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Sat 30th November 2002
New Signings Are On The Move

New £20,000 signing Kirk Jackson has committed to moving house to Somerset to ensure he can concentrate fully on playing for the Glovers without the constant demands of travelling from his current home in Sheffield. Speaking at a Press Conference Jackson said, "I've always been based in Sheffield even though my last two clubs were Darlington and Stevenage. The travelling has been a real pain, every day driving to Darlington and then going to Stevenage twice a week. That's why I'm moving to Yeovil. It will be good for my football, living so close to the club, and it will be good for my family as they will probably see more of me if there's no long distance travelling involved."

Kirk Jackson signs on the dotted line
Kirk Jackson signs on the dotted line.
Photo © Ciderspace/Richard Gibson
Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson added, "Everyone that comes to Yeovil to play has to relocate to the town. Kirk has a young family and wife to be and they will be moving down to Somerset as soon as they can find somewhere that suits them."

"I was attracted to Yeovil mainly because they are top of the league and they know where they want to be," added Jackson. "There is a great team spirit at the club that shines through straight away. The actual size of the club and the ambition of the club is what I'm looking for. I want to be in full time training and I am very happy to move down here. I'd rather be five minutes from the training ground than a couple of hours."

The ex-Stevenage striker is also giving up his second job as a personal fitness trainer to return to full-time football with the Glovers. "When I played at Worksop I combined the two jobs but when Darlington took me into the League I gave up the fitness training," said Jackson. "Then things didn't really work out at Darlington and even though I had to take a wage cut to go to Stevenage I was delighted to move. I was very grateful to Stevenage for rescuing me and I also went back to my old job."

The 26-year-old wasn't too enamoured with one of the first sights he saw when he arrived at Huish Park to sign an 18-month contract on Thursday however - a display of images from last season's FA Trophy final win over Stevenage, Jackson's club at the time. Indeed, it took a wonder save from Chris Weale to stop a Jackson header from hitting the back of the net in the first minute of the game - if that effort had gone in then the result of the final might well have been different.

"I walked up the stairs and all I could see were pictures of the Trophy final," said Jackson. "I had to shut my eyes. It's obviously something everyone at Yeovil looks back on as a great memory, but I just want to forget about the whole day. The support for both clubs was tremendous but I was just desperate to win. The feeling when you don't is hard to describe."

"The header I got in on goal against Chris Weale I really thought was going in, he added. "As soon as I came out onto the pitch I found where my Dad was sitting and having found that, I was away after the header thinking it was in and it was only when I saw the reaction of the Yeovil fans that I realized it hadn't. I said to Gary Johnson that for Wealey to make a save like that was brilliant for him and heartbreaking for me. I think I've made him a hero down here since that save. I was also impressed with all the Yeovil fans that I saw at Villa Park. It was a good day that just ended badly for me but credit to Yeovil the best team won. The fans helped a lot though and speaking to the players it's obvious how they help the players. They are a credit to the club.."

Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson explained why he had moved in for Jackson. "He's the type of player we have been looking for," said Johnson. "We needed someone who could hold the ball up for us and a striker that knows when to be dangerous. We've been following Kirk for a little while and he certainly knows how to be dangerous against us having scored two against us. But we'd been watching before those goals and we needed a striker at the moment and we had a list of people we were interested in and Kirk. He became available so I got on to Stevenage and they agreed that I could speak to him."

Kirk Jackson gets into the feel of his new kit
Kirk Jackson gets into the feel of his new kit.
Photo © Ciderspace/Richard Gibson
"Kirk played with Adam Stansfield for England and Skivo as well and all the players that knew him said he was the right mentality for the club," added Johnson. "We are always looking for players but at the moment Kirk will obviously get his chance and other players will have to show they can play alongside him. We've got our pattern and we have our philosophy and I think that Kirk meets all those criteria.."

"I know some of the lads as well from the England set up and they have looked after me since I got down here and been more than welcoming, said Jackson. "I think the difference will be the training and I will have to adjust to five days and not two days a week. Hopefully it will not take to long and I shall be able to relax and enjoy it. I will be settled by December 21st when we play Stevenage. The manager says I owe him two goals so there will be no pressure!"

Jackson also hoped that moving to Yeovil would enhance his chances of gaining any future England Semi-Professional caps. "It was a massive honour to play for my country and it gives you so much confidence to play in the National side. You look at the other players in the league who are not getting picked and you realize you must have something about yourself to get the nod. I think playing for a team like Yeovil will help me to keep high profile and in the manager's eye. Second from bottom to top of the league is a hell of a jump and you know where the manager of England is more likely to be looking."

"Playing at the top of the league as opposed to the bottom will be a massive difference and going from playing in a team that is struggling to get points to one that is top of the league will make a big difference," added Jackson. "I'm just glad I'm here and hopefully we can just keep on winning. It all happened very quickly when I turned up for a Hertfordshire Cup game only to be told by the manager that I wasn't playing which I was disappointed at but only until he told me I was going to Yeovil."

"I think there is a bit of a fear factor for other teams at this club and together with Chester and Doncaster there is a little group of clubs that are beginning to stand out in the Conference", said Jackson. "That's why Stevenage are beginning to bring in more training days because they don't want to be left behind. I don't think there are any clubs who relish coming down here and when we played you up at Stevenage we definitely raised our game."

Jackson admitted that there would be added pressure on him to deliver the goods at Huish Park. "Any striker going to any club for a fee is under pressure. I'm not just coming here to get goals - I'm coming for the all round game at the club. With players like Crittenden and Skiverton around you they are massive players in the Conference. I'm not going to come in here thinking I'm a superstar. Coming here will help me keep my feet on the ground. There is pressure in every team in football and it's just a question of how you cope with it. To have competition for places is great for the manager and the club. If you have only two strikers at the club you can easily get complacent. I know I have got to come up with the goods to keep my place."

Former Chelsea and Torquay central defender Jimmy Aggrey also signed for the Glovers on Thursday, initially on a month's contract to enable both parties to assess each other. Speaking at the press conference Aggrey said, "I played a couple of games at Taunton, just to get my fitness back up and I played a couple of games at Harrow Borough so that if anything bigger came along I'd be fit. I feel fit, we trained twice a week at Harrow, but with the extra training here I will be fitter."

Aggrey is amongst old friends at Yeovil, mainly beause of his time at Chelsea where he knew Terry Skiverton and played in the same team as Nick Crittenden. "Me and Nick Crittenden were in the same youth team together at Chelsea," he said. "I get on really well with Critts, he's a kind guy and I was really good friends with him at Chelsea as well - it's nice to still be playing and training with him now. I live in London but I will be based here for the month and if things work out then I will move down here."

"We brought in Jimmy Aggrey for a month so we can have a look at him and he us," explained Johnson. "He's done well so far. The trouble is that players don't just become available when you want them so you have to be looking all the time. You have to know which ones you are looking for and hope that they become available when you are looking for them."

