play their final League match of the season on the Top Pitch at Huish Park tomorrow morning at 11.00am. The Under 18s take on Swindon Town in a match that could settle where they play their next round of competitive matches.

Following tomorrow's match, the league will split into a structured "Merit League" competition, which as we understand it will be a smaller "Round Robin" competition of two mini-leagues. With Stuart Housley's side lying in the middle of the table, tomorrow's result may affect which half they compete in. As soon as the new Merit League fixtures are announced we will of course publicise them.

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4 February 2005 : Tough Trip To Moss Rose
Since The Glovers were promoted only two teams have put four past us in the league, and one of those was Macclesfield Town back in August 2003. The Silkmen are also the only side to come to Huish Park this season and take away three points. Riding high in the form table and currently fifth in the table that matters, the trip to Moss Rose will be a tough welcome back to the realities of the league campaign after the distractions of the F.A. Cup.

Yeovil Town will be without Paul Terry (and long-term injury Adam Lockwood) and it must be odds on that Kevin Amankwaah, signed on loan on Thursday to provide cover at the back, will be thrown straight in to start earning his corn. Michael Rose came through his substitute appearance at The Valley without reaction on his return from injury, and is available. With Bartosz Tarachulski suspended for a match for accumulating five bookings we expect Arron Davies to make his first start for the club since signing in December, all his previous nine appearances having been as substitute.

For Macclesfield defender Michael Welch is, like Tarachulski, serving a one match ban for five bookings. David Morley is likely to come in to replace him, with Maccy sticking with their three centre-backs system. Midfielder Mark Boyd is in contention after arriving on loan from Gretna F.C., but will probably have to be satisfied with a position on the bench. Macclesfield's danger man is Jon Parkin, with 17 goals in the league, one behind Yeovil's Phil Jevons, and 21 in all competitions, one ahead of Jevo. Parkin has also committed substantially more fouls than any other player in League Two, needing only one more for his ton, but possibly only because he stays on the field longer than Cortez Belle.

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3 February 2005 : Another Charlton Badge
Tim Lancaster, badge-meister, has commissioned another of his commemorative badges, this one in recognition of the F.A. Cup Fourth Round tie between Charlton Athletic and Yeovil Town.

Charlton Athletic v Yeovil Town
F.A. Cup Fourth Round 2004-05 at The Valley
Photo © 2005 Tim Lancaster

Badges, priced £3.50, can be obtained from Tim Lancaster at Moss Rose this coming Saturday, and will also be available in the Green & White Supporters Club shop from the fixture against Bristol Rovers the following Saturday onwards, whilst stocks last. Via the G&WSC Yeovil Town F.C. receives 50p from each badge sold.

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3 February 2005 : Terry Out For Three Weeks
Glovers manager Gary Johnson has confirmed that Paul Terry will be out for three weeks with strained knee ligaments, slightly longer than initially hoped. Adam Lockwood is also billed as still being two to three weeks away - a refrain we seem to have heard quite a bit this season, so expect him back when you see him.

It was confirmed this morning (see yesterday's story below) that Bristol City defender Kevin Amankwaah has now signed on a month's loan. He trained with the team today, and is expected to go straight into the sixteen for Saturday's trip to Macclesfield Town.

Speaking to the Western Daily Press Amankwaah said :

I want some first team football. I have been at City for five years now and I think I have been on the fringes for three years. I seem to get into the team and then I am out again.

The move is good for me because I don't have to move away and also Yeovil play football as well as City. It's a step down to Yeovil from League One to League Two, but I don't see it as a massive step down. I am looking to play games and Yeovil are doing really well.

Johnson's policy over the years has mostly been that loans brought in are with at least the possibility of moving towards a permanent deal. However Amankwaah is not rushing to burn any bridges with Bristol City, saying :

I have always wanted to stay at City and if they offered me a new deal I wouldn't hesitate.

He is out of contract at the end of this season.

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2 February 2005 : Reserves Crash Against Cardiff
Yeovil Town Reserves lost 0-3 at home to Cardiff City Reserves at Huish Park tonight. The Glovers had been narrowly trailing to a 14th minute long range strike but two goals in the final ten minutes saw Yeovil finally crack and the Bluebirds ran out easy winners.

Tonight's line-up was: Steve Collis, Liam Power, Stephen Reed, Sam Croft, Colin Miles, Greg Squibb, Steve Thompson, Yemi Odubade, Bartosz Tarachulski, Adrian Caceres, Gavin McCallum. Subs: Danny Barker, Sean Smith, Kezie Ibe, Richard Cullingford, Shane Adock-Case.

