Interview : Owain Tudur Jones : 07/10/2010
Owain Tudur Jones Speaks To The BBC In The Build-Up To The Rochdale Game
Owain Tudur Jones
Owain Tudur Jones
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Yeovil Town's on loan midfielder Owain Tudur Jones spoke to BBC Somerset reporter Pete Simson on October 7th 2010, between the Walsall and Rochdale away games.

OTJ: Being here on loan, you're stuck in a hotel, but we're all in the same boat, so we end up going out for some food with each other and stuff like that. So we've got to know each other quite well. Obviously I knew Shaun (MacDonald) beforehand anyway (at Swansea City). It feels a lot better, especially after last Saturday (with the 1-0 win at Walsall) and picking up that win, which was very important for us. Hopefully we can carry on with that.

PS: Are you more pleased after the last couple of games with the direction the squad is going, because obviously things were starting to become a little worrying somewhat, weren't they?

OTJ: Yes, if you're on a bad run, and you end up playing catch-up with the rest of the sides that are in and around you, then it gets very difficult. But certainly the four points that we've picked up in the last two games (against Walsall and Southampton) were very important. With the win against Walsall, they looked like quite a poor side. They may have just had an off-day, but they are the sort of games that we should be looking to win, to really distance ourselves from teams like Walsall. It's another big one on Saturday (at Rochdale) and another one away from home. Rochdale have obviously started quite well and probably better than they expected and we've got to be wary of that.

PS: Of course plying your trade in League One, you get to go to exotic places like Rochdale. They've carried on their form from last season. A lot of sides tend to do that when they get promoted and they can turn their home into a bit of a fortress. They turned over Huddersfield the other week. It's going to be a much tougher opposition than Walsall at the moment, isn't it?

OTJ: Yes, it really is going to be a tough game. Once you get that winning mentality, and I think Yeovil have had it themselves, when you're on the back of a promotion, you're not sure what to expect at the next level. But you can really take the form from the previous season into the new season. So that's certainly what they've been doing. Whether or not they can continue that for the rest of the season, who knows? But certainly we've got to be strong, we've got to be quite ruthless and we'll be very hopeful of picking up the result on Saturday.

PS: Everyone looks at you as the sort of quality player that Yeovil would love to be able to buy, but in truth they can't. How is your future at the moment? Whilst you're on loan there is that uncertainty, but would you like to stay longer if you had the opportunity? What's happening there?

OTJ: It's difficult to tell really. I'm here for another couple of weeks at least, and that can be extended by another month, but we'll cross that bridge when we get there. But I can only do another month with the emergency loan for up to the 93 days. But I really don't know what's going to be happening in January. Obviously I'll have to go back to Norwich around Christmas time, but we'll see what happens in January, and see where I stand. I'm just happy to be here playing.

PS: One final thing - there was a big tournament in Wales this week. Did you get to watch the Ryder Cup on the Monday? Are you a golfing fan?

OTJ: Yes, I was there on the Sunday and the Monday. It was very good. I got a ticket for the Sunday, so I went there, and obviously it got carried through to the Monday and so I could use it then. So it was brilliant.

PS: Yes, what a brilliant thing to be part of a massive sporting occasion like that?

OTJ: Yes, it was and it turned out really well with the way that it finished off. It was a credit to everybody there that they could play, especially after the weather.

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