Interview : Craig Alcock : 02/04/2011
Craig Alcock Speaks To The BBC After The 0-1 Defeat Against Bristol Rovers
Craig Alcock
Craig Alcock
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Yeovil Town right-back Craig Alcock spoke to BBC Bristol reporter Ed Hadwin after his side had lost 0-1 at home to Bristol Rovers on April 2nd 2011.

EH: Craig that must have been a very strange game to play in.

CA: Yes, obviously it was a local derby with a little bit of extra spice to it. Obviously there are the league positions, and where both teams are, and it was just unfortunate that we didn't come out as the winners.

EH: How on earth didn't you win it?

CA: That's a good question. I don't know. Sometimes games just go like that. Obviously, we didn't have the luck today. Hopefully we're due one in the next seven games where we will get some luck.

EH: In the first half particularly, there was some really good football played there.

CA: Yes, it's good. I think we've been playing some good stuff in the last couple of games actually, as the results have shown. So that's pleasing but at the same time, unfortunately we couldn't stick the ball in the back of the net today, like we did at Orient.

EH: Is there ever anything at the back of your mind thinking we're missing too many chances here?

CA: Yes, I think you always think that but at the same time you can't get complacent and you've just got to keep ploughing on. If the lads up the top can't score then at the same time we've got to defend to keep them out.

EH: You don't get too much closer than your effort (which hit the crossbar). Did you think it was in?

CA: Yes, but I was too busy getting clattered in the head again, so I didn't really see what happened. I just heard it (hit the crossbar), and unfortunately it didn't go in. But hopefully again over the next few games I'll get one.

EH: You'd had the sighter a few minutes before where if you'd been four or five minutes before you might have got to that one.

CA: I've been told that a lot! Yes, unfortunately that's the way it goes sometimes, but there we are.

EH: I guess the good situation, if there can be a good one today, is that you've been in such good form that whereas you're not out of danger it's not a big blow, is it?

CA: Oh yes, but at the same time with a local derby like that, there were obviously bragging rights at stake and we wanted to get one over them from what happened earlier on in the season. So from that point of view we're obviously very disappointed that we haven't come out with at least something from the game, but at the same time we've got to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off and move on.

EH: That's what you want at Huish Park isn't it? Obviously Rovers brought down their noisy fans, but the more games that you have like this here, the better.

CA: Yes, the fans have been brilliant to us at home, in the way that they've been following us through thick and thin. It just made for a great atmosphere today. Obviously they brought a fair few. Unfortunately we couldn't find the result to match their support.

EH: And for you a chance to re-establish yourself. You're getting a run of games now, and remembering what it's like to play week-in, week-out.

CA: Yes, I forgot that after such a long time! Yes, it's nice, but at the end of the day, I'm just one person. I'm not bigger than the club. As long as the club is doing well, then that's all we can ask for. I think the gaffer and Jonesy have got a game plan and have got the right people in that want to take this club forward and hopefully they will build for the future.

EH: When you look at the average age of the team, although some of them are on loan, you do get the sense that if you can keep the nucleus together, you've got the beginnings of something here.

CA: Yes, that's the main thing, that we've got such a strong spine in our team, even if one or two are loans, although that's testament to the gaffer and the quality of the loans that he's been able to bring in. At the end of the day we all get along well as a team and everyone gels together well, which is good.

EH: And now basically, you've got to make sure that you get that win and get that 50 points up as quick as you can, and don't let the season peter out.

CA: Yes, it's important that we don't get cold feet over it and start dragging our heels over it. We've just got to put on the same performance next week at Hartlepool and bounce straight back and today will be forgotten.

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