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Thurs 30th September 1999
K's For Colin

It now seems inevitable that Colin Lippiatt is on his way to Kingstonian. Sources on the new Ciderspace Mailing List have told us that Geoff Chapple got in touch with Lippiatt as soon as the news of his resignation from Yeovil was announced. Colin is expected to work as assistant to Geoff Chapple reforming the partnership they had at Woking for 10 years where they won three FA Trophys. They also had a brief spell in partnership at Kingstonian before Lippiatt left in November 1997 to join Yeovil.

However, when contacted, Lippiatt told Ciderspace "there will be no announcement until Saturday. I have a club lined up, but I have to follow the correct procedures". The unnamed club are preparing a formal announcement on Saturday.

Kingstonian are currently top of the Nationwide Conference, and if the theories turn out to be true, Yeovil will face Colin Lippiatt in the opposite dugout when the teams meet on Wednesday October 13th in a rearranged Nationwide Conference fixture.

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Fry's Verdict on Thommo

Yeovil Town chairman John Fry has today strongly backed Steve Thompson following his appointment as caretaker coach at Yeovil Town Football Club. Fry said that Thompson was formally appointed to the position at an Executive Committee meeting at 4:00pm at Huish Park yesterday.

Fry said "we've got every confidence in Steve Thompson and his abilities and we know he wants the job". And he strongly suggested that Thompson will be given every opportunity to take the job on a permanent basis saying that Steve had told him that he regarded football as his main employment. Steve works part-time as a postal office worker in Plymouth, in addition to his existing coaching responsibilities and Fry said that he was willing to devote extra time to Yeovil Town in the evenings during his trial period. Fry added "if all goes well, we're hoping that Steve won't be sorting letters and parcels at Christmas".

Speaking about the players, Fry said "The players are professionals and are right behind him" adding that he specifically spoke to captain Steve Stott about Thompson's choice and says that Stott has added his backing to the appointment. Fry added that that he would be talking further to Stott tomorrow to ensure that the recent approach by Stevenage and the talks that Colin Lippiatt held with the Yeovil captain just before Lippiatt resigned could be drawn to a tidy conclusion.

Finally Fry called for the crowd at Huish Park on Saturday to get behind the players saying "I hope the crowd gets behind Steve, and remembers that it was Colin who resigned" obviously concerned about any unrest from supporters on Saturday and wanting deflect any attention away from the board.

As an editorial comment, although all of us at Ciderspace were bitterly disappointed to see Colin Lippiatt depart, it does seem that the club have made the best of a bad week in appointing the best available man for the caretaker position. Let's hope Thommo gets the backing of everyone in the club.

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Local Press Review - Part 1

Like last week, we'll tackle the local press today in piecemeal stages, beginning with the Western Gazette.

'There was no bust-up' is the main headline on the back page from sports editor Richard Briggs, with chairman John Fry claiming in the article that he and Colin Lippiatt had not fallen out, despite rumours to the contrary. Fry is quoted as saying: "We never had a disagreement in our lives. I do not want fans coming here on Saturday thinking that. I want them to get behind the acting manager. I am very disappointed with what happened with Colin, but I am optimistic we can put it behind us."

However it is evident that Colin Lippiatt saw the the matter somewhat differently. The Gazette quotes him as saying: "The bottom line is that the club put an ultimatum to me - take the full-time job or leave. I thought about the offer very carefully before making my decision. It was certainly not something I decided in 5 minutes."

All very peculiar, as the Gazette points out that (as readers of the Yeovil Express and this website will already know) Lippiatt acccepted a full-time role a month ago before changing his mind 24 hours later after the 2-0 defeat at Woking. To muddy the waters even further, the Gazette reports that it was Lippiatt himself who first raised the subject of going full-time. John Fry is quoted as saying: "Colin asked me if he could go full time a few months ago. We shook hands and settled on it."

Sports editor Richard Briggs goes on to claim that the news of Lippiatt's resignation came as "little surprise" to him, and that he expected his resignation if Yeovil had failed to beat Dover this weekend, citing Yeovil's 4 league defeats this season under Lippiatt and the ever-increasing size of the first team squad as reasons.

The Gazette obviously went to print before the news that Steve Thompson has been awarded temporary charge of the team, and they report that ex-Dorchester, Weymouth and Torquay boss Stuart Morgan has been linked with the vacancy, along with current Bath City manager Paul Bodin. The paper says that former reserve team boss and current stadium manager Tery Rowles has ruled himself out, as has Yeovil Town Ladies coach John Flatters (!).

Away from the controversy over the head coach, the Gazette reports that midfielder Phil Simpson has extended his period of loan at Enfield for another month, with the Isthmian League side keen to make the signing permanent. Steve Stott is to stay at Huish Park until the end of the season, despite interest from Stevenage.

It is with some relief we turn to CathyWatch: Sadly, no chocolate cake stories this week, though she does slip in a mention for her alien, George, who failed to make the trip to Telford last weekend - hence our defeat. In her column, evidently written before news of Colin's resignation, Cathy is more than a little downhearted this week. She begins by saying "Last week was absolutely awful for all of Yeovil Town Football Club's loyal supporters..." and it's all downhill from there. She's worried, I'm worried, we are all worried. Things can only get better.

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Latest Conference Odds

9-4 Stevenage Borough
5-2 Rushden & Diamonds
5-1 Yeovil Town
6-1 Kingstonian, Nuneaton Borough
10-1 Doncaster Rovers
14-1 Hednesford Town, Morecambe, Scarborough
20-1 Kidderminster Harriers, Northwich Victoria
33-1 Hereford United, Woking
66-1 Altrincham, Dover Athletic, Kettering Town, Southport
150-1 Sutton United, Telford United, Welling United
250-1 Hayes
500-1 Forest Green Rovers

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Wed 29th September 1999
Thommo Gets The Nod For Dover Game

Steve Thompson has been given the nod to take the caretaker role for Dover according to newspaper reports tonight. Reports are that Thommo has been given the job on a six week trial basis, which would stabilise the club through the FA Cup Fourth Round Qualifier and (if applicable) the FA Cup First Round Proper and would take things up to a couple of weeks short of the first FA Trophy tie.

Thommo has already indicated that he would like the job permanently, saying "I think it's a great opportunity, whether it be for me or for someone else". Players have already told Ciderspace and various reliable sources that they would favour Thommo in either a caretaker or permanent role, and this latest news will doubtless install him as hot favourite for the position after Chairman John Fry said earlier today that "we could have the answer within the club".

