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Footballing Authorities
The sponsor's official site. Replaced the useful and informative previous sponsors site with a gimmicky Flash-driven mess with lots of bells and whistles but precious little in the way of useful content. You'll visit it once, think 'that's pretty' and never go back. Disappointing.
[JM 29/05/2005]

The Football League Official Site
What you'd expect from the official League website: lots of factual material, press releases, and like stuff. Covers the Worthington Cup and LDV Vans Trophy as well as the league with further sections on the reserves and youth leagues. Well laid out and simple to use. On top of that it's a PTV site but you don't have to register to use it - why can't they all be like that?
[JM 29/05/2005]
The official F.A. site. There's quite a lot of useful stuff here on the wider aspects of the game as well as the competitions run under the auspices of the F.A. and the International sides, but it's not always easy to find what you want. Rather too glitzy and self-promotional, and not enough solid substance, for my tastes.
[HG 13/05/2003]

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