[Quotes sourced from the Western Daily Press, the Official Site and our very own Richard Gibson, who accepts payment in peanuts. Honest!]

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Thurs 28th November 2002
Fry - GWSC 'Needs Transparency'

Both of today's local papers carry accounts of last Thursday's EGM/AGM of the Green & White Supporters Club (click here for Robin Evans' account of the meeting) and both feature club chairman John Fry's appeal to supporters to put the past behind them and work together for the sake of the club. "There is room to work together although I admit there will be differences," he said. "But the motto of our club is `achieve by unity' and that is what I would like to see happen."

Fry went on to praise the work the GWSC did, saying that the organisation saved the club between 30,000 and 50,000 a year. He had both compliments and criticism for GWSC chairman George Coggen, claiming that Mr Coggen was the man "who has made the G&WSC successful," and that there had been "productivity and results in the last 12 months." However Fry also admitted, "I have worked with George Coggen for the past nine years and he is a difficult person to get on with. He has fallen out with people and he is not the face of happiness, but he gets the job done. The committee met earlier this week and they told me there was no need for a vote of confidence in him because they support him to the hilt."

However Fry called for changes within the supporters club, saying: "You need transparency. It becomes a concern if you have got a closed organisation, especially where the raising of money is concerned - we cannot have bucketloads of money disappearing down the road. Transparency is vital to me to make sure people do not get accused." The chairman went on to call for a larger committee with members who had business, financial and legal skills and for the GWSC to make more efforts to widen their membership base. He also said that he wanted to see the GWSC cooperate more closely with other supporters groups and that the committee should become more interactive by listening to what supporters wanted. Mr Fry said that a social events representative should be on the GWSC committee as well as representatives of disabled supporters and that there should be a link with the national Federation of Supporters Groups.

For his part Mr Coggen vigorously denied reported allegations that he and other committee members were pocketing the profits made by the G&WSC which should have been put back into the football club. "Since last May there has been a whispering campaign on the internet trying to discredit our committee and that we have been taking all the money," he claimed. "We are absolutely sick to death of these morons who have been putting things up on the internet without giving their real names. They are utter scumbags. Let us have their names because at the moment they are gutless. I'm tired of being stabbed in the back. We don't get a penny for what we do or expenses. All these scumbags who say we do are totally wrong." He went on to claim that the GWSC were looking at the possibility of taking legal action against two unnamed people for making alleged libellous allegations.

On the financial side Mr Coggen claimed at the meeting that over the past seven years the GWSC's donations to the football club had averaged out at £10,300 a year. A cheque for £5,000 was presented to John Fry at the meeting, Mr Coggen saying, "With that £5,000 that is £10,000 that the supporters club have donated to the football club this season. Is that success at this stage of the season or not? I think success."

In the earlier EGM the meeting voted in favour of the GWSC becoming a corporate entity and agreed to look at various ways in which this could be achieved and to report back at a later date. John Fry welcomed the move and pointed out that an incorporated supporters club would mean that "the committee will have to submit their accounts annually to Companies House."

In other news the official Stevenage Borough website has confirmed that Boro have agreed a transfer fee with the Glovers for striker Kirk Jackson. According to the site Yeovil will pay an initial fee of £20,000, rising to £30,000 "if performance conditions are met." Stevenage chairman Phil Wallace is quoted as saying: "With 7 forwards on our books we had no problem allowing Kirk to go providing the price was right. We don't need the money but every player has his price and we think the deal's good for everyone. Wayne Turner [Boro manager] handled the transaction with the Yeovil manager and we're both happy with it. Kirk hasn't done well for us just recently and it's coincided with us having a poor run of results, but he's a genuine lad and a move to a new environment should be good for him and good for Yeovil".

Jackson is set to sign a contract with Yeovil at a press conference at the club this afternoon. "Kirk is the type of striker I am looking for," said Glovers boss Gary Johnson. "He's a targetman and he's a good, proven goalscorer who will hopefully put away some of the chances we have been creating."

As well as Jackson agreeing terms, Former Torquay defender Jimmy Aggrey is expected to sign an initial one-month contract today. "At the moment Jimmy is here as cover but that could change," said Johnson. "He played for me against Plymouth in a behind closed doors match yesterday and he did very well. He will be with us for a month and in that time we can both make an assessment of each other."

Other triallists involved in the Plymouth friendy - which finished 1-1, Michael McIndoe scoring for Yeovil - included Weymouth striker Lee Phillips and former Cambridge United midfielder Neil Mustoe. "The signings of Jackson and Aggrey do not mean I have stopped looking for players," Gary Johnson added. Phillips has been invited to train for a third week at Huish Park, and contrary to suggestions yesterday no decision has yet been reached on his future.

Team news for Saturday's home Conference fixture v Margate - 1-0 winners against 3rd Division Leyton Orient this week in an FA Cup replay - and Gary Johnson will add both newcomers to the squad. Aside from long-term injury victims Tom White and Adam Stansfield; both Roy O'Brien (dead leg) and Andy Lindegaard (groin strain) will be hoping to be fit. No suspensions this week!

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Wed 27th November 2002
Johnson Moves To Strengthen Squad

Glovers boss Gary Johnson has moved to strengthen the squad in two key areas ahead of Saturday's Conference match v Margate.

Stevenage striker Kirk Jackson has agreed terms on what is thought to be an 18 month deal with Yeovil for an as yet undisclosed fee and is expected to sign for the club tomorrow. 26 year-old Jackson began his career with Sheffield Wednesday before moving on to Scunthorpe and Chesterfield before dropping down to non-league Worksop, where 40 goals in 38 starts attracted the attention of Darlington. Stevenage paid the Quakers £10,000 for his services last May. Jackson scored 12 goals in 26 games for the Boro and has been selected 3 times for the National Game XI, making his semi-pro England debut in the game v the USA at Huish Park last season.

Speaking on the club's official site, Gary Johnson said, "I have been following Kirk for a few months now and he is more geared to full time training than the part time he is getting at Stevenage. Full time training is what he really wants and he sees a move to Yeovil as a great opportunity to become a really prolific goal scorer. He was particularly prolific during his time at Worksop where he scored 40 goals in his last season with them before he moved on to Darlington and Stevenage."

Former Torquay central defender Jimmy Aggrey has signed a one month deal with the Glovers, with a view to extending that further if both parties agree. Six footer Aggrey began his career with Chelsea before moving on to Fulham and then Torquay, where he was made 2000 Player of the Year. He made 101 apperances for The Gulls plus another 9 as substitute and scored 2 goals for the club during his time at Plainmoor. After being released at the end of last season the 24-year-old has appeared for Dover Athletic and lately for Taunton Town.

The best of luck to both players for their time at Huish Park. Weymouth striker Lee Phillips is not now expected to sign for the Glovers - Yeovil's and Weymouth's respective valuations of the player are said to be a long way apart.