The players are holding a meeting tonight at Huish Park to discuss the immediate future and it was widely anticipated that they would be informed of Thompson's caretaker appointment at the meeting.

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Thommo Set For Talks With Glovers

Steve Thompson has made it clear that he will be putting his name forward for the vacant position at Yeovil Town. Thommo, who is the club's fitness coach as well as their experienced midfielder, has indicated that he is prepared to act as Head Coach in either a caretaker capacity or on a permanent basis.

He has also revealed that he is prepared to consider taking on the position on a full time basis, if that is what the board require, and says he would regard it as a great opportunity for him to rise to.

BBC Ceefax (page 396) is reporting that Thompson will meet with chairman John Fry to discuss the situation. Fry said: "He'll be talking with the board about taking over the team in the short term. I had loads and loads of phone calls when people read it on Ceefax. We'll look at the list of applicants but we could have the answer within the club."

Meanwhile Terry Rowles has ruled himself out of the running for the position, amidst rumours that he was being shuffled out of his reserve team manager post in readiness for his move to the hot-seat.

Finally Ceefax confirms that former head coach Colin Lippiatt expects to make a return to Conference football sooner rather than later. He is quoted as saying: "I will be carrying on definitely in the Conference. It'll be in a part time capacity as a coach working under a manager. Hopefully I'll have something sorted out by the end of the week if not on Saturday." It is widely expected that Lippiatt will once again be teaming up with old partner Geoff Chapple at Kingstonian, though this has yet to be officially confirmed. Yeovil are set to play Kingstonian at Kingsmeadow on October 13th.

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Tues 28th September 1999
Players Want Thommo and Norts

Several Yeovil Town players have today unanimously reacted with disbelief at today's news of Colin Lippiatt's resignation. The mood of the players, whom Ciderspace spoke to directly or indirectly through reliable sources, suggested that they had little forewarning of today's unhappy events.

Captain Steve Stott and assistant coach Terry Cotton were the first to be told and the word was quickly spread around the remaining personnel. The mood of dejection seemed to even extend to those who have not regularly featured as a regular part of Colin Lippiatt's starting eleven, with one such person saying that he was "gutted" and felt "sick inside" at the news. At no time did we get an impression that any players wanted to see the back of Colin.

Several players indicated that they hoped the club would look from within the first team set-up for Colin's replacement, even if it was only on a caretaker capacity. One player, who did not wish to be named said "we're at such a critical part of the season. Right now we need stability, not change. Unless we get someone who shares Colin's ideals and beliefs, I can see it badly disrupting our season". When asked, that player indicated that his top choices would come from either Steve Thompson or Dave Norton as caretaker, saying "they have the respect of all of us". Several other players agreed with this.

Other possible alternatives for a caretaker role would be Terry Cotton, who took the caretaker position when Graham Roberts left the club, and Terry Rowles who is currently the club's full time stadium manager after relinquishing his reserve team manager job to Tony Pounder and Maurice O'Donnell recently.

In the case of Cotton and Rowles, it would seem logical that neither would be suitable for the position on a long term basis. When Graham Roberts left, Cotton indicated that he had no interest in the position, preferring back-room coaching, whilst Rowles has never (to our knowledge) managed a side higher than Western League.

In the case of Steve Thompson and David Norton, both would be popular choices for both players and fans, whether on a caretaker or permanent basis. Both are qualified coaches who work in coaching and fitness related activities outside Yeovil Town. However, Thommo lives in Plymouth and Norton lives in Nottingham, with the latter having recently set up his own business, so if they can not be persuaded to change their outside commitments, Yeovil Town Football Club may well ultimately need to look outside the club for their replacement.

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John Fry expresses his "sadness"

John Fry has provided an interview on the Yeovil Town Club Call Line (0930 555850, calls charged at 60p per minute) and we taken the following quotations from that interview. The quotations form only part of a much longer interview with Yeovil Town's Chairman.

Firstly, John Fry described his reaction to hearing the news of Colin's resignation : "Colin is an extremely honest person and he's one of the nicest guys in football. I was extremely saddened, but I was not surprised as we've been talking about this for a while. A decision had to be taken, and I know he's made the right decision for him and his family, and I wish them all well."

Contrary to the impression that Monday's Press Release had given, Fry denied that Lippiatt was being forced into going full-time, saying "if Colin had wanted to carry on part time, he could have carried on part time. The board made the decision that, whether it was now, or sometime in the distant future, we needed a person on a full time basis. Colin was becoming more of a 'full time' part time manager, and you couldn't ask any more than the effort he was putting into the job. We've never made it mandatory, because we recognise that we have got part time players. It was part of our overall plan for player development, and our desire to get into the football league that we felt it was the right time to start thinking about it, as these things take some time to thrash through."

Fry paid tribute to the progress that the club had made under Lippiatt, saying "When Colin took over, it was against a background of bad feeling. The club, in my view was always a "relegation" club, we'd been up and down like a yo-yo into the lower leagues. Colin Lippiatt changed it from that into a much more professional organisation, and his coaching skills forced that through". This comment fits in well with comments that John Fry made to Ciderspace's Martin Baker in an interview he performed with John Fry for the Yeovil Town Match Day Programme in April 99 where Fry said "Yeovil Town now has the belief that they are capable of winning this league, and we’re getting rid of this inferiority complex that we have had in the past of being a "relegation club".

Fry couldn't see Lippiatt giving up coaching entirely, saying "he will stay in football, someone will want his skills and that club will have one of the best coaches in non-league football. He's left the club in good health and there's no grudge whatsoever".

However, he admitted to a possible error of judgement with hindsight, saying "If we've underestimated anything between us it is the size of the job and the expectations of this club".

John Fry later went on to talk about his plans for the future saying "anyone who comes in now to take over has got a difficult act to follow. We will be discussing with various people over the next day. Obviously by tomorrow evening, we have to make a short term solution, and there are people within the club who can take charge of that. We have a good quality squad, who are all contracted players, with the exception of one or two". Fry indicated that the day had brought many phone calls coming into the club with people enquiring about the possible position, but Fry said that currently the club has "no-one in mind".

He then referred to a recent interview on Radio Bristol with Geoff Twentyman which was broadcast just before the home game against Sutton, saying "We will drive this club forward and up into the league, and as I said to a reporter last week, we don't intend to stay in the Third Division, this club can go all the way to the First Division. The next person who we are looking for is a person who will commit his time fully down here; it's a huge task".

