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Wed 31st May 2000
O'Hagan Joins Magpies Exodus

This evening's edition of the Dorset Echo is reporting on yet another of Dorchester's players who is looking to leave the struggling DML Premier club. Out-of-contract striker Danny O'Hagan is reported to have met with Weymouth boss Mark Morris to discuss a move to the Wessex Stadium and is due to meet Yeovil manager Dave Webb later this week.

The paper quotes O'Hagan as saying: "He (Webb) has been trying to get hold of me and I am ready to listen to what he has to offer. If they wanted me to go full-time I would have to give it some serious thought. It would mean moving to Yeovil and giving up my present job - so it would have to be a pretty good offer." Given the limited budget that Webb appears to control it would seem extremely unlikely that he would be able offer the striker - who has hit 42 goals in just over 100 appearances for Dorchester - enough money to satisfy his demands.

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O'Brien Bound For Exeter?

Dorchester Town's Roy O'Brien - rumoured to be on Yeovil Town manager Dave Webb's shopping list - looks to be moving clubs, but it won't be to Huish Park. The Cork born skipper with the Magpies had been linked with The Glovers both in the local press and on the Ciderspace Fans Forum.

But according to the Dorset Echo, the 25 year-old has been offered a trial with Third Division Exeter City, and will be travelling to St James Park for the start of pre-season training.

The defender, who won two major player of the season awards this year says, "I have received a letter from Exeter inviting me down to join them for pre-season training, and I will definitely be taking up the offer because I am still ambitious. It's a great chance to make an impression, and hopefully, if I do well, it will lead to an offer of a contract."

Disappointingly for Glovers fans, it appears that Webb would not have had to work hard to persuade O'Brien to go full time, with the ex-Bournemouth and Arsenal man adding, "I would really love to get back into full-time football again and I have got nothing to lose. Even if nothing comes of it, at least I will be fit by the time next season starts. I don't have a proper job - I just work in a bar - so there is no problem with me going down to Exeter."

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Tues 30th May 2000
Wazza Next For Webb Talks

Warren Patmore is expected to be the next of Yeovil Town's part-timers to hold talks with Yeovil Town manager David Webb. This season's leading goal-scorer will be following in the footsteps of Adrian Foster and Tony Pennock, and is believed to be meeting with Webb tomorrow.

Webb departs on holiday this weekend, and top of the agenda will undoubtedly be attempts to try persuade Patmore to travel down for daytime training. Proposals are likely to be based on the same sort of arrangement believed to have been set out for right-back David Piper.

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Mon 29th May 2000
Pearson sacked by Witney

According to reports we have received believed to have been sourced from the Western Gazette former Yeovil and Weymouth midfielder Gerry Pearson has been sacked by Witney, just six weeks after joining the club. Pearson, up until recently the Chard Town manager, joined the Oxfordshire outfit as commercial and first-team manager but has been shown the door by chairman Brian Constable.

The report claims that Pearson had not impressed either Constable or the players with his tactics or the manner in which he went about the job. Some players are reported to have threatened to leave Witney if Pearson stayed. Witney's new boss is former Gloucester manager Brian Hughes. Fortunately for Pearson, he is not believed to have moved house yet, and is still resident in the Chard area.

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Mon 29th May 2000
Piper and Pennock Get Thumbs Up

The future of goalkeeper Tony Pennock is looking far more optimistic. The Swansea-based goalkeeper is believed to have held 'clear the air' talks with manager David Webb, and the outcome is believed to have been very positive.

David Piper in action at Doncaster. The Ex-Southampton player is expected to sign a two year part time deal within the next week.
Webb is believed to have reiterated his plans to have three goalkeepers on his books for next season - one of which will be ex-Youth Team goalkeeper Chris Weale - but has reportedly assured Pennock that he will be given a fair chance to prove himself. However, at this stage, there is still no full time deal for Pennock being offered up.

Meanwhile right-back David Piper (pictured) is expected to sign a two year part time deal at Huish Park that will end weeks of speculation about his future.

Piper had attracted strong interest from former Head Coach Colin Lippiatt, who is now in charge at Woking, but Webb reportedly asked for a fee, and as a result, the deal with Woking collapsed.

Piper won the Yeovil Express Player of the Month for March - an award where the recipient is chosen by the manager - and so had clearly impressed Webb. And he said about Piper on the club's Official Site, "Dave Piper has got his own business to run, so he's one of the ones who has told me he won't be going full time. But he's a smashing little lad. I would like them all to go full time but sometimes its just one of those things you have to put up with."

Piper's two year part time deal is expected to include a committment to train at the club during the day-time for two days during the week. In return, the right-back will be allowed to make his own way to lengthy away trips. This will give him the option to get in a full day's work on Fridays despite the team bus typically leaving Huish Park on Friday lunchtimes for matches requiring an overnight stop.

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Hale ... err ... hailed As Star Of The Future

Yesterday's Non-League Newspaper makes interesting reading on the back of Saturday's story in the Dorset Echo. Whilst the local paper was suggesting that Matt Hale could be the next out of Huish Park, the new Sunday paper is listing the very same player as one of "The Non-League players who could make it to the big time".

Matt Hale : 24 hours after one newspaper claims he is going to be released, another tips him for stardom!
The paper produces what they claim are the answers to the question "Who Are The Scouts Watching?" and Hale is listed along side the likes of England Semi-Pro stars Adam Sollitt (Kettering), Marc McGregor (Forest Green Rovers) and Stuart Drummond (Morecambe).

In the article on Hale they say he "impressed immediately with his attacking style and, although on the small side at 5ft 6ins, is a good tackler and not afraid to put his foot in. Transfered to Yeovil last February for £10,000 and has already attracted attention from League quarters."

Steve Thompson, the man who brought Hale to Huish Park whilst he was Head Coach at the club, is quoted as saying "Matt is a very promising young player. We have high hopes for him." We can only hope that Thommo and Dave Webb see eye-to-eye on this subject!

Of course it becomes less easy to take the Non-League Paper seriously once you reach their special feature on Conference transfers. Advertised on the front page as "The Season's Transfers, League By League" once you reach the Yeovil Town section it certainly makes sensational reading!

The Glovers have apparently wasted no time in moving for Terry Skivington (sic) from Welling United and James Wilmot (sic) from Bristol Rovers (sic). Ignoring their inability to get players names right, the list is appallingly out of date and makes no mention of the departures of Rob Cousins and Dean Chandler.

Best of all, in the out of date stakes in the paper though has to go to their revelation that Paul Steele has signed from Chippenham Town. Paul, of course, actually signed in Autumn 1998 and is therefore coming up to two years of service with The Glovers. Clearly it takes time for things to move by carrier pigeon around these parts!