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Sun 24th November 2002
Alford Rejects Loan Move

Glovers striker Carl Alford has turned down the possibility of a loan move to Unibond League side Droylsden. Yeovil Town manager Gary Johnson has revealed that he gave Alford the opportunity to consider the temporary move to the North-West, but that Alford has personally turned down the loan deal. With Howard Forinton leaving Huish Park this weekend and no striker as yet staking a claim for a regular place in the starting line-up, Alford presumably still harbours hopes that he can grab a regular slot in the Yeovil Town side.

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Sun 24th November 2002
Port Ship First Home Defeat

Yeovil Town got back to winning ways after a series of draws and made it 17 unbeaten games in a row in the Conference after a hard-fought 1-0 win over 4th placed Southport at Haig Avenue yesterday. In truth the winning margin could and perhaps should have been greater than the one goal, but the Glovers had to be content to rely on yet another Michael McIndoe screamer, the Scottish winger's 25-yard curler coming on the stroke of half-time; several other very good chances going by the wayside.

Yeovil boss Gary Johnson certainly doesn't seem too happy with the club's strikers at present, despite the Glovers having scored more goals collectively than any other Conference club. Abdoulai Demba and winger Abdelhalim El Kholti began the game up front, but Demba was hauled off after 21 minutes of the first half to be replaced by Chris Giles. Giles himself lasted until the 74th minute when he too was replaced, by Carl Alford. Kim Grant had to wait until the 90th minute before he saw any action when he replaced El Kholti, who had performed well in an unfamiliar position.

Final score: Southport 0 Yeovil Town 1.

The result leaves the Glovers still on top of the league on 40 points, 3 points clear of 2nd placed Chester, who stuffed Margate 5-0 at the Deva with the help of a Daryl Clare hat-trick. Third-placed Doncaster are on 34 points after slipping up at home, drawing 1-1 with Nuneaton, the visitors missing the chance to take all 3 points after a last minute penalty was saved by Rovers keeper Andy Warrington. Southport stay 4th on 33 points after the Glovers win there yesterday.

Yeovil are next in action at Huish Park this coming Saturday (30th November), when they entertain Margate, who lost 5-0 at Chester yesterday.

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Sun 24th November 2002
Howard Forinton Released

Howard Forinton
Howard Forinton
Photo © 2002 Ciderspace

Sad news: Glovers striker Howard Forinton has been released by the club after breaking down with the same ankle injuries that have blighted his career in the Football League over the last three-four seasons. Howie is due to have surgery on both ankles in an effort to cure the problems which have steadily been getting worse over the last few games. He's expected to be out of action for at least two to three months and, being on a month-to-month contract at Yeovil, has accordingly been released.

"Howie has left the club at this moment in time," Gary Johnson confirmed last night. "He is injured and he's got to have an operation on both of his ankles. He's been struggling more and more as the days have gone on and I think we've all seen that. We've all appreciated what he's done for us and we will try and help him all we can.

"His contract finished yesterday [Friday] so we would have had to have put him on a new contract. But he knows that there are certain parts of his game that he just can't do. He's very upset about it, but he's going to get an operation wherever he can, either through us or through another system. When he's back, we can try and help him again. But at the moment he needs that operation and I can't see at this point any other action that can be taken. We've shaken hands, and we will still see him regularly, but he can't be in our immediate thoughts.

"He'll probably need until the end of the season. They say six to seven weeks for the operation, but by the time he rehabilitates as well that will be it. What he has got is little spurs of bone sticking into his ligaments, so he has certain movements that are very painful to him. So instead of thinking of bringing the ball out of the air, he's thinking more of how to plant his foot so that it doesn't hurt. So it's all been very amicable. He's done a great job for us and hopefully one day he will come back."

Howard Forinton is one of the more recent Yeovil legends. He only played twenty-four games for Yeovil Town in his first spell but in that time scored twenty-six goals, which to all intents and purposes won us the Isthmian title and got The Glovers back in the Conference. He came from Oxford City for a then club record of £17,000 + 20% of any sell-on in January 1997. At the end of that season he was sold, together with Jerry Gill, to Birmingham City for a joint fee of £100,000 (of which around £70,000 is usually put down to being for Forinton), plus an additional payment on appearances, and a further sell-on. Howie found it difficult to get first team starts at The Blues and after loan spells with Plymouth Argyle and Blackpool was sold on to Peterborough United for £250,000 in 1999. His career was plagued with injuries but towards the end of the 2000-01 championship race with Rushden & Diamonds as Yeovil's forward line was decimated by injuries and suspensions and at times reduced to playing centre-back Paul Steele up front we brought Howie back on loan.

He came on as substitute at The Crabble, and still looked classy if not fully fit. Then he started at Kingsmeadow, one of the great matches of that season with Warren Patmore scoring the winner in a 4-3 scoreline deep into injury time. Forinton had scored Yeovil's opening goal early in the second half, but in doing so injured himself again and didn't play for the remainder of the season.

Fast forward to the beginning of the current season and once again Howie found himself in a green-and-white shirt after being released by Peterborough. He made a total of 18 appearances this season, scoring 4 goals. His overall contribution is what will be remembered though - 44 games and 31 goals scored. There's not many strikers around who can boast a goals per game ratio like that. Ciderspace wishes Howie the very best of luck in his battle to regain fitness. Who knows - there may be a fourth spell at Huish Park still to come.....

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Fri 22nd November 2002
Alford To Decide On Move North?

Today's Non-League Paper website is claiming that Glovers striker Carl Alford is considering an offer from Droylsden to join the Unibond Premier League club on loan.

Droyldsen manager/chairman Dave Pace is quoted as saying: "I'm still talking to Carl about a move. He's not figuring this season so I'm hoping to complete a loan deal. I've agreed terms with Yeovil's management, so it's up to Carl now. He's indicated that he will be letting me know before this weekend."

Carl has made a total of 18 appearances in all competitions for the Glovers this season scoring 3 times in the process - however he's only started 4 games, coming off the bench 14 times. Last season he began 34 games in all competitions, coming off the bench a further 14 times and scoring 13 goals, including the opener in the FA Trophy final win over Stevenage.

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Thurs 21st November 2002
Italian Job's A Tough 'Un

The National Game XI, featuring four Yeovil players, lost 3-2 to their Italian counterparts from Serie C in Cremona yesterday. Midfielder and captain Lee Johnson, and defender Adam Lockwood both started the game which found the England team under heavy pressure in the first half, the Italians racing into a 3-0 lead by the break. Keeper Chris Weale and midfielder Darren Way both made second half appearances, the England lads pulling back two goals from Canvey's John Kennedy and Woking's Jon Boardman. Final score: Italy 3 National Game XI 2.