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Colin's Resignation Letter

Colin's Resignation letter, sent to Yeovil Town Chairman John Fry, on 28th September 1999, at 10:30am, is reproduced in full here. At that time, only assistant coach Terry Cotton, captain Steve Stott, and Colin's immediate family had been notified of the decision. The statement is reproduced in full, with a couple of annotations made which are explained at the end of the letter.

Dear John1,

Following recent discussions about my position at YTFC and the press release2 relating to a full time committment, I wish to inform you that after careful consideration, I will be leaving my post as Head Coach with immediate effect.

I will continue to work in my full time employment, and work part-time, coaching under a manager3 which will greatly reduce my workload and my time given to football.

I would like to take this opportunity personally to thank you for your support during my time at YTFC, and I know our paths will cross in the future. I wish the club all the very best in the future, and personally on behalf of myself, I can not thank the supporters enough for their support ever since I joined Yeovil Town Football Club. It's been a great pleasure for me and a great support to me to meet many of them, and that will always be a big memory to take away from Yeovil Town.

Colin Lippiatt, 28th September 1999.


1 : John Fry, Chairman of Yeovil Town Football Club
2 : The Press Release was a story we ran on Monday 27th September 1999 and can be read here.
3: Lippiatt is believed to have been already approached by several clubs today. We have strong reasons to believe that one of those clubs is Kingstonian, whom he joined Yeovil from in October 1997.

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The Club's Response to the Resignation

We have received the following statement from Yeovil Town Football Club. The wording is theirs, not ours, and reads exactly as follows, without comment.

Following a press statement released today, Tuesday 28th September 1999, at 10:30am, Colin Lippiatt has resigned from his position as Head Coach of Yeovil Town Football Club with immediate effect.

Yeovil Town Football Club Chairman, Mr John Fry, stated that during his short spell as Head Coach, Colin Lippiatt had taken the Club from being a relegation outfit to promotion winning potential. He has been extremely honest in his decision to step down from a job that requires full time commitment to meet with the ambitions of the Club Directors.

There has been no disagreement with Mr Lippiatt and on behalf of everyone associated with Yeovil Town Football Club, I wish Colin and his family good luck for the future.

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Colin Lippiatt Resigns!

Colin Lippiatt has resigned as Head Coach of Yeovil Town, according to reliable reports on the Ciderspace Fans Forum. The resignation took place at 10:30am this morning. Only yesterday John Fry was urging Lippiatt to go full time in a press release on Carlton Teletext, and it appears that it is this press release that has triggered the resignation, with Lippiatt specifically citing the press release in his resignation letter.

In the resignation letter he thanks Chairman John Fry for his support, and in particular says "I can not thank the supporters enough" for their backing. But Lippiatt has indicated that he was not prepared to give up his full time job, and said that he would be looking for a position where his workload was heavily reduced and would be looking to work under a manager in the future rather than to act as a front man.

Immediate rumours are connecting him with a link-up with his old boss Geoff Chapple at Kingstonian, whom Yeovil will face on October 13th in a re-arranged fixture.

More details will follow later.

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Mon 27th September 1999
Fry Urges Lippiatt To Go Full-Time

According to an article on Carlton (formerly Westcountry) TV Teletext, Yeovil Town chairman John Fry has urged Colin Lippiatt to reconsider his recent decision to remain as part-time head coach of the football club (as reported here on the 2nd of September) and take a full-time position. Fry is quoted as saying: "The directors feel it is essential to operate with a full-time head coach based at Huish Park stadium. Colin has done an excellent job and is the man for the position. It is for him to decide whether or not Yeovil will be his primary employment role."

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Thurs 23rd September 1999
Local Press Review ... Part Two

Well we tackled the Gazette with a vengeance this morning, and now our attention turns to the Yeovil Express and The Clarion.

The Yeovil Express leads the way, and scoops on the Western Gazette by naming the player we have now signed as Paul Tisdale, whereas the Gazette presumably went to print that tantalisingly bit too early and was unable to do so. The Express reports that Tisdale was due to sign on the dotted line at Fleet Services, so the club could rush the paperwork through in time for Kingstonian. We trust that no-one got too wet in the rain for what turned out to be no hurry at all.

The Yeovil Express also picks up on a feature from the club's Official Match Day Programme where Jamie Pitman came in second in the Matchman of the Month awards for August, pipped at the post by Scarborough's Steve Brodie. Adrian Foster came in fourth, giving a respectable look to the top ten for Yeovil in the monthly awards that our own Steve Thompson won twice last season.

The Express makes grim reading for the match reports and analysis where the Huish Park Fortress Tumbles and Colin Lippiatt says in his analysis of the game that we must beat the bread and butter sides. They also cover the injury situation with Fishlock, Norton and Thompson, pointing out that Thommo is due to go in for the MRI Scan that he didn't get to earlier in the season.

They too cover the Forinton cash bonus, and also cover the Yeovil Town Ladies 11-1 demolition of Bristol City's ladies team.

Finally, if you are wondering what we are going to say about The Clarion, well wonder no more, as we're not going to say alot! Copies have long stopped reaching Ciderspace Towers, and their Internet Developer seems to have gone on strike for the past fortnight! Fat Harry - are you reading this ???

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Erection 2000 Party 2000

Yeovil Town will host a Millennium Party in their club bars on New Years Eve, putting the entertainment in the hands of the Erection 2000 Committee for the evening. Tickets for the event cost 30 pounds, including a buffet, kareoke and a disco. You are strongly advised to book your ticket in advance, and interested parties should contact Yeovil Town Conference Suite Manager Jayne Burton at the club on (01935) 423662 Extension 222.

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Telford Match Preview

Yeovil Town travel to the Bucks Head, in Telford, on Saturday after having had a week to reflect on the defeat at home to Sutton. They have a fair record against the Shropshire side and when the sides last met in December 1998 it was Yeovil who ran out 4-0 winners over Telford at Huish Park, with Al-James Hannigan bagging two goals in addition to Darren Keeling and Warren Patmore's strikes.

Their last meeting at the Bucks Head was last September, when a midweek match saw a 2-2 draw with Steve Stott and Matt Hayfield the goalscorers, with Yeovil being denied two chances of a late winner when firstly an apparent hand ball by Telford's Craig Shakespeare failed to produce the expected penalty, then secondly a Carl Dale goal was disallowed for off-side.

