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Yeovil Town
Club Site

BBC Somerset YTFC Pages
Good little micro-site from the Beeb which includes YTFC wallpaper, a screensaver, a 360 degree panoramic view of Huish Park as well as the latest news. This is what your licence fee goes on, you know.
[JM 19/05/2005]

Capital Glovers
Launched October 2006 for Yeovil Town supporters in London and the South-East. A very elegant design includes currently regular news of their 5-a-side league held every Wednesday in the City, along with news of social meet-ups. Nice guys, and well worth a visit if you're feeling a bit lost in the big bad city at present.
[MB 16/10/2006]

Green and Whites
Blog style site begun in December 2009.
[HG 21/02/2009]

Kool Colours
Downloadable YTFC wallpaper for your desktop available here, courtesy of forum user 'Colourblast' - click on the 'Yeovil Town FC Desktop Wallpaper' link at the bottom of the index page to see what's available.
[JM 30/07/2005]

Pride of Somerset
Started off like a house on fire and has the makings of a very good site, but recently interest seems to have waned and currently its only being intermittently updated.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Taff's Gloversblog
Usual unadulterated rubbish from the Bloobird and Spurs supporter who has lived on his one moment of inspiration - coming up with the name Ciderspace - for a decade and more. Well rid of him we were.
[HG 21/03/2010]

Terry Skiverton's Twitter Page
Yep, our youthful manager is er, down with the happening people and has his own Twitter page.
[HG 16/03/2010]

The Green & White Supporters Club
New format site for the G&WSC launched in 2008. The former site was preserved as an archive for a while but has now disappeared.
[HG 16/03/2010]

The Independent YTFC Website
Stopped being updated regularly in 2001, but contains useful archives dating back to 1996.
[JM 19/05/2005]

The Official Terry Skiverton Testimonial Website
Launched in October 2008, this website collates together all of the events associated with club captain Terry Skiverton's testimonial season. Contains exclusive interviews and also event information.
[MB 14/10/2008]

The Yeovil Family
Yeovil fansite with a bit of everything - photos, reports, fun and games.
Site still accessible but no updates since Autumn 2005.
[MB 12/06/2008]

Vital Yeovil
Moribund for a long time, a new administrator breathed life into this site from the Vital stable for a while, then departed to pastures new. Back to its more usual irrelevance while seeking someone else to run it.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Vyse's Green And White Blog
Blog site by Glovers fan Vyse, relaunched at a new location for the start of the 2010-11 season.
[MB 13/07/2010]

Yeovil Town Ladies Football Club
The Official Site of Yeovil Town Ladies. A long time coming, but now it's here it's very good indeed.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Yeovil Town Mad
The Glovers footy.mad site, and another site that would appear to be run by professional journalists with no real clue about the club rather than proper fans. File under W for 'Why'?
[JM 12/06/2008]

Yeovil Town Official
PTV site, registration required. Subscription - currently 34.99 (direct debit, UK only) per annum - required for the Glovers World section of interviews, video footage and match commentaries.
It's very difficult to like PTV sites with their intrusive and repetitive advertising and pop-ups everywhere. Some official sites make the best of an appalling format and overcome it to some extent by working hard at quality content. Ours has improved recently - which wasn't much of a challenge - in the area of its free content. Whether one thinks the quality and reliability of the subscription provision is worth the asking price will be down to each individual's circumstance.
[HG 16/03/2010]
'The Independent Glovers Fanzine' is the tag. Another franchise site that wasn't active for very long and is currently looking for an editor again.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Local Media

Bristol Evening Post
The BEP concentrates on the two Bristol clubs these days, with only the occasional article featuring Somerset's finest.
[JM 29/05/2005]

Somerset County Gazette
Sports journalist Steve Sowden used to be the best professional writer on Yeovil Town around in our opinion. But these days his role appears to have changed to producing brief much repeated 'hit farming' style items that rarely add much to the world's sum of knowledge about Yeovil Town matters.
Sorry Steve, if that's your job now it's your job, and you have to get on with it, but gone are the days when this reporter was nominated for awards one fears.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Western Daily Press
The WDP's online presence usually contains a YTFC-related story, although occasionally items in the paper edition are left out, and the press often suffer from the club's own failings to keep the club in the public eye. Articles are usually well-written and informative though one sometimes wishes that the regional hacks would be a little more critical than they are. One of the better pages to glance at on a daily basis though and they are usually a day ahead of the club's official site with the news.
[MB 12/06/2008]

Western Gazette
The Western Gazette's on-line presence was abysmal for years, then went to being quite good and reliable and has now gone back to being abysmal. Entirely random as to if/when it gets updated, it would appear that the current WG management aren't too bothered at having a high profile on-line presence.
[MB 12/06/2008]

Western Morning News
Still a bit of a curate's egg. But given this a Plymouth-based paper and the lion's share of their sports coverage understandably goes to the Devon clubs, it does cover Yeovil Town as well, and these days is making more of an effort and a better fist of it than several papers more local to the Glovers.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Mailing Lists

Ciderspace Mailing List
The only mailing list associated with Yeovil Town that we are aware of, and it is hosted by this very site! What more could you want?
Well to be honest the great days of mailing lists has long past, so don't expect lengthy erudite discussions, arguments and flame wars any more, but it does provide a useful news service, collecting items concerning Yeovil Town from around the Net.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Message Boards

Achieve by Unity
Forum set up on 15/03/2010. Open to read, registration to post.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Glovers Chat
Forums provided by the MAD stable have rarely caught on. There are a handful of clubs that provide exceptions, but Yeovil isn't one of them. Scarcely used.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Vital Yeovil
One post in the first two and a half months of 2010. There you go, we've just saved you the time it would take to click on this link.
[HG 16/03/2010]

Yeovil True
Forum set up on 15/03/2010. Open to read, registration to post.
[HG 16/03/2010]

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