Glovers boss Gary Johnson and chairman John Fry attended the game. Speaking to the Western Daily Press Johnson said, "Myself and the chairman decided to come out here at the last minute and the team did very well against a very strong young Italian side. There were quite a few lads who are with Serie A sides in Italy in the Italian side as they have feeder sides in Serie C so they had some very good players. But the team fought back and made a good game of it."

Back to home and the Western Daily Press has suggested that Glovers winger Michael McIndoe will be a target for Premiership side Southampton when the transfer window for top-flight clubs opens up in January. Macca however has told this week's Yeovil Express that no bid has been made by the Saints, and that he's due - amongst others - to open up new contract talks with Gary Johnson in the very near future.

Johnson in the meantime has reiterated that he is looking to make "one or two" new signings to freshen the squad up, but has emphasised that he's in no hurry to find the right men: "I made it pretty clear at the weekend that I am out on the search for one or two players to improve the squad," Johnson said to the Western Gazette. "That is a nice thing to do when you are top of the league but I do not want to rush out there. I do not want everyone asking me 'when is it happening?' You have to wait sometimes for the right person at the right time otherwise you do not get value for money."

"The next couple of signings are so important beacause they will be 2 year contracts whatever happens. Players are not going to come here for a year - they have got to be willing to move to the area. Often, if they've got a family, they don't want to. It will be a couple of important signings at the right time - the right people."

Weymouth striker Lee Phillips has been invited back to train for a second week at Huish Park, though no decison has yet been made on his future. No word yet either on the future of striker Abdoulai Demba, who was said at the start of the week to be considering leaving the club because of personal problems.

The Glovers return to league action this weekend with a difficult trip to 4th placed Southport with more or less a full squad to choose from. Gavin Williams, Adam Lockwood and Lee Johnson return to the squad after suspension; and defenders Roy O'Brien and Colin Pluck are expected to be fit after injury worries following last week's matches v Mangotsfield and Cheltenham respectively.

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Thurs 21st November 2002
Code of Conduct For GWSC EGM/AGM Announced

G&WSC member Tony Elbourn writes in advance of this evening's Green & White Supporters Club EGM/AGM, to be held at Huish Park from 7.30pm onwards:

I'm pleased to post this notice on behalf of the GWSC committee.

1/ Only members and the press may attend. No-one else will be allowed entry.

2/ All comments should be impersonal and made with reference to facts, not people.

3/ Be constructive and forward-looking, not destructive and backward-looking.

4/ No verbal questions will be taken from the floor. If you have questions, either post them under this notice or send an e-mail to BEFORE 6pm TONIGHT. Those members without internet access, or who miss the 6pm deadline, will be given a chance to write their questions down on entry to the meeting. All questions will be dealt with at the meeting.

5/ Any member not adhering to this code of conduct will be ejected.

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Wed 20th November 2002
Johnson Waxes Lyrical

Yeovil manager Gary Johnson was first up in the new Western Daily Press "hot seat" feature today, replying to questions summitted by the club's fans. The paper's chief soccer writer Chris Spittles put the following ten questions to Gary:

1. You have obviously had a fairly successful managerial career. We firmly believe you will take Yeovil into the Football League. Should a bigger club offer you a post, will you leave without regret?

As far as I'm concerned I'm at a big club, and the fact that we had the second biggest crowd in the FA Cup first round is evidence of that. It is only the top second division clubs, first division clubs and Premiership sides who could be considered bigger than Yeovil. You never say never, but at the moment I am 100 per cent committed to taking Yeovil into the Football League.

2. Can you tell me when you will start discussing terms with the players whose contracts run out at the end of the season? Two years ago things seemed to be left very late and I'm sure all the uncertainty affected the performance of the team during the latter stages of the season. It would be great if we could avoid that this time around and still have the same squad next season when we are going for promotion from the Third Division.

I totally agree that the uncertainty would have affected the players two years ago. That is why I made sure all the squad were signed up nice and early last season. I will try to do the same this time and get everything sorted as quickly as possible. It's never easy with agents involved and the Bosman ruling, but we have got a group of very loyal players here.

3. After the problems in September with Farnborough's manager, Graham Westley, when he was ejected from the Avenue Stadium, have Yeovil received any apology from Westley or Farnborough regarding his disgusting behaviour? And are you expecting any problems when Yeovil play at their ground?

We have not received any apology, although that might be because Mr Westley has not had his hearing into the incident yet. As regards us going to Farnborough, I can assure you we will all be watching what we do and I certainly will not be walking outside my technical area. What happened to Mr Westley that night didn't help his team and managers have got to set a good example to their players.

4. After the Dagenham match you said that we need some leaders on the pitch. Who did you have in mind to play this crucial role?

I already have leaders in my captain, Terry Skiverton, and my vice-captains, Michael McIndoe and Darren Way. Every team needs three or four players on the pitch who the manager can use to get his point across. And I'm not just looking for vocal players, because there are those who can lead by example as well. I said what I did after the Dagenham game because I just felt we needed our leaders to stand up and be counted that day.

5. Chris Weale has played 12 league games and conceded 14 goals at 1.667 a game. Jon Sheffield has played eight league games and conceded four goals, an average of one goal every two games. The conclusion is that Jon Sheffield is superior to Chris Weale or that he organises his defence better. So why is Weale first choice?

Because I'm the manager and I've made him first choice. I've got three great keepers and the two younger ones (Weale and Steve Collis) are getting fantastic coaching from the more experienced one (Sheffield). Chris Weale and Steve Collis are the men for the long-term future and they are improving with the help of Jon Sheffield. Chris Weale is my number one, and I don't think you'll find too many arguing with that.

6. After your latest call for more captains in the side, is there now a need to bring in an older player to help the team?

We are three points clear at the top of the Conference, so that should answer the question. Teams who are struggling sometimes opt to bring in experienced players but I'm not sure if an older player would fit into our squad, and the diet and lifestyle that they follow. We also want players who are prepared to fully commit to the club and move down here and that is sometimes harder for older players, who often have families, to do. Having said all that, if the right older player became available we would consider him.

7. You were manager of Latvia before you came to Yeovil. Why have you not brought any players from that country to the club?

Latvia are not currently a full member of the European Union and Conference clubs are not allowed non-EU players. I think that should change. I'm still in contact with my friends in Latvia so I'll be the first to know about any players who become available if the situation changes.

8. The Yeovil fans all sing 'Ooh Gary Johnson, I wanna know, do you love the Town?' Do you?

I think I have an affinity with the fans and with the Town, so 100 per cent yes, I do love the Town and the people of Yeovil. I think it is important for the football club to be involved with the community.

9. Both Adam Stansfield (broken leg) and Tom White (knee) have missed most of this season through injury. What is the latest on their recovery?