On the previous season, Yeovil did the double over Telford. At Huish Park, a 5-3 scoreline was clouded in controversy by the famous substitution and shirt throwing by Lee Harvey and the sending off of Chris White. For both it was to mark the end of their Yeovil careers. Yeovil got their goals that day via Warren Patmore (twice), Owen Pickard, Steve Stott and a Colin Fielder penalty.

Meanwhile at the Bucks Head that season, the return fixture proved to be the match that put Ben Smith on the Yeovil map in a big way. Having just signed for Yeovil, he knocked in two goals, whilst Lee Archer and Sam Winston added to the scoreline giving Yeovil an easy 4-1 victory that looked unthinkable after Telford had taken the lead.

For Saturday's match, Colin Lippiatt expects a few changes to last Saturday's squad. "Dean Chandler will be in the squad, but Murray Fishlock, Dave Norton and Steve Thompson are still sidelined with injuries". Lippiatt also indicated that new signings Matt Stowell and Paul Tisdale would be likely to get onto the pitch one way or another. He also said that he had still made good use of the time spent at Kingsmeadow last night saying that he had held a team meeting in the away dressing room to have another talk about last Saturday's performance.

Lippiatt added "We are still up there well in contention, and when we do play to our full potential, we will indeed be a very difficult side to beat".

Telford lie currently 19th in the Conference, with only one win to their name, against Forest Green, since they beat Kingstonian on the opening day of the season.

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Re-arranged Fixtures

Last night's postponed game against Kingstonian, at Kingsmeadow, is now re-scheduled for Wednesday 13th October, kick-off 7:45pm.

Meanwhile, those not going to Telford on Saturday have a re-arranged Screwfix Direct League fixture as an alternative, as the reserves take on Melksham at Huish Park, kick-off 3:00pm.

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Paul Tisdale Signs

Yeovil Town have secured the signing of experienced player Paul Tisdale. Paul is a 5'9" tall midfielder, who has a reputation for good ball control and passing. He has been signed from the Belgium League and is on a contract with Yeovil until the end of the season. Had the game with Kingstonian not been postponed, Tisdale would have formed part of the selected squad.

Born on 14th January 1973, in Malta, but brought up in Bath, Paul started his career as a junior at Southampton where he spent six years, including 16 first team league appearances. Paul will have rubbed shoulders with Yeovil's David Piper around that time, as both were products of the Saints prolific home-grown production line. During that time he also had loan spells at Northampton and Huddersfield. In August 1997 he signed for Bristol City, but made most of his league appearances around that time whilst on a two month loan spell at Exeter City. He later moved on loan to Dundee United, before making his move into the Belgium League. Paul has also seen time with Finnish club Fin-Pa and also Greek club Panionios where he is reported to have played against Lazio in the quarter-finals of the Cup Winners Cup!

Colin Lippiatt has given his reaction to the signing, saying "We are strengthening our squad all the time, and that is precisely why we have signed Paul Tisdale. Paul is a quality performer who has played for Southampton, plus spells abroad in both Greece and Belgium. Recently he has been playing in the Belgian First Division. He has joined us until the end of the current season, and there was no fee involved. We had to get international clearance to make the signing". Lippiatt also indicated that his move was an attempt to deaden the blow of the continued absence of Norton and Thompson.

Meanwhile it has been revealed by Colin on the club's Clubcall Hotline that Steve Stott was the recipient of a seven day approach by league leaders Stevenage Borough. However, following talks with Colin Lippiatt, Stott has indicated that he is happy to stay until the end of the season.

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Local Press Review

This weeks local press review comes to you in piecemeal stages. First we find out what the Western Gazette has to say for itself ....

Well, largely not a lot that we don't know already. Their major story centres around reports that Yeovil are about to line-up yet another new signing. We at Ciderspace have been told to expect the signature today or tomorrow. The delay is caused by him needing international clearance as he is returning home after a spell abroad. He is described as a midfielder with football league experience. Now we at Ciderspace are not ones to stick our necks on the block and make rash predictions but we are a little surprised that Steve MacManaman is jacking in his villa in Spain quite this soon, although obviously the lure of Huish Park must be too great for him to turn down.

The other half-story of interest is that Tony Pounder, reserve team coach, and first team squad member, has turned down approaches from Dorchester and Salisbury, preferring to stay loyal to the Glovers. Good man!

Meanwhile the Gazette cover the departure of Stafford Browne and the arrival of Matt Stowell, with the Gazette suggesting that Browne may opt to sign for Billericay, the club who he had pre-season trials with before meandering his way to Huish Park. They also cover the sell-on money that Yeovil receive for the Howard Forinton transfer. You can find all these three stories on Ciderspace by scrolling downwards from here.

Last, and most definitely not least, the legend that is the Fans Voice column, continues to impress. This week Cathy has been eating chocolate cake! It was her birthday last week, and so she has been tucking in to a gift presented to her by two Glovers fans. Cathy reveals that the reason why Yeovil lost to Sutton was not the bad weather, or Colin's tactics or the fact that Sutton actually played quite well ...... it is because she forgot to bring "George" the Alien, her lucky mascot. Colin Lippiatt - are you reading this ? There is no need to change a thing in the dressing room! Just make sure that a green inflatable is occupying the Bartlett Stand. You read it here first!

Meanwhile, Cathy believes that the last time Yeovil played well in bad weather was the 7-2 win over Slough under Steve Rutter. Which is funny because we at Ciderspace could have sworn there was a New Years Day win over Cheltenham in high winds and rain that broke Cheltenham's unbeaten run just under two years ago, plus a 2-0 victory over Woking in ankle deep water (where Graham Roberts scored a flick-on header next to the home end). Perhaps Ms Pickford had been abducted by her own alien during that season ?

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Wed 22nd September 1999
Kingsmeadow Flooded

The game between Yeovil and Kingstonian, due to be played tonight, was called off after the pitch at Kingsmeadow became waterlogged. Parts of Kingston town centre were reported to be flooded, and the referee, who arrived late, eventually declared the pitch as unplayable at 6:50pm. Bad luck to those who travelled.

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Tues 21st September 1999
Kingstonian Match Preview

A point or better at Kingstonian will put Yeovil Town back on top of the Nationwide Conference table. Head Coach Colin Lippiatt was understandibly pleased to have a game so soon after the shock home defeat at the hands of Sutton on Saturday.

"When you've had a disappointing defeat, it is good to get back on the park as soon as possible", he says, "The game will certainly be a real test of character for us".