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Sat 27th May 2000
Hale Set To Leave Huish Park?

Left back/winger Matt Hale could be the next player to leave Yeovil Town in the great Huish Park exodus, if reports in the Dorset Echo turn out to be true.

The sticking point is reported to be Hale's refusal to go full time, with the Bristol resident player considering the financial package offered to him to be insufficient for him to give up his day time job as Bristol City Football Club's community officer.

Matt Hale : Could he be the next to leave Huish Park?
Matt Hale : Could he be the next to leave Huish Park?
Photograph © BUP 2000
Hale is quoted as saying, "I know there's been a few rumours about my future, but I'm really not sure of things myself. I've turned down the offer of a full-time contract because it's not enough money to make it worthwhile leaving my job, and so that's the situation I'm currently in. I'm now waiting for Mr Webb to come back to me on the subject and I'll just have to wait and see what he has to say. But I do realise that if he can't accommodate me on a part-time basis then I'll probably end up on the transfer list."

The Echo speculates that Weymouth - the club Hale joined Yeovil from only weeks before current manager David Webb was appointed - could be the major benefactors. And with a job promotion on the cards at Ashton Gate, persuading Hale to quit and go full time with Yeovil is now looking increasingly unlikely.

Hale explained, "I made a decision to come out of professional football a couple of years ago, and the reason for that was to concentrate on my chosen career. I've now been offered a football development officer's contract with Bristol City and they need to know my answer pretty soon."

"It's obviously a great opportunity for me to develop my off-the-field skills further," he said, "and it will involve working with every section of the community and that would be a great challenge. But everything is all up in the air at the moment and it definitely needs to be sorted out. I'll just have to see what happens and takes things from there."

Should Hale go, it will raise two serious issues. The Yeovil board have claimed that going full time was a calculated pre-planned exercise that they had intended to take for a long time before current manager David Webb was brought into the hot seat in an announcement on March 10th 2000.

Yet Hale made his debut for The Glovers just SIX days previously at Northwich, so why did the club take on a player for whom going full time was an unlikely scenario? Surely this issue would have been vetted prior to Yeovil Town committing themselves to what was believed to be a five figure transfer fee?

Secondly, Hale is not the first player to have stalled on signing due to an inadequate wage offer, despite Webb having indicated that he is keen on the player. Rumours have suggested that Jamie Pitman's rejected full time offer was barely above what he had been receiving as a part time player.

With no new signings three weeks after the season has ended, players continuing to leave, and no word from the club about the situation, questions must surely remain as to whether the size of Webb's budget is adequate to cope with the full time situation. How will players of Pitman and potentially Hale's quality be replaced if the wage levels are not the current going rate for full time Conference players?

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Thurs 25th May 2000
Local Press Review - The Express and The Clarion

There's little doubt as to the main theme of this weeks Yeovil Express as Sports Editor and Erection 2000 Chairman Steve Sowden tackles a subject close to his heart - namely the mixed messages that appeared within the Express and the Western Gazette last week (see last weeks local press review).

Much of his dissatisfaction is aimed at comments made by Chairman John Fry with Sowden saying "his timing was unfortunate to say the very least" with Fry's remarks in the Gazette putting a cloud over the welcome news of GKN Westland's £50,000 investment in the project. Steve produces a list of "Ten Reasons Why The Roof Should Be Built" to emphasise his point.

On reading the papers last week Sowden said that it made him feel that "all the work we have put into the project has been a complete waste of time ... it made me feel like throwing in the towel." He claims that the situation is further confused by director Pauline Lock telling him that Fry had given her a revised deadline of October this year - a far cry from the "five minutes or five years" that Mr Fry had told the Gazette.

Steve vows to carry on as chairman of Erection 2000, and says that Fry's comments have made him even more determined to make the project succeed. He confirms that planning permission has been granted by South Somerset District Council, and has obtained a letter from Mark Pollock dated March 2nd 2000, with the only proviso being that development must start within five years of the planning approval or it's back to square one. One wonders why the club did not publicise the good news of the planning approval when it was confirmed by the council?

In other news both the Express and The Clarion report on the departure of Jamie Pitman to Woking, both papers deploring the popular midfielder's leaving and asking why the club did not extend the player's contract for a further year as it had the option to do, thus ensuring that at the very least a transfer fee could have been forthcoming. As Fat Harry in the Clarion says: "Only last year scouts from Football League clubs were reported to be eyeing Pitman and it seems crazy that a player of his ability is allowed to leave the club without a fee being involved." The Clarion adds its own take on the roof debacle, criticising chairman John Fry over his remarks in last week's Gazette and for his "war of words" as the paper puts it, with ISA chairman Mark Kelly. The Clarion also continues its 3 part review of the season just finished. Can't wait to see how it turns out.....

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Local Press Review - The Gazette

After last week's exclusive bombshell from club chairman John Fry in the Western Gazette, suggesting that the proposed new roof over the home terrace may not now be built for as long as five years despite a massive cash injection of £50,000 from sponsors GKN Westlands (something the club has still to officially acknowledge, believe it or not); your humble reviewer was looking forward to seeing how the Gazette would follow up last week's journalistic triumph. A critical article detailing how promises made now appear to be on the verge of being broken? Perhaps a selection of quotes from the chairman, with pithy comment on how rhetoric differs from reality? Let us see....

The back page lead features the vexed question of Tony Pennock's future at the club, the paper reporting that the keeper is due to have talks with manager Dave Webb in the near future. The article goes on to speculate about possible signings, but mentions no names not already reported on these pages. The departure of Jamie Pitman to Woking is noted, along with a quote from Cards boss Colin Lippiatt, claiming that according to Pitman, Yeovil had an option to extend the midfielder's existing contract for another year but chose not to do so! Astonishing if true, as surely then the player would have commanded a fairly substantial fee even if Mr Webb didn't 'fancy' him particularly. In any event Yeovil fans will doubtless be relieved to hear Lippiatt say, "I will not be going back for any more players at Yeovil." As we can resist anything except temptation here on Ciderspace, we have no hesitation in saying, "There's none left, Col!"

Nothing on the back page then following up from last week's shock exclusive. Obviously the Gazette has gone for a big splash on the centre pages then? Well, yes, but they're not talking about the roof. Instead we get a review of the season which, quite frankly makes pretty dull reading but is saved by a couple of pages worth of good quality photographs; plus a few quotes from Dave Webb regarding the players he released - "I do not think they were good enough to challenge for places in the side - competition for places is exactly what we need" which rather begs the question, if we need competition for places how come we've released so many players? But that's why we're not football managers, obviously, asking stupid questions like that.