Unfortunately we found out today that Adam Stansfield must keep the cast on his leg for another four or five weeks. It's not a major setback, but the specialist wants the leg to be stabilised for a bit longer to allow the bone to mature a bit more. He should still have the cast off before Christmas. Tom White is now jogging and doing weights on his leg, and I don't think people realise what a big operation he had on his knee. He is only about two weeks away from full training now though.

10. You have got a lot of strikers at the club and have tried out a number of different partnerships up front, without settling on one. Can we assume from this that you don't know who the best strikers at the club are?

The team selection in recent weeks answers that, and unfortunately no-one has come out and made themselves the number one and number two. I have had to change it around and some of the reasons for that have been obvious, like injuries and loss of form. Others have not, and you have to consider things like a player's mental state. I always select what I believe to be the best team at the time and I'm always honest. I hope the public trust me on that. But we have scored more goals than anyone else in the Conference and I'm pleased with that statistic.

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Wed 20th November 2002
Lee Johnson Made National Game XI Captain

Yeovil Town midfielder Lee Johnson has been named as captain of the National Game under-23 side to play their Italian counterparts at Cremona this afternoon. Adam Lockwood has also been named in the starting 11 for the game, with Chris Weale and Darren Way on the bench. The full line-up is as follows:

1. Matt Baker (Hereford United)
2. Adam Lockwood (Yeovil Town)
3. Michael Rose (Hereford United)
4. Lee Johnson, Captain, (Yeovil Town)
5. Jon Boardman (Woking)
6. Warren Peyton (Nuneaton Borough)
7. John Kennedy (Canvey Island)
8. Wayne Purser (Barnet)
9. Garry Thompson (Morecambe)
10. Ryan Sugden (Chester City)
11. Aaron Webster (Burton Albion)

12. Dale Anderson (Burton Albion)
13. Chris Weale (Yeovil Town)
14. Martin Lancaster (Chester City)
15. Chris Blackburn (Chester City)
16. Darren Way (Yeovil Town)

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Wed 20th November 2002
Chance Of Cup Glory Still Alive

The Glovers made it through to the 3rd round of the Somerset Premier Cup with a low-key 2-1 victory over DML Western Division side Mangotsfield United in front of an attendance of just 525 at Huish Park last night.

Abdoulai Demba opened the scoring in the 20th minute with a fine individual effort, but Adam Simms pulled one back for the visitors just before half-time. Yeovil tended to dominate possession after the break though actual chances on goal were few and far between and eventually extra-time was played. Just when it seemed certain that the tie would be decided by a penalty shoot-out that man Demba popped up again to convert a Nick Crittenden cross with less than a minute to go.

Final score: Yeovil Town 2 Mangotsfield United 1

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Tues 19th November 2002
Johnson Looking To Improve Squad

With Yeovil Town top of the Conference table, unbeaten in 16 league games and having the best goal difference of any professional side in England, one might be forgiven for thinking that everything in the Huish Park garden was rosy right now - but Glovers boss Gary Johnson says that now is the right time to strengthen the squad further to consolidate the club's challenge for automatic promotion to the Football League.

Speaking to the Western Daily Press, Johnson said, "We are identifying the players we would like to bring here and feel that now is the time to make the squad even stronger. Of course the right player has got to become available, otherwise we will continue with what we've got. But the board are right behind this club's drive for league status and will make sure we get the players we need."

There's been no word from the club yet as to the future of striker Abdoulai Demba, whose wife is said to be having difficulty in settling in the Somerset area. Weymouth frontman Lee Phillips is continuing to train at Huish Park and is apparently keen on a move to Yeovil, but the size of fee required by Weymouth for a player as yet unproven at Conference level could be a stumbling block to any transfer.

The Glovers play DML Western Division side Mangotsfield United at Huish Park tonight in the Somerset Premier Cup. Spectators please note that only the Main Stand will be opened this evening, tickets priced at £5 adults, £3 concessions. Club captain Terry Skiverton will be rested this evening according to the Western Daily Press, otherwise Gary Johnson's squad is as follows: Collis, Sheffield, Giles, O'Brien, Reed, Lindegaard, Thompson, Williams, El Kholti, Grant, Alford, Demba, McIndoe, Crittenden, Forinton.

Missing from the team to play Mangotsfield are the four Yeovil players selected for the National Game under-23 squad scheduled to play their Italian counterparts in Cremona tomorrow. Chris Weale, Adam Lockwood, Darren Way and Lee Johnson met up with the rest of the squad this morning prior to flying to Italy. Glovers boss Gary Johnson said, "They left this morning and met up at Milton Keynes for a training session before flying off. It's nice that they have been selected because they're all young players, especially because there's a new manager (Charlton coach Steve Avory) in charge. It's great for us because the boys will come back knowing their talent has been recognised by people outside the club."

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Sun 17th November 2002
Johnson : Both Penalty Boxes Were The Difference

Gary Johnson spoke to the local press following Saturday's FA Cup exit against Cheltenham and expressed his disappointment that a few of his players did not reach the heights he had hoped of them. "We are trying to achieve Second Division status," said Johnson "and I felt that a few of them were a bit wanting at that level. It was a great opportunity for them to show what they could produce at that level and unfortunately we didnt quite do that. We had a lot of decent half chances - as many if not more than them. I don't know what the stats show - once they scored we almost seemed to take over the game but unfortunately the difference between the two leagues were both penalty boxes. The higher you go up the leagues, the less chances they need to score."

"I thought our general play wasn't too bad but we certainly didnt create enough quality chances in the box in and around the box. We had the best player on the pitch by a million miles in my opinion, and nearly two at the end when Abdelhaim showed what he can do. That's a positive because this is a good level for him and he was going past players like they weren't there - producing passes and things. He did a great job - Devaney is a good player that slaughters left backs in the Second Division and we felt that if El-Kohlti could do a job on him then Macca could do a job down the other end and to be honest they were our best two players. We needed other players to come to the fore a little bit. We went with the team that we thought would do the job but couldn't do much else. At the moment I still havent got a striker that's saying to me 'I'm your number one' or even 'I'm your number two', so I've got to take that in to consideration which I will do now and assess everything."

"Demba has had a problem all week, and I don't think he was in the right frame of mind, so that's why he didn't play. A bit more will be revealed over the next two or three days. If I was going to go up against a Second Division side, I needed young legs, I needed another 6'2" player in the team who could win his flick-ons and headers and someone that if we gave quality into the box would be athletic enough to get on the end of it. Unfortunately we didn't really give him [Chris Giles] the quality. We kept getting to the final third but then didn't produce the quality cross that we were looking for. But that's why I went with Gilesy. But to be honest with you, no striker has so far stepped out and said I'm your number one. At the moment that's the situation I have to deal with."

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Sun 17th November 2002
GWSC Adopt Closed Membership

Yeovil Town supporters hoping to join up with the Green and Whites Supporters Club at Saturday's game, in advance of Thursday's AGM were disappointed to find that membership has been suspended by the organisation.