"As far as team selection is concerned, Dean Chandler, who had a runout with the reserves on Saturday, and scored, is in the squad. Unfortunately, my ongoing injury problems - Murray Fishlock, David Norton and Steve Thompson - will definitely not be fit enough to return".

The match itself pitches Lippiatt against his old boss, Kingstonian Manager Geoff Chapple. Colin was Chapple's number two at Woking for 10 years during which they lifted the FA Trophy three times as well as collecting several league scalps in the FA Cup.

Yeovil will be looking to end a bad sequence of results against Kingstonian that goes back to both club's Isthmian League days. Yeovil drew one and lost two of three fixtures between the two sides last season with controversy surrounding both defeats.

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Mon 20th September 1999
FA Cup Gives Glovers Home Draw

Today's FA Cup Fourth Qualifying Round Draw has given Yeovil familiar opposition. They face a home draw against the winners of the tie between Hinckley and Witney Town.

Yeovil faced Hinckley in the fourth round of the FA Trophy last season, in February 1999, and experienced a tough home match where Yeovil ran out 3-2 winners with a brace from Warren Patmore and a single goal from Owen Pickard seeing Yeovil through after a few frights.

Witney Town proved to be an even more uncomfortable opponents for Yeovil back in September 1997, in an FA Cup first qualifying round, when Yeovil needed two attempts to see Witney off. After the first tie was drawn 1-1, Yeovil ran out 2-1 winners in the replay held at Witney's Oxfordshire ground. Owen Pickard bagged all three Yeovil goals across the two ties.

According to Paul Crankshaw's excellent English Football Pyramid Site, Hinckley currently lie in sixth position in the Midland and West Division of the Dr Martens League (as a guide, Weston Super-Mare and Tiverton are on level points with them).

Witney Town are in the South and East Division of the Dr Martens League (and are therefore at the same pyramid level as Hinckley) and lie in seventh position.

Thus the outcome of the tie, due to be played at Witney on October 2nd, will be very difficult to ascertain. Yeovil will face the winners of the tie at Huish Park on October 16th. position in

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Sun 19th September 1999
Browne Exits plus more on Matt Stowell

Stafford Browne, at Huish Park on a month's trial contract (and not a loan deal as reported elsewhere) departed from Yeovil Town after yesterday's game. Head Coach Colin Lippiatt reports that Stafford, who made a small handful of late substitute appearances for Yeovil Town this month, was anxious to force the issue of a proper contract but Lippiatt said "I didn't feel that I'd seen enough of him to justify to Yeovil Town a proper contract for him. I offered him the chance to stay here longer to prove himself, but he wanted a decision to be made, and I couldn't do that. So we have shaken hands and parted company".

Meanwhile, Lippiatt reveals that he is likely to give new loan signing Matt Stowell a chance to prove himself on Wednesday against Kingstonian, suggesting that Stowell is likely to start for Yeovil in that game. Lippiatt said "I knew him from his days at Slough and he was a very capable player". Stowell was transferred to Bristol City for £15,000 but after failing to land first team football at Ashton Gate is believed to be anxious to leave.

Lippiatt added "I see his main position as being in the central defence, but he is capable of playing in the centre of midfield, or on either of the wing-back positions". He considers his options on Stowell to be varied and says that "if Stowell can prove himself to be as capable as I believe him to be, then we can talk at the end of the months loan about either extending that loan, or about trying to secure him permanently". Lippiatt said he was prompted into making his move for Stowell after learning that left wing-back Murray Fishlock and midfielders Dave Norton and Steve Thompson would all continue to be unavailable for another four weeks.

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Fri 17th September 1999
Forinton Goes Posh, Stowell Signs For Glovers

Former Yeovil Town striker Howard Forinton has left Birmingham City to sign for Barry Fry's Peterborough Utd in a reported £250,000 deal. Forinton originally signed for Birmingham from Yeovil in 1997 for £70,000, but whilst scoring prolifically in the Blues reserve team never really made the breakthrough into regular first-team action. He had a succesful loan period at Plymouth Argyle last season and will now be hoping to cement a first-team place at the Posh.

Yeovil Town have now confirmed that a 15% sell-on clause was agreed with Birmingham City when Forinton was originally sold, meaning that the Glovers will profit to the tune of an extra £27,000.

Meanwhile the Glovers have again been busy in the transfer market, signing utility player Matt Stowell from Bristol City, initially on a month's loan. Stowell - who is capable of playing in the defence as well as midfield - was born on the 1st March 1977 and was signed by City from Slough Town for £15,000 in June 1998. Yeovil are experiencing a mini injury-crisis in midfield at the moment, what with Steve Thompson and David Norton out for the medium term, not helped by the uncertainty over Phil Simpson's future, so Stowell's signing is a useful one for the club. We hope to have Colin Lippiatt's reaction to the signing shortly....

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Thurs 16th September 1999
Early Team News For Sutton Match

The fact that Yeovil Town are top of the Nationwide Conference - for the first time in the club's history - has not, at this early stage anyway, sent head coach Colin Lippiatt into unrestrained raptures.

"It's still a very long way to go, but obviously I'm pleased," says Lippiatt. "We showed great fighting qualities at Hayes on Tuesday evening but I still feel we can play even better."

As far as the Sutton clash is concerned, Yeovil will definitely be without midfielder Steve Thompson (calf injury) and wing-back Murray Fishlock. "Dave Norton will also be sidelined," says Lippiatt. "His calf injury sustained during the warm-up last Saturday is still causing him problems."

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Local Press Review

It's been a big week for Yeovil Town Football Club - for the first time in the club's history WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE!! Well, top of the Conference anyway....

The Yeovil Express is characteristically upbeat: Yeovil move top is the headline, followed by the more realistic A long way to go!... The Western Gazette is more restrained, indeed some might accuse of the paper of negativity with its headline saying: Poor performance, but Glovers go top, referring to the away win at Hayes. Both paper's feature the news that Colin Lippiatt is still searching for an additional player to add to his squad, possibly on loan, and that Phil Simpson may not stay at Enfield after all when his month's loan is completed as it's possible that the player would not want to drop down a league permanently. Again, both papers report the excellent start that the Yeovil Town under-18 side have made to their season, the lads being joint top of the SWEB South-West Counties Youth League with Bournemouth, and being above the likes of Cardiff City, Swansea City, Plymouth, Swindon and Bristol Rovers.