Just as one is ready to give up hope of seeing the roof mentioned - at last! but don't get excited - it's a letter to the editor criticising Westlands decision to donate £50,000 to the roof project whilst selling Westland Sports FC Westbourne Grove home, suggesting one action is paying for the other.... GKN Westlands must be delighted with the publicity their generous offer has brought them so far... Not.

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Wed 24th May 2000
Ex-Glover Rutter Gets England Call-Up!

An ex-Yeovil Town manager will form a key part of Kevin Keegan's plans for success in Euro 2000 next month. Steve Rutter, who managed the club during one of its most successful seasons on the field, is one of a team of ten men selected by Keegan to form a network of spies who will be tasked with keeping a close eye on the competing teams in Belgium and Holland.

According to the Evening Standard, Keegan plans to form a team of four to watch England's opponents at the group stage, whilst Rutter has been selected in a team of six, who will be based in Amsterdam, who will be tasked with spying on potential opponents beyond the group stage.

The Amsterdam-based team is headed up by the former head of youth development at Tottenham Hotspur, Colin Murphy. Rutter, who is an FA regional coaching director, is joined by ex-Nottingham Forest and Leyton Orient manager Frank Clark plus other FA regional coaching directors Chris Ramsey, Paul Smalley, Martin Thomas and Dick Bate.

The four man team, based in Spa, includes former Chelsea, Liverpool and Queens Park Rangers player Nigel Spackman, former Stoke and Everton defender Mike Pejic, ex-Grimsby manager Kenny Swain and Malcolm Crosby, the former manager of Sunderland and Oxford. They are headed up by Football Association coach Martin Hunter.

The overall scouting network is headed up by Les Reed, the FA's director of technical development. Howard Wilkinson, the FA's technical director, has devised and selected the personnel for the system, and will perform a floating role across both countries.

Steve Rutter joined The Glovers as a defender under Brian Hall, but became manager following the dismissal of Clive Whitehead, and guided the club to arguably their most successful season in recent history, in 1992/93, reaching 4th in the Conference and the Third Round Proper of the FA Cup - being knocked out by eventual winners Arsenal.

With thanks to Russ Prebble of Wings On The Web for his eagle eyes!

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Weale Meet Again...

Youth Team goalkeeper Chris Weale is believed to be the next in line to sign up for Yeovil Town on a full time basis. He is expected to put pen to paper during the next couple of days.

Weale, aged 18, has yet to make his debut for the first team, but travelled to Morecambe with the first team squad for the final game of the season and sat on the bench. He was, however, effectively a spectator at the game as he was not signed up on Conference forms at that stage.

Manager David Webb has made it clear as part of interviews for the Official Site that he intents to have three goalkeepers on his books for next season, with two being selected for first team duty, allowing for a substitute goalkeeper.

Weale, who was brought to Huish Park via Chard Town, is believed to have put University plans on hold for a year in an attempt to establish a career in football. And with regular first team goalkeeper Tony Pennock coming under fire from Webb on two occasions recently, the door would appear to be very much open for Weale to make the Number One shirt his own.

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Tues 23rd May 2000
Fozzie Given Thumbs Up For Next Season

Adrian Foster
Adrian Foster : His Yeovil Town future now looks to be more secure
Sources within the Yeovil Town playing camp have told Ciderspace that striker Adrian Foster's future is safe at Huish Park after weeks of speculation about his future.

Manager David Webb has given Foster just three starts since Webb's arrival at the club, leading to suggestions that he would be released. However, we now understand that Foster has been told in a meeting with Webb this week, that he will be part of the Yeovil manager's plans for next season, and that a full-time training plan has been negotiated to fit in with his existing contract with The Glovers.

Foster indicated in a recent interview on the Official Site that he was keen to get back into full time training. He also revealed his plans to buy a house in Yeovil, and this latest news will doubtless firm up his personal plans.

Meanwhile, the Official Site News Page has exclusive details of next season's ticket pricing. The pages also detail exclusively the latest two players to sign up full time - Andy Lindegaard and Chris Giles, along with the appointment of a full time physiotherapist at the club.

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Sun 21st May 2000
Somerset Premier Cup Draw

Yeovil Town have been drawn away to Wellington in the first round of the Somerset Premier Cup in the 2000/2001 season, according to reports in today's Sunday Independent supplied by Blue Stew. If they get past Wellington, a home tie awaits in round two, meeting the winners of the Bridgewater and Taunton Town tie. This could give Yeovil an early chance to revenge their 5-1 thrashing by Taunton from last season's competition.

The full draw is as follows:

First Round

Frome V Bristol Manor Farm
Bridgewater V Taunton
Wellington V Yeovil Town
Odd Down V Chard
Paulton V Weston

Second Round

Backwell V Welton
Bristol City V Paulton/Weston
Clevedon V Keynsham
Bath V Street
Minehead V Bishops Sutton
Brislington V From/Bristol Manor Farm
Odd Down/Chard V Mangotsfield
Wellington/Yeovil Town V Bridgewater/Taunton

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Cousins For Doncaster?!?!

Rob Cousins
Rob Cousins : Bizarrely linked with a move to Doncaster Rovers
Bizarre reports in the Non-League Newspaper are claiming that released defensive midfielder Rob Cousins is being chased by Conference side Doncaster Rovers.

Given that Doncaster Rovers are a full time outfit, this seems an unlikely scenario, as Cousins would not even consider a full time move to a club within commutable distance of his Bristol home. Exactly where the NLP have got their information from is unclear, but unless there is an unusual twist of events, this scenario seems highly unlikely.

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Sat 20th May 2000
Is Pennock Next For The Chop?

Unconfirmed rumours are suggesting that popular goalkeeper Tony Pennock could be the next player out of Huish Park. Pennock is rumoured to have been called by Webb for talks that could see his contract terminated by mutual agreement before next season starts.

Pennock, who represented the Wales Semi-Pro national side last week, is five years into his career at Yeovil, and is due a testimonial match against Southampton on Friday 21st July. However, a release from his contract could be negotiated if the club agree to honour his testimonial agreement.

Webb made his opinion of Pennock's goalkeeping clear by blasting the Welshman after Yeovil's two recent matches against Woking and Morecambe. There seemed little doubt from those comments that his long term objective was to replace Pennock by a combination of Youth Team keeper Chris Weale and one other, as yet unrecruited, keeper. Now it seems that Pennock's exit from Huish Park could be sooner than expected - which would leave 18 year old Weale as the only registered keeper at Huish Park.

Reports from similar sources suggest that this season's leading goalscorer Warren Patmore will also be seeing manager Webb this week, although it is not known what the content of these talks is likely to be.

Also doing the rounds are suggestions that right-winger Andy Lindegaard is still stalling on attempts to persuade him go full time at Huish Park. Reports are claiming that Lindegaard has been offered less money to go full time than he is currently earning in his Marks & Spencers job - let alone any money he may get from his football - and this is believed to be the major reason for the delay in announcing his signature.