Final score: Yeovil Town Reserves 0 - 3 Cardiff City Reserves.

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2 February 2005 : Amankwaah To Join Glovers On Loan
Kevin Amankwaah, seen playing on loan for Cheltenham in October 2003
Kevin Amankwaah, seen playing on loan for Cheltenham in October 2003
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Bristol City defender Kevin Amankwaah is expected to arrive at Huish Park on a one-month loan deal tomorrow. The 23 year old 6'1" defender can play as either a centre-back or as a right-back, though City have generally used his excellent pace in the wide position.

Amankwaah was born on May 18th (some sources say 19th) 1982 in Kenton, London. He became a member of Bristol City's Academy side after playing for a Middlesex Youth side and signed professional forms in August 1998. Since then he has knocked up 68 appearances (23 as substitute) for Bristol City's first team after making his debut in March 2000. He has scored five goals in all competitions for The Robins.

Highlights of Kevin's career with The Robins so far include making an appearance in the Auto Windscreens Screen Final in May 2000 against Stoke City. Kevin was subsequently called up into the England Under 17 squad.

All seemed to point to a bright future until a car crash in March 2002 put him out of football for over a year and he did not make his return to first team football until Bristol City's playoffs at the end of the 2002/03 season.

Kevin had loan periods at Torquay United and Cheltenham Town during 2003 as he attempted to regain match fitness, and his spell with the (other) Robins saw him come up against a Yeovil Town side in October 2003 where the Glovers lost 3-1 at Whaddon Road. Kevin shone like a beacon for Cheltenham that day, matching Kevin Gall for pace! He made a total of 18 appearances (one substitute appearance) across his two loan spells.

Kevin has turned out eight times this season for the League One side, the most recent of which was on Boxing Day. There seems to be little doubt that Gary Johnson has recruited him as cover in the light of Paul Terry's injury at Charlton Athletic, with Amankwaah being a natural shoe-in for Terry's position if required. His contract at Ashton Gate expires this June though, and as we all know, Gary Johnson rarely signs up a player on loan unless he has also got an eye on the future. With the defender showing bags of pace in the match 18 months ago at Whaddon Road, he would certainly seem to fit into the Johnson mould.

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2 February 2005 : Kezie Returns To Yeovil
Yeovil Town striker Kezie Ibe has returned to Huish Park after a successful one month loan period at Conference side Exeter City expired.

Kezie actually returned to the Yeovil squad late last week and travelled to the Charlton Athletic game with the rest of the players but was not selected.

Grecians manager Alex Inglethorpe said of the player: "Kezie has gone back, I was delighted with the way he played in the games he was available for us. He certainly played his part in the four wins over Christmas that we had and his goal against Tamworth was fantastic and I thought he played really well against Barnet. We'll see what happens in the future, but he has certainly done himself no harm by the way he has played for myself."

Kezie's outings for Exeter were restricted as he was not allowed to play in their FA Cup matches and his month's loan completed having scored one goal for the Conference side.

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2 February 2005 : Cardiff Reserves Head To Huish Park
Yeovil Town Reserves take on Cardiff City Reserves tonight at Huish Park, kick-off 7.00pm. Although there has been no word from the Yeovil camp as to what the likely Glovers team is, it seems certain that the five bench-warmers for the Charlton Athletic match will be joined by Yemi Odubade, Stephen Reed and a number of Stuart Housley's Youth Teamers such as Sam Croft, Gavin McCallum and Sean Smith. Dale Willliams is suspended for this game.

Cardiff manager Lennie Lawrence is expected to field midfielders Willie Boland and Lee Bullock, defenders Robert Page and Darren Williams, plus teenage striker Stuart Fleetwood amongst his starting eleven.

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2 February 2005 : On To Victory needs you!
The new team behind Glovers fanzine On To Victory needs volunteers! O2V writes:

The new On To Victory logo
The new On To Victory logo

On To Victory Needs You!

The O2V team need to strengthen their squad for the forthcoming release of the next fanzine due out on the derby clash with Bristol Woevers (12th Febuary). The board are looking for dynamic, enthusiastic, hard working sellers at and around the ground who have the potential to shout louder than the Westland Stand! If you think youíve got what it takes, please drop an email to For an extra incentive, we are offering a 10% commission for every 100 fanzines sold!

