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General Football

Ananova - Football
One of the best 24 hour live general news services on the Web, Ananova has a dedicated football section. Used to have dedicated pages for each English league and individual team but disappointingly these have now been discontinued.
[JM 29/05/2005]

BBC Sport - Football
Includes a dedicated League One page. News and results, plus live text coverage from League One matches - invaluable if you can't get to the game. Some of the brief match reports were an absolute joke last season though - leaving one wondering if the reporter had just collected his / her expenses without actually attending the game. The site was redesigned during the 2002-03 season. Preferred the old version.
[HG 13/05/2003]
Huge rambling commercial site with a tabloidesque approach to its news and views. As one might expect news coverage rapidly declines the further one gets away from the Premiership. The site suffers from trying to be all things to all men (and women); it does however have one of the best current stats sections on the Net (see Statistics Links). Oh, and keep your pop-up killer switched on.
[HG 13/05/2003]

ITV Sport
As with most things ITV it's not really worth bothering with. It does much less than the BBC site, much less well. There used to be a dedicated L1/L2 part of the site but this now has disappeared. File under 'WoT' for Waste of Time.
[JM 29/05/2005]

News Now - Football
Useful feature that collates and links to the latest news items as they come in around the Net. The Yeovil Town section can be found here.
[JM 29/05/2005]

Sky Sports Football
Has a League 1 section here. As one would expect closely tied into Sky's satellite TV empire. Good for finding out when you'll next be on the box, presuming it's Sky; otherwise the BBC site does all that this site does, and does it better.
[JM 29/05/2005] - Football
The football branch of Sporting Life's wide ranging sports coverage. There is a dedicated League 1 section, which collects news items from elsewhere, and has some stats etc. The best features are the vidiprinter for scores, the live tables and the live text reports on games - though these tend to slow to a stop during busy periods, such as Saturday afternoons. Doh! Still a very useful resource for all that.
[JM 29/05/2005]

Yahoo! Sport - Football
Collects and regurgitates news items from other sites. The main convenience is that it makes some attempt to categorise them by division, though its AI is pretty basic which can produce some odd stories appearing on the League 1 page.
[HG 13/05/2003]

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