The GWSC programme shop carried a notice informing supporters that as of November 9th, no new applications would be considered for the organisation until after the AGM, and that only re-joins would be considered. The current constitution of the GWSC does not allow for a period of closed membership and so the move has come as a surprise to many.

On a similar note, it appears that the GWSC are abandoning their controversial plans to introduce postal voting in time for Thursday's AGM. Supporters attempting to gain information on postal voting have been told that only those attending the AGM will be able to vote on any issues relating to the organisation.

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Sun 17th November 2002
Mind The Gap!

Yeovil supporters have been a little spoilt over the last few years when it comes to playing Football League sides in the FA Cup with some fine wins gained over the likes of Northampton, Colchester and Blackpool over recent seasons. But it was back down to Earth with a bit of a bump yesterday for the Glovers and their supporters with 2nd Division Cheltenham Town showing that, despite what seem people might think, there is a gap between the Conference and Division Two, the visitors coming out on top in relative comfort with a 2-0 win.

With two players making their first starts of the season and a makeshift midfield in action with some players having to fill in out of position the last thing Yeovil wanted was a poor start but that's what they got, the defence going AWOL in the 8th minute to let in Julian Alsop to put the visitors 1-0 up. The Glovers competed well with their 2nd Division counterparts throughout the game, but where it mattered, in front of goal, the gap between the sides was there for all to see and it was no real surprise when the visitors made the game safe in the 64th minute through a Martin Devany effort. The closest the Glovers came to scoring was a late 25-yard Abdelhalim El Kholti shot tipped onto the post by Cheltenham keeper Steve Book.

Final score: Yeovil Town 0 Cheltenham Town 2.

Time to concentrate on the league then, though of course there is still the FA Trophy title to defend for Gary Johnson's men later in the season. No-one wants to lose games, but here at Ciderspace we can't help feeling that the FA Cup was one distraction that we could do without - for this season at least.

Defender Colin Pluck was stretchered off with a neck injury early in the second half but after a trip to hospital for a check-up it's thought that he will be fit for the Glovers next match, at home to Mangotsfield this coming Tuesday night in Round Two of the Somerset Premier Cup.

Not such good news though regarding striker Abdoulai Demba. Supporters were surprised and disappointed that the Belgian front man failed to start the game and rumours after the match indicated that the striker could be on his way out of Huish Park, for personal, non-footballing reasons. Speaking after the match Gary Johnson said: "Demba has had a problem all week, and I don't think he was in the right frame of mind, so that's why he didn't play. A bit more will be revealed over the next two or three days."

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Thurs 14th November 2002
GWSC Members Urged To Attend EGM/AGM

Today's Western Gazette reports on the efforts of Green and White Supporters' Club member Tony Elbourn to change the SC's constitution to make the club more accountable and open to its members (see news story 5th November). Speaking to the Gazette Mr Elbourn said, "I am urging all GWSC members to get to Huish Park next Thursday (21st November) so they can have their say. If we want a more dynamic supporters club then everyone has to be there. I am encouraging a change in the direction in which the supporters' club is run. I want to see it developing from being a club of supporters working for Yeovil Town Football Club, to a club for the supporters."

In an unusual move GWSC chairman George Coggen has announced that an Extraordinary General Meeting has been called for 7.30pm on the same night as the Annual General Meeting, due to start around 10 minutes later at 7.40pm. Mr Coggen, according to the Gazette, has refused to reveal details of the agenda in advance of the EGM, leading to speculation in some quarters that the EGM will seek in some way to prevent Mr Elbourn from presenting his agenda for change to grass-root members in the AGM following the EGM. There are also rumours reaching Ciderspace that some 70 GWSC members living in Ireland are to be allowed proxy or postal votes at the meeting, whilst other exiled members living elsewhere in the UK have not been accorded the same facility. Any clarification or correction of the above points by representatives of the GWSC would be gratefully received - our email address is at the foot of this page.

The separate Yeovil Town Independent Supporters' Association has also announced the date of its AGM - it's to be held at The Beehive Inn, Huish, Yeovil from 6.30pm, on Saturday 30th November. All YTISA members welcome to attend.

On to other news and it's thought that the biggest crowd of the season so far could be present at Huish Park on Saturday for the First Round FA Cup tie v struggling 2nd Division outfit Cheltenham Town. Supporters are reminded that the match is all-ticket. The Huish Park ticket office will be open up to 5pm today (Thursday) and until 7pm Friday night, on police orders no tickets will be available to buy on the day of the game. If a replay is needed it will take place at Whaddon Road on Tuesday 26th November. At the time of writing Cheltenham are reported to have sold their allocation of 225 stand tickets, plus a further 8-900 terrace tickets. Police will impose the usual car-parking restrictions on the day of the game, so if you can get to the match without bringing a vehicle you are urged to do so.

As for the match itself Yeovil will be without the suspended trio of Adam Lockwood, Lee Johnson and Gavin Williams as well as long-term injury victims Tom White and Adam Stansfield. Speaking to the Yeovil Express, manager Gary Johnson said, "It is a massive game for us and everyone is looking forward to it. We are the underdogs, but we've got the chance to make Yeovil giant-killers again. There is obviously going to be pressure because we want to go into the next round, but I've told the players that they can go out and prove how good they are and show that there isn't much of a gap between the standard of the top Conference teams and those in Division Two of the Football League. While we've been at the top of the Conference everybody has been looking to beat us, now we are on the other foot as challengers wanting to beat Cheltenham. We will have a different mentality for this game."

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Tues 12th November 2002
Evans Hearing Adjourned; Lee Phillips On Trial

Former Boston (Cheats) United manager Steve Evans and ex-chairman Pat Malkinson, charged by the FA with with impeding an FA investigation together with contractual irregularities, will not now know their fates until next month. An independent tribunal hearing the case against both men has today been adjourned until 11-12th December. No reason has been given for the delay.

In other news, 21-year-old Weymouth striker Lee Phillips has been invited to spend the week training at Huish Park. Speaking to the Dorset Echo, Terras manager Geoff Butler said: "Yeovil want to have a good look at Lee and so what they're doing is putting him up for the week and getting him to join in with their daily training sessions. Personally I'm delighted that a big club is showing interest in the player but I've warned Gary [Johnson] not to come back with a silly offer for him. There's no guarantee that Lee will end up going there, but I wanted to make it clear from the outset that he's not available on the cheap. We have a valuation which is not negotiable and we certainly wouldn't entertain the idea until we've got a replacement or two lined up. At the moment, it's no more than the lad spending a week training with a bigger club which happens all the time these days. He'll be back training with us on Thursday night and if Gary decides he wants to take it further, then we'll talk again." If Phillips was to be sold by Weymouth, his previous club Plymouth Argyle would be entitled to 40% of any fee.