In slightly better news, right-back David Piper is said to be closing in on a part time deal that would tie him to Yeovil Town for the next two seasons. Attempts are being made to negotiate a deal that would see Piper come in for day-time training that would be worked around his other work commitments.

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Fri 19th May 2000
Jamie Pitman Joins Woking

Jamie Pitman
Jamie Pitman - signed for Woking

BBC Southern Counties Radio have reported this lunchtime that Jamie Pitman, recently voted Player of the Season by internet-using YTFC fans, is now, as has been widely rumoured over the last few days, a Woking player. He has signed a one-year contract with the Surrey club and joins ex-Yeovil players Matt Hayfield and Kevan Brown at Kingfield, along with former Glovers boss Colin Lippiatt. Hayfield is also reported to have signed a one-year contract to cement his place in the Woking squad for next season.

Jamie joined Yeovil from Hereford in July 1998. He suffered some atrocious luck by breaking his leg twice in the same season but really came into his own this season. Versatile and competitive, Jamie can play as left or right wing-back and is possibly at his best as a box-to-box midfielder. Several league clubs were said to be watching Jamie this season, with rumours of a large bid from Reading in particular being prominent, though in the event nothing came of it. Jamie had been offered a new full-time contract by Yeovil manager Dave Webb but rumours around the bars at Huish Park suggested that he wasn't particularly keen to go full-time without far more money on offer. As Jamie was out of contract and a free agent, Yeovil will receive no fee from Woking.

NB: The Official Woking Website are now saying that both Jamie and Matt have signed 2 year contracts at Woking, not the single year BBC SCR were reporting.

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Thus 18th May 2000
Local Press Review - The Express and The Clarion

Reaction to last weeks personal attack on YTISA Chairman Mark Kelly by Club Chairman John Fry in the Western Gazette is given more mileage in this week's Yeovil Express. Editor Steve Sowden brings his readership up to speed with coverage of last week's stormy events but provides new reaction to the story with unanimous criticism of Mr Fry's outburst.

Much of the critical commentary from fans is taken from the Ciderspace Mailing List and Ciderspace Fans Forum. However, there are also views taken from letters received by people who have written to the Express and they call on "Mr Fry to make a full apology to Mr Kelly and the group".

One such letter says that "Mr Fry is not just attacking Mr Kelly but the whole association ...... with the club's average attendance down by 300 fans this season, he is not going to get the fans back through the turnstiles if he is publicly having a go at the supporters." The letter finishes off by saying "The club's motto is 'Achieve By Unity'. How can we ever hope to achieve that whilst the very top of our club advocates a policy of disunity under the banner of 'Them and Us'?"

The Express article also goes on to make several interesting claims, reminding us of abuse that photographer and fan Tim Lancaster received following the recent game at Northwich Victoria, and making claims that YTISA Chairman Kelly had received a "hostile phone call" from Mr Fry in October last year. Claims are also made that Mr Fry "played a leading role in Mr Kelly's enforced resignation from the Erection 2000 committee".

Ciderspace Editorial: The paper points out that Chairman Fry was unavailable for comment on the situation. But if he feels he has been wronged by quotes attributed to him last week, then it is all the more surprising that he has not made his own public statement on the situation. Whilst an unhealthy silence is maintained on the matter, the accuracy of the Gazette's article can only be assumed. Ironically this comes about during a period of time during which YTISA relations with the G&WSC have been much improved. Whichever side of the fence you stand on - whether you are pro-board, pro-YTISA, or pro-G&WSC, it can't be denied that this episode has been a public relations disaster for the club. With the local press having little to talk about around this time of year, this one could run and run. The sooner a representative from the club steps in and attempts to repair the damage done, the better.

In other news the Express reports on the various initiatives the club will be using to try and reverse the alarming drop in attendances at Huish Park. The paper says that a new Family Enclosure will be in place for the new season and that a new Junior Glover initiative will be spearheaded by the G&WSC and the club's commuinity officer, John Flatters, though no details of the initiative are available.

This weeks edition of the Clarion 2000 features an interview with Adrian Foster, the first part of what looks like a fairly long series reviewing the season just finished, plus Fat Harry's latest thoughts concerning the appointment of David Webb. Broadly speaking he seems to be in favour of Mr Webb and the changes he has made, although many will feel that the comparison of Webb's release of players to a surgeon removing a cancer is an analogy that definitely is not appropriate to the occasion. However, the paper says: "What Webb is instilling is a professional full-time culture at the club and that is something that has not existed at Yeovil Town before. You take my word for it this guy has got his head well and truly switched on and I feel that Yeovil Town will be the winner at the end of the day. He has a plan, heís going to implement it come hell or high water. Letís give him a chance to do that and then stand back and analysis his and the teamís performance. Provided heís not interfered with I have a feeling youíll find heíll succeed."

In his Review of the season Harry gets as far as the end of September, with Colin Lippiatt still in charge as head coach, and the likes of Matty Hayfield, Steve Stott, Rob Cousins et al playing for the Glovers.... That seems a long time ago now!

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Local Press Review - The Gazette

Despite the optimistic tone set by the news of GKN Westlands offer to sponsor the home terrace (see below), this week's edition of the Western Gazette is decidedly downbeat - some may even say gloomy! "Roof scheme up in the air" is the paper's back-page headline, with chairman John Fry pouring cold water on the sponsorship deal, saying, "There has been a sponsorship offer from GKN Westland, but that offer is subject to certain conditions regarding the project. They will not be completely ironed out until our financial strategy is in place. No-one knows exactly when work on the roof will begin. We need the money as well as planning permission - that could take 5 minutes or it could take as long as 5 years."

The Gazette quotes Fry as adding: "This is not just about raising a few thousand quid just to get the roof up. It's a matter of raising around £500,000 to complete all of these projects which are all necessary to move the club forward. There are 8 different projects going on at this club at present and they tie in with the commercial strategy we are trying to put in place."

Fans will doubtless be pleased to learn that one project that is scheduled to begin over the next few weeks is the re-surfacing of the club's main and executive car parks. The paper also reports that John Fry has given the club's directors details of a plan to "re-structure personnel and other aspects of the club". The executive board will meet on June 13th to decide on what action to take.

In other news Gazette sports editor Richard Briggs comments on the controversy reported by last week's edition of the paper where the club refused to allow the Independent Supporters Association to present their Player of the Season trophy on the pitch at Huish Park, forcing the ISA to make the presentation at an away match at Morecambe instead; followed by a strong personal attack on ISA chairman Mark Kelly by club chairman John Fry. Briggs claims to be "amazed" at how much interest the story has generated and says that "many people" have contacted the Gazette over the last week about the story - none of them supporting the club's stance.