The Gazette features the news that Yeovil are one of only 14 clubs in the top 5 divisions witrh a 100% home record this season and that they are one of only 4 clubs yet to concede a goal at home - the others being Chelsea, Brentford and Rotherham. They also report that ex-Yeovil defender Jerry Gill made another appearance for Birmingham City against Bristol Rovers on Tuesday night, along with ex-Yeovil striker Howard Forinton. As has already been the case with Forinton, when Gill has made 10 appearances for the Blues then Yeovil will receive another £10,000 from the club.

The Express also features the fund-raising efforts made on the pitch last Saturday at the Morecambe game when 4 supporters had their heads shaved to raise money for the Erection 2000 Appeal Fund, including a photo of the intrepid foursome newly shorn. It's hoped that as much as £1,700 will eventually be raised by their efforts. Curiously the Gazette doesn't mention the event at all in its sports section. One wonders whether the fact that rival Express sports editor Steve Sowden was one of those being shaved had anything to do with the Gazette's decision not to provide publicity to a good cause?

Finally, after this column praised the Clarion last week for it's improved coverage of YTFC affairs, this week we can say absolutely nothing about it. Why? It's website hasn't been updated at the time of writing and, as usual, the paper itself hasn't been delivered to Ciderspace Towers. Oh well....

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Erection 2000 News

Members of theYeovil Town Independent Supporters Association are organising a repeat of the tremendously succesful Race Night in aid of the Erection 2000 Appeal Fund. The event will be held at Huish Park on October 23rd and will include a 'happy hour' where pints will be sold at £1 each between 8.00pm and 9.00pm. The previous Race Night raised over £1,000 for the Fund and it is hoped that next month's event will prove even more succesful.

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England's Women Go Down

In the Women's Friendly International played at Huish Park last night England lost 0-1 to their French counterparts. The game was watched by a crowd of just over 1,000.

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Mon 13th September 1999
Hayes Match Preview

A draw at Hayes on Tuesday evening will put Yeovil Town clear at the top of the Nationwide Conference. "We're not really thinking about that as such", says Head coach Colin Lippiatt. "All we are thinking about at the moment is just going out there to win. As you can imagine, confidence here is really high".

Lippiatt was obviously pleased with his side's home victory over Morecambe on Saturday. "We showed great patience, and worked really hard".

"Unfortunately, we will be without midfielder Dave Norton - he broke down in the warm-up on saturday with a calf problem - and will be out for a fortnight".

"Both Murray Fishlock and Steve Thompson are still sidelined because of long term injuries".

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Fri 10th September 1999
Lee Archer : Lippiatt's Verdict

Head Coach Colin Lippiatt has tonight confirmed the signing of left wing-back Lee Archer. His move for Archer was completed in lightning quick time as the transfer negotiations took only 24 hours to conclude, with Lee delighted to return to his former club.

"Lee has been signed on a two year contract for a small fee", said Lippiatt. "I felt the side was in need of some balance on the left, and I regard Lee as one of the best crossers of the ball outside the Football League. I've always regarded him as a fine player, and never wanted to lose him last time".

Colin Lippiatt said that his move for Archer was provoked by news that first choice left-wing back Murray Fishlock is believed to be ruled out for another month with his back problems. He said that two of the other attractions in moving in for Lee were that he still lives locally, in Bristol, and that Colin knew he fitted in with Yeovil from last time.

Whilst Lippiatt confirmed that Archer will be drafted into the squad of sixteen to face Morecambe, he said "I can't see myself making any major changes to the starting line-up" implying that Archer is most likely to start his second spell at Yeovil on the bench.

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Lee Archer Rejoins!

According to a message left on the Ciderspace Message Board from a reliable and well-informed source, former Yeovil Town favourite Lee Archer has rejoined the Glovers. As we reported yesterday, head coach Colin Lippiatt has been quoted as saying that he wanted to add a genuinely left-sided player to the squad in the light of Murray Fishlock's continuing injury problems, and it would appear that Archer fits the bill.

Former Bristol Rovers winger Archer first joined Yeovil in October 97 but was out of contract at the end of that season and left to join Rushden & Diamonds amidst rumours of a full-time contract at Nene Park plus a massive signing on fee. However things didn't work out for him under Brian Talbot and he eventually teamed up with ex-Yeovil manager Graham Roberts again, this time at Slough Town. This summer more rumours surfaced that Archer was unhappy at Slough and some reports suggested he was considering giving up the game altogether. He joins the squad for the game against Morecambe tomorrow.

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A Hair Roof Raising Experience!

Lee Munro : soon to be appearing in the re-make of Kojak. Final preparations are under way for possibly the most unusual half-time entertainment ever witnessed at a Yeovil Town football match tomorrow as our four intrepid victims heroes prepare themselves as they audition for the Duncan Goodhew lookalike competition in aid of Erection 2000.

Steve has been able to confirm today that the event will take place on the edge of the pitch at half time. Currently he is still on the look-out for some extra hairdressers to help out, so if you are a hairdresser and you think you can be at Huish Park between 3:30pm and 4:15pm then please mail us at and pass us your details. If selected, you will certainly be in line for a free plug for your company on these pages, plus the Yeovil Express and next week's match day programme. You can also fax us on 0870 0525 881.

Pictured is Lee Munro, undoubtedly the star of tomorrow's proceedings, who tells us that he has had his lengthy locks for 15 years now, so this is surely worth a quid or two for his fine efforts. Joining him will be Appeal fund chairman Steve Sowden, Huish Park barman Shaun Small and Ciderspace contributor Will Ranner. We trust that any head shaving will not remove Will's ability to produce his usual mind-boggling statistical facts in the future!

Subject to FA Approval, we hope to have a bucket collection going around the ground as the headshave goes on, so dig deep and support the fund-raising. If you can't be at the game, but want to support the mighty foursome's efforts, then you can e-mail or fax us as above. The same applies if, for any reason, we don't get FA Approval for the bucket collection in time for the event.

Also, be aware that you can watch tomorrow's big Premier League clash between Liverpool and M**chester Un**ed from the Glovers Bar, kick-off 11:00am. We are told that the drinks bar may not open at 11:00am sharp, but that bar staff will almost certainly be serving from 11:30am onwards. This should hopefully leave you in a relaxed frame of mind in preparation for the real BIG clash and undoubtedly Match of the Day which of course is Yeovil vs Morecambe.

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Thurs 9th September 1999
Morecambe Match Preview

A fifth home success on the bounce against fifth placed Morecambe on Saturday could put Yeovil Town top of the Nationwide Conference. "These are exciting times" says Chairman John Fry.