Glovers boss Gary Johnson confirmed that Phillips was training with the Glovers, saying: "Lee doesn't work full-time and so he's in an ideal position to come and train for a week. There's nothing more to it than that at the moment."

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Tues 12th November 2002
Johnson: We Need More Leaders

Speaking to a press conference after Saturday's 2-2 draw with Dagenham and Redbridge, Glovers boss Gary Johnson was critical of his team's battling qualities following a below-par second half performance which allowed the visitors to draw level after going 2-0 down. "In the first half we played very well - we were creating a lot of chances, making a lot of space and playing some very good football. The boys were determined to keep it going when they left the dressing room at half time, unfortunatly they didnt show that determination in their individual battles which they needed to keep going. We got the second goal almost straight away after half-time which proves we went out there with the right mentality but if something goes against you like the penalty we have to be good enough and clever enough to go man for man and win the battle, and unfortunately for the last 30 minutes we didn't win the battle, we were second all over the field. Thats the disappointing part and that's the part we have to work on for our next group of games.

"There was a lot of quality in the first half and we were very close to scoring a couple more goals. We work hard on our set plays and they are working because we're scoring from them and we're getting our fair share of goals from set plays so I'm pleased with that. It was a terrific strike from Macca and he's done it three times now, but we can't keep relying on his free-kicks. I was pleased with our second goal just after half time, but the thing we have to work on is our individual battles - we lost our individual battles in the second half.

"We didn't quite get to grips with their movement and pressure on the edge of the box. We need a few more leaders out there - they all know what I'm after, they all know how we should be playing but a few of them should be having a few words with the others to get them to pick it up a bit quicker, to win your tackles, win your headers, win your individual battles. We're a young team and we're still learning, that's part of our learning at the moment and it's another game where we've learnt something.

"The last time I saw a goal like their second goal was in the cub scouts, where the best player could go round 6 men. You can't do that at this level, it was embarrasing for me and for the players. I will look at the video and see who didn't make the tackles, because he went past 3 or 4 people. Somebody has to nail him at some point, but I have lost my voice shouting to the players about not allowing people to pick the ball up and run at us without making tackles. It was a schoolboy goal and that was embarrassing.

"We're still top of the league. Doncaster lost and Chester have caught up with us again, but we're still up there and we're still going to be up there this time next week whatever happens and thats the position you want to be in. The league's not won by 20 points at this stage in the season, we keep learning and we're not losing these games. I think we'd have lost this game last season and I'm going to say to the boys if we're to stay top of the league we have to be more professional."

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Sun 10th November 2002
Daggers Drawn At Huish Park

Yeovil Town made it 16 Conference matches in a row unbeaten following their 2-2 draw with Dagenham and Redbridge at a damp Huish Park yesterday afternoon, but will be frustrated at not going on to win the match after taking a 2-0 lead just after the break. All credit to the visitors though, Dagenham came back into the game extremely well and pushed the Glovers all the way for most of the second half with both sides in the end having to be content with a hard-earned point.

Michael McIndoe put Yeovil into the lead on 16 minutes with another of his specials - a 25 yard free-kick which left Daggers keeper Tony Roberts with no chance. The Glovers were 2-0 up on 55 minutes and looking odds-on for the win, good work from Kim Grant and Nick Crittenden resulting in Daggers defender Mark Smith putting the ball into his own net. Two minutes later however and the visitors had pulled one back through a Junior McDougald penalty after a blatant push on Gary Fletcher in the box. Dagenham pressed for the equaliser and with Yeovil increasingly on the back foot Gary Fletcher levelled the scores on 80 minutes.

Final score: Yeovil Town 2 Dagenham & Redbridge 2.

16 league games unbeaten then for the Glovers as mentioned above, but manager Gary Johnson will want the team to get back to winning ways for their next Conference match at in-form Southport in a fortnight's time after 3 draws in the last 3 games yielding 3 points out of a possible 9 - albeit those 3 games being played against 3 of what are regarded as amongst the Conference's best teams: Chester, Doncaster and Dagenham. As for how yesterday's results affect the Conference table: The Glovers lead the way on 37 points, but Doncaster lost 3-0 at Morecambe to drop a place to third on 33 points, while Chester move up to second place on 34 points after a 1-0 away win at struggling Stevenage. Yeovil's next league opponents Southport also climb the table, going to fourth on 33 points following their 2-0 win at Hereford.

Yeovil take a break from league action now for a fortnight, 2nd Division Cheltenham the visitors next Saturday in the all-ticket FA Cup 1st Round tie at Huish Park - a reminder that tickets are now on sale to the general public as well as season-ticket holders. Following that the Glovers entertain DML Western Division side Mangotsfield United the following Tuesday (19th November) in a Somerset Premier Cup 2nd round match. That same week four Yeovil players will travel to Cremona with the National Game Under-23 squad for a game against their Italian Serie C counterparts, Gary Johnson apparently having given permisson to Chris Weale, Adam Lockwood, Lee Johnson and Darren Way to make the trip.

The full National Game Under-23 squad is as follows:
Matt Baker (Hereford Utd), Chris Weale, Adam Lockwood, Lee Johnson and Darren Way (all Yeovil Town), Jonathon Boardman (Woking) Aaron Webster and Dale Anderson (both Burton Albion), John Kennedy (Canvey Island), Warren Peyton (Nuneaton Borough), Michael Rose (Hereford Utd), Wayne Purser (Barnet), Gary Thompson (Morecambe) Ryan Sugden, Martin Lancaster and Chris Blackburn (all Chester City)

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Thurs 7th November 2002
Four Glovers Players Picked For 'National Game' Squad

Four Yeovil Town players have been picked for the 'National Game' squad set to face their Italian counterparts in Italy on November 20th - 3 days before the Glovers travel to Southport in a vital Conference match. The representative game has been set as an under-23 fixture and the Yeovil players picked are goalkeeper Chris Weale, defender Adam Lockwood, plus midfielders Lee Johnson and Darren Way.

Congratulations to the players concerned on their selection to the squad - well deserved and a true reflection of their performances this season. However, Glovers boss Gary Johnson has yet to decide whether or not to give permission for the players to go on the trip to Italy. If they do go then the four will miss the Somerset Premier Cup tie v Mangotsfield on the 19th November but should be back in time for the Southport game at Haig Avenue on the 23rd November, though such ardous travelling will hardly be the ideal preparation for an important fixture. It will be interesting to see how Doncaster and Chester will react if any of their players are called up for what is, when all is said and done, a friendly match.

In team news for this Saturday's Conference clash with Dagenham & Redbridge the usual injured suspects Tom White and Adam Stansfield will be missing, as will midfielder Lee Johnson, who starts the first of his two-game ban following his red card against Boston. On the credit side Colin Pluck returns to the squad following the end of his recent three-match suspension. Dagenham include on-loan Orient striker Gary Fletcher in their squad and Mark Stein could also be fit after missing recent games - the former Stoke and Chelsea striker came through a reserve match unscathed in midweek.