The paper adds it's weight to the criticism of the club, pointing out that if the club do not want anything to do with the ISA then they should not have accepted the ISA's numerous donations to the club. The Gazette also criticizes John Fry for his comments last week when he said that ISA chairman Mark Kelly should not describe himself as someone working hard for the good of the club when there are people who are working at the stadium who get no credit - as the Gazette points out this beggars the question "why do they get no credit?"

The Gazette goes on to call for the ISA and the officially-recognised Green & Whites Supporters' Club to merge and join forces, saying that "the pooling of ideas and methods can only be good for the Glovers. Does Yeovil Town's motto not read 'Achieve by Unity'?"

Finally, in some football news (remember football?!) the Gazette reports the news first announced on the club's official website that Yeovil are holding talks with former loan striker Barrington Belgrave. Belgrave's old boss at Plymouth, Kevin Hodges, is quoted as saying about the striker: "He flattered to deceive. We had him from Norwich City at the end of last season and here was this big guy who was fast and we thought 'we are onto something a bit special here.' We gave him every opportunity but in the end he did not do the business." The Gazette says that manager David Webb is also looking at defender Jon Ashton, like Belgrave released by Plymouth recently, but that no decision has yet been made on the player's future.

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GKN Roof Sponsorship Deal Announced

GKN Westland Helicoptors are helping Yeovil Town Football Club lift off into the New Millennium by signing a sponsorship deal worth £50,000 to help towards the club's plans to build a roof above the home terrace at its Huish Park Stadium.

The sponsorship will go a long way towards seeing the £150,000-plus project come to fruition as other large grant aid donations have already been received by the club, as well as the efforts of the Erection 2000 Appeal Committee which have so far raised around £14,000.

GKN Westland Helicoptors' Chief Executive, Richard Case, said "Yeovil Town Football Club and Westland have had a long and close relationship over many years, dating back to the days when the club was known as Yeovil and Petters United. I am very pleased that this association can be continued through our support for the roofing of the home terrace."

Appeal chairman Steve Sowden initiated the GKN deal - which will be paid over five years - when he wrote to the helicopter manufacturing company back in October 1999 (see a full copy of the letter to GKN below).

Mr Sowden said late yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon that he was delighted he was now in a position to announce the sponsorship deal having had to keep it quiet for several months to allow for the final details to be sorted out.

"It is absolutely wonderful that GKN Westland have agreed to make such a fantastic gesture," he said. "I think everyone connected with the club will agree that this is terrific news."

"Yeovil Town and GKN Westland have enjoyed many successful links over the years. Numerous players brought to the club have found jobs within the helicopter industry, while I am sure the vast majority of supporters work there or know someone who does."

"This latest news should help to ensure that the project - which for so many years has been just a pipe dream - becomes a reality. I'm sure all supporters will be delighted."

But Mr Sowden added, "Even though the sponsorship from GKN will go a long way towards us realising our goal, it does not mean that the fund-raising has stopped."

Supporters have been questioning as to when the roof will be built because earlier announcements from the club had suggested that work would begin this month.

But Mr Sowden said, "As far as I understand, the development has been put back a bit, but the last I heard was that it should be up by October - fingers crossed - just in time for the winter! I understand that the new home terrace, once completed, will be known as the GKN Stand."

Supporters will have the perfect opportunity to celebrate the sponsorship deal tomorrow night (Friday) at the club's annual end of season dinner and dance - which is appropriately being held at Westland Sports and Social Complex.

If you would like to make a donation to the Erection 2000 Appeal, or get involved in ideas for fund-raising, then contact Steve Sowden on 01935-479811 or fax him on 01935-432251. Alternatively, e-mail Ciderspace and we will ensure your message is passed on.

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Committee's Letter To GKN

Helicopter manufacturing company GKN will be the main sponsors of the roof that will be built over the home terrace at Huish Park (see our story above). Erection 2000 Chairman Steve Sowden wrote to GKN back in October 1999 and, published in full, here is the letter that kicked off proceedings:

October 7th 1999

Dear Sir

For many years now, Yeovil has prided itself on two main claims to fame - the home of Europe's largest helicopter manufacturing outlet and the home of this country's most famous non-league football club. I am writing to you with a view of combining those two winning attributes.

Yeovil Town Football Club and GKN Westland have enjoyed many successful links over the years. Numerous players brought to the club have found jobs within the helicopter industry, while I am sure the vast majority of supporters work there or know someone who does. And we should not forget that for many years now, the football club has held its annual end-of-season dinner and dance within the excellent environs of the Westland Sports and Social Complex.

I am sports editor of the Yeovil Express newspaper and chairman of the recently formed Erection 2000 Appeal committee. The appeal was launched in April of this year with the aim of raising £150,000 to finance the building of a roof above the home terrace at Yeovil Town's Huish Park stadium.

So far the committee - made up of Yeovil Town supporters - has raised around £7,000 and by the turn of the New Year we hope to have topped the £10,000 mark. But that leaves us with a huge mountain to climb and with it the need to find a major sponsor to finance the scheme.

Yeovil Town currently play in the Nationwide Conference - one division below the actual Football League. Yeovil will be making a serious challenge for the Conference title this season, and if everything goes to plan will join the Football League in the 2000-2001 campaign.

It is hoped that the envisaged roof above the terrace will be built next summer in time for the start of the 2000-2001 season. The obvious advertising benefits for any company associated with a new club entering the Football League will be huge with terrestrial and satellite television coverage expected.

The £150,000 target to build a roof may sound like a lot of money and I am sure that we can achieve our goal for a lot less, but I feel it is always better to have an over-estimate rather than an under-estimate for any project of this type.

For your information, Bristol Rovers Football Club will start work shortly on building a roof above its home terrace end at the Memorial Ground. Their roof should cost in the region of £100,000 and the club has recently announced a £50,000 sponsorship deal with Somerset-based cider firm Matthew Clark who have already received publicity in the regional press and television.

It would be wonderful if GKN Westland would consider making a similar gesture towards Yeovil Town and become a major financial supporter in the building of the much-needed roof which would not only keep fans dry in poor weather but would also help to improve the atmosphere during matches.

I am sure the combination of football and helicopters would be a winning one and we could run the opening of the new roof under the banner of "GKN Westland help Yeovil Town to lift off into the New Millennium."

This is just an introductory letter to see whether you might be interested in sponsoring the project. If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

As I said at the beginning of this letter, I feel this would be a wonderful way of bringing Yeovil's two most famous claims to fame closer together at a time when our thoughts are turning towards the entering of a New Millennium.

Thank you for taking the time to read this request, and I look forward to hearing from you.