Head Coach Colin Lippiatt is also in a positive mood. "Our fans were absolutely fantastic on Tuesday evening during our 1-0 win over Hereford. The noise they made, particularly in the final minutes, was of tremendous help to all the players".

"Obviously, our number one aim is to remain in contention at the top. It is also important that we get good results, even when maybe we are not playing at our best".

"As far as team news for Saturday is concerned, I am afraid that both midfielder Steve Thompson and wing-back Murray Fishlock are both still recovering from injury - so they definitely won't play. But I am hopeful that Matt Hayfield will make the squad for Saturday's game".

The general feeling from the Yeovil camp after the Hereford game was that if Hayfield does pass his fitness test for the weekend game, that he is likely to start on the bench, rather than to disrupt the currently successful unit of Steve Stott, Dave Norton and Ben Smith.

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Local Press Review

Just for a change we're going to start off with the newest of Yeovil's weekly papers this week - the much-maligned Clarion. It's been criticised in the past for being lightweight compared to the 'big two', and indeed does tend to be rather more informal in style than the Gazette or Express - no bad thing, perhaps. Its match reports are always worth reading however as is Tony Pounder's weekly diary of events at the club, and this week editor Fat Harry nails his colours firmly to the mast by calling for Colin Lippiatt to be installed as full-time head coach at Huish Park - a plea endorsed by Yeovil Express sports editor Steve Sowden in his opinion column. The Clarion also has a genuine exclusive this week - news that YTFC cheerleaders The Yeovilettes made an appearance on live Sky TV this week, alongside the Chicago Bull's cheerleaders at the Wembley Arena. Who said cutting edge journalism was dead?!

The consistently excellent Yeovil Express this week leads on the problems Colin Lippiatt is having in keeping members of his large squad happy - especially those not playing regularly at the moment. The Express reports that Kevan Brown amongst others have discussed their situation with the head coach and goes on to speculate that defender Dean Chandler could be the next player to seek a move. Meanwhile the Western Gazette reports in their back page lead that Lippiatt is considering bringing yet another new player in to the Huish Park set-up - an additional left-sided player to compensate for Murray Fishlock's continuing injury problems, though no name is mentioned as yet.

As said above, the Express joins with the Clarion in calling for Colin Lippiatt to be made full-time head coach and criticises "people within the club" for unnecessary negativity, sentiments this column endorses completely. Self-styled "Fans' Voice" Gazette columnist Cathy Pickford takes a different tack, highlighting the new £2,000 public address system now in use at Huish Park and paid for by the G&WSC. In a very wide-ranging article she also addresses the recent hot weather, a CD of football songs released by Wealdstone FC, the fact that every away game she's attended this season Yeovil have lost, the curious fact that Bath and Enfield are top of their respective leagues, and also finds time to bemoan the fact that the England semi-pro team have never played at Huish Park. Too busy reading her articles, perhaps?!

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Erection 2000 News (Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow)

This week's events in aid of the Erection 2000 Appeal Fund kick-off with a sponsored head-shave. Appeal fund chairman Steve Sowden, Huish Park barman Shaun Small, Lee Munro and Ciderspace contributor Will Ranner will all be scalped during the half-time interval at Saturday's game versus Morecambe at Huish Park. The foursome are hoping to raise over £1,000 from their efforts.

This Sunday, 12th September, a car treasure hunt will take place in aid of the Fund. The hunt will start and finish at Huish Park and refreshments will be available. The cost is £5 per car and the event will commence at 2.30pm. All welcome.

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Wed 8th September 1999
International Football Back At Huish Park!

The England Women's football team will play their French counterparts in an international friendly at Huish Park next Wednesday 15th September. Ticket prices have been reduced for the game and are set at £3 for all, in all parts of the ground. The exception to this is that children under 16 accompanied by an adult will receive free admission.

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Share Issue Extended An Extra Month

Yeovil Town's new share issue strategy is proving a great success according to Club Chairman John Fry, who says "We have raised so far some £65,000. So we are well on course for our target of £100,000.

"The whole concept has been such a success that we have extended the issue date for another month. This new share issue operation will, without question, enable the club to restructure its overall financial shareholdings, which will obviously be for the betterment of Yeovil Town FC. All in all, it has been an overwhelming success".

It is understood that director Jon Goddard-Watts has bought the vast majority of the £65,000 worth of shares sold back to the club.

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Mon 6th September 1999
Tuesday Night Preview

Head Coach Colin Lippiatt admits to being "extremely satisfied" following Saturday's comprehensive 5-2 victory at Welling. "Mind you, I was disappointed in the two goals we conceded", he said.

Yeovil are hoping to make it four home wins out of four against Hereford, and Lippiatt says that his squad for the game will be "basically the same as for the Welling game".

The Glovers will be without both defender Murray Fishlock and midfielder Matt Hayfield. Steve Thompson returned to first-team action as sub on Saturday, following a long lay-off with a calf injury and Lippiatt said "Steve Thompson will definitely be in my squad".

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Early Team News For Tuesday

Advance team news for Tuesday is that Murray Fishlock and Matt Hayfield are unlikely to form part of the squad for the game against Hereford. Hayfield is almost certainly out for Saturday's match against Morecambe as well as he is rested to recover from his pulled hamstring. In addition, Fishlock has seen a specialist about his back who has advised him that he has internal bruising which has created a weakness at the base of the back, and so he has been advised to take up to a fortnight off to recover.

All other players are considered to be in contention for Tuesday's game. Colin Lippiatt says that Dean Chandler was available for Saturday's game against Welling but did not make the final 16, whilst Adrian Foster had received a kick on a sore ankle at Woking last Monday which he had more or less recovered from for the game against Welling, but Lippiatt said "I felt it was time to get Jason Eaton out of the traps. He was desperately waiting to get out there, which I think he proved, because he could have come back with the match ball and probably should have done". Both Foster and Eaton will be available for the match against Hereford.

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Fri 3rd September 1999
Sparks Fly For Yeovil!

Yeovil Town have signed the much sought after central defender Chris Sparks from fellow Conference club Hayes for an undisclosed fee.

25 year old Sparks joined Hayes in the summer of 1997 from Chertsey Town for £6,000. He normally plays as a left-sided central defender.

Head Coach Colin Lippiatt said "Chris will undoubtedly be an asset to our squad. He has signed a two year contract, and should make his debut at Welling tomorrow (Saturday)".