A reminder that tickets for the Cheltenham FA Cup tie go on sale from noon onwards at Huish Park on Saturday to season-ticket holders only. The remainder are on sale to the general public from 10am Sunday onwards - for full details click here.

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Tues 5th November 2002
Could Be Fireworks At GWSC AGM

Green and White Supporters Club member Tony Elbourn writes:

As you've probably already seen, the Green and White Supporters Club Annual General Meeting is scheduled for 21st November.

The current constitution allows the existing committee to hold meetings behind closed doors, allows them to refuse members access to the minutes of those meetings, and only allows matters approved by the committee to be discussed at the Annual General Meeting. This latter rule prevents changes to the constitution at the AGM unless the committee approves the discussion first.

I strongly believe that the constitution needs to change as the start of a general shakeup of the G and W. My open question to the committee is therefore, will you allow free discussion about amendments to the constitution at the AGM, and openly announce your decision on the forum ?

For the record, if the committee refuse this request, rule 6.2 allows an Extraordinary General Meeting to be called to discuss any matter of major importance provided that 15 members write to the committee to request such a meeting. If necessary, the EGM could be held immediately before the AGM. Please email me if you want to be one of the 15, although I hope it doesn't come to this.

If you're not a member of the G and W, join now !

Ciderspace comment:
Any organisation that has no skeletons in the closet should welcome the opportunity for any misconceptions about its running to be cleared up and would therefore adopt an 'open book' policy. Organisations that shroud themselves in secrecy are bound to breed distrust amongst both members and non-members. The easiest and surely the best way forward for the GWSC is to welcome the opportunity to change the way it is perceived by many and to allow a more inclusive attitude to its members and potential members.

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Sun 3rd November 2002
Chester Minute - Clare Forces Last Gasp Draw

It was inevitable really. Two minutes of injury time to be played, the Glovers 2-1 in the lead and looking comfortable after dominating the second half with a high class performance, and then.....

Yeovil went to 3rd-placed Chester hoping to extend their unbeaten Conference run to 15 games, but in a below-par first half performance conceded the advantage to their hosts when new signing Daryl Clare put Chester in the lead on 23 minutes. A fired-up Glovers side took the game to Chester after the break and turned the score around with two goals in five minutes, Nick Crittenden bundling the ball over the line on 51 minutes to equalise, and Howard Forinton putting the visitors in the lead on 55 minutes with a smart turn and shot from inside the box. Roared on by around 1,000 traveling fans in Chester's biggest crowd of the season so far of 3,841, the Glovers were in control right up until that man Clare popped up again in injury time to rescue a point for the Blues. The second time then this season that a win has turned into a draw by the concession of an injury-time goal - but despite what might have been, a point at the third-placed club away from home has to be seen as a good point.

Final score: Chester City 2 Yeovil Town 2.

The result leaves the Glovers still top-of-the-league on 36 points, their lead cut to three points after second-placed Doncaster's 2-0 home win over Hereford. Chester remain third on 31 points with Southport moving up to fourth place on 30 points following their 3-2 home win over struggling Stevenage.

The Glovers had two men booked yesterday - both Adam Lockwood and Gavin Williams have now received five yellow cards apiece this season and are banned for a match accordingly. They'll miss the FA Cup tie v Cheltenham in a fortnight, as will Lee Johnson, suspended for one match after being red-carded in the LDV Vans Trophy match at Boston.

Chester fans were brought back down to earth with a bang last night when it emerged that City chairman Steven Vaughan has been involved in merger talks with 2nd Division Tranmere Rovers and has tabled a £5 million bid for Rovers Prenton Park stadium. Speaking to The Observer, Vaughan said: "I think I can set a precedent here. There will be a lot of clubs going out of business shortly, so if you can get two clubs within a 20-mile radius of one another merging together, you've got a possible way forward."

According to The Observer, Vaughan wants to move Tranmere the 10 miles down the road to Chester's Deva Stadium in a ground-sharing scheme, and would then go ahead with merger plans using the money gained from developing Prenton Park to upgrade the Deva, ultimately creating a new merged club - Chester Rovers perhaps, or Tranmere Blues possibly? Whatever, the plans are sure to create uproar at both Chester and Tranmere. Watch this space......

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Sat 2nd November 2002
October Internet Player Of The Month: Gavin Williams

Gavin Williams is mobbed by his team-mates as the Westland Stand goes wild for Yeovil's equaliser v Doncaster
Gavin Williams (hidden) is mobbed by his team-mates as the Westland Stand goes wild at the news that Super Gav is October's Internet Player of the Month
Photo © 2002 Ciderspace

Having been voted as MOTM in two games last month and scoring three times, including an unforgettable 30-yard effort against Doncaster, Gavin Williams is October's Internet Player of the Month. Super Gav beat off a strong challenge from Abdoulai Demba, six goals scored in October, and defender Roy O'Brien and utility player Andy Lindegaard, neither of whom featured in previous month's votes - proof positive of the strength in depth of the squad with the likes of the consistent Nick Crittenden and Michael McIndoe not present this time around.

Player Score
Gavin Williams 297
Abdoulai Demba 261
Roy O'Brien 253
Andy Lindegaard 235
Terry Skiverton 227
Adam Lockwood 199
Colin Pluck 193

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Fri 1st November 2002
New Away Shirts Now On Sale

Too late for the vast majority of Glovers fans travellimg to Chester tomorrow, too late indeed for the team themselves who have already left for the frozen north, but at long last a consignment of this season's away shirts have arrived at Huish Park from the manufacturers and will be on sale from next week - and rather smart they look too. Let's face it, if they can make our model look good......

Get 'em for Christmas!
Blue Stew models the new YTFC away shirt while also wearing a topical halloween mask
Photo © 2002 Ciderspace

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Fri 1st November 2002
Postal Ticket Applications For Cheltenham Game

The procedure for postal applications for tickets for Yeovil Town's forthcoming FA Cup First Round tie against Cheltenham Town, to be held on Saturday 16th November, kick-off 3.00pm, has been finalised by the club.

Postal applications via cheque and credit card are welcome and the club now also accept Switch payments. Cheques must be made payable to Yeovil Town FC. Please remember to enclose a Stamped Addressed Envelope to aid a speedy turnaround to your application.

Note that to cover costs, a charge of 45 pence will be levied against Debit card transactions. Credit card transactions will also have a surcharge - 3 percent of the total value of tickets. Cheques do not require a surcharge.

Write to: Cheltenham FA Cup Tickets, The Ticket Office, Huish Park, Lufton Way, Yeovil, Somerset, BA22 8YF, remembering your Stamped Addressed Envelope. Additional enquiries can be made by telephoning the Ticket Office on (01935) 423662.

Please try and get your postal applications in by Monday 11th November at the latest to enable the ticket office staff to turn round your order in time.

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