You can contact me on either 01935 479811 or write to me at the Yeovil Express are 46 Princes Street, Yeovil, Somerset, BA20 1EQ. Alternatively, you can fax me on 01935 432251

Best Wishes,

(signed) Steve Sowden
Chairman of the Erection 2000 Appeal Committee.

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Wed 17th May 2000
England Draw In Wales

Last night's England Semi-Professional side drew 1-1 against Wales at Llanelli's Stebonheath Park ground according to Non-League on the Net.

England's goal was scored by Kettering's Dale Watkins - a first half penalty after Morecambe's Justin Jackson was fouled by Barry Town's Andrew York. Watkins and Jackson were partnering up front after Yeovil Town's Warren Patmore had been forced to withdraw due to an ankle injury.

Yeovil Town's Tony Pennock made his debut, starting the game, and was between the sticks for the spot kick but could not stop Watkins' shot. Pennock was ultimately substituted for second choice goalkeeper Glyn Garner.

Wales grabbed an equaliser three minutes from time when substitute Glyndwr Hughes met Gary Hughes's free kick on the back post.

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Tues 16th May 2000
Stott For Slough

Former Yeovil Town captain Steve Stott has told Woking fans on their Card Chatter Message Board that his stay at Kingfield will be a short one. Stott has not been offered a new contract there, and he is now expected to sign for Steve Browne's Slough Town side.

Speaking in the Slough Observer (via the Mighty Rebels Slough Site) Browne said of Stott, "I have been trying to get him for five months so I am really happy to finally get him. He will be an excellent addition to the squad. I spoke to him yesterday and I will speak to him tonight. He may even sign tonight."

Browne has also confirmed that he is talking to England Semi-Pro defensive midfielder Rob Cousins, who was also released by Webb recently, although Browne says he expects fierce competition, and in all honesty it would be a major surprise if Cousins dropped down a level. Meanwhile Browne has made it clear that he will expect Phil Simpson, also recently discarded by Yeovil, to prove his fitness before he is offered a contract by Slough Town. Due to injuries and a lengthy loan spell at Ryman League Enfield, Simpson made only two substitute appearances for the Glovers during the 1999/2000 season.

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Tues 16th May 2000
Ex-Glovers Trio Released By Magpies

A trio of former Yeovil Town players form part of five players released by Dorchester Town as part of a summer clearout.

Top of that list, according to Non-League on the Net's Dr Martens League pages, Magpies Captain Neil Coates is top of the departure list, following two spells and over 500 appearances for the club. The defender, who also had two spells at Yeovil Town, became a hero when he scored the winning goal in an FA Cup Second Round Replay against Hereford in 1992 - rated by many as the goal that saved Yeovil Town. The victory gave Yeovil a home Third Round tie with Arsenal and reputably brought in enough money to save Yeovil from the threat of winding up orders.

Neil Coates has a testimonial season currently with Dorchester, and there is an auction of football memorabilia being held next month, with the chance for advance bidding available here.

Also disappearing from the books at the Avenue Stadium are goalkeeper James Dungey and striker Sufyan Ghazghazi. Both made a small number of first team friendly appearances, under Colin Lippiatt, but bar a few Screwfix League appearances for Dungey, neither established themselves and were both released shortly afterwards.

The Magpies only have one player under contract over the summer - former Glovers striker Owen Pickard - and this would allow Yeovil manager David Webb to possibly make a move for their players. Rumours are abound that Magpies defender Roy O'Brien and right sided midfielder Martyn Sullivan have interested Webb although the Yeovil boss has not confirmed this either way.

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Fri 12th May 2000
Simmo For Slough

Midfielder Phil Simpson, released by Yeovil Town by manager David Webb just before the transfer deadline, looks set to sign for Slough Town over the summer.

Slough are managed by ex-Yeovil midfielder Steve Browne, and although Simpson and Browne never featured in the same Yeovil side, Browne has been confident enough to move in for the player who spent most of the second half of the 1999/2000 season on the treatment table. Simpson is expected to sign up on July 1st.

Browne has also admitted on the Mighty Rebels Slough Site that he has bid for another ex-Glover as he tries to prize former Yeovil captain Steve Stott from Woking. Stott was only contracted to Woking until the end of the season, and is said to be mulling over both an offer from Slough and from Colin Lippiatt's Woking.

Also from Slough, Al-James Hannigan surprisingly looks as though he will be moving on from Wexham Park. The central defender has been told he is not part of Browne's plans for next season.

In other news, rumblings continue as to whether Yeovil manager David Webb will see more players leave at Huish Park. In these two cases, there is doubt as to whether Webb will be able to hang onto the players he wants to keep.

Right back David Piper is unable to go full time, but Webb has indicated that he is happy to keep the ex-Southampton player on a part time basis. Meanwhile, versatile midfielder Jamie Pitman is sat on a full time contract offer, but both appear to be stalling on those offers, with 'money' rumoured to be the barrier.

Unsurprisingly Woking are being connected with the pair. Both are out of contract, although Piper is too young to leave as a Bosman Transfer. Supporters have expressed concern over some of the names the Dave Webb allowed to leave the club. What will their feelings be if Webb is unable to hold onto a pair that even he wanted to keep hold of?

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Local Press Review - Clarion 2000 and The Express

This week's editions of the Yeovil Express and the Clarion 2000 feature the departure of Rob Cousins and Dean Chandler from Yeovil after the pair were released by manager David Webb. Rob Cousins' goodbye to Yeovil fans on the Ciderspace Fans Forum is quoted in its entirety in both papers. The Express speculates that Cousins will now join former Glovers' boss Colin Lippiatt at Woking, along with former Yeovil teammates Steve Stott, Matt Hayfield and Kevan Brown. Lippiatt is quote as saying: "I've had a chat with Rob, but I've a meeting with the board of directors at Woking to discuss our budget for next season. I'm sure that other clubs will be after him however, such as Bath City and Forest Green Rovers."

Both papers also speculate about the future of Tony Pennock at Yeovil, following some well-publicised verbal attacks on the goalkeeper from manager Dave Webb. Both papers report that Webb plans to have 3 goalkeepers on Yeovil's books next season, with one featuring regularly on the subs bench, something Yeovil have been unable to do in recent seasons.

Jamie Pitman came out top of the Express player ratings for the season, scoring an average 7.43 out of 10 in the 41 games he played. Tony Pennock was 2nd, with an average rating of 7.20, with Terry Skiverton finishing 3rd at 7.07. Players had to take part in a minimum of 15 games to qualify for the ratings, ruling out the youngsters Dave Webb brought in at the end of the season from the standings. However the Express has produced a second table of those players not qualifying for the main award, and it's interesting to see that the likes of Paul Steele, James Bent, Andy Lindegaard, Matt Hale and Anthony Tonkin have all averaged well over 7 out of 10 in the games they have played in, whilst the likes of Rob Cousins, Matt Hayfield, Kevan Brown and the rest of the released players averaged somewhat less than 7 out of 10.... Of course, these figures are somewhat misleading as not only are they entirely subjective, but the released players actually played many more games than the youngsters. Over a full season their figures may well have come down. Still, a hopeful sign for the coming season?