Sparks follows hot on the heels of 28 year old striker Stafford Browne who joins for the month of September on a non-contract basis. Browne was formerly with Brighton & Hove Albion and Hastings Town, and was with Welling last season, and was recommended by recent Yeovil signing Terry Skiverton. "He will be in the squad for our game tomorrow" said Lippiatt. Yeovil have a very full September programme with a possible 8 games to play during the month - it's likely that Browne will play an important part in the squad during that time.

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Yeovil Sign Sparks?

According to a message left on the Ciderspace Message Board from a reliable and well-informed source, Yeovil have signed tall left-sided defender Chris Sparks from Hayes for an undisclosed fee. According to messages left on the Hayes Message Board, Sparks was a first-team regular at Hayes before a serious knee injury set back his career for a while. Evidently he's now come back to full fitness. More on this as we get it....

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Welling Team News

Yeovil travel to Welling on Saturday with an away record of one draw and two defeats from three games, yet with a maximum home record.

"After three away games without a victory, we need something from our trip to Welling", said Head Coach Colin Lippiatt.

Lippiatt has some important team news for Saturday's Conference clash with Welling. As reported on Ciderspace on Tuesday Lippiatt says "Steve Thompson is still sidelined with his calf injury, but on the plus side both midfielder Matt Hayfield and central defender Terry Skiverton should be fit".

Skiverton, signed in May, will of course be returning to his former club, and according to Lippiatt is determined to be fully fit for the game.

Phil Simpson will not travel as part of the squad. Reports yesterday said that Simpson was likely to be joining Isthmian League Premier Division outfit Enfield on a months loan, with a view to a permanent move. This loan move has now been confirmed by the club.

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Thurs 2nd September 1999
Local Press Review

Today's Western Gazette reports that transfer-listed midfielder Phil Simpson is on the verge of signing a deal to play for Isthmian League side Enfield, initially on loan but with a view to making the transfer permanent. Simpson has struggled to cement a regular place in the Yeovil side and with the imminent return to fitness of Steve Thompson, as reported by Ciderspace below and confirmed in the Gazette today, his first-team opportunities would become even more limited. As far as Thommo is concerned the Gazette reports that Yeovil are to arrange a reserve team friendly specifically to give the all-action midfielder some much-needed match practice before throwing him back into the Conference deep end.

The Gazette and this week's Yeovil Express reports that Yeovil have signed former Welling and Hastings Town striker Stafford Browne on a month's loan, confirming the report in the Clarion earlier this week. In addition the Express adds that Colin Lippiatt is considering bringing an un-named defender to Huish Park in time for Saturday's game at Welling. This may or may not be connected to the news that Murray Fishlock is to see a specialist about the back problems that have plagued his season so far and caused him to be substituted in most of the games he's started.

But all that is small beer to the lead story in the Express: 'Lippiatt makes dramatic U-turn in full-time job' is the headline, and the story - by Express sports editor Steve Sowden - goes on to claim that head coach Colin Lippiatt was due to make the shift from part-time to full-time status at Yeovil Town next week but changed his mind at the 11th hour, after Yeovil's loss to Woking last Saturday. The move was all set to go ahead next Monday, but Sowden speculates that criticism after the defeat at Kingfield may have played its part in Lippiatt's change of heart. Lippiatt, according to the Express, was "bitterly upset" about unspecified comments from behind the scenes after the defeat and admitted to being "very disappointed" at the turn of events. Chairman John Fry is quoted as saying: "We just don't feel it is the right moment for the move at the minute."

Finally, we reported last week that Tim Lancaster had organised two more painting days at Huish Park and had asked for volunteers to help add a lick of paint to the infrastructure at the stadium. These have now been cancelled at the request of the club, who say they have the matter in hand.

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Erection 2000 News

An incredible £1,533 has been added to the Erection 2000 Appeal Fund after young YTFC supporter Abby Carter acted as mascot in the final game of last season against Stevenage. The money came from Abby's mascot sponsorship, a bucket collection on the day and other donations. Many congratulations to her!

Four supporters - including Ciderspace contributor Will Ranner - have now pledged to have their heads shaved on Sept 11th in aid of the Appeal Fund. It's hoped that the sponsored shave-in will take place on the Huish Park pitch during the half-time break of the game against Morecambe - watch this space.

A bank account has now been set up specifically for the Appeal Fund. Donations in the form of cheques should be made payable to the Julian Hodge Bank and sent to Steve Sowden at the Yeovil Express, 46 Princes Street, Yeovil, BA20 1EQ.

Don't forget to keep your eye on the Events Calendar on the Front Page of Ciderspace, which lists upcoming events in aid of the E2000 Appeal. The next item on the diary is the general knowledge quiz to be held at Huish Park on Sunday 5th Sept, entry £5 per team of four.

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Ben Smith Tops Fans Poll

Ben Smith has been voted Fans Player of the Month for August in Paul Chesterman's survey of YTFC internet supporters opinion. Despite only starting 2 matches last month Ben beat off the challenge of Adrian Foster in 2nd place, and David Piper and Jamie Pitman in 3rd and 4th places respectively to top the poll.

Meanwhile the Football Sports Web Site takes a somewhat different view of Yeovil's star performer in August. Using their player ratings and averaging them out, it is Jamie Pitman who takes the top score, averaging a rating of 8.25 per game, which includes two outright star ratings and one shared rating (with four other players). Adrian Foster finishes second with an average rating of 8.00, which includes two outright star ratings. David Norton and Steve Stott lie close behind.

The Football Sports match ratings put Internet Fans Winner Ben Smith in equal 12th place, with only one player below him in the ratings.

Tony Pennock was the only Yeovil player to stay on the pitch for all six games. Stott, Foster, Patmore and Cousins came close to being "ever present" on the field of play.

Yeovil's goals gave from three clear sources. Adrian Foster scored two goals and provided three assists. Warren Patmore scored two goals and provided two assists, whilst midfielder Matt Hayfield scored twice with one assist. Only David Norton and Jamie Pitman were otherwise involved.

Yeovil picked up only 10 yellow cards in their first six games. Three of those went to Adrian Foster, whilst seven other players picked up single yellow cards. There were no red cards.

The introduction of five substitutes has increased the number of players not getting onto the pitch, although Colin Lippiatt has made more use of his substitutes as a result of the move. Chief bench-warmers have been Ben Smith, David Piper and Phil Simpson who have sat out three games in their entirety whilst Jason Eaton has been the player most likely to be brought on as a substitute.

Full details will appear in the Ciderspace Statistics section shortly.

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