Interview : Chris Dawson : 21/03/2011
Chris Dawson Speaks To The BBC About His Investment In Yeovil Town
Chris Dawson
Chris Dawson
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CDS Owner Chris Dawson spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Hamish Marshall on the day that the club announced development plans at Huish Park on March 21st 2011.

CD: The deal I've done with Yeovil Town Football Club is this : It's a joint venture of the surplus land which I think you can see as you're coming in on the right hand side. That's the only thing. We're nothing whatsoever to do with the football club. It's purely a property joint venture, and it will be subject to planning the retail park.

HM: So you expect the development of the retail park to make money for you and for the club?

CD: Yes, the club should make a lot of money. It's very very early days yet. There's a long way to go. We've got to go through planning, consultancies and so on and so forth. But I get along very very well with the football club and for me it stacks up and the figures stack up and that's the only way that I can ever go forward on any development. Those guys up there seem to have a very good vision of what they want to do with the money.

HM: And what will your involvement be within the Football Club?

CD: Nothing with the football club - absolutely nothing. I won't even be going to a match. Unfortunately, I don't do football, even though it's the biggest sport on the world and millions of people go and I appreciate that. But the answer to your question is nothing whatsoever.

HM: So you will be looking after retail units, so could 'The Range' be coming to Yeovil?

CD: Well, The Range might go there. It's on our shopping list. To be honest with you, it will be whether it stacks up financially. I make business decisions and not personal ones. But if it's good for The Range, then it's because it's good value. It will depend upon how well the park sells, and I would imagine it will sell very quick.

HM: Can you put any figures on what this may mean financially?

CD: No, no. It's financially worth those guys (Norman Hayward and John Fry) doing that because they wouldn't be doing it if it didn't. It (the land deal) works for us, and it most certainly works for them. It's a long way to go and it's very very early days. The reason why this gets news is because it's football, and I appreciate that. But I'm doing this every week. We've probably got 23 other developments on the go. They're not football clubs but we have got 23 developments on the go and they can take between a year and five years. So this isn't new, but it's news (here) because it's football.

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