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Thurs 11th May 2000
Rob Cousins on England Stand-By

Just days after being released by Yeovil Town manager David Webb, defensive midfielder Rob Cousins could be playing in an England shirt once again.

According to today's Western Daily Press, Cousins is on standby for next Tuesday's semi-professional international against Wales at Llanelli. And Rob aimed a passing shot at the decision to release him from Huish Park saying, "It's nice to know that the England manager wants me even if my club manager doesn't."

Had Webb arrived one week later, the situation for Cousins could have been very different, with Cousins explaining, "They were happy years and I was about to sign a new two year [part time] contract before David Webb took over from Steve Thompson. There was no way I could go full-time and no way I could train two mornings a week like Warren Patmore has agreed to do, so I wasn't surprised to be shown the door." Unsurprisingly, Cousins' departure from Huish Park has provoked interest from several Conference clubs and one Ryman league club. It would come as no surprise if those clubs included Colin Lippiatt's Woking, and Steve Browne's Slough. But Cousins is unlikely to make a snap decision saying, "I'm happy to wait and see what other offers come before making up my mind." In other news, Ciderspace has heard that following his selection for the England squad, Yeovil Town striker Warren Patmore has been forced to pull out due to an ankle injury. Wazza fell awkwardly on his ankle during the 1-1 draw at Morecambe, and this is believed to have contributed to his withdrawl from the squad.

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Local Press Review - The Gazette

"Achieve by unity" is Yeovil Town FC's motto, but there seems to be precious little unity around Huish Park these days with club chairman John Fry making an astonishing attack on YTISA chairman Mark Kelly on the back page of this week's edition of the Western Gazette.

The row centres around the club's decision not to allow the ISA to present Tony Pennock with the association's Player of the Year trophy after the final home game of the season v Woking, when other presentations were carried out, the club claiming that there was "no time" to present the award. Instead the ISA presented the trophy to Pennock at Christie Park, Morecambe, some 270 miles away from Yeovil (see photo below).

In the Gazette ISA chairman Kelly criticises the club's decision not to allow the presentation of the award at Huish Park, saying: "We feel it was not much to ask from the club when they have accepted a video recorder, 30 kit bags, 15 towels, 20 training tops, and an £800 donation to the Erection 2000 Fund from us. This amounts to approximately £2,000 worth of donations... It appears that the club are quick enough to accept our donations but do not wish to officially recognise us - we cannot help feeling this is hypocritical behaviour. We deserve some recognition for all our hard work - our members are beginning to get very frustrated at being snubbed by the board."

In response, the Gazette quotes John Fry as saying: "I am not willing to respond to anything which he has to say. It amazes me that he (Kelly) describes himself as someone who is working hard for the good of the club when there are people down at the club working day and night for no credit. I have no respect for the man at all and it amazes me that he thinks he can come out with these comments."

In other news the Gazette reports on the departure of Rob Cousins and Dean Chandler from Huish Park and points to Roy O'Brien of Dorchester as a possible replacement for Cousins. The paper also mentions Andover's striker Andy Forbes as a transfer target for Dave Webb, noting that Andover have already rejected offers from both Bristol City and Rovers for the 80-goals-this-season man.

The Gazette also confirms something that has been plainly obvious for a while - crowds are dropping at Huish Park, down 4.3% from last season. This season Yeovil's average gate was 2,302 compared with 2,406 in the 1998-99 season. Obviously a good time for the board to start alienating a section of fans then.....

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Wed 10th May 2000
Who's In And Who's Out At Huish Park

With the season over, and things in the Yeovil camp briefly appearing to be settling down, it's sometimes difficult to see the wood from the trees.

To solve that, Ciderspace presents a player-by-player summary of what has gone on since manager David Webb's radical revolution started. Note that for several players, no official comment has been made by the club, so we have tried to make it clear where we are speculating.

Players are shown in alphabetical order, so as to not imply any favourtism or importance.

Barrington Belgrave : Loan spell completed. Returned to Plymouth. No indication as to whether Webb is likely to show further interest in him.
James Bent : Has signed full time contract.
Kevan Brown : Released to Woking on Free Transfer
Dean Chandler : Released at end of contract. Free Agent
Rob Cousins : Released at end of contract. Free Agent
Jason Eaton : Released to Newport County on Free Transfer.
Adrian Foster : Two years of contract left to run. Webb seems happy with Foster's performances, although seems to have him behind Patmore in the pecking order.
Murray Fishlock : Out of Contract. Was due results of bone scan for long term back injury. If not fit for the start of the season, it seems likely that Webb would release him. Would be interested in a full time contract, if offered
Chris Giles : Webb has indicated that he views Giles in a favourable light, but wants to see more of him before he offers a contract.
Matt Hale : On Part Time Contract for two more years.
Matt Hayfield : Released to Woking on a free transfer.
Andy Lindegaard : Full time contract offered, but no indication as to when he is likely to sign it
Warren Patmore : On Part Time Contract until the end of next season, and is due a testimonial game from the club. Webb has made it clear that he would like to keep Wazza but Wazza has made it equally clear he will not go full-time. Future uncertain.
Tony Pennock : On Part Time Contract until end of next season. Some doubt, due to recent comments made by Webb on Radio Bristol, as to how heavily he will feature in next season's plans
David Piper : Out of Contract, but too young for Bosman transfer. Is believed to be tying up a deal with Webb to allow a compromised part time deal that would allow him to receive compensation for lost earnings when training during daytime.
Jamie Pitman : Out of Contract. Full time contract on offer, but has yet to indicate that he will sign.
Glenn Poole : On full time contract prior to Webb's arrival.
Terry Skiverton : Has signed full time contract.
Phil Simpson : Contract terminated by mutual agreement. Free agent
Ben Smith : Out of contract. Full time contract on offer, with rumours that he may have now signed although the club have not confirmed this either way.
Chris Sparks : Still has a year of contract left, but has been placed on transfer list and is unlikely to figure in plans.
Paul Steele : Has signed full time contract.
Steve Stott : Released to Woking on a free transfer.
Paul Tisdale : Released at end of contract. Free agent.
Anthony Tonkin : Has signed full time contract.
Chris Weale : Webb has implied that Weale will be offered a full time as one of a trio of goalkeepers next season, although there is no offer to our knowledge as yet.
Ellis Wilmot : On part time deal. Rumours are that he has now been released, although the club have not confirmed this either way.