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1 February 2005 : Au Revoir Roy
Glovers central defender Roy O'Brien has signed an 18 month contract with Conference South minnows Weymouth today. The news of Roy's departure actually broke last Friday (see our story below) but Roy used the weekend to talk things over with his family and experience the big day out at Charlton Athletic.

Speaking to Ciderspace Roy said of his decision: "I've got my mind made up of what I want to do, but it's still going to be hard to say goodbye to the lads because at this moment in time they are buzzing and it's good to be part of that. But sometimes you've got to move on."

Roy has moved to the Dorset coast on a free transfer and will take up the position of player-coach. Whilst Roy was mulling over the offer from Sir Gary's brother Steve Johnson, Roy was interviewed at The Valley, and you can find the full transcript here. Alternatively head to the Ciderspace Interviews Section for all the past interviews.

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1 February 2005 : Interview With Kevin Gall
Glovers striker turned winger Kevin Gall is more than happy to be working up and down the flanks for Yeovil Town, despite it not being the position he was originally recruited into Huish Park to play. Since the departure of his close friend Gavin Williams to West Ham United, Gally has taken on the mantle of running hard at the opposition defences, and this was highlighted during his performance in the 3-2 defeat at Charlton Athletic that has led to him being nominated for the FA Cup Player of the Round (see below for how to vote). Gally explained by playing out of position isn't such a bad thing after all:

KG: It's really good to play out there because I can still get the ball and I can still run at people. I can still go and do what I was doing when I was up front. I've got to use my pace and I think it's good for the team. I've got a few goals from there. OK I would like to score a few more goals. But we've just got to be happy with what we've done today now and take it into next week because we've got a big game against Macclesfield on now.

Qu: I was watching all the schoolkids in midweek all asking you - Kev, why are you so fast - what does it mean to you to know that at times you were out-pacing Premiership defenders?

KG: Yes, Thommo said to me at half time that I'd taken a Premiership defence and midfield apart with one run there. I've just got to keep doing it. It is great and I've got to keep using my pace and try and improve my quality on the ball. I don't know what I was doing in the second half when I was trying to chip (Dean) Kiely but he dealt well with that. Next week we've just got to get on with it. The gaffer is happy, and we are happy with the performance but not so much with the result. But we've got to get on with it on Monday.

Qu: Are you as quick as ever? Do you still do sprinting work?

KG: No, I did a few years ago when I was at Bristol Rovers. There was an old guy there that did the fitness coaching and he used to do the sprint work. We do sprint work here every now and then just to keep it up. But I hope I don't ever lose it! All the kids were asking about it the other day but I don't think about it too much; I just try and use it as a good plus for the team.

Qu: You played Liverpool and Bolton last year. How did today's match compare to those games in terms of performance?

KG: I think we performed a lot better today than we did in the two matches last year. Maybe the first half against Liverpool was equal to the whole performance today, apart from the start of the second half today. That was just clever play from Charlton. They've got Premiership players and International players and they showed their class. But we can pick ourselves up now and get on.

Qu: Will it be a bit easier to do that because you've got that clear carrot of being top of the league?

KG: Yes, exactly. It was good today because the pressure wasn't on us for once. We were saying why not? Why can't we go and get a result? We've come here to a Premiership club at The Valley and we've scored two goals against Charlton. It's sort of disappointing to lose three goals but then again you can't complain if you come to the Valley and concede three goals. We are just happy that we scored two goals and we have just got to take that in as an experience.

Qu: And you'll be watching that run for the first goal on TV tonight!

KG: Yes definitely, I will have that taped! Colin and Rosey saw it on the big screen at half time and they were telling me that it looks good. I'm just happy to have contributed to the team. It's not a problem if I don't score if I'm setting up goals and in the end that is great for me and great for the team.

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1 February 2005 : Terry Doubtful For Saturday
Paul Terry, whose injury at Charlton Athletic that saw him substituted on Saturday was described as an "opening of the knee ligaments", did not train yesterday and would appear to be a doubt for the game at Moss Rose against Macclesfield Town, though manager Gary Johnson is not yet definitely ruling him out.

However the good news is that no other problems appear to have been sustained at The Valley, with Michael Rose in particular seeming to have come through his return from injury with no reaction.

Johnson said :

Paul [Terry] is the only one who has got to be considered doubtful for next Saturday. It's nothing too serious but it has prevented him from training. He's in rehab at the moment and we will just have to see how he goes over the week.

Yeovil's only current long term injury is Adam Lockwood, who has been billed as close to a return to training for some time but still remains on the sidelines.

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