Interview : Sam Walker : 29/03/2012
Sam Walker Speaks To The BBC As Part Of The Build-Up To The Bournemouth Game
Sam Walker
Sam Walker
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Yeovil Town goalkeeper Sam Walker spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Dan Albutt on Thursday 29th March 2012 as part of the build-up to the away match at Bournemouth.

SW: The weekend (against Hartlepool United) was disappointing all round. We were really disappointed with the game and felt that we had a lot of chances that could have put us out of sight in the first half. Then, as it is with football sometimes, it was a one chance, one goal kind of thing. So it was a very disappointing game.

But we've had a good week training this week. It's been nice to actually have a week without a game. We've had a good week and we're ready for Saturday.

DA: I guess it's even more frustrating for a goalkeeper; one shot, one goal. It must be frustrating from your point of view.

SW: Yes obviously I thought that as a back five we'd had a quiet game up until then. They didn't really threaten us too much. They had a dragged shot in the first half, but that was it. It was a disappointing goal to concede, as a back five.

DA: Bournemouth are one of the teams just above you in the table. So a nice game and you'll go there in lots of confidence, despite that.

SW: Yes, it's a good game. It's a game to look forward to. We're both in similar points and positions, and it's a bit of a local derby as well, so I hear. So we're all looking forward to it, and we'll be up for it on Saturday.

DA: Have you played them before?

SW: I haven't - no. I've been there on holiday when I was a little boy, but I've not played there.

DA: So it's an experience in that respect. By all accounts Bournemouth has got quite a nice little ground to play at as well. So that will be encouraging from a team point of view.

SW: Yes, very much so. As I've said, we've had an excellent week training; we've worked hard and we're up for it on Saturday.

DA: Reaching that 49 points, just below 50, which is the manager's target. What would that mean from a squad point of view - would it take the pressure off for the rest of the season?

SW: Yes, it would mean a lot. We all feel that we are just that one more win away. I know that the (other) teams (below Yeovil) have played this week and we're all level on games now. So we really get a good idea, and we're six points off (the relegation zone) now I believe. So I feel another win will get us out of there.

DA: There must be confidence in the squad that you feel the job is almost done, but you guys feel you're too good to get drawn back into it?

SW: Yes, we've been excellent in March, obviously bar the last two games. We had a really good month and one that dragged us away. But we're not quite there yet, and we're all working towards making sure that we're there, and then we can maybe not relax, as that's the wrong word, but to enjoy the rest of the season without that pressure of knowing that we're still near or around it.

DA: And from you point of view, are you enjoying your time at Yeovil?

SW: Yes, I can't complain. It's days like today where you really have got the best job in the world. We're outside doing something that we all love. It's a lovely area and I'm really enjoying my time here.

DA: What do you make of your form at the moment?

SW: I've been disappointed over the past few weeks, definitely. It's something that I've been working hard on in training. But as it is with goalkeepers, and any kind of position, everyone goes through lapses in form. It's just up to me to work hard, keep my confidence going, and I'm sure I'll bounce back.

DA: I'm guessing it's highlighted more as a goalkeeper, isn't it?

SW: Yes, it's a difficult position on the pitch. But that's one thing that I'm well aware of. I've looked at mistakes that I've made in previous games, and worked on them very hard with (goalkeeping coach) Gareth (Stewart) in training and I'm confident that I'll come out of this little bad patch of form.

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