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Tues 9th May 2000
Pennock Wins YTISA Award

Tony Pennock : Picking up his third trophy as YTISA Player of the Season, receiving the award from YTISA Chairman Mark Kelly at Morecambe

Yeovil Town goalkeeper Tony Pennock has picked up his third trophy of the season. After picking up the Western Gazette Merit Marks Player of the Season, and the runners-up spot in the G&WSC player of the season, Pennock was voted as player of the season by the Yeovil Town Independent Supporters Association.

The trophy was presented by Chairman Mark Kelly before the game at Morecambe after Yeovil Town Football Club refused to allow the presentation to be made on home turf, and sadly this meant that Tony's presentation was witnessed only by 50 - 60 travelling supporters.

But Chairman Kelly said, "Morecambe Football Club have been really welcoming to us, and they bent over backwards to allow us to present the trophy on their pitch. They deserve maximum respect for helping us out."

Despite mistakes in recent games, Tony was voted for his performances across the whole season, and doubtless the memory of performances against teams like Kettering Town at Rockingham Road in January swung the voting pendulum in Pennock's favour. He may not have had the best of times during the month of May, but as one ancient footballing philosopher once said, "form is temporary, class is permanent".

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Thurs 4th May 2000
Erection 2000 News

Further on from Tuesday's report (see below) on the very successful Sporting Memorabilia Auction, the exact total raised is now put at £1,586. The Appeal Fund now stands at just over £14,000 - all to help finance the building of a roof over the home terrace at Huish Park.

The highlight of the auction was the Leeds Utd shirt signed by the Elland Road players which went for £260. A football autographed by Manchester United's Youth Team and a Birmingham City shirt signed by the Blues players went for £125 apiece; whilst an England pennant signed by Kevin Keegan reached £100. A programme from the Man Utd v Real Madrid European Cup quarter-final game played a fortnight or so ago fetched £80.

Appeal Fund chairman Steve Sowden said, "It was a wonderful evening and I didn't think we'd raise that sort of money. I would like to thank everybody who attended the event. Their support of the Appeal is very much appreciated, and I hope it will not be too long before we see our efforts come to fruition."

Auctioneer Terry Cotton came in for some special praise, with Sowden saying: "I would like to thank Terry for the excellent way in which he presided over the auction. It is to his credit that despite being released from his footballing duties following the arrival of David Webb, that he still has the club at heart and is willing to help out with the appeal. He has been a great supporter of the appeal ever since it was launched just over a year ago."

For further details about the Appeal Fund, click here or contact Steve Sowden on 01935 479811 or fax on 01935 432251.

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Local Press Review - The Express

Today's edition of the Yeovil Express concentrates on the rumours surrounding the future of goalkeeper Tony Pennock, with the paper saying that the Welshman, who has a year left to run on his existing contract and who has a testimonial game arranged next season, is "desperately disappointed" at not being offered a full-time contract by manager David Webb. The paper goes on to say, "you do not have to be a footballing genius to work out that Webb will obviously prefer to give the number one jersey to the full-time keeper rather than Pennock who will be retained on part-time basis." According to the Express, Webb made a "scathing half-time verbal attack" on Pennock after a poor first-half display against Woking on Monday, which "deeply upset" the long-serving keeper. The paper reports that Webb has since apologised to Pennock for the incident. Another player whose future also appears uncertain is Rob Cousins. The Express says that he was due to meet with David Webb to discuss his future on Monday at 1pm before the Woking game, but that Webb failed to turn up. The paper claims that any player not already contracted or who has not signed a contract by 5pm on Saurday will become a free agent.

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Local Press Review - The Gazette

Plenty to get one's teeth into in today's Western Gazette which leads with the somewhat misleading headline "Lock-out will boost coffers", the article going on to say that reserve team games are attended by so few people that the club actually lose money on most of them. The implication of the headline is that the club are planning to play reserve team games behind closed doors, but not so - John Fry is quoted as saying, "To stage a reserve game costs around £150 - we do not make that on the gate. There were probably 100 people here on Saturday - and about 90% of them were season-ticket holders... We are looking for crowds of 300 to 400-plus. A family enclosure is the key to it."

The Gazette also reports Fry as saying that Yeovil will be budgeting for attendances reaching an average of 1,800 next season, with admission prices rising by "the cost of living". According to the chairman only a third of Yeovil's revenue comes from the crowd. "There will be a major restructuring of the club over the next couple of months," Fry said to the Gazette. "We have a...[wait for it! -ed.]...Three Year Plan with a 1st June start date. We have a massive job to restructure the club for going full-time and developing the stadium."

There were several more interesting quotes from Mr Fry in the Gazette today. On David Webb: "He has set his budget - it has got to be rubber-stamped by the board. He runs his own budget - he is a football businessman." [That's what the Brentford fans were saying....-ed.] On League Football: "Promotion is more of a reality than ever before because of the two-up/two-down promotion-relegation system [does he know something about next season we haven't been told yet? -ed.] On the squad: "He (Webb) is going to look at the football assets on the balance sheet and not just take players on. His philosophy is that if you have got players who are worth money they must be capable of winning trophies." On the future: "Within three years we will have a squad which can take us up the leagues. The adrenalin flow for David Webb is to take a club up through the divisions. There is nothing to stop us getting into Division Two except the playing squad - but it is a hard building job and it takes time." Finally, the Gazette reports that the club are looking to improve the content of the matchday programme, the clubcall line and the official internet site. As regards the last of those items, the club beginning to take the site seriously and supplying the editors with up-to-date news and information would be a welcome innovation....

In other news the Gazette reports that a "big-name" club are being sought to be the opposition to Yeovil for Warren Patmore's testimonal match in the coming season. According to the Gazette, Wazza has already asked the man who originally brought him to Huish Park, Graham Roberts, to play in the game, something the Yeovil board have agreed to. Should be interesting!

Not unnaturally, seeing as it's their awards after all, the Gazette extensively features the winners of their Player of the Season awards - see the official website for the full details. There has been some controversy surrounding the awards with former player Kevan Brown finishing in 3rd position but the award going to Jamie Pitman instead - the Gazette explains that the awards are for current YTFC players only.

Last, but definitely not least, the paper reports that Yeovil's first team will be playing a friendly, on a date yet to be arranged, against village side Martock United at Martock recreation ground in the close season. The match will be in aid of charity and will mark the village side's 50th anniversary.

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Tues 2nd May 2000
Erection 2000 News

The Erection 2000 fund-raising campaign to get a roof put on Huish Park's home end was given a major boost last night with a successful auction of 24 items of sporting memorabilia.

In a packed Executive Lounge following the Woking game yesterday, the event raised an estimated £1,500 for the campaign. Ex-Assistant Manager Terry Cotton compered the event. More details will be announced as they become available.

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